Women love thread number 2

Thread to debate BASED women practicing eugenics by being choosy about men. Previous >>364822502

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>Eugenics They only choose what society tells them is attractive

Giving Women voting rights and access to social media was the worst thing humanity did in the last 2,000 years. It took women barely 60 years to destroy the world via democracy and voting. Incelism/Mgtow/Escapism/neetdom is the symptom of hypergamy>generation of men die in WWI>women get vote>women become majority electorate>women institute welfare state>men pay most taxes over lifetime>mens taxes support welfare state>welfare state supports single mothers>single mothers raise criminals and drug addicts>spike in crime and druggies>men die in WWII>feminism kicks in>women demand no fault divorce>state becomes husband>divorce rates rise>Men still pay most taxes>Women receive most tax benefits>men taxes supporting single mothers and nanny state>women demand more>women vote open borders>women vote diversiy quotas>women vote antimale pro women legislation>all supported by mens taxes>women can't stop themseves>infrastructure decays>education decays>healthcare decays>economy decays>relationshps decay>women double down on feminism>men lose incentive to support system>men say fuck off to society>women shame/blame men for this>men don't care>shit society burns outThese satistics are much worse, the people who are still married just haven’t gotten divorced yet:>"According to the National Center for Health Statistics 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Of the marriages that end in divorce, 80 percent of the divorces are initiated (filed) by women.">"Belgium & Portugal have the highest rates of divorce in this data set at a staggering 70%"youtube.com/watch?v=iMd1kf3OSuU youtube.com/watch?v=VWQgFGeFVXQ

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>>364842994I think that in order for this to happen the men have to agree to it, and the lower end of men have to be strong enough to keep it well implemented and secured

>>364843107>society tells themSo the problem is that the women are too submissive to men?

>>364842989Most White women are based. Pay attention to the "White" women who are cringe. They're probably Jewish or Slavic.

>>364843350This. Amount of jews saying they are white when it benefits them is disgusting.

>>364842936That's ok, you can simply choose not to meet these standards and not have children by your own choice. The woman os trying to not put her children through this difficulty which you are now complaining about.

>>364843122The "women voting ree" thing is a meme. White women vote nearly the same as White men. It's non-Whites voting that is the problem.

>>364842989The Irish elk would like a word.

>>364843350>Most White women are basedkekwhite Women are the worst of any race

>>364843238What good is a woman being submissive if it's to whatever propaganda or seemingly strong strange man that comes around which she believes is more influential? If there's no loyalty or reason there's nothing worth investing in long term.

>>364843180You're correct. Men fucked it up in early 20th century America by cheating on their wives with women at bars. It's what kicked off the temperance movement and the suffragettes.

>>364842989Nothing wrong, humans in general are just ordinary animals.By the way, all primates also have hypergamy, when alpha CHAD and his entourage keep all the women of the tribe as the property, and 90% of the men are incel slaves who are forbidden to have any kind of relationship with females.So it was 99% of human history, until the Neolithic revolution, when agriculture and monogamy appeared. Monogamous patriarchy is to some extent "sexual socialism".In any case, men by their nature are consumables of evolution, a testing ground. The biological purpose of men is to provide a market for genetic diversity, while women choose which genetic traits to perpetuate and which not.Mankind is naturally inclined towards social Darwinism.

>>364843122Jewish shill. No one voted for open borders. No one voted for diversity quotas No one voted for no fault divorce. They were forced on us by (mostly Jewish) men. Plus Ronald Reagan for some bizarre reason.

>>364843606Show flag, Moshe.

>>364843575Didn't even only half of white women vote Trump? You have a ridiculous amount of self hating virtue signaling whites.


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>>364842989poor eyesight is a growing epidemic that needs to be stamped out somehow.

>>364843707And also the sexual revolution where women all wanted to "get even" with men by being whores.

>>364843707The simple fact is the average man has always barely if ever gotten any sex so along with the rest of feminist propaganda it just doesn't make sense they were all cheating left and right. This is cope.

>>364843749>90% of the men are incel slaves who are forbidden to have any kind of relationship with femalesNot buying it. If there are 20 men in the tribe and only 2 having sex, 2 men are gonna wake up with their throats slit, and the women are gonna have some non-consensual group sex with 18 men.

>>36484389755% of White women voted for Trump.58% of White men voted for Trump.White women are based and anyone who says otherwise is a Jewish shill, a jealous nigger, or a hateful Arab trying to sow division between you and your mom, you and your wife, you and your fellow people.

>>364844158>is the average man has always barely if ever gotten any sexI don't thing this is true...

>>364843749Also, look at how bonobos mate.They're primates, and it's nothing like you described.

>>364843238It's their best and worst quality, user. Jews know this, it's why they've been targeted relentlessly with messages promoting feminism, miscegenation, abortion, promiscuity, etc and they gobbled it all up.

