Aliens control Humanity

Can we talk about the obvious?Should be clear this goes on for at least since ancient ekypt.From talmut to the bible to the quran and what not schizo larp, its all a tool of control. And as bigger society gets as more control is activated, tv shows, msm, social networks... everything keeps the human being in a state of schizophrenica, paranoid, under control.Just look how easy it was to get the newest update of ukraine into the brain of the NPC's.In the end, they are all faggots, all WEF's puppet. from zellensky to putin. All bad actors of the bigger picture.Is there nothing that can be done to expose these ayy niggers?I want to see them burn.

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I'd do anything they told me if they gave me some reptilian pussy man on god....

>>364838083aliens ?! do you proof ? are you another flat earth tinfoilhat

>>364838264they have the ability to project things onto your vision from afar, they are parasitic and possibly satanic.

>>364838264Nice try allyen

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>>364838264The only proof I ever needed.

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NASAa gatekeeper group to keep knowledge about space hold back, contorlled by ayys.As soon you ask about all the fuck ups of NASA, psyops flat earth comes in.PSYOPSlike flat earth, same mechanism of control like every other larp, a little bit religion here, a little bit overblown information there. Always comes to play when human oversteps his bubble. You wonder about the Moon landing, NASA, Antarctis? ....wait... here comes the ayy lmao larp: FLAT EARTH - ask no more.RELIGIONHumans had many question, back in the old time, and guess who gave them an answer. But also made the fear and paranoid. Same mechanism again. You are being called crazy for believing in aliens, but it is absolutley ok to believe in a guy walking on water?POLITICSbeside all the fuck up glitches and what not snakefolks seen in those short news clips, isn't it clear since after epstein fuckery and what not satanic (Demon-grey alien) shittery of the pizzagate events, that these people act not natural? This is some off world shit.ALISTER CROWLEYone of the biggest take away here, since those satanic shit heads seem to be in contact with those demonic control freaks hidding in the shadows. What a pure coninsident that LAM looks like an fucking gray. Pure coinsident that alister is connected all over the place to cia niggers up to l ron hubbert and more.Shit doesn't even and here, don't forget the fuckery of THE ELON of MUSK and his disney rocket.

They are terraforming our planet for a long time,killed the dinosaurs and shrinked all other animals so monkeys have a better chance to envolve and they can mix their DNA with ours. We are half Aliens half Monkeys

>>364838567That's the camera

>>364838083We can't expel them outright because they control the moon. Yeah yeah meds etc, if you want to be a normalfag there are plenty of other threads to fag up. The lizards parked the moon where it is when Tiamet exploded (it's what the asteroid belt now is). When this happened it upset the entire solar system and knocked our planet over. Conveniently, the lizards appeared and offered mankind (the Atlantean reps) the chance to be saved, we of course said yes. They parked the moon where it is, stabilising the tilt of the Earth and have been fucking with us ever since. If we ever get the gusto to expel them from our world, they will take their moon and go home, leaving us to suffer the catastrophe that would follow.We can't get rid of them in the conventional way.And even if we could, 90% of the planet just dosed themselves up with a steralising agent and screams about whatever issue the TV puts in front of them. You really think we as a world are in a position to locate and expel the influence of a species that counts their experience destroying cultures in eons? Fuck no.

>>364838264alien detected

>>364838083cool,an schizo thread!

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>>364838083That's some of the most retarded conspiracy theory ever. Think logically for a second. If aliens control humanity and are benevolent they could start by making it not hurt so much when I go to poop. If they're malevolent they could make it hurt so much worse.>inb4 muh n00tral observersThen what's the fucking point?

Now i wonder, since whenSINCE FUCKING WHENAnd i look back to the place where the very first time this control behavior started.ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONfunny how jews seem to be those who worship these aliens, demons, grays.funny how abraham just happens in the ancient ekypt timelinefunny how every religion is based upon abrahmic fuckeryBE PARANOID IN FRON OF GODDO NOT QUESTIONINGBE A GOOD GOYmeanwhile the schizomind goes crazy.If aliens infiltrated humanity early on, shouldn't you consider everything around you right now, to be fake as fuck?ARE YOU ABLE TO CONSIDER JESUS FAKE AS FUCKnow ask yourself why you can't

>>364838264Read Ezekiel 1, and try to look at it from both "aliens" and "not aliens" perspective.

