Why do so many hispanics support russia?

Why do so many hispanics support russia?

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>>364850470brazil != hispanics

Because they hate war criminals in America and Europe. Who spin the narrative with their Jewish controlled propaganda. People don’t forget no matter how much you try to change the narrative online.

>>364850741here's some more anime tiddies, now go jerk off, cletus

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Putin vs the Globalists!

because what they're trying to do to ukraine/russia is what they've been doing in south america since 1940

Putin vs Globalists, have you seen what the globalists have done to south America and its peoples with the War on drugs!

>>364850470It's not, just the regulat chanting what tv says

>>364850470Russia funds the Bolivarian nations. Has for decades.

>>364850470A lot of the world doesn't think Russia did anything wrong.

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Nice, will they send russian prisoners bananas?

>>364850470We are not hispanic fuck off

>>364850470>1 tweet by a literal who>striking evidenceBack to plebbit faget

>>364850470Spics are subhuman animals like those fucking subhuman Russians. They never lived near slavs so they have no idea and are stupid as a result.

>>364850470Globo homo is destroying my country. US sanctions on Venezuela caused mass immigration of feral niggers

>>364851433yeah, you're worse. Portuguese monkeys.

>>364851482This. There's a massive community of Ukrainians in Washington that would make you think they're all subhumans

>>364850470Russia never funded the cartel

>>364850470And I say this tweet is bullshit. Evidence? Who needs that, just trust me bro

>>364851510They'll be coming for your minerals next. Keep safe, Chilefriend.

>>364850859Fuck off moshe.

its only westoid faggots who are screaming about russia and ukroniggeria, nobody else.

>>364850470For some it's the opportunity to break from the chains impossed by the great satan For others it's just hoping shit ends before the commodities shock literally starves them to death For a few others it's FX stability so they can continue consooming mutt branded chinkshit

>>364851338Honestly this. Only the west is truly united and vindicative against russia right now; Everyone else, BRICS and shitholes alike don't really care or even support Russia at heart. Why ? They simply had enough of the West interventionist bullshit and see this as a kind of strikeback.We underplay a lot how much damage western interventionist has done since the end of the cold war. Basically, people more or less expected the end of imperialistic hegemony and us, especially USA to be gracious winners, but we tried to assert further dominance instead. It will backfire A LOT during the 21th century, like you wouldn't believe. People want to live like us but absolutely hate us.

>>364850470Latin America is as important to the world as my turd. All failed states where drug cartels kill people on the streets.

Perhaps globohomo has damaged their countries more than Russia

>>364851629which part? i lived in southeast washington and i heard tons of stories about how there were all of these slav communities but i never really ran into any of them.

>>364850470Because all world's shitskin support steppe monkeys.Russia will save the White race by banning racism globally

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>>364852342Only usa china russia germany france are important

They want to be free of the (((Monroe Doctrine)))


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>>364850470Most people see this as a USA-Russia proxy war, so there’s your answer

>>364852607add uk, turkey and india.

>>364852463Western Washington. Marysville, Everett, and especially Lynnwood. Also Tacoma, federal way, and Kent


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>>364852607>GermanyUK is more relevant than Germany, they have a real army with a decent navy and nukes

Gotta love a thread where whites are in perpetual intertribal warfare.

>>364851482>They never lived near slavs so they have no idea and are stupid as a result.This sounds so retarded. Lmfao

>>364852763They're free to tongue my anus. I hope all african/latin american capitals a d their larger cities have a nuke reserved for them in case of nuclear war. The nuclear stockpile has to increase.

>>364850470Because Russia is the good guys, and they can blow you up any second.DO YOU KNOW:- that Russia has three times more tanks than the whole EU ...- that Russia has 120 times more gas reserves than the EU ...- that Russia is five times bigger than the EU ...- that Russia has more foreign exchange reserves than the whole EU (namely the EU does not have foreign exchange reserves, but is in large debt) ...- that EU countries owe more than 20 billion euros to Russia ...- that Russia is far superior militarily, politically, economically ...- that Russia produces fifth generation aircraft, and there are none in the EU ...- that Russia can hit any point on the Earth with ballistic missiles, the EU can't even keep them ...- that Russia has more nuclear submarines than the whole EU ...- that Russia is not affected by the recession, it has registered steady economic growth for years ...- that Russia registers an increase in the birth rate for the first time, while in the EU it is in unstoppable decline ... !!!