>>364844051There is no reason women should give a single fuck about being a virgin if their husbands aren't. It hurts, it's heartbreaking, it's useless. The purity of the marriage is already ruined. You're saving yourself for nothing.

>>364842989are women evolving?Did we get too cocky, bros?dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10570861/Married-woman-24-carved-lovers-body-left-head-bucket-mother-find.html

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>>364843798Female deer like the majority of all mammals look questionable.

>>364844481Humans are much closer to chimpanzees than to bonobos.In chimpanzees, everything is exactly as I described.

>>364844271Half as many men passed on their genes or had kids compared to women and there have recently been studies and articles showing many men aren't having any sex at all. There's also the fact that women's cheating is rampant but barely talked about, people defaulting to the myth that men cheat more because women are better at lying and covering up their mess. Crazy hypocrisy going on in women.>>364844256So yeah like I said even the white women are split on voting right.

Crystal dot cafèIt's your containment site

>>364844256>muh DrumpfFuck off migger

>>364844164No, only a handful would rise up and be killed.Humanity is a hierarchical species, the vast majority of people will obey those who are higher in the hierarchy.Often a couple percent of the entire population revolt, in the best cases.

>>364844773It's lying by omission. White men are split too. You're not seriously going to make a point about women being bad because of a slight 3% difference... which is simply due to women being a little more amiable/agreeable than men, and giving in to the "nicey nice" libtard meme. If the current culture was conservative, women would be slightly more conservative than men.

>>364844773>Half as many men passed on their genes or had kids compared to women and there have recently been studies and articles showing many men aren't having any sex at all. There's also the fact that women's cheating is rampant but barely talked about, people defaulting to the myth that men cheat more because women are better at lying and covering up their mess. Crazy hypocrisy going on in women.What is your source for all this?

>>364844953Do male chimapanzees form tribes to kill other tribes of male chimpanzees and rape their women? I don't know much about chimpanzees. You say they're like humans.

>>364844773Women definitely cheat more, as evidenced by the sheer fact alone that they have far more options and less capability of pairbonding. Hell, google the number of men unknowingly raising kids that aren't actually theirs. It's pretty staggering

>>364845086The point is nearly half of your women who you pride on being trad and based vote for the side that's made it clear they're anti white.

>>364845305Men and women cheat at the same rate, dumbass. Stop making cheating a competition. Anyone who says it's worse or not as bad when one gender or the other cheats gets the rope.

>>364845173>What is your source for all this?Use that internet for something useful for once. I'm not spoon feeding you and I'm not holding the information in a secret vault you can't easily access.

>>364845541>Men and women cheat at the same rate, dumbass. Stop making cheatingT. Bluepilled pajeet

>>364845429So do nearly half the men. Do I have to hate men and White people all of a sudden?

>>364845866Wtf do these terms even mean. There's no bluepill or redpill. There's be monogamous for life or I shoot you.

>>364845824I think you're just lying.

>>364845541>Men and women cheat at the same rate, dumbassBased on what self reports and trusting a woman wouldn't lie or downplay how much of a whore/bad person she is?

>>364842989>falling for basic leverage manipulation techniques at every possible social and relational level>based>eugeniclollmao

>>364845541>Men and women cheat at the same rateAccording to gender studies, lol.

They are only practicing eugenics if they start getting pregnant young. Most are not getting pregnant at all so it's all for nothing.

>>364845541I didn't say it's "worse" when one or the other does it, you retarded cocksucker. Quit putting words in my mouth. I said women commit it more frequently, which they do. You must have no actual experience with women's nature.

>>364845880>. Do I have to hate men and White people all of a sudden?By your own logic you have to hate approximately half of them, yes

>>364845880>Do I have to hate men andI don't think you should have any love for men who hate you either but I'm focusing on the women. If you already have many traitors amongst your men how are the women helping any by also voting left in such large numbers? Also why should any women have the same rights as men in general when they're clearly held to lower standards and don't have to take the same responsibility?

>>364844809What is that, 4chan where user pretends to be a cunt?

>>364845968>I thinkWell then easily prove me wrong by spending a few seconds using your search engine for something besides porn.

>>364846186That means that those who do breed have a much much larger impact on the gene pool. See founder effect.

Basic background for thread.

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>>364846186ding ding ding ding ding ding dingWhite women are all on birth control and getting abortions until the perfect man comes along, and freezing their eggs when it looks like mr. right is taking too long to discover her.

>>364844549what is teleogony, you worn out fuckchute

>>364845975Literally delusional. As if men aren't lying and downplaying what a rake/bad person he is. Even your terms you use for women actually just show how bad men are.>>364846219Fuck off, Arab. I will kill you.

