HAPPENING! Ukrainian officials are trolling Putin

>files.catbox.moe/zasb5o.mp4Short transcription: he's basically saying that Russia has already lost, he's saying that Russian military are incompetent retards and that they repeated all possible mistakes from the past wars and even inveted their own ways to fail. He literally saying that Ukrainians are making fun rn and that we should have even more fun, so he proposes to open hunt on Russian soldiers to make slaves out of them. This is Ukrainian official kek I fucking swear no one has ever been as embarassed as Putin rn.Does he looks like he's afraid? Does this looks like we are loosing? He's literally trolling Russian government and military like they are little children.

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>>364826535someone needs to start killing russian soldiers and taking pictures to sell as NFTs


>>364826535>HAPPENINGThe amount of propaganda ukraine has being created for it is stupid, it's waking people up to the fact that they are told what to think.......school boy games, grow upAlso, FUCK ukraineGOOOOOOO RUSSIA!!!

>>364826788someone needs to start killing trannies and taking pictures to sell as NFTsfixed it for ya, you stupid yank cunt

>>364826788Kek, reddit and /k/ can pull their weight for a change

>>364827294This, they overplayed their hand with all the fake bullshit they've been spouting

>>364827525>memeflagBut seriously, there's been too much boasting and inflating numbers, even normies are starting to catch on.

>>364826535>Does he looks like he's afraid? Does this looks like we are loosing? He's literally trolling Russian government and military like they are little children.Congrats you won more upvotes on twitter shame that can't be used to recapture lost territory

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>>364826535>When you fall for your own propaganda and think you're winningkekAlso I hope the russians get you

>>364826535I hope social media is the cause of him nuking every major nation so they ban it forever.

>>364826535This is going to age horribly, i mean for future history textbooks

>>364826535Saved for future REKT threads

>>364828146This is probably itHe can't connect the dots, their own command announcing war crimes are fair game is somehow a sign of winning, this people are children Politicians will be the first to die once shit hits the fan


>>364826535Happening: ukros are still losing

>>364826535He is a zog puppet and can get fucled

Zelensky a stupid jewish fag will be hanging from the Maidan soon maybe even before this week ends, by his own thugs.Maybe it's in his jewish blood to get sacrificed as a lamb, but I believe he really thought he could do shit, clout got to him.

youtube.com/watch?v=FuZW3Mh5bfcYour presidents military advisor is an ex actor. Whe surely knows a lot about military, yeah.

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>>364826535>this thread againOP you do know you and your prostitute family will end up being raped by vlad and his drunk gopnik comrades? have fun!

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>>364826535>he proposes to open hunt on Russian soldiers to make slaves out of them.They just keep outing themselves showing who they really are, making the case that Donbass shelling was a reality and one made by them.

Zelensky, Zelensky, when I thought and believed you could unfuck ukraine 3 years ago.

>>364826535Ukraine is getting steamrolled. Wtf is this nigger on about?


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I will come to Washington and I will fuck your mother hard

>>364826535Die Xoxol

>>364829206t. in reply to barron trump

>>364826535 You do realize he's Dugin's pal, pathological liar and a jew.

>>364826535>Does he looks like he's ever going to have to fight?Looks like a jew.

>>364826535>russia has already lost. If that were true he wouldn't be trying to meme that into reality.

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>>364826535same background where zelensky did his talking.

>>364826788A mutt advocating for the killing of more Europeans. Fuck you, nigger lover.

>>364828822Your president is literally an ex servant

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How is Russia so bad at this. Maybe corruption in the command structure lead to promotion via nepotism? Honestly looking back all the way to WWII all Russia has ever done is zerg-rush. Just dump bodies and cheap gear and hope to win by numbers. How have they failed to evolve and learn from other nations?

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>>364829206what, in your tiny shitbox with a Z painted on it?

>>364829396>and a jewhe's a globohomo but I need proof that he's a Jew

>>364829876At least he started from the beginning, not like your comics "leader"Your regime is a puppet state and a joke. You must be idiot to fight for it

>>364829876>also a kgb officer, petersburg mayor, fsb chief and prime minister>zelenski's lifetime achievment is getting into semi-finals of a humor contest

>>364830019All that old ass equipment is going obsolete and needs to be scrapped soon anyway so might as well get some use out of them.

>>364826535Arestivich is a guy who said in 2019 that he was lying about VSU casualties on the donbas to improve nations morale level.

>>364830233>You must be idiot to fight for it>Holla Forumstards can't distinguis between government and people. We are fighting not for our government but for our land. Anyway, you are probably some nigger or arab, considering your flag, so you are incapable to understand me

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>>364826535I love Ukraine, make the r*ssrat prisoners eat shit, it won’t be much different from what they have to eat at home now that their economy is in tatters, KEK!


