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What's the most common word used by Russian soldiers? My bet is on "mama."

>>364845062I just know that would be me if I went to war tbqh

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>>364845321That's why you need to kill your parents before you leave. It prepares you for killing and also spares them from the pain and worry.

What level of psyops are we even on


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>>364845303cмepть хoхлaм

>>364845062>Russian troops>no helmetThese are Ukrainian;dr: Fake and Gay

>>364845062It just looks like he's sipping his drink while she shows him stupid cat pictures and he's pretending to be interested with a fake smirk on his face.

>>364845062Ukraine propaganda.

>>364845062the russians are complete pussies lol. ukraine will send them back across the border if we wait long enough. i wouldn't even negotiate

>>364845062I hope he gets shot for treason Christ is King

fuckin hell yanks are crawling out of the woodwork lol

>>364846319if i score multiple touchdowns and i'm winning the game and i start posting videos of my touchdown dances, is that propaganda or am i just winning the game. if russia was winning they could easily post stuff to couter this but they have nothing to show that would boost morale. i mean they even showed their rocket hitting that tv tower and nothing happening kek. that's how desperate they are

>>364846962imagine typing all this out.Just call him a nigger and call it a day.Otherwise, go back to plebbit, faggot.

>>364845556A terrible one. Completely transparent.


>>364845672Is that the one were they cut his throat with a dull knife?

>>364845062Why are so many Angl*s posting Ukrainian propaganda?

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>>364845703This reads"Death to Hohols"For all you westerners

>>364845062That tea is probably poisoned too.

>>364847365cool no one gave a fuck about it the first time you faggot. go huff some glue in the sewer or whatever you 3rd worlders do to stay warm

>>364845062I been looking up that so called ""social media"" of this post and I have yet to even find iton top of that, that looked nothing like a vodka uniform, more like some one trying to fake the photo shoot

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this is exactly why the Red Army had Political Commissars and NKVD to punish and kill deserters during WW2. Only by fear can you motivate cowards.

>>364847753>I have yet to even find itYou're more incompetent than the Russian army then. Took me 30


>>364846467>>364846962>>364847628Have sex

>>364847365I thought they were old nationals that deserved to be brought into the RF?

>>364845062Propaganda running high.

>>364845062They dont have victories in battles but have trillions of twitter stories of pity russian soldiers

>>364845062Cope harder Ukrop, Russians will take Mariupol in 3 says and then all of the hohol forces will have to withdraw over the Dnepr

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>>364846962Imagine winning but for some reason still making up "facts" like the Ghost of Kiev and the Snake Island massacre. Also having to say that a group of ragtag volunteers with no military experience and prisoners kept Russia at bay killing over 7000 of them but no one can confirm it (UN said that Russia more likely lost around 300-400 troops).

>>364845062>YoungHe's like in his 20s. He's a man. If I were to drunk drive and hit a kid I hope to God they say a reckless man did it. It's better if they highlighted the>Probably forced into thisOver>He so young :(

>>364845303Like you would be any different.

you know how when islamists capture or kill NATO fags they always display their equiptment?not a single "russian pow" video has thathere is how the VDV are actually equippedyou think they wouldnt present that to the cameras?

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>>364845062zoomers gonna zoom

>>364846962They are I see videos everyday of new surrendered ukies and the last one was showing a local ukie graveyard tripling in days

>>364849473> too

>>364846962>if russia was winning they could easily post stuff to couter thisYes, if we were complete incompetent idiots like the Americans, yes we could.

>>364845062why do all the ukrainians in this picture look like retards

It gives me unbelievable joy to know that there‘s some humans in ukraine who can see past the political shit and see the humans who are abused and manipulated for this war and treat them kindly.

>>364845062Blatant Ukrainian propaganda, this is all staged. If he is really a Russian soldier, he should be too ashamed to return to Russia.

At least the jews are safe!