>>364846876Pseudoscience.>Telegony is a disproven and pseudoscientific theory of heredity holding that offspring can inherit the characteristics of a previous mate of the female parent;

>>364847020>Fuck off, Arab. I will kill you.Your posts only make sense if read in a pajeet accent

>>364847092>deboooonked sweaty

>>364847132Pajeets are still better than Muslims, Ahmed-Muhammed

>>364847092Proof: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microchimerism#Human

>>364847092disproven by?

>>364847329fuck outta here w/ Wikipedia as a reliable source


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>>364846379>I didn't say it's "worse" when one or the other does it, you retarded cocksucker.>You must have no actual experience with women's nature.Which is it? Is it women's nature, or is it not worse when either does it? If women were naturally like that, that would make it worse. People who say cheating is in people's nature are so sick in the head. You need help.


>>364847020>Literally delusional. As if men aren't lying and downplaying what a rake/bad person he isNot to near the extent women do because men are simply held to higher standards. Even if women are caught cheating the punishment and backlash isn't as bad as for a man, you will have endless excuses for why it's not the women's fault. Women are comfortable enough to be doing worse shit because they know they can get away with it even if they fail to hide it.

>>364843350Or at least they're really easy to redpill. I've taken half a dozen White women from regular shitlib feminist to 1488 over the past few years. Turns out most of them already hold views compatible with ethnonationalism. They just keep them hidden because they're afraid of all the social repercussions of admitting they think niggers are gross, muzzies are ticking timebombs, fags and trannies are abominations etc.Also, I started looking back at the key players of the era when feminism started getting trendy. Turns out a ton of them were kikes. Anyone remember Emma "Mattress Girl" Sulkowicz, Judith Butler, Gloria Steinem, Rebecca Walker, Lena Dunham, Ariel Levy, Andrea Dworkin, Chelsea Handler etc? All jews.These jews then indoctrinate millions of White girls from early childhood to become insufferable slatterns because nobody is removing jews from our nations.

>>364847366It's been proven both in modern times and back then, and they were based back then so I trust them.>Experiments in the late 19th century on several species failed to provide evidence that offspring would inherit any character from their mother's previous mates.

>>364845305>pairbonding.stop saying that word. it is major cringe. women are not like little baby chickens or ducks.

>>364843107Holy cope Sven

>>364842989>Women loveI love women, just not human women.

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>>364847564Source: Your ass. Not a word you said is true.

>>364847538None of what you said actually addressed what I said

>>364846870They’ll never get Mr. right funny enough. Their looks will dry out and those “mr. right” wouldn’t even give them the time of day.

>>364842989Billionaires from foreign countries are encouraging/financing young girls to become "Free-Independent-Woman-Who-Don't-Need-No-Man".They do this by sponsoring them through activities such as: prostitution/escorting/stripping/pornography/webcamming/OnlyFans/etc.They are basically making it impossible for a modern man to thrive in this retarded economy, because certain (((people))) absolutely FEAR competition, so they want to keep people oppressed and in poverty to make the average male look like some "worthless beta", when in actuality they are literally being kept down by the system so the females in society are forced to flock to some (((Millionaires))) in the desert, who got their wealth by basically robbing the Taxpayers from the West from """"Oil""" and """"Progressive-Social-Programs"""".How the fuck are there Mega-Cities in places like Dubai and UAE? What the fuck did those countries ever do except for happen to live on Oil Reserves? And now those countries are literally destroying Western societies by promoting shit like #BLM and other nonsense that is literally meant to genocide the white race.Anyone who wants to talk shit on White people can kindly put down the electronics and move back to whatever country your ancestors came from. We have tried so fucking hard to play nice, but to this day there seems to be this weird obsession with everyone wanting to genocide the white race.We get it, some white people have done some bad shit in the past. But there has been a concerted effort this past decade for everyone to use White-people as a Lightning-Rod for everything wrong, when it's pretty obvious things are so shit because an obscene amount of resources are being drained from historically white countries.Fuck JewsFuck IslamFuck NiggersFuck Jannies

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>>364847987>>364846870>>364846186Based women allowing only the best men to benefit from the founder effect.

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>>364847809>men being held to higher standards isn't trueSource: Your ass

>>364847538Women are the ones who decide if sex happens, lad. If a woman wants to cheat, she will. I don't know how to get it better across to you. But I guess it's pretty difficult to explain to someone with no experience or understanding of women.

>>364848008>They are basically making it impossible for a modern man to thriveBased evolutionary pressure causing men to advance

>>364847629They didn't gas the jews.Now we all suffer for that mistake

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>>364843762Kys retard

>>364848310So that makes it worse for men to cheat.

>>364848471just post tits already

>>364842989Women are subhumans

>>364848615That's wrong user. Whoever cheats is just as bad as anyone else. You shouldn't say men are putting more effort into cheating therefore men are worse. Women cheating is bad too.

