This is a finnish prime minister. Say something nice about her

this is a finnish prime minister. Say something nice about her.

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>>364842205Uhhh, what's going on here? Is this supposed to be funny? Or is this someone saying that they have her kidnapped?

>>364842106She looks good with cat ears.

I'd bump her cervix.

>>364842106Built for big refugee cock

>>364842106Please god let me be part of the partisans who get to make her my warbride

>>364842732I see you have a good taste in women Ahmed

>>364842745R A R E!

>>364842106Built for one thing only...

I would finnish inside her if you know what I mean

>>364842106lääh tyllerö,,,


>>364842106You plowed that recently didnt you?

>>364842106I would love to turn her onto her front and slowly pull her pants down. Then, once her butt is exposed, I would softly tickle her bum cheeks, cautiously sliding my soft fingers towards her ass crack. Then, I glide my fingers up and down the crack, ever so slightly pressing them in towards her hole. And when she thinks I’m about to touch her anus, I pull away. Then I start to kiss her ass and just like my hands, I start to circle the crack, led by my tongue. She knows what’s coming next but cannot wait any further. With haste she reaches around with both hands and pulls her ass cheeks apart showing off her pink little stink-hole. I have a quick sniff of the aroma then I slurp the hole and taste her most intimate part. I feel the pink anus pucker for me as she begs my tongue to go deeper. I fuck her ass with my tongue until she cums and her anus is clean. Then, we lie next to each other, kissing each other while smelling and tasting her butt on my lips.

>>364842832it's a man, inshallah.

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>>364842106How many dongs she blowed to get there?

>>364843002>I would softly tickle her bum cheeks,eggs

>>364842106I'd Finnish in her if you knowhutImean

>>364843089brutal mog

>>364842106Why does she dress like this? It isn't appropriate

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>>364842106She has a nice pair of tits.

>>364842106never understood the obsession over sanna(autistic finns forcing her, they are the most annoying posters on website) sanna is fugly and looks like a man, her head is too big, nothing womanly about her at all, probably has a roast beef pussyi prefer natalia, she looks like a real woman, not to mention she likely has a perfect innie pussy accompanied by a nicely trimmed landing strip

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>>364842106You have nice women finnbros. Why so many neets?

>>364843105She probably showed the smallest quantity of initiative and respect which is more than what any of you pathetic excuses of men have shown in your entire lifetime.

>>364843252her ass is the real deal

>>364842639This!She should wear them more often

>>364842106She is pretty but will be unable to lead in a war situation. As with all female leaders.

>>364842106Post natural pics without make up, angles and filters. She is a 5 at best.

Reminds me of that russian voyeur pornstar uhhhh Jeny Smith? Anyone know

>>364842557You must be new

>>364842106She can finish me off anytime she wants

>>364842106She clearly spends too much time on her appearance. She should focus more on her job as a state leader.

>>364843089kill, fuck, marry, kill

>>364843242wahmen think they can dress up like they're going to a party/event when in reality they should dress formaly

>>364842106>>364843089my estimation of finland as a country just fucking plummeted

>>364842106finish women smell like off milk

>>364843342Most finns hate her. She wasn't even elected as the prime minister and got in power after the previous chairman of her party got caught of corruption. The next election is in a year and she won't be heard of after that.

>>364843617No, she's doing it right. State leaders are just there for appearances. They don't lead and they don't make decisions.

>>364842106>something nice about her?She is a tool and pawn of the globalist that are killing her people.

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>>364842106needs milkers


>>364844360Found the faggot

Pretty qt, horrible politician

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>>364843342>ウクライナのナタリア&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwjb9ImM4qn2AhUVg2MGHfahDOkQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=ウクライナのナタリア&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQA1AAWABgAGgAcAB4AIABAIgBAJIBAJgBAKoBC2d3cy13aXotaW1n&sclient=img&ei=3JwgYtuWGpWGjuMP9sOyyA4&bih=600&biw=1366&client=firefox-b-dshe wallin' tho

>>364842106I want to tongue her anus

>>364842106Schwab's whore

>>364844070Caring more about optics than doing work is the weakness of democracy.

>>364842205Ok it’s been weeks of this, what’s the context please.

>>364842106Looks like a classy broad but I wouldnt want a woman leading my country

>>364842877Underated af, i do know what you mean, user.

>>364842106Built for BCC

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>>364842106she looks like a respectable woman.

>>364843089Oh fuck not the HR review again...

>>364842106Shes not ugly but shes very overrated on this site.

>>364845920topkek, beat me to it. Shit is uncanny.


>>364842106posting this whore should be met with a lifetime ban

>>364842106That dress hides her fat ass well.

>>364842106She is so fucking pretty.

>>364842106I know that nobody will ever believe me, and I have no way to prove anything, but I fucked her when I was in uni.

>>364842106She would look better face down ass up. It's all she is good for.

>>364842106How many markka for an overnight?

>>364849910Me too

>>364842557>>364844957>>364847043It's in the filename. She was kidnapped for a short while and pics were taken of her while held for ransom. Part of the reason why the public decided to support her candidacy en masse once she decided to run after she was released.


>>364842106>364842106I want to finish in her

>>364854088I’ll believe you for about 5-10 minutes.

>>364843436Post it.

>>364842106>>364842877>>364843922>>364854912Finland was still so comfy on the year

Would sneed and feed

I mean the finnish people no harm, but hopefully this whore gets raped, slaughtered and then fed to the dogs in Elden Ring.

>>364842205Sarah Chronis in Bloedlink

Why does she have blue eyes in some pictures and green in others?Also she makes me very uneasy. Probably a reptillian.