RIP in peace space cowboi

To boldly go where no fag has gone before. Press S

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made me check sage fuck you faggot but I hope he dies soon

>>364829331i never want to see another of his gay and retarded tweets posted here ever again

>>364829580>>364830717it will activate the final cycle

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>>364829331hes a tv personality, a literal who, fuck off op kyssage

>>364829331Dead commie,good commie.May he rot in hell.

>>364829331Thank fuck, I just watched a Simpsons episode where he showed up in the credits and it retroactively made me hate the episode. Few people as disgusting as this cunt.

>>364829331And suddenly the average life expectancy of fags all over the world drops by 10 years.

>>364829331he never got to be captain

>>364830717Unironically his account will still be posting from the grave.

>>364829331That webm of him wanking of a guy on live TV is gonna get posted a whole lot more today

>>364829331>To boldly go where no fag has gone beforePretty sure all fags go to hell.

well i guess AIDS isn't that deadly if he lived this long, fucking gook was gayer than cum on a mustache

S you fucking meta soiboi

>>364829331rip in piss

watched the old star trekwhy is this guy famous? He’s a terrible actor. everything he says seem lifeless

>>364829331>RIP in peaceRIP literally means Rest In Peace so you say Rest in peace in peace lmfao you retard

Fake and gayer than takei

I'll honestly be a bit sad when he does die. Yeah, he's a fag retard. But he's part of a dying breed of San Francisco faggots who just don't really exist anymore. They were annoying but didn't do much aside from just be pride waving faggots with stupid opinions but never really hurt anyone.


>>364832038That's the joke, dumdumLurk more.

>>364829331Eh, I have fond memories of OG TREK, of him running around with his shirt off trying to murder the crew with a fencing foil, after the Holodeck malfunctions and makes everybody into a walking freudian slip.Still, there was no excuse for being that woke, and I can't forgive that sort of behaviour in the name of some passable pulp acting.Nor the rumours that he had a predilection for young meat.Honestly?I think there will be dirt on him coming out one of these days.So yeah, with a heavy heart;S

>>364829331"And here's why people are laughing." would be a great byline

>>364829331/pol/ isn't going to care when he actually does die.

>>364829331How did this faggot live so long? I thought fags died of AIDS by 30.

>>364829331He was an annoying faggot who died hated

>>364829331Nice. He deserves death. Hope there is a hell

>>364829331good, hope it was the clotshot he was so keen on promoting

Lmao, remember this?


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>>364832175you've fallen for a doublewhammytroll>b-b-b-but i was just pretending to be retardedyeah

>>364832038Kek. reddit cucks can't help themselves. You shills are so easy to spot rite now.

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>>364829331Fuck you I almost he a heart attack. George will never die. Fuck you.

>>364829331THANK GODI was tired of seeing his dumbass posts

>>364829331Vaccine related death no doubt

>>364832038You must be new here.

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>>364829580FPBPFuck that faggot.

>>364829331Holy kek, is that the twitter fag which was literally the embodiment of the Globohomo vaxx cult? Lets give God our thanks for making the Earth a better place

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>>364829331Rest in Orange Man Bad

>>364829331the world just got a bit less gay, thanks george very cool

>>364829331Faggots go to hell

>>364829331About fucking time. Hope they cremate so the ground isn't polluted by his AIDS riddled corpse.

>>364829331I liked mr. Zulu and oh my meme. Rest in peace and be judged mildly by God, i guess?Maybe he gets a comfier place in Hell, where Freddy Mercury is.

>>364829331token jap, accept it and move on with your lives

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>>364832038I Rest in PussyA place far far from the vax space faggot

>>364831032This is like a masterpiece schizo meme.

>>364832124Except the children he raped.

Rest in pepperoni, nippon space cowboyGone but not forgotten :'(

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Was it aids? Vax? Prolapse complications or all 3?

>>364829331At last the cancer is gone.

