This is the prime minister of spain

say something nice about her

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>>364829452yes your banned

>>364829452would berry


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>>364829452Bad genes. How can you be that fat and still have a flat ass?

>>364829452>ass in those pantiesOmfg, you can have the Ukraine i don't care anymoreJust give me HER

>>364829452More like past her prime minister.



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>>364829452bathing in the sun isn't going to make you lose weight


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>>364829452Nice tits, and nicer ban

I’d vote for her, if you catch my drift

>>364829452Will cutting my dick off cure the porn demon?

Does she know how to use those to tittyfuck though?

She has some VERY milky titties that I would fully exploit in every way possible for a comprehensive fetish experience.

Pedro looks like THAT???


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>>364829452I mean, the thing is though that I'd fuck just about anything...

>>364829452Decent slampig

>>364829452Look at that fag in the background with his eyes closed.

>>364829452What are you talking about coombaiting faggot?

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>>364829452women in positions of influence and power have been a disgusting disaster for the human races


Well, she *looks* Spanish. Easily identifiable.

>>364829696Uh... Bro? Don't you have anything better to do right now?

>>364829452google said it as a man named pedro sachez


Holy fuck those tits are perfection. The rest is just okay but I'd definitely fuck her just to smash those tits.

>>364829603KEKEKEK well played


>>364829452for real? what's her name? I'm seeing on google your president is a man, pedro sanchez

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>>364829696Based coomer hohol

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>>364829452fat bitch

>>364829603>More like past her prime ministerunderrated!!

>>364829590all spanish chicks have flat asses

>>364829607yeah, cos this is a newfag bread, isn't it. OP knows he's banned, and he's based for that. nothing a quick router reset won't fix, dickhead

>>364829590never done anything that requires muscles.

>>364829452I want her to lower those HEAVY BOOBAS onto my eyes.

>>364830056Dated a Catalan once, she didn't

>>364829452>prime minister of spaindamn pedro sanchez looks like THAT?

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>>364830056Not true. I banged a Spanish babe with a perfect juicy ass. I also drove through your country and the main road into the city was dug up to all shit and I had to sit in traffic for like an hour just to get in.


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Also that's an Italian model named marika fruscio you deceptive little cunt. Italian women are top tier.

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>>364829452FUNBAGS grab em slap em squeeze em omomomomomom

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>>364829452You call this thing White? This is a sandniggress, North African, not a Evropean woman.

>>364830403There wasn't enough water to drown a witch in

>>364830621Yes jews, we are NON-white, so you can stop bothering us now. Also when soviet putintard starts nuking white countries that also means we won't get nuked. Benefits of being mutts.

>>364829452Such a disgusting fat whore. If you want to be ruled by a woman, why can't you vote into power some nice la chiquita baby, muchacho?

>>364829603Not her optimus prime for sure

>>364829452Fuck mootxico, spanish mami here I cum

>>364829452idk how old she is, but i'd totally try to make babies with her

>>364829452nice tits


>>364829452Imagine marrying a big boobed Spanish gf when she is 27. You probably think she just have 8 good years before the wall.But 15 years later, you still get to tap this every nightWhat a lucky man married her.


>>364829452GIB milk mommy :(((

>>364829452She looks like an Indian aunty.

>>364830403thats what people do here everyday to get to work. this country is completely fucked because of immigration

>>364829452>say something nice about herWho the hell is that hmmmm... woman?

>>364830781Spanish people are a lot whiter than Jews that's for sure.I don't understand how people can be surprised EQUATORIAL WHITES are tanner than northern whites.Actually I can understand- it's jews just trying to DIVIDE AND CONQUER as per usual.

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I like brown nipples I am degenerate

>>364831255You're right ofc, but I enjoy the narrative of us "not being white" or "white enough" cause that automatically means political correctness does not apply to us in any way, nor jewish policies targeting white peoples.

