Why are hohols like this?

Why are hohols like this?

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>>364826259>shell civilians and commit war crimes>be surprised when you get summarily executed for committing war crimessneed

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>>364826401Best summary

>>364826259Wtf I love war crimes now


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>>364826422Jewtins generals are probably lying to the dudes about what they're actually aiming at


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>>364826259Always wanted to be an artillery man in Minecraft.

>>364826259why haven't the civilians been evacuated from these cities yet? Many weren't in range of Russian arty until recently.

>>364826259Pray for the Russian twinks

>>364826259>HEY you FAGGOTS rolling past OUR HOUSES with those GIGANTIC ARTILLERY GUNS >if we catch you we’re going to fucking SLIT your THROATS>hahaha yeah BITCH what the fuck you gonna DO about it huh?gee I can’t see where this plan might go wrong

>>364826422>Let's respond to warcrimes with warcrimes! Surely nothing will escalate.

>>364826259Why would they announce that?

>>364826259War crimes

>>364826259>admitting to war crimes on twitterthis doesn't seem desperate in the least

>>364827192Hohols aren't the brightest bunch in the best of times.

>>364826259DESU I don't think they have the capacity to take that many prisoners in the first place. Why else would they encourage the enemy to fight to death if they are already willing to surrender?

>>364827192Beats me, their excuse will be that the account was hacked, which would actually be a smart move on Russia's part but given Russia's colossal retardation in this war so far I doubt it.

>>364826422uh sweetie did you forget that>it's ok when NATO allies do war crimes

>>364826422>shooting Russians while wearing civilian cloth>russians bomb all civilians>whine and post to twitter for sympathy


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>>364826259like what? but to say it publicly is retardation on the level of african village now artillery men will know what awaits them and will get extra desperate when caught. .Also it's grounds for further persecuting of breaking international law about POWs

sounds fake like everything else in this war.

>>364827936I don't know why they try to lie. Just simple truth would gain them more sympathy

>>364827426If Russia wants a quick victory and a regime change, why are you shelling civilian districts? Now Ukrainians have martyrs and the war will never truly end

>>364826401hilarious and original

>>364827670Don't be dishonest, you know i'm right.Assuming Hohol identity comes with a -8 IQ racial trait.

>>364826259Ukraine starts blasting Russian P.O.W's and the response will be insane by the Ivan's...which is the point. Ukraine was always being built to be an Anti Russian Kamikaze state. They are simply activating the monster from the womb early. Ukraine and it's people are to be sacrificed in ramming into Russia. Russia beat them to the punch. Besides, it drills home the counter point that Russia isn't trying to avoid civilians and keep infrastructure intact. youtube.com/watch?v=C9yIGeBPnyE

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>>364828052>why are you shelling civilian districts?Most of these claims are blatant hohol propaganda you can't verify.But not all of them, of course, it's war after all.

>>364828087No that's just Russians. After all you are born sucking on the cock of tyrants and you all die sucking the cock of tyrants. You'd never know what its like to stand up and fight for the freedom to choose and walk your own path.

>>364826259> wh-why would they want to shoot the noice little awtiwwuwy men? Idn't dat a wawwww cwiiiime?Shut up. No one gives a fuck about war crimes. ICC does jack shit, ever. If you find someone "surrendering," claim you didn't hear them.t. Yes it works exactly like that

>>364826401Actually yes.

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more ukrainian war crimes.

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>>364826259>will no longer capture>will kill captured?

>>364826422>armed goons hide inside schools and kindergartens>RUSSIANS SHELLING CIVILIANS!!!dumb perkele

>>364826259Another war crime in public - like parading POWs fr propaganda purposes, even ur newspapers are complicit in the crime.

>>364826259Yes, and? Russia claims this isn't even a war, so all Russian soldiers are unlawful combatants that may be executed at will.

>>364828443>starts clapping

>>364828648>Yes it works exactly like thatRemember that when the Chinese and Russians are on your soil

>>364826259It's only okay when they do it.

