Astral projections

Is this gay hippie shit? Or is it actually a mystical tool that can enlighten and empower us, which the kikes don´t want us to know about? I haven´t tried it but I´ve been reading a lot about it lately and the practitioners of it absolutely swear by it. Reading their accounts, it sounds like some pretty mind blowing and life changing stuff. I don´t take drugs anymore, but there are times I miss leaving this world and going to weird, far away places. That was also done through psychedelics but doing it au natural sounds pretty based, desu.Thoughts? Experiences?

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>>364825581I don´t care what those faggots have to say I want to know what Holla Forumstards think

>>364825399It's very real. The Astral plane is just a different state of consciousness. However, it is as real as the physical in its own way. As a human, the soul aspect of you has decided to primarily focus on a very physically limited experience for the challenge it creates during this lifetime making it difficult to access.

>>364825652Have you been to the astral plane?

>>364825819Not that I know of consciously. And I don't have a particularly good way to describe what the Astral is either. But, I do know that from an certain level of understanding, everything becomes real, even dreams to an extent. Because the Universe is not physical. The Universe is mental. It's very similar to the idea of a video game. The worlds you play in are not "real," they are just 1's and 0's being computed and projected onto a display; yet, the experience feels very real. Also, rules and limits are put in place by the developer so that the game is fun to play. Life is similar. Everything is imagined and there are physical rules and limits to ensure the "game" of life is challenging. If I had to guess, the Astral realm would just be another "game" with less "physical" rules.

>>364825641its real, but you won't get real opinions on it here. judge reality by a normie smoothbrains reaction to it when you bring it up. I can guarantee you a hearty chuckle and a scoff

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>>364825399Eckankar is big on this, Scientology too I think, used to be an Eckankar center next door, always thought I would go but never did, might be a little cultish not sure

>>364825399The phenomena is real, the problem is the explanation, even if that explanation is real a lot of cases would be just mental problems, drugs or even lies, maybe some people had real ones, but they dont know.

>>364825399>Reading their accounts, it sounds like some pretty mind blowing and life changing stuff.its overblownit changes nothing about your real life, the entities you meet or the cool shit you do in the end leave no more imprint on your brain than a video gamethe main potentially cool thing is exploring space but that's something you can't really do because you get yanked back into your body with pure irrational terror if you fly too far from Earth

>>364825399Extremely real, so are the entities from that dimension

It is a misdirection from the truth that we were created in God's image. Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead after 3 days. He is the King of Kings, and we will be judged on what we do in this life.It is time to stop pursuing egotistical means of chasing power, in this world, or to gain advantage with another. That is the trap that demons trick us into. Let go of your ego and turn to your Creator with open arms. It is the only way.

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>>364825399I’ve done it through psychedelic drugs and before that I did it “naturally.” I think my first experience was at age 14. It’s what our forefathers called witchcraft. It doesn’t have a moral valence so you can’t give it a label like “right” or “wrong,” it’s just a method of accessing a dimension between our own physical reality and the spiritual realm. That intermediate zone has been called the subtle realm or the world of dreams. It’s every bit as real as our own. But accessing it can be dangerous. Kyle Odom, for example, is someone who went in unprepared. The result was that he went insane.

dumbass its the same as doing dmt shrooms lsdor meditating or ecstatic dance or sensory deprivation tank or binaural beats or crowlean butt magic or rolling around in cow dung and chanting mantras as a hindu or a combination of those things, you enter the spirit realm. there is a reason God shut off our vision to those spheres, because we arent able tho handle them

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>>364827592I mean, once you got too far from Earth, how the fuck would you find your way back?Space is effectively infinite, especially without navigation.

>>364826678Speaking of dreams, I’ve been experiencing an extremely high level of lucidity this past week. I usually would experience dreams like this maybe once every couple years if that. The kind where you can not distinguish real from dream. It’s happening recently at an alarming level. Literally every time I go to bed. Freaking me out.

Was really into it in my teens. Managed to do it 3 times but only for a few seconds. Haven't been able to go past the vibration stage ever since a shadowman spoke to me and now I'm scared of the dark and can't sleep without a light source.I'm 28. If you do this remember it could potentially ruin the rest of your life, its primal fear that transcends death or faith, its pure existential terror

>these comments

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>>364828147thats your ego, friend.

>>364825399It is absolutely real and not the easiest thing to accomplish. I have only had an out of body experience three times. Two times to a place I'd say is closer to the physical realm and the third I believe was the astral plane.It was not entirely on purpose nor was it entirely on accident. It is a long meditation procedure at first to get to the point where you can eject. Damndest thing is you tend to make your breakthrough when you stop trying. It is a life changing experience and solidified my understand that there is something after death.Unfortunately I have what some have called astral blindness. At least in the experience I had it was the case. I can however recount some unique feelings.1) I was aware of the outline of my body, it felt like a tingly layer. Inside I felt nothing really.2) I was able to move through objects. Upon making contact with an object I could feel its entire shape and outline as I could my own.3) It's 3D movement4) Your signals for your body and astral body are not the easiet thing to keep untangled. By trying to open my astral eyes too hard I ended up opening my real eyes and ending the ride.5) There are things out there in that place. Not all of which want to be your friend. Regard these things with suspicion.6) Dreams are linked as creatures from those realms can enter your dreams if you attract their attention.Also checked.

