It has begun

What a glorious time to be a rich Pole, all these 8+/10 can stay in my apartment

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wtf i love slav racemixing

>>364845214are poles fucking the dead Ukranian's wives? how common is that?

>>364845214cat pics on the story, she's the one

>>364845214godspeed user

>>364845214I dont get it... you had 8/10's all around already (?)

>>364845214>I like travelUkraine really is globohomo

>>364845214It was a mistake to leave her Instagram exposed bros

>>364845364>racemixingUnfortunately Ukrainian women presumably don't want an Abbo.>>364845459Not at all common. Some refugees are single women. Duh.


>>364845610The new 8/10s are desperate war refugees looking for someone to take care of them

>>364845214make so many white babies Christ is King

>>364845214>caring about high maintenance thots

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>>364845772Well, that doesn't sounds predatory at all...

>>364845214I dmed her this thread :) your welcome.

>>364845459quite commonmany such cases!

>>364845214>like travelShe’s one step away from having “touch my butt and feed me pizza” on her profile. Much love from Kazakhstan

>>364845214So the men should die for Ukraine while these fucking roasties go and sleep with Andrzej and Hans fuck that shit. W*men are so ungrateful.

>>364845901based nafroid

>>364845214Can't wait to get a piece of that myself.This will be fun

>>364845214She's a sugar baby/escort. Her Instagram is filled with tons of "travel" pics all over the world. Who do you think was paying for these "holidays"?

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Did you actually match or what? Is it worth it?

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>>364846143>people are paying that std ridden roastiefucking hell this is such a fucking blackpill.The UA army had 17% female soldiers, none are fighting in this war, yet they all have the audacity to protest and mention muh feminism in peace times, but are the first to leave the country and tomorrow when Russia (or if) conquers they'll act like they were always pro Russian and will be okay with it, while thousands of their male friends died protecting their country, this is so fucking tiresome..I hate femoids.

>>364846143Did you ever see any girl from ukraine/russia that is not like that on west social media?

>>364845901>L-look, someone anonymously posted your tinder profile on this 4chang site!!Oh no, how will I recover

get in line Piotr

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>>364845214Despite making up 5 percent of the population Ukrainian women make up 50 percent of the sex work.I am not even memeing.

>>364845214>20 yo>Already looks like a hagOof

>>364846548good morning sir

>>364846548>all 30 yoPajeet, son

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I hate women so much

>>364846767good morning lad!>>364846784>>all 30 yopink pussy is pink pussy regardless of age my benchod

>>364846548Mara is so hot

>>364845214>even during a war roasties can't go a whole week without sucking a stranger's cock

Don't care, send more construction workers.

>>364845898Fag detected

>>364845214black french guy here, gonna visit Poland soon alraedy have polish girls now ukrainian ones too!they love me!


>>364847011lel granny balatkaar

>>364847837nice b8 nigger

>>364845898I prefer the term opportunistic.

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>>364845214dla ciebie tylko murzyńdka dupa

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>>364846143Kek you just know Arabian sheikhs were taking smelly shits on her chest


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meanwhile in gemany

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>>364847011>>364848097I’m with Pajeet, milfs are hot. Foreign milfs are even hotter. I’ve had older women do shit to me that I didn’t even think was possible. Milf pussy ruined me for women my own age.

>>364845214Reminds me of the mid 90's. So much hot com bloc pussy immigrating to the west.

>>364846587And which country makes 90% of European porn?

KEK, this can't be real. All those roasties who bitched about open borders must be seething real hard. I'm expecting most of the world gobbernmints to suddenly start saying that their countries are full up. Remember these old hags only agree with mass migration when it is mostly african men, which means that the value of pussy gets inflated.

What do you boys have as your bio?I have all my uni degrees and don't get a single match

>>364845898imagine thinking like thisngmi

>>364845214The memes are becoming a reality.>Every pole right now

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>>364846104Gender equality at it's finest, I really fear sorry for those guys in ukraine getting turned into human mincemeat and then get eaten up by russian dogs/soldeirs.

>>364848844put a cringey quotebitches love quotes

>>364848844tattoos and 6 packs


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>>364846104That's feminism, baby!