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>>364849408This >Literally starts arming criminals, children and 60yo people>Manages to convince world that they are winning anyway

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>>364845062So did they cry their way into taking on the Ukraine's most important cities in only a few days of fighting while avoiding civilian casualties or even utilities getting destroyed?

More hohol propaganda

>>364850080No shit, it bugs me how people don't realize this



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>>364845062>call his motherothers news said it was his partnerplease get your propaganda right and brainwash me properly thank you

>>364845062Putin just sent the troops to Ukraine just so they could be captured and fed for a few weeks because the army doesn't have enough food for the troops.

>>364845062>colored hair lefty >I can smell this propaganda miles away

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>>364849050Hey Ruskie, I dont have any irons in this fire, but I would rather support you than the hypocritical degenerate lying shitshow that is the West.But let me ask you a question, how bad are the sanctions, tech freezes, banking freezes and asset seizures going to hit you guys?See, you guys are going to win in Ukraine, no doubt about that, and because you went in with restraint rather than blazing at everything like the fucking Americans would do, the Ukrainian people aren't going to be a serious insurgency problem for you. Some might hate your guts for a while but they aren't going to be doing an Afghanistan.But what would worry me is the Russian economy once a couple of years go by, the West are going to keep all the sanctions and measures in place except your wheat and energy exports ( the fucking hypocrites ). Can you guys survive on just that without everything going to shit? Will Putin be able to retain power or will be be disposed by the Russian Oligarchs who are hurting in their pockets?

>>364850080>just 8 more weeks!!! I swear it will happen! Seethe, sneed, cope, dilate etc

>>364849904Why isn't this spread around?

>>364846962in 21 yrs in afghanistan how often did we post "touchdowns"in the years of vietnam "touchdowns"korea"touchdowns"Don't show your complete ignorance, you're seeing what they want to appeal to you. It's working, How's reception for you from that tv tower btw? fucking dumbass kid

>>364850784It will be obviously classed as nazi propoganda.

>>364850214Even when it is pointed out they choose to ignore it. They are completely brainwashed.

>>364847339Anglos have a strange hatred for Russia even though I don’t think they’ve ever had direct conflict

>>364850752Cherson has fallen, Mariupol will fall in a few days. Russians are on the way to Mikolaiv and will soon surpass Charkov to link with Cherson front

>>364845321I don't think my parents would even care. I would die fighting simply to avoid the embarrassment of admitting that I have noone to call.

>>364847181No, some little faggot captured yesterday. His friend was dead in the woods.

>>364851130Crimean war 1854

>>364845062he says as he sends his own civilians to die to Russians. Seriously fuck this Jewish fuck. Beta bitch can't send soldiers so he arms women and children and tell them to die for his fucking gay TV dances.

>>364850752It's been about a day and a half since they walked through Kherson and the citizens were glad to be free of the Ukrainian army that was shooting people trying to run from being their human shields.

>>364846962fucking retard no matter how many videos Ukraine post doesn't mean they're winning. It's a social media campaign. Meanwhile Russia cannot use a fucking computer and they're getting ready to encircle Kiev.

>>364845062aww, that's so wholesome

>>364846962You must be over the age of 18 to post here

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>>364845062Is that real?

>>364849904Do you they knew that Putin wasn't really after the "nazis"?

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>>364851382To be fair, they don't have a regime as soon as the soldiers hiding in the cities for human shields stop shooting and suppressing civilians.They got their main fighting force stuck in almost the same exact encirclement as 2014.Their leadership doesn't seem to care if they all die though, since you barely hear about it in Western media.

>>364847339>Ukrainian propaganda?Globalist faggotry propaganda


>>364851891My math teacher used to do that to me at 6th grade when I was not focusing. No wonder my math was always so good.

>>364850751Situation is not that bad but not good, it feels like loosing 40% of your income , we dont care about apple pay netflix and someshit cause we analogues. Companies that "left" russia inmajority created pet companies with different name. Other supplies will be givin throu Kazakhstan and China. It will be hard times but not for long. Everyone understands that putin will leave the power after war.

