THIS IS NOT A DRILL>inb4source

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kitco.com/news/2019-08-22/Russia-s-President-Putin-Cancels-VAT-on-Gold-and-Other-Precious-Metals-Investments.html#:~:text=(Kitco News) - Russian President,gold and other precious metals.


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>>364843590it's true. info is bein supressed but jst saw this. looking for the link.

Everyone from Russian Okigarchs to the villager will now trade everything they have for Gold and SilverIf this happens it willEND THE FEDandCOLLAPSE THE ENTIRE WEATERN ECONOMYbyDRIVING PM TO ACTAUL VALUE LEVELS>inb4source

>>364843590>oligarchsBut how will they launder money fast with guld?

>>364843590The war is fake red skullThere's nothing happening on live cams in UkraineThis entire thing is made upIf anything happens, it will be bank run in Canada


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>>3648435906gorillionD chess move. Also, RS, has the blackout you predicted yesterday happened, or that was an unauthorised RS?

>>364843590Accelerations are Upon Us.(((They))) should have been careful what they wished for.And So ... IT begins.~~~~Authentication Authenticated

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>>364843590Explain what that means like I'm a retard!

>>364843845>>364844233Double-checking thenchecking my stores

>>364845208>>364844233explained here, also checked

>>364844688Mostly jewish, so maybe their needs were not considered important.Also, based if true.

>>364844869Elites and other happenings work off the Julian calendar. Today is bad. CME glancing the planet = increased aggression by people.

>>364844233>DRIVING PM TO ACTAUL VALUE LEVELSOn an *other* note......I think I can see you smiling.Kek

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>>364844757With utmost respect, (You) used to be Divine Warriors who would fly your planes in to the decks of our greatest ships.From the time I was a child I worshipped these Pilots for their heroic acts.Now your children larp as LGBTQ NatSocs.How gas such a Great People fallen so far?>inb4source

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>>364844233>ACTAULKek't & REEChek't

>>364845705They served themselves and themselves only? Autistically suicidal.

Provide a source


>>364845307So you don't pay value added tax on gold in Russia or what?

>>364844869Taiwan Blackouts Happened.

>>364844988>Authentication Authenticated>88GM

>>364846221It's a few days old news but yes, no VAT tax on PMs in Russia. Considering how EU globalists live completely in their fantasy lands and movement of PMs last few years, they are fucked beyond all belief.

>>364845208>Explain what that means like I'm a retard!What happens when everybody lines up to buy gas and there us none? The price skyrockets.No one will buy a Paper Promise to sell you gas in the Future at that time.Only physical DELIVERY of gas will be paid for.That isThe Quick Crayon Rundown.>inb4source



Russia behind BTC confirmed

>>364844233so regular Russians = fucked then?

>>364846685So what will this do to the USD? And how will this affect gold and silver prices and the COMEX?

>>364844757You lost your way china

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>>364846067>Provide a sourceht t ps: / /t .c o/ eT 6D K1 5M0 MAre you good enough to get there?>inb4source

>>364843590Russia stops deliveries of rocket engines to the US, Rogozin said: "Let them fly into space on their brooms"26.4K views10:21Intel Slava Z Lavrov:1. The operation in Ukraine will be carried through by Russia to the end.2. Russia's requirements are minimum.3. Russia will not submit to the dictates of the West26.1K views10:22

Press Release from Ru Embassy in Ottaw

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>>364847072>Russia behind BTC confirmedPiss off with your Kahzar Scams.

>>364843590It's true, it's just to make people invest in gold instead of buying usd/euro and devalue currency even further(they even added 30% tax on that currency exchange today)I guess it's easier to seize gold? You can't take it with yourself if you plebeian i guess?Because 2 days ago there was added a law that you cannot take with yourself more than 10 000$ of foreign currency outside of Russia.


