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>>364843529Ruskies have been eating all the wheat en route to Kiev to fuel their war machineFucking savages killing us all there's no heckin' wheat left

>>364843529>you vill eat ze bugs

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No thanks I'm on keto diet now

>>364843529>>364843714>*create inflation*>"RUSSIA DID IT"

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Someone claimed that Russia + Ukraine produce half the wheat in the world. Can someone confirm?

>>364844071It's a third of the world's production.

>>364844071its like 50% of yuros wheat and 40% of yuros fertilizerremember to blame pootin when you are starving

>>364843529who could've possibly predicted this?

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>>364843529urgrain is the breadbasket of europe

Doing Paleo so idgaf. The FlourJew is the biggest cause of colon cancer.

>>364844071Ukraine's nickname is "the Breadbasket of Europe." What do you think?

>>364844309this retard doesn't know most wheat is for aniaml feed

>>364843529Fucking Russians!

>>364843529Why is my bread expensive, reeeeeeeee

>> not that hard to do the research yourself.

>>364843529I didn't even realize until recently that couscous (the main staple food of much of the Arab world) is wheat. What happens in countries like Egypt when that shit gets really expensive?

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>>364844262countries produce their own wheat. few countries need to import wheatthis is some major cope

>>364843529Bill Gates read the bible and finally figures out what he needs to do...

>>364843529Rice will also rice haha bechamel nigger tortellini

>>364843529Russia produces wheat, huge wheat exporter. Ukraine produces wheat, number 5 exporter in the world. What happens when you take a ton of working men out of Russia and turn off Ukranian planting for spring and then stop gas exports which are used to make fertilizer during a global energy shortage?You get famine. Enjoy upcoming world starvation.

>>364844309Keto for like 9 years, live in farm country with local meat options, feels good man. I hope McDonalds costs $20 for a meal next week.

>>364844518>few countries need to import wheatahahah you dont actually believe this, do you??


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Jews fear the indoor wheat farmer

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>>364843826Jokes on that faggot Klaus, there won't be any crops for the bugs to eat so we'll just starve :D

>>364844641maybe egypt does and some other shithole like that but not america, not the EU and i couldnt care less about others

>>364844739>not the EU and i couldnt care less about othersbruh you dont know what you're talking about

>>364843529Great, now a ham sandwich is gonna cost $9.97 plus tax. FUCK

>>364844262ok so 30% of the worlds wheat isn't there for western countrys that might be problem.

Just wait till they see coal

>>364844739The EU imports wheat. It's one of the few things we still export though.

>>364844071Wheat production isn't so much the issue as wheat exports and lack of fertilizer are the issues. If a country produces its own wheat and fertilizer and eats that wheat, there's no issue. It's the countries that import the wheat that are going to suffer badly. Here's a better picture of the damage tho the data is a few years old.

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>>364844973>The EU imports wheat.whats the balance? brass tacks. if its tiny its irrelevant and its time to go to bed

Every single bit of wisdom the bible teaches Bill Gates teaches the opposite of.Because the bible states that a person should not eat only bread, you no doubt can guess what Bill Gates will try to shove down your throat. Probably a fake meat made from bread compound.

>>364845144>>364844973well I dont see the EU importing wheat here

>>364845144>ItalyWow they should be ashamed. Pasta is a lie.


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>>364845509im talking about the import/export balance you dumb nigger. if export outweighs import its no big deal

>>364845144Good post. North Africa is fucked.New "Arab spring" on the way.

>>364845144Here's who Ukraine specifically exports to.

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>>364844708the bugs will be artificial, just like most things already are

>>364845144Oh that's why my boy Macron is so confidentHis peasants shouldn't starve (too much(until we start feeding Germany))

>>364844631Good point, we need to wrap this up quick, seed time

>>364845701Here's the data from the Ukraine specific perspective, but in a global market they'll just by from whoever else is selling, impacting everyone, probably.