>>364845321Faggot mollycoddled bitchboy

>>364845062RUSSIANS ARE VODKA DRINKING SURRENDER MONKEYS NO BETTER THAN FRANCEWhy are there so many Russians surrendering?Are russians this much of cowards? I would die with honor and glory before i’d surrender and be recorded sobbing like a little bitch while bringing shame to my people. I used to think Russia was tough, but this is pathetic,I promise if the USA goes to war with Russia i will not be captured. I’ll die and kill as many of you faggots as possible before you’d be recording me scared shitting myself to post on social media.This only proves to me that Russia is a bunch of weak cucks, in America majority of us would never surrender and lose our honor and dignity but would rather die in gunfire and glory.

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>>364851982their leader doesn't care about lives he throws away he just wants a show. he's a delusional actor He knows he's going to get fucked (hopefully Russians hang his fruity ass) so he's putting on a final performance.I'm a zoomer but I've never ever seen so many companies mass pull out of a country like they did in Russia. Even in WW2 American companies still operated in Nazi Germany. Something is going on, I just know it.

>>364851382The Russians are under orders to avoid civilian casualties wherever possible. That's why you hardly see any civilian causalities.So arming the civilians is a low ploy to increase civilian casualties and make it look like the Russians are going around murdering civilians. They want piles of dead Ukrainian civilians for photos ops ( once they have removed the weapons they gave them ).If the Russians get fired on by a pack of cowboys then of course they are going to return fire and utterly annihilate them. Even more insidious is the sure knowledge that you can't arm thousands of civilians without loads of friendly fire incidents and just noob accidents. The Ukkies are spreading rumors of Russian infiltrators and saboteurs which of course means that trigger happy civilians will start gunning down their own people on the slightest suspicion.

>>364847753>why don’t people respect the media

>>364852559if so many russians are surrendering surely you can find a new video thumbnail to spam, kike.


>>364845475be careful with that edge kiddy

>>364852559Conscripts. None of them chose to be there. The contractor forces will go later, now they're just using waves of disposable meat- conscripts and chechens.

>>364852616watch, this,

>>364845062Many of these Russian soldiers are just young conscripts who got dragged into this war.

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>>364852468>Everyone understands that putin will leave the power after war.Eh? Is that because people think he fucked up the war and must leave? Or that he shouldn't have invaded in the first place and must leave? Or that even Putin himself knows it would be better for him to leave and in doing so help ease the sanctions.

Jews say all russians are bad except for this one it seems

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>>364853208many russians still support putin, or have no interest in taking him down. counry has stockholme syndrome and the soviet boomers would rather let everyone suffer than have nato tanks rolling into moscow because muh patriotism or some shit.

>>364852812>>364852789Cope you surrendering faggots

>>364853164Maybe don't put soldiers and artillery into schools and civilian districts if you don't want Russians to shoot at them nigger

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>>364851130They also have this strange hate for poles. Whats with brits hating Slavs so much? It doesn't really make sense.

>>364852896nobodys gonna upvote you bro

>>364851195Nah your feeling about your parents change radically when you join the military, so do theirs.

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>>364845062Great assessment from the guy who just gave guns to kids and told them to fight.

Ukrainians lost all my respect when they started arming civilians including children and suicide bombing basically acting like white ISIS

>>364853724Their foreign leadership is willing to fight to the last drop of Ukrainian blood to not answer for their crimes.

>>364852579Like the Ruskie said here>>364852468the sanctions will hurt but most of the shit is just for show and upvotes. The same retards who believe the propaganda you see here also believe that Western corporations are going to lose money over Russia. They will set up alternative ways to carry out transactions with Russia. And besides, the sanctions do not apply to Russia's wheat and energy exports, because that would hurt the West too much. Bear that in mind next time you hear tough talk from Biden or the UN.

