Russian economy right now

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Literally American economy????

Their THOTs can't even withdraw their OnlyFans/Patreon earnings due to the SWIFT ban.

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>>364839956ukrainian women are not allowed to fight under current ukrainian martial law, every media communicating women picking up weapons is false. ukraine has no current female fighters.

I used to have that video... Man I miss it.

>>364839565Literally world economy. Just changs here and changs there. changs in canada, changs in africa, changs in europa, changs in russia.

>>364840118Literally type mayli facial abuse into bing video search you fucking retard.

>>364840856Why are you being so mean? Can't you see he's Roma?

>>364840127>China foments an uprising/riot to overthrow the Jacinda Arden and install pop mogul Jay Chau>Jay Chau vows integration of New Zealand and Australia with any futureChinese bloc>demands everyone including Cantonese speakers should act chinese and speak mandarin>at the same time, China moves to form a CHINZAU defense pact and sends troops and equipment pointed at Antarctica and USA>South Island splits off and says fuck this gook shit I’m gonna speak kiwi English and kick it with my m8s >chinks harass non Chinese people for speaking English, (((etc.)))>goons and military bombard Christchurch with heavy artillery>USA recognizes New South Island and moves in to protect it from the oppression>meanwhile NZ defense pact with China is in the mail>USA lands in Paekakariki, cuts off wellington from supplies, pushes north >facing fierce resistance from Chinese triad militias and their goons>whole world chimps out at america for its evil invasion

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fuck the pro kremlinists

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>>364839565her porn is 10/10The daughter of a goldmansachs banker...she did not need the money, she simple did multiple shots because she wanted to. When she gets hate fucked, slapped and spit on you can see that her smile grows bigger. i think i will fap to her body of work now.thx for reminding me

>>364842631Hi pro kremlinist here, why should I care for your crocodile tears?

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>>364839956>BBC News >@BBCWorldJust HOW fucking fitting can it be.


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>>364839764Fpbp and actually very accurate

>>364839565who's the qt? looks like a trad virgin

>>364839565>economics is my life


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>>364848047true waifu material

>>364843008>White countries are the same as sandnigger ones

>>364839565it's sad she was forced into that

>>364839565whatever happened to her? did she get married? i honestly want to see the guy that does that. her videos were brutal.

>>364839565It’s funny, I’ve known who this slut was for years now. But I just watched her full video from start to finish on shrooms. Fucking lol. Insane experience. I mean this bitch has everything she is literally from the elite. Imagine being her Jew father and just seeing some dude plug her face with cock and call her a Chinese slut. Lmao

>>364847364>trad virginpffffffffft

>>364849287Yea, by daddy issues.

>>364849287>forced lmao you're a dumb cuck who doesn't understand women


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>>364839565God my dick goes hard

fuck globohomo and NATO

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>>364848934There has been a decade lone intelligence and proxy war in Ukraine started by the West. The US hates Russia because it's not in it's fuggy sphere of power. Putin isn't destroying civilian infrastructure and he is very careful to avoid civilian casualties. All artillery strikes have been very limited.

>>364843008bombing humans vs. bombing subhumans



>>364840127don’t forget about all them changs in asia too

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>>364839565I don't get it. Who's she?

>>364848047>>364839565would breed her hapa pussy

>>364857315a russian slutprobably russianwives

Last time I went there the locals were visibly sucking up to me for euros and dollars.I think I might be able to score a waifu after this war is over.

>>364839565>all commodities prices up

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>>364842631Pro Kremlinists haven’t been nearly as insufferable as Pro Ukraine posters shitting up the catalogue and threads. I went from just wanting a happening to wanting Ukraine glassed for this reason alone.

>>364839565How is the situation in russia for normal citizens?


>>364839956Semenenko haha

>>364843404it's fitting because it's a fake screenshot you mong

>>364856364Who is she ?

>>364857315Go the fuck back to r*ddit newfag.

>>364849534she got a cucked betabux bf pic related

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>>364858609nothing changed so far, aside maybe freelancers working with west and those invested in foreign travel and dealingsDoesnt mean it has no effect - its huge effect on bussiness, lots will go bankrupt, but lot more will reorient on China and as well some industries and fields expected to rapidly grow - the sanctions are blessing to them.So far is not nearly as bad as 2008 in momentary effect, but very severe in prolonged. We will be ok in isolation, since able to self sustain ourself. Of course, those who dreamed comfy lifestile, tourism and foreign trade will be mad though.This development is both shocking, expected and positive. End of hypocrisity and finally cut with fake diplomacy. West is Enemy, we kill westerners, Ivan go build more nukes and tanks - everyone will ge a dacha in Paris and Berlin as we conquer them.

>>364858964Lurk moar cmon dude

>>364855431mayli amelia wang, dont trust that flipboiher video is scrubbed from the net, good luck finding one

>>364840118>>364847364>>364848047>>364858964She just did an art exhibit at Princeton,

>>364839565Seen that on efukt. Disgusting.

>>364859203But NFKRZ said russian citizens didnt want this war, my youtube e celeb is always right!

>>364859401this is so funny

>>364848605until she got gangbanged, creampied, and cocksucking white boomers to spite her jew father, which was hot btw

>>364842991who's that tho?

>>364859401Also some videos of her talking about her art. Why do rich Chinese Americans think they’re so oppressed by whites? A lot of her art is about

>>364859401you could the soulless eye in the pic, we all know...

>>364859898Kelly baltazar

>>364859902her daddy was a rich jew (who thankfully died to coof), why do you think a retired porn actress wont produce that kind of shit art?