Stuff you notice but never gets talked about

Some weird but obvious things I've noticed over the years but never get discussed:>Those "satisfying" social media videos about people working in factories aren't just Chinese propaganda, they're also designed to make gen z complicit with braindead manual labor.>There isn't enough lithium in the world to replace all the cars that are currently on the road; the push towards banning internal combustion engines and the general idea of mainstream climate consciousness is only to eventually limit the general population's access to easy/individualized mobility and other basic rights/luxuries.>It's become almost mandatory to be depressed about something. Even the most escapist forms of entertainment are mired in depressive undertones. If you abstain from engaging in some form of depressive thought (i.e. not caring about global warming/covid/etc) you will be outcasted and reprimanded.>Problems brought up in political debates are issues that almost everyone agrees exist, and yet they're never actually solved. Solutions are offered, and yet are rarely acted upon; this is because there's much to be gained from prolonging these problems, as many as possible for as long as possible, as power brokers trade the societal driver's seat with one another while protecting their mutual interests for personal gain.>Toys and nostalgia are being sold to adults now, while sexual proclivity is (as we all know) forced upon children. This is a simultaneously top-down and bottom-up approach towards forcing everyone into what is basically a constant state of adolescence; mature enough to reproduce as soon as possible, but not mature enough to truly understand why it is necessary to transcend cheap dopamine rushes.The character limit is about to be reached, but I have a few more to ad, so I'll continue this in a reply. Feel free to add your own.

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>>364838720>4cuck>posting a thread that's not completely worthlessSorry, ameribro, this is the toilet where people go take a shit in an online form.

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>>364838720Nuanced opinions? On my Holla Forums? There, have a bump, this is the kind of thinking we need the most.

But to not come across as a shit poster myself - the problem isn't by any means new. Fascists and their precursors, De Meistre and Rene Guenon, were acutely aware of ills that are about to be unleashed when modernity reaches its' summit. So was Nicola Tesla, and Fyodor Dostoyevski wrote about it mid-19th century, way before WW1 was ever concieved.What we really are witnessing is the death of Truth and God and turning the material world into Hell, a prison of complete unreality.

Cont.>Technological development has basically reached its limit for the foreseeable future. Moore's law has long since run it's course, and chip manufacturers can no longer deliver upon the expectations that the world holds them to. They are scrambling to squeeze the last bit of silicon onto those little disks and praying to God that they don't burn out, this is why there's really a chip shortage.>Similar thought: new technology is no longer a development upon, but a refinement of older technology. Theoretical Sci Fi tech such as spin launchers, super batteries, and cold fusion is waved in our faces as being just around the corner, but these things can never truly come to fruition. They're designed to keep up the impression that science still has value, and that the human race as a whole should continue to reject their faiths, their humble lives, and their basic instincts, in favor of pursuing something that will never be real or viable.>The true devil of internet censorship lies in the death of smaller websites like forums, blogs, and bulletin boards.

>>364838720If you use snapchat you'll notice there are adverts for these really odd games. My belief is that they are largely AI generated, and so are the adverts because there is something so slightly off about them.I will sit and watch the advert over and over again because there is something about it which is so strange. The games all have the same formula although I've never actually played a single one, they tend to have very simple premises and they just reuse the premise with new assetts and a different theme. They will then have a variation of the advertisements with differing video/music/voice over or overlays. Often having strange marketing techniques, things like having fake comments above saying how much the current player sucks. A very common thing is for the game to be played so incredibly poorly that it makes you angry, and therefore motivated to do better. There is also often a text to speech overlay, which mostly makes sense, but has weird terms of speech. If i remember correctly, the last one I saw started with "Hey, I've found a new game for buddies", which is odd bc it's not really a common way to speak to someone who you are trying to sell on playing a game. It must be AI generated or produced by Indians I suppose. I've been paying attention to this a lot and I'm not entirely sure why, if anyone else has had similar thoughts or fixation on this I'd love to hear what you think.>pic related is one of the games I see advertised. >CAPTCHA G0Y88

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>>364839860>>364839743Tried to write a thoughtful reply but the site thinks I'm spamming, weird.


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>>364841019This is precisely why I mentioned that 4cuck is a toilet, only brainless twitterposting is allowed.

>>364841052This is an omen, my friend

>>364841052Kek nice one bong

>>364841019>thoughtfulIt's because it's autofiltering you based on buzzwords that you are using in the post. Believe it or not 4chan does have a filter system the mods can use, but they just haven't been utilizing it like they use to before hiroshimoot took over.

