Literally how is this legal lol?

>European countries seizuring random rich Russians and partially taking them in>b-but there are pictures where they shake Putin's hand 10 years ago

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"laws" are a joke

>>364839535Because laws and property rights are enforced at the discretion of the state.I don't see how this is surprising.

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>>364839535Laws only apply to those who dont make them

>>364839535oh no that sucks for the oligarch

>>364839535The fact that are people sheering this is insane.Where will this end, after the protests in Canada the trend seems to be, fuck it we can just take your shit.Imagine people going after friends of Obama for droning Syria and Yemen.

>>364839535Because nobody actually has any true rights. They have privileges granted by the group of people with the most guns and bodies behind those guns to enforce their will.

>>364839535Invading is illegalhe is deemed accomplice

why are you defending a rich corrupt fascist oligarch?

Legal? Do you still believe they have to follow the law?

>>364839535I don't feel bad for the oligarchy, but this is not right the slightest. If they break the laws, you can break them too.

>haha yes we want a totalitarian dictatorship that unites all white countries>NOOOOOOO not like this

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What happens to the crew then?

Aren't most of the Russian oligarchs Jews? No sympathy. Pull out their gold fillings when captured.

>>364839535>illegally invade european country>oh my god europe dont take my stuff thats illegalis this level of retardation genetic? or is it induced through some kind of fluorine in the water shit?

>>364839535It is not, they will get sued.

Russia says "we are strong so laws don't apply to us", same logic here. The oligarch can't defend his property so the stronger party takes it

>>364839535Someone, somewhere will go too far and steal something they should not have. Germany can get away with this, but if some smaller, weaker nations do there may be retaliation. Right now NPCs are in a frenzy railing against any and all things Russian. They are not thinking, just stealing and destroying like niggers.

>>364839535>European countries seizuring random rich Russians and partially taking them in custodybased. we do as we please. we are fucking europeans!

>> are the most prominent oligarchs of the Putin era:>Roman Abramovich: JEWISH>Alexander Abramov: JEWISH>Oleg Deripaska: JEWISH>Mikhail Prokhorov: JEWISH>Alisher Usmanov: Muslim, married to Jew>German Khan: JEWISH>Viktor Vekselberg: JEWISH>Leonid Mikhelson: JEWISH>Vagit Alekperov: Muslim>Mikhail Fridman: JEWISH>Dmitry Rybolovlev: Slavic>Vladimir Potanin: Slavic>Pyotr Aven: JEWISH>Vitaly Malkin: JEWISH>Total count: 10 Jews, 2 Muslims (1 married to a Jew), 2 ethnic Slavs.

>>364839535>>364840965How about we lock up the rich fucks who tried to jab us. Go after all the oligarchs not just the Russian ones.

>>364839535The same happened with Canadian truckers, the West use panics to make itself Communist.

They should seize all of Soros' funds and stuff. It'll never happen though.

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>>364844904Why would they lock themselves up?

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>seizuringyou accidentally discovered the truth

>>364839535What are you going to do about it? Invade?

>>364839535Stop them then?

>>364839535I fucking hate normies ,they are cheering this on,who will be there to back them up when the government takes their house because of wrongthink?

>>364846934Because normies are incapable of wrongthink, or even thinking at all. They'll do whatever the state says.I'm convinced you could get normies to walk into a person-sized meat grinder if you told them it was fashionable/environmentally friendly/convenient.

>>364846934yeah they don't think that far they have accepted that that may happen to them at any time. they are just trying to be good lapdogs and sattisfy the rich. like boy they hope the oligarch will end the war they are literaly counting on the frich feeling enough mercy for them to spare them horrors of war.

>>364839535it's not crime when jews do it, don't be antisemitic

>>364839535>Russian oligarchs flee on superyachts to the Indian Ocean Hello, Hotel Moscow? Give Lagoon's number please?

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>>364839535>nooooo how the fuck is this legalIt's legal because it's based.

>>364839535>I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THE JEWISH BILLIONAIRES-pol, ca 2022absolute clown board

Now Holla Forums is defending the confiscation of the ill-gotten gains of Russian oligarchsThat's how I know this board has become a 100% ruskie shill front

>>364849153/pol/'s dead

>>364839535Covid has shown that laws are whatever they make up to achieve what they want and it is enough to write them down after they are used.

>>364839535Anon, why are you shilling for russian jews? They belong in the oven.

>>364839535They are not seizing anything. This is reality TV drama bullshit. IT IS PROPAGANDA. Fiction for the seething and churning hive mind to consume and be consumed by.

