I've applied to 40 jobs over the last month and I have not gotten a single call back...

I've applied to 40 jobs over the last month and I have not gotten a single call back. I thought there was a labor shortage?

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>>364827563are you applying for jobs out of your skill set OP?

its because youre white

>>364827563There isn't. It's just a ruse by big corporations to drive up the minimum wage to out compete small businesses.

List your ethnicity as non white and watch the offers roll in.


>>364827563Same, except it's because I'm white and can't speak Spanish in SoCal. Literally every single latino here is PoC and speaks English and Spanish, and I think I'm literally the only white guy in my city.

I used to hire people, here's some tips >cover letter, to the point but sounding professional. Emphasize your desire to grow and your past experience. Also include technologically literate, able to work in a fast paced environment and have open availability for shifts. >list skills before anything else>list most recent job first If you can afford it get first aid certified as well.

>>364828194I'm in the LA area and I understand the pain. Even most of my friends are mexican or some sort of mexican mix.

>>364827563>Biden would create a 10% tax credit for companies that create jobs for Americans.Note this tax credit is for creating jobs, not actually hiring people. Obama did the same shit. They're basically fake jobs.

>>364827563Test some things out.Use a different picture (if you use one).Say you're proud of your (privileged non white heritage).Mention you're an active member of the progressive party of your region, or gay rights group.Or if you prefer to fix this via brains instead of pity hires, put all the industry relevant buzzwords in white text/white background, font size 1, on a cover letter. The auto filtering software they use will get you through past the wall, and miserable cunt who works in HR will actually read it after that.Work the system so it works for you.

>>364827563Have you marked yourself as Afro American yet? That is likely the problem my fren.

>>364828460>Use a different pictureDo americans really fucking do this? Unless you mean a linkedIn photo which is whatever

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>>364828555I'm Latino.

>>364827563>>364828414too much risk to hire niggers.

>>364828414Race traitor!

OP hereI'm just frustrated by all of this. I've been doing all these meaningless questionnaires too and I'm starting to think the labor shortage issue is fabricated and all I'm doing is getting data mined from these companies by applying

>>364827901I pretend to be jewish. I get offers I never even applied for.

>>364828630Awwwwwwwwwwww sheeeeitJust being a dumbass anyway. Curious about this what type of jobs you fuckers trying to get?

>>364827563are you self-identifying as black tranny female. algorithm will not even allow you to pass the first step otherwise

>>364828673Funny you should say that I have thought about pursuing black women to breed with.

>>364827563Those signs are to virtue signal. There aren’t enough good jobs for everyone.

>>364827799Double checked. All of it is a psyop.

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>>364827563Because you cant actually delete your Facebook.

There is, you're just a retard. I went from 17$ an hour to a 40$ an hour job. With no experience

>>364828989Some people don't want to suck dick for money.

>>364828824I'm HVAC certified but also looking for Warehouse jobs as I'm forklift certified too

>>364828400>>list skills before anything else>>list most recent job firstWot?

>>364827563you're being liquidated

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>>364827563>I thought there was a labor shortage?Nah it's fake. Just another make-believe excuse to bring in more immigrants to lower wages even more

>>364828902An Amazon driver makes $20/hr. You think those kids are gonna work normal mom and pop shop jobs when they can sit in a truck and play a fetch and deliver quest mmorpg style and get $160 a day ?

>>364828793Big brain, I'm legit doing that next application I fill out, plus extra holidays, fucking absolute win.

>>364827563The "laborr shortage" myth is a psyop they are using to keep blame off the government for the horrid economy.

>>364827901Does this actually work? What will happen when they see that I'm clearly white and blonde? I am in the same boat as OP.

>>364827563Work in healthcare, there's never enough people. Train as a nurse.

>>364828400Sorry, but this is the most boomer-tier advice ever.

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>>364828400Kys boomer

>>364830188Oh great idea, I'll go back to school for a 3rd degree!

>>364830435What are your 2 useless degrees you got?

>>364827563I heard that not putting your pronouns helps a lot.

>>364829274He means start with your skill set first page first paragraph then when you get to past work experience start with the most recent

>>364828414 I'm extremely white too, like I have really light eyes and I'm extremely pale, I feel like a black guy in an all-white neighborhood. Mexicans are sometimes rude as shit to me also, then they turn around act nice to some dark as fuck dude who comes up to them speaking Spanish. At least latinas are stupidly into pale white guys.