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>>364844739Britain imports huge quantities of wheat, about 60 percent of their food is from Europe

>>364843963Stopped reading at Silver.Not buying your boomer rockst. Maxi

>>364843529Doesn't affect me at all. The eggs and poultry I buy are from chicken fed with corn, and I don't eat any grain myself. Everything else I eat is grass fed beef and actual vegetables and fruits

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>>364846038It's kinda too late... We're already missing out on productivity, but yeah the longer this conflict lasts the heavier the impact will be. The impact on wheat is one thing but the impact on fertilizer is going to be really much scarier. Fertilizer price has DOUBLED since May, part of that is due to U.S. energy production being impacted by various political decisions that have been made to limit U.S. energy/oil production.

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>>364846327do you grow your own corn?

>>364846327With the price on fertilizer, US is not going to plant corn this year

>>364846444digits of truth

>>364846327That's not correct, fertilizer prices rising impacts literally everything. Not to mention rising gasoline prices which are also impacted by the war and Europe driving up global demand due to the Russians turning them off... That impacts everything as well.

honestly, the whole>I don't eat wheat anywayhas got to be one of the biggest copes of this whole fiasco as wellonce there is a shortage on wheat, other types of food will become more expensive too as people will try to find an alternativeyou won't get around this so easily by adjusting your diet

>>364846401Ah yes a lot of fertilizer is by product from oil refinement

>>364846444We could just kill and eat the Liberals to replace corn even though they are stringy and high in Onions, but not growing corn would actually impact gasoline prices as we mix it with ethanol. I wouldn't put it past Joe Biden to do something that stupid, but we'll see.

>>364846566>>364846444We'll see. If push comes to shove I can just buy a bunch of quail for eggs. I do grow my own vegetables though.>>364846428No, I dont' eat any grain.

Guess, there no more burgers for Burgerland.

>>364843529Zoom in retard

>>364843529> Ukraine supplies 50% of wheat for Europe> Russia banned wheat exports> China banned wheat exports> Russian gas used to produce fertilizer> Already hit by global fertilizer shortagesPrepare for seven years of famineThe war is just a distraction

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>>364846444We will, it's our main crop and we will fetch a premium for it if wheat is low, we'll plant more wheat and produce more oil too

>>364846557Israel gets liquidated. Sanctions lifted because Russia takes in all Israeli refugees.Screencap this.

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>>364846444It's a good thing American farmers destroy their surplus because the US government tells them to.

>>364844503They will suck Russian dick

>>364846674sulfur?>>364847007your chickens dont eat corn?

>>364847046i wish lol

>>364843826>you vill eat ze bugsIt's Haram.

>>364847084I never said I grow chickens. Learn to read. I buy them.

>>364846148Sure the entire world will be impacted.But poorer countries will bear the brunt since food is a greater percentage of their expenditure. I foresee unrest in North Africa and the Middle East, perhaps also Central America, and Southeast Asia. Just as it happened in 2008.Europe is gonna be fine. The EU has food stores as well to deploy during times like these. Oil and gas is what should worry Euros the most.

>>364847007>quailmaster race bird>>364847039no, you will eat ze bugs

>>364847275Ikr, but it's a pain in the ass to crack enough eggs for a decent meal.

>>364847069yup, last year. Threatened to loose subsidies if they do not comply.

>>364847232Wow, Are u really from Spain? U're really stupid.

>>364847039The USA won't. There are laws preventing it. Even with the laws repealed it will take years to be where we were under Trump towards the end of his term. Everything has been rusting and left unattended. Equipment needs to be replaced that you can't buy now. Nobody wants to pay a salary in post inflation value. won't be able to find workers.

>>364847248>oil and gasThere's two other pipelines completely independent from russiaBut germans like rusian semen so much they stopped the extensions

>>364847395I prefer them raw. No salmonella because of quails higher body temperature.

>>364847084Yes and russian oil has lots of sulphur refined in finland and potash and nitrates, potassium and sodium potash is a big one from Russia

What altcoin is this?

>>364847232you know what i meant

>>364847452Growing chicken is a waste of time and money. I already waste enough time in a small orchard. Eat dick, mongoltard.

>>364847461Manchin told biden to fix inflation and biden even said we'd have to step up supply and provide to Europe, America could get out of debt this wsy

>>364844262Most of europe and the entirety of NA is on that list. Why do we care?

