When you

> Invade a Nation Illegally> Get your entire country Sanctioned>Get your Oligarch Sanctioned>Loose your Black Belt> Get Soccer Team Kicked out of FIFA> Get Banned by Judo Association> Drop 40% of value of countries Currency> Get Condemned by your neighbors > Get asked to not invade until after Olympics because not even China wants to be associated with this> Get Kicked off SWIFT > Banned from Visa and MasterCard > Threaten the whole world that you bomb themBut some how you shills will ignore all this and still think you don’t look like a complete idiot .Who would want to be associated with this guy, he basically fucked up 2 countries in 1 week.

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>>364844395shill herei dont give a shit about russia or ukrainesue me you fucking chicom faggotsage

When you are a fat Kike being paid pennies to make anti Russia threads all day

damn might sound crazy asf but maybe no one wants a war

>>364844558I just wanted to help some people Ave a giggle At least I don’t get paid to respond with comments…At least post a picrel

>>364844515sage doesn’t work on OC Hiromoot told me

>>364844588Putin and Russian people do want war. Putin's approval is raised every time he does something aggressive: Chechnya, Georgia, Crimea, Syria etc. Russians love to feel like they matter on the global stage, even if they are personally poor and destitute.

well we all know how the FIFA thing will play out. FIFA will allow them to wiggle their way in somehow.

>>364844911bump then hehehehehhehehehehehe

>>364844395All fieldsyoutu.be/AJoQvFhQkBQ

how do you legally invade a nation

>>364844395>when you invade a nation illegally>stopped reading thereWhen can you invade legally? Calling you a retard doesn't describe how retarded you are. I took time of my day to call you a fuckin retard, that's how retarded you are.All fields.

The most gay thing is these petty small dick dictators dont even pose a threat to american military complex, they just keep doing the same retarded things like invading weak soverginer countriesAlso, lots of faggots here are just fatass schizos without principles that go with trends and moral biasOne hour they are making fascist threads and the other they are supporting Putin "denazification"

>>364844395>muh illegal invasionKek, you're fucking retarded.>muh SWIFT>muh Globohomo corporationsThey'll get the boot too sooner or later while China obliterates them. Imagine supporting Trudeau's best friend and #1 fan.

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>>364844395Hes either gone mad or he has intel that the world will enter Great Depression 2.0 soon.

>>364844395Funny he tried to play ball the best way he could and now he's free to set Russias Destiny without being on some ZOG leash held by some mentally crippled tranny in a Western government.

>>364844395romania wins again hahahahaha

>>364844395>you have been very very bad Putin no more globalism for you

>>364845843no more food for you*


>>364844395Like David before the Goliath of globohomo. The only man who has balls big enough to do it.

>>364845894I am eat pretty well schlomo how about your fellow fellow semites in Palestine and your fellow semites in Yemen are they starving?

>>364846063yemen isnt banned from swift

I think there are a lot of people who are now in distrustful berserk mode since Covid and all the vaccin shit so they're like "OTAN MUH BAD" or "PUTIN MUH BAD"When you think about it they're only 3 facts every people must understand>USA elect a grandpa that don't even understand what the fuck is going on>Conflicts like Dombass are all over the fucking world but nobody give a shit>Not a single person ask for this warThe only reason this shit is so important it is because Russia is in so people are thinking cold war, it's the member berries all over againI'm now saging in my comfy chair with my trusty white flag on my desktop

>>364844395Makes me think he's on his deathbed. That and the paranoia seen in the long table... I give him a year tops.

>>364844395>be unvaccinatedget banned from super markets and travel>be putinget banned from world markets and travel

>>364846220Which part of Yemen? Your country is starving the shiites to death with help from Washington.

>>364846297nothing crazy about invading another country. this is some liberal narrative you shitheads have.

>>364845580who was riding who, is the next question.

>>364846430all parts of yemen are better off than russia

>>364846700not true in the slightest. but now I know what you want kike.

>>364845515What is he doing? Who gave this fucked up advice to him? Some one got rejected on Ukraine Tinder

>>364846916You guys are trying to create a new narrative of the "crazy putin" narrative. Putin had a valid reason to invade. What is the right decision? that is another argument.