>>364848750>nigger flag hating women.Every single time.


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>>364842989The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where "feed" and "seed" both end in the sound "-eed", thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was "Formerly Chuck's", implying that the two words beginning with "F" and "S" would have ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck". So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called "Chuck's Feeduck and Seeduck".

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>>364843749>Monogamous patriarchy is to some extent "sexual socialism".Maybe, but it's necessary for modern society.Monogamy makes sure that most men get to have a wife and children, which gives them a reason to care about society because they have a stake in it. Without this, average men (who are seen as below average by women) have no reason to care about anything that happens around them.Which leads to these men to just not contribute anything at best, or become dangerous for society at worst. See: Incels, MGTOW, etc.

>>364848314>Based evolutionary pressure causing men to advanceYou're absolutely delusional if you think this is actually what is happening. Any man above room-temp-IQ can take a look at society and realize what a fucking nightmare civilization is turning into. Any man should who isn't retarded has no interest in continuing this Clown-World; we just want to accelerate the collapse.If you can't accurately see all of the flaws with today's society, it's because you're either willingly ignoring the truth, or you're too myopic to fully grasp the nuances that contribute to this Hellscape.

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>>364848471>>364848838What in the holy name of turtle shit are you even trying to argue? Of course cheating is bad regardless of who does it. Women just do it more commonly. That's what I originally posted. If you're going to troll at least be funny.

Most based thread i have ever seen on this board. Or everywhere for that matter. In my experience, the most powerful thing a woman can do is empower the women around her and opening their eyes to the patriarchal oppression they experience on a daily basis, exposing them to the fact that that‘s not how it should or has to be and then standing by their side as they break free. If every woman itt does this for two or three women in her life, it will spread like wildfire from the bottom up and it won‘t be a generation from now that men‘s power based on abuse will crumble like a house of cards.

>>364849213Anchor yourself to nature instead and you will never be disappointed by society's fallen promises.

>>364849531*false and fallen

>>364849251Men and women cheat at the same rate. It's one of those things that is split 50/50, just like domestic abuse. Pretending women cheat more is just a nasty way to divide genders and ruin's men's lives by making them hopeless and miserable. I see tons of sources that say men cheat more, but that's just demoralization propaganda.

>>364847809>>364848265>men being held to higher standards isn't truehuffpost.com/entry/men-women-prison-sentence-length-gender-gap_n_1874742


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>>364849687This is the same argument that niggers get longer prison sentences. 1. They account for past criminal record. Men and niggers are more likely to have offenses in the past.2. Even if it is true that judges/jurors have a little more sympathy for the race/gender that commits way less crime (however, studies say this is NOT true and the courts are actually fair), isn't that deserved sympathy?

>>364849531Why don't you actually say something with some substance instead of regurgitating some "feel-good" One Liners like some "Enlightened" 12 year old.

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>>364849645>Men and women cheat at the same rateAgain based on self reports and depending on women not downplaying how bad they are. You already showed you will deny facts just because they make women look bad.>Pretending women cheat more is just a nasty way to divide gendersThe genders have already been divided from a century of unchecked feminism. If there's reason to doubt, and there is, you should doubt otherwise you will end up miserable and then be blamed for it because women aren't wrong no matter what.

Women are property, simple as.

>>364850079No. You practice a literal meme religion. Society rises and falls and the falls are what push evolution of humans while the rises push the evolution of art and technology. The only thing that would cause a serious problem in the longrun is a global collapse or serious nuclear exchange.>you basically just can't make me feel unhappy is all>and this will not reduce my effectiveness at all

>>364849645Newsflash: women hide it better. See>>364845975I might as well be trying to teach a goldfish to play hockey.

>>364849996>Men and niggers are more likely to have offenses in the pastaacriminallaw.com/do-women-receive-short-jail-sentences-than-men/No women's offenses are just less likely to be seen as offenses because that's the power of having a vagina.

>>364850322>Women are property, simple as.Not true, I respect women who aren't feminists.Feminists are indeed property however.


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>>364850154Why would women downplay what they can get away with, even praised for? "B-but those studies must be fake" is such cope.And no, I'M saying men and women cheat at the same rate, not the studies. The studies actually say men cheat twice as much.


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>>364847697>stop using words I don't like!Okay, ability to form an emotional human connection. Is that better? I know reality can be scary but you really shouldn't let words get to you, mate.

>>364850490That's the power of not committing 98% of violent crimes. People let you go a little bit when it's a few incidences from the good, safe group. When the repeatedly violent, dagerous group does it, don't be surprised people act stricter.

>>364850655>Why would women downplay what they can get away with, even praised for?Because they still care about their image retard. Not everyone is going to praise them for being cheating whores and even the slightest negativity gets to women. It's why they insist on being called plus sized instead of fat.>B-but those studies must be fake" is such copeCalling them legitimate studies is cope when it's literally just taking women's word at face value.

