Even if the Russians conquer the capital and install a pro-Russian government there...

Even if the Russians conquer the capital and install a pro-Russian government there, how do they want to keep a population of 40 million that doesn't want them there under their control?

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>>364849955average Ukranian does not give a fuck what side the corrupt government is on.

>>364849955Mass rapes

>>364849955annex everything east of Dniepr and the coastline, leaving the landlocked west for the Ukrainian. Total occupation is not necessary

He doesn’t want to take over all Ukraine just places with natural resources in East. Kiyev is just a diversion while his military cuts off east Ukraine that is not that populated.. He doesn’t want Kiyev.


>>364850281That's why they overthrew the pro-Russian government in 2014?

>>364849955they elected a "pro-Russian" politician just 12 years ago, who was there until the coup in 2014

>>364849955>how do they want to keep a population of 40 million that doesn't want them there under their control?They don't


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>>364849955>keep a population of 40 million that doesn't want them there under their control?Who said that? I want them there.Moreover, i will join collaborator forces and make sure every khohol will obey new order.

>>364850531define "they":youtube.com/watch?v=93eyhO8VTdg

>>364849955putin is former kgbukraine will need a huge fsb force to police it. The ukraine invasion and occupation is like a make work program for secret police like putin.

>>364850531>posts retarded comment>memeflagChecks out.

>>364849955why are people acting like countries have never taken over other countries before?


>>364849955throw out the brainwashing NGOs and I'm sure the people will stop getting gayoped in maidan shit


>>364849955East of country didn"t supported euro-maidan and should be relatively easy to occupy. North and especially west of the dniepr is where issues at.

>>364850531(((CIA))) gets small group to over throw country and (((CIA) picks leader.

>>364849955They just need the land-bridge to Moldova from Crimea and from Crimea to Russia + Donbass and Lugansk and maybe a little moreAll of that has a majority/close-to-majority Russian demographic and will be easy to hold compared to the non-Russian parts of Ukraine

>>364849955By expelling the millions who are insufficiently loyal to the new regime so that they be a drain on EU welfare, duh.

Russia wants eastern Ukraine but to take that area they have to stir up the capital which has caused the Ukrainian government and utilities including public transportation to be busy. Russia ultimately would take all of Ukraine if possible but long term they only need eastern UkraineRussia was not going to be able to take eastern Ukraine without first ensuring the rest of the country was in disarray

>>364850531Kekked at theyAlso Ukraine is below 40 mAlso he prolly only takes west Ukraine so even less people and probably more pro Russian as well

>>364849955>install a pro-Russian government there,Why do people assume there's going to be a regime change?

>>364851475>Russia wants eastern Ukrainerussia wants it all. wake up.ukrane will be wiped out.

>>364850531They got pissed off enough. They likely won't care as much because they've seen corruption from both sides. They were probably close to overthrowing Zelenskys gov too but the milking of the west must go on. Fake wars, fake pandemics. It's all fake and all of our countries are full of dumb fucking retards.

>>364849955yellow will be the pro eu/nato countryRed will be Russian and/or Russian puppet. Putin doesn't give a shit about yellow area.

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>>364851643k, prove it

>>364849955At least 20 million of them want to be under Russian control



>>364851579What do you thinks going to happen?He'll just take the bay of azov and the east and then call it a day?That seems logical

>>364851280Wow what a small group.

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>>364851643Russia will end up with parts of eastern Ukraine as they did with Crimea in 2014

>>364849955After the EU promised to take what's left of Ukraine Putin will absorb the nation instead.No regime change, Ukraine will join the Federation

>>364852061Well, I doubt they want to be under anyone's control, but it's a matter of picking your devil. Russia > Brussels.

>>364852254>What do you thinks going to happen?Zelensky is going to sign a peace treaty very similar to Minsk agreements.

>>364852732>very similar to Minsk agreements.I doubt Russia is going to settle with that. Not after Minsk was completely ignored.

>>364849955they literally did it for the entirety of eastern europe for 40 years

>>364852061where are those mass pro Russia protests?

>>364849955The entire population doesn’t agree. I'm guessing that there are probably 10% who are ride or die for Russian control, 30% who are ride or die for Ukrainein the EU, and 60% who just wish that the war would stop and Ukraine could quit being such a poor shithole

>>364852901And look how it turned out

>>364849955They will keep killing until they get their way. They don't give a shit about heavy losses and will keep throwing in soldiers until the Ukrainians run out of ammo. Putin doesn't give a shit about conscripts. They did the same thing in WWII, it was so bad they lost over 25% of all men. Sure they won, but at a very high cost.

>>364849955>population of 40 million that doesn't want them thereKek'd

>>364851998why would putin allow a ukranian state to exist when ukranians hate russia and want it destroyed?Putin will wipe ukraine off the map and russify Ukrainian children.


>>364849955Lel just look around in pretty much any country in the world. There basically the game in the town.