>>364838083I wonder if there's some way to invent a device that can check if a human vibrates within a certain frequency and tell if it's a human or not. We would properly be surprised at how many are walking among us

>>364838264yet another kike shill. meme flag. its like you kikes like being called out

They (aliens and their gatekeepers?) call me schizo for thisBut it is absolutley ok to believe in god and what not ayy lmao control shit like jesus of mohammed.JOIN AETC NOWwake upAND FUCK ALL THE ET SHIT

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>>364839412Based as fuck


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>>364838912I looked for some links on this Crowley Nasa connection but hadn't found much. Any tips on where to look?

>>364839034Yes, camera lens are mirror (allien) passages

>>364838820This is one of many red flags.At least it red pilled a lot of anons.The pastor should be dead and not look like normal.

>>364839780bruh meds now

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>>364838083The problem is very complex. Regressive Ayy's basically control the underground world and influence the surface population. However, they are also contained by "positive" Ayy's who have basically quarantined the Earth. Humanity has been under mind control for eons. The regressive ones are quite smart and know it's more effective to create a slave that believes it is free.In spite of all of this, the "positive" ET's aren't doing much to help out humanity because the state of the Earth in its current form benefits them. The Earth has become a "Spiritual School" of sorts. They "incarnate" here using immersion technology to test themselves as a human in such a harsh society. They do not want that to end. If they solve all of our problems, the planet becomes just like any other planet in the Galaxy... of which there are millions. You have to get that we are not the only species of "human." We are not special at all. Earth Humans are basically an inferior breed. As such, it's not considered so important to save our species.

>>364840236>he problem is very complex. Regressive Ayy's basically control the underground world and influence the surface populationoh shit what you smoke

>>364839380Eat less burek, eat something with a spoon every now and then, ffs.

>>364838083They are in acquisition mode.


>>364838912>>364839034>>364839412You're sperging and writing shit. You've either not looked into what the "others" are, explored it from all the hypothesis outside of the Ufology circuit. There was a book wrote by a former British SIS officer, who wrote about USOs, I'd recommend starting with that.Invisible residents; Ivan T. Sanderson

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>>364840197Show real flag then


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The fact that during Covid the entire planet agreed on something was the biggest red flag for me. Never ever in the history of mankind has humanity agreed on anything. It's literally impossible to see 100% consensus from all the countries and all the leaders in the world. If you tell me that this "global unification" was because of a disease with 0.02% death rate, I will laugh my sides into orbit. It wasn't covid that unified everyone. It was debriefing them on aliens. It was either:>aliens are in control of this world and this is what they want us to do, or else>aliens want to control this world and this is what we need to do (for whatever reason). If it's not aliens, then a group of elites literally control the entire world and that's no different than aliens controlling it.

>>364840641Keep acting human

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>>364840308Where do you think the idea for hell being underground came from?

>>364838083I wish.. but no, there's another putrid beast that's desperate to do it though. You might even know what they are. They control the banks, the media, and all manner of institutions. They say that if you look in the mirror you may or may not see it.. you guys wanna go check?

>>364840641All you gotta do is show your real country of origin

>>364840696yes i am in area 51 i see aliens you are one of them

>>364839751Dude ...

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>>364840696Not sure 4ch supports ayy flags.

>>364840999You speak like a Chinese nigger. Stop using the English language if you are going to butcher it . Shitskin

>>364840999Ok you showed your flag. I respect that. You gotta realize that the govt here pays ppl to shill online. they use meme flags. so when you come on and tell ppl to take meds or have sex or touch grass with a meme flag, expect to get called out

>>364841202>>364840972>>364840935>>364840930WHAT YOU MEAN BRO I AM ALREADY IN SPEACE WITH MY ANDROMEDA I STEAL FROM AREA 51

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>>364840236Nobody has the right to control the destiny of an entity.

>>364841277>You gotta realize that the govt here pays ppl to shill online. they use meme flagsNO DUDE IS REAL I AM IN SPACE

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Now watch this thread get filled with all sort of psyops shillery.Last time they had to shut down the thread because it got to obvious.