>>364848844Eat pussy like I have a small penis, but fuck like I hate women

>>364845898It's nothing predatory with a woman looking for a provider in a desperate situation. That's just the biology of women

>>364845214Remember what the Ukrainians did to your people Pole.>Attacks on Poles during the massacres in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia were marked with extreme sadism and brutality. Rape, torture and mutilation were commonplace. Poles were burned alive, flayed, impaled, crucified, disembowelled, dismembered and beheaded. Women were gang raped and had their breasts sliced off, children were hacked to pieces with axes, babies were impaled on bayonets and pitchforks or bashed against trees.

>> h03


>>364849090Me too. Makes me wonder if I were man enough to fight my corrupt government instead of my brothers.

>>364848437Send those proud Europeans right across the border to us.

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>>364846104>men should die fighting while women go and sleep with other menthat's how war has always

Just imagine how many Arabs from the gulf States that's has fucked her in order to fund her life style... Roastie

>>364848333le based polen

Another Incel cope fantasy thread these whores will never have sex with you, sad losers.

>>364846104The best thread ITT. Sad that most people are unable to endure the lust for the sake of prevent from begeting mutants, even if they describe themselves as nationalists.

>>364848623In total? Germany, followed by Hungary. Per capita? Hungary.


>>364848844>meme degreesDo you have money?

>>364849591*the best post, qfx

>>364849283I will hate fuck them then to avenge my ancestors!

>>364845214How do I find a refugee for myself? I have an apartment in a city close to the Ukrainian border, do I just go on Tinder and offer safe heaven for Ukrainian hotties for "free"?

>>364845772Because of the implications....

>>364849476KEK, figured there has to be a catch.

>>364847837Come, you're gonna get beaten on the streets by our bald patriots.Poland is niggerproof

>>364845898First day of Holla Forums duty?

>>364848333Oh no no no no noHahahahaKurwas just can't catch a break

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>>364845214It's a man baby

>>364845657>I like travelGets to travel to Poland.

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>>364849851Yes but don't be autistic about it, let her ask don't offer anything, first set a date, invite her over at end of date and then let her ask if she can stay for a few days

>>364848844I'm a white man in Asia, I have too many matches already from a zero effort profile

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>>364849851Ask your local Ukrainian male, he'll ship underage girls right to your apartment

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>flee war>first thought is to whore yourself outWould have had respect if she posted a normal picture.

>>364850217>that pic

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My feed is mostly filled with tattooed roasties and girls that look like 40yo crackwhores

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>>364850502try lviv and rzeszow and along the ukrainian borders

>>364849819Imagine how disgracefull you are if you are planning to use sex (the manifestation of vulgare love) as an instrument of violence and punishment.

>>364848844“Sorry Stacy, I’m into your mom”

>>364850502That's globo for you...

>>364850217Kek.>>364850114I will unironically try to do that, but also I don't want to be used by some whore for a free room without getting laid.

Yeah, I'm thinking girls with a very poor grasp on English are the future.

>>364850502Lmao wow she looks rough.. meth

>>364849476They will 100% come here anyways.

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>>364845214Enjoy the few months of scared ukranians, you are next

>>364845214>Using Messenger

>>364846143females were a mistake. that image is cursed and soulless.

>>364850877They're coming our way, don't worry about it. The longer their war goes on, the more will flee. The more refugees the UK gets from Ukraine, the less pakis we will be able to take. So support the war, and long may it continue!

>>3648452144 days and already whoring herself out. Why am I not surprised.

>>364850178Literally this. I get 2 matches a month in my area. I set my location to SEA and got 50 matches in 10 minutes. I'm living in the wrong country. Fuck my life.

>>364846143Just found this gem after looking at her profile. Imagine naming your kid trannie?

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>>364850714Good thing that you Russians are so honorable lmao.But yeah it's kinda right what you're saying. Just you shouldn't be the one to say that ;)

>>364846104Yes.This is a reason why Ukraine loses the war no matter how much money is dumped into it by the west.>oh yeah, mykola, good job getting split in half by an LMG with your molotovs, salo uronili, gyeroyam salo or whatever else>I won't be picking up your corpse for burial or idenfitication, Adrzej here will take good care of me>>364849505In countries that win wars, you have social cohesion so even if your widow remarries, her new husband won't kill your kids.>>364850217>15-17>ukrainianused up

>>364850804bang her first then offer her the free room

>>364845214What does it feel like inside a woman, bros?

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>>364850920Kek I love it when white countries get full of niggers. One of your daughters down the line will get bbc'd and your line will get mongrelized.

