Rod and the ring

so, Russia is definitely the bear leaving its cave foreverlet's assume that the prophecy is chronologicalwhat is the rod and the ring?is it Iran/other country in Mesopotamian region?is it nuclear war?is it Anunnaki aliens?

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>>364833827Its been real yall

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>>364833827Rods from God and a Plasma ring.It's not a real prophecy, it's some intelligence nerd making fun of you idiots with easy-to-grasp allusions to political scenariosyou people are utter fucking morons and I truly hate you all

>>364834189It’s a real prophecy you meme flaggot. Rod and ring is a reference to nukes flying.

>>364833827The rod is the stipe and the ring is the cap of the mushroom- It is the return of Christ- Jesu was a mushroom

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>>364834635Real prophecy is divinely inspired. You're fed insipid bullshit from some NCM operating out of Petawawa and you eat it up because putting matching relatively simple allusions makes you feel smart. It appeals to your ego.> OH MY GOD THE BEAR IS RUSSIA!!!

>>364833827It´s that hot chinese dick striking the fiery american asshole.

>>364834969Lol, nigga you shouldn't be lecturing anyone on being gullible if you believe in project thor and rods from God. Do you have any idea how much energy you'd need to get a tungsten rod the size of a telephone pole into orbit?

>>364834635>It’s a real prophecy you meme flaggotdoesnt give any context to how its real and where it came from just name calling.>>364834189says its not real backs up what he says and name callsi think ill take meme flags word over low iq nitwit who cant even give reasons why

>>364835382>backs it upLol, he probably is recalling rods from God from that shitty gi Joe movie

>>364833827rod represents power and authority. not sure what the ring represents

>>364833827Iran threatened revenge on the anniversary of solemeni's death to drop those tungston rods from space and the picture they made the threat with showed them dropping from his ring. That seemed pretty on the nose.

the bear will leaves it cave and get its shit kicked in forever.

Can someone give a recap what past events the other things represent?

>>364833827>let's assume that the prophecy is chronologicalplease correlate all upstream prophecies to an event that has happened IRL

>>364835744power authority stretching over a area (ring)

>>364833827The ring of nation - natoThe rod of god the battle of armageddon

>>364833827011010100001001101011001110101110110101001111010101011010110011zeros and ones, rods and rings. I don’t really hold that whole “prophecy” in high regard but a guy who tried to explain it one time in here said he thinks it will be the release of a nefarious AI.

>>364836178Honestly makes the most sense out of anything I've heard as of recent.

Get fuck spawn of hell

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Vaccine wasnt the marked of the beastUkraine was Everyone marked now

>>364836310if anything from that “prophecy” should be considered truth there’s still all sorts of things on the list that really can’t be correlated to any type event that has happened since it’s inception. I call bullshit on the whole thing and even if it’s not I just don’t have it in me to give a fuck enough to be the Batman to someone riddler LARP. Plain speaking has always been the easiest way to get a thought or point across to another individual. Smart people that are also helpful know this, while smart people who don’t care will try to dazzle you with bullshit.

>>364834941>>364835219>>364835794>>364835991>>364836178ok, so so far these are the interpretations we have:Iran/Iraq/Syria striking somewherenuclear warAnunnaki returnJesus returnChina fucking the US in the assrods from God weaponsNATO and Slavs fighting each otherdigital strike with AI

>>364836719I forgot my notepad

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>>364834189You better get used to it, you are here forever

>>364836635You are the least fun person itt>>364836719Ya man it's called thought exercise and it's fun spitballing brainstorming and hypothesizing, why are you guys such insufferable faggots dude jesus.

>>364833827It's onu security council

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>>364833827>let's assume that the prophecy is chronologicalit isn't.

