Ukraine update:>Kherson, the first major city falls as one million flee Ukraine. Battle for Mariupol ongoing. Kyiv remains in government control and a large Russian armoured convoy remains some distance away. Refugees are crossing to neighbouring countries to the west, such as Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Moldova - but also to Russia and Belarus. On Wednesday, the UN said 1,002,860 people had entered these countries from Ukraine.

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Other urls found in this thread:"allowed on the internet>>364858953I

Notice anti-Russia bots slowly returning to the typical woman-picture slide threads:>>364846416>>364843611>>364847387>>364841963>>364811563 (lol the reply count due to the VPN samefagging)>>364827914 >>364837781 >>364838412 >>364839629 >>364837018 >>364839968 And yes, Anti-Russia bots are 1:1 the same people as the ones who spam these slide threads, notice how said threads came to a halt the second Russia's invasion became"allowed on the internet

>>364849076Hello, sorry for my poor English. I am making you aware of my cousin who is serving in the Ukrainian Military. Her name is Ksenia Vladyslava and she studies at the Lviv National Academy of Arts. She is 21. Her life has been turned upside by the Russian military agression in Ukraine, she was a grade A, shy student, with a great sense of humor. Now, she is fighting a war for her homeland. I have not been in contact with her ever since the war started, I'm scared and I don't know what to do. I can do one thing however, which is share her photo and this message so one good soul will pass my message on to her, please, find her someone, me and my mother are terrified.I love you Ksenia, I hope you're safe

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>>364849173That's Kasia from Philflash though?

This is now a Russian culture

Why doesn’t nato just turn off the skyWar over

>>364849349Neon mines. Ukraine is well known for em.

>>364849173hope this is a LARP bc Holla Forums is the worst place on the internet to do that

We need to stop the baby killing Ukrainian nazis and get them back into the loving arms of mother

>>364849455Is this a good time for me to lvl up on csgo?

It's always a bold opening line to belittle someone's greatest achievement in the first sentence, they'll never forget youTry it at job interviews.

>>364849076>wake up>remember Harold fell at Hastings>mfwanyone else know this feel?

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The women Ukrainian refugees will all be mothers with children. Other refugees will be elderly people and moon faced Ubermensch men. The attractive young women will be zogged, feminist, BLM supporters who will move to university towns.

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>>364849656There's a woman copying the whole tapestry by handThink you might be soulmates?

Hello frens

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RT is now no longer available on my TV.. Thank you Western Democracy for deciding what I may or may not view.

>>364849076Hello bongs

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>>364849728Well saidDegenerate Ukranian whores need Russian soldiers to rape them as a lessonThen they will be pure and against degeneracy like Russian



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>>364849892Nazi dogs will pay for thisThe Moscow Times: Russia Blocks Number of Independent and Ukrainian Media

>>364849656>remember Edward III of England was descended from Harold>remember we're descended from Edward III and as a result also from Harold

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>>364849937Ayayay, is that even Harry’s? I see zero resemblance.

I am so glad Russian culture isn't based on alcoholism and whoring like

>>364850236>Ukraine: Zelenskiy bans three opposition TV stations>Ukraine's pro-Western president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has signed decrees banning pro-Russian media outlets. The broadcasters had their licences revoked and are set to stay off the air for the next five years.

Brit/pol/ stands with Ukraine. Ignore paid Putin shills and bots.

>>364849173Where BOOBA?

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>the international criminal court has opened investigations against RussiaLol

>>364849076>Queef WoodsAh yes, the dumb potato nigger who thinks his sub zero takes are hot shit. OP, you're a faggot.

>>364849179why are people surprised and acting outraged that europeans care more about other europeans, and that a war in europe is more significant to them than a war in places where there's usually wars?

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>>364850614What are you quoting?I need a link to share with my comrades

Utterly blackpilled. Elden Ring has just come out and it's been compromised: there is no 'male' or 'female' option, only a 'Type 1' or 'Type 2'. You know what's blackpilling me? There's practically zero outrage over this. 99%+ people don't give a shit. Look at pic related. These fucking faggots love imposing their mental illnesses on us. I just fucking hate it.