>>364838083They aren't aliens, they are the fallen ones, fallen to Earth, interdimensional beings you might call them. But the Bible calls them fallen angels. Doesn't matter, they are evil, they have betrayed the supreme king of all the Universe and Supreme Being of All Dimensions: Jesus Christ. That supreme and all powerful King, so loved humanity, that he came to Earth as a man to warn us and to save us from it - IF we take Him up on his offer. He proved who he was by being demonstrating his ability over nature even confined, as he was, as a man. He even rose from the grave to prove his power to raise the dead to eternal life. The evils gods of this world have spiritually blinded your minds to the truth of the Bible - your mind is full of fluffy clouds, angry medieval God and angels with wings. The Bible is absolute truth in everything it says.The book of revelation is now being proven daily by the News Channel. Dont fall for the myriad of distractions and lies trying to tear you away from the only beacon of light humanity has - the Bible. All your UFO and Alien ideas are in themselves a deception. You are dealing with cosmic evil, powerful interdimensional beings of darkness. You cannot fight them on your own, they will eat your souls alive. Only in Christ are you protected from them and able to see truth IF you humble yourself and accept it as it is given to you by the Bible and forsake your own ideas and beliefs.

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>>364841005I'm just thinking out loud here. Our eyes picks up an electrical signal which our brain decodes as an image. Just like a tv signal is sent through the air and decoded into an image on the screen. Maybe there's a way to use certain filters, sorta like infrared, to pick up in perfections or other anomalies that could indicate whether a person is human or not. I have a friend that swears he's seen those lizard eyes, but i haven't seen that - but I'm not denying the fact that it could be true.


>>364841832What's next?You telling us that there is a Nazi UFO base in Antarctica?

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You will see them using FLAT EARTH SCHIZOJESUSUFONAUTIC NONSENSEall kind of smoke screen fuckeryThey talk as if they knew everything _ schizotic behavior _ confirmtaiton bias _ cointelpro : its always the same.

reminder that ironic shitposting is still shitposting

>>364842165She's fucking scary, i would call her alien desu. Sent her in a capsule back to uranus

>>364841978>Maybe there's a way to use certain filters, sorta like infrared, to pick up in perfections or other anomalies that could indicate whether a person is human or not.If we consider an alien race far more advanced, using manipulation tools beyond our understanding since ancient times, then it isn't really hard to believe that they also have tech to hide themself from our eyes. Invisible. I am sure they know what our eyes can see and what not. I mean, we are considereing them to be the world leaders, biden, makron, putin, zellenski, clinton,... of course they know.WHO ARE WE TO SAY TO KNOW WHAT THEY KNOW?dangerous game.

>>364842312This. Crazy thing is, if you look up pics of her from like 6 or 7yrs ago she actually looked pretty normal.

>>364841978Bro, here's what you'll do.I can tell that you haven't seen "They Live", and it's a must watch and Holla Forums approved.Avoid spoilers, don't look it up, just watch it this evening if you have time.

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>>364838083I don't believe the aliens are here trying to control us, but I'd most definitely fight them if they were. Earth for humans. Fuck off we are full space niggers. And as is we have our own niggers.

>>364842589>>364842312can someone help me to translate from this alien?

>>364842606They wanted to make a second movie but it never happened, same with the tv show 'Tripods'.It was canceld as soon they notice it was too close to the truth.TV show was canceld after book 2in the third book they fight back by posining their water (bio weapon attack)The last bok of 'tripods' (4th) is basiclley about an alien entity taking control over humanity with the help of the media and memes.

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>>364842703I don't think anybody can help you with this bro.He's ayyy confirmed.

>>364841978>>364842555Also, according to Icke and the gang, lizards use monoatomic gold which allegedly makes them 10 000 times faster, so they are in different dimension practically.Possibly they use some technology too.

>>364839380>If aliens control humanity and are benevolentthat's the thing: they are NOT benevolent. we are their slaves and they keep us servile and miserable.

>>364842965Title: TripodsCover: no tripods

>>364838221They’ve got cloacas bro

>>364842965>in the third book they fight back by posining their water (bio weapon attack)there's definitely something flying in and out our waters; the former head of the Soviet Navy confirmed tracking them

>>364843206watch the first episode of tripods, you will notice the religion behavior right from the

>>364842606Haven't seen it - I'll go see it later. But I've read David Icke and never really thought much about it until a friend of mine said he saw those reptile eyes. I've been trying to see it myself with no luck, but if true that means some people can cloak as humans which is properly easy if you don't use monkey tech like we do and actually understand how the universe works.>>364843078There must be a way to identify some of their quirks. We all have flaws, even software has bugs or issues that can be recognized and exploited. It's all about finding that flaw - but I'm no expert but I wish I knew someone that was and had an open mind to experiment with this.