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>>364826535>Does he looks like he's afraid?why would he be afraid? he'll just hop into his bentley and emigrate West

>>364830687Why are you arguing with some brain dead muzzie bastard? In this time you can hunt for russian tank or kill some ivans. Have fun and god bless!

>>364828011When you're winning so much, you have to declare martial law in an offensive war

Kievetching isnt trolling. Putins not the one whos capital is surrounded.

>>364829869What the fuck have you vatnik niggers been advocating for, for the past week?

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do any of the ruski bros have the telegram group?

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>>364826535>Russian forces are taking ukrainian cities>Ukrainian officials are trolling Putinperemoha

>>364830687You're fighting for your oligarch overlords while they've all fled away and force you to stay and fight You don't even have the choice between leaving and fighting. That's the reality.

>>364830687putin didnt want your land, but he might take it now :)well played by your epic leader


>>364826535I'll remind you, this is the person who an actor playing woman. youtube.com/watch?v=UOBggWPw7GYIn 2014 he started pretending to be military expert and talked bullshit on Ukr media.Then he admitted on Ukrlife how he lied and used propaganda.youtube.com/watch?v=eXWUAQBRvggHow the F these guys are getting in power? I mean, our politicains are often embarassment, foreign one I saw making stupid things too. But you. Actors and their friends, bloggers, singers became not just politicians, but President and other high post positions.

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>>364827367>someone needs to start killing trannies and taking pictures to sell as NFTsHas there ever been a right-wing serial killer who only targetted trannies?Seems like a very easy target, i.e. lots of tranny prostitutes out there.

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>>364831420Not me. I have said that I don't want any Europeans to die. War in Europe just means more white people die.

>>364832531and this guy is making fun off Putin. This is the lowest Putin has ever fell

>>364826535kek now it's time you pack your dilator and get the neighbors children and go die for the jew as he ordered. Also don't ever forget about what are you fighting for>Ukraine>Cold>200$ Minimum wage>Opposition political party banned and politicians imprisoned>Opposition tv station banned>(((Democracy)))>Capitol of white child pornography>Biggest European exporter of sex slave>Jew president>President Tells the citizen and children to fight soldiers>President gets of the bunker every two days for photoshoot to be used as propaganda>President is being sanctified by jews and the corporate media

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>>364831182First time i thought about that, but lmaoHe also did that on day one.If any other country gets invaded people would volunteer to be human shield but Ukraine barely can call up their reserves let alone get men of fighting ages to get mobilized.

OP will be dead this time next week

>>364826535I have to give it to Ukraine and the west, they do their own propaganda masterfully. Too bad that when the Russians will win the war (and they will win) these guys and their families will get in the hand of the KGB and no amount of shit talking from behind the screen will save them.

>>364832825>>Opposition tv station bannedEcho Moscow just got canned. What is it with you nigger shills and projection?

>territorial defence in Kiev shooting each other in kiev since day one>Kherson has surrendered to russian forces>Mariupol was given a green corridor for civilians and soldiers to leave the besieged city, azov nazis won't let them out and shoot people triyng to leave in the back>Aidar nazis bombed Kharkov with grads and rockets decieving citizens that Russia did it>people of liberated dnr and lnr territories report numerous ukrainian nazi battalion's atrocities including murder, rape, robbery and torture of civilliansI think you have "trolled" Putin enough already.

>>364827294Occam's razor would dictate that they simply have a lot to brag about because Russia is losing.

>>364826535Ukrainians are low IQ. They've shown that throughout this conflict.


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>>364833276What about survivorship bias?


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>>364833158Has anyone ever heard of any of these places before this war? I've been to Ukraine and never knew "Kherson" existed kek. Seems like Russians are just desperate to seem like they're winning. It took a week to take some village that no one has ever heard of? Hahaha pathetic

>>364826535When I see Ukranian army doing actual counteroffensive with gains on ground I will beleive.

>>364826535Its just all looks like fake propaganda.

>>364833455Is that all you have to say?


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>>364833446What does that have to do with this? If Russia was winning, they would be bragging about it too. It's so one sided because Ukraine is clearly winning.

>>364833532Kherson is 300k population city in southern Ukraine.

>>364833455Wow dude you got him


>>364833532>Has anyone ever heard of any of these places before this war? I've been to Ukraine and never knew "Kherson" existed kek.That's just your mutt education.

>>364826535>Does he looks like he's afraid? Does this looks like we are loosing? He's literally trolling Russian government and military like they are little children.He doesn't care, while he sits in a comfy room Ukrainian Volkssturm is being sent into a meat grinder, and when Russians get close enough to him he will just hop off to Poland with all the stolen money

>>364831182When you're winning so much that you give guns to children, babushkas and convicted criminals while hiding in a rat hole.