>>364827948the issue is that "too far" is not far at all, forget about leaving our solar systemjust flying as far as moon is rare and the terror you feel is hard to describe

>>364825399Astral projection is just another word for lucid dreaming. It's legit, but it's just a vivid dream you can control.

>>364828595fear mongering. nothing in the astral can harm your physical body. you ARE your astral body, and that is something completely different.everyone leaves their physical body during sleep, its just a matter of becoming lucid during it. not astral projecting is essentially like being an npc in your waking life. thats why most people who AP meditate on a daily basis and understand the importance of being present.

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>>364828480>2) I was able to move through objects.Also this is unpleasant

Chesus did all this. How much better will it be for them coming after them?

>>364828480>) Dreams are linked as creatures from those realms can enter your dreams if you attract their attention.i suspected this has been happening. id did yoga nidra 3 times. on the 2nd attempt i didnt project but something definitely happened. my body was being washed in waves of energy, im not sure how else to describe what it was. i felt like i was sinking deep into the earth but flying at the same time. it was bizzare. ive always had a sceptical mind but this was something else.

>>364828885Well said, but the vast majority of people aren’t ready for it and/or not capable of it. “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” and all that.

>>364828147There's a reason the Bible warns us about these things.But people always get caught up in their ego. Wanting to strike out beyond what is righteous. Especially nowadays, when most of us are not meeting fundamental needs. We need to stick close to God and not stray in these dark times, not go out into the deep.

Personally, I believe that the brain is so powerful, that it can simulate a whole new world inside your mind. Same with deja vu. Your brain is capable of calculating the future.

>>364828885>nothing in the astral can harm your physical body.who claimed otherwise? I said this particular feeling of terror is irrationalif anything it seems to be hardcoded

>>364828072Oddly, I've had a few very lucid dreams this past week as well. In one, I was in a crowd of like demonic/undead looking people trying to get onto a rowboat to paddle across a river and the boat was half submerged and in it were 2 bodies of people I knew in high school as if they had drowned.

>>364828842They are two different things

>>364828327God bless you user. We need people like this more than ever.

>>364829335im raised atheist and not to be superstitious but ive had several premonitions in the past that came true.

>>364825399its kabbalah aka jew magic loser like everything

>>364825399If the CIA funded studies for it and reasonably concluded that it can't be written off as fantasy then yes it is real. If the CIA made a document that SCIENTIFICALLY describes what Astral projection is and how to do it, then yes it is real.

>>364829393They aren't. Look up the "WILD" technique for lucid dreaming and you'll see it's effectively identical in procedure. Astral projection seems dreamlike because it is.

>Chesus did all this. How much better will it be for them coming after them?It will be better. To everyone. However sinc quick weapons of mass destruction...Game is different. Its like cool aid...Still... Don't even suggest it could beat

>>364829156anyone here done yoga nidra? only took me two attempts to make something un-natural happen.

>>364825399>gay hippieThat didnt exist when astral projections were first discovered by shamans

>>364825399It’s real but you shouldn’t do it- this is the real redpill. Just like how black magic is real but you shouldn’t do it because it involves making pacts with Edmonds. Astral projection= open yourself to bad spirit possession

>>364827980Can anyone yell me what's up with these niggers always posting random youtube links? I just ignore them now because they have NO relation to the topic.

>>364825399It has practical applications, but people misinterpret how to actually work it. You have to start by imagining yourself seeing something from a different point of view.So start by imagining yourself from a point behind you. If you can properly do this, move the point of view around. That way you can apply mental physics to your detached "point of view". By doing this over extended periods of time you actually become more aware of your environment. Once you get good enough you can begin imagining concepts of environments you have been at before. Like a park. So imagine the aspects that make the environment unique. Such as a tree line and a breeze blowing through the trees. This may take a lot of thinking power, ngl.When you get good enough you can start adding in human perspectives to certain environments. Meaning you can take the psychological structure of a person and attach them to a specific environment you believe they could be apart of. If you can, begin to create characteristics that can be associated from the simulated person into the environment.Once you are capable of identifying possible psychological structures and associate them to an environment you can essentially create a simulated point of view in which you can "guess" what possible structures could be resembled within an environment you want to create.Doing this over time and adding unique psychological aspects of human thought to simulated environments could potentially "think" an event into existence.

