Ukrops dump Russian corpses into "mass graves"

Fucking Nazis!Ukrops claim they have killed so many Russian hordes that they have to dig "mass graves" for them all over the country. But their pictures show only 4 dead Russians. How desperate are those fuckers?

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They deserve to return to their families

>>364845513Dying for Putin. What a waste. God help them.

thats a pretty pathetic mass grave tbqh dont think it counts,

>>364845513Grow potatoes on their graves and make vodka

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>>364845513Reminds me of that WebM I saw of those pigs in China being culled with flames, kek

>>364846336Even better would be to put their families in there with them

Holy shit! You are really grasping at straws at this point, aren't you?

>>364845513Why does every russian own that same shirt? I've seen at least 12 dead russians with it.

>>364845513There is too fucking much of them. Ukrainian national railway was ordered to provide 20 refrigerated wagons to transport rus corpses. That's enough for 10,000.

>>364847824prove it

>>364845513>buried in an mass grave in nothing but armani boxer shorts

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>>364846997I've seen that one too but this image nowhere compares to the hellish cries and imagery to this grave of soldiers. Kinda weird you would compare the too, as in you haven't watched any pictures or videos of mass graves.

>>364847321it's called the Telnyashka, all Russian soldiers wear them

>>364847824>muh 9k dead russian in a week and not a single picture with more than 10 corpses lying closeHohlopopoganda is getting more rediculous than russian's one

>>364848210I don' see any lethal wounds. Did he drank too much vodka?

>>364845513they have clearly had medical treatment before they died: So they were taken care of. What should the Ukrainians do with the corpses? Resurrect them?

>>364846336Even if the Ukrainians handed the bodies over to the Russians they would be buried in secret or cremated to hide the number of the dead. The exact same thing happened in Syria. No one knows how many Russians died there. The mothers of the soldiers had to work the number out themselves. I could not imagine fighting for a state like that, in which they do not care if you live or die.

>>364848210Fake ones he bought in the local market.

>>364848693the ass rapist of kiev caused internal rectal bleeding that killed him

>>364848210Judging by the bandage on the wound i don't think they were executed.

>>364848693Bleeding can kill you, know know

>>364848693there is a lesion on the right side. seems like he was shot in the thorax or abdomen. If hit in the abdomen the ruptured intestines could caused a infection which killed him later... or a myriad of other reasons. And you can see that he received medical treatment.What are you trying to imply you shill?

>>364848210>numbering the corpsesmorbid but based

>>364849319he's also almost naked (clothes taken off to treat) and has an IV along with the bandages, so he died during an attempt to save him

Fuck this gay earth. All i can imagine is how it must feel to look at a picture like that and know that it‘s the last thing you‘ll see from your little brother. Shit‘s not ok.

>>364848693look at the bandage on his right side

>>364845513>>364848210look closely his tatoo changed sides here. In OPs pic it's on bottom, in the second pic it's on top. Dont' fall for the deepfakes

>>364850274>this guyI hope you're pretending

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For all the shit i saw on twitter it looks like Russia is losing. But it seriously looks like heavy kike propaganda

>>364850158play stupid games, win stupid prizes

>>364850477Yeah? Like what game? Being born in the wrong country?

>>364846616>be dead>God help them???

>>364850621that man took many steps between birth and dying in a country he is invading.

>>364845513There are no reported deaths by russia, so how can those be russian? Jeez man, don't go against state!

>>364845513A good russian is a dead russian. Fucking putinist zombies.

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>>364850771The ones that are playing the stupid games aren‘t the ones that are actually dying. Maybe the military was the only way he could make a little bit of money in the shit economy of russia. And i wouldn‘t doubt it a single moment that they tricked soldiers into going to war by telling them they only go to the ukrainian borders. No, those little boys aren‘t the ones playing stupid games. They are the ones that get the stupid prize though for the idiot games that rich old faggots play.

>>364848210nice bulge, hot

>>364851148I thought you would at least say something along the lines of "boohoo he was conscripted">Maybe the military was the only way he could make a little bit of moneyIf that was the case, he absolutely deserved to die. Live by the sword, die by the sword and all that.

>>364849319Learn the lesson. Never surrender to bolsheviks.

>>364849064tbf, American politicians didn't give a flying fuck about our soldiers in the ME either.

>>364848681of course it's 400. sorry we kill your dogs instead of making a documentary

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>>364851471You‘re a lost cause. There‘s no soul left in you.

>>364845513I ain't really a mass grave if there's only 7 (?) people in it, now is it?Fucking amateurs. If there's one thing that grinds my balls the wrong way it's sloppy work.

>>364845513They made a choice.

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>>364851771>think about the poor heckin invaderinos >they were just trying to make a buck ;_;

>>364845513o u t s k i l l e d

>>364845513low iq serb subhumanhope nato'll bomb you again

>>364845513>Tied legsUkrainians still committing war crimes. Zakharova was right.

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>>364845513i hope they died a slow and painful death

>>364845513looks fake as fuckuse some more blood red tape next time to really spice it up

>>364848210That's some poor cunts son, its sad man

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>>364845513Ukrainians have no honor.

