How will shills and redditors cope when Russia wins?

How will shills and redditors cope when Russia wins?

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blame white people

Blame Heebs

>>364840232Win what? The destruction of their economy. Even if they manage to take 100% of Ukraine there is no reasonable way forward for them as a nation. anyone translate this to English? wanna confirm if subtitles aren't troll.

>>364840232Why do you want Russia to win? It's a stupid war, poorly executed. If Russia had invaded Germany instead, that would something I could support.


>>364840723BA (Russian) graduate here. Roughly translated, he's saying that your mother will die in her sleep tonight if you don't reply to this post.

>>364840232like this>>364840662

>>364840232You already can hear only one side of story , so they deny everything and make look like failure.More countries will join Turkey and Mexico no embargo policy. Who don't want to be transit country for Russia? is a big market, very lucrative deal.

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>>364840232there is no win or lose in this, russia will achieve whatever the fugg they want then slink back into their cave.>muh nuuuclear deturrent

>>364840662Lol your already coping. Shoot yourself in the face you demon full of lies and stink tranny not a woman.

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Find a random prostitute that will claim she slept with him and he has a small peepee

>>364840232But literally everyone knows they will win. Why would anyone cope?I've already seen enough embarassing shit from them that i'm content with how it went. Even if they won today, their military is Middle-east tier.

They will learn nothing and be utterly incapable of self reflection and questioning the validity of where they get their news from.

>>364840970I don't give a fuck about my mother, you can kill the bitch and post me the results. haven't spoken to that waste of space in 8 years

By dilating.

Everybody except normiest of normies knows russia will win.It will be a sour victory, as it will turn russia into an african tier chinese colony while it’s jewish oligarchs stay rich and their people stay poor and retarded.

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>>364840232I honestly don't know. Reddit posters have worked themselves into a frenzy and I don't know how they'll calm themselves down. I can't even look at that site right now it's so full of shitty takes.

>>364840232They don't need to "cope". They've been wrong about 100 things before. They're wrong, experientially, on a daily basis. It doesn't do anything. You're thinking like a logical person who is interested in what's true. They aren't those things.

>>364840232But what’s it cost?

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>>364841020meme flag shill russia is not gaining more allies. The opposite is happening.

>>364840232Huge uptick in rope sales.Time to invest anons.

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>>364840232>How will shills and redditors cope when Russia wins?Russia will occupy Ukraine but they ultimately lost. Putin is beyond stupid.

>>364840232By changing their outrage to the next corporate sponsored narrative. Also but doing their patented 'yeah whatever no one cares anymore'.I hate reddit so much you could bottle it.

>>364840232Is there any footage of Separatists' welcoming Russian convoy in the streets? I would love to send it to my normie dad

>>364840232>destroys his own economy>solidifies hitherto scrambled opposition in the West >sends thousands of young men to die for nothingWhoa, based Putin, I kneel!

>>364841419Kek, what a stupid midget

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>>364840232Nobody thinks Russia will lose except the most deluded faggots. However Russia definitely didn't expect it to be this hard. They have admitted to losing 600 troops and multiple equipment and that will ikely balloon even more before this is over. Add a united west and brutal sanctions and this was not part of their plan. Russia is in deep shit now and will likely face an insurrection fairly soon. Russians are pissed.

>>364841609Reddit and the American state are the same entity (at least, two parts of the same entity).

>>364840662I know this is hard for you to understand mutt but not everything is about the product consumption

>>364841317this, our best hope is that they fuck up their own country in the process enough that they wont be able to try another stunt like this for a long time

>>364840232Yeah when Russia goes from being a decent mostly normal place, to a complete poverty ridden authoritarian shithole reminiscent of the soviet union in a short period it's going to be very sad for me here in the decadent west.

>>364840232The Russian military is humiliated on the world stage, the offensive war is going so well they resorted to nuclear-threat and are mobilizing conscripts because their professional army got rekt by potato farmers- that i day 7 of war. banking doesn't exist. everything they worked for is seized. they are bleeding gold reserves to keep rubble at 0.0085 dollars. they have already lost it.

>>364840232just watched the lavrov press conference with western networks dialing in to ask questionssome are having absolute hissy fits. fucking hilarious. and lavrov btfo

>>364840232Will you move to Russia when Sweden and Finland join NATO?

