>ukrainian anthem will be played everyday in each city>poles are being kicked out of hospitals to make room for...

>ukrainian anthem will be played everyday in each city>poles are being kicked out of hospitals to make room for ukrainians>ukrainians get free food, free housing, free money, all gibs possible>government is seizing people's properties to house ukrainians in them>soon ukrainians will get lands east of Vistula and ukrainian will replace polish as official language NATION OF FUCKING KEKS, POLAND DOESN'T DESERVE INDEPENDENCE.I HATE YOU FUCKING NPCS SO MUCH FOR RUINING THIS COUNTRY EVEN MORE FUCKING BOOTLICKERS GLOBALIST SCUM

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>>364848400suck shit faggot not my problem hope you new slav niggers get your house.

>>364848400Nice to see some christian hospitality

>>364848400don't worry we will deport them once the war ends it won't end like shitskins in Denmark/Germany

>>364848400Send them here. We are done anyway so it would be nice if also some whites participate in picking our corpse apart not just shitskins.

>>364848400Imagine taking a side when the Bloods fight with the Crips.This gay war ist basically the same.Also: Fuck my government for taking sides like the cucks that they are.

what kind of nigger would want to move to poland?

Ukrainian refugees are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to *increase* the white proportion through mass immigration. It's worth it.

>>364848400Mrs. Kimiyoshi Satoko

>>364850337A lot of them want to live here.Why are Poles so hellbent on virtue signaling these days? Is Poland cucked?

>>364848400And that's great.

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>>364848400Why are you so salty, pole fren? You have been our most important ally in this war. If youre so angry come join Ukrainian foreign international legion and kill some russkies

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>>364849464T. Eternal mutti merkel kraut

>>364851488Fuck off you scum

>>364849200>don't worry we will deport them once the war endsNo Poland won't, Poland is facing a massive demographic disaster and they need them to uphold the system.

>>364850547>Ukrainian refugees>whiteGod, americans are retarded

>>364851488There are already over 2.5 million ukrianians here as of last month. If this war drags on, millions more will come. Most of these people are younger. If this goes on then probably 25% of people in Poland under 45 years of age will be Ukrianians.

>>364848400So the plan is to relocate all ukrainians to eastern shithole depopulated regions of Poland?

>>364848400at least you get ukrainans, we ger the same treatment, but with niggers

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>>364848400I warned you PsheksBut no, you wanted spit at MoscalNow you will enjoy enrichment

>>364852725The same here, in the last days almost 4000 africans arrive to spanish melilla, of course they will stay but at least we send some to france and germany.

>>364853117No one is worried about enrichment, people are worried about economy. Polish healthcare can barely sustain poles at it is, record inflation with polish currency losing value with each day and we are about to integrate unknown numbers of ukros? It might be even millions if war goes on, how the fuck are we supposed to do that?

>>364852367Aren't Lubuskie, Zachodniopomorskie and Muzurskie the least densely populated regions?

>>364848400Any source for any of this?

>>364852115Once the war is over and the world rebuilds Ukraine theyll come back immediately, only the most vulnerable have left Ukraine a refugees. Id hate to be a neet and leeching of you, pole fren

>>364848400Jew invasion what do you expect. You wanted t support israel. It's the good catholic thing to do marius.

>>364853426>No one is worried about enrichmentand you should dumb psheksukraine will fall and you will get all banderites and you will pay for them

>>364852725I hear more complains about Romanians from you people than I do about niggers. As far as I can tell all of them come north.

>>364848400>ukrainians are the niggers of the white race

>>364853599>Once the war is over and the world rebuilds Ukraine theyll come back immediately,Do you understand that NATO wants to flood you with weapons and bog your country down in a partisan war which will last years? NATO wants to bleed Russia out, and NATO will gladly use you as cannon fodder.


>>364848400Werent you guys massacred by ukros in WW2? Its time for payback.

>>364848400Same in Romania, we are bending over backwards to allow ukies to fuck us raw, blasted 24/7 on the telly. Thankfully half of these rats have already left. This is why I love Romania since it's still mostly untouched by immigrants but I hate how insanely cucked our government is. There's even plebitards on this board bragging about going to the border with water, food and giving those rats a lift. WTF has Ukraine ever done for Romania? Stealing Serpent Island and refusing to recognize Romanian minorities in Cernăuți.

>>364853644There have been millions of ukros working in Poland for the past 8 years and never heard of any ukros killing poles so that is bs. Any nationalist upa ukros are probably on the frontlines anyway

>>364854372relax you brown subhuman, i can assure you -not even hohols would like to live in your gypsy land.