>>364840461If you make twice the amount of chips, corporations will buy up all of it. It doesn't matter how much you make, the current economy and the abundance of data-driven corporations will make sure that there will be a chip shortage.But the world's whole approach is wrong. We don't need more chips, we need to withdraw from this business model where billions of people just let companies to spy on them and predict their every move. Industries that use large amount of data are growing like cancer. They have to go. And they will only go if humanity decides to use encrypted communications in emails, on social media, everywhere, and make sure that little amount of unencrypted metadata that is needed for dns lookups or getting an email to its recipient is unusable otherwise.

>>364841052Is that the aim icon in game?

more user, i love this.

>>364838720>Some weird but obvious things I've noticed over the years but never get discussed:the quality of a society decreases as the means to create "art" are more accessible

>>364838720>>There isn't enough lithium in the world to replace all the carsSauce?

>>364838720>mature enough to reproduce as soon as possible, but not mature enough to truly understand why it is necessary to transcend cheap dopamine rushes.I hate that most people are like this.

>>364840978That's normal nowadays, indie games always follow similar formulas. Basically, ghost/monster hunting games on Steam are a dime a dozen and they're all more or less the same game. Zoomers eat it up anyway.

DuckDuckGo and even Bing also

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>>364841786Pretty similar I think it's just coincidence with that particular asset. All the assets these games use must be free.

>>364839743imagine being this new

>>364838720That pattern is monkey tails. Monkey ancestors explains why Meds are the way they are 100%.

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>>364841987most sources disagree with this>The Earth’s crust contains many orders of magnitude more lithium atoms than we will ever need to extract, especially as battery recycling rises to satisfy demand for lithium and other battery chemicals

>>364838720>>364840461You are on point user. You are seeing the bigger bigger picture where mainstream is going. I'll add another:>They want you to pick a side on everything:>Left or Right>NATO or Russia>Feminism or Masculinity>Vax or no Vax>Tradition or Progressive CultureEverything is becoming political. We consume more media than ever, and it is influencing everyone of us. The balance is gone, the middle is disappearing.Eventually everything will come back around. Remember that.“If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”Dont get caught up in the mainstream flood. Blend in, but hold your own and control yourself. Live!

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>>364842561Show your flag, Jew

>>364840978maybe it's not important that you play the game, and it's not important that they sell the game. It's just a noise, a non-obvious placeholder for you, so you wouldn't realize that with every click you're isolated more and more from other human beings, and this method of AI's directing people towards content tailored for them made the internet a fucking desert, where the possibility for an individual user to find an oasis is permanently astronomically low. You're given a huge menu to choose from, and that menu is constructed by an AI that knows that you won't like anything on that menu, except the one thing it wants you to choose.


>>364843557You really have to go back newfag

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>>364843417>There is an estimated accessible volume of 14 million tons of lithium on earth.>There are 8 billion cars, and we will need more to service our growing population.>It would take 24 million tons of lithium to replace every internal combustion vehicle on the road.>Electric cars also rely on rare materials such as neodymium, which are also extremely limited in supply.>Lithium ion batteries have a shelf life, and will need to be replaced after about 10 years of use.>Electric cars aren't the only thing that we use lithium for.

>>364843686I think it's more of a symptom, I think they are trying to make money, but it's like a ghoulish husk of a product, with the bare minimum and then the sheer force of marketing psychology. These kind of games tend to have a ton of ads in them as well.I imagine zoomies get roped into playing this piece of shit for at least a few days or even weeks. Even my mother plays shitty little phone games.

>>364838720Bastards, people born out of wedlock, it's known that their lives are gonna be harder but for reasons of political correctness everyone plays along as if it's not a big deal or even an advantage. Children of single mothers and broken households are the new niggers, and it's de facto legal to curve-ball discriminate against them and if they bring it up they're scoffed for going against the liberal narrative, of course there's no measures to level the playing field (unless they're handicapped or a minority, then again, they're not being helped because of their situation and the emotional/psychological/economic issue that comes from it, rather just for being handicapped/minorities) we are truly in hell.

>>364844288Anti-social media and its' consequences had been a disaster for the human race.

