Japan accepting the intake of Ukrainian refugees


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can't blame you >>364843611

>>364844217Of couse they do. Japan is controlled as fuck. Have you checked out Capcom's Japanese Monster Hunter twitter? They make sure to make every screenshot a white woman and a black man lmaotwitter.com/MH_Rise_JP/status/1495707790610169856Good luck with the African Ukrainians>>364845045Too bad it will be all niggers

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>>364844217Those men who get there will drown in pussy. I tell you.

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>>364845297>that kike nose

>>364844217They'll take like 2000 of them and call it a day

>>364845297Why do japs always pick whites with the largest noses for those videos?

>>364844217seriously i think they do it because they know ukranians are on the other side of the fuckin planet and likely not a dozen will come over.

>>364846081Because Jews make them and they love painting themselves and their ugly physiognomy as attractive

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At least Whites assimilate somewhatThe public would be less opposed to Ukranian refugees than Afghans

>only women arr allowed to leave the UkraineOh no Japan is going to take in a bunch of poor blonde haired blue eyed feminine pussy. I'm sure that will just devastate the nation.

>>364844217This is good, Japan needs immigrants or you wont survive

>>364844217Most likely japs will take in some candydolls and call it even.

>>364846620We're fucking full

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>>364845971>They'll take like 2000 of them and call it a dayNah jap needs immigrants and this is an extremely rare opportunity to get thousands of educated, high IQ white refugees.

>>364845134>>364845192quintessentially ukrainian

>>364846849>educated, high IQI doubt that

>>364846761Full of white woman damn, go get some more

>>364846966>educated, high IQIt's relative mate, have you seen the quality of your average fucking refugee from africa or the middle east?


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>>364846761You soon will understand why every Slavic nation hates Ukrainians.>Loud>entitled >never wrong>cheaters>stealers>women suck you dryjust some of the few stereotypes that Slavs have for them

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Diku too small for Ukrainian girls


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>>364847439ah alsoevery online video game you play where there is a cheater or an annoying "russian"you can be 100% sure that hes Ukrainian

>>364846849Japan doesn't need immigrants they need to deconcinerate business out of keihanshin and the greater tokyo area but let's say they did need immigrants they're not looking for fucking fleeing hohols most immigrants in japan will continue to he other asians

>>364847439They are already virtue signaling on Japanese Youtube of all places

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Ukrainian refugee here. I just filled out the form to apply for the Japanese refugee status :). I have a feeling they’ll approve me!

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>>364845971Probably not even lol

>>364845134Yeah the quintessential sign a country is run by ZOG is a video game company's twitter account not multinationals having a disproportionate influnce on domestic policy grow up faggot

>>364848296oh boywhat ever you do, dont marry them, they are cute for like 1-2 years but they will suck you dry.cheat, leave you, subjugate you to terror until you kill yourself

>>364848425I recognize that hand

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>>364846849Fuck off. Nobody “needs” immigrants, except the top tier wanting more workers and consoomers.

>>364848969>what a Russian thinks about the invasion, it made me feel that I didn't want to be a Russian for the first timeWhy are wahmen like this?

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>>364848425Get a better marker. Please…

>>364849075>Fuck off. Nobody “needs” immigrantsJapan literally does, their population is declining.

>>364844217The fuck is wrong with you nippons? Keep the ukie niggers aways from Japan. Rise up, don't let the jews enforce this on you, if your zog puppets want to bring any non-japanese to your lands, kill them, throw out all the american occupiers, and develope nukes of your own.

How do i pretend to be ukrainian?

Ukranian JAV when?

>>364849330I’m sorry they don’t have pens at this refugee camp….

>>364846081literal dog eating korean gooks.

>>364848425Don't be so sure about that, blackfinger-san.

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>>364849800They probably can’t tell the difference

>>364846649Wrong. Japan will build robots and use Filipinos for the grunt work

>>364844217More than likely only for a few years. They still don't allow you there very long without work visas and when you are done with that you are gone.

>>364847439Poor salarymen will be easy prey for those ukrainian succubi.

>>364849714The samurai...lost

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>>364845134>>364845192They didn't call Ukranians "Black Russians" for nothing.

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>>364844217>they don't know

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>>364850613Why are niggers so ugly?

>>364850808More importantly, why are they fucking everywhere? It's like they just sprung up from the ground when they elected a jew as PM.