>>364843826bug farms produce only kosher bugs, i don't think they are supposed for us

>>364847478Let's use those too

>>364847828Hehe locusts are kosher bugs

>>364847508you mean you just chew the whole egg, shell and all? Decent way to get calcium, that's for sure.

>>364844071>>364844445You misheard. It's not production, it's exports.

>>364843529Oats masterrace

>>364848004Oats are for horses. Humans aren't meant to eat grain unless desperate. Retards who think grain is "part of a balanced diet" deserve the rope.

>>364847478have you worked out how many lpg tankers would take to supply europe in the event russias cuts it off

>>364848206Pipelines niggerPipelines

>>364848258well sizes nigger


>>364848172Oatmeal is good but makes you shit a lot lots of energy though

>>364847751The elites and big business aren't hurting during and post covid. It's smoke and mirrors. They won't do shit for you if you're suffering. You're just a complacent consumer to them. They'll keep sucking the blood from the lifeless body of what was America.

>>364847478Yeah. The German PM before Merkel, Schröder, built Nordstream I for the Russians, and got rewarded by them afterwards by getting appointed by Gazprom to the comfy position of Nordstream AG CEO. It's insane.

>>3648482062, one for me and one for you

>>364844071China's stockpiling grain and fertilizer has more than doubled in price, things are going to be bad. You do have 100kg of rice stockpiled, right?

>>364846164There aren't enough bags of physical silver for everyone anyway.

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>>364848282>trying to move the goalpostsThanks for admitting you are retarded.

>>364846327>food prices exponentially rising doesn't affect me because I eat chickenmoron...

>>364848172Oats are not so bad. Buckwheat is a seed, not grain.


>>364843529I visited certificates today, nut nobody was selling unless with some crazy price>>36484407129% of world exports

>>364847275I'm in Moscow right now, and Russia's wheat production dropped last year, Russia uses GMOs for wheat and Roundup which most places won't let the USA sell to because USA also grows wheat with GMOs and Roundup. Don't think there is going to be a food shortage of wheat shortage in the USA, because USA doesn't important wheat. Price of all goods are rising in the USA and so are wages, Sanctions on countries that help Russia are coming next. So Russia will have to compete with China and India on growing wheat. Maybe Iran has a wheat crop but I don't think countries that are starving should be dependent on anyway. Roundup GMO

>>364848337Sugar's always the fastest surge of energy, because it goes right into the blood stream almost as soon as you eat it, but that doesn't mean it's the healthiest for us. It's the main reason why people have high tryglicerides and cholesterol. They spend their lives using only the sugars they eat, and the fats keep piling up, unused.

>>364848454tell me is there pipelines from qatar, australia?do you know what well capacity is retard??

>>364848540Never eaten buckwheat, is gud?

How can i make money out of this. I’m very poor and I will share my profits with the victims of poverty, myself. Help.

>>364848640forgot US

>>364848582Certificates like bonds?

>>364848705buy rubles

>>364844262So Romania is now Europes top wheat exporter.Romanian breakfast empire now!

>>364848690Soba is master race noodle in my opinion.

>>364848640The pipeline crosses half of africa, from north to south, you bumbling retard

>>364848540fuck's the difference between seeds and grains? They can both grow another plant.Comparatibely, yeah oats are the best of grains. Still grain though.

>>364845144Egypt bros I don’t feel so good…

>>364844071Yeah it's the bread basket of Europe. Good luck bro, were gonna be fucked and we did it to ourselves.

>>364848592Saw biden might sanctions india, fucker is insane

>>364848912would you rather eat fresh water river fish or bugs?

>>364843529>BrosFamine is on the horizon.NATO wanted Ukraine in the alliance.

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>>364847461 The company that pays are showing strong growth and production. Just came out of a war and pandemic, USA's industrial growth period has started. You can see who the winner is. Mc Donald's pays $ 18.00 hour now to start.

>>364848881Let them starve.

>>364847022The war is causing it by order of the WEF.

>>364848540Point is you should limit your carb intake to around 50g a day. Legumes and fruits are a better choice than grain/seeds.

>>364848592Yes Gmo is evil, natural food is best

>>364848894which one retardyou dont seem to understand how its logistically impossible to supply europe without russian gascontinue coping



>>364849171agree. I'm not in a position to choose though.