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>>364832735>I know you are but what am IIt never ends with you kikes does it

>>364832825>ColdLess cold than Russia>200$ Minimum wageHigher than in Russia and Belarus>Opposition political party banned and politicians imprisoned>Opposition tv station bannedBased. Pro-russian opposition should not only be banned but killed. They are literally rooting for communism. Communism is also banned btw kek>(((Democracy)))same as everywhere>Biggest European exporter of sex slavethat would be Russia>Jew presidentSame as everywhere, including Russia with their Shelomow>President Tells the citizen and children to fight soldiersThere are literal columns of people that wan't to fight as volunteers in every big city even at the 8th day of war and they are getting even bigger>President gets of the bunker every two days for photoshoot to be used as propagandaAre talking about Putin-Shelomow? He sits in bunker since Corona strted>President is being sanctified by jews and the corporate mediaYes West is on our side, so what we need to surrender now because muh bad globohomo supporting us?

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>>364826535gee shill. how come the losing side eon all the battles and has all the territory gains. Don't care what some fat boomer slav says in your shill vid

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>>364833992YEAH ....IT'S A SLIGHT A HAND HE GAVE PEOPLE THE ILLUSION that he brings purpose and whateverit's above taking hostages he made hostages fight for him this is shit strategy

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>>364833992I had no idea the French were such trembling pussies about national armament.

>>364833893Wowww~ again, it took a week for that? The US conquered Baghdad (like 20 times bigger than that in 2003) in 6 days and Iraq had an actual army. That's fucking pathetic actually, I assumed it was at least like a large city


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>>364832825Dude, their minimal wage being 10$ higher than in Russia is one of their proudest brags. Except in Russia almost nobody works for a minimal wage, while in Ukraine most of the people do.

>>364830687your dying in a losing war for a jew that doesn't care about you

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>>364833941Nah, I know plenty of cities in Ukraine. Apparently I was correct, it's some 300k population Hamlet in the middle of nowhere. The don't even have a soccer team in the first division hahaha

>>364834319>we need to surrender now because muh bad globohomo supporting us?Holla Forums types would say absolutely, unironically yes. They'd rather you cede to BASED PUTIN and bring about a glorious revival of the Russian Empire. Your country is less than a joke, it's a trophy for Putin's mantle for them to jack off to. From the window. Never touching it.

>>364834383poor fucks never knew what hit 'emso it's cheaper to give a delusional grandma an ak-47and have them walk the streets shoot and create chaos.......like those old women don't really know what is happening so ...walking troops through the streets ...is absolutely ........what the fuck

>>364826535 .

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>>364832854>but Ukraine barely can call up their reserves let alone get men of fighting ages to get mobilized.are you serious? video rel is todays volunteers in Lviv (and it's only one spot, there's several such spots in Lviv alone where you can become a volunteer) I'm also moving into volunteer unit tomorrow>files.catbox.moe/o2cl0q.mp4

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>>364834735>>364834860These are so bad bro

>>364834649dude, we are still far northern africans. Even if ukranians are poorer.


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>>364834915It doesn't matter, user, they're convinced you'll be flattened instantly by the size of their Based Putin God Emperor's balls, if only he stops wrestling with Chuck Norris, etc. etc. It's all incredibly fake and gay.


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>>364834493It's a large city in the scale of Ukraine, and it took only few hours to take if we are considering only the assoult phase here. But unlike baghdad it's infrastructure was left completely intact and now it's one of the safest places in whole country, because it's a police operation, not a war.

>>364833894There's no point in engaging with Lakhta shills spewing Russian propaganda. I don't get paid, they do (barely but still)


>doing le ebin trolling XD>keeps losing citiesWhat did he mean by that?

>>364834915You need to evacuate wherever you are I understand you have a real moral boost going for you but there is no feasible way you win this alone. You are relying on daddy America to come and save your ass. Our military has dropped in percents no one should feel safe seeing over a fucking vaccine. There is no rush other than social media to protect you. Please user do not be such a retarded holhol and find sanctuary before your own military runs you over on your way out.

>>364826535>Does he looks like he's afraid?Of course not. He'll be in the West while you get killed.

>>364835397>MILITARY HAS DROPPED IN PERCENTS NO ONE SHOULD FEEL SAFE SEEINGLike 1%?>OVER A VACCINEQuit being a faggot, user> no rush other than social media to protect youEvery Parliament, Diet, and Congress in the free world is cooking up ways to aid Ukraine and Ukranian refugees, are you fucking high? How much of a demoralist shill can one faggot be?