>>364829366Luckily all my lucid dreams this past week have been beautiful loving experiences.

Tried it for awhile as a teenager. Closest I ever got to something actually happening was trying something called the 'roll' method. You like, do a body scan, get all relaxed, and become aware of every inch of your body, bit of meditation type shit, and then you start to imagine and feel your body rocking back and forth, like you're gonna rock out of your body. I did this and after countless attempts (trying every night) I started to feel like I was going to slide out of my body, and then I felt like I was spinning on the spot, slowly getting faster and faster. Shit was wild. I got scared and shook myself out of it. Never tried it again.

>>364828842It's possible you're correct, but there's most definitely different tiers of experience. Normal dreams are whispy and insubstantial, almost like a fog. If you end up in a lucid dream at this level the dream reality can be destroyed by almost any actionThen there are dreams so real they feel more real than the physical reality we're experiencing right now. I've went into sleep paralysis and then distinctly experienced falling out of my body. Then I land back in my "bedroom" and walk outside. I could feel the sunlight on my skin, and each individual blade of grass beneath my feet. The world around me looked like some modern ultra-HD movie with way too much CGI, like The Hobbit. Then I take off flying into the sky simply by willing it

>>364825399Real, but not particularly useful

>>364829852bullshit, at worst you just get a scare

>>364827948You are deeply connected to your body and returning to it does not require your astral body to be over it. Folks call it the silver cord. I never saw it because of my aforementioned astral blindness.>>364829085I did not find it unpleasant. It was exciting and unique stimuli.>>364828595Hm. Now as I said I have astral blindness so I am curious if it's because of somethings you see. If not, is a deep, primal terror? There is no better way I can describe it. It feels very primal, almost ancient if time were to have much meaning there. Almost like it's the pure seed of fear? If so I have further questions.>>364829156I'm not familiar with Yoga's occultic methods. But why do you think a creature has invaded your dreams? Did you confront or spot it in your dream?

>>364830054sounds veryyyyy similar to yoga nidra but no rocking with nidra.

>>364830245No idea but it involved this breathing method, like a uhhh circular breathing? Not sure what it's called but you breathe in through your nose into your stomach, hold it, breathe out through the mouth. You do that the entire time while imagining the rocking. It's trippy and felt nothing like a dream. As physical as you can imagine it. Didn't like it

NatSoc wins

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Astral projection has a lot of parallels with all sorts of spiritualism, mysticism, and even Christians that believe there's various dimensions that house demons, us, angels and God.Too many parallels to outright dismiss.And seriously, is it any less plausible than the big bang theory?

>>364830054Yes, that is what makes it difficult. Even if you successfully do it, once you know the signs you can ruin it. How? Well your heart may begin to race in excitement or fear, but that starts to wake up the body and make you more aware of your physical form and now you're farther from slipping out.

>>364825399>Astral projectionsStrange way of spelling fantasy or daydreaming, you double nigger. Now goto /x/.

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>>364825399Look up the gateway process.

>>364830238i cant recall it, it wasnt a creature i think but i sense it had been observing me in my waking life and was trying to send me a message. nothing schizo-tier, nothing harmful....just it was showing me young men who had harmed or killed themselves then angels and lucifer. again, im raised athiest not a superstisous person. ive had premonitions in the past thar came true.

>>364825399Short answer yeah. I guess.

>>364830058For a period of my life I experienced lucid dreaming quite frequently and the "destruction" of the dream you described happened pretty frequently, especially when I did things where I guess my mind didn't have a concept of what I should be "seeing". This specifically happened several times when I tried to fly somewhere. Although I did have a couple dreams where I was able to do so without breaking the dream.

>>364830480Yeah, I remember my heart was pounding extremely hard. Like I could feel it in my head. Hard to explain but it was extremely terrifying and didn't feel like anything I wanted to do at all, was not as cool as described. Just straight up scary

>>364825652Not a state of consciousness, the consciousness remains the same it's more a state of environment.

>>364830238>is a deep, primal terror? There is no better way I can describe it. It feels very primal, almost ancient if time were to have much meaning thereyeah its exactly that, I assume one is not meant to get that far from one's body

>>364828147I've been having sleep paralysis since I was a small child and on the threshold between waking and sleeping (or projecting) there are terrors you can't even imagineI've seen grey aliens, demons and shadow people countless times. One time I saw my own face appear floating directly before my own face in the void. The face started getting an angry expression, then angrier and angrier, until the face was twisted with rage far beyond any possible human dimension and right before my eyes I saw my face twist into a horrible demonMaybe these entities are threshold guardians

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>>364829961That’s intense wtf

Its '''Gods geklaagd!!!'''

>>364830780ill be back in 3hrs and remake this thread. i saw something horrific when i had a bad mushroom trip. mathematical in nature it looked like god but it wasnt at all plesant. all i learned from it is not to be greedy and appreciate what you have. whatever it was, it was upset with me for stepping back in too soon after the great gift it had given me.