>>364845288Americans are probably professionals at it. Ask them.

>>364844395It's what chads do pussy

>>364846331No , we didn’t get the vaccine till recent, what did EVERYONE HUNT?Yes, keep a highly contagious person off a airtight vessel.Why is this so hard for people?You never took a “sick day” come on man

>>364846824i want romania to bomb putin's palace

>>364847106bingo. we are the masters of invading smaller nations. Whether it be a miniature island called Grenada or a texas size nation called Iraq.

Also, this might be relevant for this thread.youtube.com/watch?v=bu6xUG9zoRg

>>364845288make up some dumb shit about WMDs and then pivot to saddam being a bad person. then invade another shithole, but this time with mountains and shit for no reason other than being scared of invading the real problem country known as the shithole of pakistan.

>>364844395>But some how you shills will ignore all this and still think you don’t look like a complete idiot .He tried to strenghten his power, so everyone in SovBez are tied with blood.Well... he should have prepared better.

>>364844395did he really lost his black belt? KEK

>>364847328i already watched that yesterday

>>364847101Oh yeah, Ukraine was minding its business. Putin put troops on a joggin trail and pounce for the rapeI’m not Okay with Rapist logic

>>364844395You're a dumb ass. STFU Stupid.

>>364847266I know you do kike. Tell mossad to pay some faggot pilot. Pay him with some shitcoin cryptocurrency that has no actual value. Start WW3. Do it.

You can invade a nation legally?

>>364844515Based. Fuck both of them

>>364844395>> Invade a Nation Illegally>IllegallyWell, how do you do it legally speaking?

>>364846039the balls...to invade a much smaller countryafter saying you won't...and killing innocent civilians along the way, looting and destroying shops. you compare THIS to David hahahhahaha

>>364847535greater romania will rise again

>muh sanctionsYou won't do shit

>>364844395>When you reject globhomoJudea declares war against your country

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>>364847318Brainlet Saddam Killed Kurds What don’t you understand? They annexed Kuwait go play with your toy cars user

>>364847483>Ukraine was minding it's bussinessno. Ukraine has been a central part of US foreign policy for two decades and it was raging a war against Russian people in the east.

>>364844395>invade a nation illegalyI'm waiting to see him judged an internation criminal for this then.

>>364844395>Invade a Nation Illegally>implying there's a legal kind of invasionStop reading here faggot


>>364847482It's funny how the bank shouts at them there is no money.

>>364847101>valid reason>fabricated story about muh 6 gazillion Russians not being allowed to talk in Russian and integrate in Ukrainian society >muh nazi boogeyman >muh separatists that were the cause of it to begin withHa ha ha Putin your ass

>>364847702>hur dur he killed kurdsWe don't do things for humanitarian reasons. Saddam killed kurds in the 80s we invaded in 2003.

>>364847693Putin is a proven liara totalitarian dictatora murdereragainst literally globohomo israel kike psychopathsto justify or condone either one is fucked up.

>>364847692>romania kills putin>>364847814no money! going home now!

>>364844395He naively believes that because he controls all of resources he holds all the cards however we have hearts and mindsAnd we all agree he is a big meanie and no one will speak to him

>>364847829>fabricatedwho says? CNN, the US state department? please motherfucker.

>>364844395>Loose You're a retarded faggot

>>364847702>Brainlet Saddam Killed KurdsNice try user, kurds aren’t human

>>364848076are you a real virgin?

>>364844395>p 40% of value of countries CurrencyIt's 400 in a month. Russia will have 10 million people less in a decade. I am a realist, btw.

>>364844792Not posting pics to bump your thread faggotSAGE

>>364845288Stage a false flag on your own country first


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>>364848199The Swede knows

>>364847895So you support a murderous dictator?So if I killed you for replying to my post negatively I can kill you?Your good with this?

>>364847328>wahhh my fiat currency. should have went with BTC at least it is backed by something.


>>364845202>muhhhhh wefyou mean the same one that putin enthusiastically participates in?