>>364850470Who the fuck is Camila?

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>>364852908No bullying plsWe are important

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>>364851482Are you ex-Russian with self-hatred complex, or just very very "Deeply Concerned" USAsian?

>>364850470I don't just the commies and the left governments supported by russia

>>364851820oi, you got a loicence for that antisemitism?

>>364850470Communist aid

>>364851614Ok, burgerjew.

>>364850470because no nuke will ever fall here so they are not afraid of putin like western cucks

>>364850470>Be Latin America>Have destiny of peoples stolen by CIA glowniggers via means of subversion and puppet regimes>See Ukraine glowing as hard as the sun>Go Putin>Y dis happun?

Literally anything better than being CIA or United Fruit Company's Unilaterally Controlled Latino Assets.Since fascism was obliterated, South americans embraced some parts of Communist doctrine, just because it was not amerimutt imperialism

>>364850470South America has had a long history of getting fucked with by the Americans. They sympathize with Russia.

>>364850470LOW IQ there's also a lot of pro russia propaganda in latin america lots of retards in general just 3rd world ignorant monkeys eat easy Russia propaganda.

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>>364851482How are you less subhuman? Your poops and farts smell just as bad, your hygiene, if any, is just as bad. Your intelect is not much above theirs seeing with what shit they feed you in schools. Supporting abominable communities doesn't make you any better.

>>364850470>Why do so many hispanics support russia?Decades of the USA invading and toppling their governments and funding genocidal militias.Russia was their only friend in the bad days. Some countries were so pissed at the USA they elected rebel leaders as their presidents.

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>>364850470Because Russia is Christian and America is Jewish.

>>364850470Because America has been fucking us up politically, destroying our nations, reshaping them, manufacturing wars, setting up dictatorships, puppet regimes, and when that is over, they take over economically by controlling prices and crushing our economies with unethical practices.Then flood us with junk American culture.Fuck America

>>364852342>Poland think he is hot shitLmao, there's are farms here bigger than your "country"

>>364850470Distrust in globohomo?

>>364852908Yeah, but next few years, Germany would be more relevant than UK because they are about to rearm themselves.

>>364850470I don't.I support my white american maters

>>364852831>turkeythey are a regional power and really relevant geo strategically but that's it>Indiathey are a fuckton but poor as rats yes, they have nukes but no power projection. China isn't much better really, at least now, they have 1400 M people and >1300 are African tier, their main advantage is the trade with everybody.

>>364852528USA and Ukraine voting against UN resolution criticizing nazism, ha, thats magical.

>>364853847Thats based

Lets seeRussia has never>meddled in our elections>told our people that X candidate would be the "wise" choice or else>used charity organizations like US Aid and UNICEF as cover to insert FBI and DEA agents>told us "hey take this IMF loan with a 29% interest rate and we will like you wink wink heres a couple million for you Mr President">demanded our central bank report the bank accounts all citizens to the IRS>tried to get us to push this globohomo faggot indoctrination in our schoolspic related, what Burger leftists teach their kids in 3rd grade

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>>364850470CNN is the most "prestigious" news source here (well, compared to local news it has more glamour and production, so the average fag will believe them more)And CNN is full leftistAlso, RT has been shilling Putin since 2010 very very VERY fucking hard, to the point of actually making normies shutdown after Trump got elected>ORANGE MAN BAD CAUSE CNN SAYS SO> NOW CNN SAYS RUSIA INTERVENED FOR TRUMP AAAAAAAAAAAADont forget decades of marxists infiltration, and before the globohomo agenda (pre 2015 here in latam) Putin WAS the commie strong man, the saviour and prophet of the new URSS

>>364853466>>Have destiny of peoples stolen by CIA glowniggers via means of subversion and puppet regimes>IT WAS WYPIPO FAULT>WE DINDU NUFFIN

>>364854085>2 guineas pig has been delivery to house

>>364851782we are already fucked beyond belief

>>364854155Go back to your cardboard house in Arkansas, Joe.

becuase ZOG colonized them and stole their resources so rich anglos like the bushes and kikes could buy bigger yachts. outside of germany and northern europe, not that many people really like ZOG.