>>364840662>Win what? The destruction of their economy.Lol, China already announced it will buy all Russian gas if Europeans continue their aggression, and Russia is the most self-reliant country in the world, we can live under sanctions for decades just like USSR lived in an economic isolation for 70 years

>>364840232death to the kremlin

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>>364840232The same way Finns do, inventing non-existing air aces and snipers all the while submitting to our boot.

>>364840232how will you cope when I post monke putin?

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>>364840723Zelensky say: I will suck your dick to wake you up and clean your dog shit with out even being told. Meaning Russians get a peace agreement, that they are satisfied with.Minsk agreement was ignored by Zelensky fool me ones you are jew , we will see if kikes will fool Putin twice? What a wonderful world. Bitch say: sorry daddy and love of Slavic nations come back ...I buy Russian stocks as fast as I can


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>>364841460Hey Turkey, aren't you guys always running around bombing people?Are you the guys who are behind all the mischief? For some reason, Muslims always seem to be behind a lot of sketchy shit....

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>>364840232>thread immediately invaded by seething shillsBravo OP

how do you mean when russia wins?there is no russia. there is no ukraine. there is no europe. there is no america.there are jews controling the central banks of all these areas, playing a big show on the world stage to only further rob you of your assets and rights.

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>>364841740based news talking points bro you're so smart and stuff I would have never have thought of that

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>>364840232I actually saw some moron who made the claim that Russia gaining territory, was a sign that they're losing. This is the level of logic and cope we're dealing with.

>>364841992Kek, I was wondering would someone do that.

>>364841865i usually reply with this

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>>364840232It's looking like a pyrrhic defeat


>>364841981>muslim capitalized>white is notHmmm.

>>364841865This meme glows, not organic at all.


>>364841865Sneed faggot

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On operational level? Well, i think everybody expects thatOn strategic level? I give 1 year before china realise that they don't have to BUY russian gas and oil ; )

Russia stops deliveries of rocket engines to the US, Rogozin said: "Let them fly into space on their brooms"

>>364841419He's gonna nuke us to save his regime, isn't he?

>>364841740Sounds like projection.

>>364842025I am not a muslim user. But we do bomb shitskins in Syria and Northern Iraq from time to time when they start acting like niggers.

>>364840232NYC is Rootin' for Putin

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>>364842128Pretty sure Putin is bombing Kiev as a substitute of "bombing" Selenskyj's ass.War is always done by repressed homosexual.

>>364840232The same way they will react when all the vaccinated die.Just wait 2 more weeks.

>>364842077>it’s totally not going to be that wayeven a broken clock is right twice a dayrussia is a shithole and now it will be an even bigger shithole

Poland more like Pooland LOL


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>>364842744Russia more like... well russia. I wouldn’t want to live there and neither would you

>>364840232How can you call this "winning" all of Ukraine hates him and even if Russia manages to grab all the land. The populace is gonna go even more gorilla warfare on their ass.

>>364842744pole means FieldSo you say fieeld?Strange and stupid idea, even for a paddy

>>364841740>authoritarian nation reminiscent of the soviet uniongreat, and then it'll stay white while your country gets hopelessly mongrelized

>>364840232(1) They didn't win quickly and cleanly enough(2) They cheated by committing war crimes(3) The spirit of Ukrainian resistance will live on

got them coming out of the woodwork lads

>>364842790Damn, the french tv kike looks a lot like putin’s son in law - jorrit faassen picrel

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>>364843013(4) It's a pyrrhic victory for Russia

>>364842887thats what redditards say

>>364843065He looks like Macron was a father Nr Putin was a mother

>>364840232When Assad capture Aleppo all the blue checks on Twitter were sad but then they just took more behavior modifying pills.

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>>364840232He will probably win; real question is will they become North Korea tier shithole or worse after the war.

>>364841834>just like USSR lived in an economic isolation for 70 yearsAnd we all saw how great that went lmao

>>364841834Sure they will... they were always buying... you just sold them bare minimum since they paid you fuck all compared to europe.

I just want you faggots shipped off to Russia already. I hope the American government doxes every poster here and ships every single Russian sympathizer over to them immediately so they can be conscripted and have their fat asses mowed down.

>>364841834>dependent on china = self reliantthe mind of a vatnik is full of mystery

>>364841697>Add a united west and brutal sanctions and this was not part of their plan.>this was not part of their plan.Soviet Union were under sanctions for 70 years, and Russia were for the next 30 years. Ofc, new sanctions came out of nowhere for Putin, like a lightning strike from a clear summer skies.The amount of copium from you is just unreal.