>>364827563>>364827769I've applied to 100ish since january and I am legally native americanI have received 4 interviews. keep trying OP people will talk back eventuallysome of the ones I applied to took over 3 months to respond

>>364827563What's your education? I'm comp sci graduate and I get emails every month from recruiters saying they are interested in me and want to book me an interview. The most employable areas are IT, engineering, medicine and meme business stuff like accounting and consultancy. If you have a degree outside of that you either need to get lucky or go back to college.

>>364828400Do you just bullet point your skills or write them as part of the cover letter?

>>364827563Have you gone there and make yourself known?If you've just written a letter then it's lost amongst hundreds of others.

>>364830548BBA-FinanceMSc.-FinanceNot a jew though, maybe that's my problem

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>>364828400>let's just pretend were here to grow and not because we have to pay the billslmao

>>364828400>advocates use of a cover letter, literally the most unnecessary, superfluous and elitist retardshit imaginable—basically just shows you went to college and were indoctrinated properly like a good goyslaveI will never use a cover letter and you can't make me. I wish AIDS and leprosy on any fatgot, male or female, that unironically uses one with a straight face.

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>>364827563a lot of these jewish owned businesses are probably just taking applications so they can get their emergency covid relief loans forgiven. If they aren't "actively" looking for employees they might have to start paying off that covid loan. A lot of scummy tactics occur when government starts handing out "free" money

>>364830258>that picture holy shit during one of the interview processes I had a 5 part setup1 hr screen to avoid disqualification1 talk with hr to get to know me1 talk with the local workers 1 talk with the branch manager 1 talk with the vpthey told me they weren't interested after I did 5 interviews and I usually fuck on the 2nd date

>>364831408Bro you think any job wants to hire somebody who will quit right after getting hired? Yeah job interviews are bullshit, but so is everything else in this jew world.

>>364827563Did you add links to your POL posts? Big dick move.

>>364831329Go STEM.Most non-STEM degrees are worthless unless they're at the PhD level.

>>364828752>>364827563It IS fabricated, guess it has something to do with the covid scam . Companies must be getting some kind of kickbacks for posting those help wanted signs and pretending theyre hiring. Because they sure as hell arent actually hiring.

>>364831492It makes you look better and stand out from the crowd

>>364827752They lie to me, why shouldn't I lie to them?

>>364830412How else you gonna make money? Even Ted Kaczynski had money in his cabin, his parents financially supported him.

>>364827563Minimum wage in Ukraine is 200usd, maybe you will get some job there and you can even get killed fighting for it

You just need to give them a firm handshake

>>364827563Have you tried going to places that have a sign like that? Or just randomly applying?

>>364831278Both. Bullet on the resume, sentences on the cover letter. CL is basically a summary of your skills, and filler about why you're a good fit for the job you're applying to.

>>364827563>Give out billions in PPP loans to businesses solely for the hiring for new employees>These loans don't need to be repaid if an employer meets a high quota of new hires>These hires don't need to be kept, all that matters are new hires and now you've gotten millions for free6 hours later>American hiring is off the charts>Everyone lost jobs suddenly>American hiring is better than ever>Everyone is fired>American job hiring is off the charts>Unemployment never been higherThese things are not related.

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>>364827563Start putting that you're some kind of native american/mexican on your resume. Instant job. I got free dental that way once, too.

>>364827563Applying for jobs is a meme.Most jobs I got were because I was friends with somebody and they put a word in.

>>364827563There's no shortage, but they pretend there is, and that it's putting the business under, so that they can get government payments

>>364827563>Check out clerk complaining about not being able to instantly be a carpenter.user if you had marketable skills you would be able to get a job. Shame you were lied to, on the other hand you ate the lies.

>>364831492Good news is that you don't need a cover letter. What leaf user fails to mention is that every candidate gets automatically filtered out by a special software application that looks at whether someone's resume matches with the position.If you're lucky enough to get past that filter, you'll then be interviewed by HR or recruiting agency. After that you could be interviewed by a hiring manager or someone higher up in the hierarchy. Sometimes it's group-based with multiple hiring managers. If you simply don't have the education and skills to get through these interviews, a fucking cover letter won't be worth shit lmao.

>>364831720My first degree was pretty useless yeah, shit school, but I did my homework on Masters programs and the program I graduated from had a great placement rate. Except for me though, of course, I am a statistic. Fucking hell, some people I graduated with are already on their second job and I haven't even landed the first one yet. Demoralizing shit.

>>364832729Try a temp agency. I get paid daily through mine, and the work is not complicated. I made 600 last week and there's my rent for next month. I also live off gigs but never report income. You'll never find me committed to an actual job.