>>364829938>for real? what's her name? I'm seeing on google your president is a man, pedro sanchezNo. As you say, our president is Pedro Sánchez, aka Falconetti, el Viruelo, or Doctor cum fraude

>>364829452build for the heavy melanated

>>364829590You have to start squatting after 40 to counter flatass and this applies to anyone

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>>364829452This women does not look like a Pedro Sánchez.OP is fully retarded and has a dildo in his ass

>>364829452Spain was a muslim country for several hundred years and the entire population are arab rape babies.

>>364829452Nah.. i like the finland prime minister better

>>364829452When did xhe transition?

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>>364830621Spaniards are not white. Any white looking people you see in Spain are either immigrants or the children of white people who mated with Spaniards.


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>>364829452Who is she?

>>364830781>Yes jews, we are NON-white, so you can stop bothering us now. Also when soviet putintard starts nuking white countries that also means we won't get nuked. Benefits of being mutts.I wish that was true. Whether you (generic you) consider us white or not, we have been marked for replacement. Let the last one switch off the lights

>>364831662>american education

>>364829452wtf, who is her?

>>364831392Mutts are the only ones doing that. Its so funny how insecure they are about that.

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>>364829452big fat titties

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>>364831870The Prime Minister and the President are the same thing in Spain.

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>>364829590On the nose

That absolute state Spain 6:40

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>>364829452Whiter than spagetti niggers, just barely.

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According to reverse image should try use google from time to time.

>>364832001is this achievable natty?

>>364829452imagine the smell

>>364829452Kek med milkers


>>364831392>You're right ofc, but I enjoy the narrative of us "not being white" or "white enough" cause that automatically means political correctness does not apply to us in any way, nor jewish policies targeting white peoples.I wish that was true. But political correctness is heavily applied here.

>>364829452stupid faggotthe prime ministe of spain is a dude

>>364829603kek>>364829607>>364829536it's political retard

>>36482960310/10 well played

>>364832054> down? i dont speak empenada

>>364830030and thats a good thing.

>>364832654The flag became detached partially. Just hanging by a one string The King was obviously disgusted


>>364830056>All white chicks have flat assesFtfy

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>>364832770disgusted by a flag but not his country being overrun by third worlders etc

>>364831098based italybroI'm blond / blue eyed myself and I've always prefered these dark ones. my wife is also one. still happy after 10 years.the truth which all these incels here won't understand is that dark haired woman age better than these pale blonde ones. thicker skins means less wrinkles and less sagging.

>>364831291>>Catalan>>SpanishThe Catalan and Basque independentist movements are another form of subversion against Spain. A Castilian and a Catalan have more in common than a Tamil and a Hindi speaker.

>>364829452Spanish women look like that!?


>>364829452I want those moorish milkers

>>364831628>Spain was a muslim country for several hundred years and the entire population are arab rape babies.Spain will be a muslim country again, and your country will too. Your descendants, if you have them, will be paki rape babies. The rape part is happening RIGHT NOW. I wouldn't laugh so hard if I were you.

>>364829452Woah... El Viruelo, El Guapo... looks like THAT????I'm gonna participaaate in the democroootic proceeeesss hhhggggnnn

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>>364830432>Italian women are top tier.Those Italian women that are pretty, have something special, I cannot express it with words, they have a "wow" factor.

>>364829452Why does she look Moroccan?

>>364829587I wouldn't say she's fat, but she's definitely lacking any sort of muscle tone. She just needs to tighten up those stomach and ass muscles.

>>364829452Pedro Sanchez , U SURE ?Doesnt look like a Pedro?


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>>364829452I think she looks very nice and pretty much better than Kamala

>>364834182>>364834400She's italian people should learn to use yandex

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>>364833370>Spanish women look like that!?No, she's not Spanish

>>364829742He was blinking you fucking idiot.

>>364829452Nice Cabinet.Also Do you know that we named a sexual position After Spanish girlsà)

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Absolutely disgusting.