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>>364835258>A large cityKek, it doesn't even have a soccer team in the top division in their league. Imagine if the Russians invaded england and shills came on here like "LUTON TOWN HAS FALLEN!!! BRITBONGS BTFO'D" hahahaha and again, Baghdad had over 5 million people and fell in the same time period bro. Kherson was being sieged for days and days

>>364834915>volunteersLike those shooting each other in Kiev right now? Or like those who tried to attack btr with molotovs in kherson and got minced in seconds? Where are your famed "foreign legions" by the way? Why are you triyng to demoralise an enemy army with that bunch of untrained kamikaze footmen?

>>364826535Ukraine war is all about the US biolabs, so this makes sense.

The 2020s are pretty based so far

>>364835793>OH MAN LIKE ALL THOSE DUDES WE KILLEDI realize you are anonymous on the Internet, but I don't think you know what motivates a volunteer soldier in a homeland war, you vodka-soaked cunt.

>>364834915>LvovLol, nobody cares what is going on in Poland, user. Have fun trying to advance back into territory that is already lost.


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>>364833003this war was literally a trap made by anglosaxons with one task to remove Putin and Lukashenko with our hands. And Putin fell for such an obvious trap. They maneget to make him believe that sanctions won't be too hard and tht Biden is too retarded to oppose Putin, and Putin fell for it like little brainlet. Now Russian military is destroyed by sanctions alone, their central bank is destroyed, they can't fly anywhere anymore, most big companies like Apple stopped working with them, Nord Stream company is bancrupt. If they don't take Kyiv in a week or so, even their generals would start to realize that this military operation failed. Russhian oligarchs loosing money with a spped of light majority of them already thinking on how they can remove Putin to fix losses, even half of military were agaist this 'brother' war and with every new day there are more and more people who will be happy if Putin suddenly choke to death in hees sleep. Wellcome to Hell! We will fight till the last men are Russians ready to do the same? Doubt

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>>364836022It's not motivation it's just blind suicidal frenzy that will get your war effort nowhere except increasing your own casualties.

>>364833327Yes, and Russians are midwits. Guess who's gonna loose?

>>364833992This is completely badass. I wonder if she killed any Russian shitters hahaha. At least I know for sure she didn't turn tail and run like a coward like the Russian pussies do


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>>364836394U ARE DON'T YOU KNOW IT ?


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Russians will be in such a great shame after this, but it will be nothing compared to the shame ukrainians will feel, when they come to their sences.

>>364835776Holy fuck you are retarded, and your points are shit, you have zero fucking idea what you are talking about, mutt.shut, the fuck, up.


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>>364836394NOT THE CHINESERAFFING BEGIN NOWtwitter.com/Saleksashenko/status/1499220768449863680(Chinese firms are no longer shipping to Europe by rail in Russia!)

>>364836448Kys nigger

>>364836855oh No wishbros

>>364830687your "land" belongs to Lithuania.


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>>364837001No more shipping fees or contracts moving that freight to the giant bloated West, user. All those Chinese toys and Chinese electronics, no longer passing through Russia. Yet another sector down. Another loss, a winnowing. How many can Putin take, you think? All of them? How many until he swallows a bullet like a faggot in his mansion?

>>364834915keep me postedwill your get atleast 3 months bootcamp or will they after a crash course with a papercutout AK send you to the frontline to get killed for no reason.brother just run, the war is over.i am no shill i am a humanitarian and shitposting is the only way to save lives now.the whole world tried to make putin stop, they couldn't.noone is stopping you guys, its pointless.

>>364833704Oh they are bragging alright user, just not as loud as your Jew international TV, media, digital media... Corporations and shill bots

>>364834397>I had no idea the French were such trembling pussies about national armament.Why don't you join the fight Mr cowboy? Reddit trannies are giving instructions how to go to jewkraine.

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>>364826535>rn rn rnHow do you reconcile the posturing with the constant shelling, loss of life and land that you guys are suffering?


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>>364837267Why? America already has armed civilians. Again, not quivering cunts.

>>364836206>Sanctions>Civilian Airplanes>Apple pay>Western BanksvsOrganized Violence

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>>364836252There is only glory and shame! There is no death. Death is a Jewish construct to intimidate us and make us slaves.

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>>364838533>says the golem who has been forcibly conscripted to protect Jewkraine

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>>364826535i say two more weeks until we see this guy in a webm on 4chan with shitty resolution, being dragged out of a mudhole and hit in the face with an ak-47 from russian special ops

>>364839526They don't film such things, they're not some retarded cocky hohols. It's just work for them, like any other.

>>364828882We had a "based" Ukrainian on this board yesterday justifying azov and even head-chopping and torture if it meant driving Russians away from their territories they lost 2014. I guess it makes sense that the US supports them since they have a record of supporting "moderate rebels."

>>364829206OK, Vatnik. Have fun finding a flight.