Wait just a fucking second. In my timeline he's already died twice at least. How many times have I jumped?


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>>364829331I wish he woulda went quiet instead of dragging his reputation through the bMud for a decade before it was over

>>364829331I've never been so devastated about a death report being fake

>>364829331He takei the long sleep

>>364829331Oh my

>>364829331S. Get spitroasted in hell faggot

>>364834356cheer up anonsoon

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>>364829331Timely message, thanks George.

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Good fuck off space faggot. May you live in heaven with perennial gay-anal-sex-parade and be fisted in the anus 24/7, as you dreamed on earth.

>>364831703He'll probably be shilling NFTs within a year.

>>364830717You just know that when he does croak the PR handlers that have been running the account will put out a message saying “in honor of George we will dedicate this account to owning BLUMPF every day for the rest of eternity”


>>364829331fake and gay

>>364829331Thought he died last year already. What the fuck

>>364834882I can't wait to use this tweet out of context when there's a Republican president again."Death of the author. George Takai's tweets mean whatever our culture needs them to."

>>364834973day ain't over yet and the gay part is already true

>>364829331SS spit n shit. this dude was a pedophile faggot liberal to the max.

>>364832038Lol meme flag retard has never heard of rip in pepperoni. Fucking faggot leave this place and never return

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>>364832038>all these newfags falling for a easy bait with a memeflag.Kek. God speed user. Newfags calling out oldfags.

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>>364829331Oh my!

>>364835607I was only pretending to be retarded!

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>>364829331It's about fucking time someone shut this gay retard up for good.

>>364832671triplewhammied dum dum

>>364829331A japanese dying at 83?That means it's working

>>364829331It took AIDS fucking long enough to kill him.

>>364831659And he wanted to have own Trek TV show. He's been bitter about never getting one in the 80s and 90s. He seethed so much.


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>>364829331Good, fuck that faggot.

>>364835191everything is gay now thanks to gay kikes


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>>364831703Big trend these days

>>364829331Burning in hell as the homo child molester this dog is

There is no evidence that this faggot is dead anywhere on the Internet except this post. Wikipedia said he “was” for a minute and is now back to using “is”. Post proof that this Jap is dead, please.


based. nasty faggotSSSSSSSSSSSD

>>364829331Beam me up Scotty!

>>364832038yuo must go back

>>364829331>sodomite>NPC>weird voice>attention whoreif only he could have died sooner

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>>364829331>To boldly go where no fag has gone beforeHEAVEN?

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>>364831032>>364833783It's amazing lol

>>364837245post proof my nuts are not in your mouthill wait


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>>364829331Finally. I was so sick of his unfunny jokes and "gotcha!"s

>>364829331The body can only handle so much HIV.

>first post points out this isn't real>90 posts of retards still falling for it

>>364829331like who cares about so old asian homo? Fuck off.

>>364829331now who will pester?

>>364831443President Ed Buck?



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>>364829331What? Excellent!He was so pozzed with globohomo, that he was basically walking corpse.

>>364832038That's the joke, retard

>>364829331I wish this was true

>>364829580Can’t wait till this poopoo eater dies.

>>364838996Because they're paid to?

>>364834080He only died once before in my timeline.Surprised I had to go this deep to find this comment.Mandela Effect

>>364832314Klaus Nomi was the only worthy one who had aids.


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>>364832520if he'sa proud gay boy then you should have danced in that video.Seems a bit suspicious and homophobic to me.

>>364829331Fake news



>>364829331Hopefully he died of CovAIDS coughing up blood and screaming for his mama.Fucking arrogant faggot.

>>364829331good fuck that faggot

>>364834080Now that I think about it he would have died twice in mine too.

Almost made me cheer up, faggot.