>>364854294I fucking wish you dumb macaco.I hate concrete so much

I think it's more that we dont want to be fucked over because of the new trendy dumb war that made euro warmongers' dicks hard.It's not our problem, but the US and Europe will likely expect us to hit Russia with sanctions that will cripple us, while europeans themselves won't really touch any sanctions that actually matter like cutting russian gas.I don't like China, but every day they look the most reasonable "superpower" in this world.


>>364850470Kek it’s everywhere anonSome of my most leftiecuck friends are either neutral or support putinWhy the fuck do you think all the propaganda is needed?Leftists have hated america for decades lmao, especially so the last one, and it’s only been ramping upThey ALL remember what the us has been doing to the middle eastGranted, most people think it’s a shame that civilians are paying the price, but this social media pro-ukraine bullshit is as manufactured as it getsGlobohomo is losing, and I don’t care that putin is le bad, he can fuck up russia all he wants, I just want to see globohomo seethe and dieThe propaganda has failed and continues to fail, they try to make it seem like the world is with ukraine and anti putin, but talk to some actual fucking human beings and you’ll see that 90% of what gets circulated on the internet is manufactured western propaganda, and thus a clear indication that they’re fucking losing

>>364850470if globohomo call me a latinx i would want to nuke them all as well

>>364850470Amerimutts have fucked up the latins daily and blame them

>>364850470At least Africans had the balls to abstain.

>>364854085kys indio. Alteño puto

>>364854469>Some of my most leftiecuck friends are either neutral or support putinYe so weird you are on the side of tankies and leftists

>>364853559Almost entirely their own fault and then blown way out of proportion by anti-white propagandizing fucks.

>>364853562literally souless, fuck off

>>364851338The majority of the world is a third world shithole, and don't care who wins as long as the gibs continue.

>>364850470the u.s. have been gradually losing grip on latin america for the last few years, and the failed coup attempt in venezuela has only made it worse. at this point the only pro-washington government in south america is colombia, and even there the leading presidental candidate is a former m-19 member. with his election, canada will be the only u.s. friendly nation in western hemisphere

Sa is communistRussia is successor of Soviet unionTherefore support

>>364850470Because they're ignorant retards that see Russia "doing business" with countries around here (irl doing deals akin to that one /g/ meme where bsd waits for shit coming down the pipes from apple) and think "oh, we're gonna get prosperity finally".You have to keep in mind around here people are mostly dumb as a brick peasants that see North America and people like Elon Musk have a very high standard of life; this makes then cope and seethe. They ignore the fact to get to that quality of life you must be highly skilled in a tech field and still work 100 hours a week. The governments led them to believe the north steals from them and keeps them poor, mainly because they're easy to handle when there's a common enemy. So when they see Russia openly antagonizing the USA, plus they get handed out a shitty deal from Russia, since they don't know better; they feel like the Russians are the good guys.God I hate these faggots, USA is so lucky the British killed all their Indians when they got there, take me out of here.

>>364850470Hatred for American McImperialism. Fuck those obese pigs.

>>364854623you never had friends and never will

Hispanics respect strength and loathe weakness. Might = Right.

