Will Russia ever have better oppurtiunity than this to attack Finland and Sweden...

Will Russia ever have better oppurtiunity than this to attack Finland and Sweden? Memes aside is there a genuine risk that this will happen or is it just fearmongering?

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>>364840606Theres no way in hell Russia can invade sweden successfully without nuking the living shit out of itSweden has a smart and hard working people, their army is organized. You will be safe swebroLove sverige

Yes it's a genuine risk.

>>364840606I just might be that they have no troops near border.We should take Karelia back!thebarentsobserver.com/en/security/2022/03/hundreds-russian-arctic-troops-believed-be-involved-war-crimes-ukraine

>>364840606no. white people love scandanavia. conservatives because muh racial superiority, liberals because of muh socialism. any attack on the most perfectest, wonderful place in the world would make all relevant countries madder 'n fuck

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>>364840606The thing in Russia has no reason to Invade Finland, and 10000 reasons to invade UKraine. If Russia invades Finland is just because of NATO idiots

>>364840606Fear mongering.Stop thinking of world politics as if it’s a game of evil world domination leaders.

>>364840864The issue with having a feminist pro immigration government is that nobody will lift a gun to fight for them ...

>>364841021>western rome>illegitimateHow was the corrupt, degenerate and non european shirhole known as byzantium the legitimate heir to rome

>>364840606I would like to see them try, Finland is even "close to home" than Ukraine and has a defense plan with just such a scenario in mind. They are well prepared for Russian aggression, and have a more modern airforce as well. Considering how much Russia is shitting the bed already, that's absolutely not gonna work out for them.

>>364840606Invading Finland and Sweden will cause Russians some extreme casualties.

>>364841284Because no barbarian germ ever breached it walls until western cucks betrayed it in 1204?

Russia has no reason or resources to invade Finland, or anyone else really.Just gotta sit tight and not do anything stupid, like join NATO

I unironicaly hope they attack Sweden.This would force also Funland to join in.Swedes invade Kaliningrad and destroy it's military. Baltic sea and air space closed for russiaSwedish ubots destroy russian coastline and airforce/rocket systems vaporise russian aircraft.Finland fight the ground armies and destroy russian infrastucture. Sweden has small but very good army.Russia can't nuke it without affecting NATO countries.Oh i wish

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>>364840921Go for it Finbro, you have my and all of mummi caracters support

>>364840864>Love Niggersok cuck

Seeing the progress in Ukraine, I dont think they can afford to open a second front

>>364840606'Better'? What the fuck are you on, this is literally the worst of times to attack, they pin themselves as the rabid dog that has to be put down and then there will be hell to pay.

>>364841311>>364841398>>364840864So tl;dr it's too expensive to invade Sweden and Finland and I should chill, stop browsing Holla Forums, the news and go outside for a jog?

>>364840606Well, with the amount of commitment they currently have in Ukraine it does not seem feasible to start a new set of wars. They don't have the resources

I hope Russia invades and installs and enforces orthodox christianity kek

>>364841663Yes, you are safe. Besides, they would come trough us first. Right now, we are extremely safe.w0yna

>>364840606I hope they do. It will reduce fin swedenyesposting and generally improve the quality of this subreddit.

>>364840606It isn't tactically viable to overtake some nations with weak armies, low unity that are not even properly connected to the brunt of the main landmass.Waste of time and will surrender the moment Russia fists Germany.You don't overtake Britain to rule over central Europe now do you?

I'm not too worried personally. Eastern Finland is mostly undeveloped, has few major roads for logistics, there are lots of lakes and is thus pretty good natural defence. Their vehicles would just get stalled in destroyed highways and thickets and while they would push through eventually, it would be costly and take a long time. Russia would need to do it with massive paratrooper/naval invasion operation and there's no way in hell they could prepare and launch it in secret if they even got capabilities for it.

>>364841021>Finland becomes the heir to Roman Empire's throne>restores the republic

Seems like a high investment for little gain, as in human casualties. Also that doesn't quite fit Putin's pan-slavic vision to invade a nordic nation.