Ahhhhhh the roastie's worst fear has been realised. FLOOD THE UK WITH UKRAINIAN WOMEN NOW. We shall take 10 million

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>>364849283I never forget what kurvaina done.

>>364845214>rich Polewhat did he mean with this?

>>364851182>Trannie AndersonPamela Andersons long lost "brother."

>>364845214Imagine a non-vaxxed white American with a Montana cattle ranch wanted to go to Poland and assess the refugee booba situation. Could said individual fly into Poland or would he need the jew jab first?

>>364845214kek. In Poland being rich means you have an unopened bottle of vodka back at your place. Theres a reason we make you our slaves so easily and you poor gypsies lap it up.

>>364851111>the less pakis we can takeOh how naive you are, there is no legally binding limit, we will take as many that will come.

>>364848333Seriously how the fuck? Do they just go from country to country sucking up benefits?

>>364850502Post the pic with makeup>>364850804That's the wrong attitude to have, there are other guys who will offer the same thing, she'll choose one she wants to fuck anyway, don't pressure her and be desperate

>>364851347he's a local oligarch after picking grapes in france and earning 30euro

>>364851426Yeah but your local council has to house them, and right now, mine is housing brown men form fuck knows where, and it has zero capacity to take any more

>>364850502how do these chicks all have iphones?

>>364851111checked. hope the best for you, I already know I'll never see one of them because we only take niggers and beaners by the millions

>>364845214that's a prostitute user ...

Hey it’s me the girl in the picture. Please stop messaging me you’re all a bunch of incels

>>364851289>One of your daughtersGermans don't have children

>>364851296>future Anglos are Ukro-Paki muttsDios mio...

>>364845863Pump&dump bro

>>364846104Single women should be drafted all the same or forever shut the fuck up about "gender equality". Exemption status for those that are married and have children, just to piss of the feminist blue-haired dyke cunts.

>>364851529When there's no free house in an area, they start stacking up. No one really polices it.

>>364848333How to get immigrants out of your country.>stage a war.>only the scummy shitty knes who dont care about the country leave>only real citizens are left>end war>war costs are easily covered by significantly reduced welfare costs.

>>364849476In the end he won again

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>>364851598Handful of dark haired dark eyes beaner women can be hot, maybe it's an exotic thing as that's something I never see. You also have Asians girls. Oh yeah and I have a fantasy of some slim native american chick with waist length hair

>>364845657translation: I like men who have money. don't contact me if you are a bum living with your mom.

>>364845214You'll only get dumb girls. Smart girls left Jewkraine after 2014. Now it's only the dregs left, no matter how they look.

>>364851428Ukrainian men can't leave Ukraine. Most of these men are international students.

>>364845214Ah yes, the unity of our glorious people!

>>364845898Watch out for the argentinians. They might use the opportunity while the world looks at Ukraine.

>>364851111>The more refugees the UK gets from Ukraine, the less pakis we will be able to take.wasnt m-muh eastern trash one of the biggest propaganda pieces to quit eu? and now you want them back?what the FUCK is going on in UK

>>364851277It feels like the inside of your cheek but it’s tighter and more textured

>>364851670Still a few Ukraine girls to dilute the paki filth will help. >>364852064Go away. Keep fighting. Keep throwing bottles at Russian tanks or whatever, we will take care of your girls. No worries my man.

>>364850920They(NGO) are already driving busloads of them(niggers) here, calling then Ukrainian refugees and getting stiff just from remembering their beings as pozz cuckolds.

>>364845214lucky pollock, when are burgers going to get their share of trad virgin waifugee QTs?

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>>364846143That’s ugly.

>>364851612good morning sir plese redeem bobs and vegene

>>364851423>Theres a reason we make you our slaves so easilyI thought the reason was that you're too ineffective for your own economy, so more effective workers were allowed

>>364845898>Falking Islands

>>364852200Because we get a lot of Polish criminals, prostitutes, and Romanians are all criminals. Polish guy in my city abducted a girl from the streets a few years ago, raped her, murdered her and dumped her in the river. I have no experience of Ukrainians, maybe they are the same

>>364848844Uni degrees Jesus Christ lol.

>>364846521Her IG is visible retard now she will get harrased by shitskins

>>364845214Fucking bhenchod. When will we get such refugees instead of ugly bangladeshis and rohingyas.


>>364848844>I have all my uni degreesFuck me, this guy sounds like a riot.

