Russian Meme warfare support

We've been slacking. Post your pro-Russia memes. We need to get picrel trending on Twitter the butthurt would be palpable >#Rootin4Putin

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>>364850749>invading a sovereign country is ok

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grow up retard.

>>364850935a thermobaric bomb over kiev would be justification for the rest of the world to push russia's shit in

>>364850963opinion discarded

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>>364850749>Post your pro-Russia memes

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>>364851066ahahahaalready happennedeveryone shat the fuck upcope

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>>364851087>doing a comedic skit making fun of fags makes you a fag

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>>364851207ahahahhahaan amerifaggot tells me i have no soulhow fucking rich

>>364851066im pretty sure thermobarbs have already been deployed a reminder why Russians are the good guys.

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>>364851207>I was just pretending to be a faggot to make fun of faggotsTypical burger.

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>>364851207Zelensky is a faggot and a western jewish puppet

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>>364850749Kek, found an old classic.

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LOVE ALL RUSSIAN AND UKRAINIAN WOMEN, SINCERELY A SEA BROWN MALE. Hope they will survive and I can impregnate them!

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>>364851601can you see the merchant?

>>364852259kek i never noticed

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>>364850963>>invading a sovereign country is badtell that to all the mexican invaders in america, jewy jewington

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Hy-кa пoшeл нa хyй, хoхoл!

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sometimes gotta pull out the classics

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Who has the 'I support the current current thing' wojak? That was gold

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>Another threads of retarded westerners sharing stale GRU marked memes

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>>364852577Aren't there lots of variations on that theme?

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>>364852415based fren

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>>364852701>t. hohol

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>>364852722Probably. I meant the one with all the vaccines and blm logo, Ukraine flag

>>364850963>Looks at the terrorist state of K*sovo your muttoid government createdok

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>>364851681i prefer the fat spic of kiev

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>>364853028>fat spic of kiev raided ALL russian convoys on his own! russian soldiers have no more food!

>>364853028For me, it's the spook of kiev >>364852943Isn't that literally the second picture that got posted?

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>>364853156lol so its a fair battle then huh?

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>>364853279No, it was like a fb profile pic

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>>364852259I can not.

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>>364852762>based frenis it also red pilled?

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>>364853010Are you implying that russia has already lost?>Nooo, media bad cause russia losing>not even a week of war>opposing force is basically lightly supported infantry


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>>364853232>>fat spic of kiev raided ALL russian convoys on his own! russian soldiers have no more food!sounds like the pig of kiev

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those zog memes of monkey putin are so bad. we should modify them to make them better.



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>>364850963I know right?Why did the NATO install a jewish president in Ukraine?

>>364850749Shilling for the enemy should it be called.


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>>364853923Use your enemies memes against them where appropriate. They want to denigrate Putin for looking like a monkey? Fine, but then we'll ridicule them that the funny monkey man is using ukraine as a fleshlite right now

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>>364853688Why did turks have become so based those days? I remember you being worse than the poles kek.

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>>364854456>They want to denigrate Putin for looking like a monkey? Finegee i wonder what the red dit brigade looka like

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>>364853434>>364853527holy hell, mein seids

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>>364854686Who the fuck knows, based Turks are probably few and far between.

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>>364853530of course fren

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Why would russia need all this troll support if they are winning so hard supposedly??????My almonds are activated.

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>>364853546>Are you implying that russia has already lostimage found its way into my folder and got dumped along with everything else


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>>364854686Maybe I am a unicorn user. I don't know about other Turk posters but some of them were shilling for Ukraine. I will keep sending my energy to you guys. Z

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Let me explain how Putin is such a fag.In 2000, I thought Putin was pretty cool.He was making Russia better than the gulagistan USSR, and I thought he was an ally to economic prosperity worldwide.When Medvedev took over, only for Putin to be shadow czar, people noticed and had serious questions about it. Putin and his friends were too powerful, and Pussy Riot et al. was right to call him out on it.After BP and Russia had a falling out over corruption in 2011, people had questions about Putin the faggot.In 2012, Russia voted against Putin. He said their votes didnt count. People all over Russia protested. Thousands are still in jail.When Ed Snowden defected in 2014 with literally all of the United States secrets to Russia, Putin saw it as a golden opportunity to be top dog of shit mountain, meaning he doesnt care if the world sucks, Putin just wants to rule it. Hes gay.In 2014 he had the Sochi olympics and used it as a power play to take Crimea next door from Ukraine because Yanukovich was Putins crony and the Ukranian people voted him out.Russia does not have a warm water port, so having a black sea penninsula would help Putin project naval power. Putin is so gay he shot down MH-17 on july 17 2014, a passenger airline, killing 300 civilians, during the invasion, very well documented. Since then, Putin has employed thousands of people to post on 4chan and other sites to propagandize his reign as a good thing. Unsuccessfully.Good People of Russia have continued to protest him, and based Navalny has lead that opposition.Putin tried to poisin Navalny unsuccessfully. Navalny is in prision now because he nor anyone else fears Putin. When Putin dies this year, maybe tomorrow, Russia will move forward and become a good country free of shit. And nothing Putin can say about this matters.

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>>364855270the bonds of frens will never melt under the heat of jew fire

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>>364855526Ukranian "Nazis" are an embarrassment to actual national socialists. Death to the USA and their dozens of vassal states

>>364854304he was elected

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>>364855271why do shills suddenly care about borders?

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>>364855665Fuck off paid shill No user is going to read your kike wall of text

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>>364854904so that's how coach red pill got out of ukraine

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>>364855736You went full Reddit. Never go full Reddit.

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>>364851207Ironic faggotry it's still faggotry

>>364855665i don't understand why he's so hellbent on keeping crimea when russia has plenty of land bordering the black sea, sochi specifically.

