Damn british girls deserve more compliments :(

Damn british girls deserve more compliments :(

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>shills are back to the typical slide threadsIs the war already boring?

>is you don't talk only about our war you're a shilShills are desperate that we only talk about one thing

>>364838724Poor bong men get no bird eye candy.

>>364838724As do your women, HansI blame the media for pushing surgically deformed creatures like the Kardashians as the height of beauty

Women deserve this for reporting you to HR for complimenting them at all.

Whoever made that infographic had some messed up ideas about hair colours for different ethnicities

>>364838724Many English girls are exceptionally beautiful. I don't really get why there is this meme that they're so ugly. They should certainly be infinitely more confident in their looks than Indians.

>>364840243>all women did thatImagine the punishment Canada would get if we treated them all based just on the behaviour we see from them here on Holla ForumsYou sound like an incel tbhm8

>>364838908Called it

>>364838724SIRS.....MORE COMPLIMENTS....

luv slags

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>>364838724You can't please these miserable fat bitches. They are permanently unhappy.

>>364838724Pajeets are the biggest coomers on earth, just imagine being a woman there, ofc you'd get inflated ego. Any 2/10 is a 10/10 in Pajeetland

>>364840600honestly i'd fuck 3 of them while im sober and all of them while drunk

>>364838724The only thing this pic indicates is that Indian/Turkish/Russian/Chinese women are delusional

>>3648406002,4,3,4,54 and 3 very close toss-up

>>364840600I fucking love slag posting. post more

>>364838724It's funny the top row of women are the ugliest. The bottom row (minus South Korea, they all get surgery) are the prettiest.

>>364840810An how many of them would you regret after?

>>364840600Me too. It's genetic.

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>>364840243If yu don't make creepy comments on their body, clothes, lips, etc, they won't report you. Stop being a perv.

>>364840311I've noticed that here their either stunners or the most ugly troglodyte to have ever walked the earth

>>364838724no they don't they look like a dumpster with 5 kilos of make-up on them, they are anglo scum

>>364838724you probably have never been around british girls>>364840600/thread

>>364841371Neck yourself snow nigger your women come here to marry Anglo Cock

>>364840243"You eye-raped me."

Even here in Australia, sometimes you'll find the true British beauty type, after 5-10 generations here. They can be stunning, the real deal Pre-Raphaelite type with aristocratic features. Saw one the other day walking down the street in flip flops after the flooding here. Could have been the model for Lady of Shalott.

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>>364841188depends who found out

>>364838724The waste majority of Indian girls are fucking repulsive. They smell bad, have ugly facial features, flat asses and their boobs have 0% cellulites. And they have thick ugly hair, feels like animal fur.

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>>364838724More like British girls are the only ones with a halfway objective view.If more than maybe 30% think they are beautiful, there is clearly some severe delusion going on.

>>364841854Meant vast, but they are a waste.

>>364841470go fuck yourself anglo scum you are nothing but western trash, your women are hags, you are a 5000kg 16 chinned micro penis having angloid. Anglos are the inferior whites, they have mixed with celtggers and created the worst germanic. You have brought nothing but destruction of the world. Also our women don't come to uk, only our men do to steal your money to feed their family in lithuania. kill yourself yellow faced negro


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>>364840722ThisHad an Indian 4/10 friend getting upset guys don’t look at her here but so easy to get a bf back in india

>>364838724White women are in the same tier as black women.East Asian women are at the top. Wake up.


>>364841958You live in a world that my Anglo Forefathers carved out. You belong to us, never forget it nigger.

>>364838724Notice how, the less feminist a country is, the happier women are

>>364842362you are retarded, no anglo has touched baltic land, we are the modt pure whites, northeastern Europe is the whitest place in the world. Kill yourself nigger scum. Anglos are nothing but Germans if they were hyper retarded. You have done nothing to benefit the society, Killing yourself would benefit all whites, fuck off celtgger

>>364840243thiswomen want to be complimented, but the only people who compliment women now are men with nothing to lose, leading to toxic relationships, and women doubling down on job-cancelling kulturit's a self sustaining cycle and nothing can be done, can only hope it extinguishes itself

>>364838724>roach roasties think they are hot shit.>HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH

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>>364838724British, American, and Russian blondes are the most beautiful assuming their not fat!

>>364838724More the percentages are low, more its hard to get a gf because you have a majority of self-loathed frigid dumbasses.

>>364838908People aren't falling for the Narrative.How much time did this take? 1 whole week?Sad..

>>364840600the one on the left is pretty cute

>>364841260>>364840600They could be ok if they took care of themselves, but the excess and cheap crap makes it a disasterpiece

>>364840600I would bong them if you get what I mean.

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>>364841260Must be a nasty sex sleeping with these slags. The nastiest fuck.

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>>364840600The middle 3 are attractive, particularly 2 and 4. Wood.

>>364841312Compliments are only creepy of you're not Chad. Women don't want the elephant man to say their hair looks nice, but they are okay with Chad saying their ass looks great in those pants.

>>364846766Sneed sells feed and seed, which is completely normal. Chuck, on the other hand, sells fuck and suck.


>>364838724You mean microaggressions?

>>364842321Well, it's likely that they're receiving countless daily requests to "open bob". It must do something for their confidence.