>>364847590>>364847562Be America. Whatever America does is legal by definition.

>>364848341>all major exchanges ban russiashould have left the country

I pledge allegiance to the Russian Oligarchy.

>>364845010Not everyone, but there is a percentage who lives watching only internal TV. That's the consequence. Russia was humiliated in the 90s and that is the base for such a feedback. You better wish it won't turn nuclear, because there is no graceful wau out of it.

Ukrainen pussy is getting cheaper!

>>364848338>murderous dictatorSo you support a illegitimate president who operates through executive orders and who is currently starving kids in Yemen and Afghanistan. That president's name is Joe Biden.

>>364848249You just enjoy killing your neighbors and threatening to bombing everyone outwardly.

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>>364848338obama and biden struck children with missiles fired from drones. those who act like fucking cunts should be weary of calling other cunts out on their cuntery.

>>364844395There are no pro-russian shills, or they are very rare compared to pro-ukranian shills. And no one ignores these because they don't know about it or don't accept it. They ignore these because they are irrelevant.Basically what you're implying is that the "brave" and "smart" move is that if you have your own country, own ideology, own religion that you want to save then you just bend over and get fucked. If you don't agree, then maybe don't try to figure out why pro-russian anons are pro-russian, but explain what other choice Putin and russians had, and what would've happened if they chose that.Or you think that poor white countries are too stupid to get rich? Or they don't want to prosper? There is some kind of reason behind all choices, so shitting on Putin won't make you look smart, just naive/ignorant/malicious. Or all of these.

>maybe if we insult people and ruin their lives they'll do what we tell them!!!t. jews

>>364847562You need to be USA

>>364845010>Russian people do want war.Nah, people really wanted Crimea. Nowadays it's mostly shills who support that war.

>>364844395> Invade a Nation IllegallyHe who has the oil decides what's legal or not> Get your entire country SanctionedOil wealth not leaving country to buy frivolities.>Get your Oligarch SanctionedOligarch have to reinvest in Russia to make it rich so they can live nice lives instead of ripping the country and people off while living abroad. Win-Win. > Get Soccer Team Kicked out of FIFAOh, no kick ball will only be national... Russia is a hockey country anyway.> Get Banned by Judo AssociationToo few care.> Drop 40% of value of countries CurrencyImprove the competitiveness of domestic products. Good for getting foreigners to buy your stuff.> Get Condemned by your neighborsNeighbors have been ripping you off on oil exports and trying to subvert your authority. While demanding the importation of niggers. Fuck them.> Get asked to not invade until after Olympics because not even China wants to be associated with thisCan't invade on other people's schedule.> Get Kicked off SWIFTChina, is your new BFF, not good but weakness Petro Dollar since your country produces and exports more oil and natty gas than Saudi Arabia. Also, only a few banks are banned not all of them. EU has to be able to pay for Oil. > Banned from Visa and MasterCardKikes not stealing wealth from the future of young adults with 30% usury. Probably good for your population growth which RUSSIA needs to do.> Threaten the whole world that you bomb themWhy the fuck not? You got the Nukes, You Got The Oil. What the fuck they gonna do? That's right Virtue signal.Don't send aircraft to Ukrane.Keep buying Russian Oil.Oh, we'll ban a bank or two from swift (They're not banning all the banks because they have to buy oil)Oh, go after the oligarchs yachts. ( Putin can pay them back double with money he saves on water alone for crimea not including the f***ing oil he gets access to)Send some anti-tank equipment that's likely to get own civilians killed in tight urban combat. Wow, real smart.

>>364844395Don't forget shelling civilians.I know putin's reasons for invading but it didn't need to be a hot war he could have used other tactics like assassinations of political leaders or rigging elections etc. When he started lobbing missiles into cities and at apartment blocks all justification went out the window. Its fucking bizarre seeing contrarians on here support a commie trying to violently rebuild the soviet union.

>>364848852why dont they invade russia already? make themselves useful for once

>>364848639Karzai literally abdicated Afghanistan…He just fucking left the whole country.How do you as President just “Nope” out of a country?

>>364848699They could've killed more, they are weak presidents.