>>364852115Putin's 4D chess plan to destroy Polan.

>>364854670sure but that will change when Ivans sweep them

>>364853984Nato doesnt want anything anymore, besides being a cas cow for particular individuals. Theyre too lazy and cowardly to step in, too afraid of possible nuclear war. But thats okay, we will kill russkies en masse while the west sanctions the russian economy back to medieval times and the paper bear will crumble on its own.

>>364854703There's 40k+ that are living right now, you brown subhuman vatnik.

>>364848400yeah what the FUCK. i always thought of poland as hearty people who hated globohomo but were just a little poor, now i realize they deserve everything ever going to happen to that fucking land.morons, total morons. Russia could be an ally/friend of Poland, but retarded inbred "poles" think it makes more sense to team up with the jews and mutts vs their slavic neighbors. retards deserve everything coming

>>364853782my parents live in a small "city", 5k people, and we have like 200 africans. Romanians are fine, they don't beg for money out of the supermarket and they work. Is normal that some of them steal and kill too, but like italians

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>Ukraine plays middle east sim with Russia

>>364854713Putin pozzed us with east slavic Aids It's over

>>364849200EU won't let you>no refunds goy

>>364852115Good no more shit polish genes, instead we get handsome & beautiful white ukrainian babbies

>>364851812Least delusional pole on Holla Forums

>>364848400>>ukrainians get free food, free housing, free money, all gibs possibleWhen they get to 'free blowjobs from large-chested whores' I may come out of retirement, buy a plane ticket and go back to being a merc.

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>>364848400For overthrowing their democratically elected government on behalf of the GloboHomo Jewish Empire of Satan the Ukrainian people were promised E.U. membership. Looks like they are getting into the E.U. after all, as refugees. Make no mistake, the vast majority of Ukrainians getting into the E.U. as refugees will NEVER return to Ukraine, except maybe in 10 years as a rich tourist.

>>364848400Ukrobastards get free food, free housing, their fucking flags everywhere and if someone says they do not care about Ukraine he will face consenquences. Not to mention that these Ukrobastards are working for nothing and thanks to them companies can allow to pay us shit money because they can always hire ukrainian to do the job...This country will be Ukrainian soon if this trend continues

>>364848400mate, the ukraine dick sucking is nauseating. I literally just don't care about them. I don't want them here as refugees. I don't want to give them free gibs or tax money. Why can't they just fuck off?

>>364848400Sounds better than sand nigger call to prayer playing 6 times a day in bongistan.

>>364855441>who are the real people of colorI remember this old poem by a black guy about that>when you're too cold you're blue>when you're too hot you're red>when you're too sick you're green or yellow>now tell me white man, who's the real man of color?

>>364848400You need to volunteer to help expel russians from europe. as long as mutts and mongoloids are running things, the europeans will be oppressed.

Face it.The AGE OF EMPIRE BUILDING has returned.THE GREAT GAME is on again.They can hide it no longer from the genuine humans.>British Empire v2.01Let's go murder some 2-digit IQ negros for their under-utilized land and untouched mineral resources!As genuine humans we owe it to ourselves!>is it time?Yes. It's time.

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>>364855628>>when you're too cold you're blue>>when you're too hot you're red>>when you're too sick you're green or yellow>>now tell me white man, who's the real man of color?Negros don't turn blue in the cold.Negros don't turn red in the heat.Never seen a green or yellow negro in any field hospital.>colourThat would be the genuine humans.

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>>364853426Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan also face the sane issue

>>364855502its like they want for Ivans to come and clean the house unopposed

>>364853599One ex-refugee to another I'll tell you that what you said is BS. If it goes too long there will be nothing left to return to.

>>364854864Sanctions don't work. Never did in Apartheid South Africa, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Venezuela etc.

>>364848400Actually that's not so bad. After some time gibs will end. They, unlike shitskins will assimilate and learn to speak polish very quickly, and we will have beautiful children :3

>>364850337>what kind of nigger would want to move to poland.Burger niggers for example. I met half a dozen working for different IT companies. USA being a better place to live than even poorer EU countries is the funniest misconception ever.

>>364852115This. Poland will get fucked from within. All thanks to npcs as always, falling for next happening.It will be too late when they notice their food resources, and income got so low that it's pointless to work.