>>364848705Plant vegetables, melons, beans, whatever grows best, you will need the food this year

>>364849067I eat both. Bugs are the best source of protein. I eat fatty fish for the omega 3s.

>>364849322nice argument retard

>>364849067Fish, fish is good, especially trout

>>364847515They still have to mine and transport it and produce the food and the Sell it.Yes sell something everyone has Thanks to GMO and Roundup You want a south America economy you can look at Russia and see why and what happened.

>>364849436You guys have a nice climate. If not for all the niggers though.

>>364844309Dude, we're an agricultural exporter. This is unironically good for South Africa.

>>364848323Russian can't grow wheat without Roundup. Have fun Russia, telling the world Russia isn't using a GMO crop.

>>364849600It's nice where I live. I only see niggers when I go to certain cities. All niggers I've met aren't american levels of obnoxious though. They're hard workers.

>>364844871Pls buy our wheat

>364849486Why make arguments against someone who wants to live in fantasy world?I'll just call you retard, retard.

>>364848690it's good

>>364849600In fact, around here most of the criminality is commited by eastern european mafias (coastline drug cartels)

>364849921wow look what I did xD

>>364849853You have wheat

>>364848429I keep 20kg, do I need to buy more?

>>364843529Europe will freeze and starve to death because retarded politicians need to virtue signal. This coming winter and next year will be a bloodbath.

>>364850184yes, and buy flour


>>364849033 And what inflation is all those cheep Indian jobs now pay good in America if you start companies. Data centerCall center ProgramingEngineer companies The cost of living has died do to an industrial revolution and some countries are going to be without. Why is Canada and it's currency not like Mexico or Venezuela ?

>>364849508>Фopeльgoing to get a fishing rod. Has been a while.

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>>364850184More is better

>>364843963russia is the scrapegoat to justify the covid inflation

>>364843529i’m in the army so food prices don’t really effect mei’m still getting those 3 shitty meals a day


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>>364843529thank god I'm not a fat ass who eats bread

>>364850341Call center indians will starve if America cuts back on expenses and they have to, klaus Schwab is evil fucker

Okay, but what about beans?

>>364850501He was memoryholed from their site just 3 days ago, keep seething globonigger.

>>364849241 It's the same, except GMOs have a 96% crop production as where non GMOs have 37 % crop production. Without GMOs and Roundup, some countries are going to have crop failures.

>>364843529>Wheat FuturePeople who speculate with Food should be shot

>>364843529Sweet hell, when the nukes will come out?I don't want our shit falling on your heads anons.

Hungry? Then thank the western Government!

>>364850028Yeah pls buy more we need the cash

>>364850359Good idea, YouTube how to raise fish in barrels, you can use net to get little ones and help them grow big for food, think you need water pump to circulate water

>>364843529going to be a lot of revolutions coming out of this

>>364845701Biggest drought in decades too going on RN in medi countires

>>364843529How many politicians bought wheat futures in the last 30 days

>>364849779Quick search on google reveals Russian parliament has banned growing GMO crop since 2016

>>364843529Did the jews release the Wheat streak mosaic virus and pesticide resistant curl mite yet?

>>364850479Tell israeli hot women to make you hot meal

>>364849600 USA weather is the worst world wide, USA has infrastructure, soil conservation, water management.

>>364850807Yeah, aquaponics. need to buy land asap.

>>364850028Yeah and we need to reduce our dependency on trade with China. Would be good to diversify our export destinations. Most Argentine wheat and sóybeans and other agricultural exports go to China. Industrial exports generally go to Brazil. Only our beef goes to Europe.More wheat to the EU would be a good deal to balance our trade. Reduce EU dependency on Russian imports and our dependency on exports to China.

>>364850981>water you have a license for that rain barrel?

>>364849708 To Russia, your on the brixs.

>>364850773We are all frens, if you nuke me I will laugh and grow big like godzilla, no harm

>>364850501Putin is clearly a functionarywhat the WEF fail to realise that even functionaries aspire to a greater office that yields actual power; and they're not quick to give it up once they have itit seems the WEF is full of functionaries who all asume the other isn't seeking greater office while they themselves doIt'd be like hosting a trader's club where you assume everybody else is in it to make your gains, and then being surprised when somebody turns around and tells you to pay up and fuck off


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>>364844518>this is some major cope>looks at chartwho’s coping?