>>364848859riiiiiight. Russians I guess are stupid if you think the shills on here are pro-Russian.

>>364848986romanians would rather die before joining USSR 2

>>364844395>Invade a Nation IllegallyIm pretty sure they followed all legal proceedings, like the public declaration of war prior to invasion.

>>364848986>Its fucking bizarre seeing contrarians on here support a commie trying to violently rebuild the soviet union.lol don't pretend it's not because all of globohomo and all our previous enemies are now dogpiling on Russia while spreading lies and propaganda

>>364849011It wasn't karzai it was Ghani and it doesn't matter American puppets are prostitutes just like Zelensky.

>>364848991Because then China gets in and then no iPhones or any goods coming to the west

>>364849271except even china is starting to hate russia now

>>364844395Imagine thinking anyone here isn't shit posting for memes and lulz. Nothing here is real.

>>364848699Sadly , some civilians did die , I think it was much less than was killed by taliban and alqaeda and isis…They killed tens of thousands

Literally none of those things matter to anyone other than white american reditors

>>364845288send your soldiers without uniforms, like the africans and arabs do

>>364848019Says everyone who knows basic geopolitics and a bit of european history.

>>364844395So there is legal ways to invade other counties? Tell me about them, please.

>>364849391you like that don't you Israel. you might just get your new world order.

>>364849429Imagine thinking anyone but Americans matter lol. Poorfags like you generate no revenue for these sites.

>>364848019How was it not a kreml fabrication.>give gibs to people that live there if they support you>give out passports en mass >people put their foot down against the foreign invasion >surprised when people get madFucking Russians Israel style invasion mixed with shitskins.

>>364849421and yet one is considered the leader of the free world and the other side is a fundamentalist terrorist organization.


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>>364844395He is fucked now EA banned the gopniks from playing FIFA.

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>>364849520We ain't your school teacher dumbfuck. Open a book.

>>364844395> Invade a Nation IllegallyStopped reading after this, fuckin nigger tier IQ, how can you invade a country legally?

>>364844395>Invade a Nation Illegallylike the jewnited states of Murica?

>>364849538i support palestine, israel supports russia

>>364849474nice try but still you need to put actual context to what your saying it's still a vapid reply.

>>364844395>be America >invaded several countries in the Middle East (one with a fake WMD claim)>torture programs >supports Saudi Arabia>prosecuted whistleblowersDont even get a slap on the wirst for all of that>

>>364848717Ukrainia was not fighting to get into Russia .I don’t accept a brute force attack and invasion is something aspire to .That demented in some way

>>364849098>Implying i mean Holla Forums, not local people or local resources

Soon the subhuman western niggers will cut off all the communist countries from SWIFT too, you just know

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>>364844395It’s another globalist plot that started exactly when the Covid hoax ended. Putin is a WEF mobster. He doesn’t actually care about Ukraine or Russia. He’s just following orders. This war is just meant to solidify the existence of NATO and the EU and, by extension, promote globalism and the NWO.

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>>364848972So the US should have annexed Iraq, Afghanistan?Asking for a friend

>>364849646So false flag a 9-11? Well in Donbas they've killed around 14k Russians in over 8 years, 9-11 was what 9k americans? On top of having more civilian casualties to ustify the invasion the Russians also have the fact that they are invading the right country in their favor.

>>364847703russian speaking*something you dumb cunt yanks always fail to understand, is, just because someone speaks the language does not mean thats their nationality. also just because your ancentors are from some country, doesn't mean you are. "oh yeah i'm irish" "oh nice! when did you emigrate?" "oh i was born here and have never left" "oh"

>>364844395It reveals a lot about your "culture" and priorities if you think those things matter over defending one's ethnicity and national security. I don't think jews realise how much they reveal about themselves the more they try to attack Russia.

>>364849740Your public opinion is you support open border for everyone. A one world new world order. That is because that is George Soros public position. You are liberal progressive internationalist.

>>364849098there are shills on both sides you retard

>>364849883>b-but muh greatreset muh globohomo>but muh putin savior of teh white raceit's astonishing how easily people are led

>>364844395At least 85% of that shit can be ignored.