Buenos dias, odio los judios

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>>364854910Matate indio

>>364854667Keep sucking that Russian propaganda faggot

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>>364851338They pull these maps out of their asses tooNobody asked me who I support, nobody asked anyone, it’s thinktanks and special interest groups that produce this propagandaThese maps say all of europe is pro ukraine anti putin kek, it’s propaganda, it’s meant to make neutrals and anti globohomo feel like they’re the odd ones out, just like during the coof propaganda, just like any other time in history propaganda was pushed this hardReality is, even lefties see that the us and it’s globohomo ideas are a vile beast, they didnt forget what the us has done to other countries, with the support of the EUGlobohomo is losing the narrative war, thats why they censor everything, thats why they’re trying to isolate russia, that’s why they’re ramping up the propaganda to insane levelsFuck the zog & fuck globohomo


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>>364854929>you never had friends and never willI have friends. They are liberals and conservatives, all support ukraine

>>364855032keep shilling, fucking glownigger

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>>364851510>That's not true, the sanctions in venezuela beggin in 2019 and they were already 5 millions refuges and the economy was already destroy.

>>364850470They love white people with blonde hair and green eyes. What they don’t know is most russians are ugly as fuck. The prettiest race they should like, are sweedes/denmark/Norway. Those are the race they die for.

>>364850470because they are real men


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>>364854986You will never be white no matter how much Starbucks you drink. Fuck the Yankees.

>>364854085Nigger detected, you will never be first world

>>364852136> Only the west is truly unitedAccording to who? The propagandists that draw up these maps with data they pulled out of their ass? KekNobody is united, they propagate the idea that we are, but we’re notSure, our unelected leaders are “united” because they’re the embodiment of globohomo, but thats it. The populations of europe tho? Fuck no

>>364850470This is a bot account, anything with a female name and press after it, they have been popping up like crazy and they are bot twitter accounts, 85% of twitter is bots now, they banned all the real people lol

>>364850470Maybe they think Russia is trad Christian but Jewtin is secretly communist.

>>364850470All but one condemned the invasion, and the other abstained.

>>364855210>hidingSmoothbrain kek, you can clearly see they just got there by trucks. Also those schools are obviously empty lmfao

>>364852528Russia is saving the white race by sending white Ukrainian women to have babies with eastern europeans rapists

>>364850470>>364850687>>364850741>>364850859>>364850977>>364851186>>364851260>>364851284>>364851299becaause le hecking based comrade putin is bashing the fash nazis in ukraine with his commie tanks

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>>364855185I rank troons higher than indios(supremacist indios like you rank lower than both).>>364855281Your president won't finish his term subhuman indios.Just two more weeks

>>364855362Go suck some BLM nigger cock. You are pink haired troon with nothing to live for except kikes and upboats. You will never have kids. Never be loved. Your family and friends laugh at your male body in a female dress. You will die a man, be remembered as man. Never a woman. even "SCIENCE" says you are a manpic relatedMy dream job, burying troons and faggots and commies like yourself

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>>364853185this is the most ridiculous image ive ever fucking seen

Russia is the Curitiba of Europe, so there's that

>>364850470because fuck your marxism thats why.

>>364853664In America you are either a nigger on welfare, or an NPC screaming at the top of their lungs to give more niggers welfare, it’s all so tiresome

>>364853664The USSR did a lot of those things to eastern Europe, I mean you don't think its off that almost every single east European country that was under its sphere of influence when given the chance joined an alliance that guaranteed they could never be invaded by them? You don't think its telling that many Ukrainians are willing to die instead of live under Russia? Isn't that what you would do if we invaded your country? For a country that claims to have some sort of traumatic memory of imperialism, you sure do display zero sympathy for others that went through the same thing. Or maybe its a Racism thing, you don't care because Ukrainians don't look like you, if that's the case maybe you have more in common with the so called imperialists than you will care to admit.

>>364850470Because we're familiar with US tricks, some of us having experienced then first hand

>>364850470>Why do so many hispanics support russia?The chance of white vagina

>>364855724Oh and who introduced marxism to usa? Literally subversion by soviets. All these lefties see russia and their succesor which is why leftypol supports russia.

>>364850470>Why do so many hispanics support russia?Monroe doctrine.