>>364840606Russia spent the last two decades finger wagging at Ukraine not to join NATO and then attacked it. Same shit with Georgia.I can already see Russians smuggling arms to two regions of those Scandinavian countries with most separatist ambitions. Any Swedes and Finns might wanna guess what are those provinces? They obviously need to share border with Russia.

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>>364840606let's hope he triesi want that fucking cocksucker putin nuked

Please be memeing OP

>>364840606Finland is hard to grab however it is absolutely not permittable for Finland to become a nuclear site. They would simply nuke it, not ironically and Finns conveniently have lots of bomb shelters just for the occasion. They will live, for the most part.

>>364842331>separatist regions in Finland and SwedenDude what.

>>364841274Everyone will do everything to fight russia. We have a long history of war with those faggots and we usually kick their asses every time.

>>364842752one of conditions of NATO to join it is not to have active armed conflict within your own borders. Russia has been smuggling arms to separatists for exactly this reason - prevent joining NATO.

>>364840606THEY'RE STARVINGNo, they can't attack Finland or Sweden. They're a logistical failure.

>>364842331is russia trying to spin a lie that there are seperatists in finland or sweden? lol


>>364842970You are literally retarded. Or Russian. Or both.

>>364841532>I unironicaly hope they attack Sweden.>This would force also Funland to join in.Russia would lose Kaliningrad, Karelia,... in very short time period, also collapse.No more annoying "stronk Rossija".

>>364842970>one of conditions of NATO to join it is not to have active armed conflict within your own borders.oh no, so we can't join the heckin' natorino the fricking based defense confederino then? noooooooooooo

>>364841451Zeletranny keeps brainwashing our people into joining NATO. Thank God we have a sane president so it might not necessarily happen

>>364840606At this point Putin should go all in to conquer the world with all the nukes and bombs they have with strikes in the USA first. Maybe i will finally die without commit suicide and with a chance of a honorable death

>>364840606Personally, In Putin's position I'd just flood both your countries with guns and heroin, wait five years, then declare you a humanitarian disaster zone, like NATO does.

>>364843598I can already see your sandniggers trying to establish some sovereign sultanate within your borders

>>364843676>flood both your countries with guns and heroinkek i have some news for you Nigel

>>364840606Memes aside they don't have any possibility for attack right now. If they can keep their economy from totally exploding then maybe in 12 months and even then we will already either be in NATO or much more prepared and the prepared part means Sweden. Finland is always prepared.

>>364840864>Sweden has a smart and hard working people, their army is organized. You will be safe swebroMy sides

>>364842331Åland could separate from Finland and Swedes could play the role of Russia. Or ethnically Finnish origin peoples could separate from Sweden (is rightful Finnish clay btw) in thorne river valley and Finns could play the part of Russis. Lavrov pls don't read this and get any ideas now.

i hope they do, i wanna see the nordic union cunt punt st petersburg

>>364843514>antirussian CzechSorry bro, are you by any chance Moravian BVLL?

>>364843901That you're already fucking yourself in the arse with a shotgun whilst trying to inject heroin into your tearduct?

>>364840606In theory all Russia needs to do is wait a few decades, until all western countries collapse under demographic problems, or brasilify in quality of life. In practice, Russia have an aging population, and ethnic problems as well, muslims breed like rats, lesser ethnicities multiply, while russians drink themself to an early grave. I do expect russians to held out better though, especially with all the living space opening up in Siberia, due to climate change. Once their boomers die off, they will probably have a new baby boom, and cycle restarts. In the west though, boomers dying off will offer no relief, since all the shitskins just fill up the place, and they drain all wealth through taxation redistributed wealth. Plus westerners will just flee once countries reach peak nigger percentage. Only rural white farmers left in South Africa, people from cities who were forced to interact with niggers every day have all fled already. I expect the same in west, except the west aside from USA have no isolated farming ruralites, that could held out. Only the furthest northern regions of Finland, Sweden, and Norway could offer relative safe haven for whites, because it's just simply too cold for shitskins there all year long, and not urban enough. But those regions cannot sustain large populations, and ultimately have little influence over what happens anywhere else. In "Camp of the Saints" Switzerland was expected to hold out the longest, before civilisation falls everywhere, but they seem to be nogged up as well in real life.Either way, no, Russia would have plenty of better opportunities to take nordic countries later, it gets easier for them every passing day, and it would be silly for them to open a second front, that would only happen due to extreme provocation (as in, not only these countries joining NATO, but starting to hold invasion troops, and missile sites).