>>364849962Your mistake was trying to make it democratic, but then you would lose big chunk of your "justification"

>>364850005>I don't think jews realise how much they reveal about themselves the more they try to attack Russia.israel literally supports russia while everybody else hates it. once again russia is in the wrong just like in WWII>>364850061im a national socialist supporting open borders for israel and the US and closed borders for europe

>>364850000I don't know what you are talking about. Australians are fucking cucks that suck off globalist dick as shown by the vaccine mandates. I don't give a shit about your opinion whore.

>>364844395>*angry chimp noises*

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>>364850005Putin isn’t a nationalist at all. He isn’t based. He outlawed Holocaust scepticism and gives a lot of privileges to both Muslims and kikes. He literally said he wants to stop nazism and nationalism in Ukraine. Putin is a WEF pawn and pretty much a gangster in Russia itself.

>>364850065I would imagine. But the most blatant shills are the Washington shills.

>>364849257My bad, Ghani just left.How did that work out?

>>364850186no your not. Your a cosplaying faggot that has the same opinion has george soros in practice. A Richard Spencer liberal progressive.

>>364848972>i need a shit take>no thats too shit

>>364850429then how come i support hitler?

>>364844395Honestly, what the fuck do people think cancelling an entire country and its people will achieve? Fucking over Russian citizens just because of their citizenship is only going to make them support Putin. I doubt any Russian athletes are personally involved in the fucking war.

>>364849883The WEF plan is definitely to undermine the Petrodollar in the future. But it's unfortunate that China made moves to block crypto and instead in their parallel economy with Russia are using Euros. That tells me there is some involvement of the WEF since they still really on Central banks and China is very well aware that the U.S. global hegemony is derived from the petrodollar so they will want something similar to supplant the petro dollar to guarantee their own hegemony. BTC is the silver bullet to kill centralized banks but this new hegemony will do everything to cripple/kill it.

>>364849867that would be funny but too much to ask for.

>>364850106Ye it’s depressing that people are so easily misled. The Russian central bank is another Rothschild bank. It’s all theatre.

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>>364849608Yes, I’m okay with Taliban, Al Qaeda and Isis being called terrorist for randomly bombing civilians for years and years .I don’t mind that, Unless that is the new kind of feel, Random murder for problem solving

>>364850399American puppets are always prostitutes man. Zelensky is following orders. I think he is trying to create a mass casualty event to blame on Russia so as to give an excuse for NATO to get involved. If I'm right it's because he is following orders like a good prostitute.


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>>364850540>I support hitler, Stalin, pol pot and fidel castro.you are a cosplaying retard.


>>364850652you should move to moscow>>364850845i dont support communists, only national socialists

>>364850570BTC is another Rothschild invention meant to track people’s spending and prevent bank runs (because it is all in the system anyway). The only real silver bullet is silver or gold, unironically.

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>>364845580Judging by those looks, those two have definitely fucked

>>364844395>Bro you can't just invade Ukraine without declaring war thats illegalmeanwhile Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam was all perfectly legal!!

>>364849867i remember somebody posted a meme where half of Ukraine is under occupation of Russia and Lwiw is the new capital of Ukraine. Can somebody post it because it seems to become reality if things continue this way

>>364850549Klaus Schwab is on a power trip. His criminal organization has penetrated every wetsern govrnment in the world.

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>>364850765fuck commies

On another note, when do you guys think ‘Russian hackers’ will shut down the interwebs? Cyber polygon can’t have been for nothing, I guess.

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>>364844395>> Invade a Nation Illegallyinvasions are only legal when okayed by kikes

>>364844395He's a pretty savvy guy, and doesn't afraid of anything. Genius.

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That’s cool, still not supporting Ukraine though

>>364851125Including the Russian government. It’s all just theatre meant to, in the end, impoverish the plebs and subjugate them to a NWO

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>>364844395>Get your disabled banned from ParalympicsUn-Fucking-Presidented.And its time the kgb murdering manlet was.

