Lavrov admitted the fact that US has Biolabs on Ukraine territory near Odessa and Kiev and says that this is the threat that Russia wanted to

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>>364838179they have no clear arguments, so would anyway resort to some borderline conspiracyput an american flag on anything now and russia would say that it was their target all along


>>364838179So like the one in China where covid started?

>>364838475i see your point from a logical standpoint but this is 4chan so i will resort to calling you a faggot glowie

>>364838179Welcome to Qanon level retardation once again. What an idiot.

>>364838179yeah iraq too had wmds

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Up.We are about to find 10 bio labs in Taiwan.These people are criminal and arrogantly bold.

>>364838179They have repeatedly been grasping for any justification to latch on to, if there's a conspiracy theory to latch onto they will use that of course. They claimed genocide before, that was nonsense, they claimed the entire Ukraine leadership was nazi's, that was nonsense. They even claimed they wouldn't invade repeatedly, and that was nonsense too. Russia can't stop lying. It's pathetic.

>>364838718Taiwan, too? Has Taiwan been infiltrated by WEF, anyone know offhand?

>>364838669Q user is goin to hunt you in your sleep.It was on the us gov websites. Archived.

ZZZzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzap !

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Hohols are zombies confirmed.

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>>364838621idk how to get timestamp on lives, it's about 9:40-10 minutes ago

Seeing a lot of scared globos in this thread. >no, the US totally doesn't export their bioware labs to other countries, lol. Gain of function isn't real. Wear your mask, take the vax

>>364838179Were those labs belong to Soviet Union in past time. Before this conflict no one spoken about them.

>>364838179>Lavrov admitted the fact that US has Biolabs on Ukraine territory near Odessa and Kiev and says that this is the threat that Russia wanted to neutralise.> hear this live on RT. Juicy!Imagine living in a cucked country where you can't watch alternative media.

>>364838179this is some next level retardedness

>>364838179>Guy gives libservice to some useful Qidiots.cmon

>>364839216Because Soviet Union was not doing illegal research. Not testing any bio weapons on humans either.

>>364838621>>364839099Fuck YouTube I can't timestamp it either but he did say it.Given how the Wuhan US funded biolab was considered a conspiracy but then turned out to be true I tend to believe it.

>>364838179>Russian shill tries to justify invasionreally? how could that be?lavrov is a faggot and should be hanged

>>364838832Exactly. There's a reason Putin's been going full North Korea on Russian media; the weight of his lies have become too heavy for the usual level of censorship to maintain.

>>364838832anon you don't understand, Ukraine consists of:jew-voting NazisNazi-loving Jews

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>>364839569The USSR has a long history of bioweapons research. They got lots of free research from the Japanese after they conquered Manchuria.

>>364838179Oy vey! We have found biolabs and gas matrioschkas! Remember 6 gorillion dead ruskies in Donbas

>>364839609I don't doubt it at all. CIA has all types of black sites around the world. Who knows what kind of fuckery is going on in those places?

>>364839849Are they conducting it in Mexico and Canada?

oh he admits huh? does he also admit hes a gay nigger?

>>364838179"Trust me guys, Putin is le based good guy because the BIOLABS. Two more weeks. Patriots in control."

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>>364839216>Were those labs belong to Soviet Union in past time. Before this conflict no one spoken about them.They all had in common that they received funding from MuttsYou know that if a Mutt has his fat fingers in something only shit comes out as result

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>>364838179bla bla bla, i want to leave my work and prepare for the war at this point there will be no other solutions. Muh Russia muh Ukraine it's always the same people that we know of, I'm on my own

>>364839675NATO easily justified war in last 5 nations with lies. Iraq war was lies about weapons of mass destruction 100,000 Yugoslavs were Democratically bombed into the ground from orders by Clinton and nobody said anything .

>>364839569I take that as sarcasm.