>>364844299Ok Denis Nielsen

>>364840606what would they have to gain from this?They might want parts of Finland, but Finns hate them, so, it wouldn't be worth it to try to take it.but you both should have the backs of the Baltic countries.

>>364844697ruskies have been threatening to invade sweden since at least 2013

>>364840606How would they attack? They are already getting their asses kicked by Ukrainians and the Finnish military is one of the best and strongest ones in Europe. They can't open multiple attack fronts at this point and if they do it's a suicide. Now when I think about it and how the Russian command treats it's fighters I honestly think they might actually be stupid enough to try.

>>364843676We already have 1.5million registered guns. Try harder.

>>364840606Why the fuck we need to invade you. To have more fucking frozen shit?

>>364844052We have special units of lgbtq rapist hulk maa'ms. Don't worry preben, you will still be able to eat your chokoladesnegle and drink beer at work while having sex live via radio desu fämaläm.

>>364844576I don't know who that is senpai, give me a cultural touchstone I can relate to, like Fred Dibnah, or Chubby Brown, you Ikea person.

>>364840606Sucks for Finland but Russians will only kill niggers if they attack Sweden so have at it.

>>364845033Then clearly they aren't in the hands of the right people.You need to give your guns to whatever constitutes your local "nigger" class before you get social problems.The Heroin of course, is to make everybody into a Nigger.

>>364844886not credible. fuck I would volunteer to help Sweden if Russia invaded only because I'm a quarter Swedish.

>>364845085OK, think of a really disgusting english breakfast that only a stray dog with AIDS would eat, but a homosexual bong serial killer with glasses who got fed up with atleast 15 hobosexual bongs.

>>364840864>their army is organizedNinja in Pyjamas are very well organized, yes.

>>364845240>You need to give your guns to whatever constitutes your local "nigger" class before you get social problems.So Putin needs to send the guns to local Russians? They are literally the biggest nigger group of the north.>>364842624Honestly the only way for Russian to fight us is by nuking.

>>364845248youtube.com/watch?v=cyPsqsH8I4Mits true they were mocking them with gay vids like this

>>364845465We have nukes, picturesque and more jewish Norway.

>>364845456My uncle was wrongfully accused.Those poofs all jumped out at him at once and he rape-murdered them all in self-defence.He's just that much of a chad.

>>364842820Russia and Sweden haven't had a war since women gained the right to vote after WWI.

>>364840606probably not, not for hundreds of years maybe. might be too late then, its a gamble

>>364845722that's blatant trolling, lol. i forget what it was but there was some heightened concerns at the time, maybe over the submarine?anyway, Russia wouldn't invade Sweden, that would be retarded. As much as we make fun of them, Sweden is a much more well-liked country than Ukraine.

>>364846130You haven’t won a war since your civil war, and even that you - in reality - lost. Don’t teach sweden about war.

>>364845722>its true they were mocking them with gay vids like thisYou dont have to be Russian to do little bit of trolling against Sweden:youtu.be/l4ihLgWxRqg

>>364846162probably wont have a better opportunity I mean

>>364841532Me too. If Russia invades Sweden we have a good reason to take their country.

>>364845753>We have nukes, picturesque and more jewish Norway.We have nukes? Don’t think so

>>364843613And thank god the president does not dictate these decisions.

