Germany starting to fire Russian workers

They're going after the average family man now.

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Same in english?No one can read that retarded english.

>>364849501basedfuck russians


>>364849666An actual based German? What a fucking miracle .

>>364849666checked and based

>>364849501Don't buy from Russians, don't employ Russians, don't shelter Russians.

>>364849666Based /f Satan

>>364849616Great flurry in Saarland: company dismisses family man because of his Russian originIn Saarland, a father with multiple children has apparently been fired because of his Russian origins

>>364849666Are you german? Regardless, you will suffer from random cancelling sooner ir later.

>>364849501Good work, niggers need those jobs.

>>364849501So what? German americans and japs got detained in work camps.

>>364849501Our Jew state also seizures random rich Russians yachts and puts them in jail kekThis is the most Jewish country in the world and this is peak clown wold>>364849666t. Turk or Kike

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>>364849501basedrussian spies and assets of the soviet regime can go home

>>364850332Fuck off Ivan.No actual German likes (((Russians))).Rapist scum.

>>364850414Another Turk or Kike.

>>364850321But the EU is not formally at war with Russia, wtf?


>>364849666t. libturd or anorexic nazi larper

>>364849501What an NPC brain you should have to think random russians are to blame for Putin aggresion?

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>>364849501Wow nazis on full force

>>364850474No actual non-Turk or non-Jew hates Russia more than our Jewish globohomo fake country that imports nigger rapists en masse, though.

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>>364850492Ruski or serbi?

>>364849501They are also executing hte average Ukrainian citizen.They seem to just want to kill Slavs in general.

>>364850643100% German, unlike 99% the German flags you see on Holla Forums.

>>364850689Lol no they aren’t

>>364850187>company dismisses family man because of his Russian originThat would be illegal here. You're not forced to hire niggers in Germany?

>>364849501If Ukraine and the west are winning, why do they have to use such desparte tactics?

>>364850499Yeah, they also dont detain russians in work camps. They just lose their jobs and go on welfare bucks. What a loss.

>>364850492spying is high treasonbe glad they didn’t catch you yet

>>364849666Build Thorium reactors

>>364849501first being unvaxed was a crime now being russia is one whats next?

>>364850724I doubt that. U are full or half ruski for sure, since no germans like russians

>>364849501Holy shit

>>364849666numbers confirm lel but this is a sign of more important things and brainlets on this board aren't even picking it up.Germany's alliance w/ Russia was predicated on buffer zones and energy transit dividends. Lot less buffers and energy embargo coming soon. What will be Germany's game plan now?I'm going away for a while, I'll be going to walk the dog inna woods, listening to my local expert interview podcast on this exact topic, so I hope this thread goes somewhere.

>>364850492You now remember Russians and Turks in Germany fighting each other every few weekends over some nothingburger in the past.

>>364850593We are embracing cancel culture and our nazi past. There were also multiple russian artists or conductors fired for refusing to comment on the ukraine situation.2 years media lies and corona fear propaganda turned people insane.

>western euros pay 70% taxes as jizya to literal moon worshipping pedophiles but will cheer when Ivan the bus driver gets fired

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>>364850593Russians work for minimum wages, they probably earn more going on welfare bucks. This is fake and gay NPC muh Ukraine tier outrage.

>>364849501Not my problem

>>364850592>anorexic nazi larperHow to spot an ivan

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Reminder this Kike's first speech was literally about tranny rights and making it easier to import more nigger immigrants and make multi citizenship much easierIf you see a German flag attacking Russia or defending any kind of Kikery, this is the shit they support >>364850851Source for the guy OP talks about being a spy, Benyamin?>>364850902No one said I like Russia, Kike.

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>>364849666basedich, verdammt alle ruskis

>>364850640Oh and Jewtin the USSR thought police officer is not a kike?Do you think he has any interest in 'making the west great again' or something? lol

Ok now start with jews and niggers and we're heading in the right direction

>>364850837>They just lose their jobs and go on welfare bucks. What a loss.Oh, jesus. What a relief, you become a unhirable parasite that can barely support yourself if you have a family until your country does what the OTAN wants, but sure, at least they are not being sent to concentration camps yet.

>>364849666Germ Mudslime w Satan's digits

>>364849501Photoshop my own News, thus shit is fake af

>>364849501>can't descriminate against women or minorities when hiring, that's haram>RUSSIANS IN MY ECONOMY? BEGONE

>>364851137>Oh and Jewtin the USSR thought police officer is not a kike?There is no proof of that, no, unlike the globohomo Ukraine Kike you are defending because you are either a room-temperature rape baby or a Kike shill.>Do you think he has any interest in 'making the west great again' or something? lolNo I just don't like Kikes and NATO forcing Kike globalism because I'm not a brainlet.