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>>364826259>arm every civilian that stays behind and make them combatants >cry when said combatants are killed because they're not a part of the militaryIf you didn't want your civilians to be treated as combatants, you shouldn't have turned them into combatants.And funny how quickly it went from "lol, the russians suck and are incapable of doing anything!" to "omg, the russians are too effective and they're killing everyone!! Nooooo, we're going to kill all of you now!!!".I don't like Russia, but I fucking hate the ukrainians. Non stop propaganda and playing the victim. Such a shock that the head of the ukrainian government is a fucking jew.

>>364826259I don't see why kiev is advertising its desire to commit war crimes

>>364826259war crime

>>364826259>no linkFake and gay. OP is a faggot.

>>364826259Artillerymen are the invaders who shelled all the innocent civilians with unguided munitions, I'd say a lot of these people have lost friends, family, etc. Based Ukrainechads.

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>>364829047Anon, that's what black betties and real guns are for.

>>364826259>Hurrr let's broadcast that we will break the Geneva convention.Fucking idiots.

>>364827627>Invade Ukraine because it makes Vladimirs dick hard>Civilians want to defend their country>Whine and complain on TV that the Ukranians aren't happy be invaded

>>364826259There should be no rules in war.

>>364826259Because they’re based?

>>364826259>shell "separatist" residential areas for years as part of "ATO">get shelled back for a couple days>"I cant believe these inhumane monsters, i will make them pay!"Oh no

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>>364826259pure sneed, christ already forgave them

>>364828659Are they going to delete this episode next?

>>364827192Escalation. More hatred.

>>364826259They take their cue from their US puppetmasters and blow smoke 24/7 as Russians rain lead on the Ukranian army.

>>364826673This. Most conscripted would be young men who barely know anything. Im all for execution of certain officers who called for actions that resulted in civilian death on either side but the average boot wont know until later. Many good men will off themselves under the guilt


>>364826259>noooooooooooo why do you kill me back I'm only supposed to kill you

>>364826259That will make the west pretty angry surely

>>364828302I've seen enough videos to know it's happening. You've completely destroyed all chances for any kind of rapprochement with the Ukrainians. They will hate Russians for centuries


>>364826259Russians are not people. Killing a Russian is similar to putting down a rabid animal

>>364829380>Australia>supporting war crimes>losing war anywayClassic

>>364826259It's literally fake news, they already rectified their statement.

Slavs are trash. Many of the worlds problems stem from slavshits emboldening kikes in their mordor shitholes by being so fucking low IQ and disorganized for centuries. A millennia of dealing with these subhumans and enslaving and trading slavshits with almost no resistance(like many parts of western europe) has led kikes losing their natural fear of the white man

>>364826259Link cocksucker?

>>364831021Back to R*ddit, buddy

>>364830689>I've seen enough videos to know it's happening.Of course it's happening, there's war going on. As the saying goes you can't make an omelette.But it's overblown by hohols, as one would expect.>>364830689>You've completely destroyed all chances for any kind of rapprochement with the Ukrainians.Not with Putin. There were almsot no chances since 2014, honestly.

time to execute pow because they are totaly the good guys!!!!!!!!

>>364826422>Give weapons to civilians making them combatants>Be aurprised when they get shelledlol

>>364826422Guess they'll jump on planes and head to America to catch them all then?

>>364831054Huh? All our war criminals have been prosecuted, m8. Russians get "rewarded" for their crimes.

>>364826422Ukrainians false flag themselves to get humanitarian crisis response. Just like British were bombing themselves in ww2 and blamed it on germans to get popular support. we are nothing to the jews running the finance.

>>364826259Because they aren't Western...

>>364827670>fight a war you have no chance winning>your enemy actually treats you fairly and tries to minimize civilian and military casualties>antagonize them as much as you canI'm sure this won't backfire lolThe kike minister is willing to fight until the last hohol.

>>364830689So do you have a problem with arming citizens now?Strangely the leftists who want to disarm people are for it.

>>364826259Subhumans being subhuman, imagine my total shock


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>>364826422>give civillians guns and tell all men aged 18-60 to fight for their country>complain about how the enemy is killing civillians

>>364831343kike hands wrote that.

>>364826259Never forget that it's people who went to churches shelling and killing one another at the command of jewish leaders.


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>>364828052>If Russia wants a quick victory and a regime change, why are you shelling civilian districts1) Russia is not a person.2) To kill more civilians so there was less people. Remember ze depopulation agenda? Here you are.

