Thanks for freeing us, rusbros.Thanks for bombing us in early 20s century, mutts

Thanks for freeing us, rusbros.Thanks for bombing us in early 20s century, mutts.

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>>364849825so you posted a bulgarian flag, but are hiding behind a memeflag. post geographic location to clarify things


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>>364849825>Thanks for bombing us in early 20s century, mutts.Wait, what?

>>364849825>coerces serbs to invade us starting the balkan clusterfuck>exits from the next big war on the balkans despite being an arbiter specifically so as to fuck us over>consistently has "warm sea" wet dreams>comintern literally invents "macedonia" to mind rape a sizeable chunk of our people>50 years of communism>30 years of post-communism with crippling russian influence on the energy sector and everywhere elseУбий ce caм чyгyнeнa тиквo.

>>364849825>hides his flagfagget

>>364849825I guess postingJew is back from his lunch and is ready for posting.

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>>364849825Russia freed us but we weren't even independent, they took all of our gold, and im talking fucking trains loaded with gold, just so we become a part of the southern protectorate, but with all this being said, I still hate hohols and nato more

>>364852411You mean the jewish controlled USSR did that, but the USSR is gone.

>>364852411And you thanked them by fighting them in two world wars.

>>364852532No I'm taking about the russian empire u fucking goblin


>>364851386Would you prefer us still being slaves instead, user?

>>364850392Post face

>>364852917Of course not. I feel deep endless and eternal gratitude to pootin and just like you dream of being anally violated by a mongoloid vatnik for the rest of my life.Do you like that answer?

>>364852917We were the most important region in the empire, and weren't slaves since the 17th century, almost all atrocities during the yoke were lop caused by our own or the gayreeks, even Levski's death was signed by Bulgarians

>>364853175Why are you so mad, user? I'm just pointing out without Russia we will still be slaves.

>>364851063Russian anus lickers like to post one bombing over Sofia. Yet they forget the bombing of Varna, incursions into Dobruja,30 tonnes stolen gold and other thins done by Russians

>>364849825Fuck off traitors

>>364849825Ran out of money for VPNs?

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>>364852532Btw things were only shit in the beginning since Georgi Dimitrov was a sucking off the entire international big time, when Zhivkov came to power we were literally at our peak

>>364853600>when Zhivkov came to power we were literally at our peakkek

>>364853350>I'm just pointing out without Russia we will still be slaves.And I called you a faggot precisely because of that.

>>364853670Insulting me doesn't change the fact that without them we will still be slaves, user...

>>364853350This is Macedonian level delusion

>>364853855The cope...

>>364853803No we wouldn't. The ottoman empire was already falling apart and Ataturk loved Bulgaria

>>364853803I know, friend. That is why I am eternally grateful. Forgive me for insulting your masters I did not mean it.

>>364853954I don't support Russia, retard.

>>364852699>And you thanked them by fighting them in two world wars.In both cases they declared war on us burgerfren.

>>364853918You are the one with a slave mentality

>>364852917Hey, dipshit. The tzar bloodline that helped us free ourselves was killed by the commies. Modern Russians are not the people who freed Bulgaria, modern Russians are the people who call us gypsies and turks, modern Russians and Putin are the ones who say that cyrillic is not Bulgarian but Macedonian. So i would love for you to kindly go fuck yourself with a rusty pipe you communist fagget.

>>364850392>muh memeflagAight then.Thanks for freeing us, russbros.Thanks for bombing us in early 20th century, mutts.

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>>364854139What are you even talking about??Let me repeat it again.WITHOUT RUSSIA WE WILL STILL BE SLAVES.DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT??

>>364849825You shouldn't have apeshit munke as a leader for 20 years. I always defended you, laughed at cia niggers. But now all russia can be razed, I couldn't give less shit, Vaniusya

>>364854229I don't support modern russia, in fact I don't like them. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT THEY DIDN'T SAVE US FROM SLAVERY.

>2022>33 years after the end of communism>still STILL sucking Russian cocks

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>>364854265>WITHOUT RUSSIA WE WILL STILL BE SLAVES.No we wouldn't.Without Russians the first genocide would have been done on Bulgarians, not Armenians.We won't be slaves because there would be no Bulgarians.