>>364850806What country

>>364844262I wanted to say, I hope russia stops selling wheat to the world, but then I thought, what about my buttermilk biscuits?

>>364850812Trudeau has to go, then biden, we need good leaders that don't oppress the people

>>364846327you are a niggerwhat will the animals eat then stupid nigger? also there is drought this year, u know what will happen? urban city dweller nigger

>>364851255who buys coal? don't they know its causing climate change!!

>>364850886All, and oil, and pearls and shit

>>364850978Tomorrow they said

>>364846401>>364846038The spike in fertilizer prices started last year. It's just another consequence of the "supply chain disruption" (inflation.) They're getting their depopulation one way or another.

>>364851489He's an idiot.>wheat shortages?>don't worry, just go to the grocery store and buy food

>>364851504China, but also increasingly Europe now that the gas isn't flowing.

>>364851134We export to Europe too

>>364850548 You can say that, USA is focused on Russia and isreal is focused on Iran. I wonder what if Iran is shaking in their panties right now. Isreal and a group of countries have an pack together from kushner agreement. Food, oil, metals and medicine. It's an industrial revolution for some and others, back to being a commie moi, lennen

>>364851099My neighbors here have rain barrels, no need for loisence. Maryland is a nigger filled shit hole.

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>>364844637What do you eat exactly? I've been considering trying this user.

>>364843529alternative news sites have been warning about the incoming massive fertilizer shortage for months now,,prep up or start looking for delicious looking neighbors

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>>364850991You can grow some in small oil barrel cleaned out with fire and water I think, good way to plant crops too, less land needed, beans will grow in jars, old cups until put in ground

>>364851489Chicken dont have to eat wheat, nigger. My neighbor grows them on corn and whatever they don't eat of the vegetables they grow themselves.I grow my own vegetables too. Not that you'd know anything about it, larping neet.

>>364843529Dude this is only the start. Y'all motherfuckers are gonna be looking eachother over a glass of water. I've seen it.

>>364851059Yes sell more to eu, Argentina nice place, good frens to all

>>364851724You retards can't even grow shit on that aids climate. Larp harder

>>364843529Good than in Finland we can grow 100% all grain what we need. If price is high enough there is no need to support our farmers.

>>364852250What does that have to do with my post?

>>364851637Yes all an excuse to jack up prices, less work for them more profit, greed

>>364852295It means you preach about something you can't do yourself. Faggot.


>>364850773Doese your nukes work ? As Russia has a past of things breaking down. You want launch nukes ? Your going to die also. Your not struggling because of you. Your struggling because of your leader Putin. Monday morning in Moscow the Russian stock market will crash, and still have people trying to take out there money. I think the people will start to see how good the police and government get payoffs and the people of Russia starve to death.

>>364852370You're deflecting. This has nothing to do with the argument.

I've cut ALL EXERCISE to a minimum just to be able to eat only once a day. The rest of the day I do butter+mct coffee. I know winter is coming, and I'm not a fat fuck like you degenerates.


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>>364851965Not a stranger to this sort of thing. Need land.

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>>364852653Bottom line is you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Now stop replying

>>364852965Fallacy after fallacy. This board really is retarded.

>>364852851Very good. Make lots of food. You will be king. Lots of pussy to fuck. Girls will beg for food and your cock if you can feed them.

>>364851099 Exactly, that water goes to the bigger water Wells that supply water to farms so all Americans can eat. And permits help the community, make jobs and money. Being a free loader and not being in society of the USA you can leave. It a big world pick another country.

>>364853042>mom, I learned the word fallacyeat a thousand phalluses

1st world may have to pay more to get food, but the africa problem will be solved after the next summer/farming season is over

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>>364853148What do you think you're achieving with this?

>>364850979they cook for themselves in their own barracks in secret, since you’re not allowed to do it, for fire safety rules.but we are now building in secret a proper kitchen in a tool shed the officers never go into. when it’s done we will steal raw ingredients from the kitchen and make ourselves proper food.and by building a proper kitchen, i mean it. we already made a marble kitchen top, brought in electricity and now working on water.