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>>364839758Wagner group tickle session is incoming. But seriously, why are Ukrainian politicians in the current government so cocky? Zelensky acts like negotiating is a thing that doesn't apply to him. Literally holding his country hostage while pretending he is the real strongman of Eastern Europe. Zelensky, your country is actively being invaded d-u-m-b f-u-c-k. Are Ukrainians this stupid? I refuse to believe it.

>>364840348Wagners are mercenaries their absence in the special operation zone says a lot about Putin intentions.

No way cunt piss can Ukraine win this. They will most likely surrender and give up their gas lines. Full occupation is unlikely considering ukraine’s citizens armed like militias.

>>364841383They're armed, but severely undertrained. Their military background is cod mw, cs go and hollywood movies.

>>364838533Jihad for politicians is not glorious. Save yourself, your city, and your culture by not dying needlessly. You guys are idiots. Putin is unironically right when he called Nationalism a disease. You've been fully psyop'd to die in a match you can and will never win. Who was braver, more German, and more loving of his country.. the German soldier who surrendered when given the honorable chance? Or the 16-year-old Volkssturm that promised to defend Germany in 1945 even as the Red Army had already captured Berlin.. THINK

>>364826535Yeah, Just provoke russia more, what a great strategy. People are dying, but let's just troll russia. hihi so funny

>>364842277Lets just submit to invading forces and lick their boots and take itup the ass....You russia supporters truly are subhumans of the highest order.

>>364829876This is based. I wish I had a leader who knew the real world.

>>364842810Except nobody asks them to lick boots. Find a single video of russian soldier mistreating an unarmed ukrainian civillian. You can't.

>>364826535This is stupid. What does mocking the russian forces do? It has the same effect on the invasion as Russia being banner from Eurovision or Putin's honorary taekwondo black belt being revoked. Do they think they can win the war by cancelling Putin on twitter?

>>364826535Hey, maybe he'll be able to troll Putin into giving Kherson back.

>>364827294lol, meanwhile, literal Conscript 18 year old Russian soldiers have been so propagandized, that they arrive in Ukraine and don't even recognize it and they literally don't have functioning GPS

>>364841652The Mujahideen were undertrained too.

>>364844426>Do they think they can win the war by cancelling Putin on twitter?It's expected for people to repeat a successful strategy, but the internet generation doesn't grasp the difference between a leader having a Leonidas moment and a PR account that makes an "offensive" joke on twitter.

>>364826535Really because it looks like your losing, even with all our support

>>364826535look up german newspapers from 1944

>>364836206the jews and the anglo saxons in America and Europe literally use your women as sex slaves and your children as rape meat. Jeffery Epstein's child slaves were mostly from your country. You are fine to be their ally?

>>364838533The Ukrainian people will survive by you marrying another Ukrainian woman and reproducing. Not by you dying for your Jewish president and your woman being dicked down by a fat American mutt after she becomes a refugee.

>>364834319Stop posting here and prepare to die for your jew president, you lazy ukrainian faggot! Kill those damned russian dogs and send them to hell where they belong!

>>364829876>the absolute state of russia>letting servant to became a president

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>>364826535Fuck you and your kike president.

>>364834319Why did you fail to counter the point about your country being the number 1 producer of child pornography? The decadent west is using your women and your children as an outlet for their lust and the blood of your brothers as a tool to mildly weaken Russia.

He must know that he's on a kill list

>>364832825>>Russia>>Cold>>200$ Minimum wage>>Opposition political party banned and politicians imprisoned>>Opposition tv station banned>>(((Democracy)))>>Capitol of white child pornography>>Biggest European exporter of sex slave>>Jew president>>President sends citizen and children without food to fight soldiers>>President doesn't get out of his ural bunker every two days, presumably dead>President is being btfo by jews and the corporate entitiesFTFY, dumb nu/pol/ nigger

>>364847677We are agaist globohomo. But russia is pozzed at same level as most Western countries. It's not like we have choice in current situation. We either ally with US or Russia, and it's not US killing bombing our civilians as we speak. You clearly have no idea about what's going on in Ukraine. We already had several protests agaist Soros a week before war started. People here are starting to realize that globohomo is our enemy, we fight both Russia and globohomo (altho Russia is a part of globohomo)

>>364848241Once you ally with USA you won't be sucessful in fighting globohomo. Look at what they have done to American whites. They have been turned into fat, stupid zog bots and their children have been brainwashed to hate their own race. This is what they will do to Ukrainians. It is better to be a poor country and keep your race alive than to see your country be rich and your daughters brainwashed into blacked porn and amerimutt culture. Your leaders are all liberal actors. They will not let you preserve your culture and your race. Trust me. American whites have guns and they can't have a say in how their children are raised.

>>364848241What do you think of splitting Ukraine like Germany in the cold war? I would like to see you in the EU, and the nationalist fervor would align with Hungary and Poland.