>>364855054>>364855210>Muh globohomo >muh glowieonly buzzwords brainwashed schizo'sThere's no such thing as "globohomo" thats just a social construct mabe by conspiracy thorist and Republican faggots (Nazis) you low IQ monkeys are so easy to manipulate with even words that aren't even real.wehuntedthemammoth.com/2019/07/24/what-is-globohomo-a-comprehensive-guide-to-the-alt-rights-new-obsession-with-tweets/

>>364850470>America spends the last 70 years fucking everything up in south America>most of the damage is still felt today>"why do they hate us"

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>>364854832It could have something with the fact glow niggers toppled every last nation to the south of border. Nah they just cope and seethe because there all retarded not because America use's them a cheap slave to pick are fruit now get back to work you cheap slut.

envious poorfags cope

>>364850470I haven't heard of anybody supporting russia or jewtin around here. There is sympathy for the Ukraine instead.

They're based.

If there's one region USA has fucked with it's South America. Lots of people in this "enemy of my enemy is my friend" right now.

>>364850470they like money and spend it fast. they probably borrow money and become slaves

>>364850470Indian social media and TV channels are also very pro RussiaWe're also very pissed at America for threatening us with sanctions for abstaining the vote against Russia at UNnumerically, Russia has majority support of the world's population. West keeps thinking that whatever its dying allies think is the will of the world. Truth is that all the ascendant powers of the world in Asia don't think like the west at allWhich way user? 30% nigger muslim France, 50% youth unemployment Spain, -0.5% population growth Germoney, 40% le white USA...or a booming China, India, and Natasha-filled Russia?

>>364850470Hispanics have 80iq and are leftoid(in the dumbest way possible) and support the most retarded takes in any discussion. Basically Arabs of new world

>>364855391>Sure, our unelected leaders are “united” That's what I meant.>The populations of europe tho? Fuck noI don't know, there is a strong minority of redpilled people in the West but the Covid shit has proved we can't trust the majority to have critical thinking.

>>364855691Science says I'm a man and it also says you're a subhuman low iq indio from el alto.>Aura si guerrrrrra cewelLmao future "future erue de senkata" back to el alto

>>364855948>Hey ese, go overthrown your government for some cash or we will your family>NoIt was so fucking easy but sadly we spics are too selfish

>>364855656vende patriayou would rather live to be old sucking nigger BLM dick and being a yankee pet than living free for one day. Te apuesto que tu escudo familiar es en indio cupandoselo a Pizzaro con las palabras Gracias Papi Mas Porfa

>>364855933Nigger worship, faggotry and niggerism is imported from usa tho. Globohomo is a buzzword but its basicaly “woke” shit.

>>364850470They're Christian and based.Don't confuse the ones in America with ones living in their own country. One set are selfish traitors like all eco-migrants, the others are happy proud people.

Because in the cold war Russia took positions to launch missiles and have influence in the area, many Latin regions are the breeding ground for communist populism.

>>364854148Putin and their mafia are a bunch of piss of shit as NATO are.RT in latin america are pushing globohomo agenda like CNN or BCC do it; they support Maduro, they attack us when we do the anti-immigrant march, they push lefties candidates in every hispanic country and they support indigenous separatism.Fuck them and fuck western globohomo too.


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>>364854148>Dont forget decades of marxists infiltrationwhich came first? u.s. or marxist/soviet meddling? i genuinely don't know.

>>364855481yeah fortunately, they got blasted in one of those schools, ukie kids are really happy cause no school!



>>364855933he broke


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>>364856241Indio color caca con cara de escultura precolombina

>>364850470>spics who are narcowhores for the US and can't form a civilization give their support to Russia Wow Im sure everyone is shitting their pants rn fr fr no cap

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>>364850470Oh we going headlong into a full fucking world war here and we will definitely lose it.USA has too many enemies - they're pissedRussia, China and North Korea along would be formidable and near impossible to defeat - add in the Islamic world and all the people the USA has fucked over and its absolutely game over for the West.Look how much the Chinese are cheering on RussiaGET REAY TO BE DRAFTED IF YOU ARE UNDER 50 - it WILL happen!...and you are ngmi

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>>364855481Doesn't matter, all it matters is having a headline of russia targets schools.Schools filled with ukrainian soldiers, but that's not important.