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This has to be the end of the USD, right? How could it possibly survive if Russia and China are both dumping it and Russian citizens are fleeing to precious metals

>>364847848For some reason, the degradation of dialectic around the world in official statements have been noticeable for the last 4 years or so. TDS comes in many forms.

>>364847681>Rogozin said: "Let them fly into space on their brooms"I also read the statement about the ISS.

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>>364847610Link is blocked or DDOS is US.Maybe link to an archive site instead?

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>>364847610Im on my phone nigger, carefully deleting whitespacees is a chore

>>364843590This ends in WW3 doesn't it? None of those who aren't ready die don't they?

>>364847610Copy posted. Page cannot be foundYup just as I thought a nothing burger

>>364843590>flood the market with gold/silver>cheapies everywhereFuck it, I'll happily take it.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia supports the initiative of State Duma deputies to abolish VAT on precious metals for citizens03/02/2022 10:40Today, when buying a gold bar in a bank, a value-added tax (VAT) of goods in the amount of 20% is paid. The reverse operation - the sale of an ingot to a bank - does not imply a refund of the paid VAT, which makes transactions with gold unprofitable for citizens.“Against the backdrop of an unstable geopolitical situation, investing in gold will be an ideal alternative to buying dollars. The American currency is more volatile, subject to various kinds of risks. Because of this, it cannot compete with precious metals,” Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said.The price of gold is subject to short-term fluctuations, however, in the long term, investments show their profitability.In this regard, the Ministry of Finance of Russia has prepared a positive opinion on the draft law developed by the deputies of the State Duma, which provides for the abolition of VAT on gold for individuals.Ministry of FinanceNIGGER

>>364849044>TDS comes in many forms>44Sometimes the pushing of buttons does as well.Having Front Row Seats makes everything look much clearer.

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god bless

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>>364847853So what you are saying is Russia plans to only accept PM for their oil. China who will be one of their largest buyers dumps all of the USD they have in their reserves to buy PM to make good on their payments to Russia. Price of PM skyrocket because China consumes massive amounts of oil. Petrodollar is cucked beyond belief because almost nobody (aside from USA) was to use the USD to buy oil. So other countries fall in line and continue the cycle of pumping PM. This prevents the US from selling their debt and collapses the dollar because the amount of money printed each year would lead to hyperinflation.

>>364850298uh oh dollar crash time

>>364850185>Page cannot be foundOnly because (((they))) don't want it to be found by inquisitive minds.Some, though, have Special Access, as the address attests to. Information Warfare, much worse than usual.

>>364850993Well someone else mentioned a different route all this could take.

They are watching...

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>>364850993I think mexico doesnt have a vat for silver, i dont think the citizens swapping their rubbles for gold will change much, its russian international exports to be paid in gold that could.

>>364843590Best guess on the new prices of silver per oz comparatively, trying to figure out if I need to bait or kms.

>>364851202what different route?


>>364851952Can you explain that a little bit? Im not familiar with this stuff

>>364851416Trading their gas/grain in something other than dollars, and giving Russians a way to dump their dollars and buy gold with little risk or costs. It could spell disaster.But money printer goes BRRRR anyway

>>364848958>This has to be the end of the USD, right?Federal Reserve Notes...as long expected. (((They've))) stopped it soooo many times, it will now sink (((them))) irreversibly.Oh...the ironing!

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>>364848958The sad part is there are people here cheering this on.

>>364848414>Because 2 days ago there was added a law that you cannot take with yourself more than 10 000$ of foreign currency outside of Russia.1 ounce Gold Canadian Maple leafs have a nominal value of $50 as currency. Theoretically you can take 200 of them with you when leaving the country.

>>364844233assuming the entire nation of russia has enough to collapse the global US dollarGet the fuck out of here with this bullshit

>>364846400>they are fucked beyond all belief.The paper gold market in the west is kill?

>>364850298Thanks for finding an interpretation.

