This cunt is going to force us into NATO

This cunt is going to force us into NATO, isn’t she?>Second Nato citizens' initiative reaches required 50k signatures>The initiative's backers further add that Parliament and Finland's President should fulfil their constitutional obligations to safeguard fundamental human rights through international cooperation, by applying for Nato membership.>The initiative calls for a straightforward requirement to apply for membership and not an actual legislative initiative, like the previous initiative which called on Parliament to organise a referendum on the issue.>One of the people behind the latest initiative is Yle journalist Jessikka Aro.

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I'd do her

>>364849652>wanting the CIA’s sloppy secondsshiggy

>>364849652Would you do her post-wall?

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post-wall, pre-wall and against-the-wall

>>364850466Not him but yes.

>>364849465I’d force my way into her NATO, if you knowwhaddimeen

>>364850466All women without make up look like this. Yes, even the young ones.

>>364851054This is the second NATO citizens initiative since the war started, and this time they don’t even want to let the public vote on it. This shit will continue until we are dragged into it.

>>364849465She will burn in hell.

>>364849465This cunt will ruin us all. Not just Russians. Whole world. This is real bad.

>>364849465>50k signatures50 fuckin thousand. How are you not killing these fuckers. Literally deciding for your country.

>>364851105First photo is in studio lighting, taken with an actual camera and retouched in post. Second shot looks like it was taken by a phone under shit light. And yeah, the makeup is a factor but your statement is still bullshit.

>>364849465pikku pirihuora

>>364849652The joke is that the previous owner of the store is called Chuck so if you replace "Sneed" with "Chuck" you get "Chuck's Feed & Seed".

>>364851445If the war is over "soon" they will forget all about it and only those old war hawk are left supportin nato. now it's like a virtue signaling thingy.

>yea lets just give russia an actual reason to invade us Why do retards push us into nato so much?

>>364849465not my problem, hope you burn in hell>dreamed of a nuke being set off in a snowy-forest areatschüß perkele

>>364849465>Guy Fawkes's mask T-ShirtYou brought this on yourselves, spurdos.

>>364849465Why does it matter? You're already in the European union, it's all rhetoric by the Russians to give themselves reasons to invade. Sure they are all shills on here but any real Finnish person shouldn't be bothered.

Finland should join NATO.People who think otherwise are traitors.

>>364854022she copied story about russian troll center and got invited to some nato event to talk about russian trolls. seriously low iq "reporter"

>>364854176The people who sign and support NATO must be the ones that go fight to the borders once war breaks out. Its just women and non militaly people supporting and not the people who actually have to go and die 5 minutes into the war beginning due to forced military service

>>364849465She has teen pimple face scars… definitely an axe to grind to get back at the world

>>364854176Can you like, argue for it or are you just one of those feeling-based reactionaries who cant actually think too?

>>364849465She was never one of us. Why the fuck is she wearing a guy fawkes shirt?

>>364854289You have retarded logicNATO or no NATO, Finland is going to warWith NATO we will win

>>364854500Give me a reason why we would be attacked? Like what reason can Putin give other than "you joined nato fuck you"? Or will he give another unhinged rant how "finland used to belong to us so thus I will fight"

>>364849465How many fucking women prime minister/presidents are there? Jesus Christ.

>>364854289maybe some higher echelon dudes who want to be "war heroes" thats what they've been waiting for decades.

>>364854500Get your meds and head checked.Why do you think like this? Russia is not coming here, why in the world would they? You understand nothing o the situation but still spread fear because you feel confused and scared.

>>364853295Okay roastie.

>>364854800>>364854968Why would they not invade? It would be advantageous and they can. Without NATO chances of attack are about 50%With NATO chance of attack is close to 0

>>364854968>but expert in news said that putin is bad and finland is next :(I seriously doubt that our relationship with russia has declined at all.. sanctions are hurting both of us and we didnt have anything to say about those.

>>364854946None of the high ranking commanders i know, in Finland want into NATOt. Tietäjä

>>364855307And why would they invade?