>>364839535Same as seizing illegal drugs. The yachts are now illegal in those countries and the customs offices have right to seize them like drugs are seized.

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>>364839535We will make it legal, cry more.

>>364839535>partially taking them in custody

>>364839535Its illegal only if you lose

>>364844344>suedlmaoThey will hide in China or Iran from Norymberg trail v.2.0

>>364839535Let me guess. EU will sell those russian proprities and then feed more niggers and sandniggers

>on one hand putin shills "might makes right" >on the other hand putin shills "its illegal, muh oligarchs yacht funded by hard working russian slave labor for 300$ monthly"You fucking faggots eat a bag of dicks

>>364839535How is murdering civilian men, women and children 'legal'?How is creating 1 million refugees, in a modern-day European country 'legal'?All is fair in war. At least they are not being shelled. And when the rich Russians don't like it?They know EXACTLY who to complain to. Don't thay

>>364839535Niggers are responsible for most of the crimes... Get gibs.Some random Russian minding their own business... Get fucked

>>364839535Babby is learning that democracy and rights do not exist, and all that exists is power. During the migrant crisis Merkel was seizing German private properties and using them for the state. Bank accounts have been raided in Cyprus during the crash. Your rights extend only as far as you are willing to exert violence to enforce them.

>>364839535What do you think where the 100b additional military gibs are coming from?

>>364839535I don't see how this is materially different to what we've always done.America rounded up Japs in camps, Australia rounded up Italians, Germany rounded up kikes, the list goes on. This time they're just rounding up Russians.

>>364852859I should clarify this post, by "we" I mean "power-hungry governments". I don't mean to imply that they actually represent their populations.


>>364852118Aggressive criminals are to be punished. Don't be mad my little gay russia simp.

>>364851957You are right but also transgender operations.

>>364852820>Germany goes back to operating a plunder economyGod dammit Hans we talked about this, you only get to loot and pillage things south of the Alps

>>364841245That’s why violence is the way. We no longer live in a free society. We are basically Weimar Republic. Look around you and online. The only thing that we lack is the devaluation of our currencies and that’s on the menu bois

>>364839535Anarcho tyranny, there are no more laws only power.

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It's all fun and games until there's a Havana Syndrome epidemic.

>>364844362But according to an international law Russia did it right. Educate yourself

This is anti-semitic, almost all russian oligarchs are jewish

>>364841257Exactly this.

>>364839535Based, hunting season for rich Russians has been opened. Let's retake Russia one foreign investment at a time.

>>364839535Government steals everything it 'earns'.

>>364844760Yikes, looks likes shills are ignoring this...

>>364853588You start fatty, would love to put a bullet in your retarded face

>>364839535The yacht was built in Germany so it belongs to Germany now.

>>364839535Because the west is the best. Vatniggers should have realised that before they chimped out.

>>364841245Why do you care so much about Sandniggers? At this point it's tankies, Holla Forums, Vatniks and brown third world shitskins vs the whites.

The yacht seizures will probably not stand up once one of these billionaires send a team of insanely expensive lawyers to tear it apart in court.

>>364839535Ayyy we dindu nuffin, we is good oligarchs. We was on our way to give donations to synagogue and shieeet.

>>364841454Personally I don't. However, our governments have quite happily accepted these oligarchs and their money for the last two decades. Everyone knew their money was illegally stolen from the Russian people and we did nothing. Why change the rules now?

>>364843284Exactly like this

>>364839535I think you all need to take a hard look and understand this is what these people willl do to you if they feel that no one will stop them. I'm honestly surpised this kind of shit didn't take place against the unvaccinated.

might makes right dude...we love to pretend it doesn't but it does...the owners of those yachts have no ability to resist their seizure

>>364844760Qrd on >Dmitry Rybolovlev: Slavic>Vladimir Potanin: Slavic

>>364847289Like euthanasia pods?

>>364854636They are going after the non-Jewish Russian rich. What dis you think?

>>364839535Aren't these the globohomos pol hates so much?

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>>364848682>taking stuff illegally from people I don’t like is based Anyone still having second doubts about living in jewilization on their terms should think again

>>364839535I want Ukraine to win and all but this doesn't sit right with me. Seizing private property stinks of communist dictatoships. They are becoming the enemies they fight

>>364844760There are hundreds of oligarchs in Russia. You've just named a few who happen to be Jews.