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>>364841697russia has been fortifying their economy for nearly 15 years now. They have nearly 600 billion in currency reserves, mostly in euros. they have shit tons of gold, and they are part of the BRICS group. There will be a short lived dent in regards to russian economics... but with the krim as backdoor to a whole new continent of emerging markets, it matters very little in the long run. Instead of swift, theyll use the chinese equivelent.meanwhile... the west will slowly disintegrate because of multiculturalism, social entropy and the dehumanization of the human under western technocratic rule. it's a game that will be won by those with the longest breath... and brussels and washington have very little left.The biggest mistake made by the west was unbridled multiculturalism, which will proof to be fatal for them. bet on it.

>>364840232KYS SLAVS

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>>364842486unironically think he'd consider this - die in the return hellfire, rather than getting gaddafi'd by hungry russkis

>>364842565based roach

>>364840232same way they’re handling the bad news about the vaccine. The TV will tell them how to process the negativity.

>>364843549USSR economy crashed after they tried to open up forcing the dissolution

They'll move to the next phase of coping: "Russia will crumble under sanctions / the occupation won`t last 2 more weeks!"People are quite creative when it comes to denying the reality that is against their bias. They`ll never accept.

>>364840723deep fejk you moron

>>364843113>redditardsget off the vpn and 4chan. fucking basedjak faggot

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>>364840232how will russians cope after they have to leave occupied ukraine in two weeks?imagine afghanistan but instead of sheperds you're fighting well organized partizans with javelins.

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>>364843549Well, actually pretty good if you consider we were literally against everyone, even the chinks.

>>364840232Never acknowledge it? I mean they still don't want to have crimea as russian on maps, so yeah, the cope is its not real.

>>364844074That $600B foreign reserve is frozen though, they can’t exchange it or buy anything with it, you cretinous imbecile

>>364841834>china would rather trade with russia than the westLol. China will drop russias small economy in a fucking heartbeat in favor of trading with the west

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>>364844074>The biggest mistake made by the west was unbridled multiculturalism, which will proof to be fatal for them. bet on it.Russia is a multiethnic and multicultural country spanning two continents and boasting an economy comparable to Texas.Russia is also 13,50% muslim.While multiculturalism is a cancer and must be erased, russia is pretty much a face of multiculturalism (in all its’ HIV infested, drug addicted, gangland glory)

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>>364841834>Chinawhy do vatniks just assume that china is going to provide for you for free? lol

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>>364840232Russia is CGI, not even exist.

>>364844414thst is not what has been frozen you msm swallower of emotional nonsense... you cant freeze cash or gold, you insufferable npc. They froze personal bank account of private actors.

>>364840232We will be here to mine their precious, precious salt.

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>>364840232they will vanish, they will like wither away

>>364840232Give it some time and hopefully they will cope in siberia

>>364844833Factually wrong. They froze all dealing with the Russian Central bank. It now cannot make any use of that $600B. This happened days ago, where the fuck have you been?

>>364844617true, but russian multiculturalism is of an entirely different creed; they were very careful to sustain a inherently russian monoculture, unlike the west that is literally in the process of self destruction and self villification.

>>364844028True, 99% of russian population is so poor they will literally never see the difference due to sanctions. They only consume cheapest local products to sustain life functions.I don’t know why you are proud of that though.

>>364845053freezing dealing with a bank does not mean they neccesarily lose their hard assets. The currency reserves are fysical cash, not some wire credits. you'll see

>>364841418In this moment I am euphoric

>>364840232They'll just pretend they forgot about it, like that was with Georgia

>>364840232by killing themselves hopefully

>>364844074Go live in Russia you faggot. This romanticized shilling of Russia is out of control. Just go live there if you dumb faggots think it's some white utopia fighting against globohomo or whatever. You won't because you're fat bystander pussies.

>>364844356>Pretty great consideringThat’s cope

>>364841419J-just you wait until russia deploys its REAL army!

>>364842025muslims are worse than niggers, hope they all get fucking killed

>>364840232>IF YOU WIN A WAR YOU LOST OKAY!??Hahahahahahahahahaha

>>364842565mad respect that you don't believe in the shitskinism but you shitskins are worse than niggers

>>364845557what's for dinner vlad?