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>>364839216No, they were installed by Obama and Brandon

>>364838667Try harder, faggot glowie :^)

>>364838179I wanna hang all you schizo retards leaking from /x/

>>364838179They're sending their best - looks serious!

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>>364838179That’s bs.I’m live in EnglandMy friend and his entire family had to net extracted from UK and are in witness protection in another country cuz my friends dad whom was a civilian chemical engineer whom worked on a secret mil program at public company, he tried to defect and got murdered.They don’t do bio labs in Ukraine it’s bs.They do it secretly in nato countries

>>364840038>"Trust me guys, Ukraine is le based good guy because the SHILLDREN are being murdered. Two more weeks. Patriots in control."think of the shilldren

>>364838179>admitsNahThis is cope, mental gymnastics, excuses, clutching at straws, etc.

>>364840088>whataboutismI was a little kid so don't know much of the context behind them. I know that my homeland is being invaded, destroyed, and captured. Just because one war was seen as ok, it doesn't mean that others must be seen as bad

>>364839216Before corona nobody spoke about the wuhan lab researching corona viruses. Weird.

>>364840487>must be seen as badI meant cannot be seen as bad, need to go to sleep probably

>>364840505British glowie labs have corona patents, for example. It’s some Uk medical research facility,

>>364839285>>364838962>>364838832>>364838718>>364838680>>364838669>>364838667>>364838475you are so obvious hahaha>resort>qanon>no argument>any reason for warthere was one schizo on 4chan who found some random bio lab mentioned on your US gov website and now Lavrov says it and confirms will go to hell dont forget that, you will lose in the end, evil always loses, never forget that.

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>>364838475>just a conspiracyAmerica would never do something like that

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>>364839216>thinking that the biolab point is not a last-minute deflection

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>>364838680Iraq literally did have WMD. What's more they undeniably used it during the war with Iran as well as for local suppression. Granted it was all chemical shit and much of it was supplied by US themselves and it was a shitty pretext for war, but at least you could somewhat defend the logic>they had one kind of wmd, we can spin the narrative they have another kind of wmd tooplus the US harper about it for months setting it up as a reason. Putin on the other hand went balls to the wall only to come up with this shit mid invasion

>>364840795It’s prob old ussr bio lab that’s not operated for decades

He also did an alien autopsy afterwards. Glad I didn't miss that one.

>>364838894Rothschild was nearly killed in NY subway recently.She and her brother ran some bio research. She was NY state medical some position .WEF Schwab is a Rothschild.Any stupid shit CIA and med mafia do comes from the top , and it’s not the President.

>>364840922>Iraq literally did have WMDfirst time hearing this, can u link an article or something about it?

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>>364840795there are biolabs in every country you schizo. even el salvador has one

shills on red alert

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The UK glowie medical research facility patent:CoronavirusJul 23, 2015 - THE PIRBRIGHT

>>364841089>US biolab>pic of Ukrainian biolab doing a study for the USIf you just linked the bottom pic you would look less like a retard

>>364840928i digged into it, they do mRna engineer research of slavic dna.slavs have double the rates of aids btwslaves got hiv shots way before the rest of the west got them.where all of this leads who the hell knows.

>>364840922If they did have load of yellow cake it’s worth hundreds of millions so US would not have admitted to finding it as if they did that then UN takes it into their custody and later auctions it off at the going price to any in countries that have license for such materials.So USA likely found it and kept it all

>>364838179>tfw ruskies panic that no one is buying their story so they look online, find a random conspiracy and just roll with itYou did this, Holla Forums.