>>364832019>implying russia wouldn't do it anywaylmao.


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>>364834513Uh huh>It was real in my mind

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>>364826422PEASANTAll this atrocity and gore propaganda seems to be directed at locals as Russians just begin to deny hohols humanity, which means rules of humanity wouldn't be applied


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>>364826259jew fraud prez approves his own war crimesplebbit claps and barks like seals

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>>364832019yep,the sheep are dumb -can't remember a day or two

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>>364828443>You'd never know what its like to stand up and fight for the freedomOk mutt.Larp and seethe

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>>364826259They definitely play WoT.

>>364834521>government sanctioned molotov factory is a good thing>>364834601>the evil Russia nazi animals that want to kill all ukrainians are stopping when confronted by seemingly unarmed ukrainians in the streetsMan, I'm getting really tired of clown world.

>>364826422>shell civilians and commit war crimes for 7 years>be surprised when your neighbor declared war to youhohol moment

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>>364834601do you ever use your brain, like actually? Nobody with a brain is going to be surprised when russia starts bombing civilians, they have been doing it every possibility opportunity for as long as they've existed

>>364826839Because AZOV needs some human shields ISIS in Alepo style.

>>364834002if it's for the government and against Trump's co-victor it's better than lgbtq

>>364834521what the hell am I watching. Are women and children producing molotov cocktails?Fuckers are even adding stryrofoam.

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>>364834316oiii vayy !!!!!A POGROM !!!!!!

>>364834759>throwing a molly point blank at a tankDo women really?


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>>364828443>You'd never know what its like to stand up and fight for the freedom to choose and walk your own path.

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>>364834521it's so much fun like makin pompoms for a gay parade !

>>364835167now they are legitimate targets.

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>>364826259Nooo you can't kill war criminalinos! If you kill your enemies they win!

>>364829380Your elf rockets ARE NOT WORKING.>hahahahaha sneeed haahahah SNEEEED Show me more than 2 tanks struck by it.

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>>364826422>be azov>use school gym as base >when get killed blame Russians for attacking civilians >war crimes committed by Ukraine but will never be questioned by the west.

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>>364835446Yes, bomb more civilians Ivan

>>364835360I understand leafbro. You wouldn't either with that tyrant who rules over you.

>>364835446>now they are legitimate targets.meanwhile all kikes are exempt from military service and have fled the country.They'll probably come back after all is said and done and claim the 90% of real estate because muh holowhatever. Reminds me of germany.


>>364835628very cringe, total yikes

>>364826259Oh boy. They are not getting any special good boy points for this.

>>364835459Why not start cutting heads off while you're at it?Hohols are spiritual Turks and IIRC Poles cry about to to this day

>>364835637>Reminds me of germany.jews never change.

>>364835229Azov brigade, one minute they're literally crucifying their enemies, the next they're helping old ladies shoot across the road.

>>364835075No. YWNBAW

>>364835628>You wouldn't either with that tyrant who rules over you.

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>>364835594thats your own rules burger... you did this shit all the time in sandnigger shitholes.

>>364835123those'r aimed at jews !!!!oooyyii vayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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>>364835861that's why I'm uniquely qualified to tell you it's really fucking stupidPutin is a BAD GUY okay.

>>364834316We had similar looking schools in Poland, they were built so that in case of war they can be repurposed for bomb shelters and field hospitals:Just run google translate on: pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Szkoła_tysiącleciaI guess the alternative is for every country to build special infra so when russia invades you you can't be accused of being deployed near buildings in your own country so that midwits that think schools are open in ukrain now can't have the moral high ground.


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>>364836066>Than who took the picture

>>364826259propaganda. Ukraine is trying to make the narrative that Russia is explicitly killing civilians in order to get NATO directly involved.

Russians are subhuman so I don't see a problem with this

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>>364827050They need more footage to show to western normalfags. They want it to escalate.They also want all able bodied hohols to either die or flee to Poland so that the clay Russia conquers will be destroyed and worthless.

>>364826839why didnt they all leave the country so russia could take it easily? if you kill your enemies they win


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>>364826578I wish I knew what memo the jews get.I NYC all the jews fled before the first lockdown.