>>364830767The state of your environment is determined by your consciousness. Fairys, bigfoot, elementals, and other /x/-tier beings are real and exist on Earth. However, they are in a different level of perception and therefore are basically invisible to us except in rare instances.

>>364830829In a sense they are threshold guardians. I killed two of them in a dream a few years back and it changed my waking reality drastically. They were demons, I think. Anxiety and ridicule. I killed them and it all felt very real. That kind of action can be therapeutic, like what some psychologists do with hypnosis.

>>364830058Lucid dreaming can be utilized in a very great manner. Within a dream state I've visited people, learned how to fly, could leap massive distances, levitate and create beautiful environments that seemed more real than reality itself.I've honed in on what it is, and it's the same feeling of whenever you are a baby and seeing things for the first time. For some reason my memory is very odd and I have memories of still being extremely young. So the feeling is still there, and I even began to realize that certain drugs recreate this feeling within the brain. Which is why some people become addicted to said drugs, even if it is psychological. There are many things that occur in the brain that are so interesting, and so many people fail to understanding how cool lucid dreaming is. I became so enthralled in it that I would want to sleep over reality because within my dreams I was capable of time dilation in which I could basically live out what felt like days within a few hours.There is definitely something more to it, and I believe it's the very concept that has allowed us as a species to advance. Dream sequences are also capable of reusing stimuli that the brain may have ignored within a conscious state, so when you are being told something within a dream you should attempt to apply it to real life.This is where the whole "you cheated on me" scenario comes from with people in relationships. But one of the greatest things you can feel is having sex within a lucid dream, because it's literally your mind meshing with someone you presumably love.

>>364830949never done psychodelics so I wouldn't know

>>364829852I agree. There's plenty of warning of this kind of stuff in the Bible.Used to be common knowledge too before the world went utterly mad.Anons openly call the elites Satanists yet shrug and start talking nonsense when you tell them the Kabbalism/Gnosticism/Hermeticism they are learning about is the exact same shit the elites are practicing. You think the Satanic elites wear those Kabbalah strings just as a joke?These are doors which should not be opened. You do not want to end up a husk like our political leaders.

>>364830515I use creature as a catch all term for anything intelligent out there. These messages came in your dream or real life? If in your dream, then you should be trying to sense the air precognative dreams have. If that is how yours manifest. It is how mine do the rare times it wants to. I am not in control of it at all.>>364830780Ahh yes I have grim insight then. Thank you. You see this aura I did not experience by astral project; rather, this was the aura that an entity gave off in a dream. The entity could appear and disappear and aura preceded them, you knew they were around for it even if you didn't visually see them. It was also capable of bringing of manifesting objects in my dream I had 0 control over. I couldn't even more them with my dream body.I am curious now if you venture too far from your body you begin to lose protections from the cord and feel malicious presences around you. I was always under the assumption that in those places material distance is utterly meaningless, but perhaps not. Or perhaps earth has a sort of shield which insulates us from them. I'd not know unless I physically or astrally go to space and truth be told, I do not pursue astral projections anymore. Maybe in the future I will.

>>364831261every time will be different. sometimes its fun, sometimes its terrifying, sometimes its paralyzing and unpleasant and other times you are tasting paradise.

>>364828072You too? I started having very vivid dreams every morning this week. Especially effective is when i wake up to my alarm, go back to bed and wake up on my own about an hour later when i actually have to get up for work. I get extremely realistic dreams. Yesterday, i tried to bargain with Medusa to kiss her, probably because i read something about greek mythology the night before. Shit's weird

>>364830840You should watch The Men Who Stare at Goats

Some would say you shouldn't pay demons any mind, they'll just try to scare you. Others say be very careful. Which is it? Also how do you differentiate demons from other (low vibration) entities?

>>364829648yes hypnogogic stateessentially the connection to your subconscious mindwith intention you can program yourself that is implant an action reflecting in reality through feeling at that very moment

>>3648309493hs? You wanker, I'll be asleep. What are you going to title it so I can look it up in the archive tomorrow.

>>364831195 (Me)Its much better nowadays. unless your caught up in medical, which is Mabus (Nostradamus) combining with '''the mob'''. Antichrist. Which is contrary in spirit.

>>364831252>I became so enthralled in it that I would want to sleep over reality because within my dreams I was capable of time dilation in which I could basically live out what felt like days within a few hoursHow have you managed to achieve this? I've went lucid a million times but the experience usually only lasts seconds for me

>>364831429Very interesting concept you have here. For some reason if you have the capability of "entering" dreams after waking up, as if you were interrupted, and continue it without messing it up it shows a sign that your brain is capable of some amazing things. If you can try to work on that and see if by making up you can lay back down a re-enter your dreamstate. The brain goes through a stage whenever you wake up that begins to flush out anything that occurred within a dream state, which is why you generally begin to forget dreams. By training your brain to retain dreams you can begin to harness memory training that occurs in a dissociated state. This is gonna sound weird, but by harnessing this power you can actually train your "unconscious" state to act and react in a manner such as elastic memory. You'd be capable of creating instant reactions without conscious thought.