>>364840606While there's unlikely to be a better opportunity, he'd have to be retarded to do it IMO.Moving any significant force north takes time and is really fucking obvious to the spysats. The first step looks like a retreat, massively emboldening Ukraine. By the time he reaches our border, we're ready.If RT spins a line about how they're moving north because they won in Ukraine, the soldiers will be wondering why they aren't allowed to talk to anyone in the supposedly victorious Ukraine Denazification Force. Otherwise they'll be worrying about what it'll be like to fight an actual SUPERIOR army on their home ground.The moment the Russian army crosses into Finland, it brings the EU in as combatants rather than the current economic assistance to Ukraine.

>>364843613>>364848067Fuck Niinistö, turned out to be a big pussy. We need a proper warmonger president.

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>>364847272Can you somehow send niggers to Ukraine to die i war?

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>>364840606Fuck it. I'm not going to do it.

>>364840606I think we should join Russia and divide Finland and Estonia between ourselves. Nyland, Österbotten, Åland, Rågöarna, Ormö, Nargö, Odensholm, Dagö, Ösel, Runö, Nuckö and Rickul are rightful Swedish clay.

>>364849655Also, Bornholm is rightful Swedish clay.

>>364848890I’d be on the first boat over to support an attack.

>>364840606>Will Russia ever have better oppurtiunity than this to attack Finland and Sweden?It would be the worst time in recorded history to do so given the current situation. Tensions are high across the board, and attacking us for no apparent reason would quite possibly trigger an active third world war.You can relax.

>>364848890This map looks do extremely based, soturi.Go, grab it!

>>364840606Both Finland and Sweden are EU members:Mutual defence clause (Article 42.7 TEU)If a Member State is the victim of armed aggression on its territory, the other Member Statesshall have towards it an obligation of aid and assistance by all the means in their power, inaccordance with Article 51 of the United Nations Charter. This shall not prejudice the specificcharacter of the security and defence policy of certain Member States.Commitments and cooperation in this area shall be consistent with commitments under theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which, for those States which are members of it, remainsthe foundation of their collective defence and the forum for its implementation.

>>364849827The last sentence there means EU members that are NATO members won't help. It's basically Ireland and Austria who would.

>>364840864Russia would win in an invasion, but it would cost them so much that it would leave them vulnerable to literally any other country in Europe

>>364848610>1 post by this retard

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>>364840606Attack is unlikely, but Russia has told that if Finland or Sweden joins NATO, there will be consequences.

>>364841147So we're doomed, basically.

>>364840606sweden should take back finland

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>>364842331Nordfront would side with Putin in an invasion, but they don't have the numbers to be militarily useful and they're too geographically dispersed to hold anything.There isn't really any region here that wants to be part of Russia. Unlike Ukraine, we don't have a lot of people here who are longing for the 'good old days' of the Soviet Union after being stuck on the wrong side of a border during the collapse.

>>364840606>Memes aside is there a genuine riskConsider this No one other the intelligence community actually thought Russia would invade Ukraine, People just kept discounting it as fearmongeringand then it happen like baldandbankrupt went to Ukraine the day before the invasion because he couldn't imagine Putin actually doing it.

>>364850046git gud @ English, Boris

>>364842331How fucking stupid are polish?

>>364840606They just invaded Ukraine. They're busy. No chance they invade by sea, no chance Finland let them walk through to get to us, and I would legitimately love to see them try to come through their Norwegian border somehow. Only way to get to Sweden quick is planes and bombs. I don't know much about military matters, but I know Sweden is world class when it comes to planes, so probably a bad idea on Russians end. Short of starting a nuclear war to destroy Sweden (and what purpose would this serve?) we should be fine until other European countries fall, by which point everyone else is involved anyway and there are more important places for the Russians to invade.

>>364848995Niggers can't fight. They literally larp as stronk warriors, yet they threw women and children out of trains in Lwów to be the first ones running to Poland with their pants full.They are not warriors, they are overgrown sissies who only attack in packs. A warrior would never leave kids behind to run away.Tariq Nasheed was unironically right. They are all fags who internalized being rape victims. Spreading their cheeks and crying is in their blood. No wonder they lost their continent to Corey and Bazza with flintlocks in uniforms mismatched for the weather.