>>364852428>tass>rtare you fucking joking?Holla Forums is dumbest place

>>364851073>Heels in the sky

>>364849595death from infection in a day or two ?LOLcopiumcopecopecoipuim

>>364847054SOOOOOOOOO FUCKING EGDY BROOOO!!!!!!!t. dude whose highschool sweetheart is getting fucked by black somali cock every night

>>364852649There's evidences of Ukrainian war crimes all over the internet.

>>364852890true story, ivan

>mfw mass grave starting to look bretty cozy desu

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>>364848210Battle of the Bulge

>>364849064well since our state is completely genociding our race and replacing us with niggers and pakis then i cant imagine fighting for ours either

>>364852829you are clearly stupid. Thank you for showing me.

>>364848210Look at THAT bulge. HNNGH

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>>364845513LOL nice

>>364853474I would od him, even if he's with the Lord now.

>>364848693yes they had a Zeljew party for some propagandaa moronismakingupimaginarywounds>>364849595

>>364852979>true story, ivanI'm a Greek you fucktard Ukrainian trash. Btw get the fuck out of Europe we don't want savages like you here.

>>364851674>There is too fucking much of themYour pathetic kike actor 'president' is begging for NATO to intervene and start WW3 and keeps begging for more weapons and manpower....Ukranian 'patriots' and shills keep posting crap about how badly russians are getting beat.And we are supposed to believe any of your garbage.

why do half of the bodies always have their shirts pulled up like that?

>>364845513Reminds me of Serbia in the 90's.

>>364845513go home Russkis why are you sacrificing your life in a false flag operation, your family needs you

>>364847824There is only at most a dozen pictures of dead Russians and you faggots have lost 1/3 of a country.Sounds like some Ukrainian BS to me.Just face it, your friend Biden is smiling in your face no one is going to give actually help, you have been betrayed by your allies and all you have is some shitty made up statisu

>>364852519People die in war, it’s only going to get worse prepare for violence

>>364845513where are they going to stick the corpses?you bury thembesides, they are commies, commies are not humansthey should have just left them to rot

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>>364854607Wenn they drag them by the legs.You'll also see people with their pants down from when they drag them by their arms.

>>364854607>people carry corpses under the arms>no one cares how corpses look>no point in fixing shirts

>>364851471Learn to think retard.It isn't very difficult logic.You American fags will go to any length to defend yourself when you are wrong.

>>364849595Internal bleeding causes abdomen swelling which is not present here. This is fake as fuck, I've seen enough gore vids here to know a dead body when I see it. That dude is pretending.

>>364853474Funny how its hard without being "Hard"

>>364856217None of these people are communist.

>>364845513How does a Russian soldier get fat?

>>364845513these graves are more than the soviet leadership in moscow would grant them

>>364845513I doubt these are Russian soldierscos no one's sucking cock.

>>364856507As I said: A myriad of causes could have killed him.

>>364851600They care when a photo op presented itself, If I recall part of Trumps popularity was his impromptu visits that kinda skipped the D&P show.

>>364852644Yeah, all these photos and videos of dead soldiers, shown off like trophies. Not a good look at all. Very disrespectful.

>>364845513pretty sad when you have to throw your own soldiers into a mass grave and claim their enemies casualties.

>>364846616They died so Ukrainians don't have to live under Jews who would flood their land with shitskins and faggotry, which in the end do far more damage to a country than any military invasion.

>>364852383NATO is full of faggots and trannies now. That's as low IQ as it gets. Come on out of your meme flag and learn a thing or two.NATO bomb the Serbs to defend some islamists. All the Serbs had were god and their own two hands. They never sucked up to the west for help. They are much braver than Ukrainian pigs and never gave up their honour.

Fun fact - russians rejected to take their deadUkraina alerted this to UN, but russia still doesn't take it.They are afraid to show thousands of dead to their mamushkasRussia is done ; )

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>>364857208Where'd you hear that? A Ukrainian state twitter account?

>>364850158odds are at least one of guys killed a ukrainian before they sympathyseethe harder in your empty mountain villa, vatnigger

>>364851975As did Ukraine.

>>364848693Two bullet holes where his tattoo is. Easily rupture a lung and cause internal bleeding

>>364857518what choice? not sucking enough cock while ceding crimea to the aggressors?


>>364857647Letting Jewish gangsters and their neo-nazi pets take over their government in 2014, and the eight years of terror they imposed on the Donbass.

>>364846764it has room for at least 6 gozilllion

>>364851148Your economy would also be shit if the hooknoses hadnt chose you as the keeper of their ill gotten gains mountain jew

>>364857336Seethe bro

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>>364852979The Ukranian politicians are openly telling their military and civilians to commit war crimes over Facebook and Twitter, at this point it's undeniable, best hope it's that they don't commit enough for it to actually affect Russians otherwise they will grazny those sieged cities alongside the cauldron

>>364857778there is no smoke without fire, the fire being russian inability to take a noyou are elevating jews a lot by claiming this is entirely their doing

>>364845513>nooo invadaders deserve to be burried in cementary with flowers n shiet>*gulp*gulp

>>364845513fuck ukraine