>>364844228what is your source for any of those numbers?article in image says current reserves are 21 million tonsthat is already 50% more than you claim is accessible, just in current reserves

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>>364843686There are two ways you can restrict the free flow of information and knowledgeYou can literally restrict the info by building a firewall/filter type or you can open the floodgates and let every useful but also a shittone of irrelevant garbage flood everything

>>364838720>Yeah? What about the trend of literal chain restaurant employees/owners uploading their drone POVs with a voiceover? >lookup this dude that carried tesla/spacex then left and started a company that can actually recycle them indefinitely making scarce materials shortage obsolete; and yes im too lazy to look it up myself for the post>eh, takes a certain brain to buy into that, feel sorry for ‘em, i do; next>oh fuck you are a teenager>yup yup thats the bigs bucks baby Nice character limit, glad you could get all that off your chest...

>>364840461>cool thought>cool thought>remember though,ur still a teenager

>>364844842Here ya go.

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>>364838720>>364840978Good thread, have a bump

>>364844842>through the mid century 30 whole years of righteous battery power. Then after that, total darkness. I like it.

>>364844916Lithium recycling is expensive, dangerous, and very difficult.The process of recycling other materials from cars such as neodymium is even less viable.

>>364845788bro, lithium reserves increase as demand for lithium increasesyour estimate from 2018 was 14 million tonsmy estimate from 2019/2020 was 21 million tonsthe bottom of your image shows a 2021 measure of 38 million tonswhat you are seeing is an increase in supply as demand for lithium increasesgiven the amount of lithium on the planet, there is nothing to suggest that the increase in supply will not continue to match the increase in demand

>>364839743Very well described.

>>364844288Well, if there is some kind of software that makes creating a shitty game easier, then you can try to encode the modules/patterns/rules of existing games built with that software, and you can try to use even some really basic AI to create something new from existing rules. So if someone believes that he can use AI as a money printing machine he will try to utilize it in some way. Creating shitty games would be an obvious choice. So it's possible that the intent was to create that game. Or at least create something and see if there is some profit in it.>>364844905An AI will be better at telling the real info from the bullshit than a person. Also the NSA stores even encrypted information so they could decrypt later when the technology/new algorithms are available. So what today isn't a problem, can still fuck up your future. They have lots of metadata that they collate, information and patterns a human wouldn't even think about, yet a machine can derive more data from those. When a woman starts to get bombarded with online ads for baby products way before she realizes that she's pregnant, I think it's a really bad sign. How you use words/phrases when you write an e-mail, a machine can probably tell about your feelings, anxieties, etc. It can pick up on more details than a psychologist. And those things can be used. And those things won't be used for humanity. The best case scenario is that it is used for cold profit. What it does to your psyche, mind, non-profitable behaviour, is irrelevant. These AIs are out there, and they are either profitable or really useful for certain agendas (profitable in other sense).

>>36484484250% more isn't a whole lot more. Even on the scale of 2 orders of magnitude more 2,000 million ton not enough for the next hundred years when you factor in replacing ever car, population growth such that there is more demand for cars, and even if people drive less there will be more for commerical shipping as well as you have to replace batteries every 10 years. And that's assuming there is 100 times more than you claim. Which is pretty unlikely, estimates are going to be with in 1 order of magnitude of that.

Babby's first look at the worldProtip: it's the jews

I don't understand the idea of them wanting to lower the population. If that's the case why do they promote third world integration?

>>364846545Even if mining corps find new deposits, lithium is still a very finite resource and new findings will become rarer and rarer. it will become excessively expensive long before we can complete the electric transition

>>364840978>very common thing is for the game to be played so incredibly poorly that it makes you angry, and therefore motivated to do better.I've noticed that, too. It's a pretty clever insight in human beings.

>>364846838Because teeming third world populations collapse themselves into a state of perpetual famine until they die back down to sustainable levels, without international aid.

>>364840461>The true devil of internet censorship lies in the death of smaller websites like forums, blogs, and bulletin boards.This.Google or facebook can implement censorship (by AI or by simply putting enough monkeys in front of screens) easily, and they can pay the fines if necessary.They want regulation, as it protects them from upstart competitors.This phenomenon of "regulatory capture" is well known from other sectors: Company A produces X, urges the state to demand certain non-essential properties of X (certificates, norms, documentation), so that producer B would never even think of making X as the upfront cost would be to high.

>>364846753what are you talking about. image op posted here>>364845788estimates 24 million tons to replace every car on the road

>>364846545Regardless of what the estimate is, it's not enough to cover the amount needed to replace every car, as there are many other factors in play.And remember, those cars will all need to be replaced again and again. Soon enough it won't matter how much you have in the face of the sheer demand.

>>364847109It's obvious though surprising how people fall for it.