>>364832946Gibs, as in welfare, not gigs

So getting a job is basically impossible now unless you have connections and becoming self-employed is also near impossible. What fucking timeline are we in?

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>>364830258I went through a 3 month screening process for my current job, not fun.

>>364827563Are you white OP?

>i do not wish to disclose my race>i do not wish to disclose my whatever else

>>364831963If user wants that, then they ought to link projects and personal websites and blogposts to appeal to a general audience. Maybe a jewtube channel or something. Cover letters drain a lot of time & energy if you don't get the job.

>>364830153It does not. As much as Holla Forums likes to think that affirmative action works, corporations lie about their "diversity quota" while knowing full well that niggers and spics are unhireable.

>>364832543True. Call them up and say you were asked to call this number back about a job interview, if it's a big enough company with many staff you can use their disorganisation to your advantage

>>364832729I'm an autistic asshole myself user, so here's what's a hard fact: you post here. You're kind of fucking creepy in real life and people can sense that. You're smart. You got the education. But you're the guy in the doctors waiting room that nobody bothers striking up a conversation with. This is why you're unemployed.

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>>364832729Your expectations are probably too high.What do you look for in a job anyways? You can probably make at least $25/hr with a Masters degree.

>>364831329Change your last name to Goldberg and apply in finance. You will get a job, I guarantee it.

>>364830258"five years of experience" is a code word faggots. Its scouting for those who have connections and those who dont. Obviously they arnt interested in those without. How do you get the 5 years? nepotism. Obviously they want people with connections working for them because thats their 'in' to a new market or new opportunity etc and these people get promoted according to the value of the opportunity their connections represents to the business.

>>364827563I'm in the same boat. I can't even get a shitty retail job.

Call in a bomb threat to the management at one of them, ranting that you'll kill open a whole bunch of vacancies you'll know you can apply for.

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Do this faggot:1. edit your resume- explain each work task not more than 10 words- use XYZ formula for achievements- list the technologies you use- make your goddamn resume professional and simple- engineer the tasks you do in current company so that it matches the job description on the position you applied- use online resume editor, plenty out there2. watch youtube on how to handle interview especially about the "tell me about yourself"

>>364832427At the end of the day, it really is this.

>>364831329By the way, just a tip for everyone here, if you apply for a low skill job then you should NOT under any circumstances list your degrees. Just omit it.They wont hire you because they know you aren't going to stay if you are overqualified, this applies to all jobs.Source: I used to participate in the hiring for new software developers at my last company.

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>>364832331So for resume >name/ degrees>skills>education history>employment history>references

>>364827563There might be, or there might not be. The real problem with all of this is hiring practices. I'm sure there's enough people quitting their shit-tier service/gig jobs expecting there to be some sort of revolution, but they haven't a fucking clue how retarded and shit HR is for actually first-step or quality career jobs.If you have some skills or a degree try looking into recruitment firms or headhunters to get you company handshakes. You'll have to pay a %age from your wages for a year or so but if you're looking to switch careers or start one, it's a good way to get the vital experience needed to carry yourself moving forward.Getting these useless liberal arts degree cunts in HR to do any work what so ever is the biggest part of the war.

>>364834656That's good. I also wouldn't put references directly on your resume, just say "available as requested".

>>364834656The problem with cover letters is that it's aimed at ONE job application, when ideally you should be filling out multiple job applications everyday. By the end of the month you should have no less than 150 job applications filled out. That's a mere ~5 job applications per day.Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Fuck cover letters. Put some projects/portfolio/websites attached to your resume to target that general audience.Don't make your job applications perfect. Just make them "good enough" and no job application should take you anymore than 2 minutes to fill out. If the job application has too many deep questions, skip it and go onto the next one.You shouldn't have to spend anymore than ONE hour per day applying to jobs & sending out ~5 job applications within that one hour period. You could invest the rest of your time perfecting your resume and adding projects/portfolios and such.

>>364834656Actually I'd put your employment history before your education as well. But start with skills right off the hop. Basically you want all your short info to catch the eye of the person reading your resume first, then they take your skills you've listed, match them with your work history, and see how it applies to the job they're hiring for. Your education should be afterwards as your education is basically more of a confirmation that a specific skill set, it's important. Skills that match job- where you applied these skills in your previous job-education-resume >cover letter Applying for position in your company, I would be a great fit given my degree in blank, my experience with blank, my skills etc, my reliability/buzzword, and my desire to grow within your corporation. Thank you very much for your consideration. Email and phone number, sincerely signature and name

>>364835823>By the end of the month you should have no less than 150 job applications filled out.On what fukcign planet are you living, you moron. Thats why nobody wants to work anymore, you fuckign jew pawn.