>>364831927I’m obviously not that user, but there are many techniques you can use to prolong the dream state. One of the most popular is spinning. You will your dream body to rotate faster and faster and it centers you.

>>364832092I'll have to give that a try. While I have experienced time dilation in my dream I was never consciously in control of it.

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>>364831927You have to create a medium so you don't wake yourself up. It's funny but I always think of the movie Inception. Repeat something, imagine an object and associate a feeling of calmness before you enter a sleep phase.My go to is opening a door, or a bouncing red ball. So that whenever I am in a dream and I see a bouncing ball or open a door I become conscious within my dream. The unfortunate bit is that if you can't properly control this series of events you could become trapped within a nightmare.So this is where emotion manipulation comes into context. By becoming conscious using your medium you can emulate the emotion so that you create a state of relaxation and it doesn't wake you up. Either that or use a tone, which can be heard within a dream. I use a fan, so that whenever I hear the fan, open the door and see a bouncing red ball I become conscious within my dream state and begin to work within it without freaking out.

>>364831429using an alarm to wake up then fall asleep again is a technique to induce lucid dreamingplus sleep deprivation disruption of sleep cycles

>>364830058Back when I was heavy into lucid dreaming, I was able to increase the lucidity of these "foggy" dreams to pretty much what you described, as well as prolong them when I felt they were ending.

>>364831960This sounds very interesting. I wanted to get into lucid dreaming and astral projection, but postponed it countless times because to train it, you have to do weird sleep patterns for some time, which fucked me up pretty badly. I need to try this in my next holidays

>>364832340It has worked for me but like I said, other techniques work better for other people. The spinning one reminds me of the whirling dervishes of Sufism, or the spinning peasant magic that Evola talked about in The Path of Cinnabar. If it doesn’t work for you that’s not an indication that you’re somehow deficient — you may just need to try other techniques.

>>364825399Don't do it, user. Your body is the temple that protects your soul, and if your naked soul leaves it behind you will have no protection.

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>>364831385>I am curious now if you venture too far from your body you begin to lose protections from the cord and feel malicious presences around you. I was always under the assumption that in those places material distance is utterly meaningless, but perhaps not. Or perhaps earth has a sort of shield which insulates us from them.we probably aren't meant to know, otherwise it wouldn't be intense enough to always force me back into my body/wake up near instantly on every single try>I do not pursue astral projections anymoresame here, its been yearsas a keepsake I still get full lucid dreams from time to time without trying so it seems my brain was permanently altered somewhat

>>364825399Astral projection is real, OP is a midwit.

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>>364832640It's something that isn't 100% perfected but if you are capable of doing it, and using the proper techniques within the state, you can actually use your dreams to recall memories or even train your brain within said state. I believe studies have shown that if you have dreams about working on something, or learning, it can actually benefit your conscious state.

>>364832484>using an alarm to wake up then fall asleep again is a technique to induce lucid dreamingI tried to really get into it, but stopped because you have to do this multiple times, waking up, going back to bed, waking up again etc. Sadly, i have to go to work, so i can only do this once every morning. I need to take holidays and really focus on trying to achieve greatness

It is kind of annoying how people ITT think their dreams are portals to other realities, and not just expressions of their subconscious. People are highly superstitious.For example, I had a dream that I fucked my sister. She isn't very attractive, I don't know why I did it. But we fucked. Does that mean we spiritually came together and committed incest?No. It means I had a weird dream. Holla Forums is pure schizo nowadays.

>>364833183I really hate to say it but yes, and if you had the dream it means she probably had the dream as well. You committed to incest in a dream and you have the audacity to call others schizo.

>>364825399It's a real thing insofar as you can have out of body experiences that will absolutely shock you in their realism (I have had several, no drugs, I have narcolepsy), but I don't you can use them to learn information you haven't been exposed to (i.e. I think parapsychology is bs). But still, I am not a spritual person, but this really shocked me when it happened and made me question if there is something real I am missing (how, or why, is the brain capable of constructing so vivid artificial worlds).

>>364833183lucid dreaming and astral projection isn't the same as normal dreaming, retard. In lucid dreaming, you control the dream and aren't just watching your brain imagining things.

>>364831497Testing the Spirits>1Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 2Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: 3And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.1 John

>>364828327It is real, I've done it without trying to do it consciously. I think I visited a "tree" and some acquittances were there, laughing. The last time I saw I was "landing" on my body (it lasted like a second or 2), I went though my blankets like nothing, then I immediately woke up like wtf happened?>>364829156>id did yoga nidra 3 timesI did this too. The first time I did sense a "pulsing light" or something between my eyes (third eye?) trying to do who knows what (perhaps to enter my body).