>>364856248No user the initial parts about turning colours refer to you doing that

>>364848400And they're never going to leave.TWO BIRDSONE STONE

>>364855509yeah it's getting a bit tiresome, putin just needs his brain splattered on the walls already so we can move on

That's what normal countries have been doing for polish inbred fucks for years

>>364857173DO NOT CORRECT ME, UNTERMENSCH!You are wrong. Plain and simple.Listen to the superior white people when they are relaying accurate information to you.You are a leaf.Nothing more.

>>364854713>4D Chess>Destroys lives and economicsBtw RUB has reached 120 per USD. We are winning!

>>364848400Now you know how we feel with spics

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>>364848400Remember when everyone was convinced Poland was totally based and redpilled because one of their politicians kept calling women retards on British TV and gangs of drunk slopeheaded snowniggers beat the shit out of people who tried to protest things there? That was like two years ago. Life comes at you fast. Just another American puppet.

>>364848400ukrainians or afro ukrainians?

>>364854864Sanctions and arms deliveries are only meant to intensify and drag out the conflict at the same time. The US will fight to the last Ukrainian so that all Ukrainians worth something will either die or flee the country and the country will be as destroyed as possible. So that it will be a further drain on Russia once they conquer it.

>>364848400don't care, already fucked one ukrainian tinder thot and there's an ever-increasing amount of them

>>364848400You still get to clean their toilets when they move into your apartment though, don't you?

Attached: PolandWelcomes.jpg (639x532, 131.79K)

>>364848400your government sounds retarded and is doing it wrong. they should make ukrainians spread out so they are forced to conform to your culture and language.

>>364848400You simply have to give all you have to the foreign jews that ruled Ukraine that exempted themselves from the fighting they demanded.

>>364848400Sorry for my ignorance, but arent ukranisns and polacs same race? Is like we received huge waves of portuguese inmigration wouldnt change anything

>>364848400These refugees will go out in your European countries to protest today

>>364858577>spaniard saying portuguese are the same thingHow did you get this americanized? That's like saying Danes or Dutch are the same as Germans.They're similar but there are differences. There's more than just skin colour.

>>364848400Almost same story in my country>free housing for Ukrainians>everywhere ukrainian anthem>non-stop constant pro-ukrainian 'sobbing' stories>schools and kindergartens to be filled with ukrainians>3 years of free stay allowed for ukrainians>ukrainians being given higher pay than everyone else in the same jobLiterally free gibs! Last time they fucking brought diseases and dirty prostitutes that we cleaned it off.

>>364858812I mean its the same race, like catalonians basques etc, you can argue there are differences, but wouldnt change the country shape, we already have galicians that are very close to portuguese

>>364848400PART AND PARCEL

Attached: ab8.jpg (425x283, 38.19K)

>>364848400Gratz Poland , you achieved first world country status. Doesnt it feel great?

>>364848400>ukrainian anthem will be played everyday in each cityThere is a verse about them standing from the San up to the Don, by the way.

>>364854864>Nato doesnt want anything anymore, besides being a cas cow for particular individuals. Theyre too lazy and cowardly to step in, too afraid of possible nuclear war. But thats okay, we will kill russkies en masse while the west sanctions the russian economy back to medieval times and the paper bear will crumble on its own. you are the same as those who invaded your country. do you think simple men and women wanted war?all that hatered towards people not towards real commander in chief.

>>364859067>basquesNot that same.

>>364848400Don't worry user. They will move to other EU countries as soon as the chance will come.They will spread across the whole EU. I think this is actually a good step for Poland to prove the EU you can do the same as other rich countries. And EU will support you soon, financially.

>>364859067Wait for it....

>>364848400Wasn't there some kind of a plan to make a 'New Judea' from Ukraine or something? Force them abroad, depopulate UA. et voilaDid anyone notice how every fucking media started pumping 'Hurra fucking druzja!' as if we don't remember what they did in Lwów (even only so far as 6 years ago)? We are ought to somehow help, but selling 'brotherly' relations now is making me fucking sick.

Attached: pobrane (2).jpg (1600x1200, 349.62K)

>>364851812>demographic disasterSure, goy. Be grateful now, the disaster could be fixed with Niggers.

>>364848947>Do not give what is holy to dogs, or throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them underfoot, and turn and tear you to pieces

>>364848400Just become a nigger to the system

>>364848400Now you can feel what we endured when your shithole got accepted into the EU.

>>364860089I don't remember poles getting free houses, money and food with polish anthem being played daily in each city. Mostly poles arriving to work

>>364859426I dont know i live in the north and apart of that disgusting language and that they tend to dress as antifas they are no different from the ppl here