>>364844842Peak lithium was last year bruh

>>364846545Not sustainable bro, we've already hit peak lithium last year

>>364847386just stating that over and over doesn't make it true, but whatever

>>364846838"Over-population" only applies to Europeans, even though over-population is actually due to there being exactly one too many non-Europeans. Trust jews to co-opt the one and only problem above all and retard it for their schizophrenic interests.

Cars are retarded. Just make a lot of buses and trains.

>>364846545FREE LIMEADE!!!!!!!

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>>364838720>>There isn't enough lithium in the world to replace all the cars that are currently on the road; the push towards banning internal combustion engines and the general idea of mainstream climate consciousness is only to eventually limit the general population's access to easy/individualized mobility and other basic rights/luxuries.Theoretically lithium should not be really scarce as it is quite light and early in the periodic system.Still there is a massive push against individual mobility and everything connected to it (like people living in single-family homes).Even self driving cars that arrive upon calling them are not completely individual - it can easily be imagined that such a car wouldn't pick you up if you don't meet certain criteria (social credit score?).

>>364847749It's exactly the kind of argument you'd get from someone if you tried refuting the fact that the sky isn't blue.

>>364847992How the fuck will I park a train on my drive, Sudaca.

>>364847749Peak lithium means we need to move to a more sustainable future. Obsessing about old tech makes you a luddite at best.

>>364848111You'd get a siding or if you were a multi occupancy building then you would get a depot.One operates a train, on does not drive a train, make no mistake about it peasant.

>>364840461You know what i've noticed?Old media is designed to uplift and make you feel happy. I've watched two movies via TCM and i felt a overwhelming happiness. I didnt realize how bad it had gotten. Media also promoted good cultural morals, having kids, family, duty and honor. I feel like im going crazy when i feel nothing at current day art.

>>364848111Walk to a bus stop/metro.

>>364848270>to a more sustainable future.>let's kill regional wind currents with windmills>let's disturb all of the insect and small mammalian life with windmill vibrations>let's dispose of highly toxic windmill blades>let's fill up entire landscapes with untouchable and highly toxic solar panels >let's kill sea life with hydro power

>>364848575>>364847992You know how your bank account can be frozen if you do something that's deemed disagreeable? Any right of yours, that you relinquish to someone else, can be taken away with the push of a button, or in the age of facial recognition AI, without any action at all.

Very random! I have kids, and I noticed there was a lot of dislike votes on kid shows on YouTube. And it made me realize a lot of these kids shows these parents basically use there kids as slave to make money with no holding back against child labor laws. Parents have found a way to back door where companies like hollywood and Disney have to certain labor laws to protect kids. But since YouTube doesn’t have that, parents are allowed to force there child to probably do back to back videos etc. Poor kids :/

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>>364848897If you haven't already seen it, I'd suggest watching the movie "The Man of La Mancha" it's a beautiful version of Don Quixote that I've found to be really inspiring.

>>364849187Yes? What does that have anything to do with what I said?Cars are still retarded.

>>364850126Say goodbye to your ability to go basically anywhere if you break the rules in a world without cars.

>>364849644Back in the day, I couldn't imagine a kid growing up to be more fucked up than Britney Spears or that kid from Home Alone. Now I get to see it in real time!

>>364848897It's really strange, I can't tell what's specifically different about it, but it's like modern media is poisoned in some way. Sure, people will point to generally bad writing and globohomo propaganda, and while this is a problem, this subtle sickness seems to even be in things less-affected by that.

>>364850435In a world with cars and with an authoritarian government they can just take away your car.

>>364838720Nailed it.

>>364851009Which is a lot harder than denying access to public buildings.

>>364851377It's really not. They send an agent to your house to take your car and your cuck ass will just agree, as resisting will probably just mean you get thrown in jail + they still take away your car.

>>364838720Probably all the war memorials and monuments and shit that are obelisks


There is a general concern for supplying lithium for the proliferation of EVs, but it's incorrect to think about it as cars being replaced 1:1 with electric cars, there are broader ambitions about better designed towns and cities and a wider mix of transit options.

>>364850435Cars are already heavily licensed and regulated my govt.

>>364850905It's almost like there's a group of people whose sole interest is to turn the average person into a mental child who solely adheres to the religion of SCIENCE, blindly trusts what the government and their talking heads at CNN say, and believes that corporations have their best interests at heart. Almost.

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>>364852679Lived in the UK for a while, I know your pain.

How the fuck did eyesight work in the past before glasses? Imagine having 1/4 people basically crippled, society absolutely can't function like that. What changed?

>>364852679And nowadays you can't even find training programs to subsidize learning to drive.>Literally can't afford to start learning to drive.