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>>364844395> Invade a Nation Illegally LIKE A BOSS> Get your entire country Sanctioned LIKE A BOSS>Get your Oligarch Sanctioned LIKE A BOSS>Loose your Black Belt LIKE A BOSS> Get Soccer Team Kicked out of FIFA LIKE A BOSS!!!> Get Banned by Judo Association LIKE A BOSS!> Drop 40% of value of countries Currency LIKE A BOSS!> Get Condemned by your neighbors LIKE A BOSS!!> Get asked to not invade until after Olympics because not even China wants to be associated with this LIKE A BOSS> Get Kicked off SWIFT LIKE A BOSS> Banned from Visa and MasterCard LIKE A BOSS> Threaten the whole world that you bomb them LIKE A BOSSLIKE A BOSS!!!!!!!

>>364844395How do you legally invade a nation?

>>364850549they hope there will be a coup / rebellion.

At the end of the day from this little sketch Washington pulled, USA won China Won Europe lost .I dont get why Amerifat dems are so keen with fucking europe over economically for short term gain.Bring back trump please and cut this cold war world police crap you are losing to china hard

>>364851571romania will demonstrate that to you very soon

>>364849646Woah, the american who know what the books actually are? You, like, the smartest guy in your hometown I guess.

>>364844395Some things are worth fighting for but you wouldn't know anything about that because you're a sheltered spoiled little brat LOL

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>>364849962No, we should have installed governments that were loyal to us.

>>364844395How do you invade a country "legally" then?>Ask NATOOk, so how do you invade a NATO country legally?>You Can'tTherefore legality of war is an invalid parameter.Stupid

>>364851633trump lost. he isnt coming back

>>364848972This is high-grade cope

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>>364850692Putin could have just not planned for months , invaded and shelled people.This is Putins Flop

>>364849790America can't torture so it isn't toeture, it's called enhanced interrogation sweetie

>>364851571>How do you legally invade a nation?If you invade them and they return the favor by destroying your capacity for war.>you didn't ask what you agree with you said the word 'legal'

>>364844395Most people I'm seeing are supporting Russia.

>>364851397You're a 4Dchess retard who propbabaly think Trump is fighting the deep state and freeing children from underground dungeons as we speak.

>>364851080Again, you forget about the Dictatorship, the iron fist murders , Saddams crazy sons feeding people to lionsBombing of food markets bombing of hospitals by terroristThe whole terrorism thing, some People love terrorism , I forgot

only a complete retarded or commie shill employee would support this lunatic

>>364849790>>364848852>>364849620>>364849790That’s right faggots. We own the world and all you can do it bitch about it. Get on our level

>>364852252aka jews

first time in history one person is actually known by whole planet at one instant momentas a complete cuck that: lost everything, not just that you loose your wisdom being calm, smart respected, skillfulyou loose soul, authority, wisdomyou become absolut abomination of a human specie by deceiving one and anotherultimate interplanetar degeneracy seriouslymy peak realizationI mean this is srsly one of a kind retardacyfor what all of that? why you want make everyone suffer? you think that anyone is proud? you think that the children will love you that they will worship you? are you all evil retards completely cucumber tier? like are you dumber than a fkin fork? like for real are you unable to live your life in absolut peace and freedom? are you cuckies happy to be disgrace?

>>364850661god I hate them so much

>>364851441All these limes , the list grows

>>364844395Visa and Mastercard cards dont work in Russia now? So people can't pay with cards?

Russia should be brought to it's knees, Sweden Finland Ukraine Belarus and Russia should then join the NATO.This would weaken China's position so much.

>>364852408you can't format a post to save your life and I will NOT be reading it I look forward to your seething reply that I will NOT be reading

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>>364852498We have our own system. MIR.


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>>364852498all of their cards decline all the time and russian bank accounts cant get money from outside the country

>>364852371jews created communism/ussr so yeah they go hand in hand. the state of israel would not exist if not for commies

>>364852299you will cry like a bitch when China becomes world leader and starts doing the same shit. Mark my word

>>364852711i hate commies so much free palestine

>>364852728Nukes will fly before that kraut, and we will bring you to the Stone Age with us. You shouldn’t have lost WW2 there is no way off this train.

