Thoughts and prayers to Bremerhaven

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>’s gone wild

Good morning

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>>364832425Will you volunteer together with the Reddit brigade? I’m getting a coffee now.

Now we are sending all of our old GDR crap to Ukraine. I guess this is much cheaper than properly disposing those old weapons

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>>364832940No but I would buy Körst a train ticket to the Polish/Ukrainian border so that they could use him as a tank barrier

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I masturbated to my neighbors having a conversation outside my apartment door today. Lord forgive me

>>364835852Love ya and god loves you aswell.

>>364835852Mutthilda moment


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>>364831044this thread is a disgrace

>>364836769Weltnaturerbe Wattenmeer, so viel Zeit muss sein.

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>>364837902Germans are snowflakes with a superior complex, you could think of them as mentally ill humans BUT they are just pussies that think are STRONGG because of hitler. I once met a german, he was angry that i don't had a contract that allows me meet with people, i said sorry and got sued for apologizing. The judge said i didn't had a certificate which allows me to give apologies in Public, it violated the "speech-right" which makes you automatically a neo nazi by law. Live is hard

this thread.

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Universumnaturerbe Körstus Haus

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>>364837902>Kraut/pol/ is a disgraceSame old, same old


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>>364843844is there anything else you do beside tithunting 24/7?are you still enrolled?

>>364845127writing my bachelor thesis about hunting for tits in the net and its legal implicationstits, I do like. This is why I reject blonde with small tit energy. Sad!

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>>364845436>bachelor thesis on tithuntings-sensei

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>>364846773wtf russiabros i dont feel so good or forecast?

just when i said this i realized how deeply involved Holla Forums is with internationalist demoralization campaign.there are men paying top dollar to make you think they way you want them to.all these fancy 3 letter glow-in-the-darks out there vying for control of this shitty little shitposting corner.why? because true free speech frightens them.they can't scream for outrage to change the rules, they cannot change the atmosphere of debate, they just try to distort the perception or deny something happened in the first next time you post a nice "let's watch people die"-video on Holla Forums featuring a nice black gentleman, think about how you are as brave as the LGBTQGTA5C++ coomunity.i kneel.

>The Obstler must flow ...

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telepolis is pumping out decent articles

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>page 9Bump*.

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>archive(.)ph/t1JX9>Polit-Hammer: Ex-Ministerin Karmasin festgenommen, Vorwürfe gegen SPÖ

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>Ukraine suddenly is the biggest thing in the worldWhy though this most likely will lead to nothing.Are they conditioning normies for WW3?

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>>364833131That should tell you enough. Only fools are cheering for the Ukraine. You're not a fool, right?>>364833375>Polish/Ukrainian borderTo collect Arabs and Africans. Picrel.>>364836769Nothing wrong with that. We told those Syrian "refugees" that they'll have a "Wattwanderung" if they fuck things up here.>>364845436

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>>364853464>Only fools are cheering for the Ukraine. You're not a fool, right?no worries, she'll flip and act as if she always knew that rus would 'win' it>muh economic sanctions

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Can't wait to kill some shit soon

>>364854266>economic sanctions>>>/biz/46980670

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>>364853464>You're not a fool, right?Frollein seems to be into distractions sometimes. Well, no distraction can last forever ...

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>>364854459obviously it's show, also nato money-collectors are collecting... blowing air into busted architectures

Am I shadowbanned from pol?


>>364855190yes. never speak again

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>>364854706As I said at >>363584786 it's either low or high involvement. And I assume in her case it's low involvement. So whatever. Tay's just having fun with Kraut/pol/.>>364854767Most goes to the usual well-connected friends. What else is new.

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Weird maybe clearing cookies fixed it

>>364831044Germany needs to prepare for a Russian invasion. The Soviets will invade Poland first so there is still time. You must deal with #1 traitors in a civil war #2 foreigners the kikes and American filth put in your country. You must remove American filth from your country. Russia may want to invade your country in the name of restoring order. Fight them. Germany doesn't need Russia gas, Germany can build Thorium reactors which are cleaner and safer to use than Uranium reactors. AI can simulate physics and discover/invent new technologies on its own. Yes, ANI can do that on its own. You can build and test new weapons of war that AI created. AI can invent never before seen technologies using the right algorithms by simulating physics. Discuss.