>>364851428There are NGOs that fly them wherever needed.>> Grab a molotov, (baloon with paint if no gasoline) and have fun, throw them at tanks, uprfront or use park trees for cover, that's literally all there is to guerilla warfare. remember to not leave a next of kin or any recipient in your last will so whatever property you owned goes to compensate uncompensated jewish holocaust survivorsAlso, preferrably try to die near a hospital, church, school or at the very least, throw molotovs from a residential building, becuase we will need your corpse to be a good propaganda piece, so look your best.

>>364849267severely underrated

>>364849476Kek. Based Jewlenskiy letting all the niggers, kikes, poos, and thais leave while ukrainian men get shredded

>>364851237Did i understand you correct, i'm not allowed to advocate for high morale because i posted it from Russain IP? :))

>>364851541daddy, ex-boyfriends, bying it for a 24-36 fixed payment plan

>>364852438huh. that's pretty grimthen again when I was in germany I generally avoided polacks as well because plenty of them were trashi honestly have no idea how ukies are, they blend in fairly well where I live (big western city)

>>364852587>>364852214yes rabbi, whatever you say

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>>364852756>:))fake russian

>>364846104would it really be racemixing? I'm already mutted as my great grandfather was a Serb afaik.

>>364852756You're allowed to protest against poopin if your IP points out your actual homeland

>rich>poledoes not compute

>>364852861Polish tend to stick together too, they all live in a certain area, open polish stores, all shop there, go drinking at a bar full of polish people and if you talk to the women, the guys will attack you.I mean sure, they are doing what other immigrant groups do, but there is little integration or "diversity" >Libby Squire's killer Pawel Relowicz jailed for life for rape and murder>Pawel Relowicz raped Libby Squire on a playing field before dumping her body in the River Hull on 1 February 2019.I'm probably pro Ukraine women, because only they will be coming and not the men!

>>364845214>"I like to travel!" That's very convenient, because your home just got shelled!

>>364853210I'm real Russian, but i added the smile to make you understand that i'm not 100% serious and watching on our conversation through the prism of irony. And yes, usually we add it like that)

>>364853052That's the spirit champ!

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>>364853210That or this is their actual trained comrade.

>>364845214>i am refugee sad face>like travelDisgusting.

>>364853730I would love to be called antisemetic by a Rothschild, preferably as a last words kind of deal

>>364850709post your face pajeet

>>364853533>Polish tend to stick together too, they all live in a certain area, open polish stores, all shop there, go drinking at a bar full of polish peopleOnly in Britain though somehow. There are no polish areas/bars here. Poles are integrated and most of the time only recognizable as poles cause of their weird names.

>>364845214>Desperate broken english Ukrainian women are going to be delivered to meHmmmm I may just have to revaluate whether this is war is actually a bad thing. I don't know why but a woman moaning and cumming while speaking a foreign language that I cannot understand about makes me fucking diamonds. I am broken Holla Forums ? Wat do ?

>>364853730And it will be celebrated by Christians around the world

>>364845898marriage is predatory transaction you think a woman will stay with you if you don't give them a house or money?

>>364845898Yes and women are the predators, preying on unsuspecting men to steal their shekels. Women are the kikes of gender. Smart guys just outjew the jew

>>364854141these women are going frmoa 100% white country to a 10-20% blackc ountry and black men will hit on and inevitably sleep with themhow do you now feel about that now?

>>364845898Who gives a shit if it is?

>>364845214>Her country is in war, people are dying and she already looking for dicks to ride womans have no soul

guys i just realized somethingthese roastie camewhore/pornstar/instathots are why reddit retards are signing up to go "fight putin to the ukraine!" reddit also has a high overlap with twitch/onlyfans/instathot culture. they think they will find some grateful slav warbride to bring home to live with them in their mom's basements. we need to promote these. we need to lure more reddit simps to the ukraine. the more ambitious/poor/desperate of you can also follow the pajeet's lead from earlier treads where we catfish these dudes into sending us money/bitcoin by larping as starving ukrainian thots on social media. two birds but with one stone! send reddit simps to their deaths in the ukraine and make bitcoin.

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>>364852332For me it's this one.

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>>364853405All of europe is mixed. We all have a little bit of blood from our neighbors

>>364854353>black men will hit on and inevitably sleep with themThey are looking for men that have money and a house. Niggers posses none of these. If she has a nike fetish I guess one or two niggers may have a chance.