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>>364849501It looks like what we did to Jews in 1930sBreaking window in Jewish shops, building secretly a huge armyBut this time the world cheers us onWhat a time to be alive

>not all muslimsso much for not being racist

>>364850805Its not desperate, its cutting Russia off because they are cunts. Always been. This time the empire larp went too far.

>>364851192why cry about death of classical liberal norms, when you're some brand of radical supposedly? This is normal, just not in your favor at this point in time.

There was also the case of a high ranking LMU Klinik worker sending a russian patient an email saying that russians won't get medical treatment anymore.LMU Klinik just quitely put out a press release that patients from war mongering countries still get treatment.

>>364849501Discrimination lawsuits a brewin if true.

>>364849501No link, no proof. Fuck you.

>>364851192Maybe in your country, gypsy, nigger, EU pensionists and eurotrash have a good life on german welfare bucks.

>>364851464Ok, i suck and i am a retard.

>>364850791Yes, those were Russian saboteur children and elderly fleeing conscription.

Reminder Kikes want this war to go on as long as possible so they can flood Europe with more nigger refugees instead of just telling Ukraine to surrender for now, even though every experts say that's inevitable anyway

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>>364851055This guy isn't a kike though.A left wing fag that plays into (((their))) little games for personal profit, but not a kike.>German flag attacking Russia>Kikery(((Russia))) is kiked beyond belief.

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>>364849501I wish German cucks were this efficient in getting rid of niggers.

>>364851432because I assume that not all russians support or even like what Putin is doing, especially those who are outside of Russia. It's both fucking illegal and targeted at the wrong people.

>>364849666Damn...bout time

the compay will get sued into obliviongerman arbeitsrecht is no joke when it comes to discriminationthey will have to pay several years of income as severance

>>364849501>Status QuoWestern employeers firing people they don't like amid EO shilling.

>>364851055>nooooo!!!! you can't criticize that immoral, expansive, muslim filled dictatorship that pretends to be somekind of white eden!!!!>you must support the Jews!!!!This black and white retardation is Holla Forums's problem

>>364851627That'd be racist and islamo"phobe" in some cases.

Maybe this is what it's going to be like moving forward. Start a war and you get fucked economically since the world is so globalized

>>364849501Average Russian family man supports Putin, his invasion and all off its consequences. I hope they starve.

>>364851372Who knows if this story is true. They might had a clinch at work and the russky went full putin monke.Wouldnt be the first time of russian fake outrage in germany. Some sandnigger raped a 13 year old russian girl 2015 (she had a 19 year old friend, so much for russian orthodox values) and three dass later there were some Spetsnaz guys running around in Berlin. The rape accusation was proven fake.

imagine turning this power level against non-whites

Pretty gay. The West should be boycotting and hanging all non-Whites throughout the West while invading their shitholes for the last time and killing the rest off. But they'd rather do other things.

>>364851486There is no welfare in my country, austriabro. Our government just doesnt have the funds to do it; If you dont work here, you are fucked.

If you don't bend the knee to ZOG, that is your reward goyim.Just wait till it's something YOU disagree with because NO ONE is safe from ZOG so laugh it up until it's your turn on the chopping block.

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These retards are actually escalating us to nuclear war, has the world truly gone mad? Am I the only one not on crazy pills?

>>364850887Being white

>>364849501how is this legal?

>>364851972Why would any of this lead to nuclear war?

>>364851376When people defend Ukraine on here they aren't rooting for their kike president but for the white Ukrainians lol.>kike globalismRight, once Jewtin brings back the USSR he'll surely stop there.

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>>364850593sir who is this

>>364851914And we have families with ten children on welfare bucks and theyre all fat.

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>>364852078t. history brainlet, knows nothing about what leads to genocides

>>364852060it's not, the company will get sued and pay an insane fine and several years of severence. german labour court will go balistic if the story is true.



>>364850593He's probably German russian who emigrated back to Germany from Russia in the 90s because his ancestors were Germans

>>364850965yeah the artists should sue. money will rain on them. goes against a fuckton of law what they're doing right now.

>>364852078If countries start firing Russians, seizing their assets, freezing their bank accounts, and citizens committing violent acts against them without consequences from law enforcement you don't see how this could escalate tensions?think nigger, think

>>364849501It looks like a sjw mass canceling

>>364851851Thats funny, we get niggers, the russians accuse them of raping russian diaspora and two days later there are spetznaz troups trying "to liberate" germany.Just so you understand how much russian propaganda in germany already exists. Didnt they try to force niggers through the polish border two months ago? Wouldnt be surprised of russian meddling in the refugee crisis 2015.