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>>364855190No.The Storm

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>>364855490>Tay's just having fun with Kraut/pol/.Jep. Not so much into commitment. Still got her own Inventarnummer in my Krieg ist das Ding mit GemächtKek! The old horny god high on wargasm! And yes I am clearly too lazy right now to shoop another flag and bottle into pic related. :D

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>>364853464is that some kind of joke they're running these pictures? I mean selection bias and all, but what goes on in the heads of the journos when matching these pictures with the text "ukranian refugees"?

(pic related, ask for Duck.)

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>>364856388Europe is BUNT

>>364856400>Uh oh, I might be in trouble ...Hey Ducky! :)

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>>364855503>clearing cookies fixed iti can confirm that. worked for me when i was attacked by ruhless longnose-agents for doing absolutely nothing indecent at all.

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>>364855907stop shitposting and start cooking mutthilda

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stay strong, körstibros

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>>364856671Is my music too loud again?

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>>364835852What did they talk about? Shieet must have been quite the spicy talk to set you off.

>>364856400if you can stand classic and dont mind some romance i recommend nodame cantabile

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Kek, Wasser and Babynahrung. How Green can you be?>>364856196>I am clearly too lazy right nowSo am I, this stuff is for fun. The real work I'm engaged in is for later. The real stuff, ya know.>>364856388Those are the "refugees" Belarus tried to blackmail the EU with. Now they slip in via UA.

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>>364838413so zis is what you meant when you said you're now a former

>>364856950Send your ass straight to Hell subhuman demon. Hunt you down faggot mongrel boy.

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>>364856987Tasteful as always! ^^>wtf are you listening there?!Ahahaha, did the whole 1h loop in one go! :D

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>>364857156die satan2 raketen tun nichts mehr für die bienen im land

>>364857156>Wasser and Babynahrungkinda ironic that it is again a Rot-Grün coalition paving the way for war on european soil.

>>364857127still has a bit of this left I will look into it

>>364856388Journalists get off sticking it to right-wing chuds. >WE ARE ALL HUMAN. WE ARE ALL THE SAME. SKIN COLOR DOES NOT MATTER. IF YOU DISAGREE YOU ARE A HATEFUL NAZI

>>364857454>Send your ass straight to Hell subhuman demonyes I invoke daily demons of war to prepare for the glorious war. How could you tell?

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>>364856388ju vill be gaslit

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>>364858185Globohomo stooges love this kind of propaganda. Expect more to come good, nuclear power plants bad>>364857685They are extremists after all.

>>364857156>Those are the "refugees" Belarus tried to blackmail the EU with. Now they slip in via UA.huh, can you qrd me on this? How did they end up in Belarus of all places? And how did they get to Ukraine?Kinda disgusting seeing ever the more how all these refugees shenanigans are just political schemes. >>364856962There was a Beitrag on ÖR a couple of days back about a Gastwirt posting on facebook how russische Gäste nicht erwünscht. Apparently it caused quite the shitstorm against him, even got police protection. >>364857967>>364858185Have we really reached such levels of mental contorsions? Even the normies must notice, right? right?

>>364858337thats my jam

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>>364857156>The real stuff, ya know.Guter Stoff. :)Neck pain I had the last two days vanished just half an hour ago. I take this as an auspicious sign. >>364858337HUGE GUTS!!! O_O

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>>364853371consume productget exited for next product

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>>364857634>satan2Reminds me 2014 happened and it all went south for them.>>364857685Indeed. First Rotgruen did Yugoslavia war, massive tax-exemptions for BigCorp, implemented Hartz IV, while succeeding CDU/FDP removed Wehrpflicht and nuclear power. Somehow they all do the opposite of what they're expected to. That's why I don't fear current Ampel. Any government only hurts the unprepared.>>364858486>can you qrd me on this?Belarus let in "refugees" from Arab countries and moved them to the Polish border. Tried to create pressure, but based Polans didn't give in.Then with the war they obviously pushed them to Ukraine (to get rid of them) and they're trying to come to the EU with the legit UA refugees.>>364858685>Guter Stoff. :)Definitiv. Things become more concrete.

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>>364858337Frau Kerstin Möglich von Pommern.

>>364859305>converted ICBM used for launching artificial satellites into orbitThat's how you taxi commander! :DD>Definitiv. Things become more concrete.Kann ich mich also doch auf mein Gefühl verlassen. ^^

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