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>>364850633Since when do you speak for us? You don't nigger. Fuck taking a side. Not my fucking problem. Just another brother war fought at the behest of kikes. Only the sheep pick sides.

>>364850841I know why they care moreIt's because they are NazisLook at the terrible way they've treated the Nigerian

>>364851077>Bitching about niggers being put in their rightful placeDigits check out, glowiefag cunt.

>>364849179Because the Ukrainian women and. children were actually refugees. The blacks and browns coming in aren’t at conflict whatsoever, their countries are just shit. This war has shown the true nature of these people.

>>364851033death to all troons


>>364851033Degenerate Nazi west must be stoppedOnly Russia can save us and kill the

>>364849886morningmember to exercise fren

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>>364851256>glowiefag cunt.You insult RussiaPrepare to be denazified

>>364851033Stay away from looking at Reddit posts mate. It only leads to anger and hatred. I avoid Holla Forums these days because the constant exposure of Redditards makes my blood boil too much and it's not a good way to be

>>364851033Apparently terms like "male" and "female" are antiquated. I cannot express just how much I fucking hate these people.

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>>364851033>he plays video gamesAnon. I...

>>364849806>>364850189>copying the entire tapestry outWhat a lass>>364850276Still would rather the bastard had fell before he could rule, but at least his descendants were better.still rather they never came here at all tbqh

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>>364851321I will not share the Nazi pressBegone from

Pulled a muscle in my neck but only hurts when I don’t do anything

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Everyone’s stopped asking to me travel to Ukraine lol

>>364851469Come and get some then, you little kike faggot. I'll put you in the fucking ground without breaking sweat. Bank on it.

>>364851623I did that the other day digging my potato trenches, cricked it on one side.

>>364851538You deserve it for consuming degenerate western media you filthy NaziConsume only Russian

>Ukraine blah blah blahb-but I based my whole personality around Covid mandates, constant testing and threatening people online!

>>364851767You are nothing compared to the mighty RussiaSurrender now,

>>364851824?degenerate western mediaFrom Wikipedia: "FromSoftware, Inc. is a Japanese video game development company founded in November 1986 and a subsidiary of Kadokawa Corporation."

>>364849076anime nonce

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>>364850633>Brit/pol/ stands with Ukraine

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>>364851890First decent happening since like 9/11

>>364851997Japanese is a colony of Nazi USA

>>364849179>More than 1 million Indian soldiers sacrificed their life in WW1 and WW2 under British colonial rule. More than 3 million Indians died due to hunger because Britishers sent Indian food to western countries. Britian looted about 45 trillion dollars from India, killed

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>>364851743Prevent been knocking yet? Apparently some anons are dobbing you in for saying you want to fight for Russia kek

>>364851795>potato trenchesshit it's the growing season isn't it

>Somebodies leaving do at work yesterday >went to a restaurant together.My goodness the milquetoast midwit conversation about Russia and covid, driving my fucking insane. Just had to sit there and try my hardest not to give any reaction. It was tempting, to let loose but that wouldn't do anything good for me. I can't hang around people anymore lads, they're getting more insufferable by the day. My close family are alright, but that's about it.

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>>364852059I think I replied to thatI wanted a plane tooFor killing Nazis obviously

>>364849148/pol/ is entirely botsthere are no real posters on the boardyou were a bot all along


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>>364851981The same Russia who shit the bed completely when they tried to "invade" Georgia? The same Russia who is being humiliated on the world stage yet again because their military is pathetic? Lmao I'm shitting my scants, kike.

>>364852067You tell himFucking degenerate Nazi shills must be stoppedFor the glory of the

>>364852134Not yet lol, I thought kids mandatory vax would be my defining sperg moment. Might be something more kino now

>>364850633>Brit/pol/ stands with Soros creation, Ukraine. Ignore paid Putin shills and bots.nah

better not be any nazifying going on in here

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>>364851033Ah.... The man that wants to be called a man is insecure. The men who have a mental breakdown if someone acknowledges that they are in fact a man, they're perfectly normal.