>>364826535I don’t think putin can hear you over the sounds of artillery fire. Sick burn tho bro!

>>364828011Holy fucking cringe

when you're winning so much you have to convince thousands of dumb NPC roasties to add a hohol flag to their profile picture on tinder to beat the heckin le russians

>>364829876More noble to serve than to pretend to be someone else for a living.

>>364826535They can troll all the want, they're getting rekt hard. We'll see how much he trolls once they're surrounded blood & ruins.

>>364848901Western Ukraine is hardcore nationalistic and rest of ukraie is globohomo. Ironically the closer to Russia and the more ethnic Russian live there the more globohomo those territories are pic rel.

Attached: moskals question in Ukraine.jpg (1323x2249, 896.7K)

Attached: 25A3CE6B-7727-491F-95B0-4715C8D576B3.jpg (1284x868, 288.04K)

>>364836394>>364838533Stay safe my hohol negro. Surrender if shit hits the fan

>>364849674You have been completely brainwashed into hating people of your own race because they speak a slightly different language. You are what the jews call a 'true goyim'. Complete cattle. You will die in this war and your women will be a refugee in Europe or America getting dicked down by non white immigrants in the enlightened and wealthy west. Pornhub and blacked will be flooded with Ukrainians while you rot in the dirt back home.

>>364849674Why is the zakarpatskay oblast iq so low? Asking because my family is from there

>>364827294I hope Russia wins because this level of cringe cannot go unanswered

>>364834691First ones out lmao

>>364849446>They can troll all the want, they're getting rekt hard. We'll see how much he trolls once they're surrounded blood & ruins.meanwhile...>Ukraine's Forces general command: we are now moving on from defending to counter attacking phase>On the seventh day of the war with the aggressive terrorist state of Russia, border guards of the 5th Border Detachment, an advanced group together with units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, crossed the line of the state border of Ukraine in Sumy Region.

Attached: kek.jpg (1124x1137, 129.91K)

>>364835646You’re also a retarded holhol downplaying the amount of bodies missing that we used to ship out to whatever country when needed. Parliaments and congress won’t do a thing if Russia does it for more than the money. Everyone’s focused on nothing but the wealth but in the long run sanctions give way because they hurt both parties. All everyone can do is pray Russia is stupid enough to attack a more important member, mainstream ones, that way it brings in more motivation behind it. This isn’t about demoralization it’s about the fact one country can capture the other with little casualties versus a country trying its damndest to increase them.

Attached: 0DCE598B-9EE7-482E-B6FE-FACE4327C582.jpg (590x469, 48.34K)

>>364850344Hungarians an Gypsies

>>364826535Dear Mom,I have something to tell you that is very important to me, but am having a difficult time knowing how to bring the subject up. I decided that writing it in a letter might make it easier.I have fallen in love with the most wonderful person. We share an incredible relationship. We know each other's every thought. We respect each other, understand each other, and give each other unconditional love and support. I have never felt so comfortable in a relationship before. I feel completely at ease with this person, without having to try and pretend to be someone or something which I am not. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is the person I want to share my life with.Our choice, however, may be seen as somewhat controversial. In fact, even we struggled with our feelings, knowing we would face opposition. You see, the person whom I've fallen in love with is my cousin. But rather than deny ourselves the chance at happiness, we decided to pursue our relationship very slowly, and with a great deal of caution. It is important to me that you know we seriously considered all aspects of a relationship such as ours after doing a great deal of research on the subject. It is also very important to me that you research the issue of cousin marriage also, before you draw any conclusions.What we've discovered in our research is that marriage between two cousins is not nearly as uncommon as people would think. We've also learned that we had preconceived notions about cousin marriage that we have learned from society, but which have no basis of truth. We have learned that cousin marriage is fully supported by the Bible, as well as almost every other world-religion.All my love dear mommy,Putin

>Luffy-postingVla D. Mir Monke Putin. heheIt was funnier in my head.

>>364850682Stay and fight in your country while your women have already fled to star in porn and work in red light districts in Germany and Amsterdam.

>>364826535I don’t think your gay propaganda is gonna stop those tanks. But let’s find out. Make sure to come back next week and we’ll see how this all shook out, yea? ;)

>>364849674I don't see much hope for those ethnic Russians living in a Ukrainian state after the war.

>>364850802Thank God I have German and Jewish ancestors. Puh.

>>364850941which tanks?