>>364849353>>364849688>>364849153>ill gotten >t. marxist npcs

>>364851739Keep sucking upaina’s globohomo dick and giving them billions of dollars cuck


>>364852313I didn’t know Germany was at war with Russia

>>364854926You’ll never be Aryan and you’ll never have a soul subhuman

>>364856266What percentage of oligarchs are Jews and what percentage of Russia's population is Jewish? Just curious.

>>364854464>little boy hiding behind daddy government feeling tough Why don’t you start by hunting shitskins in your shithole pussy

>>364839535Don't care about them at all.

>Muh rightslol get fucked nigger, state can do whatever it wants

>>364855267They will stand just like they did with the truckers, this is the new normal in the west, officially brazilized

>>364856073Well of course. The Jewish ones are untouchable and in tel Aviv. I honestly think Zelensky is in Israel right now.

>>364839535>goes into Ukraine to bash the fash>pushes all countries near its border into EU and NATO>threathens to nuke everyone>#win

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>>364839535not my problem

>>364856266HahaOne of our major newspapers once ran an ethic background of rich Russians for some reason and then retracted the article. I don't remember the exact numbers but they had to retract it fast. What Germans did it is indeed strange and explaining actions such as this by morality rather than law may lead to even weirder things. "Make people believe in absurdities and they will commit atrocities".

>>364839535>government steal from normal people>*you sleep*>government steals from the rich >"THIS IS AN OUTRAGE"

>>364839535you think its not a trick to help postpone monthly debt payments?

>>364839535nigger, all this signals to me is that the western idea of "rule based society" is dead and that no one should have any qualms about scamming, stealing, and copying from the westfuck the west. I'll call my bros and ask them to double the number of scam calls

>>364841454So if you're friend, or you simply know, a faggot, you accept that someone can seize everything you own out of the blue?

>>364840650Yep. After the whole covid fiasco, this should be obvious to everyone.


>>364839535Trudeau of canada basically demonstrated this against middle class truckers. Lol. They're treating the rich billionaires the same. When governments control the banks and money and they say, yeah we froze your bank account or better yet seized, they say, what are you gonna do about it? No seriously. What are they going to do about it? What are the truckers in canada going to do about it? The going after banks deal was started by Trudeau. Complete and total authoritarian. Canada and the US have no qualms about going after bank accounts. Just wait and see what happens. Not even the great evil Russia has done that shit.

>>364839535>haha we r democracy>everyone equal>love is loverussia invades>I EAT RUSSIANS FOR BREAKFAST.>100 BILLION MILITARY AID

>>364841245They are even freezing regular citizen's bank accounts over here. Like, have Russian citizenship, your shit is now frozen unless you provide comprehensive proof of being here for the last two years.There is a point where shit gets silly and we're far past it.

>>364857429>>364855393>Government has the ability to send you to war and die in front lineYou sleep>Government seizes Russian oligarch yahctsWTF This is where I draw the line! Not the fucking yachts!!! Fucking commies!!!

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>>364855815Crypto kikes. There are no slavic oligarchs in Russia.

>>364856472Your here forever faggot

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>>364839535oh no not the heckin russian oligarchthis is truly tyranny

>>364839535I unironically hope for "terrorist" attacks on these assholes for STEALING the property of innocent Russians. The governments of the West MUST be toppled because we are being ruled and terrorized by immature, spoiled, scumbag, evil, leftist children.

>>364841245>Imagine people going after friends of Obama for droning Syria and Yemen.Hmmmm...

>>364843256>If they break the laws, you can break them tooThis.

>>364844222If your military "illegally" invades another nation, can we take YOUR stuff, fucker?

>>364844535>NPCsNeed to be fucking killed.

>>364839535The anti russian sentiment is fucking disturbing, i hate all you warmongering npcs and you fucks really don’t know the fire you are playing with. These are still people, If we remove rights and property this easy your shit is next. Stupid fucking npc niggers

>>364856996That's debatable. Truckers were physically present, and making themselves an obstacle (don't get me wrong, I support what they did 100%) which kinda made them easy targets. The Oligarchs are not using the boats to create a public nuisance, and finding direct relation between Oligarchs and invasion would be highly difficult. Add to that the leverage their money can buy...I can't speak for other counties, but I'd make a pretty decent sized wager these seizures will be torn to shreds in US courts.

>>364844760I hate jews as much as anyone here, but this shit is wrong. Do you think that the West will stop at fucking with Russian jews, retard? The leftist cocksuckers are canceling the steam accounts of Russian teens. They apparently are wanting us to support Russia with their terrorist actions against the Russian people.

>>364844760How many of them were killed or are in hiding?