>>364838832They claimed the WTC 7 was hit by a plane. That was nonsense. They claimed Saddam had WMD's. That was nonsense. They claimed vaccinated can't catch and spread Covid. That was nonsense. They claimed they will not vax kids. That was nonsense. They claimed just 2 weeks to flatten the curve. That was nonsense. They claimed Hitler gassed jews. That was nonsense. They claimed Assad gassed children. That was nonsense. They claim White people are evil. That is nonsense. They claim blacks Are oppressed. That is nonsense. They claim women are oppressed. That is nonsense. They claim there's no such thing as Jews being overrepresented on leading positions. That is nonsense. They claimed Epstein killed himself. That is nonsense. They claimed elite pedorings don't exist. Obvious nonsense. They claimed global warming was real in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s. That was nonsense. They claimed intelligence services wouldn't do experiments on populations. That was nonsense. They claimed the vax was safe and effective. That was nonsense.The whole fucking world is nonsense. And If you follow any of it and you're not able to think with your own fucking head then you're doomed. Kill yourself

>>364841402Yes, and we're proud.The more theories they switch and cycle through the less credible they become

>>364840922Sure, show me some of those WMDs we found in Iraq, I’d love to see.

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>>364840922Get your facts straight. Brainwashed goy>>364841506

>>364839216>built with funding from US DoD>soviet union did it

>>364841850>global warming was real in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10sit is "real" but it is not human caused. Yes the temperature is going up, no it won't do anything to us, no it didn't just start going upall your other points make sense tho

>>364838179I believe his lie, because fuck you. That's why.

>>364838179Pro putin schizo should be tracked and locked up in Europe, you are a danger to our countries and most likely will end up becomming traitors in wartime

>>364839970>muh Mexico and CanadaFuck off with that lazy paranoia. Just because Jewtin has his cronies say something doesn't make it factual.

YouTube deletes my comments if it doesn't support Ukraine lol.

>>364842262anon, I think they know you're using a memflag

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>>364839108Quite arrogant their posting since it was confirmed the US funded the Wuhan labs through Ecohealth, none of this has been schizo shit for close to a year now

>>364842228That's some cringe, bro. Just because some Ruskie says something doesn't make it not factual either. Especially when the US absolutely was sponsoring bioweapon research.

>>364842403I half wonder if this isn't why the US has lost their shit over this invasion.

>>364842719if this were actually the case, the invasion would have been stopped the moment it entered the country.

>>364838475You're Belarus, you're not supposed to be based and expose r*ssia.

>>364843001>the invasion would have been stopped the moment it entered the country.How? The US can't do shit without months of buildup and bombardment.

>>364842072Yeah i actually meant man caused global warming plus the hysteria of impending doom every decade since the 50s. Climaten has been changing throughout history just like the fucking weather changes daily. It's natural and normal

Fear us pidorashkiesYou've invaded wrong country

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>>364840038If you look at whos supporting Russia its quite clear they are just as globohomo but have way more shitskins yet somehow helping them going against white countries is somehow going to help white people>Africa>Iran>Pakistan>China>India>Brazil

tfw i haven't got any idea what this is about just saw schizo Holla Forums threads about biolabs in Ukraine but never read any, and then saw Lavrov speaking about it. Nice to see the shillwars on both sides

>>364838179wtf is that bulshit about a fking biolab there, why there, for what purpose. It just doesnt make any sense.


does anyone have the wayback machine links to the american embassy with documents about fundings? the trhead was there like 2 days ago.

>>364838179>Lawrow getting his talking points from Holla Forumscan't make this shit up

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>>364838179>m-m-muh nukes!>muh nazis!>muh biolabs>the government is illegitimate!Holy cope, I hope they start rambling shit about globohomo, satanic cults, pedophiles and other stuff so people can treat them like mentally ill schizos with a knife.They were probably spreading half of those conspiracies to weaken the west and poison the well, it's all going back at them now.

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>>364838179This can't possibly be real. He can't be this retarded

>>364846891>implying it's not true

>>364838179>Make a propaganda about US Biolabs to justify your invasion that spreads through the internet and media>Confirm it's about a US Biolabs that doesn't exist>RUSSIANS ARE THE GOOS GUYSthis is way too pathetic, just drop the nukes already fucking alcoholic subhuman jewish faggots

TIMESTAMP FFS, lying ass. I'm not watching an hour video

>>364841751maybe in two more weeks this video will break 1000 views kek

>>364838179Uh-huh. Just like there were concentration camps in poland.