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>>364851570>Still would rather the bastard had fell before he could rule*fallen>still rather they never came here at all tbqhBased

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>>364852236You lie about Russia like every NaziRussia has only ever acted to protect Russian people from

>>364851033>>364852482what a bunch of homos

just had a random flashback to when I was at me mates getting into some girl and she got a phone callturned out her cousin just had a crash on some lads motobike and they both ended up wrapped around a lampostbird started screaming the house downme mate ran down the stairs like "what've you done" kektook her outside to get picked up n go home and she started chatting shit about seeing her cousins ghost like "I CAN SEE HER" ffs

>>364852171Its not far off only a couple of weeks and time to start sowing seeds.

>>364852379You tell himUkraine is no real countryNazi Soros created Ukraine to weaken Russia

>>364851033I don't think the Japanese actually give a shit about this kinda stuff, but they realise they're games need to appeal to the modern retarded western audience. Still... it's sad to see. No need to play any game made after 2013. Demon Souls and DS1 is way better than elden ring anyway.

>>364852482Why do these idiots make themselves so easy to find?

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Haters will tell you that Russia are the Nazis but this is not trueRussia is most tolerant countryWe fought bitter wars to protect diversity and make Russia safe for Muslim and

>>364852625>what've you donehahahah

>>364852597Lol get fucking gassed, shlomo. Jewtin takes nigger dick up the arse like the total batty boy he is. Zelensky is a cross dressing kike faggot. Imagine picking a side in this fight. How much of a colossal fuckwit do you have to be?

>>364849886has anyone made any pepe 'duck and cover' memes yet?

Attached: Duck & Cover.jpg (2048x1528, 200.65K)

>>364852811>I don't do anything bad>why do you want to be anonymous on the internet?>do you have something to hide?When I was a wee lad my parents taught me to be ever vigil on the internet, and not give out personal information. Today these people are actively encouraged to do it.

>>364852811What a surprise, he owns a pit bull. Why are Redditors so predictable?

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>>364853038Only one side stands against NaziEat shit western Nazi

>>364849892who still watches tv?everything is still accessable online, only NPC's watch tv's

>>364853249I'm harvesting plenty of (you)s on that thread.

Is it illegal to write 'shagger' in the official observations section of your passport?

>>364853447Only if you're Welsh.

>>364850633I stand with me,you can take the Ukraine and all this outrageous media kikery and stick it up your arse you braindead NPC

>>364853249Parading prisoners of war is a war crimeLucky escape for these Nazis that this is a peacekeeping operation and not a

>>364852569It's just fucking vegetables kek. Can't even BBQ correctly.

>>364853358Are you the "russian"?

>>364853265Hitler should've gassed you all for real...

>>364853269Its the principle of it more than anything, that they can just do this exact same thing as Ukraine in cutting off TV channels they don't like.This must be democracy in action.

>>364853596Worse. Welsh.

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>>364852177>My goodness the milquetoast midwit conversation about Russia and covid, driving my fucking insane. Just had to sit there and try my hardest not to give any reaction. It was tempting, to let loose but that wouldn't do anything good for me. I can't hang around people anymore lads, they're getting more insufferable by the day. My close family are alright, but that's about it.I know how that feels.I remember when the Trump hysteria was kicking off being sat watching tv with some of my family and there was a news report about some probably utterly unimportant non-event thing that Trump had done and during this report my grandmother pointed at the tv and said "he's going to be another Hitler".>mfwNo fucking reason for her to think that other than the gay fucking media makes strongly fucking suggests it and normies lap it up.>he's raising his right hand!>you know who else did that!

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>>364853621Spoken like a true western NaziYou will have the same fate as HitlerGlory to

>> is down in the uk and their youtube channel blocked

First for Sasha's rice bowl.

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Western Nazis know what they can

>>364853837Works fine for me.

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>>364853837can't get RTlive even with vpn.

>>364852121>45 torillion

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>>364851623>Pulled a muscle in my neck but only hurts when I don’t do anythingunzips pants

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>>364849299>That's Kasia from Philflash though?How did you know that? (heh)

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>>364854131Works fine for me tooThey probably have a list of Nazis to block

>>364854214I was a teenage coomer.