>>364838724British women are ugly though

>>364838908The only thing missing is made for BBC posting and things are finally back to normal.

>>364842321Indian women are massively delusional, it’s like talking to an Indian man who’s 5’6 and thinks he desireable but even worse

>>364842598Why yes I have. It's as if feminism is at odds with nature. How did we get into this predicament?

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>>364838724There's 2 types of British wamen:- the cover model, from a southern richtown, they live everywhere except britain.- the pub behemoth, high fat diet and only sugarwater, dress 2 sizes too small... aka the refugee moms

>>364841958Many Lithuanian women go to work in the UK and end up getting BRED by the BAC


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>>364838724It’s because women in white or what used to be white were never shamed for cheating. Albeit I an paki, I know indian women cheat just as much. Ironically, the highest eates of cheating come from India, China, spic nations (I’m assuming due to IS flag) a South Korea. It’s just you white boys thinks non-white women don’t cheat, I never understand this logic.Just because non-white women are ugly doesn’t mean they aren’t seeking validation from men who aren’t their husbands. White boys are so naive.

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>>364838908two more weeks

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>>364850455 kys gypsy thief go steal some horse or something


>>364838724holy shit these uggos are delusional

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>>364838724Are parasian women just modest? I think they are beautiful on average.

>>364839989It's because women follow trends of other women when it comes to fashion.

>>364838908Indian women probably are harassed all the time by men there>You very beautiful sir, please show bobs and vagena sir

>>364838724hottest woman are French, South American, Polish

>>364840311We have plenty of ugly ones, but the three most beautiful women I have ever seen were English.

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>>364840311Women from the British Isles are the ugliest in Europe>They should certainly be infinitely more confident in their looks than Indians.This is true though

interesting that women think they are more beautiful in high rate of rape cultures

>>364850582Unless you’re a 6’2 blue eyed Indian slayer who looks like sahib Faber it’s over

>>364852470Hottest women are 90s women

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>>3648406003 > 2 >> 4 >> 1 >>>> 5

>>364841854Then you havent seen Indian women dude. What you are watching is propaganda by Burger land to compensate for their brain damaged womenTake the Indian pill. Women here mostly tend to be Loyal than most women around the world.

>>364838724Poos and roaches live in a very sexually repressed country so anytime they see a woman's face they go nuts. Russian women tend to be more attractive and the chinks are probably forced to do so because of china numbah one. the 65% in USA has to be fake, south korean women all use plastic surgery. French and bong stats are the most realistic.


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>>364838724Atleast the bong slots are honest with themselves.

>>364838724There's literally nothing hotter to me than a good looking British girl. Not even the chink women come close

>>364854128If you’re matching with ugly women that means you’re ugly and the algorithm puts you together

>>364838908Don’t worry, in about an hour this place will be flooded with monke pic threads again

>>364841854Anon, I hate to tell you, that Indian chick you dated was a man.

>>364838724Chinese, korean and slav girls are pretty humble, huh?

Gibs Victorian qt

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>>364838724>when they film the hottest girl in the crowd>england

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>>364854205Most Brits are ugly

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>>364838908Media exhausted all their resources for le covid. Normies’ attention span for happenings used to be 2 years now its 2 weeks.

>>364838724Are their men any better?

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>>364838724thanks for the info, I dig self loathing girls

>>364840600Not even for money.


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>>364838724>Indiahot a what baabhabhiat

thehindu.com/news/national/nine-out-of-10-indians-think-wife-should-always-obey-husband-study/article65183997.eceYou guys would unironically dig Indian Women

>>364854643Hey it's that one guy from Depeche Mode.

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>>364838724its funny how indian women are probably the most ugly of all. So ugly AND delusional. No wonder pajeets try to land a white whore.

>>364838724Women should't be allowed to think they are valuable or attractive.

>>364838908>Is the war already boring?Yes

>>364856162i think its nice they have such good self esteem

>>364850598Fuck of paki just because your gf cheated on you doesnt mean everyone in the subcontinent is a whore

>>364854581I think she's cute.

>>364857632I know Liam, I know.

>>364855668Lads lads lads

>>364838724I love female bong facial structure and dialects. I rate them the highest of all euros in attractiveness and the 10/10 in bongland meme is hilarious but exaggerated.

>>364838724Indian and Turkish women are out of their minds.

>>36485821110/10 in Turkland

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>>364838724They really don't

>>364840243>WomenWhy incels love to generalize their personal losses?

>>364838908(((work)))day starts at 9 for cubicle niggers


>>364839944Pretty girls are in short supply here.Plenty of slampigs though.


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>>364838724They're more likely to offer you their seat on public transport or double back to hold doors open for you, and things like that.

>>364838724>ay yer a fookin' slag cunt oight but 'll shad ye bottom loose iffa getta few pints in me

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>>3648589753 and 4 are the only salvageable Nigel stop coping

>>364859226I still dont know if that person dancing is a man or a woman

>>364859366Who said they were salveagable? Slags are disgusting

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>>364859866>Slags are disgustingI disagree.

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>>364838908>Is the war already boring?Yup, I'm starting to doubt the nukes will even ever come... 2 more weeks eternally resurrected