Noooooo putin bros how this can keep happening to us?

Noooooo putin bros how this can keep happening to us?

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damn, reddit wont like this

Imagine having to sell pictures of your asshole, to pay rent. Thanks Jews, great world economy you preside over.


Lmao, now shes gonna have to work in person like the real prostitutes do, no more eazy money for misses nudes.

Get a job instead rubbing your snatch for simpsHow's that?


>>364841067Russian prostitutes have worse deal, they pretty much need to have a pimp who can bribe the authorities to look away. Prostitution is "illegal" there but is still easily accessible due to corruption.

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>>364840694Okay, this is actually funny now.

>>364840694they'll probably migrate to chinese owned apps

>>364840694whores status: destroyed beyond recovery

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>>364840694Finally cheap prostitutes all around Russia

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>>364840694guess they'll have to take a real dick for once, and then another one. and another one. get fucked, whores.

>>364841524Maybe they should work in a supermarket or something?

>>364840694I cant live like a degenerate queen without my simpdollars!!! Dumb cyberwhores all living a million times what their filthy pussies were ever worth.

>>364841957Nope, good looking whores will ask 150 dollars/hours

>>364840694Russian whores can no longer work remotely.

>>364841957Because Russian prostitutes were previously known for being super expensive?

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>>364841524They also just go overseas to fuck or mail order brideThis war gonna give us a lot of pussHope Putin hits the Baltic’s next

>>364842194Good looking whores will ask for 1000 dollars if you let them. But the more whore the cheaper the rates, and I'd call Russia a sellers market.

>>364842194Supply and demand, there is going to be allot more whores available, who aren't gate keeping their pussy behind the internet. now the real sexy work begins

>>364840694How many onlyfans thots are there even in Russia?

>>364842194Good looking whores in Moscow and near areas start from 5k rubles, with current exchange rate is 40$

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>>364842687Meh this is basically fake picture, brushed to shit>>364842381>>364842495Let's face it, they will most likely move to dubai or turkey for 11 months "vacation"Don't get me wrong, I wish you cheap slurs but I doubt they will fuck for 14.45 eurThere are other services, like chaturbate, etc

>>364840694They restored it the day after, they shouldn't. They always said sex work is real work so they should have got out there and continued their sex work.

>>364840694ukes are winning lmao

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>>364840694how is he doing bros?

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>>364840694She can go back to living with her babushka or she can find a nice Ivan who will marry her and put food on the table while she raises his children.


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>>364840694They better start moving their ass at the truck stop and do some field sex work


>>364840694no not the holes

>>364845023nooooo that's too much woooooork

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>>364840694Operation THOTBREAKER has begun. Godspeed

>>364842329They have small heads

>>364843683That’s 90% of the female population

>>364840694death to the kremlin, death to the russian communist shitheads.

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>>364840694.... Get a job?

>>364840694wow seriously you retards completely forgot about greece when all their banks shutdownall their prostitutes were selling themselves for food, like a loaf of bread.

>>364845973And probably quite a few children

>>364840947B-but this is in le based russia! Not in ebil globhomo. How can this be?

>>364843944Eh, what?

>>364840694>modelsIs that how we describe whores now?

>>364847260Unironicaly most fucked up porn is from Russia. There was this website LegalPorno i remember from my coomer days, after some time of producing normal porn they started doing things that looks like depth of hell. Seriously try to look at the main page thumbnails without urge to vomit. They toped German scat porn easily.

do NATO shills think that pro-russia people are upset by this?every camwhore is basically a NATO asset

>>364847700The bastion of traditionalism. kek.



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>>364846535>You know she's fucked for food

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>>364848914good m8 thats how you know she's got experience

>>364840694they are whores anyway, just change the camera for the street.

>>364840694Finland will take all 20-30 age pretty female refugees from Russia. Marriage guaranteed.

>>364846193>death to the kremlin, death to the russian communist shitheads.Based waffle

>>364840694let western people set up sites (like a small only fans) sell the pictures on that site (get your former customers to that site)get the payment back to russia via crypto.don't receive on wallets which are registered on russian citizens on exchanges. every russian could have a wallet, that would be no problem, don't use exchange accounts so that it is visible for western authorities that you are a russian receiving.we as the west are so pro humaniy that we want people to starve. we are so nice. fuck this.

>>364840694Onlyfans is a white supremacist platform and should be dismantled for the good of my black and brown sisters.

>>364840694So why I should be pro-west, when west sanction regular people? Private companies banning us and refuse to pay and somehow I should swallow this and be on their side? That's literally a fucking cuckoldry.

>>364840694Stupid Russian whore using simps to pay for her life of luxury. Sorry cunt, you are now on the Western front.

>>364851224Because if you're not, you're On The Wrong Side Of History™.