>>364853187Great, another refugee crisis.

>>364852029you don't feed 20 chickens with wheat, but 2000 also we import al the corn, it's the same issuevegetables with drought? less production, high prices

>>364853226>thinks you can achieve anything hereWhat vidya do you play? I've been giving it a go to Elder Scrolls since Morrowind. Pretty cool relaxing games. Would recommend.

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>>364851255Australia has China over a barrel right now. Rolling black outs soon. China technology running on electric, no coal no electric. Mad Max beyond thunderdome.

>>364851504Everyone buys coal. Its in concrete, steel, aluminium, rare earth element extraction, carbon fiber, water and air purification and literally tons of other products not to mention its use in energy production the world over. The libs can bitch about clean energy all they want but as it stands coal is what powers the world. Shit, its basically all India use and they burn an absolute ass ton of coal. Like, it'll blow your mind how much coal they burn in any given year.


>>364853321it's not the same issue retard. Wheat is worse because a good percentage of the world's wheat production comes from Ukraine and Russia.Corn is only affected by oil prices.

>>364853396Civ 5, Factorio, Microsoft Flight Sim, Democracy 4, Dark Souls, trying to learn EU4 at the moment.And I've played the fuck out of a lot of games, like Skyrim, but there's really no more to do with them.

>>364853252Cool, like early days of zion with secret rooms for guns but yours will have olive oil and matdza

>>364853457Ah i didn't know, china uses Australian coal? No wonder they want to control it.

>>364853087That's the dream.

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>>364853628Kek. Are you me? Literally named most of my steam library. Factorio in particular is crack cocaine, and Rimworld.Democracy 4 is basically socialist2win, kekBethesda games are huge, I never actually clear them 100%


>>364853286but this time they wont make the journey without food,, most likely they will be robbed and be eaten by the starving northern tribes that just need to wait for that tender southern meat buffet to walk in.''evacuating'' them is a logistical impossibility and will end up in a bloodbath at airports.good riddance'

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>>364843529>>364844071Russia now exports twice the grain as the u.s. does.Russia mostly exports it via the Black Sea, which is now closed for business. (Even if a boat would want to go, it couldn’t get the insurance). So the main route left is East to China and such which is more expensive. Also worldwide leftover supplies from last year crops are at a 5 year low, due to bad luck mostly.Also natural gas is used to make fertilizer components, Which are really low in Europe, and Russia exports gas. Meaning Europe production is going to be lower this season.Read a better news source.~When we say Bernie bro’s and Maga hats have no fucking idea how the world works, this is the kind of stuff we mean. This is the stuff old money pays ALOT of attention to.

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>>364853853See that sudden dip just before November in >>364851255 ? That was caused by China crying about the price of coal. They cried and the price tanked 50%. I doubt anymore crying will see such a sudden and drastic drop. If those bug men were smart they were stock piling the last 4 months event those those prices were up 100% and then some from the year before.

>>364853952left a $40k lab in Canada when Pedeau closed all the restaurants. Feels bad. looked at tickets right now. Egypt air is $600... all other flights $5-10k :(

>>364854244Jews will fly them to your door step, they said Europe needs to accommodate a billion climate refugees.

>>364847754You will have your bread, but I think it's gonna be a bit more expensive, because your producers have no obligation to sell it to someone inside the country.

>>364843529Monsanto getting BTFO in Ukraine right now

>>364854317California is not sending water to farmers because muh water shortage, UK is paying old farmers big money to retire.jews are going in for the kill.

>>364844309Gay foodie nonsenseChoose OP, ancestrally appropriate grain breedsSprout grainDry grainGrind grainFerment using natural sourdough starterHealthy food as part of a wider fermented diet

>>364854381Damn, china better not attack Taiwan, if Australia cuts off coal they are fucked

>>364844071do the math, lazy faggot

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>>364854244You can survive a very long time without food.

>>36485438210k is insane. You going to try to go back to Canada?