>>364849500kek, you just told everyone in the thread you're gen z by not recognising the imagethat or you're a based anti-coomerIn which case, Deus Vult

>>364853698I got it from /k/, salty vatnik or vatnik larper in the thread. Suprised at the acceptance of obv propaganda here.

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>>364853143>has anyone made any pepe 'duck and cover' memes yet?Not that I've seen

Glory to

>>364854023oooh, its back for me too. it was 403ing earlier

Umm did anti vax tards just get BTFO???!!!!

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>>364854131Kek, its over

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>>364854426Russian people will be better protected from radiation with our superior

>>364853751Living out my days in Argentina sounds pretty good, ngl.

>>364854416>oooh, its back for me too. it was 403ing earliersame. wasnt working earlier.

Is it safe to say that the vast majority of modern games are leftists?

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>>364852177>>364853733It's honestly incredible watching normalfags just lap up whatever they're shown on tellie and if enough ever get a funny feeling about something they just have something else rolled right on out to distract them.>bojo fistfucks small businesses for two solid years with forced closures and no monetary aid while big stores stay open>"ah well it's the safe thing to do innit? Don't want to catch the sniffles.">bojo gets outed for ignoring his own rules>powers that be quickly scrap all present and future coof legislation because, at the end of the day, they've all made massive profits and got even more control than before>roll out a truckload of banal shit then hyperfocus on "muh ukraine" while the rest of the coof business is brushed under the rugIt's just like rotherham all over again, only worse since the fucking lemmings only gave a shit when they were personally touched by the issue.

>>364853269Rt is having lots of service issues on their website

>>364854416>>364854590I'm more concerned about the wheat. Not that I eat it, but my food does.

>>364854426 The vaxxed should be worried about autoimmune sicknesses.


>>364854426>anti vaxx brigade on the ropes

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>>364854590Fear not comradesRussia will still host the international antifa conferenceDeath to Nazis

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>>364849076>Field-sports is setting up their own legal fund to fight Devon and Cornwalls random seizure of guns from SGC/FAC Holders.

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>>364854608Yes you run like the Nazi coward you

Forgot the bloody picture didn't I?

Attached: 1618710837418.png (708x1100, 298.06K)

Attached: 33.png (589x391, 37.09K)

Nukes tards just get BTFO???

Attached: 6442.png (589x391, 17.33K)

>>364854951All to the benefit of ArgentinaThey're playing the world and it all comes down to the falklands

>>364854842Nazis should not have guns

>>364849728That image lacks punch. You have to give the normies a reason to self reflect. Of course something they care about is going to be current, otherwise why would they care?Try "I support what the media tells me to"Longer I know, but something like that

>>364854874See I was speaking hypothetically. I've already told you, moshe. I'll put you in the fucking ground without a flicker of remorse.

>>364854615its safe to say white people should stop playing video games and concentrate on self improvement and having children

>>364854785Who knows. Could be real retards, shitposting, newfags, combination thereof.

>>364855034nukelets on the ropes

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>>364855123When Russia comes for you she will show no

>>364855100Yeah the Police really shouldn't be armed should they?

Attached: 1621758646122.png (1581x900, 1.73M)

>>364855285Nobody in Nazi west should be armed

Didn't EU and remainers use every trick in the book to stop a democratic decision of a sovereign country?

Attached: 1608827005031.webm (720x1280, 1.43M)

>>364855226Like they came for Georgia? LMFAO no wonder I sleep like a babe at night.

>>364854951>most the world becomes reliant on the rest of the world for one commodity or another>war breaks out>prices for everything go through the roofIt's almost like outsourcing the lifeblood of a nation is a terrible fucking idea.

>>364855359Because they are Nazis of course

>>364855359Yeah but democracy is fake and gay so....

>>364855285Remember when tazers came out, they were only to be used by specialist trained officers, now every bacon sausage has one.