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>>364833183I am your sister and I want to do it again, bro

>>364833183Is this bait? Or are you actually too stupid to understand irony?

>>364825399Meant to reply to you OP>>364833510

>>364833183do you live in a trailer by any chance?

>>364833413it's not a construct of the brain it's literally real, the moment you feel fear the reptilian brain activates and the experience ends instantly.

>>364833426>lucid dreaming and astral projection isn't the same as normal dreaming, retard.No evidence for these claims. Also, shortly after I fucked my sister (on this floating stone platform, like greek ruins), I realized it was a dream and gained control. Does that mean I transferred over to the world of New Age schizo babble, from mind to alternative reality?I've also had premonitions in dreams which came true, but those were entirely different. When you are spiritually in-tune, you can tell what is and isn't meaningful.Holla Forums seems like a band of people who are so depressed with reality that they are desperately trying to find meaning in things that aren't there. A hopeless attempt to escape a futile reality.Reject that, and reject the New Age nonsense. Return to Christ, repent of your sins, and work to better yourselves. Become the change you want to see in this world. As I should as well.

>>364831039It really isnt though. Your first AP, should you actually ever do it (you will make it much more difficult to with such preconceived notions as you have shown itt) you will see just how little reality is effected by consciousness and what you know going into it. Many things you take for granted in this waking reality are useless there, or do not translate over well. Reality is filtered by your consciousness but your consciousness does not create your reality. Reality is just as indifferent to your consciousness over there, as it is here, arguable moreso in fact. You are confusing the lenses as the light coming through it. I'll go further and state plainly that the idea that your consciousness can shape your reality is as dangerous as the 'manifest your reality' or 'law of attraction' new age nonsense - that kind of thinking can get you stuck over there if by some miracle you contradictorily muster the discipline to even attain a manual AP to begin with>>former LD to AP'er, 4 years of practice until finally an AP, not ezand yes this thread belongs on x

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>>364825399I've recently approached "dreaming herbs" on top of the benefits wich they give, these also enhanche your sleep and dream lucidity, look them up Calea Zacatechichi, Uvuma Omhlope and Blue Lotus>last night i drove a ferrari

This whole thread is /x/

>>364832669You're a regular sage. And I mean that as a compliment. I know these matters can be difficult to teach because each practitioner's feelings and feedback seems to be different. The only common experiences seem to be generalized ones like what it feels to be surging with energy, what it feels to sense certain "others" out there.I tried teaching it to others once but I found it difficult because of that, difficult for getting passed their own belief barriers, and perhaps unwise because despite how it may appear I really do not know much. Though more than sleepers for sure.>>364832909I used to have semi-lucid dreams all the time (full sensation, no realization it was a dream and thus no control). They most certainly picked up during my training years. Now I still have them here and there. I couldn't tell you if it's more or less common than before I trained.You're never quite free. I've walked away from the studies numerous times only to be brought back by a vision, a sensation, an invader. I imagine the same is or will be true for you. Just never forget basic energy manipulation to make a shield and a sword, or really whatever astral protection and weapon you fancy. While it's rare I had to use them, I have still had to use them.


>>364833462>>364831497Anything that opens portals to realms humans were not meant to enter is demonic. I believe computers are as well, as they allow us to see and experience things we should never be able to in 1000x lifetimes, and have replaced organic existence with others.Also, I've noted a lot of people who talk about sleep paralysis. For nearly a decade of talking about these subjects I have noted not a single one of these sufferers were Christians. That does not surprise.I have had many nightmares and in each of them I called out Jesus' name. Demons, either just subconsciously or in reality fear Jesus. It is the greatest confimation of His power.

>>364833953>>not even tryingwho is steven laberge, who literally proved lucid dreaming in a laboratory setting. PS theres plenty room for Christ (kjv thumper here) and the practice of LD, they do not contradict in the slightest and can actually complement (short version, try prayer in an LD). I am on the fence still about AP, at least in this time of human history, but thats based on my own experiences in AP, the negative ones specifically.

>>364833953>I realized it was a dream and gained controlSo you lucid dreamed and consciously fucked your sister. Do you live in alabama per chance?>Return to Christ>pol is a bunch of schizoswhat do you mean by this? We're a bunch of schizos for trying to reach a higher realm, but believing in god and his son who live on a higher realm is not schizo.

>>364833953Actually there is and it has to do with brain waves. When lucid dreaming you will produce gamma waves which are associated with heightened perception and heightened awareness. It is unique from alpha, delta, beta, and theta. It is also considered a lighter sleep than typical REM sleep, aka dreams.This info is more for lurkers than you. It's clear your mind is made up.