>>364845062>purple hair of courseSuch strange days

>>364853514prove me wrong you little faggotwhy do they never display the equipment? also no dogtags

>>364849904Fucking worthless as usual.

>>364848747>Nooo you don't understand, we are Slavic brothers... but Ukrainians are made up nation... and with made up language... and we don't want them independent... and we want to kill them all

>>364845321its okay fren

>>364846962Hello Empire of Lies.

>>364847339I'm guessing it's to do with 5 Eyes.

>>364853604there is no safe space, you fucking traitor, they shoot civilian objects anyway. Google Kharkiv shootings. BTW There were many CZ faggots driving tanks during WW2 in here, and here you are again, picking side of insane dwarf. Fuck you, I hope you mother was casted by czechav after being penetrated by gang of niggers.

It never ceases to surprise me how fucking retarded you plebbitors are.Since the Roman Empire, the most inexperienced were always first in war... for a few reasons. Firstly, if you send in your best guys and they get their asses kicked, what are the odds that newbies will go in and fight? Secondly, you want to tire out your enemy, so by the time you do send in your best soldiers, the enemy morale is already low, and some are already dead. Also, if you have a bunch of veterans at the back, the front ranks will not be as likely to desert or not fulfil their duties because they may get killed by their own.Ukraine is a foregone conclusion to anyone with 2 functioning brain cells.

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>>364853164Jesus Christ, try harder. I have seen the same clip a dozen times. They could be an artillery company there for all we know. Show us stacks of dead Ukrainian civilians if you want us to believe you, preferably ones your own armed civilian cowboys haven't killed.

>>364852616>Ukkies are spreading rumors of Russian infiltrators and saboteurs which of course means that trigger happy civilians will start gunning down their own people on the slightest suspicion.Even worse when people have tons of overlap in appearance and language.

>>364847628>mutt thinking it's the same flag/idTopkek

>>364845303Why the fuck are so many of my Anglo Countrymen so fucking Pozzed, I fucking despise cuckisland.

>>364853486Didn't ask for your retarded opinion Kraut. You fucks share at least half of the responsibility for this sideshow.

>>364854439If you are lazy enough to google it yourself, I hope you will change your mind when something like that happens to you.

>>364845062I read somewhere it's the common thing across most people across all ages; when they're in these terrible situation, they call for their mothers. We call for our mothers.

>>364845475>That's why you need to kill your parents before you leave. It prepares you for killing and also spares them from the pain and worry.

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>>364854663100% rustled

>>364845062>Der Führer says soviet troops are all pussies, crying for mamavery valuable news

>>364853164Why would the Russians do a light bombing of only some residences, rather than a heavy bombing of all, unless those residences were buildings housing military operations?

>>364845321surrendering in our wars is a fate worse than deathso at least i got that going

>>364854407yes the kYivian legion is already at the kremlin doors

>>364854852Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.

>>364854856You were meerly pretending to be retarded, right user?

>>364853617Slavs are fucking bros, only retards hate them desu

>>364845321that would be you now

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>>364847365the fuck is a hohol?

>>364854976> some residencesI hope you will never have to say something like this about your own home, idiot. It's nice and easy to be a couch expert these times, right?

>>364849408>Don't make an effort if you're winningWow, this is some big think right here.

>>364854386There's no safe space because the Ukrainian regime started using civilians as human shields and arming criminals after getting their front line cut off.

>>364854813>I dont have any. Not any that are genuine.Thought so.

>>364855119This desu We have far worse issues then Slavs in the UK, but low hanging fruit, since they're the only people you can actively despise for taking your job without getting called racist.

>>364849904>Give guns back to the people.>Suddenly jews dont feel safe anymore. I wonder why

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>>364854976communismputin is purging le nazis

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>>364845062>>364845321Anons.It's time to come together and be frens.The internet has connected us in ways which it never has since the Cold War ended in 1991.We live in an era of great communication.We need to start memeing disobeying war orders into reality.