>>364851094>whorestopped reading. I don't like rape terms.

>>364842989Ask a woman what they define as smart, and you will learn how worthless they are.

>>364850369>No. You practice a literal meme religion.What meme religion do I practice? Because I PROMISE you, you're not going to guess it. I know you think you sound smart, but you're embarassing yourself to anyone above 90IQ.Literally every post you make is peak-cringe, and you need to take that shit back to r3ddit, because that doesn't fly here. You don't care about "Social-Equity", you just care about virtue-signalling to other non-thinking dimwits, just so you can get "Upvotes/Likes" on whatever dumbass social media platform you recently migrated from.

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>>364851297Smart is what you have to be to make them have a baby with you

>>364843107>women choose men based on what society tells them is attractive>but men choose women based on objectively desirable evolutionary phenotypesYeah that’s why dysgenic fat ugly bitches are still getting husbands and having kids, right? Your cognitive dissonance is showing.

>>364851360Are you just some kike shill who is paid to shitpost to make the men here think all women are as retarded as you? Because it's not a secret there are literally groups paid to do that exact thing.

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>>364851311archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/363942290/#363969608You've done nothing but post meme insults. You don't have a point and keep saying "I am high IQ all high IQ people agree with me if you disagree you have low IQ"

>>364850954>That's the power of not committing 98% of violent crimes.You literally have proof women's crimes aren't even treated as crimes and can't accept it. Lesbians have the highest rates of domestic violence, literally no mean men there to blame. And women beat the shit out of their children all the time often for petty reasons which the kids later have to rationalize as good for them.>>364851234>stopped reading. I don't like rape termsAnything that inconveniences women is probably rape to you


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>>364851792>Anything that inconveniences women is probably rape to youI can't figure out what this even means. Care to explain?


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>>364851934All the facts and sources I've posted probably count as rape to you just because it hurts women's feelings.

>>364849191This will not change anything, because the nature of women has become open. The veil of cultural deceit has been lifted. The image of a woman, established in a patriarchal society for thousands of years, has collapsed in the current era.

>>364851792>Lesbians have the highest rates of domestic violenceThis is a myth. It would make sense for traumatized, molested women to have higher rates of abuse, but, being the peaceful gender, they don't. You just heard this 5 years ago and never forgot it. Question what you believe.cdc.gov/media/releases/2013/p0125_nisvs.html

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>>364852240What the fuck are you talking about?

wheres the link to the article in the other OP? I wanna read it.

>>364851953It's fucking ridiculous you actually have retards who think women are innocent victims of the evil man. Men mostly stick to killing each other but women abuse, fuck and kill the most vulnerable of society at ridiculous rates and its either ignored or people make excuses for it. I'm pretty sure the person I'm replying to is some kind of feminist white nationalist I've seen on Holla Forums.

>>364851647>>364851828>You've done nothing but post meme insultsNot true, I've tried to give structured criticism which you completely ignore and just respond with dumbass meme replies like>"Just meditate and focus on positive energy because happiness is found within"and other fake bullshit that you probably thought sounded super intelligent while you were tripping acid and browsing Fuckbook memes.It's clear you have no intention on having an honest debate with anyone who actually gives you conflicting opinions to your own false-narratives you seemed to have built for yourself.It's quite clear you don't have a realistic perspective of how the world works, and I encourage you to lurk around this site longer to absorb information you clearly lack.

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>>364852770If men could get abortions, their brains are wired to be so unempathetic towards children they'd get them at literally a one hundredfold rate as women do.

>>364852392>This is a mythwinteryknight.com/2013/11/18/domestic-violence-rates-are-higher-for-homosexual-couples-than-for-heterosexual-couples/The myth is men are the only ones committing acts of violence like you keep pretending.

>>364852894You literally just brought up meditation for the first time in this thread. You are making things up, posting pictures of baby frogs, which you have made a religion out of, and trying to drag other people into a pit of despair with you.

1. All girls are the same2. They are all trash3. I am a virgin and look like picrel

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>>364853246Sad baby frogs, especially

>>364853126>if if ifCompletely ignoring the fact that right now the same women you say are so empathetic and innocent have killed tens of millions of their own kids in just the US.

>>364853270You posted this in the last thread. Are you looking for compliments or critique?

>>364842989This only works if men can use the selective power of overt violence as well (as "nature" intended). Women being selectively choosey really boils down to how fast they can run in this regard

>>364853166>winterknight dot com is a better source than the CDCI mean idk mateIt's clear you'll believe whatever you want. I remember I used to be giddy about believing lesbians had higher rates because it meant actually women bad! But I got over it.