>>364852895even pakistan has nukes so nobody cares anymore

>>364844395>Did "bad things" according to globohomo>Who would want to be associated with this guyYou do realize you are posting on a board that idolizes Hitler and Stalin?

>>364852246But what about the fascist in Ukraine, the "genocide" Putin cited as justification for war. Fucking retard.

>>364852524>The west game the opportunity for a superpower to invade and claim land>"sanctions/slap to the wrist" said superpower"Up next China invades Taiwan and we all just sit and watchWhat colors are the Taiwanese flag? I wonder if it looks good on the Parthenon

>>364849790>be America LIKE A BOSS>invaded several countries in the Middle East (one with a fake WMD claim) LIKE A BOSS>torture programs LIKE A BOSS>supports Saudi Arabia LIKE A BOSS>prosecuted whistleblowers LIKE A BOSS>Dont even get a slap on the wirst for all of thaLIKE A BOSS!!!!

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>>364847693>traditional valuesLike gay sex in the military and getting aids and necrosis from shooting krokodil?

>>364852113Supporting Russia get a new Leader .20 years , I mean come on. 2 decades and this is his cherry on top?There has to be a better way man.

>>364853024nice id

>>364850065Ukraine shills (other boards and plebbit tourists) are flooding the catalogue way more, it’s not even close. The same exact threads over and over.

>>364851992Look, the CIA didn't spend all that money on R&D developing interrogation techniques that they thought didn't technically count as torture just so you could come along and point out that drowning someone half to death with a cloth rag is still torture.


>>364852961Tell that to the western world pissing their pants over nuclear saber rattling retard

>>364852657well i don't have time to format your shitty language that i had to learn just to express my feeling, just so you know burger ass. Because everyone decided that you cucks can't learn any other language sadly. So we have to learn your crap so you cuckie can then teach us how to use it properlycutewith this attitude im not even surprised your country is 2nd shithole in whole universe

>>364844395>when you're an amerimuttOpinion discarded.

>>364844395>When the whole world is against you in protecting your soverrignity.I say keep going. The evil that is the West will fall

>>364853258romanian power isnt afraid of nukes romania has best nukes

>>364849812>I don’t accept a brute force attack and invasion is something aspire to.Of course it's not. But I believe you have some basic pattern recognition. Dropping nuclear bombs on citizens of another country is also not something to aspire to. But that's really easy to justify for you. Invading countries that don't want to join your master's banking system? For some reason, that's necessary too, of course. You guys have no problem with that.Now, this Russia thing is happening. What is more probable, that Putin is is some crazy asshole who haven't heard about risk management, or that YOU don't know shit about the other side? (That wouldn't even be your fault, Ukraine is our neighbor and we only hear news from the west. That's fucking suspicious) Even after cold war, Russia was always some kind of monster. The media was constantly dehumanizing them, so you wouldn't even question if you are the good guys.I'm not sure why Russia is doing what its doing. But I'm sure that the anti-russian sentiment is manufactured, and the process took many decades. I'm sure that there is a reason for it. The Putin's insane, and Russia just wants to invade and shit, doesn't even sound like an oversimplification, it sounds like a prefabricated viewpoint to circumvent the need to think.

>>364852895you will not use the nukes you cunt. You will submit to China

>>364853282Earn english not problem any. So why not in english??? Better

>>364844395>Get Kicked off SWIFTThis is a good thingSWIFT is an evil monopoly that must dieSWIFT Will target us Banking with an international monopoly is literally evil

>>364853005>kill a dictator Like a boss!>And his sons who fed people to lions Like a bossAnyone want some lions?

>>364852668So how doesnt the visa and Mastercard sanction hurt you?

>>364853383Just made you can’t make OC

>>364853024I heard the holocaust memorial is the rendez vous of fags at night

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>>364844395Oh no! Not his Judo rank and soccer team! This man single handedly liberated one of the largest landmasses and his people from jewish banking control and is turning to crypto backed by gold. Whats the problem??


>>364845288By having UN approvalBased France denied that to America in 2003, so they invaded Iraq illegally

>>364853774Feed to lions?