>>364850749have to use the istandwithputin hashtag as well coz its trending

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>>364855848lol ((elected)). lol did he get magic ballots in the middle of the night 100 % for him like biden?

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>>364856028why not? red dit is toughie

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>>364856028Yeah it wasn't mine but I like top image. Never watched marvel movies btw. I know reddit fags overused them.

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>>364856656define globohomo please

>>364855271how exactly are stupid memes going to support them?this is purely to piss off redditors


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>be me >zoomer>of russian blood, also white, blonde, blue eyes>this week happens>picrelnever really looked into the ukr vs rus tensions, always took the war le bad position. after looking into it with MSM railing against my blood, ive decided that the war is justified in my eyes.raised in leafland, i admire the american ideal of freedom and liberty, be it ever so corrupted by de juden. i dont like Putin's way of doing politics. i hate governments and am usually very libertarian (ie very much against arresting protestors). hope russia finds a way to become more free, yet maintain the culture mostly free from the globohomo degeneracy.good luck frenalso fuck niggers kikes yadayada

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>>364856717>define globohomoKEK

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>>364852394>>364853009>>364854304>b-but expected from low IQ Putinbots

>>364855665mucho texto

>>364856988for someone who's so paranoid about faggots, your country is the one that's world famous for its gay bath houses.

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>>364856717define your bar-pedo-fah first, jewy jewington

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>>364851207Yeah man that video is so funny and totally not repulsive!

>>364857035>I've said whataboutism, now you have to accept my double standartsNo

>>364850963It is!

>>364851087This is embarrassing

>>364850891This is pro-russia? How is pointing out that most American people are literal NPCs that'll believe MSM a pro-russia meme???

>>364857035only NPCs care about the whataboutism buzzword. for normal people it shows hypocrisy and double standards. but then again we are capable of understanding truth and logic. are you programmed with those things? pic related

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>>364857106I don't help what other people do with their lives but all faggots, kikes, trannies and niggers will get the rope. You can count on that.

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>>364850963Yep>>364857035Some old wise guy said>it's a matter of degrees.and addicted to BBC tranny said>whataboutismI chose first.

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>>364857348>>I've said whataboutism, now you have to accept my double standarts>Noi know right. they think its like some harry potter magic word

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>>364851066 Bro, America invented the "thermobaric bomb" they have used them many, many times,most notably in Vietnam and in Afghanistan. Should the rest of the world push America's shit? Very low IQ understanding of the world and an exceptionally smooth brained take.

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>>364857627>>364857348>My doctor said to go into a diet, but he's fat, so I'll binge on hamburgers tonight. Putin not bringing his best shills.

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>>364857736>and addicted to BBC tranny said>>whataboutismlol. nigger worshippers are quite pathetic. lol. i could laugh at them all day.

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>>364856717>globohomo>The Resistance

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>>364850906Fun fact: the pig is in fact the smartest of the three.

>>364857823>bombing white people vs bombing brown MuslimsWho knew npcs were so based?

>>364857035Easy to spot actual shill niggers like you.

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>>364857980>Food analogyKys in the most gruesome way possible and post it on the normalfag website you belong to

>>364857823all those ones we bombed have something in common user... can you figure it out?


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If you support Ukraine then you are on the side of Hillary. Simple as.

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>>364858381>so butthurt he made an entire meme about copingI do hope Erdogan sends you turkroachs first as a sacrifice to the EU so he can finally get in.

>>364857980an obvious shill accuses another of being a shill ?!?! good heavens. how to settle this. tell us how much you hate niggers so we know your one of us.

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>>364850749im spending too much time here

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>>364853028My sides!I think with Nikocado it could be even better.

>>364858421>oh no he used an analogy that's simple to understandhave you spoken to your mother recently? she probably worries about you

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>>364852554Looks sick, if America ever starts building mechs they need to make one exactly like that


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>>364858690kek. seethe, dilate and rope yourself tranny faggot. you don't belong here memeflag. BTFO

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>>364858274if you aren't killing the foreign mexican invaders in your country then don't act like it matters if you bomb shit skins overseas

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>>364852058And have nasty mutt kids ?PatheticImagine hating your own race and women THAT much LMAOOOOOO browncel cope

>>364855078Hhhahahahaaa truffelhog

>>364858761Go back


>>364855487Gay polak meme is so cringe. Poland always was a colony and never did fuck anybody at all.

>>364858426they all fucked your whore mother. can you figure out who else she fucked?

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>>364857980>taking dietary advise from a fat doctoranon i... nevermind just go post that on >>>/fit/ and see what happens onegai muscle

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>>364855526Against non-White they are on the left side. Against Rvssian Chads they are on the right.

>>364850749chrissie is based

>>364858740>I think with Nikocado it could be even betterhe should be added to the party

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>>364856912British Columbia?

>Former superpower can't even defeat one of it's statesFucking embarassing, Ivan. This whole pathetic "war" is like watching the US get it's ass kicked by Wisconsin. Can't wait to see how all you faggots are going to cope when Putin has to throw in the towel and pull his forces out.

I am about to cross bros.

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>>364857980Holy cringe memeflaggot.


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>>364859620mostly manitoba, recently moved to ottawa

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>>364854456This is fucking hilarious I can't stop laffin

>>364858690>>364858691hey shill. we are still waiting for you to tell us how much you hate niggers. because if you don't hate the crime apes; how can we trust anything else you have to say

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>>364859852Did you know that there is Moskwa river in Manitoba?

>>364850963Says the mutt who's country destroyed the middle east and flooded Europe with sandniggers. I am against this Russia-Ukrainian war but, I hope you get nuclear striked

>>364859929can you link to the shapeshifter nigger? i dont know how the fuck i missed that

>>364859852Also thanks for this picture...


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