>>364854352I always had a nagging suspicion that all the covid lockdowns were to acclimatise us to sheltering in place after a nooklier war,the masks will actually be of help stopping us inhaling particles of fallout,

>>364855382You mock Russia because you have Nazi leaders to protect youSoon communism will rise again and people like you will learn some respect for Russia

If someone read just one book on Russia and Ukraine they'd immediately be the most educated person on brit/pol on the subject and no-one can be fucked to do even thatunbelievably based

>>364849076I disagree I think the Ukrainians are capable of taking Moscow. Keeve will never fall.

>>364855418Been saying this for years. Same with China and it's manufacturing.

>>364849076No real Nationalist would ever talk a brother overseas out of standing, fighting and dying for his people and homeland. You can go ahead and fuck yourself you wretched kike!

Attached: 1628952435024.png (512x512, 501.18K)

>>364855582Ukraine is not real countryEthnic Ukrainian is lie invented by

>>364855449>33 posts in a thread with 150 odd>Screeches about "muh ebil Nazis" in every single postGCHQ needs new material. You faggots are so easy to spot.

>>364855708You American Wiggers are genuinely fucked in the head if you think we share anything in common with Slavs. Go to Hungary and Poland and go>Hello my Fellow White Peopleand tell us how quickly you get stabbed.

>>364854647the psy -op has been ramped up dramatically, if you thought the coof was bad, just wait till we get into World War Jew,

>>364855582Didn't you toddle off to Ukraine?

>>364855743You need to Question

>>364855578What Nazi leaders? Last time I checked, BoJo was a kike. By all means, continue to make yourself look like a complete fucking tard.

Brit/pol/ stands with things

Attached: things.png (470x637, 76.28K)

>>364854989he's right for once>better not fuck with me goyim i'm cuhrayzee plus i have nukes, there's no knowing what i'm gonna do!he's literally the richest man on the planet, he's the last person to want nukes start flying

>>364855899Boris is a Nazi just like Biden and Macron

>>364855856Wow! That totally disproves my point!

>>364855802You call us mutts relentlessly and but now it's "we". Eat shit you useless faggot. I'm not slav, I'm a WOP and all this words words words shit is gay as hell. it's this simple, Russians are destroying where Ukrainians grew up and so the Ukrainians are going to do the needful. Everything else is noise.

Attached: 1638182115771.gif (332x293, 3.5M)

>>364856076Stop consuming western Nazi propagandaWatch only Russian and you will learn the error of your ways

>>364855996Don't you at least agree that if NATO attacks Russia, Russia would just send the nukes flying.

>>364856038>BidenWorships kikes>MacronIs a kikeNot sending their best and brightest, are they?

>>364855582i refuse to learn anything

>>364849148 they come and go in waves. probably whenever jews in israel are sleeping.

>>364851053>>364852067>>364852379>>364852724>t. paid shills and bots

>>364856203Also in UkraineThese Nazis are everywhereYou deny the truthQuestion

>>364856294>>t. paid shills and bots

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Attached: 1579498367377.jpg (918x960, 101.79K)

>>364856201both russia and nato know that will be the end of the world so that's not likely to happen.

>>364855162don't you you have some cartoon children to be wanking over SeetheNonce >>364852059?

>>364856294>1pbtidGood one kek

>>364854874Nazi's will live in cohesive communities.While your stuck making excuses for mo's latest rape spree and nugubu's lack of comprehension, We'll be in a quite little remote place. Can't mutt these genes.

>>364856370Covid was created by Nazis in Ukraine bioweapon lab

>>364855937>"ah old Anglo. I have a token I was bidden to show thee.">"England was dear to thee I see. Know that it suffered greatly at the hands of his host.">"Who would have thought a nation so small could endure so much pain? And it did, Anglo, it did."

Attached: mouth of sauron.jpg (1280x720, 63.82K)

>>364856352>Ukraine has real Nazis!Last I checked, Azov were being armed and funded by Israeli interests.Try again.

>>364855494in america, where they had tazers first, they were sold to the public before they were legalized that they would be only used in place of a gun and never to "force compliance" or for "pain compliance." by ten years in, that was out the window and cops would taze old ladies for not answering them fast enough. and most white people would support that too.