>>364838475Why haven't you fought for your russian master yet, ye dog?


>>364838832>They claimed genocide before, that was nonsensetrue>they claimed the entire Ukraine leadership was nazi's, that was nonsensetrue>They even claimed they wouldn't invade repeatedly, and that was nonsense tootrue

>>364847067who the fuck knows what's real

Keep this absolute facebook boomer tier shit off Holla Forums.

>>364847582>belaRUS>fighting russian "master"if you think ukraine (borderland) or belaRUS(white russia) are anything more than regions of russia, youre a culturally illiterate brown jungle asian subhuman. non-white opinions on white issues are totally irrelevant anyway


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>>364838179lol if true, then China is a proxy for the virus.

Shills out in full force doing damage control on this topic. So the Russians must be on the right track.

>>364848543Based burger

>>364841062>>364841590>>364841850Saddam had a ton of chemical weapons and it was never a secret. The stretch was chemical to nuclear that turned out false but it was less of a stretch than pulling qtard biolab theories out of your ass like russians are doing

look at all this flakyou know what they say about flak

>>364848609>>364847371starts at 34:50, you ADHD riddled zoomer fucks, the answer would have been above in the thread if you had half a brain. Fuck this thread idk why i even started it

>>364849116>out of your ass>known for years>out of your assYeah, just like those crazy lab leak theories.

>>364849409The shills get pretty nervous every time these biolabs are mentioned...

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>>364838179Nah Putin just lurks here

>>364838475>borderline conspiracyBut the Americans boasted about it. They even made a YouTube video about it. Their only cope is that they were labs for storing and doing research on bioweapons, not bioweapons labs silly teehee

>>364838179AHAHAHAHAH just when Holla Forums was pretending there were no threads about "le covid labs" constantly for 3 days. This strikes again, this time I'm making screencaps of whole thread

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>>364838179Bump. This is why (((they))) blocked RT

>>364838179This guy has been posting conspiracy bullshit all of the time. Boggles the mind how he has a position in UN.

>>364838179>Lavrov admitted the fact that US has Biolabs on Ukraine territoryThat's called an accusation, not an admission

>>364838475The US locked you down, masked you, and vaccinated you for two years, is this so hard to believe, you fucking moron?!If we look at the past 20 years in US history, believing it’s innocent, and not criminally insane, is FUCKING LOW IQ SHIT TIERED RETARDED!

>>364838179tl.dr>russia victims and dindu nuffin>purge le nazis>communism will win>we dinsay nuffin 'bout nukes>russia victims and shit>the west talk about nukes and shit>>364838475>>364838621>>364838662>>364838667>>364838669>>364838680>>364838718>>364838832>>364838894>>364838915

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>>364838475It’s literally documented faggot, stop damage controlling

>>364838475>1 post by this Shill

>>364855083That's all Jewtin can afford now after he crashed the ruble.

>>364838179Russians completely ruined the narrative with their "denazification" and then threat to Nuke.Even if there is some biolab conspiracy going on, noone will believe them

>>364841089The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where "feed" and "seed" both end in the sound "-eed", thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was "Formerly Chuck's", implying that the two words beginning with "F" and "S" would have ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck". So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called "Chuck's Feeduck and Seeduck".

What I find interesting is that after he mentioned the weapons biolabs, the "journalist" never followed up on it. She completely ignored it

>>364855434>JewtinHe is christian you shill faggot

>>364838179Yes, those are totally real. War criminal said that on tv so it must be true.

>>364838179>1 week ago you said they would not invade>now you say le biolabsyou schizos are something else.

>>364838662It would make sense for US black ops to set up shop in Ukraine after being run out of Haiti and China.

>>364838179You say admits, is he admitting that Russia planted biolabs in ukr then? Because it sounds like it.