>>364835763Trying to come from a moral high-ground when russian soldiers have orders to shoot unarmed civilians is rich

>>364835327>trained to use the kalashnikov assault rifleWas this written by the "unmistakable image of an ak47 rifle" retard? youtu.be/N9HwXn5FE-0

>>364836014>okayopinion discarded

>>364834521How it started>tube: MetZloUo2f8How it ended

>>364828659When I played RISK I always went for control of Ukraine, and I always won.>it's in the middle key stronghold.

>>364836577>russian soldiers have orders to shoot unarmed civilians is richThey don'tThe thing is you can't win with brutality against an opponent who supposedly commits brutality. He won't get "very scared" of local atrocities and militarily this brings doubtfuls benefits. It's a lose/lose situation and idiotism.

>>364834601>IF I SAY IT ENOUGH TIMES IT'LL BE REAL>>364836577

>>364829872uhhuhhthe ruskies they uhhthey used WHITE PHOSPHORUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND THEY LET OUT A BIG GASSING !!!!!

>>364835229So... they are special forces now. Odd how the media doesnt include their logo and salute...

>>364836809Sure thing: twitter.com/nexta_tv/status/1499286897956474884

>>364835318The "tank" is being towed. It's alreadt disabled kek

>>364826422>rules don't apply for the good guys

>>364837256>UNIDENTIFIED MAN SAYS THINGmeanwhile countless videos of hohols walking up to tanks and wagging their fingerBro it's over

>>364826422>shell your own people>r-russians did that! NATO help!

>>364826259Great move. Now Russia can claim war crimes, killing of POWs and push their shit in. Ukraine can't even deny it because they released official statement confirming it. Same as seeking nuclear weapons. Such goofballs.

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>>364826259Umm basedDeath to vatnik invaders

Funny because back the last time there was a civil war in the Ukraine a few years back the Ukrainians were wildly shelling civilian areas inhabited by ethnic Russians and the Russians caught them and brought them back as prisoners and put otu videos on it. I guess they've been thirsting to turn that narrative around on the russians ever since.

>>364837256Are you an idiot? He would confess to anything while captured.Either way if you are a hohol and want to realize slasher fantasies on Russians go for it. We had this in Afghanistan and know how to deal with barbarians.

>>364835327she looks at the end like she wants to suck it then ram it up her cunt

>>364836577It doesn't matter about the hypocrisy you shouldn't violate the rights of your enemies if they're openly surrendering to you, if you set the precedent that you butcher surrendered men then the enemy will instead fight you tooth and nail. If you fight an enemy that ultimately feels cornered you're going to incur more losses when they easily could've surrendered if they knew you'd show mercy.

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>>364826259>Ukrainian special forcesas in "special olympics"

>>364826758Brave and valid

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>>364837605Oh no... Givi made them eat their shoulder flag. It's same ad execution.Kys

>>364827153If you don't want to escalate things maybe you should not escalate things Dmitriy.Deescalate by getting your troops out of a foreign country.

>>364830689The holodomor should be more than cause enough for them to hate Ruskies for centuries. But they didn't so they won't this time either.

>>364826259thats normal thoughits repeat of what LNR/DNR told about Ukrainian artillery too. Everyone hates them. Wars should be fought honorary - with horses and fencing.

>>364828443>fight for freedomThey are literally a us vassal state led by a pedo givernment, nigga Americans have been crying about Biden and Obama stealing and oppressing poor ukranians but now they are a free nation?

>>364826422>disobey orders>get killed>run back home>get killed>surrender>get killedThe only option is to fight and hope you don't die, so no longer half assed resolve, kill as much as you can.It seems to me like Ukraine doesn't want peace but revenge. Hope they know revenge has a cost.

>>364834867>kremlinbots will defend this

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>>364826839Nazi battalions litterally prevent people from leaving, shooting those who try. There were videos of foreigners who tried to get out of Kiev forced to stay too. But worst is in Mariupol/Harkov - i.e. Greeks community tried to leave Mariupol recently, got beat up and forced to stay. t.me/istorijaoruzija/36183

>>364839230This is airstrike on rebellious Donetsk in June 2014. I remember this because all the planes suddenly started to fall down after that, including one with 300 "innocent soldiers" who were shipped to Donbass.