Attached: 587ythi.jpg (1280x956, 211.77K)

>>364850682pure fucking COPE lmao. Daily reminder to all the disgusting hohol diaspora sponging lives off the back of anglo civilzation and astroturfing and gaslighting everyone to support your disgusting corrupt absolute utter fucking shithole of a slavnigger insect colony: I do no care. I hope your country is completely destroyed and all your ancestral villages burned to the ground. It does not effect me at all lmao. I do not give a single FUCK about ukraine. The more you shill for "le heckin support" the less I even care. In fact I pray to Allah that your grandmothers apartment gets hit by a missile tonight. Why don't you also fuck off back there and also eat a missle fired by one of your slavnigger bros. Your nation is fake. Your culture is fake. Your language doesn't exist. You're just a pathetic fucking chud good only to be raped by stronger civilzations that surround you. Now FUCK OFF.And no, I don't support Russia either, they are just the same ugly potato headed retarded neanderthal slavniggers as you are. Kill yourself. Also all butthurt belt niggers: get nuked.

>>364850226that's a whole lotta teen angst

>>364851200have you noticed how non white refugees are all male? They flee the war and leave their women back home and have them fly over later after they get settled. This is why you don't see muslim refugees in porn. Your women and children are fleeing alone while your men stay. They will flee to the prosperous west, forget they have husbands and boyfriends and start playing the town whore while you rot back home. A arab or African refugee will your woman's pimp and she will star in porn made by Jews.

>>364834915Don't fall for the propaganda dude, just hide at home and hope for the best.It's not worth dying for globohomo.

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>>364826535You know that you have already lost this war right? Your Jew comedian can cope and make all the jokes that he wants but that doesn't change the fact that you have effectively lost the war.

>>364833455How can Russians ever recover from this masterful comeback?You xoxol shills are pathetic.

>>364827418Wtf I love Reddit now

>>364852111Trips of truth the Hohol has no self awareness and will do as their blood did and die for Jews once again

tfw kinda want ukraina to lose so they send more cunny to me

When will Ukrainians just accept the fact that they have lost and start negotiating for peace so we can have an end to this war?

>>364830687Forget about the imbeciles here, you guys are doing what you are supposed to do. You have every right to oppose being part of a mob-based quasi dictatorship.

>>364852111it's literally the holy war. Our regian is the last white traditional region the World left. Either we win or multiculti globohomo along with Muslim hordes from Russia will take over the World. We are fighting between two evils rn and we must stay strong, that's how the nations is born

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>>364826535zelnskiy has a lot of clowns employed.i noticed a couple times already that a lot of these people are very unprofessional.

>>364850682This kind of thing is why I dont feel any pity for you shits and your fate. You'll torture and mock people conscripted into army. Imagine if Russia did this, global condemnation.

>>364852572LOL. These Ukrainian nationalists are so delusional thinking their women will be loyal to them once they flee to the west. They will be sucking on western cock while their Ukrainian cuck hubbies die back home.


>>364830687unironically smartest thing you guys could do would be an immediate total surrender. however most people are not smart and therefore the chances for that are pretty low

>>364853160Russia literally have sent 10K Muslim war criminals to Ukraine, reatrd

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>>364853473Putin still has not announced what it's goal is with Ukraine once they occupy it. What will happen to Ukraine once the dust settles?

>>364832825dont forget his shit decisions,policies and constant lies ("muh killed 6gorillion ruskies")

>>364853473>Muslim war criminalsYour women and little children have already fled to the decadent west. What are you fighting for? They are getting dicked down in refugee camps by non white muzzies as we speak. They will be housed with other african refugees and there will be a lot of fucking while you die back home.

>>364831182America did that after 9/11Just most americans dont care and would rather CONSOOOOOOOM than fight for their rights

>>364835776> A mutt talking about soccerKek, you mutts are so funny.

>>364826788LelDead Russian Yacht Club

>>364853473How is that relevant to anything I said?

>>364831182Martial law and a ban on spreading "fake news" regarding the war in ukraine (i.e the truth). Is this how winning looks like to vatniks?

Attached: 1646263252875.jpg (1024x893, 136.83K)

>>364833532> Seems like Russians are just desperate to seem like they're winning.you got it upside down, but that's ok, ukraine shilling and propaganda is absolute champions league

>>364853629Media will be absolutely stumped who to cheerlead for. Ukes are their newest victim pets, but they cant report on Muslims cutting peoples heads off in bulk.

>>364853629We'll take back our territories, including Crimea. Some libtard like Navalny will come to power in Russia and strt promiting globohomo and pay reparsations to us to restore what they have destroyed.

>>364828836It will be very exciting when West starts to expel russian expats and students back to Russia and you actually have to live in North Korea 2.0 that you are so proud of and love so much.

>>364853773Go find some pussy, I see you have problems with women.

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>>364828011>another city>only took one

Attached: gburujs7vgi21.jpg (1045x997, 29.42K)

>>364829876Zelensky pretended to play piano with his dick. That's his origin story and now he's president of your country.At least Biden was a lifelong politician, that dude just... pretended to play piano with his dick. And you guys voted for him.And he's jewish.