>>364833827Canuck vers 1.1Always cold in CanadaHockey playersNatives reclaim their land Gawd is a constructZipper mergeIsland near Quebec city A neon pub sign nearly electrocutes himRita macniel passes awayPope diesDrops Chinese take out in a puddleNickelback falls down a wellTheir crew stand around hearing 2 voices but not caringRavens would sooner starve than listen to NickelbackPolar bears don't live in caves, eh?Someone hit him with a fishing rod when he was half cut Nickelback sucks

>>364840284>A neon pub sign nearly electrocutes him>him Who is him I must know?

>>364833827> \ + O = QRod and Ring

>>364833827The rod and ring is a reference to Uranium based nukes. Easier to make than Plutonium based nukes.

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don't forget to read your daily horoscopes

>>364841131>nukesYou’re assuming a lot to assume Russia will detonate nukes nigger

>>364841131Just so you fags understand. In this case once the rod and ring are assembled a critical mass is reached. It doesn`t require shaped charges which compress a ball as with plutonium based nukes.

>>364834189Yup. Literally aliens preventing nukes from working. The Universe is alive, and it loves you. Love it back, and have your pain taken away. All things are part of the Great Whole.

>> rod and the ring is a simple nuclear weapon design anyone could implement provided they had enough purified fissile material. The first atomic weapon used on Hiroshima used this design. The Los Alamos physicists were so confident it would work, they never even tested it because they only had enough U235 for one bomb.A hollow bullet of U235 (the ring) is shot at a cylinder of U235 (the rod). Once they're together, there's enough fissile material for a supercritical mass and you get a nuclear explosion.The simplest interpretation is a small nation or group with enough purified material will set off a nuke somewhere. Probably because they don't have enough technical competence to design a more sophisticated implosion Pu239 device.

>>364841349Who said it`ll be Russia. This is easy tech to have. Kim might want to flex.

>>364834635>>364834941>>364835744The rod and ring is Q, you idiots Look at it, the letter Q is a ring with a rod in it January 6, operation trust, that’s what all the cringe boomer larp led up to People with a fucking rod and ring flag stormed the capitol and you think it’s a mythical tungsten rod space weapon that doesn’t exist Jesus fucking Christ I hate this site sometimes

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>>364841531>The rod and ring is Q, you idiots

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>>364841131>>364841384Beat me to it aquafresh

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>>364841424He knows to much

>>364833827So are the FBI still shilling Q?What's up with that?

>>364841739That`s cause it`s noon here in Swampland.And many thanks to your department of energy for teaching me about nukes.For user`s who want to know more about Nuclear energy. Did you know that the Netherlands is a leader in producing fuel?Want to know more?

Fuck me this is the most stupid boomer Q shit I have ever seen, neck yourselves.

>>364833827God I fucking hate this schizo shit so much.

>>364842189>>364842079This shits from like 2016, not every pol prediction is q, what are you a newfag or somethin

>>364842552I know it's old retard and the FBI were shilling it then too

>>364833827>what is the rod and the ring?Like a leaf in the wind...

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>>364836635Given the time travel larps (re wow signal), if I wanted to give a message to people that know what to look for, without giving it away in plaintext, this kind of shit is what I would do.Something with plausible deniability that derails skeptics and jews.

>>364842622Goddammit I was having fun until you got here. Fucking learn to openly speculate and have a little mental fun or fuck right off back to the shitty Ukraine threads

>>364842427Havent you notice theyre less and less questions? What happen when theyre no more questions to solve? When everything have been found and say? Its getting simpler each day that pass until one morning theyre will be only 1 questions in the minds of humanity….

>>364842836Touch grass

>>364836582Nigger what? I was about to leave this thread until I saw this steaming hot pile of shit take


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>>364842958Get tf out of my sandbox


>>364833827>The rod and the ring will strike>The rod and the ring will strike>The rod and the ring will strike>The rod and the ring will strike>The rod and the ring will strike>The rod and the ring will strike

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>>364842961>>364836582Ya na, you're gonna have yo elaborate on that, marked what and how, I'm up for a story

>>364833827The bear is still in Russia.This is about Russian collapse, and it has to happen (if it is chronological) after Queen Lizzy dies.