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>>364845672>>364847181>> is so fucking good. Mind you it's not even our militia. It's just some vets from ground defense. If anyone cares I can translate their comms

>>364855317>>364855119Obvious diaspora

>>364849485There are numerous videos showing russian equipment. The fuck are you talking about

>>364845062Hey fruitcakes, it’s me, Steve Castle, but you goyim can just call me That Guy. Just dropping in once again to remind you faggots that all of this is Fake and Gay to the max.>b-b-but I just saw some emotion-evoking imagery from the Jewish owned news media outlets!Check yourself before you wreck yourself little man. Al of those pics, vids, and sob stories are either fabricated or rehashed imagery from the Donbas conflict of 2014 (which you didn’t even know about until now, you’re welcome). Anyways, I gotta jet, Jewish shills have been out in full force for over a week now trying to spread their jewery to the low IQ (that’s you). Smell ya later.

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>>364853617>germ desperately trying to d&c

>>364849449I guess even 10 year old is old enough for you.

>>364845703Start speaking a human language you filthy mongolian mutt.

>>364855822thx steve

>>364845062>>364845303>>364845672They're just victims of the same faggot who is making them drop bombs on white Christian children. Don't gloat, it's a tragedy.

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>>364845062At least you’re trying faggots>Mariupol cut off and surrounded>Kherson liberated >Kharkiv contested as Russian soldiers push in Keep crying fuckers

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>>364845062Ukrainians are less hateful towards Russians right now than Westerners are. Really makes you think doesn’t it?

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>>364855696show meoh let me guessits a video of literally just equipment and when i again ask for a video of russian pow WITH their equipment you will just post a video of some ukrainian acting without any russian equipment on him

>>364845062People say RT is bad. But when it comes to political propaganda, it doesn't get much worse than the British tabloids.

>>364854852I wish my mum was still Alive

>>364845062>captured soldier say whatever they are foprced to sayWow. shocker.Fucking braindead zogbots. Obedient.. OBEDIENT WAGE KEK SLAVES WORTH ONLY TO BE EXPLITED WITH WORK.GET BACK TO WORK SLAVE! IF YOU WORK GOOD 8 HOURS A DAY, YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A MCDONALD MEAL! OTHERWISE YOU WILL STARVE SLAVE!


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>>364855250You dont have to be an expert to tell the difference between indiscriminate bombings and extremely limited precision attacks, Borscht brain.You dont have to live through a shitshow to tell apart the highly distorted reporting and propaganda from the salient facts.Not saying it doesn't suck, if I could offer you a bed in my house and my sister for you to fuck I probably would, but your own leaders are lying to you and your own president is either a useful idiot or a manipulative cunt.

>>364845062She is showing him monki memes.

>>364845062>Jewish faggot lies to try and brainwash peopleOy vey!

>>364855266There is a difference between making an effort and outright lying about how great you are winning.

>>364854386You seem upset retard, maybe you shouldnt have supported kikes and attacked civilians in the east for 8 years, maybe that wouldve had an different outcome than what you got now.

Good job for NATO desu for staying calm. The first aggressor is the bully. Teach a bully about compassion and he breaks.

>>364855294What are you even talking about? We destroy russian tanks at our own borders and whenever we can catch them, meanwhile winged rockets fly over my home, striking from several hundreds of km.Meanwhile people stop the tanks when they want it, without any orders, without pissing their pants (like you do when you see a nigger) watch this if you haven't

>>364845062Sometimes I wish I could call my mom, but when ever I think this I realize I have to move on, I wonder how people who are like me, if they were filled with enough fear as the people who cry for the mothers, what they would say, I think I’d just cry for gods mercy because my mother couldn’t save me from anything after I turned 20

>>364853604t. 80 IQ volny blok volič

>>364856636the only not staged video is the last part of the first link


>>364853486it's not stockholme syndrome. It's full control of media.