>>364853368It has to be an if, because men physically cannot get abortions. Most abortion doctors are men.Men legalized abortion.Most women who abort are told to abort by their boyfriends.Aboriton wouldn't be happening without men forcing women into the wokplace, then impregnaning and abandoning.

>>364853561>the cdc is the only source of information>It's clear you'll believe whatever you wantThis coming from the same faggot who outright denied facts and relied on a fucking what if scenario to maintain the narrative that men are the only bad ones and women are just innocent victims.

>>364853270It's ok Philippene-fren, not all girls are trash; but society has done a good job of fucking most of them up.>>364853246>You are making things up, posting pictures of baby frogs, which you have made a religion out of, and trying to drag other people into a pit of despair with you.You're a nonfren and nobody wants you here. If you keep shitposting like you have been, people are going to tell you to go kill yourself in some pretty imaginative ways. And this isn't r3ddit; we won't get banned for speaking honest opinions and what we feel about immature morons like yourself.As usual:>OP is a fag and you should killyourself

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>>364853419It's because all girls are trash and I am still a virgin. I am 5'5" and weigh 120 pounds.

>>364854086No, they are all trash, there are no exception except my mother. Apart from her, all women are trash.

>>364854079I used to be like you. Why was I so hellbent on wishing women to be as violent as men? I have no idea. Virtue signalling? Wanting to reject anything to do with modernity?

>>364853805>Most abortion doctors are men.>Men legalized abortionA much smaller minority of men who are simply offering to these millions of women the chance to kill their baby, which the women jump at the opportunity to do and cry like banshees at the thought of having this privilege taken away. Like I said no matter what you can't blame women, even when they're clearly at fault.


>>364854445>simply propagandizing and brainwashing women while tearing babies luimb from limb

>>364854445You can't blame men no matter what men do.

>>364854445> Women give birth more often than men

>>364842989It's better to be a man and practice eugenics by killing other men and raping women you want

>>364854086>>364853333Your frog god has spoken and shown distaste for your dwelling upon sadness

>>364854818>>364854086And I do recommend meditation, user

This WOULD be based except the ugly, short, retarded women are still breeding. If everyone below 50k a year, below 110 IQ, and below 6/10 in looks were sterilized (which there is nothing wrong with, because you do not have the RIGHT to create a new life who will suffer and die for 70 or so years) the gene pool would improve considerably and still have enough population to avoid muh inbreeding.

>>364854611>muh propagandizing and brainwashingOh but these nasty violent men aren't victims of propaganda and brainwashing right? Even though some of the worst/most violent men were raised by single mothers women can only ever be innocent victims because muh vagina.

>>364842989An average woman will prefer a dumb muscular nigger with a big cock over a smart nerd. Is this really an eugenics?

>>364855040>Oh but these nasty violent men aren't victims of propaganda and brainwashing right? Why would you tihnk that?>single mothers Sounds like men are the problem for abandoning women they impregnate.

>>364855179>the women you don't like will not contribute to the white gene pool

>>364842989Threadly reminder that white women are traitors and cannot be trusted. Whom is it, always at the front line of some subversive movement seeking to undermine white men and their nations? A white woman with her fist up… Whom is it, always at some BLM protest talking about making niggers more powerful, while being irredeemable mudsharks? A white woman with her fist up… Whom is it, always wanting to “bring down the patriarchy”, effeminize your sons, whore out your daughters, and leave you with nothing? White women with their fists up… Never take women serious, especially the subversive pig that is the white woman. The 21 century white woman was given the world, on the backs of white male inventors, researchers, soldiers, leaders, kings, thinkers, preachers, farmers, workers, under God. And what did she do with it? What did she do with all this power that she could only have received from the Bible believing, hard working white man, under God? Did she improve it? Did she preserve it? Did she even THANK you for it? No… She took it and within a few generations absolutely sucked it dry from any soul, masculinity, or true faith. And the worst part is, she did it with pride. Never has there been a group given so much, been so blessed, had it so easy, yet were so unthankful, so traitorous, and demanded so much more…White women cannot be trusted, they always do what gives them the most validation and resources without any regard for faith, family, or nation. Some men will claim this is somehow “smart” because they are maximizing their “sexual market value”. But is it really smart to be a traitor to your own family and nation so that you can get a guy you don’t deserve? Is it really worth to destroy thousands of years of faith and tradition in order to be a whore and live your days in temporary vain pleasure? If you think so, you are also a traitor. And if you still believe in women’s rights or equality rhetoric, you are a traitor.

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>>364854679You literally blame a minority of men for women choosing to kill their kids. You don't acknowledge that women's crimes aren't treated as crimes.>>364854683Didn't say that, obviously only women give birth.

>>364855478Ok Ahmed.

>>364843122Based and true. Look at all the weak men denying what you are saying.