>>364855582I watched John Mearsheimer talking in 2015, it's pretty obvious you could see this clash coming from years ago, still haven't got a clue, reality has been obscured from them for so long, understanding what is really happening is verboten,it is vital that peace doesn't break out.

>>364856462Ukraine Nazis can be cohesiveThey only hate and kill and agress RussiaYou British Nazis are no differentYou caused Gronzy with your NATO agressions

Sick of saying please to the admin team when i send them a letter>I order you to print and send this, post haste.

>>364854615Yes. But they are only consooming video games because it gives them a sense of indentity not because they're actually having fun and enjoying them. Hence why they'll refuse to play older games and just consume contemporary games, even though modern games are pure souless trash. They have no choice in the matter, how else are they going to intreact with their normie friends?I think streaming and the YT e-celebs are responsible for attracting these lefty faggots to the medium. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with games, I love games, but don't play any game made after 2013.

>>364856577Do not insult Israel foolish NaziThey are a great

Attached: 433570.jpg (640x428, 61.84K)

>>364856577>Azov were being armed and funded by Israeli interests.Lol>he fell for the shill memesUkraine has weapon deals with Israel, mossad is not directly putting rifles in the hands of Azov. Azov were however partly funded by a rich Ukrainian/Israeli/Cypriot. Please next time don't listen to the anti Azov shills

>>364849656good times

>Energy bills could reach £3,000 as oil and gas prices soarIs this the price of democracy I hear so much about?

Attached: 848455554.jpg (506x502, 129.55K)

>>364856533Still can't believe that dude was voiced by Scooby Doo

we need to cultivate this degree of fatalism that can only be expressed by

Anyone got the webm of the president of Ukraine dancing in BSDM gear?

>>364856482covid was created in rjosh's underpants drawer

Enough of this foolishnessI have great cyber crusade to wage against the international NazisGlory to RussiaGlory to antifaDeath to the Nazi west

Attached: 1646220907353.png (596x552, 278.32K)

>>364856715Nato is finished, The banking over lords heavies. If we had a referendum on it we'd leave. Its humiliating being part of it.Nazis enjoy life really, Excluded from politics they can devote time to pursuing hobbies & interests.You enjoy your diverse city space.

>>364856834Thanks for confirming that you are indeed a glowie cunt.P.S Glass Israel

Attached: 1600479322400.jpg (504x735, 216.39K)

>>364855501>I always had a nagging suspicion that all the covid lockdowns were to acclimatise us to sheltering in place after a nooklier war,God that's grim. Never thought it might be anything like that before.

Attached: 1611953044366.jpg (792x865, 116.72K)

Going to have a shower then go down the snooker club for a few hours. Hope Putin doesn't drop a nuke before tea time. Got cheese on toast lined up

Attached: 1597943859611.jpg (680x581, 30.41K)

>>364857058no, but I've got a vid of the Georgian President nervously eating his tie when he realised he was screwed and the Russians were coming,


Attached: It's over.png (740x900, 926.51K)

>>364856533That part of the film is really fucking cringe

>>364849076Oy Vey, Seig Heil

Attached: AZOVs.jpg (840x1145, 1.58M)

>>364857255sheltering in place will not do much in a nuclear situation. you'd be irradiated within days. either you get to a bunker or die.

Russians beware.

Attached: 235925.png (733x684, 1M)

>>364857030favourited this one for next time i'm pissed

>>364855501they are too scared to have a nuclear war, wipe out the npc cattle herd.

lads, stella is a computer programmed ai that uses multiple different ip's, in order to derail brit/pol/ threads. from now on, don't reply to it.

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>>364857143I wanted to leave NATO more than I wanted to leave the EU,the best plan for Britain at this point is to retreat from world affairs, fortify our borders and become the North Korea of Europe,let them all fight eachother to the end whilst we live in autarkic isolation, fuck the US, fuck kikes, fuck faggots, fuck immigrants and most of all fuck Westminster.

Stockpiling food.