>>364853473How you can call chechens criminals when you openly supported them. And gordon and other ukranian journalists were openly supporting them before the invasion

>>364854340Where is that women in that pic? Signing a contract with blacked dot com?

>>364854203there's likely only gonna be some form of new management for your shithole and a couple regions that'll be annexed, no biggie

>>364854340So user, you're 18-60 right? Did they give you a gun?

>>364854454She's from Checnya retard

Attached: R1x7I39pvxo.jpg (693x693, 160.88K)

>>364826535Yeah Russians in Kharkov doing fine trolling khokhol thots

>>364854369Zelensky is a clown but he knows how to play the media & our retard western politicians like a fiddle.friend of mine said he reminded him of a greasy used car salesman, a description i can agree on

>>364854777I already said he was a jew, user.

>>364854699No. There's not enough guns for all the volunteers. Tomorov I'm moving again as volunteer maybe they'll give me a gun this time

>>364854340Ugly Slavic women. Looks like a Romani. Absolutely low quality genes compared to western european

>>364826535Why are so many Ukrainian politicians jewish and seem to not even care about Ukrainians dying from their suicidal orders?

Will he go to "LE HAGUE" for inspiring thousands of civilian Ukranians to march to their deaths? Handing out assault rifles and teaching people how to make Molotov cocktails? Are you fucking serious? Media and propaganda (including advertising and literal memes for our online generation nowadays) can really control your mind and awareness and where you spend your attention and energy. Best to be off grid for any clarity clearly.

>>364854722You have pics of her for jacking off cuz you don't have any woman to fuck? I understand that since all your women have already fled to the west. We have your women. You are fighting for a sterile country run by a jew who is willing to fight the war down to the last Ukrainian nazi.

>>364826535I fucking hate slavs so much bros...

>>364834915I think Ukies got a big boost in morale and confidence after they saw how incompetent russians are, so now far more people are willing to stay and fight.

>>364854922>Ugly Slavic women. Looks like a Romanibecause she is Chechen not slavic. retards can't even find the difference. And she's not ugly btw. Chehchen women are quite hot

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>>364854958> Will he go to "LE HAGUE"Absolutely not. They'll give him a nobel and name plazas after him. I know it sucks but he's a perfect fit for the hero role in our fake & gay western system

>>364838025>>364837527>>364838222>>364838939>>364838997>>364839103>>364839220>>364839441de unde cunoști bă română?

>>364855332Agreed senpai. I'm connecting with a dude in Germany who I'll never see. Pretty wild lol. Not being a faggot just been drinking. Cheers.


>>364853160>nooo think about the poor invaderinooosAt least americans have the dignity and pride to admit they are a big dick bully and that they don't care what others think. Russia just acts like a victim all the time as they constantly harass and invade their neighboring countries.

>>364826535>Does he looks like he's afraid? Does this looks like we are loosing?why would he be afraid?he is probably cozy getting fucked in the ass for pleasure every night in london and receiving a nice compensation for his services by this point

>>364855256Nigger it is already over for you. Go shoot at a tank and get run over.

Attached: 1646304849773.jpg (1080x2340, 1.07M)

>>364857500Kyiv, Odessa and Kharkiv are the capitals of globohomo in Ukraine. I hope they all leave to Eu and never return

>>364857500>like travelalready hope she gets hit by mortar fire.good night anja.


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>>364828011This is the most accurate image I've seen so far and I'm surprised how much liberals are spamming this board with pro Ukraine non sense.

>>364828011I pitty Russian soldiers. Putin is a moron it seems. Here they blast from everywhere about the massacres upon ukrainian population, school is gathering help for hohols. In the meantime:>So, one of the local residents said that some refugees placed in the hotel did not like that the pool was closed. She also spoke about an incident that occurred at a catering point: a Ukrainian, having ordered several burgers, showed his passport instead of paying for the order. So, the girl notes, the man hoped that because of the situation around Ukraine he would be served for free. She also talked about the refusal of some Ukrainian refugees to speak Russian with Moldovans>Here is another appeal of a local resident, who also speaks of the bad manners of some refugees. He noted that out of 100% of those who arrived, only 30% were happy.“The remaining 70% go around and fight with everyone in a row, shouting: “Glory to Ukraine” and yelling that they are served in Russian. You must understand that they are trying to serve you in a language that you understand, ”the man saidA refugee from Ukraine arrived at a hotel and went into a restaurant - he attacked the waitress, as she speaks Russian. She spoke in a way that both he and she could understand. You don't have to come to our country to teach us how to speak. I beg you to show respect for us, as we welcome everyone in our small country with open arms with a very big heart, ”the girl saidFuck jewcrainian Mongols and really, fuck youPutin for trying to appease them not only now but for 8 long years they "ukranize" hundreds of thousand