>>364845062Will Russians kill the soldiers that surrendered to the Ukranians?


I love how civilians capturing looters. This our officil sport now

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>>364854433But that TWOOT is right? They're not fighting against 50 million ukrainians kek

>>364854386>BTW There were many CZ faggots driving tanks during WW2 in hereIn 1968 we were visited by Ukrainians and they didn't want to go home for a long time. Enjoy the same, faggot.

>>364857416No, they will send them to Sweden. A worse fate.

>>364857355dozd is still oppositioncan you still watch it in russia?

>>364857542and who said vigilante justice isnt justice

>>364845062we dont want to die for kike jewtin

>>364857663How quick people are to forget history.

>>364857542America should learn, this is how you deal with looters. You literally have guns and can't do shit, cucks

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>>364857575What does that have to do with anything? They were saying the ARMY would just lay down their weapons and welcome the Russians.

>>364845062IT`S OVER

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>>364845062If true this is a war crime according to the Geneva Convention.

>>364856160Real EU people help our refugees now, I have to admit the stories we here from Poland, Romania, Sweden are very warming. People giving free places to rest, food, clothes and even money.

>>364850784Same with this one

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>>364857886idk why but it makes me kek hard every time

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>>364857903>Open societies >Literal racial policies that ban russians for any involvement on a global scale Im loving this shit right now, its hilarious, Rus bros getting a free ticket out of Western Propaganda.


>>364857663Dude do you know the difference between USSR and Ukraine? Please read some more.

>>364854386Ukrainians are so brave, not letting civilians leave the cities and then doing shit like this

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>>364855245Russia fights against straw mulch stack - strawmans.

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>>364857953The West is stealing your people to "fix" their demographic issues, you retard. We egged you on to tease the bear, the bear is ripping your face off, and now we are stealing your people and will make them good globohomo citizens.This is what happens when you trust a jew.

>>364857290unphantomly based

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>>364846962> if russia was winning they could easily post stuff to couter thisHas it ever occurred to you that they do not care about social media? That real life happens off of a tiktok feed? I suggest that you turn off your phone for a month and reset your brain.

>go and kill and get shot at by people who speak your same language and who you have no real reason to hate or treat with anger kthxbai t. PutinImagineYou're just some Rus kid, spending your days cheating on CS:GO and TF2, hanging out in Discords and bullying the village retard with the other kids, doing your best to sleep at night while your 58 year old neighbour next door rapes his 12 year old daughter, when suddenly BAM!, your quiet life of economic irrelevance and drowning nihilism is interrupted when the secular (they promise!) commissar drags you off to do exercises and suddenly you're expected to kill people with no explanation

>>364853164My wife's grandma's family left their house in the outskirts of Kiev for a couple of days. They came back and their house was wiped off the map with ukrainian troop corpses around it. The family showed us the video on Skype

>>364845062>>364845672Send in VDV to secure the survivors

>>364858362I bet you are not vaxed and you don't have a gf.

>>364845303I’d expect to find this post on plebbit, seriously

>>364845062>Russian forces making constant ground and capturing territories.>Morale lowseems like Ukranians are the ones with low morale lmao, the constant propaganda is a desperate attempt at saving face it seems.

>>364845062The ukrainian government really seems intent on making the russians so angry they kill the entire civilian population, is Zelensky just performing some mass satanic human sacrifice ritual?

>>364857542Fake. This is from the gay bondage porn site, nice try though.

>>364858610what does this proof? Should we give up Kyiv and don't resist? We are giving russian another chechen war if they want it.

>>364858670You got used and dumped by the West. Like a cheap whore. This is what happens when you trust a jew...

>>364846962I cannot fathom what it’s like to be this retarded and naive

>>364857903As a gen x american, who lived through the end of the cold war, thinking we would be nuked a thousand times over by commie russian scum, I can’t believe I want Russia to win.