>>364856539Chinese want Russia to fuck over the USA and they are cheering for a world war youtube.com/watch?v=kxprOQuVamE

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>>364856409see >>364856229

>>364855803Or it's because it's the Ukraine that caused the conflict and not Russia this time? Maybe it's your fear that has overtaken your thought.

>>364850470But Hispanics are retarded, user.

>>364856484LME is almost back on after lunch. Go back to your clefa and shining shoes. Some of us have to make real money. Ive got 300 calls on Silver @ 25.20. Lets see if I can make in one minute what you make in 100 years shining shoes.

>>364851510> mass immigration of feral niggersChile is already full of niggers

>>364855185kys putito

>>364850687Portugal was part of Hispania (Roman province), so you could argue that Brazilians are hispanics.

>>364855803USSR didn't do it to us though. Political support isn't rational. There's always been a hatred towards America, even from the right wing. Fuck America, you'll collapse under your own morbid obese weight anyway, it's just a matter of waiting so I can rejoice in witnessing that.And Ukranians look like the average Uruguayan too.>>364855752Not my problem.

It was a tweet dodo brains. Even most republicans voted to support Ukraine financially and only 3 republicans voted against support.

>>364856539So many innocent people were born into the usa and dont know they were programmed under Satan.

>>364855691Alteño negro

>>364850470US screwed/couped many Latin American nations.

>>364856241indio de mierda

>>364856910You in the next year

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>>364856455Not worth wasting my time with an useful idiot.

>>364857026jajajaja si tu debes ser putita de la seja, miserable

Spics are just lighter looking niggers. Same level of ugliness though

>>364856887I know too well, same here in the UK. Same on all sides but the meat grinder of war devours all - this is what we get when we vote for monsters

>>364854723The modern definition of third world is country where you can buy land and have freedom, enjoy the bugs

>>364850470The CIA no stop interventions without fully finishing the job. These faggots need to understand that if you plan a puppet government you need to go all the way.

>>364856779Sigues siendo un indio ignorante, no importa cuanto dinero tengas.Regresa a tu cholet y haz tus prestes, nadie te respeta fuera del alto.

>>364855933>just a social construct mabe by conspiracy thorist and Republican faggots (Nazis) you low IQ monkeys are so easy to manipulate with even words that aren't even real.Yes subcultures create words, never heard about it before? Usa absolutely is globohomo empire. Exporting faggotry and promoting multiculturalism in their embassies in eastern europe.Weird that you here imply based nazis >>364853562And then call reublicans a nazi in derogator manner. Makes you look like a faggot

>>364857135its spelled with C, but you probably think the letter C self identifies as an SBet your dumb soi.boi ass is triple vaxxed as well..not only are you not a woman, you now have AIDs

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>>364850470most latrine american countries are run by corrupt oligarchs so naturally they side with them

>>364857438russia is quite literally a multicultural empire that mass arrests ethnic nationalists and is run by globalist mafia oligarchy.

>>364850470Monroe doctrine. they've experienced first hand the evils of US imperialism.

>>364857515Hentai bros, we won

>>364854264I feel you

>>364857567>russia is quite literally a multicultural empire that mass arrests ethnic nationalists and is run by globalist mafia oligarchy.Saying that usa is globohomo king full of nigger worship and cancer woke antiwhite culture doesnt make russia good. Russia is a shithole for different reasons.