>>364855527I'm 100% whiter than you mutt. Go worship niggers you worthless reality denying American. You're not a man and you never were, you have no sense, you have no standards.

>>364855525I blame the people responsible for legalizing and pushing abortion. I don't blame the freaked out, terrified woman who is pressured by everyone in her life to remove the "clump of cells" or else her chance at a decent life is supposedly over.If you had my attitude, abortion would be less popular. The more you continue with the misogyny, the more people will be agianst you. Let's see if you care about saving babies in real life more than you want to hate women. I hope so.

>>364855312>Why would you tihnk that?You imply that by saying men are violent criminals but when women's crimes and bad behavior are brought up they're simply victims of muh propaganda.>Sounds like men are the problem for abandoning women they impregnateWomen literally share a minority of men, fuck loser men because it makes their pussy feel good, and divorce much more than men.

>>364855772You're either an anti-White atheist freak (possible for Sweden) or an Arab rapfeugee.

>>364842989So many incels in this thread. You will never have sex.

>>364854445stop being a stupid fucking faggotthere is nothing wrong with abortion

>>364855805Abortion is obviously caused by propaganda. Most other crimes are not.You'll never get rid of divorce by blaming women for it. Tell your fellow men to stop legalizing it. Men are more likely than women to leave ill partners (cancer, etc), which find a lot more disturbing than a couple who met a bar divorcing.

>>364855877Incels aren't real. Virginity is based.

>>364855778>I don't blame the freaked out, terrified woman who is pressured by everyone in her life to remove the "clump of cells" or else her chance at a decent life is supposedly over.You think criminals can't use being pressured as justification for crimes? It doesn't fucking change what you chose to do stupid. And again when the mere idea of taking abortion away is brought up women have a mental breakdown because they actually value having the option to kill their kids and spite men that much.>muh soggy kneeShut up you stupid bitch

>>364855778>I blame the people responsible for legalizing and pushing abortionAhhh yes having more children will stop women from effeminizing them, haha.>I don't blame the freaked out, terrified woman who is pressured by everyone in her life to remove the "clump of cells" The "freaked out" women you are mentioning are out clubbing and have a good old time. "Pressure" is not an excuse to KILL your own child. Is this the motherly bear instincts we have been hearing about? Wake up.>>364855853Whatever makes you sleep at night roastie, you're American, no one likes you. Now you're on Holla Forums trying to spread your American globohomo about equality. No one takes you serious.

>>364856281This person is beyond reasoning with. They're either trolling or actually a roastie.

>>364856204>Abortion is obviously caused by propaganda. Most other crimes are not.But the idea is they're being brainwashed or made to believe the wrong things, and you could use that same argument for any criminal that's had a rough upbringing or childhood since anything that happens good or bad in that developmental stage sticks with you for life.>Men are more likely than women to leave ill partners (cancer, etc)Women are more likely to leave men IN GENERAL you delusional cherry picking bitch

>>364854220I believe in you, user

Just here to comment that I have looked to a traditional, responsible husband for 3 years and have yet to find a man that was not an alcoholic, didn't live with his parents, or didn't have extremely poor communication skills. If I can manage all three at 25 years old with both a college education, a job, and no debt, there is no reason for me to not expect the same of a worthy man. I know I'll find him someday but it's hard to not feel demoralized by what I have encountered in the dating world.

>>364856798People actually think like this so if it's a troll they picked the best method to seem genuine.

>>364855877>I put my pee pee into vagina i matter nowHahahah lmaoing at you worthless animals with your twisted world views. You are not a man, and if you're a troon, you will never be a woman. You are an animal, you have no soul or standards.Enjoy hell.

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>>364857079>college educatedWould literally be cancer to a traditional man

>>364857177checked. good gif

>>364854818>>364854944Who is paying you to shitpost to make all women seem as insufferable as you? Is this an attempt to draw out the>"le all women are stupid"posters, so you can show how "sexist" Holla Forums is so you can get more funding to "monitor hate speech against women"?We know how your organizations work; go shitpost online so you can go cry to some government agency so you can get funding to tackle "Online Hate Speech" so you can get paid for "Saving the World!".If you'd like to actually refute anything I said in my first reply:>>364848008I would love to hear it. I, and many other posters in this thread, have given you multiple explanations as to why Feminism has no place in society. I don't have a problem with women btw; but I do have a problem with women who have a problem with men.

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>>364843107then that is the White Mans fault for letting his nations fall into such disarray.

>>364857090Whatever this thing is it just replied to my original post: >>364855478 with "ok ahmed" within 3 seconds. Clearly they do not care to learn anything. Nothing in my original posted hinted at that i was anti white, i was simply explaining the reality of what has happened. 50% of the white population is comitting suicide, and women pull the trigger. The general rule is any "man" not supporting taking women's rights away, you will not be able to reason with. He is too indoctrinated, too scared, too weak.