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>>364845849ive been to russia, its a great place. even the rural cities.people are so friendly, a real old fashion friendly. sure some of the infrastruture is outdated, but the russians arent materialistic, function over flashy. moscow is amazing, so is st petersberg. sochi is 5 stars

>>364845152>earning 414 USD per month while your country is owned by jewish oligarchs, gangsters and an ex-glownigger is inherent russian monocultureWow. What an upgrade.You have never been to russia and it shows. It’s such a dogshit country and „nation” that words and pictures won’t do it justice.

>>364841443All Americans support Russia.

>>364841834>Chinese Client StateThe Russian always pays tribute the Golden Horde

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>>364846407>being so contrarian that you openly deny reality


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>>364846407and if they don't they're definitely niggerlovers who shill transgender faggot propaganda to their kids, the west deserves to die


>>364846137Yeah man america totally won their wars in the middle east. Whe that us flag was raised the entire country gave up and just let the US do what it wanted! Oh yeah that didnt happen and it wont happen in Ukraine.

>>364840232How many think this is a zero sum game? Lol idiots

>>364840970I wouldn't even mind ngl

>>364844575China will never have to make the choice.

>>364844670that graph just proves that buying russian goods got a lot cheaper for china

>>364840232I dunno you Putin shills said he wasnt going to invade and then said it would break up globohomo what the opposite happened

>>364845443So what they are going to smuggle the cash out, trade it and smuggle it back in?

>>364840970godamn it, this is a reply

>>364845434My country propelled humanity into space, your country grows apples.Also>Let me tell you about your country

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>>364840662Nailed the reddit response

>>364840232Unhinged fantasies about how Ukrainian insurgents will finish off Russia after the sanctions bring it to its knees. Every few months they'll hype up some heckin based and valid resistance fighter, who either won't actually exist, will exist and be a nobody, or won't even be in the Ukraine and be a grifter making his rounds giving talks in the NATO countries.

>>364841834>Vatniks selling their ancestors dirt cheap gasLet's see how that goes for you, China are bending you over the negotiating table lmao.

Imagine reddit insanity when Zelensky is beheaded by a Chechen

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>>364844303Fuck i am a retard, to be fair though i had just got a 14 hour hard shift.

>>364846325Great, so go fucking live there and shut the fuck up.

>>364847105My god, we need to meme this into reality.

all putin shills have is america bad so russia good but they cant predict anything at all they are every bit as dumb as liberal shills

>>364840232How will Putin shills cope if Russia loses?

>>364840662Just Ukraine?

>>364844356pure copium

>>364847105why should zelensky be being beheaded? huge moneybags in accounts waiting for him overseas for the duty he has done to secure US hegemony.

>>364840232>when Russia wins?Russia never really wins or loses. Putin is 70 years old and most don't care about him.

>>364841032>Lol your already coping. Shoot yourself in the face you demon full of lies and stink tranny not a woman.

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>>364840349i thought the swastika was purged from anscii

>>364846936no, theyll use it for trade on the asian and african continents and the south americas.

>>364842646>War is always done by repressed homosexual.A typical thing a homosexual would say. Why do homos think they can Gaslightmen into being with them?

>>364840232forget about it in a day and go on with the next narrative that makes them feel good.the thing you need to understand about those people is that they have no believe in you think any single one of them give a single fuck about ukraines when they didn't even knew this place existed a week ago?they just enjoy the vanity of collective larping as high moral freedom fighters,as soon as this feels good feeling disappears so does their interest in ukraine.


>>364840232More monke Putin

>>364847976they also still open their mouth for the trickle down money after all these wars in the middle east. they know, they are complicit but it takes a while to realize they have been lied to. libs LOL

>>364844028Soviet had a massive sphere of influence. They wanted to provide a different model that USA's capitalism and in the end broke apart. Modern day Russian is much smaller and weaker but they integrated into that capitalist model to get on their feet.So uh, yeah just go back to the Soviet model that collapsed without any of the influence and control apart from main Russia and some joke nations.

>>364841834Chinese will be raughing all the way to the bank as they sip Russian gas at the cheapest prices ever negotiated. They just need to stand back and watch Russia fuck itself. Their profits are going to be colossal.