>>364840097Look into Jack Parsons. He was one of the chief rocket scientists of his time, and a contemporary thelemite with Crowley. They performed rituals together.

>>364842589Holy shit i just googled her. Crazy what joining the new World Order does to your soul omfg haha that's hilarious. What a creature

>>364840236I hate the idea of a “positive” alien just watching on the wings while we get out shit kicked in by evil aliens. FUCK OFF SPACE NIGGERS

>>364843482>identify some of their quirks.according to kyle odom>wide mouth, odd smile>weird looking eyesthere is even a list of political folks he named that all look very fucked up.

>>364840892Ayy vey lmao

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>>364843646THISpay attention anons, connect the dots.

>>364838912Globe earth is the psyop

>>364843753Yep. I'd say she's the perfect image of what it does to someone.

>>364843846Reminds me of a video i watched about reincarnation by some clairvoyant guy. He said they harvest our souls for energy - just like in the movie the matrix. He compared it to when we take honny from a bee hive, they don't recognize or understand what we do or why. According to him we were basically trapped here. Yeah like things couldn't get bad enough halleluja lol

THERE WE GO>>364844292STATING THEORIES AS FACTSsmoke screening ongoing research with cointelpro tactics.

>>364843361I saved it, will check it out.>>364843482Well, some say that spirituality is the way.Castaneda's books eventually speak about that.Castaneda is considered a schizo, but it's only if you don't think about possible implications.

>>364838083It's literally bread and games for the masses. That's the crowd control device that has been used at least since Rome.Go read the Wikipedia article about the Rothschilds and their involvement (=profiting) from all European wars in over a millenium. War is super profitable for the bankers, since the authorities need to loan big money for paying their soldiers. And they loan it to both sides.We're experiencing a power shift right now. Or maybe not, depending on who wins.

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>>364844440That’s the gnostic idea of soul energy siphoning. The archons have highjacked this reality, things aren’t meant to be this way. Imagine a bunch of adults getting their shit kicked in when they try to fuck with someone their own size, so they choose to hang out on the playground and steal lunch money from kids instead

>>364843646Real funny how the series got canceled the second Ron Hubbard appeared

>>364840913It's never been about the fucking death rate, retard. We wanted to keep mutations low, and long covid at bay. The recovery time is also quite long which damages the GDP.

>>364844719Holy fuck first strange angel and now Castaneda, it seems like the 4chins hive mind is taking the multidimensional redpill

>>364843482>>364842965There's also this old video where Icke interviews Credo Mutwa.Mutwa was a Zulu spiritual healer, quite famous in some circles and not really all about aliens, but he speaks about abductions in this video.He could be just a good story teller and a larper, but I found this to be an interesting watch.First he talks about dolphins and shit for just a couple of minutes, but the real deal comes right

>>364838264Once my holy paenus enters your sisters vagina, you will receive the proof

>>364845391Didn't know about that, thanks for sharing I'll go look into the subject more deeply. Kind of a scary thought, he said when we die we go to Saturn with the other trapped souls and await the reincarnation cycle where we lose all our previous memories which according to him is not something that normally happens. Didn't sound to him like a party.

>>364843078I use monoatomic gold also and I'm human far as I know but sometimes I feel like I've been something completely different and earth is not my real home. It gives great vitality and I haven't been sick for years. People have commented about my great charisma and good looks. Also it makes food/water taste really good and smooth that's it's hard to describe. It's the true secret of alchemy and I highly recommend testing monoatomic gold.

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Lets take for example right now the ongoing world war script.Beside the fact it was activated the day after i made the AETC thread (and as you can see it was and is full with all kinds of shills), for now we just concentrate on the ongoing shilling.Why do shills push pro ukraine? Why do they push anti putin?They want you to take a side! They want you to take putin side. Their media need a bad guy in this game and as more they shill pro ukrain as more you feel the push to putin sides.What they don't like is, when you make a klaus shwab thread. Because this points out the WEF's faggots and their clown show.