>>364839230Bro that's donbass shelled by Ukrainan military

>>364826422>shell civilians and commit war crimesGot any evidence of said war crimes?In the age of sellfones there's a distinct lack of videos or pictures

>>364839559Here ya go

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>>364826673Nigger they're the ones who have to consult the map to see where they are relative to the target, dial in the arcs and then fire bracketing shots before they fire for effect.When a russian tank wrecks a civilian building, is that the kikes remote controlling their shit like a tonka truck?!?

>>364839559Another one

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>>364827050We've had a lot of reports that their rear echelon security absolutely sucks fucking shit and that's where the arty goes... I dunno man I definitely wouldn't let my weapon be out of arm's reach if I were those Russkies.

>>364829926i love how everyone completely ignores this. Just omits entirely. Shuts down their brain. It doesnt exist. A brain rewired to completely skip it.Even now still Ukraine is shelling Donezk, harder than ever, targeting civilians.

>>364826259Because they are losing too badly to have the troops to overlook POWs.

>>364839883>Hohol good>Russia badSimple as.

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>>364839197Revenge, especially bitter mean-spirited revenge is an asiatic and also yiddish trait

>>364835327heckin based

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>>364826259theyre the goood guys right?

>>364840907Yeah dude, literally iron man

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>>364829380You do realise our country is currently under investigation for war crimes in Afghanistan you cum guzzling Chigger faggot

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>Already backpedaling

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>>364826259Execute the leaders not the soldiers following orders, you fucking dumb low iq muppets.It is always the fucking same in every single fucking war! The 'simpel' man following the orders of the elites are getting slaughtered. That's what is being meant by 'no more brother wars', why can't you muppets comprehend this logic.

>>364837328Did you miss the part where she set herself on fire?

>>364827153>Noooo you can't just warcrimes in retaliation to our warcrimes. Don't start nothing, won't be nothing.

>>364826259based. kill all r*ssians.

>>364829926This is fake news. They only killed russian terrorists. Obviously the russian government will lie about it like they do about everything.

>>364841163It's good that we remove the war criminals from positions of authority in our nation. Based.

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>>364826259What a great idea!! Tell the other side that you wont take prisoners while they are shelling your town. One good turn deserves another until the town is burning rubble and the people are refugees.

>>364826422SpbpAny justification russia had disappeared when they started shelling civilians. They deserve everything they get

>>364826259so many russian shills keep spamming this fake news. you're mad because your army is surrendering en masse?

>>364839197>realize this>defect and surrender>dont get killed>but muh familylife isn't about easy choices

Ukraine should surrender and let the International community sort it out. Encouraging this futile bloodshed and destruction is horrible.

>>364826422>shell civilians and commit war crimesLiterally never happened. So far the Russian army has obeyed the Geneva and Hague conventions.

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>>364844661Why are bongoids like this? Always preening and moralfagging and making everybody miserable. Honestly why are you like this?


>>364846822Show flag memeflaggot

>>364826259Hippity hoppityYou're now dead on my propertyIt's not fucking hard, user, work it out. Niggers are on your land. What do you do with niggers? Yes, you see. Now apply this to snow-niggers.

>>364826259Kyiv Independent. Also implying they're capturing anyone to begin with

>>364846412Putin will end like Mladic

>>364847487Eh, it was posted by some tacticool Ukranian special ops bro on Facebook, but of course the Kyiv Independent stretched it to mean it's now official policy. And, fuck, who knows. Maybe it is. Does anyone care but fucking faggot Russians?

>>364826259How are they going to be capturing rear guard troops while retreating?

>>364829851>arm civilians>civilians dieseems pretty stupid really, just making it open season on your own citizensyou people really don't think to much about this stuff

>>364826259>openly state you will commit war crimes>the western world claps until their palms bleed and cry for your plightMad world

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>>364847825>arming your civilians is a bad thingOkay, Justin.

>>364839791>>364839619Absolutely fucking kek'd

>>364846109russia should pull out of their invasion and let the International community sort it out. commiting this futile bloodshed and destruction is horrible.

>>364848066lmao here's the thing americuckyou can larp with your AR15 all you want, but in an actual conflict you're just another targetmaking soldiers distrust civilians is a very stupid and dangerous thing to doand you're seeing why

>>364848267>MAKING SOLDIERS DISTRUST CIVILIANSYeah, those faggots don't need any convincing. They're already spooked. Expecting IED's and widows with machetes. You're gaining no ground by not arming your citizens. Be less of a faggot and pick up a gun sometime, Fritz.