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>>364834771>steven laberge, who literally proved lucid dreaming in a laboratory settingWhat exactly are you trying to say user? Nobody here ever doubted lucid dreaming happens. I said in my own post I became aware and gained control.I am saying I think most of the pseudo-spiritual bullshit people are spouting ITT is nonsense. I see these people as those who are desperately seeking meaning where it isn't there.Many of these anons were in the thread I made earlier where I shat all over their psilocybin bullshit too. They're still seething I can tell.

>>364833977Appreciate the compliment, m8. I do think I’m a pretty accomplished occultist. But as I’m sure you know by now, this field invites ridicule and all kinds of personal attacks. It isn’t an easy path to tread by any means. You’ll face attacks in the subtle world and you’ll face almost ubiquitous attacks here in our reality. The key is that you have to internalize positive orientations. You have to know in your heart that there exist principles that are right and good. Just that knowledge can be your shield against any attack. Jesus taught that and so did Buddha. That knowledge is very powerful. It guided Evola and Guenon and men far more clever than we are.

>>364834467My brother and I are both Christians and we have both experienced sleep paralysis. I experienced it several times across about a 4 year period of time (I haven't had one in several years now) while my younger brother has been experiencing them for like the past 3 years. So I don't know why you think it is something that only happens to non-Christians.

>>364834901Yes, every type of thought form has it's own unique waves. It doesn't mean I'm traversing the astral planes to fuck my sister willfully, with her knowledge and consent as well.It just means you're having a different type of dream.

>>364835235>we have both experienced sleep paralysisBullshit.

>>364833977>Just never forget basic energy manipulation to make a shield and a sword, or really whatever astral protection and weapon you fancyYou bet I always projected myself a sword, kek, at least those few times I felt a need to defend myself>You're never quite free.3 years of alcoholism and related brain damage does the job, I doubt I could astral project even if I tried

>>364835142how are Evola's and Guenon's books in terms of occultism? I always regarded them to be too political to be really useful for "full-time" occultists

>>364835305>It just means you're having a different type of dream.>>364833953>>lucid dreaming and astral projection isn't the same as normal dreaming, retard.>No evidence for these claims.So now you admit they are different? It's a good first step. Just try to keep an open mind about it all.

>>364835458This is a surprisingly common claim

>>364835565For the record, normal dreams operate in the Theta range. In case anons were unaware.

>>364835565And in the post, my post, that you were replying to you, I said that this shit doesn't mean you're accessing portals to other realities, it's just a dream.You then state that it is different, which implies you think it is. Learn to context, retard.Fuck I hate this board now. So many arrogant cunts.

>>364835458Why do you think it's bullshit? That I am lying for clout to some random stranger on the internet? Or do you think I'm lying about us being Christian?Sleep paralysis fucking sucks and I am glad I can sleep happy now. There was a time when having to go to sleep was not a pleasant thought.

>>364833566Show tits so he can positively identify you

>>364835928Please pound my pussy, onii-chan

>>364835527Some are political and some are not. Guenon’s books are less political, especially when you read things like Le Roi du Monde or Le Règne de la Quantité. Evola’s core trilogy is interesting because it contains both politics and occultism. In fact, in Cinnabar, which he wrote much later in life, you get the impression that he regrets ever becoming involved in politics. Still, the corpus of both writers is valuable material for any occultist. Crowley is good too, I think, but Crowley wasn’t as intelligent as Evola and Guenon.

>>364830767I get ya, I was just going on the idea only a small portion of your consciousness is here.

>>364835235>My brother and I are both Christians and we have both experienced sleep paralysis. I experienced it several times across about a 4 year period of time (I haven't had one in several years now) while my younger brother has been experiencing them for like the past 3 years. So I don't know why you think it is something that only happens to non-Christians.You can induce it with melatonin and alcohol - it sucks and is scary as shit, even when you get "used" to it

>>364835999>Why do you think it's bullshit?Because demons submit before Christ without exception. Anything else is a demonic lie borne to create fear and uncertainty.

>>364835928but user, reality is a dream in itself. If you become enlightened you will experience the true nature of reality: non-duality - that's why Gautama Buddha referred to himself "the one who woke up"

The CIA spent millions on investigating it during the Cold War period and used it for various operations for several decades. They would have dropped it fairly soon afterwards if it didn't yield results. Look up Project Stargate and read the declassified documents if you want a firm and practical introduction to it rather than New Age kikes want you to think it's "gay hippie shit" because they want you to be firmly rooted in the material world so that you will consoom endlessly rather than see through their bullshit and realise it's all fraudulent.

