No more buckwheat in shops.And I was stupid enough to not have reserves

No more buckwheat in shops.And I was stupid enough to not have reserves.

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>>364842234We might be coming for you soon.

Do you genuinely enjoy buckwheat? That stuff tastes like straw

>>364842762You have a different taste palette from us, Juan.

>>364842234I'm in America where we never have food shortages. Even so I have months of food stored just in case. It's only been a week and you're already starving?

>>364842762Buckweat is amazing, especialy with some salted butter and chiken broth. I have like 3 dozen packs stored just in case

>>364842762kasha is great, the green shit americans call buckwheat is horrendous

>>364842762the peasants do not have access to real food. like a medieval serf, content to slurp on gruel for sustinence.


>>364842762you should try adding some to your next soup!

>>364842234I’m nearly out myself, havent bought any for three weeks now. Hoping the prices haven't been increased too much.>>364842762eat real food

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>>364842234Tartary buckwheat tea is delicious

>>364842762>That stuff tastes like strawHave you tried boiling it before eating?

>>364842762>what is sour creamgo eat corn then, retarded mutt

>>364842234I hope estonians are raped by russians. Estonia needs to be denazified

>>364843462>greennever seen green buckwheatalso, buckwheat pancakes are great

>>364842762I kind of like it, it has an earthy and nutty taste but I rarely ever eat it. I boil it in water and eat it salted with butter.

>>364842762Yes, eastern europoors enjoy poor people food.

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>>364842234the fuck is buckwheat? is it ajda?

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>>364842234I guess Russians are sucking out every product they can from Estonia? I noticed Tavex is out of gold.

>>364845298>>364845613I don't think I've ever seen buckwheat, I have seen buckwheat flower but until now I haven't noticed that I actually don't know what buckwheat is.

>>364842525dont you dare take his buckwheat

>>364845470mcdonalds and supermarket food is poor people food

>>364845684no, it is because of sanctions

>>364845613Is this snow and raisins?Why are you so poor?

>>364842234>No more buckwheat in shops.>And I was stupid enough to not have reserves.sounds like you live in a medieval village, your country and your women are so shit, it is all so leftist and garbage. i hope Russia rolls over you quick, I wouldn't want that on my border

>>364845953who put sanctions on you? who is taking your buckwheat?

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>>364842234I have about 20kg of the stuff and can order more through wholesalers. Is it worth it to get a stockpile? (I run a shop)

>>364842762It's a great source of protein. You just can't cook for shit. It's also cheap (was)

>>364845817just not a staple grain in the USjust like sorghum

>>364845962this bowl alone is more nutritious than all the food you ate last week combined

>>364842234Just buck brake regular wheat to turn it to buckwheat

>>364842762That thing tastes good with some ground nuts and minced meat and onion. Sour cream for dressing.

>>364842762Put some butter on it dumbass, buckwheat is good eating.

>>364846140>(I run a shop)give me job lad

>>364842883Nah he's just a yankee. We eat it here too.

>>364842762It's what poor people eat who can't afford real animal foods. Eastern europeans are poor.

>>364846066>i hope Russia rolls over you quick, I wouldn't want that on my border

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>>364843344yeah, sauté some chickpeas in paprika and then mix with fresh diced garlic, pepper sauce and lime juice. a bowl of mashed potatoes or polenta are good mixed with a little wasabi or horseradish and chicken broth poured over

>>364846140I'm selling at £0.39 - 100g. How does that compare elsewhere?

>>364842234We make a buckwheat dessert for funerals.yea were retarded

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>>364843472Criminally underrated


>>364846398and you

>>364845962>Is this snow and raisins?>Why are you so poor?Even snow is brown in america

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>>364845613mystery brown stuff (cant even tell if its super prosessed meat or some super prosessed vegvetable stuff.. fucking wow) with over cooked carrot?

>>364843462>>364843462>the green shit americans call buckwheat is horrendousI have no idea what you're talking about. Have you ever even been here? We have buckwheat here. It's brown, and it's delicious. We also have just about every grain on earth available to us. I eat buckwheat, farro, amaranth, groats (whole oats), you name it.