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>>364846962>bans russian MoD>bans RT>why aren't the russians posting tiktoks?

>>364845062>ukraine getting it's shit pushed in now>we're still wi.winning goy!

>>364845321Same, just don't have it in me. Why does the world have to be so hateful :(

>>364858752Ukraine men are dressing like women to escape the country.In democrat terms thats winning for globohomo


>>364858298Hope azov removes those russian faggots. Dont mind kremlinbots with czech flags i would gladly execute them

>>364845062The conscripts had zero future in Russia. They only grow up to be street punks drugged up and snatching purses from old ladies. They're just the vanguard, they're still pushing forward with nothing of value being lost. That's war for you.


>>364845556levels we have never seen

The amount of cope in this thread could fuel a rocket ship to Mars. Btw thanks Elon, you chose wisely.

>>364858930It's up to you, man. It's your life, country, and lifestyle at stake. Getting all the places you loved as a child and now blown up is your decision. You'll have nothing left this way


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>>364858298They were Ukrainian soldiers sent by the Ukrainian president.


>>364845062Are you a real Brits? can you ask the queen to save civilians who live in Mariupol from the Ukrainian army?People can't evacuate. Ukrainian army kills everyone who currently trying to flee the city. There are a lot of dead civilians on the roads killing in their cars.

>>364858930Yes, you need to die so they can fill your country with non whites, have gay parades and make your children trannies! Noble goals to die for.

>>364845062March 03, DM RF morning official:The Russian armed forces took control of the settlements of Chistopol'ye, NOPOLTAVKA, ZHOVTNEVOE and BALAKLEYA.The troops of the LPR with the fire support of the AF RF advanced 4 km and reached the outskirts of Severodonetsk.The troops of the DPR narrowed the encirclement ring around MARIUPOL and liberated the settlements of SARTANA, VODIANE and VINOGRADNOYE.A high-precision strike disabled a backup technological television center in the Lysaya Gora district in KIEV, which was used for psychological operations by the SBU.An evacuation corridor has been organized for residents of the town of BORODYANKA to the northwest of the Ukrainian capital through the settlement of BERESTYANKA.A total of 1,612 objects of the Ukrainian military infrastructure were hit during the operation.Among them: 62 control points and communication centers, 39 S-300, Buk-M1 and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems, 52 radar stations.13 aircraft were destroyed in the air and 49 on the ground.

>>364858752The worse is that once this is over and it is revealed that the Russians basically walked in without much of a fight and causing as little harm as possible, all the lies, all the distortions, all the spin, all the propaganda, will all be forgotten about. Then next time some shit goes down the same lying bullshit will start all over again. As if it never stopped. Its a well oiled machine which never pauses.

>>364859478Shut up kremlin shill

>>364845062>Yet more prisoners of war being used for propaganda photo ops.I'm sure the international community will look into these Geneva Convention violations once the dust settles, right...?

>>364859332correct translated this song to english too, but it’s way worse than the original

>>364854034True, and these (Jews) are the disloyal shitholes that the (((Globohomo))) Western world panders to, "Greatest Ally" my ass!

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>>364845062why are they attempting to human shield russian mothers wtf?

>>364845062>Tfw no purple haired tattooed globohomo ukrainian waifu who holda my phone when I cry and call mamaIt's not fair

>>364858752>seems like Ukranians are the ones with low morale lmao, the constant propaganda is a desperate attempt at saving face it seems.How does this work on normies?Ukrainian army has been so exausted that we no longer see images of victories like in the first 2 days.They are getting btfo on all fronts yet some redditors are jumping in the losing war. It's not even funny that these people think Ukraine has any chance now.This war will be over in 2 more weeks which isn't even that slow to conquer such a large country.

>>364857886I'd love to see you try that with a hoard of violent, apeshit niggers.

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>>364859975the actual transcript was released over a decade before that garbage article> look for those lines nigger