>>364846117You can have my sister. But first i need you to go to Walmart to redeem yourself>>364846234>monoatomic goldWhat is it? Sounds expensive

>>364846295I'm not picking any side since i don't trust any of them. Trust is something you have to earn in this day and age

I don’t know how but I saw one once when I was in my car stopped at the lights. Nobody else could see it so I don’t know why or how I could and I haven’t since. It saw me staring and it made a pain in my head like if someone flicked your ear hard but inside my head, like a warning to go away.

>>364846157Saturn-moon-matrix control is a lot to swallow, but it’s definitely worth looking into. Gnosticism really helped me wrap my head around why the parasite class are working so hard to make our reality shitty. They want our loosh, bro. If you have an hour of time to listen, this is a nice introduction to the

>>364842965Oh wow this was such a good series.

>>364846234Well, IDK if you're messing with me, but that's not the same monoatomic gold.I know that there's a bottled product by that name, but this is some alchemy shit, I found once article about it and now I can't find it any more.A Human body wouldn't survive it, based on the description.

>>364838221And why would they give their Reptilian masterrace pussy to literal subreptilian niggers?

>>364846469It's not and you can make it by yourself. Youtube has videos about it. You can buy it from Ebay or Amazon and it doesn't cost much specially when you don't need much. Even ancient egyptians gave it Pharaohs and high priests and it's been around for thousands of years. I'm pretty sure that freemasons and other mystery schools know about it.

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>>364846667It was a weather balloon.

>>364846693Spend an hour listening to shit that gateways back to flat earth instead of pointlessly posting about satan klaus?Fuck you allen.

>>364839751eyesyou no need any deviceit is in their eyes

>>364846667What did the person look like?>>364846693Thanks for sharing bro, it's definitely interesting and something I'll go watch. The more knowledge we stuff our head with, the easier it gets to understand reality by putting the pieces back together ourselves. >>364847073Didn't know about it, never heard of it. One more thing to research. This is why I love 4chin

>>364846815I use it in powder form and it definitely works. Maybe there is some more potent form made from pure gold with ayy tech who knows.

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>>364847203Nigger I’m sharing data, fuck you

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>>364847208I agree some people have dead eyes, like the lights are on but nobody is home. COVID eyes i used to call it, most of those retarded maskers had these huge eyes with no soul in them.


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>>364847279I would really look into that Higherside Chats podcast then. Not only does the host cover a wide range of topics, but he’s an excellent interviewer and he knows his stuff. I didn’t even know about the electric universe theory or terrain theory before I started listening, now I ascribe to those ideas over the current models

>>364847279the closest i can explain is sort of like a burn victim but not quite. they had human skin, not reptilian.

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>>364847803SHOOP DA WOOP

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>>364847512as long as that data doesn't lead back to another flat earth psyop or religion, I will humor you.But an hour? That's a long time in today's currency.Also, would a nigger do this?

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>>364845822kill yourself, memeflag shill

>>364847608>like the lights are on but nobody is homeyeaha good description

>>364838083Must watch


>>364847822Great thanks for sharing. I've subscribed to the podcast. I love hearing about things that makes my almonds tickle. >>364847901Crazy. Well maybe you're gifted and have access to certain senses that my retarded brain won't pick up on. But i know they're out there, maybe a tactic would be just to pretend like everyone is a lizard and then judge by their reaction lol.>>364847073Looks pretty expensive to me Finland bro - holy shit and no reviews. Maybe you are just good looking and have great charisma and it's not the powder haha

>>364848833doubt it, has never happened since.

>>364840097i think it was discussed in the book Cosmic Trigger 2, a good read on a bunch of things. it was jet labs then tho

>>364847989You’re alright, user. The Higherside Chats occasionally have episodes on flat earth, but the host is objective and is honestly more into the hollow earth model. I promise the episode I posted is worth an hour of your time.

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>>364849563Qui? Et tu, Lachaim?

>>364848833You only need tenth of a gram in a day or less specially in powder form. I use like 50e for 2-3 month supply. I was sceptical at first but at least I tried and noticed clear effect in my life and it's not placebo.

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I'm not so sure on ayys anymore as we think about them. I think they already came and went before the 1800s. The older I get the less I believe in psyops and the more I believe in God.