>>364855307Can you argue?Why would they invade? Why would it be advantageous?Where do you pull the numbers from?Why it would be 0?You understand that officially Russia's and Finlands relationship has not been soured right? You fearmongers live your own doomsday scenarios in your head and run wide-arms into USA protection to make the voices go away.You're not real patriot if you dont believe in our leaders and our ability to defend ourselves.

>>364855408That's totally irrelevant and pointless question, it's just what they do, there's always reasons

>>364850466are you snowniggers really complaining about that bitch? DO I ACTUALLY HAVE TO SHOW YOU WHAT A WILD DILMA ROUSEFF IS?

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>>364849465cuck-Taponen where are youuuu??? save your druggie whore!

>>364855605So you have no reasons and just spout "THEY ARE COMING BECAUSE THEY ARE"

>>364855672I could present you with 20 reasons, but it's pointless, no matter what the reason is, the end result is always the same, Russia invades

>>364854387>reactionariesMikäs vitun taistolainen sä olet?

>>364852661I swear if women get out of politics I will never complain about how they drive again

>>364855307You do realize Russia has nukes right? They can send you the atomic present without moving a single soldier into your shithole country. If NATO declares the war to Russia, they won't do shit to help you guys. Also Russia is not going to declare the war on Finland, what the fug did you smoke?

>>364849465I hate women so much it's unreal

>>364855577i wonder how many "experts" in the news are in the nato payroll. nato sponsored fearmongering

>>364855831Its pointless because you have no point, thats why you have 20 reasons because none of them are good.Look Ilpo, in the end of the day; Good guys dont give a fuck what it reads or does not read on the paper.Thats why they are the good guys. We already see this in Ukraine.If we have to blackmail them to help us with contracts, they are not helping at all.

>>364856082I wonder how many of you are on Russian payroll....Really makes you wonder

>>364855408Why not? Free land that is easy to grab. The whole world hates him already. Grabbing new territory is a good way to circumvent the restrictions and appease the population.

>>364855831post nose

Finnish fags, you can try to larp your way out of war. Didn't quite work for Ukraine and now everyone's hands are tied. If you were attacked tomorrow, it would be the same situation. Maybe you're more prepared, better trained and whatnot, but no one would put boots on the ground.Or those are retarded vodka fags with VPNs.

>>364856082lol don't you trust science? they said it is safe and effective

>>364856590>non eu non nato countryEven being in eu already is a bigger hurdle to attack

>>364853295It’s not bullshit, White women past the age of 25 look like shit without make up, their skin is ruined by too much make up usage. This is where the oily Asian skin shines and why asians perpetually look 25 until they’re 50, plus they generally don’t cake face.t. worked in a lab where make up was not permitted for a decade

>>364855307wrong. Without NATO chance is 50%With NATO right now, chance is 100%


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>>364850466She looks even hotter there - you can see the blowjob lines around her mouth so you know she’s a sucker! I’d love to lick her clit though.. keep going until she squirts her juices into my mouth for me to drink.

>>364856282is it you jessikka?

>>364854618This is how Russia will attack:1) Finland joins Nato2) America forces Finland to house weapons of mass destruction3) Russia has literally no other option than to annex Finland before America stops them (at that point Finland is already in Nato but America still wont help in the war with all of its resources)

>>364855307Ger smart, retard. You'll be nuked by Russia before NATO expands its military infrastructure in Finland.You have 2 options:1) be neutral, get richer and trade with Russia2) be hostile, get invaded and pontentially nuked

Good for her. Anyone with even slight brainpower knows by now that not being part of Nato and being bordered to Russia means you are getting invaded sooner or later. Russians have no honor. They will not honor you for being good goys and staying out of nato.

>>364857069How many nato nations has Russia attacked? How many non-nato nations has russia attacked lately. Russians lie, numbers don't

>>364849465>NATO bad because Holla Forums said so

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>>364858883>1) be neutral, get richer and trade with RussiaToo late your economy already irreversibly collapsed