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>>364852895based, if the world does not need the USA, the world does not need to be

>>364849658If it's a UN-approved action like the Korean war. Try to keep up, user.

>>364851025Ru the Christian Palestinian

>>364846226>>Conflicts like Dombass are all over the fucking world but nobody give a shitName 5

>>364844395picture forget like a boss

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bbc.com/pidgin/tori-60554969So many times, I don think: "Putin no go do dis." Then e go and e do am."Im no go ever annex Crimea, surely?" Im do am."Im no go ever start a war for di Donbas." Im do am."Im no go ever launch one full-scale invasion of Ukraine." Im do am.Di phrase "Im no go ever do am" no dey apply to Vladimir Putin.And dat dey raise an uncomfortable question: "Im no go ever press di nuclear button first... would he?"

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>>364853005dog bless ameriga :DDD


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>>364844588NATO bureaucrats certainly do. They'd have to go get a real job otherwise.

>>364845288If you get UN approval Security Council can officially sanction your war as justified and will not be opposing your action or support the one you are fighting against.

>>364849520Probably by proclaiming war and submitting a proclamation of war note to the embassy of the nation you are going to attack. Well, it used to be so back in the beginning of 20th century. Fuck all those under the table talks.

>>364844395invasion is never legal, jamal. YOU should know that of all people.

>>364853141I mean this current leader. Most people I know and see support Russia.

>>364854751Invasion legal if = oil not having I need oil. Like boss. You my BITCH!!!

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>>364854751Sweet post Jogg!

>>364844395>Casus belli is to denazify ukraine>Ukraine president is a jew>Wage a war of liberation>Ukrainian people willing to die to repel the invaderOnly trolls, contrarians and retards would support Russian in these times. Which is the why this is the perfect board for them.

>>364855007Russians are protesting this awful Putin plot…

>>364844395Didn't mention the most important one, kicked out of the WEF. I guess that must go against a narrative.

>>364853839Because I have difderent cards. One with MIR and one with Visa

>>364845288You win hard and fast enough to justify the invasion afterwards. Its what Russia attempted, but I am fairly certain Putin, just like the west, has """"""experts""""""" and """"""academics"""""" who assured him there wouldn't be an resistance amount eh ukrainian populous. Guess bullshit experts and consultants are everywhere these days.

>>364844395Capitulating to the nigger faggot dick choppers is wrong. I hope Putin nukes everything.Fuck you

>>364853024Don't forget their insane abortion rates and rampant degeneracy. The only true "traditional values" Putin has any credibility in restoring is the revival of the Russian orthodox church (which the Soviets, including him, almost destroyed completely) and anti-LGBT laws.

>>364856019The life of the party I see.

>>364850661>while the details will be fuzzy and/or wrongOy vey what did he just admit

>>364854215im the christian romanian

>>364855584I'm just not seeing it, but I'm talking about Americans. Check my flag.

>>364844395>> Invade a Nation IllegallyI had no idea there was such a thing as an 'illegal invasion' until this shit happened. So tell me when exactly is it 'legal' to invade a country? Because I doubt every country America has invaded was done 'legally.'

>>364857517*Supporting Russia to get a new leaderYou did not see massive protest around the world against this awful invasion?I’m confuse

>>364844395>Invade>Illegallyyou know, instead of applying for invasion.

at least best korea has his back

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>>364850765Yeah that's what the average Ukraine supporter looks like. Go the fuck back to your country, hohol. You are lazy and you smell.

>>364844395> now banned by Formel1

>>364858120No I did not. From what I've seen and heard, everyone supports Russia.

>>364844395>invade a nation illegally Nigger, STFU, calm down and have yourself a good think(if you're even fucking capable). I have a very strong urge to smack something now, thanks faggot!

>>364849639They banned russian team in ESports Counterstrike hahaha it gets stupider snd stupider.

>>364858918Ok…?Americans are not supporting the invasion of Ukraine

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>>364859206Breath Tiger.

>>364858617not for long

>>364859547From everything that I'm seeing on my end, that is the case.