>>364850166>t Russia has told that if Finland or Sweden joins NATOThat is what it told Ukraine even knowing full well that NATO rules forbid admission for any country having a territorial dispute, and cannot be admitted until this disputes are resolved through peaceful means (crimea dpr lpr coutns as terrirotial disputes)

>>364840606sweden has arguably one of the best militaries in europe granted, that is not a high bar, but still.

>>364843062A polish down syndromer on an image board isn't the Russian government. Stick to reactionary basedfacing on cuccbook.

>>364850835Putin would put Nordfront in prison.

>>364851785fuck this filters. There's nothing based about the cringe I am forced to suffer.

>>364840606ask yourself whyas much as the media would like you to believe otherwise, the invasion of Ukraine wasn't some spontaneous adventure

>>364848890I am for the expansions, be sure about that. But Russia seems somewhat spontaneous in their decision making, as of late, of who to attack, and besides the baltic nations, Finland will be the next one under fire.

>>364851344Your roadnetwork is basically one big airfield for gripens. I think Ruskies will think twice trying to bomb you.

>>364841274We won't fight for the government. We will fight for Swedes.

>>364852047>the invasion of Ukraine wasn't some spontaneous adventureIt is to prevent Ukraine from ever becoming a competing petrostate.

>>364840864Lmao. Swedes will just hide behind finns just like in the winter war.

We'll cut you a deal Finnbros, no invasion but we demand a tribute of 100 catgirl GFs a week

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>>364852204I also watched the video.

>>364852484Will you settle for catgirl(boy)'s?

>>364851387Do yuo think i wanted niggers to fight? Lol lmao

Täällä on meneillään ryssänbottien kokoontuminen.youtube.com/watch?v=kF9KretXqJwTässä on hieman hyvää tietoa venäläisestä totuudesta.Ei sitten tarvii valittaa ettei tiennyt, kun desanttina ammutaan.

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>>364852951Point is you won't even force them to go anywhere near danger. They'll cling to roadsigns and shit their pants to not be drafted. You'd have to tranquilize them and drop then unconcious somewhere near Chersuń, anywhere closer they'd beeline to the border to get back in and harrass women in Przemyśl.

>>364852838Post tits (male) and I'll consider it.

>>364852484Finland only has catboys

>>364851874So why didn't he? They sent a contingent to train in Russia. Nordfront traveling without some BaNnEd NaZi ImAgErY is unlikely in the extreme, and on the off-chance they somehow managed to travel w/o their usual pile of stickers I'm sure Putin could find some.Putin's anti-Nazi sentiments are 3D chess. (Used to be 5D chess, but his cognitive function is declining.). Make sure there's a highly visible 'opposition' that's controlled from the Kremlin, vile in Western eyes (so we won't let our governments fund them) and vile in Russian eyes (so he won't wind up accidentally funding his own replacement.)

Our parties are proposing raising our military expenditure to around 2,4% which was our 1990 investment, except our economy is twice as large now. Up the draft and fighting us becomes a fun suicide mission

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>>364847553Hello retard bro! What, you think wr STOPPED manufacturing them in 1872? >uh, yeah h-he, we have now stopped making nukes... n-no we never made any.

>>364854108*1972 ffs. We are not fkn Tataria.

>>364840606media tries to turn us pro nato. wont happen

>>364853093Jos olisimme vain äänestäneet Torvaldsin voimiin suomessa viimeisissä presidenntti vaaleissa, niin tämä ongelma olisi ohi jo. Oon suomenruotsalainen, niin ymmärrän miksi hänta ei valittu presidentiksi. Äänestin häntä , vaikkapa tiesin että ääni oli turhaan, mutta, ehkäpä oli ääneni oli osa suomen kansan viimeisiä viisaita ääniä. Jos suomen presidentti kannusti liittymistä, niin ehkä olisimme liittyneitä tänään. Men, tack vare Niinistö, niin luultavasti lähdemme rintamalle kaikki, jos "hullu" putin sitä haluaa.