They are watching

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>>364848068>Hurr durr you must be shill when you read instead of blindly listening to what Holla Forums sayskys


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>>364850120Ayys are inter dimensional, and likely the disembodied spirits of demons. They could be nephilim, inner earth reptoids. Any number of things, but there’s no doubt that they’re here and they’ve been here for a long long time. Every culture has stories about inhuman beings mating with humans.

>>364838264>do your proofhello sir do not redeem

>>364851228i know that this is correct but want to go deeper on the subjectwhere can i read about interdimensional entities and their history?

>>364852045>where can i read about interdimensional entities and their history?the bible

>>364849174I might give enough of a fuck to remember to check that link later when I have privacy.On hollow earth, I am still openminded, flat-earth, not so much.Until I go to Antarctica and see the striders at the temple of the dark/old one, I will not believe they don't exist :PWhy does this map image look like this?

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>>364852045Have you read The Book of Enoch?

>>364846693>>364852045Book of Enoch is an excellent place to start. I linked a podcast in this thread that’s informative if you’re interested.

>>364852334toroid earth

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>>364852672How did you know I have been obsessed with vortex math the past week?

>>364852787Also, why is there no 9 in my post?

>>364852334A fellow striders Chad I see. Am I hoping that the deepest, most ancient evil on our physical plane is buried in a temple in Antarctica? Hell no. Do I think it’s more and more likely the more that I look into it? Honestly yeah

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>>364853967after the demon nigger optical illusion these feel pretty fake and gay ngl.

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>>364854296Except most of these can lead directly back to NASA rover photos years old

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>>364838083don't get me wrong I'm not saying what you want to do would be impossible.but aliens have technology to travel the universe and very likely they have advanced cloaking technology. so you kind of gave yourself a challenge with picking this because they are able to travel the universe, imagine what technology they probably could buy from other aliens and distant places.I would argue: wouldn't it be better "for the beginner" to research and think about how you could let's say find out something about them.

Annunaki mother fuckers. Ill shove that pinecone up their ass.

>>364854308Would fuck.

>>364855913Those things probe you, not the other way around.

>>364855160With the whole inter-dimensional angle that ayys have, the cloaking technology and travel reach a whole new meaning. I’ve witnessed a UFO fly across the sky and then completely disappear, not like it vanished but like it went through a portal I couldn’t see. I was watching the stars, looking at an airplane go by, when I saw this bright white orb shoot across the sky maybe a few hundred feet above my head. It came from out of my view and then it disappeared.

>>364838083delete this thread

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>>364854308Greys are interesting to me because the explanations for them are so fucking bizarre. I’ve heard that Greys are biological robots, plant beings, future humans that followed a trans human agenda. They might be a variant of inner earth reptilians or the species that seems to live underwater. Plenty of people think they’re demons.

>>364856279Did it look like this ?

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>>364856406make a george floyd one

How much of Stargate is soft disclosure?

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>>364856645I’ve always thought that this mummy they found in China resembles those things uncannily

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>>364856406>>364857168Whoops meant to reply to this post

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If they exist and do control it they are doing a really really shitty and sloppy job.

>>364856737No, it looked like a large slightly cylindrical ball of light. It was hard to tell the size because of how fast it moved, but it looked to be larger than a car

>>364838083>obviousPost pic

>>364838221I bet space lizards taste like chicken

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>>364857373Interdimensional entities feed of negative emotions. They are only doing a shitty job if you assume they don't want us to be miserable.


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>>364857373It’s almost universally accepted in the ayylmao community that these beings have powers to distort our perceptions. There’s a very strange connection between owl sightings and abductions. They likely want us to know they’re here, at least the malevolent ones. More fear to loosh

>>364857390Like this, then.

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>>364838083Aliens or AIiens

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>>364856953Pretty much all of it. It’s the series is so dry. I’ve heard that some of the episodes were filmed on actual uncovered star gates but I can’t find the list of which is which.

>>364843090I have a question on this one.are they not benevolent because they rule over us. or are they like some "evil" alien race who search the universe for planets they can conquer / exploit for resources?

>>364853345Nihilistic absurdism is the only sensible approach to life at this point.Mock them for their retardation. Act defeated, when in fact, you are liberated.To the outside it looks like you are demoralized. On the inside, you have something left inside you to fight back.A powerful apathy and enough resentment for the order of things, that you might even actively seek out the dark one, at least that would be a real happening.