>>364829331Rest in piss dog eater gay man fucker, your smug tweets will never be missed

>>364829331SSo much S

>>364832038lurk more, nigger

>>364829331Didn't this guy want unvaxxed in concentration camps, despite his perpetual moaning about the Japanese internment camps? S


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>>364829331Decent actor but went woke and shit. I won't spit on his grave, just in the entrance to it. By the time he became garbage he was irrelevant anyways

Rest in aids.

>>364829331Lol faggot.

>>364829331i wouldnt waste spit on this faggots grave but i'll piss on it.

>>364829331Good riddance.


>>364832038requiescat in pace

>>364829331Every day I hope he dies lmao don't get my hopes up.

>>364829331Fake and gay bullshit is both fake and gay.

>>364829331Dude looks healthy. I bet he makes it to 90.

this fucker is 9gag and reddit incarnated in one person

>>364832038>Retard flag>Cant identify the most obvious joke made in the site

>>364829331Shame he didnt Takei his own Lifei

>>364829331FUCK YEAHEat shit cunt

>>364832124Except for the AIDS they spread.

>>364846041He'd probably prefer that.

>>364833817And the AIDS.

>>364829331took him long enough.what a faggot.

Got happy over nothing.This guy is the definition of whiny faggot.


>>364832038sign is a subtle joke

>>364829331Was it GRIDS?

>>364829331Bill keeps winning

>>364831933There's like six japs in Hollywood, and Takei is the only one who hasn't played Admiral Yamamoto so people give him attention out of pity.

>>364832038Put me in the cap, uncle adolph!!!

>>364829331S S S S S S S S SI can't stand this faggot and his smug midwit takes.

>>364829331>faked image with no link and a 1PBTID OP gets 150+ repliesnever change, Holla Forums spastics


>>364829331I came in here to celebrate, you lying pos, now I'm in a bad mood all day

the fuck? he already died years ago

>>364829331Good, fuck that ignorant shit stirring gook.

>>364832038>all these newfrens replying to baitget those (You)s buddy

>>364832038Good bait, heres your reply you goddamned parody of a living being.

>>364829331literally fake and gay


>>364829331I don't want him to die but his tweets are pure retarded faggotry.

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>>364830717>i never want to see another of his gay and retarded tweets posted here ever againI second this motion.MOTION PASSED.

>>364831032Why the fuck is unicron there?

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>>364849365They definitely are.Someone else from that era whose got some nutty tweets is David Crosby from the 60s-70s band Crosby Stills & Nash. That jackass will fly off the handle at anyone who tries to go against his liberal bs.

Years ago it shocked me that he was still alive. I barely watch movies, don't know any actors... I did know him because I saw him in a Roast once and knew about Startrek. Then read about him dying in MSM which stood out because it's one of the few people I know... and years later it turned out he was still alive.Guess I crossed universes again.

>>364829331If only

>>364830717He sold his account, its not him posting and yes it will probably continue after he's dead.

>>364829331I wish it were true. He’s such a faggot.

Nooooooo you can't be mean to Putin and Trump and call out their shit you have to die! ReeeThat's you.That's how you're retards sound.

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>>364829331bye faggot, star trek is neo-liberal fantasy retardation, mutli-racial post-war societies will never work and useless gays should be killed.

>>364829331Damn... so we will no longer get twitter screenshots of his faggy take on everything from lunch meat to nuclear war? What a shame.

>>364850241I never noticed it until I got red pilled around 2014-15, but it definitely is. It's trash TV that encourages globalism, miscegenation, and all that garbage "togetherness" multicultural bullshit that the globohomos want. I used to watch TNG a lot when I was a little kid; probably rotted my brain.

>>364832038Trolling is a art

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>>364832038Found the newfag Reddit nerd

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>>364850436He's def still alive and still on Twitter, unfortunately. I'm jw wtf we're still talking about him!

>>364850219>implyingDo you realize how desperate and retarded you sound?Nah. I'm sure you don't with your head that far up your own ass in arrogance and egoism.


>>364831032> LockdownsIt appears they want people to stay indoors. To keep distance, for some reason. Possibly to desensitize them or hide something from them.