>>364846374>animals>foodchoose one

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friendly reminder, eat your buckwheat gymratbros

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>>364846760Are you vegetarian? I am thinking of becoming one

>>364846760I would eat that

>>364842762I like it as add to meat stews

>>364842234Eat real food

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>>364845470You eat nothing but corn syrup and oil all day.

>>364846760>Australian>FreeChoose one

>>364846374>can't afford real animal foodsWe eat buckwheat with meat, you retard

>>364846919American diet Healthy dietpick one

>>364842234You serious? I know that they don't really plant a lot of buckwheat in favor of planting wheat. I wonder what's the reason. Wheat can pretty much only be used for bread and dough and they process it so that doesn't even have any nutrition only pure CH. Very weird.I love buckwheat too, man, and it's supposed to be good dietary food ass well

>>364846844white rice chud

>>364842234Consider this: the crop sowing season in Ukraine is most likely fucked for this year. No fertilizer from Russia and Belarus. No sales from Russia's new harvest to EU.

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>>364846066just kys lapdog..

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>>364846511That actually looks delicious. It's probably buckwheat with sugar and eggs and other things baked into a cake, right? I'd eat that in a heartbeat. No hedgehog goulash for me though, sorry! kek

>>364842234Lesson learned. Thank you.How much would you keep if possible? I only got 5 or 6 kg and probably ahould stack up on grains now with the embargo.

>>364846859You'd eat a raccoon's anus if it was sauteed in butter then deep-fried in lard.

>>364847159please buy through local shop, we need the custom.

>>364847088american diet is 90% protein from kike and nigger semen

>>364847116holomdor 2.0 please god make it happen. I hate hohols so much it's unreal

>>364846950>You eat nothing but corn syrup and oil all day.Here in Minnesota (minisharty as we call it) you can get cornsyrop and oil shake for the TEN BUCKS, its great, we call it the THE SOMALIAN ENEMA-Buck TardwaterMinisharty

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>>364847099Doesn't even compare. Buckwheat has more nutrient than either of the two. Brown rice has slight higher fiber content and a slight increase in certain nutrients. Nothing touches buckwheat.

>>364846950That's entirely dependent on which American you're talking about. If you mean your average city- or suburban-dwelling American, then yes, but not me, and not a lot of Americans. There are plenty of us who know how to feed ourselves and source good, wholesome food. To give you an idea: I haven't eaten fast food in almost 15 years.

>>364846713it's an ancient type of wheat, original God's wheat, it's very nutritious and healthy, it complements various food greatlyyou wouldn't understand, you have no soul and you come from a country with zero culinary understanding

>>364847138you too, your people have always been rude to me and mine. Russia will be horrible to you hopes up

>>364846196>It's a great source of protein. You just can't cook for shit. It's also cheap (was)Buckwheat (1 cup) contains 121.6g total carbs, 104.6g net carbs, 5.8g fat, 22.5g protein, and 583 sugar still cheap? kek.

>>364845590man that little cricket was going bald at the age of 6

>>364846134>who put sanctions on you? who is taking your buckwheat?EU/government

>>364847638if everyone is rude to you, maybe consider changing something about your behavior

>>364846511Orthodox Churches here always serve buckwheat dessert when someone dies.

>>364846354Niggers do love buckwheat


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>>364846696>Even snow is brown in america

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>>364847418Not this American! I'm on a semen-free diet over here, and my food is 100% certified non-kosher, non-halal.

>>364846950True, but at least we don't call it spotted dick.

>>364846489are you jewish?that’s almost enough for 1kg here

>>364846880Mmmm strogonoff

>>364845613>our national dish; catfood with bac’n pieces

>>364847525White rice keeps better though, if longterm storage is a concern.

>>364848190I might have to try that just for fun. I don't know if I can have Strogonoff without beef though.

>>364842234>No more buckwheat in shops.>And I was stupid enough to not have reserves.Play stupid games win stupid prizes.Your fucking Russophobic country is one of the many western hellholes who supported the war.