>>364836962Takes maybe 20 hours per month to submit that many job applications, you dumb nigger g*rmoid kys.You'll have way more options and flexibility to the point in which you're denying job offers to chase after the highest bidder.

>>364836836You're failing to see this through the lens of the applicants/candidates.I'm sure your recommendations make sense if you're doing the hiring, but it's a slightly different process for anons looking to be employed as efficiently as they can.

Out of high schoolCan't afford collegeCan't drive (no car even if I could)No work experienceToo dumb to learn to codeScrawny manletAutistNow what?

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>>364837630Apply at a retail store near you. Most are online applications. It's not hard to get a job at them, just apply for it.

>>364827563Let me guess: you are white and male

>>364830153You will not get the job. I once to trolled a couple of employers. I listed I was African American and with my experience and education, applied for jobs. I received all kinds of call backs for interviews. In all of the video interviews the interviewers kept double and triple taking my application. One interviewer actually called me out on me listing African American. I responded that I was "South African American."

>>364830153you are trans nigger my friend

The reality of your situation is that most employers have no idea what they want in an employee. Most interviewers are "FUMUs" but they know what they do not want. They do not want to hire anyone who could become a possible threat to their existing position. That is Reality. Try "dumbifying" your answers, know what you are talking but purposely make yourself lower than your interviewers.

>>364835804>>364836836I work in a STEM field so my skills list is pretty extensive, should I list them all?Also, for references I can't use the bosses from my most recent job because things didn't go well there but I am still on good terms with bosses from earlier jobs is it fine to use them?

>>364827563Labor shortage, not an incell shortage.Welcome to inploymenthood incell

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>>364828630that is your problem.you should say latinx.try that.also, you post here.might be on a list.just guessing.and try latinx.

>>364837630Code anyway, you'll fit right in with most modern coders.

>>364828902How many seasons does he has left?And when will he come out?

>>364828400I fucking hate people like you so much its unreal.

>>364840013That'd be funny if it weren't so true.

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People keep posting you need to pretend to be a nigger but I’ve never seen people post success stories about it working

>>364827563Shave one side of your hair and dye it greenLet everyone you know why first though, or they'd be obliged to kill youAlso say "fuck whitey! damn it"Infact, your resume should just be a racist rant of how you're an oppressed person of oppression

>>364827563Get to the oil fields faggot. Make 60k starting


At Amazon, Walmart and McDonalds because of their high turnover rates.

>>364827563>I've applied to 40 jobs over the last month and I have not gotten a single call back. I thought there was a labor shortage?There is no labour shortage-t. EEE

>>364829225>i'm HVAC certified.and you can't get a job? i have to call bullshit on this.

>>364828752>all I'm doing is getting data mined from these companies by applyingYou're right.>hvacWhat State are you in?

>>364828752Are you applying through indeed or anything like that? As soon as I started going to the job sites and applying there I got a call back everytime. Sadly I am starting in monday. Fuck not being a NEET anymore, I dont want to do this 8-5 shit.

>>364842769trades are a meme user. they're all ran by boomers who refuse to hire anyone without 5+ years experience or offer shit pay

>>364844649You're just lazy.

they dont want to hire white people.

>>364846913The world has changed old man...

>this whole threadThis type of stupid fucking shit is why I'm a 32 yr old NEET, they have literally been pulling this shit since the early 2000's and it's not gonna get any better.

>>364844011>Fuck not being a NEETThis is the attitude that'll get you hired.Pro tip.If and when you get an interview... end it by telling the boss I'll make you millions.>Gain all the knowledge you can from the old timers>Move up>Start side jobs>Acquire everything you need to start your own jobs>Get get licensed and insured>Profit

>>364847034Kinda funny though. No whites = no more help kek

>>364828460>Use a different picturethis is the one thing ive only just implemented, although it was hard to look cheery having just received another berating by a family memberim applying abroad and hoping maybe some hr roasties will like because i look smart and have blue eyes. im applying to one place that's described as "toxic" multiple times and "if you're white, you'll probably fit right in"could be onto a winner

>>364829363priced. out.

>>364832427Wtf... any sauce talking about this?How come Trump kept employment so high?

>>364827563go to your prospective employer's business and wipe doodoo feces all over his bathroom,works every time

>>364847799>Implying it was betteryoutu.be/zDQjtRufr3MWorld's the same. You just need to hit the weights and get some sun user.