>>364843205This and the ai make the most sense, this is probably way more feasible for some kinda false flag tho cause if some "terror organization" got enough u 235 they could make one, but I gotta say the AI would ba waaay fucking cooler

>>364843211Easy understand repeat the lies on ukraine face the wrath of god See throught the bullshit save your soulsWhat was the rate of the vaxxed? 68%??What do you think it is for ukraine? 98%Not talking about npc here they were already doom - talking ur joe rogan/ fat fuck jones and other fag that last week were telling you not to take the vax now its putin=hitler They had a choice they made it and now its done But it isnt over yet they will try to seduce even harder thoses are still pure, many will spit on the cross to join themTheyre wont be many left of us in the end>yes! Zoomer like octopus game

>>364833827Some shizo lead bullshit, why do you care? Maybe you wrote it yourself memeflag?

>>364843211And that rod Nimrod vs rod As before as

>>364843086Oh no, it’s retarded

>>364844037You don’t understand what the mark of the beast is, shit the fuck up if you don’t know what you’re talking about

>>364844813See your already dead cant help yaHave fun!

>>364844897You have it my son And i wont pray for you its useless

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>>364833827The return of the Soviet Union

>>364844037>War badOK for sure man I agree, but if this shit pops off pops off we're all good and fucked you know that right? Doesn't matter if you wanted it or not, oesnt matter if you repeated any lie, doesn't matter if you took a vaccine of not, like if the US and Russia fire off 12,000 modern nuclear weapons at the same time were all dead either instantly or over the next few years from the effects of radiation, I don't know man

>>364845132Its too late for you too Im sure theyre some unaffected still here To whom i dont have to explain for them to understand Its pretty fucking clear lulz

>>364845051Man you are really annoying me with this. Yeah, people incur karmic debts when they support wars. What about the Ukraine psyop is getting your dick so hard that you’re spouting this nonsense?

>>364833827So what events correlate to this prophecy exactly? I have some good guesses, but I'm not 100% sure

>>364845697>Its too late for you tooFucking christcucks bro, like what kind of vague discombobulated ass shit is that, you can't explain my fait the cause of it or what will lead me there but you're acting like a fortune teller you fucking Canadian gypsy, be clear and concise man not confusing and hardly literate cause you keep trying to use stupid ass Bible speak. Fuck me.

>>364846215*my fate

>>364834941say, were you in the ego-death yahoo group?

rod and ring means shepherdpeople following trendcovid

>>364846100In orderStarts in late 2020Biden presidencyBrexit deal happeningProject BluebeamIsrael taking more Palestinian territoryVax propagandaTaliban on AfghanistanWorst Chinese floods to dateBogdanoffs dyingTruth about the vax (literally yesterday)Russian war aftermath

>>364847047But how will they strike, if it’s referring to the sheeple?

>>364847340They are... Look at reddit. You have these mindless idiots volunteering for a war... What will happen when they "strike"? They'll get massacred... Think about all the propaganda that can be made with that... "XX Americans killed by Russian troops."

>>364833827Q shit is jewish shit. Stop feeding into the larp.

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>>364833827>Rodcheck>Ring check>11/33/11

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Last one is global internet outage. Power goes off.Rod and ring.

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>>364841700Nobody?> RARER A R EARE

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>>364847163Thanks. The only thing I had correct was the Biden presidency and the last two points, so I was pretty off kek

>>364841131But a gun-type design is a rather primitive nuclear weapon. Russia has fission-fusion weapons with several stages.

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>>364847858>didn't read the date of the original post>doesn't know q started way afterNgmi

>>364847571I guess that’s a fair interpretation of things. The shepherd is leading the sheep to the slaughter. I guess the rod and ring striking are the crackdown against any viewpoints that contradict the narrative, and jabbies dying as a result?

>>364833827the rod is Putin's massive penis and the ring is jewlynski's loose anus

>>364834189>d-dumb religious idiots, science man says I'm better than you!

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>mfwNukes aren't real.The rod and the ring refers to those carried and worn by the Pope.