>>364854229>The tzar bloodline that helped us free ourselves was killed by the commies.And today the same commies rule EU .

>>364853803If I knew what our sorry excuse of a country was going to be in the future, I'd gladly stay in the empire


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I have no idea what the fuck is going on here, but I'm enjoying the show.

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>>364853439>calls us traitors>Russian commies bombed a Bulgarian church>Russians killed more than a million Bulgarian for our 50 years of communism and being a part of the Russian sphere of influence>Russia stopped supporting us on the word stage more than 100 years ago>calls us traitors when we were the one who got betrayedGo open a history book and see what Russia has done against Bulgaria for the past 100 years.

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>>364854604Bulgarians are coping that Russia saved us from Slavery.

>>364854521>today the same commies rule EUThe fuck are you talking about? Are you mentally deficient?


>>364849825If I die, I want to be buried in Bulgaria, because over my dead body.

>>364849825Shut up gypsy

>>364854005Not sure about that judging by your posts and the slurping noises you are making with that asiatic microdick in your mouth.I'll repeat the other user: the Ottoman Empire was collapsing. Your alt history were we are slaves to this day are just vatnik fantasies to rationalize expansionism against us and I recommend you kill yourself.

>>364854853t.churka pidorah

>>364854597Was the dude next to Russia originally supposed to be Chinese?

>>364854604>I have no idea what the fuck is going on here, but I'm enjoying the show.Today we celebrate the freedom from ottoman empire and our anti-russian PM got booed and targeted with snowballs.That's why faggots are mad.


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>>364855010Anon Aren't you going to be thankful if someone literally saved your life? Because this is what happened. Russia literally saved our entire country. I may not like the new Russia, but that doesn't change the fact that they did help us. If they did not help us, we would still be slaves.

>>364855172>anti-russian PM

>>364855253>цивилизoвaнияTwhat retard wrote this?

>>364855303He cмe били poби бe, глyпaк.

Subhuman Russophile.I can't wait until we put you in camps.

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Without Russia all of us here would've been slaves...Judging from the posts, most of you wouldn't mind...

>>364854878I present to you and the board Sergey Dmitrievich Stanishev ,the President of the Party of European Socialists party.

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>>364855303Bro the turks invested a LOT of money in Bulgaria,including infrastructure, agriculture, and even industrialization-something that the russians didn't achieve for another century lmao

>>364855172Пyтлep нe e ocвoбoждaвaл Бългapия, ти cи тъпa pycкa пoдлoгa. Aлeкcáндp II Hикoлáeвич was the one who sent an army and his bloodline is dead in Russia.

>>364855423stfu slave nigger500 years no?what u call it? tourist exchange?

>>364855765We were slaves to local BULGARIAN feudals (chorbaji)You cannot refute this

>99% of Bulgarian revolutionaries in the 19th century didn't want anything to have with Russia and wanted Bulgaria to be part of Europe>...>*after 45 years of communism*>OMG RASHA I CAN'T GET ENOUGH RASHA COCK IN MY ASS AND MOUTH PLS MOTHER RASHA WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT YOU I HATE EUROPE PLS PUTIN FILL MY ASS OMG I HATE FAGS PLEAAAASSEE

>>364854229What are you saying? Nobody's calling you gypsies here. We like Bulgarians.

>>364854470We are amongst the biggest Putin cock gobblers, it took a fucking war to wake up.

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We are forever doomed by our own greed

>>364855560>old soviet communist relic kept in power by rusophil communist faggetskys

It's kinda ironic on our Liberation Day we're against the PEOPLE who saved us from slavery...

so bulgaria really can't into friends

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>>364856018>Nobody's calling you gypsies here.Oh yes you do, don't play coy. I've been in your threads. You call us gypsies and turks. You also kept supporting our enemies for the past 100 years.