>>364852556If you build it (first world toilet), they will (won't) come.

>>364845214>have to flee home country>first thing you do after finding refuge is offering your ass to strangersartificial womb when?

>>364845683>Unfortunately Ukrainian women presumably don't want an Abbo.Pole whores will though

>>364848844Do cunts still use these dating apps? Have you not learnt yet?

>>364846548>Posting from India>Lots of slav namesSomething doesn't add up here, nice try pooinloo.

>>364845214party on, polen. polen stronk! don't let your dreams be dreams, polen!

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>>364845214I’m extremely jealous of Poles right now ngl, I wish England bordered Ukraine

>>364853827How's that disgusting? A Refugee couldn't have a life before shit hit the fan? Smells like incel

>>364845898I agree. Women know that we males have biological necessities and they aim to take every advantage that they can because of it.Let's hope that user doesn't get too used by this leecher.

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>>36484521420? Her hands look they like being to a 50 y/o fucking gross wtf

>>364845214>Leaving your home and country because of war>Be refugees>Open tinder after 4 days and start looking for cocks

>>364855118pajeet just made a fake account and changed his locationhe is just fishing for pics of bob a vagene

>>364855532ukrainians are dirt poor. other than the twitch thots

>>364855734They probably want somewhere to live primarily, though female instinct is also to find a male protector during times of uncertainty

>>364845214>have a gf and tinder profile>never actually used it to match with people>have a double date with friends>friends gf rents a fuckton of apartaments, now focusing on ukrainians>90% of them are young women>my gf goes to plug her phone in>picks up mine and just scrolls for few seconds>we pick eachothers phones all the time so no biggie>later in the evening need to call somebody>place where tinder used to be is empty, and sine it used to be in the middle it stands out

>>364856063kill her


>>364856063she's jealous of you my man marry her


>>364856063this just means if you ask her to do her in the butt, she will have to say yes. or maybe something else, if you don't like to do her in the pooper. you go, polen. polen stronk!

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>>364855981Well OK, but thots can be refugees too. They don't hurt people (at least it isn't part of their job), but make incels and other kinds of fags "happy" in a way. I think they're at best murican's "middle class" kind of rich.

>>364848495>Milf pussy ruined me for women my own ageSame.

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>>364845214You don’t know the wild ride you are choosing.

>>364849476>, it's not as bad as user says. There's like clusters of niggers here and there but most seem to be Ukrainians.

>>364845898Imagine not capitalizing on prime aged pussy that is literally throwing itself at you.


>>364848793Refugees from Ukraine will be children, fat middle aged woman, and refugees from other countries that used Ukraine as a gateway.

>>364856063reinstall Tinderput the icon in the same exact spotmarry her

>>364848844Don’t have any bio. Just 2 photos. Match like crazy. Kek!

>>364845214yeah go ahead post result lol

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>>364851111Paki slumlords are the ones who'll benefit the most if Ukranians come here. They'll be shagging and pimping them out in exchange for cheap rent.

>>364850502Is this 10/10 in Ukraine?

>>364856745I think we already have enough ukrainian hookers. and they dont even look good. not worth the 200 bucks they charge you

>>364849090>gender equalityIt's the opposite. Gender equality would be the Israeli model where everyone, male or female, is conscripted.

>>364851289M8, you should see what your women get up to in uni once they experience personal freedom for the first time. The rugby team sends their regards to your cousin wife

>>364846316thats a jerman gal, isn't it?this is a "alternative für deutschland" flag. disgusting jermans

>>364851277 A velvet glove with kungfu grip

>>364845863>fuck&chuck>nail&bail>hump&dump>flog&blog>shag her&bag her

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>>364857522 #Well, they areusually pretty cool tho, unless they have "big world's that" mentality



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>>364850502Dave mustaine lookin worn down

>>364851296one day she will be someones beloved Babushka

>>364853052>Ukranian chads are putting up one hell of a fight >gets 3 minutes worth of down time>decides to chan it up>goes to Holla Forums>sees this thread>yes rabbi, whatever you sayI am simultaneously luling so hard and feeling so bad for you at the same time. Hang in there fren.

>>364845898RARE>predatoryI hope so.

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Imagine being an Ukrainian male. You have to stay behind fighting and dying while your women will comfortably whore themselves out to your other historic enemy.