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>>364833827Rod is the fasces of the last roman emperor and ring is the papal ring of the angelic pope

>>364849380Where was Q at the capital protests?

>>364850026Bazinga. We're almost a hundred posts too late, but better late than never.

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>>364850135I don't think the shiys even real, you're just a bad shill, learn to date stuff better shlomo

>>364834189I think it’s hilarious that you can’t realize a portion of people are here to entertain themselves. You’re the hysterical faggot who takes jokes like dicks. REALLY HARD. Faggots like you choke on your tongue eating soup

>>364850135Plus isn't q just a bunch of random posts? Why are you referring to posts as a person schizoid?

>>364850283You don't even know what you're saying. I never bothered to keep up with it because I know schizo shit when I see it.>>364850427See above nerd

>>364850411Checked and thank fucking god finally someone else gets it.

>>364847163The last two ones before the Russian ones are fucking dumb, specially the twins. What are you implying with the bad being related to? Either Rome or Hollywood?

>>364850534>See above nerdThat's my post

>>364833827Iran nuking israelSoon they will be allowed to sell oil because west are desperate, and then in a few years their nuclear program will be ready

>>364850654So why would anyone take it seriously then?

>>364850026So how do they strike?

>>364850761Omfg I'm gonna kill himRefer to >>364850411 and >>364837044, and fucking check'em while you're at it you fun-sucking cumstain

>>364834189>Waaaa!>>364834635You may be correct about the rod - > The staff of wrath of the angry god> The Ring of Nature, Creation the All Good GodAll of this is rooted in primarily a spiritual battle - truth versus untruth / the lie; Good versus evil.The Good Religion, Way, Purpose and Goal of Life, Way of the IndoEuropean Religious you know that Thomas Jefferson kept multiple copies of the Cyropaedia in the White House?He kept one by his side when penning the Bill of Rights.This is a war between good and evil.

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>>364851067So Q got people in trouble for fun?

>>364835744A butthole

>>364850924Read the prophecies of the great catholic monarch. Irlmaier has some. But the monarch will meet and stop russia at the rhine and then will reconquer all christendom and destroy the mohammedans and remove the jew.

>>364851145You suck so god damn much I can't even put it in words dude, show me on the doll where q hurt you

>>364851319Jews are the only people who orchestrate shit and don't show up themselves.

>>364850534> Muh sch¡ZchO shit!!Go back to plebbit.

Jewish ego glow so bright iit

>>364851507Don't fucking care fuck back off to the Ukraine/ threads and reee about the jews like everyone else if you're gonna be a fucking cuck there's lots of other threads

>>364833827Were you aware Russia has broken away from the Rothschild central banking mafiaYeah, when Putin came to power he worked to pay off the 12 ½ billion racked up by the USSR and quickly settled their debt.Russia is now even more free than 1930's Reich Germany was - reports of this came out I believe in October last year, that Russia was not beholden to the jewnigger mafia of the world.Then I knew...Here's a guy on normiebook who gets it, likely one of us, and disseminating some serious redpills to the world:normiebook c o m /story.php?story_fbid=5249202805091353&id=100000050570443&sfnsn=mo

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>>364851946Why don't you cry about it in your journal?

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>>364833827It's either nukes, we actually drop rods from God on a bunch of shit, or the internet as a whole dies, crippling worldwide society.

>>364853146And the jews. We all know how they love slavery too and since mass communication is down, there will be no Calvary to arrive for them over in Israel.

>>364833827The rid is my erect penis and the ring is your mom's cervix.

>>364833827Clay in the Bible means men, but not just any men, the third world and middle east. Europeans are called Iron in the Bible, Middle easterners are the men of clay. So the start of Remphan will devour the middle east.

>>364853602He gets it

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>>364833827The black flag above the dome is obviously ISIS invading Israel - prophesied in the Bible as the fall of mystery Babylon.