>>364843529here we go again

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>>364843714they produce a large percentage of the world's wheat, retard. it's now all theirs. prices in russia for wheat will be rock-bottom. same as oil.there isn't even a single commodity that is critical for russia to import from elsewhere. they want for nothing.

>>364855105Russia will sell it to china

>>364843529>The Turks have the boiled wheat around their

>>364843529The Bible called the wheat pump

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>>364855105Yeah and donbas has lithium mines, they have those now

>>364854857I was planning to go back for the summer to do a mushroom grow, since I found a client. Not sure anymore. For various reasons.

>>364843529pizza is junk, start eating normal food

>>364844309You people just spout whatever nonsense you want. Literally every study contradicts your statement.

>>364843529God, aint i glad i have my own wheat now.

>>364844415I thought I had something to do with their women being whores.

>>364843529Wheat isn’t much of an issue it’s an obvious traders being reactionary. Most large wheat consuming nations are self sufficient.The real price inflation will happen in fertilizers. For India specifically Sunflower oil in particular will be a huge loss.


>>364844262Agro is over produced and it just finds its way to Africa, India, and China to feed the ever expanding hoardsIt’s cute that you think thats hurting anything! Faggots forget Russia, half of Europe, China, and central Asia were all closed economies not long ago and it didn’t do shit economically for the rest of the world. Russia isn’t even in the top ten economies in the world.just lol at the cope

>>364855729Fertilizer plants are being sabotaged by jews in America, check the news, there is at least one plant catching on fire every month.

>>364844071So what. The CAP (European common agricultural policy) will introduce quotas for wheat and our farmers will produce it.

>>364855105This is one of the things Putin made a priority. The story goes when he took power he was told Russia imports like half their grain or something (Dow from being self sufficent in the 70s) and his face showed real fear. He turned that around hard.

>>364855729Good to know. Thank you. We will pray for the sunflowers and the good people of India

>>364855315I've read that Ukraine has about $1T of untapped oil & gas>tripps and we gift them to New Ukraine


>>364846164without silver and gold there are no cryptos, zoomie

>>364855729It will affect a few countries, Egypt notablebly, which could cause domino destabilizing effects.>traders being reactionary.Eh, the market is working efficiently. Higher prices will reduce waste buyers and encourage other producers to enter the market,

>>364856377Makes sense, they should have developed right away, I bet the bidens wanted it

>>364844503They will buy it from someone else Ahahahahahaha

>>364844518Grain prices follow each other. If one grain gets extremely pricy, the same will happen to substitutes because of the law of demand and supply.This means corn, oats, barley, rye, etc.Take an economics class you Keynesian supporting faggot.

>>364851134The joke is that the previous owner of the store is called Chuck so if you replace "Sneed" with "Chuck" you get "Chuck's Feed & Seed".


>>364844518This they are basically feeding niggers ballooning populations in Africa. NGOs are subsidizing muh Russia wheat that no one in the developed world cares about. If you ask me it’s a good thing!

>>364843529So what companies to invest in?

>people went nuts from the fucking toilet paper.this time cities will burn

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>>364851868>>364849708South Africa is no longer a food exporter since the ANC took over. Take a look at the map >>364845144 and show me where we are.

>>364851255Fuck! Without russian gas there will be shortages. Everyone will start burning again, no matter the price. Climate change canceled.

>>364854317the Black Sea is not closed for business

>>364844739This Russia going to unwittingly cut down on the excess brown populations and they are spinning it like it’s a bad thing! Hell this might be the catalyst that starts to displace global homo

>>364844518Why by wheat you don't need? Serious. That is just silly.

>>364843529Gluten free fags are cheering

>>364844240Rubbish!It's because UK voted Brexit. It's all Brexit fault

>>364845509Yesss, more exports!

>>364845584Holy shit, that's impressive.

>>364847012this is a problem for Brandon and liberals in generalRussia’s is helping conservatives in Europe and North America by doing thisSo shouldn’t you be on reddit gloating?

Looooool ameribros goodluck with burgers made of dirt

>>36484352925% of world wheat comes from Ukraine+Russia.It's either not being farmed now (Ukraine) or sanctioned (Russia). Bread is going to be cheap in Russia and expensive here.I hate our politicians so much. They need to hang.