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>>364845613Pic related is Buckwheat.It grows like wildfire here. It's basically one of the cheapest grains you can grow, it's just that people have just been sold that bread should be made from other grains, because it's hard to charge people for something that grows like a fucking weed.>>364847843Nigger don't eat fucking buckwheat. Most of them don't even know what the fuck it is. They see it and just think it's a weed.Then again damn near everyone refuses to eat poke sallet because they don't know how to boil it.

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>>364847525>Nothing touches buckwheatBarley, but it also suffers from the same problem of 'half of it was grown in russia'.

>>364842234bought 5kg bag just two days ago. cost like 14 euro

>>364848377>White rice keeps better though, if longterm storage is a concern.That's why you only cook as much as you need. Microwaves are for fools. Take a half cup of any grain and boil it for a while, you've got good, hot, fresh carbs. No need to reheat. Just make more when you need it.

>>364847673>oh no, not the evil carborinos

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>>364848530>Nigger don't eat fucking buckwheat. Most of them don't even know what the fuck it is.Monkey hears "buckwheat" and thinks of this kid:

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>>364849107They literally think it's a racial slur because some nog in a television show was named it. That's how thin skinned they are. It's really fucking stupid.

>>364848530This might be important for my futureHow to boil?

>>364848140Minimum wage here is over £9.00 an hour. >>364846326There are a tonne of jobs in retail and hospitality atm.

>>364848571In Denmark children still grow up on rye bread and that's probably as close you can get to something as good as buckwheat, and I think it beats barley in terms of antioxidant effects, but not nutritionals compared to buckwheat. Buckwheat will always be king.A childhood favorite is barley porridge with canned pears but I can't find it on any shelf any more. The reason probably is we became too wealthy for that and jumped to frozen Dr. Öetker mozarella pizzas jumping on the consoomer train mid 90ties.Few countries grow rye, but you'd be perfectly fine with just two of the stables, including oats, for a health perspective.In my book: Buckwheat>rye=oats>barleyI dislike how so-called wealthy we Danes became. It came way too fast and now we build shitty houses, eat food not as good as our grandparents grew themselves and indebt our young to a worsening financial system where we burn our grains when the market fundamentals shows themselves to be unsustainable.

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>>364842234Look at all these buckwheat eating soiboys

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>>364850445Don't eat the fruit.Boil it and I mean roaring boilstrain the plantDrain the entirety of the water out, dry the pan.Fill it with waterRepeat from step one.If you think you've boiled it enough, do it two more times. Minimum three.Think of it like Pufferfish Spinach. Don't fuck it up or you WILL die, painfully. It grows all over the fucking place. My grandmother would literally stop the fucking car on the side of hide ways to pick it. It grows all over the place and unless you live in certain areas of the South most people do not know you can eat it. It's bland. You're welcome.

>>364847088I bet you eat meals that don't involve anything being killed

>>364851147Thanks dudeHopefully i dont fucking die lol

>>364847774Good job, honestly I don't care about Ukraine, they brought it to themselves.If I can't get cheap food and gas from Russia, I will be mad.The Jewish bankers already increased my taxes twice before corona and during corona and now again I am not paying for this

>>364851312you know, buckwheat is great with a sausageare you also this butthurt about potatoes?

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>>364842234Hehe I have over 30 kg of this God sent grain. Pan frying onions, mushrooms and minced meat rn. Gonna throw it all in with some butter.

>>364843465peasants actually were healthier and lived longer than kingskings ate fancy food and had no limits, so got fat and died early

>>364842234>No more buckwheat in shops.There is no way they dont grow it outside of russia.

>>364842234>Buckwheat status: Broken

>>364842762Buckwheat is fucking based af

>>364847673>121.6g total carbs, 104.6g net carbsThese carbs are okay.

>>364851940Where is buckwheat?? This pale mush on the left? It's cooked to fuck my guy, grains should be soft but don't turn it into a paste goddammit

>>364852234from wikipedia:Buckwheat production – 2019, in tonnes: Russia 785,702 China 430,166 Ukraine 85,020 United States 84,225 Brazil 65,255 Kazakhstan 44,998 Japan 42,600 Tanzania 22,443 Canada 18,000 Belgium 16,959 Nepal 11,464

>>364852637What the fuck. We had to blackmail yurop by buckweat instead of gas.