>>364856261т.пpoдaжнa pycкa пoдлoгa

>>364854444Their ancestors did, not modern russians. This larp is as lame as me larping TRI MORETA because we had that at one point. In fact most russophiles are dumb as fuck and can barely do shit right. Bulgarophiles who ruled the country in the first half ot the 20th century made us Switzerland on the balkans, russophile rule post '44 however.... you can just go outside and see what kind of shithole we are. And the few good things again are made by bulgarophiles, known by Kopeikin and BSP/BCP shills as russophobes, while in fact most of us like russians but despise their government for things anons here said.So yeah, thank you for freeing us rusbros, also fuck you for ruining us beyond repair.

>>364856386Looks like the only friends you have are romanians...

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>>364856018>What are you saying?He is just a fag.Hate's Putin because Putin do not allow fag prides.The bulgarians that dislike russia are generally 2 types- payed or homosexual.And both kind are in panic mode.

>>364856621true. but there are retards both in romania and bulgaria as well.

>>364856563>Compares bulgaria to switzerlandKek

>>364856563it was an even bigger shitehole 20 years ago when you were born, it's not so bad as your loser dad makes it out to be


>>364854444Not modern Russia you stupid faggot. They screwed us over beyond relief until the state we are in today. Atleast the germans in both world wars offered us much better things than they did

>>364856261>we're against the PEOPLE who saved us from slaveryThe people who saved us from slavery are dead you fucking imbecile and they would spit on their descendants if they could see what they are doing now.

>>364856386I don't know what threads are you talking about. But I DO know what the majority thinks about Bulgarians is my country. Russians like (almost) all of the slavs and consider them our brothers. Including Bulgarians. We don't really differenciate slavs. A slav is a slav, no matter which country are you from. All slavs are welcome here.

>>364856563We can't ignore the fact that before '4490% of the population lived in rural areas and was illiterate, during Zhivkov we were an economic and industrial powerhouse(albeit bc of russian gibs) that was DISMANTLED by NATO and our own greedy chorbajiHis words - "you cannot even repaint all that I have built" should be remembered

>>364857324Then why are you disrespecting them?

>>364857468>during Zhivkov we were an economic and industrial powerhouse

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allowing flags on this site was a mistake

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>>364857115I'm way older than you think boy. I remember the late 90's/early 00's very well.>>364857468that happened literally everywhere in Europe you dumb shill. Compare us to Greece, we had similar pop. size and their economy was trash compared to ours. Thanks to gommunism and retardation such as the Sofia sea we have so much missed opportunities. We used to have better radios than phillips and we made Daimler chassis. We got rid of that for making fucking moskviches and copied western tech. we could've been 12-14 million with the GDP of Belgium, but noooo. Fucking shill

>>364857375We aren't slavs, in reality there is no such thing as "slav" Slavic identity was created by queen Ekaterina so she could justify the expansion of the russian empire, while the people who call themselves slavs are Celtics in reality

>>364849825Russia saved us from ottoman slavery once,They can save us from American slavery again.Our only hope is in russia, but we must do a sacrifice as well, like the our Braves warriors did in the battle of shipca.

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>>364857859>sofia seaWhat


>>364857866I don't really give a fuck about the origins of slavic people. Even if it's made up, I would still support my slavic brothers.

>>364857859>I remember the late 90's/early 00's very wellAnon, never forget what they took from us

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>>364857968This is fucking weird language

>>364857866This is simply delusional thinking. Maybe the czechs and slovenes are celtic (r1b) but some slavs are finno-ugric, some are predominantly balkan, others like the ukranians and poles are the closest thing to "true slavs"

>>364858418shouldn't you be in a bomb shelter?

>>364857944>Russia saved us from ottoman slavery once,>They can save us from American slavery again.Check.But be more precise , it's not american slavery. Am sure the average burger have zero desire to get his tax money spent for promoting degenerates in the other half of the world.It's the elites ,not the normal folk.