>>364826259They are subhuman that’s why

>>364848415This. We're living in times where only you can secure yourself.

>>364848415you're making civilians targetsso they target civilian installations nowbecause they are now combatants>americuck trying to use his brainlmao

>>364848599>only you can secure yourself>I'm john rambo!you'll just die alone like a good americuck simple as

>>364848631Civilians are only ever the target of militaries lead by tyrants.

>>364848821damn better let your pedo and chief in on that

>>364826422>Do a fire mission>Basically just firing rounds at predefined coordinates>Ballistic calculations all done on some computer in HQ>Don't even know what you're firing at>Somehow a war criminalUkies unironically need to be held to trial over this.

>>364826839I wouldn't be surprised that a center hive of villainy just doing it to themselves

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>>364848770>Don't fight. Assimilate. Resistance is futileI forget. Some of you ain't people.

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>>364849208>he says while he literally throws so much money at isreal kids can't even get proper lunches at schoollmao relax goy, count those shekels for your masters

>>364834513>you can't just kill those people armed with nato gifted weapons

>>364826259Reasonable response. Commissar order next.

>>364826259honestly this is the most based news I have seen since the start of this shit. My friend's sister was killed two days ago in Kharkiv. I hate every Russian so much it's unreal

>>364835132America and bombing civilians. Talk about a more iconic duo

>>364844661>shelling civilians is wrong, unless you're on the kikes team, then it is glorious

>>364849731shut up faggot

>>364849377We're working on it

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>>364826259>kill CAPTURED soldiersweety that is a war crime. they should rewrite their press release


>>364839791who the fuck makes these and why?it's not even the same streetYou shills will all pay

>>364826422it is not a war crime if you are winning

>>364826422I hope Russia nukes Kiev at this point. Ukrainians as a people, clearly act all like Jews.

>>364826259They know they don't have to fear the russian soldier.They know Russian shelling is only against military locations.They know their army hides behind civilians.They still act like its a genozide war against them.Thats just how many of them are.

>>364849826Nah it's always wrong

>>364826259Nah, that's what happens to operators of terror weapons.You think flamer troops, or crocodile crew got a fair shake of the stick?They were thrown in a ditch if they ever surrendered.

>>364835529>Cheeki Breeki, the wind whispers

>>364835548>>war crimes committed by Ukraine but will never be questioned by the westIt's not a warcrime till you lose

>>364849731basado go get em man

>>364849731>I hate every Russian so much it's unrealBased, give them hell


>>364850522well you shouldn't have bombed germany

>>364851525You're right

>>364826259>Kyiv IndependentKiev Dependent soon

>>364848126>international communityDo you really believe this thing exists ?

Can Ukrain even still claim them as "civilian population" when they've drafted and armed all the men and children and sent the women and Jews to other countries?

>>364826259They're fighting on their own soil. I can only imagine what that's like. How much of seeing where you grew up destroyed would it take for you to start commiting warcrimes? Honestly, if I was Ukrainian I'd be seething with hatred at all times. Slavic stoicism is truly remarkable.

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>>364848267>ukrainians shooting russians>ukrainians larpingtime to choose, ivan :D and stick to the story, makes a better lie that way :D

>>364852232>sent the women and JewsNot so much the women.

>>364826259Two wrongs don't make a right.

>>364826259Another brilliant strategy from the Ukrainians. Could've just did it without telling anyone.

>>364850202about time you understood it.

>>364840422History repeats itself.

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>>364826259>Place soldiers in schools>Get bombedThis is Russia's fault.

>>364847825You seem to think that Vladimir has any moral grey area here to even somewhat justify the invasion, but he doesn't. Killing troops defending their country is one thing, killing civilians because they take up arms against your invasion is even worse.It is obviously not something Vladimir cares about but it sure as hell does make the situation look a lot worse from an outside point of view. Whether that will lead to anything is to be seen.

>>364826259That's pretty stupid, they'll just fight to the death now and rack up an even bigger kill count. These hohols are pretty fucking retarded.