>>364853842Child labour, basically.Vocational training basically means doing grunt work; aka, book-keeping, reading aloud to the visually impaired, and running about on errands.

>>364843478>“If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”One of the most idiotic spams rn.

>>364853842I remember hearing this about a famous painter who lived a good portion of his life without glasses. Apparently he just lived with it and thought it was normal.These are my thoughts:1. Child survival rates were relatively low before glasses, and bad eyesight probably lead to a lot of deaths.2. Before glasses, it wasn't nearly as important or common to be literate, which is one of the only reasons why you actually need to have good eyesight to function in society. Milder cases probably just went unnoticed (like I said).3. A lot of the reasons that we have now for bad eyesight later on in life simply didn't exist back then.

>>364848107>It's exactly the kind of argument you'd get from someone if you tried refuting the fact that the sky isn't blue.>refuting the fact>that the sky isn't bluesame as supporting the fact that the sky is blueso, your argument is what i would get from someone if i claimed that the sky is blueaka thoroughly retardedthanks bro

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>>364848107>>364855349Colour is a secondary property, projected by the observer's sensory apparatus.You can conceive of matter without colour, but not without physical dimensions

>>364848993There's hydro power you can do sustainable.But the rest of those are valid points, especially wind turbines will cause massive global heating.Which leads me to believe the climate change they want is actually to heat up the planet.

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>>364838720Bump. Thanks for making a thought provoking post here for once

>>364855349>Bases argument on a typoGlad to see you still have autism.

>>364856595>casts inability to think logically and write clearly as a "typo"nice try

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>>364838720I noticed the stuff in this video and then later noticed a guy made the same comments as I did, in a video later on, >this basically when they don't fix issues or they dont explain shit like Ukraine Russia, its got something to do with .. this. They turn everything into oh that money can solve it. then they pander everything to what ever would cause money to become more. One xample, Climate change. instead of fixing it, they blame big oil right? but at the same time, they are using big oil as their solution to fixing it, not letting up on it, while at the same time, depleting other resources while diong more harm to the environment- digging up lithum, and phosphate mining which leads to radioactive gypsum. that they spread on Crops that they till the land, which desertifies the land, drying the rains up that would fall, spreading their oil based fertlizers on the fields, oil based methane from nitrogen they just found out is 100x worse and always has been all along. Was this talked about? anywhere except a few odd and back row articles? No. anyway this shit gets spread on their fields for their soi crops for their soi oil for the food that is whats causing heart disease, it washes into the river lakes streams then the ocean and causes those Red tides, killing Trillions of fish. I mean heres a big one but they refuse to even do anything about it even tho its known.its like theyre testing for stuff is shit, but they claim oh its the 3-letter USA agency omg its good you cant say its not reeee . and nothing ever is done because 3 letter agency ok'd it oh they were wrong well lets not go back now theyd look bad, no theyre not bad you cant say that :O ;( etc this seems like every day

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>>364838720>the push towards banning internal combustion engines and the general idea of mainstream climate consciousness is only to eventually limit the general population's access to easy/individualized mobility and other basic rights/luxuriesAmerikike only problem, yuropeans can get around entire cities by public transport as quickly. But yes banning internal combustion cars is absolutely retarded and is definitely to get us all to live in the pod. God I fucking hate Vračar.

>>364850905Soul friend. There is no soul. The art is created without purpose.

>>364848993Whoa nigger, what about the power of positivity?

>>364849187Maybe for a peasant like you. For a sovereign individual like me I rule my world by decree.If someone wants something then they can take it if they can, same goes for me.

>>364843478>“If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”the fuck does that even mean? Our enemies are downstream

>>364843876I think they were bad in the first place. I blocked all topics made by meme flags for a while and the topics were better by fucking gee 50x at least. no bullshit repetitive topics. i mean who cares what they did at the first, on Holla Forums they didnt even want Holla Forums around anyway

>>364843876stop making excuses, you fucking jew

>>364853842> What did people do before exo-suits, like nobody is born able to bench hunny keys and it's a scientific fact the body degrades over time.Sounds like science fiction has bled into reality, next you are going to tell me people want to live across two dimensional spaces, digital and physical, because there mind can barely handle the simple one.

>>364839743Good thing we have a toilet cleaning expert from Poland.

>>364856171colors are what you see when light is reflected off of objects, so "physical dimensions" don't play a part in color. teh visible spectrum is basically what you get when light bounces off an object/prizm.your eyes are what makes color, we couldnt percieve any other colors without what our eyes are capable knmow juste stfu about this 'wave" particle bullshit

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