>>364839380>not hurt so much when I go to poopI vaguely remember having the problem for the first 25 years of my lifebeen vegan now for 6 years, pooping feels amazing and blissful now, always soft and well-formed stools

I'm more intrigued as to why outside help (majority of Holla Forums included) only stepped in now.GalacticCuck aliens have been doing shit here for who knows how long.Were their operations here really that covert? Are there treaties in place? Is Earth an uncharted planet? Who knows.


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>>364857811That looks like what I saw, where are you getting these images from?

>>364857983Man. I felt that, SA bro.

>>364840668great infographicsorely missing Pierre Sabak,

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>>364845822>talks about the fake hoax virus plandemic fraud as if a virus actually existedngmi

>>364838912You conspiratards are so hilarious. Aleister Crowley was unironically a holy man who reached enlightenment, buddhahood. t. an actual occultist

The divine beings from the Bible are humanoids especially Jesus. But it was revealed that the pale horse rider was alien in nature. His reign will be short

>>364842555most based user in the thread for sureyou should read Holographic Culture by Pierre Sabaksee: >>364858361

>>364857871Earth has been under occupation by aliens that harvest us for our life force through their religions. Some people have made entertainment that does it too but it's hard to tell if you don't know what to be on the look out for.They have a problem with authority because they believe they own this planet. So they're pissed because the benevolent ones are coming to stop their bullshit so they're in overdrive mode on our planet. Benevolent aliens would want people to remain with their own races while the bad aays would want us to race mix. Bestiality is totally a bad ayy kink. Bad ayys also only look at one another as tools and at best project emotion to illicit reactions they want out of you. They are never genuine. Good ayys are fewer in number but stronger over all. That's about it. The bad ayys also do shit like mandatory chips and even install shit into your soul

>> to this user. some people are skeptical about remove viewing but the descriptions this woman provides are insane

>>364857871You’re close, but let me explain. “Alien” just means anything not of earth. What we call aliens are inter dimensional beings, we could call them archons if you have the gnostic background. Basically these entities fees off of negative emotional energy, like an emotional vampire. People like to call that soul energy loosh. They’re running this world like a farm, and milking us for our loosh like milk. They actively fuck with world events and manipulate our leaders so that there is chaos and suffering for the archons to feed on. They want to teach us to loosh others as well. Ever scared someone, and got that little jolt of pleasure? That’s loosh

I don't pretend to know about aliens, I just know that God exists.

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>>364859006check out the Sabak talk I posted (>>364858361), he really goes in-depth on the etymology of "alien" in all the ancient languages, and how it's directly equivalent to "angel" among other things

>>364859223We don't know the current state of this Universe user.A God at the least, yes. Everything else is conjecture though.

>>364845391when you think about it supporting your archons theory is when animals hunt on this planet they tend to hunt like "weak" animals first. it may seem kind of evil, or morally questionable but from a animalistic standpoint it's like effective.

>>364857728I have this weird experience from when i was very small. My earliest memory. I was with my mom at an outdoor wedding and i got separated from her in the garden. I saw an owl but instead of feathers it had leaves. It flew at me and burst into leaves. Obviously this isn't possible but it is a memory i have so clear as if it really happened.

Think of technology embedded into your soul that if it detects any inkling of frequency that is rebellious in nature a kill switch goes off in your soul and you die a couple days later. That's what bad ayys do for all their "good sheep". Including the ones leading it.

>>364858826We're already at the red horse

>>364857983I feel you user. I was where you are at not that long ago. But the existence of ultimate evil for me has proven the existence of ultimate love. We live in hard times. Have faith, and hope. I think our soul prison will be ending soon. The archons are stuck in this reality, we aren’t. Stay strong SA user, sorry I called you a nigger. Sometimes I get into shitpost mode

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>>364858826And the aliens in the old testament leading the Israelites around?

>>364858965also she talks about saturn being taken over by legion and literal baphomet statues all over the planet. she mentions how saturn use to be turquoise color before it was taken over, and if you look at pics of the planet you can see a blue color underneath it's north pole, under the storm. wild shit. all anons interested should spend an hour listening

>>364859524I believe you. You might’ve encountered a daimon or a nature spirit. Do you remember the emotions you felt when you saw this thing? What happened after, did you lose any time?