>>364839216Nope. These labs were new labs constructed using funds provided to Ukraine by the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency. And these fags were submitting contracts online for Russian (specifically Russian, not Ukrainian) MRNA samples. This is a biological weapons program being directed by the U.S. inside Ukraine and this was done to circumvent U.S. laws preventing this.

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>>364838179Well since Lavrov, the beacon of honesty says so, it must be true.

>>364855620If Putin cared about optics he'd do his speeches in English. He wants the politicians and media to continue putting words in his mouth. He wants the west to be gaslit into oblivion.

>>364856637You dumb fuck, it was on US gov websites.

>>364838179So are they infecting Ukranians with the next new thing and sending them out to all countries as refugees?

>>364838475>Don't look into our biolabsCatch 'em while they glow

Fucking hilarious that shills are hiding behind all kinds of different flags. Waiting to see an NK flag shill.


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>>36483862134:50 from what I could tell.

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>>364838179There's nothing in there about biolabs, fucking shill.What a waste of my precious time.

>>364857537>>364850086>>364839099absolute monkey moment, when i made the thread it was live, can't post timestamp on live, room temperature iq

>>364856094Are you discounting his Jewish mother? Oy vey!

>>364838179Below are the coordinates and directors of these labs. Pretty sure the Russians detonated a thermobaric device on one in Kharkiv. The video looks like the same area in GoogleMaps. If anyone knows any Ukrainebros that can take pics of these locations to confirm the Russians are targeting these, it would be cool to see. Also including a link to the video I think is possibly, Diagnostic Laboratory48.4624553,35.0148334Dr. Valeriy Grygorovych Kapshuk, Chief DoctorVinnytsia Diagnostic Laboratory (Vinnytsia DL)49.2282361,28.4536907Dr. Valentina Grigoryevna ZaytsevaKherson Oblast Laboratory Center46.6479916,32.5980958Dr. Vasyl Oleksiovych StryapochukTernopil Oblast Laboratory Center49.5490459,25.5973565Stepan Semenovych DnistrianZakarpartska Oblast Laboratory Center48.6308321,22.2825922Vladimir Mikhailovich MarkovichLviv Diagnostic Laboratory49.8408147,24.0563061Lviv Regional Diagnostic Veterinary Laboratory49.846622,24.0068515Dr. Roman Petrovich SimonovInstitute of Veterinary Medicine of the National Academy of Agrarian Science30, Donetska street, Kiev, UkraineDr. Serhiy Nychyk, Director50.429065,30.4468375Kharkiv Oblast Laboratory Center (former Kharkiv Oblast SES)50.0172352,36.1814877Dr. Tatyana Mykhaylivna KolpakovaLuhansk Regional Diagnostic Veterinary Laboratory (Luhansk RDVL)48.5708015,39.2642804Dr. Valeriy Nikolayevich Bondar

>>364839609How the hell cant you timestamp.Timestamp just means that you type in @43:32 or something. Doesnt need to be a fancy link.newfags


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>>364858041when it's a live video on youtube it doesn't show the timestamp where you are at, only the distance in time you are from the current live moment (if you scroll back). That's why you can only give a relative time for ongoing lives, or give a definite timestamp when it;'s finished. When the thread was made, it was still ongoing. Hope this clears it for all blockheads

>>364838179So the labs are real.

>>364858397I just the whole fucking it's like in the middle. Lavrov says it's one of the reasons they invaded.

>>364859379Yes, propagandists are honest. Trust me, brah.

>>364859189If I say something on the internet, just it make it factual? Do you honestly outright believe it?

>>364838179So many shills i here lol

>>364855620They threatened to nuke everyone who would meddle with them. Not Ukraine.

>>364859504>>364859735What are you suggesting? The labs don't exist? There's a paper trail. That it wasn't reason for the invasion? Those labs were some of the first targets hit by airstrikes.