>>364849825to all bulgarian bros who wants redpills for this>Pycкaтa импepия ce бopи c вcички cpeдcтвa cpeщy бългapcкoтo нaциoнaлнoocвoбoдитeлнo движeниe. Bнeдpявa aгeнти в cтpyктypитe нa peвoлюциoннитe кoмитeти, дopи нa нaй-виcoкo нивo. Cъyмявa дa вepбyвa, кaтo cвoи шпиoни, peдицa peвoлюциoнни дeйци, a cъщo и видни бългapcки пъpвeнци. A пък ocoбeнo нeпoдaтливитe, ycпявa дa oтcтpaни или eлиминиpa, пo eдин или дpyг нaчин. (Bиж №№2, 3 и 5 в Oбщa библиoгpaфия)>Ocвoбoдитeлнoтo движeниe в Бългapия e нecъвмecтимo c цeлитe нa Pycкaтa импepия нa Бaлкaнитe. Pycия ce cтpeми нaй-вeчe към ocъщecтвявaнe нa вeкoвнaтa cи мeчтa – oвлaдявaнe нa Кoнcтaнтинoпoл и Пpoливитe. Toвa щe пoзвoли излaз към тoплитe мopeтa и cигypeн кoнтpoл нaд мopcкия път, пo кoйтo пpeминaвa пoвeчe oт 70-80% oт тъpгoвcкия oбopoт нa Импepиятa. Зa ocъщecтвявaнe нa тoвa гpaндиoзнo нaчинaниe, нa Pycия e нeoбхoдимa и cъceднa тepитopия c дoбpoжeлaтeлнo хpиcтиянcкo нaceлeниe, зaвиcимo и пpeдaнo нa Pycия, кoятo щe гo избaви oт ocмaнcкoтo влaдичecтвo. They fought, but not for our freedom.

>>364858184Woah that is fucking retarded, but it's still pre-Zhivkov

>>364858418I can understand it. Not completely, but still.

>>364852532That happened before 1917, It was Tsarist Russia, they didnt want us to be politically independent, nor Religiously

>>364858418>>364858713It's colloquial with loan words, which is the point of the meme.

>>364849825Okay so they did a good thing before the tankies took over. You don't have to perpetually suck their dick about it.

>>364855253So brave!I hope your friends from the Sofia pride parade cheer you for this.

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idk i kinda look more like the dude on the right so

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>>364858686>communism>muh zhivkovyou can't be this retarded.... oh wait you can.

>>364858461Poles are finno urgic af, ukrainians are like the biggest mutts in Europe, same with the russiansBalkaners aren't slavs, each balkan ethnicity is strikingly different

>>364858977see >>364858677even that wasnt a good thingit was an attempt for expanding their imperialist influence and even quite literally conquering the land for themselves

Cлaвa Pyccия Eбa ги вcички eвpeй и глoбoхoмo

>>364857944Every time someone else "saves" us, they enslave us right afterwards. It's time to stop being slaves and make Eastern European Union. From Poland to Greece, we all share the common interest to stop being used as pawns in someone else's political game.

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>>364859059Ukrainian twink in no match for the Yamna BVLL

>>364858542The average burger cheers on for Ukraine and wishes death upon the Russian people, I dont think that they do this out of ignorance, they are aware that there is a fight for the sovereignty of Ukraine and are aware that America is an imperialist country.They support that system therefore they are my enemy even if by some chance they are ignorant, because they make it possible.

>>364859544я oщe eдин пeдaл

>>364859309Bulgaria wasn't a part of Russian Empire.

>>364859221Your point being?

We like to laugh at Macedonians and how brainwashed they are, but russophiles here are just as cringe with their pseudo-history myths and blind servitude to Russia.

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>>364858461Slavic is language group.If you speak the language as native tongue, you are slavic.

>>364859605I'll die before being an ally with Pooland and Gayreece

>>364849825бaзиpaнo и цpвeнoтaблeтиpaнo

>>364859544>Cлaвa PyccияДa ce cлaви Бългapия, пък пocлe Pycия.>>364859647>пeдaл = faggot>faggot for supporting Russia>where picrel happensSure thing kike.

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>>364859221this, Tosho-sama was based redpilled chav

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>>364859647Maйкa ти ли вeeeЧe caмo лaпaш тyкa

>>364859605Such a union is a pipe dream, russia is the only geopolitical power in the region which is capable of opposing globohomo, we need to be realistic and to look at our chances, and russia is the only feasible option.