>>364851082Jewzensky needed actors for Crazy Wedding 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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>>364851082Because Belarus imported them and shipped them across its borders.Because Mehrkill invited them.Because Europe gives money to nonexistent states instead of going back to colonialism.Because mercenaries and warmongers destabilise Africa so that globalist megacorps can pillage the land.


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>>364847172Ok user, but i bet they'll still be retarded compared to japs

>>364844217It seems like every News website says something different, apparently what's happening is Japan is going to give priority to people in the Ukraine that are somehow related to their own people. They're also saying that Japanese people that are in the Ukraine should flee to Poland so they can be found easier.


>>364846761no your not, fuck you I'm going to larp as a refugee and get a comfy house in the country side

>>364851783>they'll still be retarded compared to japsDoesn't get much more retarded than not making enough babies to sustain your population.

>>364848425Japanese don't like niggers

>>364848425Are you black?

>>364844217sweden will also be taking a loti thought japan hated foreigners? maybe it will be temporary and they will be locked up

>>364851483The official version is that they are "students".

>>364848425>>364849016topest of kek

Incoming Ukraine JAV

>>364848425>>364849016Its the fingger nigger

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>>364851962The high the IQ for women, the less likely they will have children. You are retarded one here.

>>364844217you act like Nigerians don't already run shinjuku.

>>364852070That’s not true


>>364844217Oh cmon, a little diversity is good for the genepool. Tall waifus eh?

>>364845134>Japan is controlled as fuckThey have gigantic debt, so they have to earn those esg points.

>>364845134>They make sure to make every screenshot a white woman and a black man lmao>twitter.com/MH_Rise_JP/status/1495707790610169856doesn't look bantu at all

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>>364853395>They have gigantic debtYeah, but the difference is that is it mostly domestic debt.

>>364845297those are Koreans and they act this way for the show, how retarded has one be not to get this immidiately?

>>364844217Nipons about to get even more white.

>>364852450Big Ukrainian Cock in tight jap pussy

>>364844217Ukranians will go back home as soon as its safe. Theyre not like those third world sandnigger wellfare parasites.

>>364851082Sub-Saharan Negroids are international sex predators which infest every corner of the planet trying to muh dick with their useless jungle genes.If Negroids had their way then the whole world would be made up of mulattoes with deadbeat African sex tourist fathers.

>>364852776Again, not very high IQ if your aging population is larger than your working population and declining rapidly.

>>364851962yeah thats why we import parasites that destroy our way of life, you come off as a kike!

>>364854565Fuck you're a brainlet mate, there's a different between seeking infinite growth with endless immigration and the literal fucking decline of the population like Japan is experiencing.

>>364854144>Ukranians will go back home as soon as its safe.lol lmaoEvery single ukrainian who came here in 2014, is still here.

>>364854565And just to confuse you a little more with numbers and pictures illustrating basic concepts you obviously can't grasp.

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>>364853603I have no idea what it means, I'm not a buchhalter. If they own it, they need to repay or borrow it from someone else, for instance from someone who cares about esg score.

>>364848425Stop bitting your nails

>>364853655you must be Holla Forums tard to dont get it

>>364849321shes ukranian i can tell, maybe russian by passport but 100% ukranian, you can see it. its the dark hair, big forehead, big nose,the older she gets the chubbier the face is.

>>364855019It means most of Japan's debts are owed to Japanese citizens.

>>364851783Hahahaha you really think that Japanese people are some over-intelligent people just because of muh anime and electronic junk you are the one that is retarded.

>>364845192Are these students? Or citizens

>>364852710べースド jap

>>364852930From what I understand the Japanese are mostly just afraid of them

>>364849075Israel does

>>364844217>Accepting refugees means you will keep them

>>364844217Imagine they think they are going to get Ukrainians but they just send a bunch of those Jewish people that were fleeing instead.Could you imagine how the extreme disappointment. No Eastern European qts just a bunch of long nosed cowardly faggots

>>364856182>Japanese are wise enough to not trust or mix with literal demonsSounds good to me

Is this kishida guy a globohomo shill?

>>364845297He is a filthy kike though

>>364857224Every LDP member is and so are the rest of the elected politicians


fuck off chikan

>>364844217Kishida is a retard. Even worse than Suga

>>364844217Japan taking in a few thousand Ukrainian women isn't quite the same as mass immigration I'm the West .

>>364859354>Start taking Ukrainian refugees>another war starts in some shithole in the future>refugee crisis again>Japan why are you not accepting us? You accepted Ukrainians last time this is double standards!>its just a few thousand bro, its only going to be once bro

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