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>>364852862Tensions have already escalated but that doesn't mean an economic war justifies or will lead to nuclear war. Most of the world doesn't even apply an eye for an eye anymore. What you're saying is like killing your boss and his entire family for firing you bad reasons

>>364850321>So what? German americans and japs got detained in work camps.Is that true, all I ever heard was Japanese Americans, but didn't know about German Americans.

>>364852159whoever made that picture should have been more careful picking a png for that stamp...

>>364849666>>364849501Give chechens weapons again. They need another rebellion in the Caucasus. Since they love so much to employ those apes into battle. Maybe they should fight themselves once more.Execute that ape Kadyrov. He's the only person keeping them at bay by getting hefty bribes.

>>364850593russian lives matter pyccкиe жизни имeют знaчeниepyccкиe жизни имeют знaчeниepyccкиe жизни имeют знaчeниe

>>364853159Could be wrong. But what we know for sure is the fate of the SU-germans.

>>364853031There is always foreign meddling in crisis user. Always.

>>364853361whats the problem

>>364849501>russian bad>german gut

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>>364849666based kraut and checked

>>364853031It's only a crisis because our spineless politicians can't say 'no' and just deny them.Of course foreign powers use this against us.

>>364851520If you have the headline and the header at the top of the page can't you find it on your own?

>>364849501>They're going after the average family man now.Much like Russians did back in the day with East Germany? So? Russians approve of this.

>>364849501>offenbarNonsense. As far as I know Russians he was shilling for Putin and crying "fascists" while calling Ukraine a fake country. Germans work environments love talking about. That's just my guess.

>>364853524look at itthe dumbass didnt make a couple of the white parts transparent before slapping it on thereor does russian use super complex 2color stamps?

>>364852753yeah and many have russian ancestry. There is also a group of Russian Jews and churka Russian speakers that Germans consider "Russian" but don't ask me what they are doing there.

>>364853159Of course it's true.

>>364849666Remember faggot, if they can do it to other for X reason they can do it to you. One day you will find your self at the receiving end for reasons out side of your control remember before you hang your self out of desperation you called it based. Today Russians are the political opponents, tomorrow its you.

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>>364853731>ourWhich are probably on foreign payroll. You can buy german politicians for middle five figures, we found out currently. Aserbaidschan scandal and Cuba scandal.

>>364853159They put German americans into camps, banned their language from schools, banned their newspapers and closed their businesses.


>>364851584>Azov LARPers aren't internation kike toolsmight want to update that

>>364849501bsprobably one of these diaspora turbo vatniks who talk hot shit at work about muh russia stronk kill all hohols, causing unrest among other workers. on top of that he is unreliable and sucks at doing his job so the boss is looking for oportunities to get rid of him.

>> when we are all sick of the Jewery they can expect Hitler 2.0 who wont be a vegan and want to ship them to Madagascar.

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>>364850794It's illegal there too. That's why it's making headlines.

>>364854964they did something similar in ww1 and the result was German Americans being so ashamed that they anglicized their names and stopped speaking German.


>>364849501Just sue this kikes for discrimination

whats the problem? they can just work in their great land

>>364855181They're also vandalizing Russian stores now.

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>>364850794It's illegal. However, our courts are fully kiked and exclusively rule in favor of the globohomo nowadays. The constitutional judged meet up with the government in advance of important decisions to clear up what their ruling should look like.The law matters little in Germany. They also just kicked out the head of one of our healthcare insurances because he dared to point out that they had been billed for more vaccine injuries than the government agencies list for all of Germany, despite only covering 10 million Germans.

>>364850593That's what the media tells them, it's exactly the same shit as with covid.Germans eat that shit up.

>>364856689this is exactly what brought the NSDAP into power. completely demented fuckers terrorizing the population, so the population had to look for someone who is willing to stand up to them (because obviously your average person will never stand up to anything themselves)

Endlösung now. Krauts need to be nuked. Putin senpai, do something.

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>>364856689Basiert. Meine Familie besitzt noch Land in Ostdeutschland, das haben die (((Russsen))) 1945 aber gestohlen.Warum sollte ich also auch nur eine Träne vergießen?

great, he can sue for discrimination.

if Russians weren't White this wouldn't be allowed

>Noooo not my Russlanddeutscherinos

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>>364858235Its not allowed either. Russians make rape music and talk racism bullshit like any other group of "ethnics".

>>364850499lead by jews.. josep borrell is pushing alot of weird stuff and everything gets approved.

>>364857688Weil unsere globo homo Regierung politisch unerwünschte enteignet, und weiße Deutsche auch politisch unerwünscht sind.

>>364851564>we must take syrian refugee women & childrenget iraq africa and afga men.>we must take ukrainian refugeespretty sure its going to come from everywhere else again.

>>364855602Maybe Putin is what we need. globohomo kikes seems to hate him


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Fire up the internment camps

>>364858755Na ob der so "weiß" ist...

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