>>364840881>>364840013Yep coding is for losers and incels.

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>>364849574you can't compare this current nightmare timeline to even 10 years ago

>>364849010I'm not doing your homework. Read the actual legislation passed to create the PPP business loans.>Loan forgiveness if you have a high head countHmm

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>>364848703Don't post a picture of yourself online... Ever.On LinkedIn post a picture of your best accomplishment - not job related of course if you flip burgers. Strictly professional bullshit on everything even your resume. It should be only one page and no pictures. Unless you're seeking a globalhomo job. If that's the case kys immediately

>>364828400while this is decent advice, a large problem is corporations themselves.They should change their ways and not put a great wall of chinas worth of obstacles to people who want to work, and then turn round and bitch they can't find anyone.

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>>364850738lazy cunt. Did you not even skim through the youkike link I posted. I bumped the thread to help anons that need it. Not to read your defeatism.Get good or get fucked

>>364827563They mean a labor shortage for those who are overqualified. Even if you have tons of experience and degrees, you're not getting a job nowadays.

>>364827563same but 1000 jobs

>>364828400>Slaves need a resume>And a first aid certificateNot even going to lie, you made me shit myself laughing

>>364827563Landed an oil field job in the midwest. 70k a year. with no experience or schooling Work schedule sucks but I'm home every day for the most part and work largely independently and autonomously. Get out of the liberal infested mega dense population sink holes that generate nothing but literal human waste for the sake of being called "progressive and modern". Money is in the ground and mud.

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>>364827563Is your resume modified slightly for each job? Is it formatted nicely without grammatical errors or typos? Do you have any experience for what you are applying for?

>>364852844>>Oil field job>>WfhStrong doubt.

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>>364827563How old are you? Globo home won't hire you unless you are under 45ish I think, also there is a shortage of people who want to work for shit pay

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>>364832009how about no

>>364827563As a white person you are considered the underclass because you expect an amount of money which will sustain a first world lifestyleThe migrants class Out rank you because they are vibrant and stuffAbove this class are the office workers who have been programmed to believe they cannot even think racist thoughtsAbove this class are the superich and the Jews who are trying to destroy youThe genteel super-rich have become addicted to Latina Pornography so no longer Care

>>364853271Hot shotting to be specific. I don't stay on th location. I drive between maintenance shops and the sites to delivery and retrieve directional equipment for drilling operations. Not nearly as labor intensive as rig hands but oil hours don't give a shit what your plans are or 9-5 shifts.

>>364827563>40 jobsJust wait until you've applied for 400 jobs in a month and get nothing. That's why you 'apply' for a job, because nobody owes you a job. On the flipside of that, you don't owe society.

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>>364831677Namedrop the company so we can ridicule them and never do business with them.

>>364851595>posting some jewtube link to prove his point>calling others lazyAside from the nagging contrarianism you sound like an insufferable Boomer faggot through and through

>>364828423Describe the fake job scam to me like literally Valerie Jarrett

>>364827563There is a labor shortage, but the shortage is in low paid unskilled service jobs.

Is it possible to get a remote job as an entry level software dev? I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and I’m starting to think no jobs have remote work. Then again maybe I’m impatient and need to keep applying a little everyday. Either way I’m gonna paint or walk because this stress over my job hunt is making me feel like a wagie in a cagie

>>364830258who do you think owns the companies?

>>364827563I could get a job tomorrow but enjoying vacation with 15k income tax and savings.

>>364831701Keks yup

>>364851199I mean, a cover letter takes literally 2 minutes to type up, and most of it you can just take from Google anyway. If you are too lazy for that, you most certainly won't like working under someone like me if you get hired. I don't tolerate people who fuck around.

>>364855367covid is over. Have you tried cad/cam model building? Entry level (in my state) is like 50-60k for anons that shave.

>>364827563Males with no good looks or contacts are pretty much unemployable, it doesn't matter how good they are at the job or how much they have studied.

>>364853105I once received a resume as a pre screener from a guy who misspelled his own name=:3

>>364855269If only you knew that in the city waiters (servers) make a couple thousand a week in tips alone

>>364853105It's fucking tailor made for every job

>>364857111Fuck you Holla Forums is no cover letter, faggitAnd yes... i would state that on my cover letter. Blank page. 1 sentence.

>>364857111In my days... I've learned that you cannot teach a man that doesn't give a fuck. And Holla Forums neets need the whipped just like niggers.

Registered sex offender?

>>364827563Change your race to "native american"

>>364859582Was your mom underage?