>>364857573t.Soi McCuckson

>>364857775both are cancer and both need to collapse

>>364857775>>364857567Isk why people fall for tjis false dichotomy. One side bad doesnt make other good, both are shit

>>364857515Chile was never part of the empire

>>364857438>just a social construct mabe by conspiracy thorist and Republican faggots (Nazis) you low IQ monkeys are so easy to manipulate with even words that aren't even real.>Yes subcultures create words, never heard about it before? Usa absolutely is globohomo empire. Exporting faggotry and promoting multiculturalism in their embassies in eastern europe.>Weird that you here imply based nazis >>364853562 (You)>And then call reublicans a nazi in derogator manner. Makes you look like a faggotYou're cancer and so is Russia both of you need to be nuked. nobody likes you.

>>364857896yes, but one is benign cancer and the other rapidly metastasizing cancer. You can former, the latter is certain death for you and your family. If you had to have one which do you prefer?

>>364850470>Why do so many hispanics support russia?well, I hate jews like you wouldnt even understand. Ive unfortunately lived around them my entire life and know for a fact that if every single jew dropped dead this very instant, the world would be a better place. No one would notice or give a shit and most of the worlds problems would be solved overnight. Niggers would be dead within a year.

>>364850470Because Russia wasn't supplying, funding, forming drug cartels or overthrowing governments in South America for the past 80 years.

>>364850470Russia is a two-faced Jew country, so while in Europe and North America they support the far-right movements, in South America they support communism.RT in Spanish is basically a communist outlet that pushes anti-Americanism, BLM propaganda, illegal immigration, abortion and trannies.So when you are talking to a "Hispanic" that supports Russia, keep in mind you are most likely talking to commie or a leftist.

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>>364857515Africans are loyal to their race

>>364858111The one that ends all indios faster.


>>364850470tsss we say latinx foo

>>364858286bet you have a retardedly spelled name like "jhoney" or "brayan". you fucks cant even imitate right. Worse than flips, at least the get the basis right.


>>364850470my friends unironically love putin and russia

>>364850470Because America is robbing their continent blind


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I dont think Russia has too much support right now. The only retards that still support Russia are socialist-communist scum that still think in cold war terms. Basically the far left

>>364853765Armaments are very overrated. Invasions are made out broken by the press who controls the minds of Star Wars fans.

>>364850859Skip to the 41% already faggot

>>364854155Well, the CIA did coup Brazil in 64 because the US crapped its pants at the thought of latin america aligning with Russia.

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>>364858936This.To be fair, it’s the jews running America, Canada AND Mexico…. Not the people

A lot of the world believes war can fix thing. Except of course braindead normies in the West that can't even comprehend what their own government is doing anyway

>>364850470Russians are people of color (niggers) (spics)

>>364850470Because everyone outside the Empire of Lies either has never heard of Ukraine or knows America is garbage

Latinos are hardcore russophiles, no joke. In Spain people was warm towards Russians but now the propaganda is too strong to be openly supportive.

>>364851338They didn't. That might offend some people, and I don't know about other conflicts, but in this situation - no, they didn't do anything wrong.

>>364850470Because they're based as fuck, unlike us, stupid Spaniards who think that we are a integral part of that fraud called "Europe"

>>364855933Hello Empire of Lies

>>364859393ANd it was the right choice

>>364859190I agree, but what are you trying to say? My post implies that Germany would be relevant as Russia, UK, and so next few years.

>>364850470Because the US spent it’s hole existence fucking us??????? Also, Putin is based with his Christian values and anti-Globohomo measures. We wish a leader like that, that’s why we love him and hate pedobiden, cuckmacron and all those faggots. That’s just obvious, user.

>>364850470>Why do so many hispanics support Russia?Because mi papa is mehicano and mi mama is rossiana

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>>364850470because they don’t live next to russia

>>364859393It happened in Australia with CIA involvement here. I don't think there are many nations in the world whose authentic leadership hasn't been deposed by America. At most, we're stockholmed or perform liking America.

>>364852528Russia is just taking a page out of the globohomo playbook to get power, same as the west, afraid things are looking grim for the white race boys

>>364850470I dont think westoids understand people from all over the world supports Russia.

>>364859784To be honest, it wasn't all that bad, but then again, back then was a different time, nowadays the CIA would probably topple the government and then put a gay homo nigger tranvestite as the puppet leader.