>>364856577>77DEBUNKED, Azov buy guns made in the Ukraine (surprise surprise) that is made on license from Israel. Next your going to say a Zionist Jew funds them or that they rape babies



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>>364857704based, let the rest of the world sink into the sea for all I care>Luv me England>Luv me family>Luv me Alfred>'ate wogs>'ate Normans>'ate urbanitessimple as

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>>364857882the pro ukranian shills are busy today, eh lad? They don't like the goyim knowing about Khazaria.

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>>364857718Remember the user who did that at the start of this covid shite? He bought loads of tins of food that he didn't even like

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>#BREAKING Ikea suspends RussiaIt's fucking over for Russia

>>364857412it's all cooked up by the oligarchs of theKhazarian mafia,they're in the Ukraine (or were, they all flew out in their private jets the day before the war started) the US, Israel and frankly every country of the West,Khazarian Mafia = Kosher Nostra = Ashkenazi Jews = fake Jews

>>364857588>namefag with a tripcode and memeflag is a trollis this like the elsa thing again, with people just straight up falling for incredibly obvious bait?

>>364857941while you were gone pal, we made a thread dedicated to you x

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>>364853249Lol okay

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>>364857704Do what the japs did with sakoku, chase out the foreign devils. Isolate ourselves from the world.

>>364858131But I like my tinned and dry grains shite

>>364858164kosher nostra i like it

Lol. Britpol has fallen

>>364858098>ukrops are god's chosen peopleit's over for putin

>>364858319The new gerard butler movie?

Lemme get a quick shoutout to putin for ending covid thanks camps

>>364858098Clif High lays it all out in his latest vid, there are moments when he's quite inspired,

>>364858293Start digging up bame bones#decolonisenow

>>364858178even when I'm akip I am presentI love itI love u x

>>364857704Sounds like a plan, Without nato foreigners would step up aggression against the home islands.That'd be an absolute gift. Taking Ukrainians as an example. The moment it kicks off the nation self heals, All nog/jews/browns will flood departure in attempt to save their worthless lives. Win win.See Poland boarder.


>Ukrainians require aid and the EU is willing to provide it but Russia would have to allow it. Or possibly Russia would provide aid itself in an attempt to feel better about this whole situationImagine paying money to sky news

>>364858441That's why it's foolish to focus on any single issue. they can just drop it and move on like the masters of narrative that they are.

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>>364858098>They don't like the goyim knowingнeт, никoгдa нe выключaй

you know what I'd appreciateif you lads asked me on the daily if I've liftedand if I haven'tbollock me for it

>>364858501thank you kindly

>>364858560Well. Now I'm aroused.

>>364858560yeah i remember that lass from this thread>>364637958

>>364858662>The music that plays in Josh's rarted head 24/

>>364858293desu I think that's what Putin is trying to as well,he see's the West as a lost cause, people who can't be rationally engaged with, I feel the same way as well,

>>364858662shoplifting is the only lifting worth doing. lol

>>364858662Just think of how much it makes ginge seethe

>>364858847More like this.

>>364858341It always was they are playing both sides nay all sides

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>>364858922Yes, westerners are slowly going insane.Every day when I wake up I think ''What new chaotic event will they fake today?''

>>364849076March 03, DM RF morning official:The Russian armed forces took control of the settlements of Chistopol'ye, NOPOLTAVKA, ZHOVTNEVOE and BALAKLEYA.The troops of the LPR with the fire support of the AF RF advanced 4 km and reached the outskirts of Severodonetsk.The troops of the DPR narrowed the encirclement ring around MARIUPOL and liberated the settlements of SARTANA, VODIANE and VINOGRADNOYE.A high-precision strike disabled a backup technological television center in the Lysaya Gora district in KIEV, which was used for psychological operations by the SBU.An evacuation corridor has been organized for residents of the town of BORODYANKA to the northwest of the Ukrainian capital through the settlement of BERESTYANKA.A total of 1,612 objects of the Ukrainian military infrastructure were hit during the operation.Among them: 62 control points and communication centers, 39 S-300, Buk-M1 and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems, 52 radar stations.13 aircraft were destroyed in the air and 49 on the ground.

>>364857412retard, see >>364856891

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>>364858953Based illegal meat obtainer


What was PM questions like? Just one big circle jerk, lots of clapping? For RNHS.. I mean Ukraine.