>>364857277Oh for ffs, I work in an algae lab. It's a bare minimum requirement.

>>364857610Taking women's rights away is actually the best that can happen to women lol

>>364857413all info/dis-info is all psyops, and the only way to stop getting psyoped is to stop caring about anything. this is the truth, and it's too big for Holla Forums.

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Man wouldnt exist at all but for choosey women

Attached: Female Sexuality is Incompatible with Modern Civilization.jpg (825x1650, 1.17M)

>>364857610>Whatever this thing is it just replied to my original post with "ok ahmed" within 3 secondsFucking kek I really can't tell with this poster.>>364857631College educated women are much more likely to divorce for multiple reasons I could imagine.

>>364857079What's your body count? And be honest.

>>364857079First of all where are you looking to find men?Secondly, by the way you speak, you seem like a woman that would refuse to submit. You say you are college educated, that is never a good sign for women. A good man isn't looking for an equal "friend", he is looking for a help meet that is willing to submit and make his life better. A good man is looking for a woman to be in his corner as a support, because his success equals your success anyway.>extremely poor communication skillsTime to wake up to reality woman, men cannot read your mind. You cannot expect every man to be some master at game and know how to push your buttons just right. Sometimes you have to compromise and put in some effort. Men do not exist for your "fun", men do not exist to "make you wet". Make yourself wet if you're so useless.

>>364856204>Abortion is obviously caused by propagandaLmaoAbortions are caused by raping and incapable men.

>>364843107first post worst post

And who filters out women? Tired of mentally ill, landwhales, womanlets and so on breeding.

>>364842989tits or gtfo

>>364850079>picrelI saw that coming from a mile away. Pisslamists vote as a single block to promote pisslamism wherever they go, and turn those places into Islamic states. Happens everywhere in India wherever mudslimes are in the majority. Now you have this incestuous cunt trying to introduce "muh anti-Islamophobia" laws, so that you can't even criticize her shitty sandnigger political cult masquerading as a religion, let alone do anything to stop it.

>>364858071Exactly, and these weak "men" claim to fight for women. But they are supporting the thing which hurts women the most, by giving them power they cannot handle... Weak men and stupid women, welcome to this reality.

>>364858702>Abortions are caused by rapingLess than 1 percent are caused by that

>>364857602>then that is the White Mans fault for letting his nations fall into such disarray.Kindness is our biggest weakness.But our patience has its limits. It's crazy how ignorant people are of just how much White People have brought to civilization; and I recognize other races have helped contribute as well, but you would be a fool to ignore the fact that modern society exists thanks to the creations of "crazy white people" doing autistic shit.

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All men who genuinely hate women are broken in some way; misogyny is a purely feminine feeling. Women hate other women. Male view of women - paternalistic arroganceHatred and fear of women also lead to other pathological behavior patterns. A lack of female attention and love, a traumatic romantic experience, or problems with the mother can be very damaging to the psyche if allowed to blossom into hatred.One of the consequences is simply anger and despair. Women despise desperate men, which makes desperate men even more desperate - a vicious circle.There is not enough talk about another danger: sodomy and “transgender ideology”. Real hatred of women is usually a characteristic of homosexuals who do not need women and look at them with a mixture of envy and rage.The opposite effect is also observed; if you convince yourself for a long time that women are evil, and you need to live without them ... You yourself understand that with time and the continuation of the distortion of consciousness, unnatural inclinations may appear.Obsessing over what women think and how they behave is also the first step towards "becoming a woman."

>>364858786They wouldn‘t even exist anymore as of now if men wouldn‘t have tried to fuck with female breeding selection since thousands of years because every mongoloid troglodyte felt like he deserves to impregnate at least one womb. The scum of humanity that still is hindering everyone‘s evolution is the direct result of women not having been allowed to only breed with high value men of their own choosing.

>>364843122Checked and Basedyoutu.be/pOmXiapfCs8


>>364858692It's funny to point this out to modern women, too. A common pattern I see with a lot of them is that they, like that femanon (assuming it even is one and not a larping tranny) said, love to tout their "muh fancy college degree" as if it's supposed to be something appealing to men when in reality none of us could give a flying fuck.

>>364847092Wait if that's real, that's absolutely fascinating. Terrifying, don't get me wrong, but the concept is very interesting. There's a great horror movie idea in there, maybe something about aliens. Aliens and H. P. Lovecraft.

>>364858876Based Indiafren. I know you guys get a lot of undeserved hate too. There's just something about the Desert-dwellers that seems to make them act so schizo... Must be too much sun or something in the water...

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>>364850498No one asked, simp.

>>364857631Do you think the person asking the question fit your requirements?


>>364860279>asking the questionI mean making the statement/saying the thing