>>364853427>>364853124>>364851802>>364851507You are the most abrasive faggot I've come across on Holla Forums in a long ass time dude, no one's even paying attention to your fucking screeching, you're just derailing the thread, one that was enjoyable before you got here. You are literally the subversive kike that you're ranting about you sad fucking kike shill.

>>364853826No, he's joking and probably slid the thread, he didn't reply to you cause no one cares what you have to say. Kys.

>>364853970Why don't you talk to your rabbi about it?Look at the poster above you man. Completely clueless about how the bible is a jewish trick. Even in his posts it goes back to Israel. Israel is an illegal state and more than half the world worships a religion where only jews talk to god. How you can't see it's the jews is because they have you under a spell.

>>364854142>kysCan you show me how with a recording of yourself doing it? I don't want to chance photoshop.

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>>364836719Christ's return.Jews in trouble

Guys what if the bear leaving its cave is not actually russia but putin dying. Thoughts?

>>364854196>How you can't see it's the jews is because they have you under a spell.I'm not even religious nigger, and who are you to tell him what to think, sounds real jewey to me. My point is this was a thread for people to speculate and put in their random thoughts and you came and shit it up with your fucking ranting about kikes that nobody fuckung asked for you fucking fly. Now shoo.

>>364854691Q literally invoked bible shit at times. It's controlled opposition. Like putin is.

>>364854801>Like putin is.Like I said shill, back to the Ukraine /threads, you're fucking annoying as fuck.

>>364833827The rod and the ring is Q!!!

>>364833827The rod is russia... Rod = god of slavsThe ring is europe... ring of stars on flag


>>364833827You want a prophecy? Alone will remain the antichrist at the end of days upon realization of his aims, forced to endure the desolate void he left himself. On that day God will have defeated the antichrist, by proving the product of the antichrist's will. When the antichrist finally succumbs to his own devastated reality, the worthy shall return to a regenerated world.

Trying to force god's hand thing makes me think of ayylmaos, like the whole humans being seeded or whatever. Tryna make them intervene

The rod = cockThe ring = your anusHave a nice good striking

>>364855927Is that a challenge user?

>>364833827>tabloid horoscope tier "predictions">niggers falling over one another, jumping to project their retard imagination>MUH LAST BASTION OF CRITICAL THOUGHTabsolutely shameful, my god

>>364855753God and Satan both are idiot savants only able to think in absolutes of their own perspective, two opposing elements in a great reaction. Man should not seek to unbalance night and day, nor seek the triumph of hot over cold. Are we not wiser than that ? These brothers are but two steeds to be harnessed.

>>364856458>>MUH LAST BASTION OF CRITICAL THOUGHTTop KEK any user running around saying that is trolling, we're shitposting for fun and lulz, you outta try it out new fag, just earlier I pretended to be a redditor going to Ukraine, the boards were great

>>364856458Why cant these halfassed "seers" ever saya will happen to bresulting in cd is final outcomeSuch a wonderful formula with no bullshit "mysticism".

>>364856544>God and Satan both are idiot savantsChekd and kekd, fucking based and hereticpilled

>>364856908They'd be proven a fraud.

>>364833827Oooooh Elden ring

>>364834189Do you get this butthurt over fortune cookies?

>>364833827OP will have sex

>>364835283Why are tungsten deposits depleted if project thor and the rods from wannabe deities isn't real? You can scoff all you want but the timeline of events are pretty well overlapped and of course it's not something they're going to fully disclose. Then it'd lose it's point. The average person has no clue about 'em and wouldn't be able to distinguish the kinetic impact blast flash any differently from a nuclear strike.

>>364857056God needs the Devil.

>>364833827Alright you stupid nigger, THE LETTER Q IS MADE UP OF A ROD AND A RING. capiche?

>>364833827What's is this stupid shit? Don't they do this in horoscopes where they'll purposely write down general and metaphorical prophesies so people can draw their own associations? Why not just say in simple words what's going to go down? Everyone's gotta try to make life like a faggy nic cage movie

>>364847163What was the Vax truth?It feels like Ukraine is being used to bury covid