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>>364829452Nice tatas, tummy too flabby though she needs to slow down with churros

where's the fag who is copy pastaing the "spain didn't produce anything worthwhile after the muslims" every single day? did he miss this chick?

>>364829452she's cute!

>>364829452Nothing prime about her.

>>364829452i bet she takes massive dumps


>>364829452Nice double chin, fatty.

>>364829452notice how she looks no different from any other spiciberians are not, never have been, and never will be White.


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It's over for russia now!


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>>364835973>iberians are not, never have been, and never will be White.And that woman is not, and has never been Iberian. Frankly, those who talk about amerimutt education certainly have a point.

>>364829452so many faggots in thread.If you wouldnt fuck this you are definitely gay .Admit to your parents and enjoy your non incel homo life.Its way easier than finding small imperfections in any woman as an excuse for the fact that you like dick more.

>>364829452Fatass but would be fucking hot if she started lifting

>>364829452another female prime minister ?> man it's fucking dark & depressing

>>364829452Prime alright.

>>364834175I call it the imperial princess factor.

>>364829603Haha caarlooos

>>364830432>>364834175>>364838059its the testosterone, gives them maximum sex drive and eventually a moustache followed by shrinking into a midget

>>364829452M U C H AL E C H E

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>>364829452/pol/ fucking sucks. why is a thread like this still up wtf

>>364829452dios mio


ngl I'd stick my burrito in


Fat tits are great


>>364832270>imagine the smellMakes me want to lick her arm pit.

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Me gustan mucho las tetas muy grandes mmmm

>>364829452niccceeee 8/10

>>364829603nailed it

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>>364829452T E T A SETAS

>>364840380The two best reasons to vote for a politician amirite

>>364829452nice tatas

>>364829452bring me solo and the wookie

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>>364829696hilarious how many comfy Ukrainians on 4chan rn

>>364829452eh whatever. you assholes did a Krysten Sinema thread when she said she wouldn't back bbb and made me break a 2 week no fap.

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>>364829452she looks very arabic

¿Quién cojones es esa?


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>>364829452Not as hot as AOC

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>>364829607this is about politics faggot>>364829603kek

>>364829452God damn I'd suck on those like there's no tomorrow

>>364829452She'd be a total knockout if she lost some weight. As it is she has no business wearing such a small bikini. Nice tits though.

>>364829452Looks like a arab

>>364829452Sage this coomer faggot slifrt thread


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>>364829452i want to milk her

>>364841436AOC got the crazy eyes but she'll get the moustache eventually too

>>364831488Holy checked. Do your right wing death squats kids.

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>>364829452Drop some more of them udders



Dude it's Marika Fruscio Italy nude modelOP is a faggot *SAGE*

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>>364829452You wish


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>>364829590Fat goes to boobies. Rare you have both.

>>364829603fuck off

>>364829603Kekistan bringing the bantz

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>>364829452*past her prime minister

>>364829452looks positively khazarian>spain and high gov officialcould bet without looking

>>364829452Nice tetas



>>364829603Fuckin kek

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>>364829857Do you know the difference between president and prime minister you dumb fucking burger?

>>364829938Prime Minister does not equal President, dipshit.


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>>364829452what is it looking at?

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>>364829452I wish our ministers had tits like these.

>>364836503>mmm cellulite


Hoop earrings = slutThe bigger the hoops the bigger the slutDems sum preddie big hoops nigga

>>364829536This is a lie

>>364829626He still isnt banned.


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>>364829452noice opthanks :)

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>>364829452Is everyone at Holla Forums just 13 year old? Have you never been to a beach?

>>364829452Pedro Sanchez's sex reassignment surgeons were really good, I guess...

>>364829452Paco, es casi igual que las indias de acá. Con razón no tuvieron asco en cogerselas a todas

She's only 43. Fuck, she's old looking for 43, I'm 47 and look way younger. Nice tits though.