I know that when Spock died, they did a whole "search" for him. Pretty sure nobody is going to go looking for this homo. RIP Sulu.


>>364829331I don’t even know who this is

Based for Star Trek but cringe for being a sodomite.

>>364832038Have you cracked the case on why we say turn 360° and walk away?

>>364834080Same. Good might Sweet Takai for the 2nd time.

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>>364832038lol at all the people falling for the pseudo-bait

Fake, but I really wish it was real

>>364829331He complained when Sulu was made gay on the last atrocity of a filmAlso, was vaccinated

>>364831443These actors are all the same, damn.

>>364850973standing with the ukrainan peopleis enpathy, standing with russian oligarchs is egoism


>>364829331an eternity without twitter would be hell for him

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>>364831443>faggot>stand behind our president

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>>364829331Shatner gets the last word as always.

>>364829331deja vu motherfucker SSSSS

>>364832038it literally means requiescat in pace


>>364832314sperm is loaded with stem cell factors, which he absorbed rectally

>>364832038Good morning, sir.


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Safely and effectively in a coffin. /s

>>364829331Unfortunately not true, wish it was though.



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>>364829331Finally. Enjoy oblivion, fag.

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>>364832314Aids isn't real

>>364832124Yeah... it is really too bad AIDS wiped out like 95% of them...

>>364851949people are being forced into emotional prisons. they want to be able to predict everything we're going to feel, think, say, and do before it

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>>364829331He’s still alive. Sage in all fields.

>>364829331This guy is fucking insufferable.


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>>364829331Oh my

>>364846782>giving aids to faggotsI don’t see the problem.


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>>364832124He was a degenerate. Regardless of that, I hope God can save his soul and turn it to the Light.

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>>364829331Finally. Thats the only way the gay fuck will ever shut his cocksucker.

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>>364856360>>364829331S this disgusting rapist

Rot in hell, ZOGbot fag.

>>364833817And ate them too prolly

>>364829331whew, finally. he was a fucking globohomo stooge for some reason.

>>364829331>SNothing of value was lost

>>364829331Asian genes are so stronk this semen and shit eating faggot with GRIDS made it to 83.

>>364829331Good riddance, faggot.

>>364829331Not fake but still gay

>>364856561Actually OP is fake and gay, Takei hasn't died. At least there are no reports except OP's shoop.Even so, I will pray for his soul that it may be redeemed before it's too late and he repent of his degenerate ways.

>>364856360it comes with being an entertainer I guess.

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robert kiyosaki next plz


>>364829331as much as i hate this faggot i wouldnt post this. fuck you OP for making look.

>>364857824pray for him anyway. it will be true eventually.

>>364832124He's been a vocal piece of shit for globohomo a long time. I'll be happy to hear his coffin smashed apart and fluttered his lifeless corpse down the stairs. San Francisco faggots turned a busy port city into fag town for moloch.

>>364829331globohomo cuck npc gave homosexuality a bad name

>>364829331>dead hollywood faggotGood riddance

>>364856360Omg uncut penis looks so fucking disgusting and wrong

>>364857424Why fapping with another man is newsworthy?Why don't they talk about innovation, hard work and value creation? I would be so happy to read daily news about productive things. Now it's so fucking depressing.

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>>364829331Obviously it’s faked, the date isn’t even correct.

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>>364858555Oh. I’m just a fucking retard. I thought it was still February.

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>>364829331Wasn't he the leader of Japan in Red Alert 3?

>>364829331I think the episode of futurama he was in where he says “I’m mentally ill.” The clip Is vastly underused as a response to every one of his tweets.

>>364829331He's hearing for uranus

>>364829331Goddamn OP. I made this last night. Word for word. Phone fagging at that.

>>364829331I wish every day that this slant eye would just eat shit already. I'm so sick of seeing his retarded twatter posts everywhere.