>>364849955The bigger concern will be another coup and regime change attempts from the West. They will destroy Ukraine before handing it to Russians

>>364853360Do you realize that then they would border with even more NATO countries than now? Exactly what Putin doesn't want.

>>364850494and this is why ruskies are getting rekt now?

>>364849955>how do they want to keep a population of 40 million that doesn't want them there under their control?The Russian government already have experience of doing that with a 140 million other people.

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>>364849955Most Ukraine know Zelenksy is corrupt as hell and don't care.Remember, western media is showing soundbites from minority who love the West. Look how few people are 'fleeing'. These are the ones who would have gone as soon as they get in the EU anyway.Watch this interview on French TV:twitter.com/ArmedFtw/status/1498778624765345793

>>364850281That's why they elected Zelensky in 2019 because he is the only one who ever ran on an anti corruption agenda, the only one who even named the problem everyone knew of.

>>364852529I'm sure you, random mutt, know what the people of Ukraine want. You even know better than the people themselves.

>>364850531That was a vocal minority, once again the AVERAGE guy living in a hovel near Lviv will simply comply with the new rules just as his ancestors did for the past 500 years

>>364849955Same way they keep Russia under their control dumbass.

>>364852365>Wow what a small group.It's easy to poison young minds and get them to do your bidding for you.

>>364850531Isnt funny that they also overthrew or tried to do so in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and so on ? That damn they

>>364849955How is the Western puppet regime going to rule over them after having to execute civilians for fleeing them using them as human shields?

You have been conditioned by Reddit, Twitter and MSM to believe in a completely different universe from reality where Ukraine is like Wakanda and they will fight to the last for their heckin' epic democracy like AvengersThe reality is that 95% are apathetic wanting war to stop and they don't care who will rule next, civilians aren't allowed to say anything because they are held hostage by regime ZOGbots but when Russians take over places they go back to street as nothing happened and continue normallyt.me/intelslava/21381

Guys, what if, get this, China and Russia unveil a security pact where Russia will respond with nukes if china is attacked?

Don't worry. EU will take care 20 millions for them

>>364849955By killing shit loads of them murder is always been a tool such things I mean it's work in little Russia before faggot meme flag.

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>>364852865>I doubt Russia is going to settle with that. Not after Minsk was completely ignored.Maybe the guarantees of water supply to Crimea.I doubt there's going to be much else — the terms have to bee agreeable to Zelensky and the general Ukrainian public.

>>364849955>mapwhy are the Ukrainian forces still in Donbass holy shit, they are about to get wreckedwhy don't they just retreat to Dnipro

>>364853909russians and americans know all about that

>>364849955concentration camps and terror.

>>364849955We may suck at war and propaganda, but we excelent in population control.

>>364851427>drain on EU welfarenot all refugees are welfare migrants from Africa you know...

>>364850531money talks

>>364850531They overthrew the elected government with the US having a call released of them choosing the next government on a conference callBut go off?

>>364849955It only took 1 generation to turn ukrainians from brothers to enemies, it will take less time for them to become brothers again because there is no real reason to hate each other.

>>364849955Imagine posting the same map for the last three days

He could split the western part up and offer it back to Hungary, Poland, and maybe the southern part to Romania and destroy NATO in the process.

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>>364853767Lviv is not a best example - there were multiple insurgencies there against Russian rule in that area in last 500 years

>>364849955Same way 8 years ago a coup goverment thas american puppet managed to control and brainwash people who hated them and didnt want to be under them.Terror.

>>364849955The population doesn't want to be an NWO weapons stockpile and child trafficking ring no matter how hard you faggots try to meme it.

>>364849955Yes I’m sure those 40 millions will be clamoring to get their buttsex back

>>364850531oy vey

>>364849955Russians know they have support in Ukraine. Western media don’t want you to know this.

>>364850281Yep. Ukraine will be ruled by a corrupt maffia state, irregardless of who wins.

>>364854908It's an old map. Using "current" is a good way to spread disinfo about Russia's progress.

>>364849955Watch and see you irrelevant memeflag future corpse ;)

>>364854908theres around 70k people encamped in kind of Maginot line build in 8 last yearstakes slow to kill em all, but they are encircled and helpless now since aviation is working on them. they are attempting to get to Dnepr, but who told we`ll let them leave that easily?

>>364850531muh pro-russian Janukovych was of polish-lithuanian-belarussian heritage.

>>364858454Wouldn't work: Poland is rabidly anti Russian.

>>364859917there never was "pro-russian" president in Ukraine, its just Yanukowich tried to get benefits from both sides and catered to Donbass election crowdironically, actuall pro-western Puppet - Yushenko, that came with color revolution to power, was so corrupt after one term people cursed him and elected YanukowichAnd then theres also Timoshenko - but she`s just a female troll believing whatever gets her elected this moment.

>>364850531>>364850281>>364849955The eastern and south-estern parts are mostly pro-russian russiansThe western parts are pro-russian hungarians and rusinsThey only need to control the center and northwestern+northern parts