>>364840606The essential nature of the Swede is an overbearing mother. The Swede wants nothing more than to feel like they're helping, while in fact smothering the thing to death. They've exported this as "nordic culture" - it's not. Sweden needs to be genocided. Their genetics are irredeemable.

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>>364855463>Their genetics are irredeemable.Tell your sister she can buy my semen for one mirrion dorrah.


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>>364849655You lost your chance in the 1800s and didn't capitalise in 1917. You would not be able to control the people's that you describe as rightful clay. T. Österbottning.

>>364840606We have million man army with largest artillery in Europe. There's assault rifles for everybody + 1,5 million civilian owned arms and hunting clubs all over the country which would snipe russians everywhere. Terrain is just forests and swamps with natural bottlenecks which is perfect for guerilla warfare. Attacking Finland would cost so much that it doesn't make any sense.How do you even motivate ordinary russian conscript to attack Finland when they keep surrendering in droves? Nobody wants to die for Monkeytin and his ambitions.

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>>364840606I just want peace.

>>364841669Finland and Sweden combined have 1/3 the Ukrainian population. Finns might be tough but the Swedes gotta be pussies

>>364840864VPN? Don't think anyone here gives a single shit about Sweden


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>>364852484100 bottles of vodka for each femboy and it is a deal

>>364855060Se olisi ollut liian aikaista, ja olisimme olleet vain ukrainan paikalla. 90 luvulla ehdot olivat ihan mahdottomat. Kun joukot on ukrainassa kiinni on meillä muutama viikko aikaa liittyä natoon. Isäni oli suomenruotsalainen ja uskoakseni meistä poliittisesti aktiivisista paskapostaajista suurin osa on jollakin tavalla sidottu ruotsiin tai karjalaisiin.

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>>364840606Considering the state of Putins forces, you’ll probably have no problems with them.

>>364840921Recognize the Karelian republic as independent and send in "peacekeepers". I can't believe nobody has thought of this before

>>364842331This is what happens when you know nothing and decide to speak. Like what are you even saying? Holy fuck.

>>364844299That's called a tuesday afternoon in Tampere

>>364840606what i dont understand is how some of out politicians think we shouldn't join NATO but at the same time think it's smart to send weapons to ukraine, which is the same thing as indirectly killing russians.this action is not neutral and i don't know what the fuck our government is thinking if we don't join NATO after this.>n-no russia we are neutral. your dead countrymen? w-we don't know how that happened

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>>364856702Lower population, but...>Some of the hardest to invade territory for mechanized troops, tanks and supply convoys>Natural bottlenecks everywhere>A lot of strategic depth>Militaries designed around exploiting this, like blowing usable roads, felling giant trees everywhere for blockades and launching planes from literally anywhere, fucktons of artillery and ATGM>Homefield defense industry that's actually goodIt just wouldn't look good for them

>>364857605Hyss .. Don't reveal war plans. everyone knows it.

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>>364857296Ainakin minun perheessä, niin ketään ei tiedä mitä tällä hetkellä tapahtuu.Tällä hetkellä, veljeni joka juuri pääsi pääsi lukiosta on ihan eksysissä mitä suomessa tapahtuu tällä hetkellä. Olin itse ensihoitaja harjoiteluissa Vaasassa pari viikkoa sitten, ja sieltä pari sairaanhoitajaa kutsuttiin armeijaan, viime viikon aikana, ja sinne he myös lähtivät.



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>>364858725Veljeni on tällä hetkellä armeijassa.

>>364840606>russia has 180k troops deployed in or near ukraineWhat are they gonna attack with? Theyve got about 150.000 professional soldiers left of which they can maybe deploy half, the combined finnish/swedish army would crush that

>>364857761>>364851263>>364843266>hurrr u stoopidit should be easy to say how and whydo so then

>>364842331Is this a joke? There zero separatism in Finland. Zero you like that number?

>>364840864>Sweden has a smart and hard working peopleimagine actually believing this

>>364854697Already happened. Pekkas are retarded

>>364859101It should be easy for you to name those separatist areas in Finland and Sweden.