>>364840694>muh nukesjust nuke them and shitlol

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>>364851224they're banning faggoty media and degeneracy for you, be thankful

>>364840694Maybe their whores will hang Putin. Finally.

>>364840694Prosecute the OnlyFans paypigs for supporting the enemy!WTF, I'm all for sanctions now?

>>364841585Truly the chosen folk.

>>364841714The flip would know.

>>364841040>"""models""""They're also """artists""", goy.

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I've got 200k. I much can I make importing goods to Russia. PS. I have pilots license and have flown to Hawaii.

>>364851224Isn't Russia doing the exact same plus shelling, cruise missles and cities reduced to rubble for 44 million private Ukrainian citizens? Reap what you sow. Should have just stuck to the meme war that you were winning

>>364840694OnlyFans should be their side job, not their main job.

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>>364854535>Isn't Russia doing the exact same plus shelling, cruise missles and cities reduced to rubble for 44 million private Ukrainian citizens?Oh yes, that's me. I'm doing this. I'm working home getting money from patreon, while killing ukrainians and I also fuck your nigger faggot dad. All simultaneously, how can you tell?

>>364840694Oh noo!!!I have to suck tons of dicks for 100 ruble each to pay rent.

>>364855157You forgot this

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>>364850669Then there will be a big enough russian minority to invade and protect them

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>>364855157And regular Ukrainians were shoving nukes they don't have up your ass when they had just as bleak a life before this but with less weapons than you drunken vatniks? Don't cry from the pain your country created. Instead, direct all your anger into terrorizing your leadership - generals, police, government officials etc. There's 144 fucking million of you vs a few hundred thousand of them and you've got nothing to lose at this point. Won't even take much - most of them are cowards who have never been challenged and actually are just at poor and miserable

>>364855876>direct all your anger into terrorizing your leadershipWhy? It's not them who ban me. It's you.You are so fucking retarded it hurts.

>>364840694They will have to actually rent their cunts now to make ends meet


>>364855731We already have 80000 of them...and none want go back to Russia.

>>364856138Western platforms want nothing to do with you because of the actions of your government. That same governmwnt cannot provide domestic alternatives to those western platforms and they went into this war knowing they'd get sanctioned.Any money you earn will be spent on the local economy, and therefore boosts the income of the state. That's why all sanctions have to apply to normal citizens as well.

>>364841040This fucking killed me

>>364856138How drunk are you right now Ivan? I hope you've got at least a few liters of bathtub vodka in your belly to be making these kinds of statements. If not, then Russia should just fire all its nukes at itself because you are too stupid to survive in this world

>>364857268Whatever mutt, it's far beyond your intelligence reach to undestand difference between government, private companies and regular people. That's why you are living in 1984. That's why your kids will be castrated and made into trannies.

>>364840694should have worn boots you dumb whore

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>>364840694Is this supposed to be bad for Russia? Hell, we should attack Ukraine too.

>>364840694If there's one good thing that comes out of this war, it's this

>>364840947They may be showing pictures of their assholes, but you're the one being an asshole.

>>364840947prostitution is the worlds oldest profession

>>364840694they'll have to go back to whoring the usual way

>>364840694She can just prostitute herself the old fashion way.She’ll be fine.

>>364842381Notably, I think it's reverse. Whores will decline in Russia and increase in the west. You'll see.

>>364855157this desuthe hypocrisy of all these lefty niggers who now treat every Ivan like he's personally beheading Ukies is fucking annoying.

>>364840694ohh no whores will have to find decent jobs now noooo....

>>364847737>every camwhore is basically a NATO assetthis guy gets it

>>364857671You have a dozen thieving rats who hold 90% of all your wealth in private hands, including your little monkey dictator Putin. He spent all your money on shit military hardware instead of real industry forcing you to beg for the products of those industries in the west. Now when he acts like a thieving sociopath to his neighbors, the west says fuck you to all the foolish cowards who keep him and his oligarch friends in power. But go ahead and keep drinking to dull the pain instead of removing the source of all your troubles - the shitty government that's stolen trillions of your PRIVATE wealth for decades

>>364840694How can I support Alice Delish? Other than marrying her (which she refused)

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>>364853098smuggling is an ancient business.

>>364855157Mutt status: BTFO.

>>364840947Imagine blaming Jews for women's behavior since time immemorial

>>364840694Not the Russian camwhorinos!

>>364858843Simps will be gassed 1st.

>>364850959if russian people dont get rid of pootin they deserve whats coming to them

>>364840694Marry Igor and settle.(Igor is the only one that will take you in, you whore)

>>364840694Oh nooo looks like they will have to go to America and Czech Republic again to do real porn and not just tease simps all day. How horrible I hope I never see tight young Russian girls getting pounded in the ass.


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>>364840947virtually no one has to resort to cam-whoring to pay rent. they chose it over other jobs.