>>364847667President of the Council of Ministers is pretty much the same thing as Prime Minister.

>>364829603no carlos?ngmi


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>>364829452She has no ass and looks like a 22 year old Mexican.


>Marika FruscioNice try faggot, dream on.


>>364829603I have a fetish for matures dude.. idk why

>>364829452TITS .T..I...T....S

>>364829452You have NO fucking idea what I would do to this woman. ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING CLUE.Oh my God I wanna rape someone now.

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>>364829452Moor or Khazar?

>>364829452A fine woman, meant to bear children.

I like boobies.

>>364829452What does her pusy smell like?

Dear diary: Today, the jannies were not faggots.

>>364851358Based user who knows what WOMAN looks like

>>364829452shes hot. I want a spainish waifu

>>364835210Agreed, no signs of any feminine penis on her, truely disgusting bio female

>>364835210EWWW she's like 15 in that pic, can you believe that some men would SEXUALIZE her? I'm gonna puke just thinking about it omg

>>364829452este es el foro más estúpido de 4chan con diferencia

>>364852566Tú eres estúpido.

>>364829536>implying this isn't politics>a fucking gipsi

>>364829452I like her policies




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>>364852949Well, she's extremely, openly communist...

>>364829452what a fat, disgusting pig

>>364829452she has got a fantastic set of gazongas

>>364829452She's fat and getting through the wall. I would touch one tit though

>>364829452Nice large areolas

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she still only expects chads and wouldnt even look your way

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>>364841436How do you know we never seen the goods?


>>364829452Hola mamacita!

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>>364829452Sanchez finally transitioned?


I would on ironically hit on her at a bar, older chicks are the best sex ever and I don't even really think she's that fat. I've been divorced for over 10 years and the last skinny chick I was with was my ex-wife I think there's some negative association there.

>>364851358Please not Bosnia

>>364829452Absolute monarchy when Manuel?

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>>364830256This was pre-op

>>364830621And it had to be an American claiming this. As usual, revealing all your insecurities.Meanwhile when real Americans come here we have to put up with their complaints about how most of us are white, that we call "Chinese" Spanish-born East Asians, no black policemen, etc.

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>>364830403Oh, poor you, you had to wait until they fixed the road and didnt pay attention to your tourist needs? Awwww. Fuck you.

>>364830621u know she has a fake tan right.

>>364829452Uggh, gypsie-arab fucking looking hoodrat

>>364854254Creepy Ayys

>>364840827KEK underrated af

>>364831928I'm convinced it isn't really Americans who always call Spaniards or Italians "non-whites". They are Latinamericans living in the USA. They are obsessed about it.When Spaniards travel to the USA, unless they try to spin the "ethnic card" with fake tans or whatever, they tend to be regarded as white by white Americans.

>>364835973I thought she was Indian or some shit initially.

>>364854927nice inbred teef

>>364829452Who the fuck is that woman, our president is Perro Sanchez


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>>364829452Nice body. Spaniard women are the best.

>>364857055no they're not lmfao, too much sand nigger mixed in their genes.

>>364829452Mommy please give me milk

>>364857215they're like botched surgery without the surgery, truly fascinating

>>364829452Old women are disgusting

>>364857215It depends on the areas, Andalucía and Murcia have too much muslim ancestry but Galicia and Pais Vasco have celtic ancestry

>>364854163Most men swipe right on everything

>>364829607calm down gypsynescu


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>>364829452meanwhile, my GF

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>>364858149>that necklaceshes a jew

>>364857380How's she disgusting?

>>364854163it's not that she expects chad's, it's that she legitimately can get a fit man if she tried and it would take maybe a week or two before she's got a whole rotation of dick even in her 40s and fat. There's plenty of men who would fuck your disgusting fat slob of a mother without a seconds thought

>>364829452Those are some nice milkers. Milky mommy pls spray it on me.


>>364858549that is a pentagram, mutt

>>364859286The difference being...

>>364829603kek so true

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