>>364852626yes, it's a toasted buckwheat mush, you should totally try it sometimes, trust mežganci

>>364842762I love it.With fried sausages.With pulled pork.With ribs.With beef stewYou can even eat it with milk and sugar

>>364851662The main gist of it is to boil out all of the poison that is in the plant. You want to boil it out to where the oil from it is in the actual water instead of just in the plant. I'd recommend rinsing it both before and after each boil. At a minimum if you fuck up you're going to have the worst diarrhea of your life, if you don't just vomit your kidneys out. Again at worst you'll die of kidney; liver failure.Good news is you can basically freeze it for a loooong ass time and it'll still taste the same after your heat it up. My grandmother use it like a replacement for greenery in food.In regards to taste it's comparable to spinach with a bit of a earthy taste to it. It's not bad, it's just bland for what it is. I always have some frozen. Then again if you boys really want a survival food that will last indefinitely. Pemican. You can toss in a bunch of random shit for taste like fruit and if you can vacuum seal it, it pretty much lasts forever.>>364853018We make pancakes and pastries with it.

>>364852960Roasted you say? Hmm. That actually sounds like it can work. I'll have to try it.

our shops are out of it as well >>364843344you must be from soviets too

>>364853018I like the most when it's mixed with some fried mushrooms and onions.


>>364853177it was made for BKK

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>>364852626We do something similar here in the Southern US ruskie with grits. It's more of a porridge, but you can literally add anything to it as it's tasteless.Want something sweet?>Grits and sugarWhat something savory?>Butter and SaltSpicy?>Hot sauceBreakfast?>SyrupHung over?Scramble and egg and throw in some pepper and pour in some rum.

>>364853118europeans routinely eating incredibly poisonous plants is beyond based

It's amazing how most comfy and enjoyable thread on Holla Forums right now is one were talk about buckwheat.

>>364842762Buckwheat tastes good and has tons of protein

Fry buckwheat like popcorn and steep into a tea, taste delicious, called soba cha in Japan. You can also eat buckwheat popcorn its good too.

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>>364854058>EuropeansNigger it grows in the Southern UN. Pic relatedEuropeans will think it looks like a weird elderberry bush


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>>364851940I don’t understand what I am looking at, it’s like an image that simulates a stroke vision.

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Eat something else. Just stop being poor lmao

>>364842234Take lentils pill. I bought them because muh protein big muscles and they are very tasty. Didn't eat buckwheat since childhood, have PTSD thinking about them.

>>364855233topkek, you grew up eating nothing but buckwheat, didn't you?

>>364854983>Buckwheat mash>Diced apple>sauerkraut>kielbasaNot sure what the topping is. Chickpea maybe.


>>364842234Lol if you want to pay

>>364842234I stopped eating it after many people including my family members got glyphosate poisoningFor a union that prides itself on being eco, organic and gay, there's something really funky going on with our food.

>>364843044yeah, i keep months of food stored in my belly, face and neck.

>>364846760I choose the animals, that way I have both.What kind of a choice is this?


>>364855233Based, I put them in soup or make puree with sausage or roulette.It's still nothing like buckwheat though, more like beans.

>>364847116You sent more than enough soldiers, Ukranians have fertilizer for another 5 years

>>364842762>That stuff tastes like strawYeah on your place I'd just stick to KFC buckets and twinkies, you fat fuck.

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>>364842525Your country will starve before you invade Estonia

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>>364846511>buckwheat dessertI can understand semolina, but buckwheat? Come on.

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>>364842762Buckwheat mostly goes in soups over here. Or you eat it with fatty pork as a topping.

>>364842762I lived by a Russian store and started replacing rice with it for health purposes. It's extremely healthy compared to rice and tastes pretty good. No wonder these fuckers survive insane Russian weather.

>>364842762Buckwheat pancakes might be the best possible breakfast food.

>>364842234??? Estonia is safe no? If you are female and want some BBC who wll keep you warm at night come to Germany. I'll treat you right.

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