>>364853480The entire EU economy is under severe pressure more so than here, and this will essentially strangle it to death faster than any damage can be done against Russians.

>>364853218Interesting. Silver maple leafs are worth $5 face.

>>364848958>This has to be the end of the USD, right?Not for a long time. The USA can cheat a lot, but if they play by the old rules, it's over.

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Bring back gold rubles

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>>364853735The Euro and other Euro currencies have been losing quite a bit against the dollar in recent weeks, I can believe that, all this may hurt Europe much more than USA

>>364850937>So what you are saying is Russia plans to only accept PM for their oil.Probably. Since the EU don't have to enough gold to buy the oil and gas, they will be forced to sell goods to Russia directly or indirectly to get the gold.

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>>364849602It will

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>>364853735>and this will essentially strangle it to death faster than any damage can be done against Russians.The central banks can cheat in ways we mortal's can't imagine, but it will be bad.

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Retards. They canceled the vat in 2019kitco.com/news/2019-08-22/Russia-s-President-Putin-Cancels-VAT-on-Gold-and-Other-Precious-Metals-Investments.html#:~:text=(Kitco News) - Russian President,gold and other precious metals.

>>364853341All they have to do is buy enough, particularly silver, to cause the comex to default, which would almost assuredly expose the price manipulation and make it untenable to continue it. Just 100,000 or so Russians exchanging their paper money for silver would be enough to cause a comex default. It’s not like the entire nation has to be in on buying metals.

>>364843590How does this fix global warming?

>>364854112>Bring back gold rublesChina and Russia don't have to exchange the gold, if they balance their trade, so they can basically chose the price of gold.

>>364854506>They canceled the vat in 2019It's not really important. It's a signal that Russia will demand gold for oil if the EU want to buy.

>>364854665>How does this fix global warming?The Greens that caused Russia to get the upper hand will be purged, and then the Global warming hysteria will be over.

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>>364854506Yeah on non physical gold investments. They cancelled it for the rest yesterday.

>>364854208Incoming:Petrodollar Kaputsky

>>364850937>So what you are saying is Russia plans to only accept PM for their oil.Alisdair Macleod thinks that is what will happen.kingworldnews.com/gold-short-squeeze-will-russia-demand-payment-for-nat-gas-oil-in-gold/


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>>364844757Stfu japanese faggot.Youre part of the sickness anyway, you and your degenerate animations, It's as much globohomo propaganda as their movies and shows are, South Korea and you are basically homo central in the east.From Kamikaze to anime and lolis, truly the most cucked race KEK

>>364849309htt ps: //archive . ph / AmTuj

Sounds like the perfect opportunity for US to inflict that digital currency they've been talking up the past couple of years. Barring that, worldwide flashbulbs by year's end.

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>>364843590Don't you have a latrine that needs cleaning, airman?

>>364844757This, anyone who buys this fake war is a 70 IQ npc >>364845705>>364847465>>364856467You absolute retards know Ukraine is corrupted globohomo? Holy fuck

>>364843590time for a PM top up i guess

>>364850937>>364854208This is part of the so called great reset. Kikes know dollar is dead so they’ve printed as much as possible for themselves and are buying property and pms to remain the elites of the coming order

>>364853218>nominal value of $50

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Haha and faggots who didn't understand the plan thought he'd be killed.Canada is fucked as is the US as they have no gold.

Imagine starting a war over a dog coin

>>364858867Not as pathetic as failing to realize how fucking criminal bitcoin really is.

>>364859288Checked This

>>364859288Oh, there's law now?

>>364853035>The sad part is there are people here cheering this on.fuck off Moishe

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>burgerland: cuts MCU and pornhub. Sides with eurocucks>russia: cuts oil, gas, wheat, and space rockets. Also, drops the dollar. Sides with china.

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>>364859905Semi cons require a certain metal exported by Russia. Though the surprised Pikachu face will be when the EU and NATO find out who Russia's allies are and what resources they have/export.