>>364840349>purge nazis

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>>364844074>They have nearly 600 billion in currency reserves, mostly in euros.kekkerooni me schmekkerooni thats a wierd flex

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>>364840232win what?its not overputin lied about using nukes

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>>364849815wrong take. you are clearly an outsider and doesnt understand the chinese brotherly love for the russians. proven by your ideology

>>364846656You lost to ricefarmers and goat herders, so be quiet and go watch Talqueen-sha twerk on a dead black storeowner for BLM.Lol.

>>364846528>>being so contrarian that you openly deny realityNothing contrarian here.

>>364840232>he didn't win fast enough

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>>364840232We'll find out around the same Trump gets reinstated

I wouldn't get too cocky they were right about Kyle and he's in jail for life now.

>>364841834>we can live under sanctions for decades just like USSRLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLMake sure to save some rubles for the bullet they will charge your family (or whats left of it) :^)

>>364840232Anon, why are you like this?

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>>364840349>blame white ppl>named “based aryan warlord”More like gay nigger faggot

>>364850737>the chinese brotherly love for the russiansLike the brotherly love Russians have for the neighbors they keep liberating.

>>364840232I know somebody that will screech quite a bit

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>>364840349nvm i’m autistic i didn’t read the title fml

>>364842128God that is horrific. He even stuffed his pants.

>>364840232>when Russia wins?And when would that be? 40 million ukranians, a significant percentage of which absolutely hate Russia. All roused for a volkssturm which will surely kill a lot of them.What that means is that there will be a 10+ year insurgency phase after Russia nominally conquers to country, full of armed civilizian ukranians who have lost friends and family during the invasion.Redditors will cheer them on throughout all of it, and consider it based and just like the Resistance and the Rebellion from Star Wars.This happens simultaneously with Russia being sanctioned out of the ass and having a complete economic collapse, having to revert to a literally planned internal communist economy. The Russian army was entirely funded by germans buying their gas. That valve has been shut.This is Afghanistan 2.0 for Russia and the most pro-russia shill characterization of what is going to happen any reasonable person can give is a profoundly pyrrhic victory.

>>364841834>this nigga is looking forward to reverting to cummunism OOOOH SHIIIIT HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>>364840232>he-he didn’t win

>>364840232define winyou mean by occupying land? In Afghanistan it was not enough to win - they went home when confronted with insurgents.

>>364853899sure its divided between security interests and economic ambitions but you will never see china throwing russia under the bus for easy cash wtf? either you acting in bad faith so probsbly an enemy instigator or a young capitalist probably a freshly hatched neolib

>>364846342Pure polish seethe

>>364840662You fucked up burgers. The weaponization of dollar marked the beginning of the end for you

>>364844315Sure, they will hide in the flat terrain of Ukraine

>>364840232>How will shills and redditors copeI hope they won't.

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>>364853988>Jews now cut down by Soviet occupationThe USSR will be categorized as antisemitic within weeks

>>364854996>you will never see china throwing russia under the bus for easy cash wtf?I'd be disappointed if they did not. China is usually a pretty good player.

>>364841295I feel the same way about my mother. I don't usually do that meme and I never reply to those. I couldn't give a fuck if my mother died in her sleep tonight. I feel you bro, I was just shitposting.


>>364840970Fuck you jew

>>364840232Pyrrhic victory which will eventually cause Putins downfall. I don't think anyone believes that Ukraine will win the conventional war.

>>364840232They will move on to next thing

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>>364855149what about cities? heard of IRA? not many mountains in Northern Ireland either

>>364840232Comparing it to infinity war. Thinking of ways to time travel.

>>364840232They'll pause for a few seconds while new orders are downloaded, and off they go on the next issue.

>>364841834>China has promised to save usImagine trusting Xi, lmao, you guys are in for a shock later when he reneges

A Jewtin supporters future:

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>>364840232they'll already be busy with the next hot topic of the week and not even hear about Russia winning

>>364847037> Russia feeling superior to Poland in this year 2022.> First time I honestly try not to laugh since I began browsing 4chan.BRAVO IVAN!

>>364847719It's a Japanese kanji and Chinese hanzi. Cannot eradicate.


>>364858485I can feel your jealousy.

>>364840662We’re $30 trillion in debt. Our economy is ruined and we did it to ourselves.

>>364858173I don't really care about your opinion, man. Kill western pigs now.

>>364858058its in China's interest to give russia good deal to advertise the benefits of CIPS. Russia is getting a ground floor investment in the multipolar world. Its not a good look for china if the first major player to rely on CIPS gets raped. it means their entire investment in that system is wasted.