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>>364849656> 950 years under the Norman yokeWill we never be avenged fellow Ængelfolk?

>>364854214>How did you know that? (heh)everyone around 30 knows that she was absolute peak wank fodder along with kates playground until the hoof scandal came out.

>>364859276Who are they clapping for, and why?

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>>364858516awww come here (you)

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>>364859170When do the boats start shelling Odessa?

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Everything is Masonic.

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>>364859170K.Keep me posted

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>Regulations 2 to 9 make provision for calculating and imposing a levy on the holders of petroleum licences in respect of the period beginning on 1st April 2022 and ending on 31st March 2023 (“the relevant charging period”). The levy is payable to meet costs incurred by the OGA in carrying out its functions as well as costs incurred by the Lord Chancellor in connection with the provision of Tribunals to consider appeals against the decisions of the OGA. >Regulation 10 amends the Oil and Gas Authority (Fees) Regulations 2016 to change certain fees charged by the OGA relating to the offshore oil and gas industry including in relation to carbon dioxide storage. The changes (some fees are increased and some decreased) do not reflect changes in inflation and are explained in the Explanatory Memorandum published alongside this instrument on Regulation 10(2) also substitutes a replacement definition for the phrase extended well test, to improve the drafting, and amends the definition of a category 2 pipeline works authorisation variation.

lol the azov shills are doing their thing againfriendly reminder:>Azov IS "right wing">Some members of Azov dont like democracy and genuinley call themselves NatSoc>NO, Azov is not armed by Mossad>Yes, Ukraine has weapon deals with Israel >Yes, Azov was funded by a rich Ukrainian/israli/Cypriot>Yes, the whole situation is weird>Yes, you are a retard for following the anti white anti azov shill memes

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>>364858847>>364859057more like>>364858953I used to rob loads when I was in college lmaoeven electronicswould sell stuff to lads on my IT course>>364858961only thing ginge lifts is his home made pizzas into the oven

>>364859100Nice meme.It's funny because it's true..

>watch news last night>story about young man with mental problems who killed himself>lad who killed himself actively sought out help from R NHS but was fobbed off>couldn't take it any more and committed suicide>news mongs talk to some cunt expert>"blah blah blah there's a stigma around men's mental health blah blah blah men need to come forward but might be put off because of toxic masculinity"Fuck's sake lads. He wanted help but they didn't help him properly.Some (((shrink))) cunt says men don't seek help because of 'toxic masculinity' but no doubt even if they did seek help they'd be told they have mental health problems because of their 'toxic masculinity'. It's especially fucking cuntish to talk about some wank like 'toxic masculinity' when some lad has killed himself. Even the concept itself reeks of kikery, feels like it's an attempt to pathologise normal male behaviour.

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>>364859299>A rush and a push, and this land that we stand on is ours.>It has been before, so it shall be again.

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>>364859675Lol. No. This plays in his head 24/

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>>364859665>>Yes, Azov was funded by a rich Ukrainian/israli/Cypriotagain he funded almost every single Nationalist party (when he was pro-EU), not just Azov.

>>364859999nice quads, checked.

>>364859675I used to as well, even went to juvenile court lol

>unclaimed pensions will be seized by the government>wealth for the wealthy after the mass die offs.

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>>364859299do you prefer Normans or pakis?be honest now

>>364859432to the tune of $6b if I remember correctly

>>364859887this is what plays in my head whenever I see you

>>364849076Everyone, can you ask your government to save civilians who live in Mariupol from the Ukrainian army?People can't evacuate. Ukrainian army kills everyone who currently trying to flee the city. There are a lot of dead civilians on the roads killing in their RE POST people getting killed right now by west supported "ukrainian" army that acts Like ISIS terrorists.I didn't care about war or whatever, but my relatives right now are there.It's not only in Mariupol but, my relatives live there. Sorry for spam. Please, help us.

>>364860225Wrong. You hear this when you see me post.

>>364860020the khazarian oligarch funded Zelinsky, the Azov battalion and all the other nationalist meatheads are just useful idiots they are manipulating.

>>364860185The wogs begin at Calais