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>>364829156If you start off small by moving energy around your body you'll be able to build back up to that>>364829648I managed it on my very first attempt, but it took me months to be able to do it again. I moved a ball of energy around inside my body and could feel old injuries with my mind. They kinda felt like a physical cringe when you see something horrible and feel it in your gut, but that feeling was concentrated in the elbow fracture I had as a kid, my BB gun wound, perforated tonsils from disease, and jaw where I have TMJ. Some yogi texts say your body continuously holds stress at injury sites for life which eventually manifests as new issues, and now that I've been able to mentally feel these injuries I wholly believe that.

To enter higher self or the Astral you must be comfortable with leaving your body. You must face judgment for this life before your able to ascend and this is where the unpure heart will face death. Triple your spirit medicine dose beyond the point of returning to this mundane insignificant existence and if your heart is pure after being weighed you may join me on the other side of the tunnel of light.

>>364836141thanks, will give those books you mentioned a try.But I would be careful with Crowley because he isn't really regarded highly in occult circles - its better to read commentaries of Crowley's books than his books directly, especially since a lot of his works a cryptic

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>>364836515>reality is a dream in itselfMeaningless New Age platitudinal semantic.Whether you believe this reality to be a dream, a simulation, a test, or what have you. It is very much real and demands to be taken seriously. Further, I believe the constant New Age shilling on Holla Forums, (which coincides with the Anti-Christian shilling) is a psyop aimed at getting as many people as possible to destroy their souls. This is the devil's ultimate goal after all.

>>364836341What are you even talking about? I never mentioned demons? When I have experienced sleep paralysis there have never been any beings in my dreams. It is just a state where I am stuck in place wherever I went to sleep but I can't move or do anything.

>>364835466Hm. Insightful, but I doubt I will ever seek brain damage so I am at the very least not free.>>364835142Absolutely it does invite negative things. It's why I do not speak about this IRL to anyone but a handful of people who I've evaluated. I almost prefer sharing anonymously since I clearly have nothing to gain by doing so. I really don't care if people think I'm crazy or insightful. Their assessments do not invalidate my experiences.I do wonder if it's born of jealous or fear. They say these experiences are a gift from the divine. If so I am at a loss what I'm supposed to do with my occult knowledge.

>>364835305context:>lucid dreaming and astral projection isn't the same as normal dreaming, retard.No evidence for these claims>steven laberge provided consistent evidence in lab settings that lucid dreaming is not in fact the same as normal dreamingNow this has not been officially proven with AP, and I can see why, but I can state from my own practice of it (and it taking me years to attain) that it is in almost every way different from dreaming and from lucid dreaming, and from waking. Definitely not a dream, lol. About the only similarity between the waking world, lucid dreaming, and AP is that you are conscious and aware. Everyone else is is different and yes the literature gets it 99% dangerously wrong. Whole different reality with its own set of rules and the scary part is that if you consider your average normie, upon death is thrust into such unawares, is the literally epitome of noob tier in all respects. In this way I can understand where the idea of lost souls comes from, most minds these days would not be able to even to get their bearings and probably check out.And I get it. Dont take my word for it. Really. I sure as hell did not take anyones word for it coming from a christian background and the accompanying encouragement of 'no need to dabble', with the world's materialism contradicting things. I wanted to find the answers for myself and I did. Nothing more lifechanging than that first AP, by far. Nothing I am more proud of at this time in my life years later. Theres knowledge from hearsay, accounts, stories, research, etc etc - but you know as well as I do how such pales in comparison to having been there to experience it first hand. I say go for it. Carefully and diligently, and forge your own path to the truth, you might be surprised.

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I just (You'd) myself, not sure how I did that.T. Older fag too

>>364836893not a new age fag - this idea that reality is a dream is as ancient as it gets. Even the first Hermetic principle of mentalism is that all universes are mental creations.And if you want to go east, Tibetian dream yoga is all about recognizing the similarities between dreams and waking reality

Was about to do it once, I was meditating hard and got into the vibration state where I was about to float away from my body, I even entered a paralysis, but I broke it with thoughts because I wasn't ready.

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>>364827423Isn't that basically what the US concluded when studying psychic shit? That it's real but it's rare and nobody can really control it.

>>364825399Ahem ,let me contribute as wellI am on semenretention day 23 and am having prophetic lucid dreams every single night. Unlike you guys who have willingly tried yoga nidra /astral projection/lucid dreaming, my mind is being forced to do this every time i retain semen for more than 12 days. Maybe retaining for long makes the projections more effortless and stronger

>>364836515>but user, reality is a dream in itself.I am inclined to agree. After my third out of body experience I went to a place that felt so real it made this place feel like a dream. In the same sense you can sense a dream is a dream when you're in it, going there heightened my senses for a time after and I felt that about here.No idea what to do with that knowledge; however. And it has not deluded me into doing dangerous or unwise this.

>>364830238When you have a lucid dream and there's an entity you cannot control then it's absolutely terrifying, even if it's being pleasant you feel like you're being hunted. Easy to see why people associate that with demons and the whole Faustian bargain concept. The brain is in a highly impressionable state when you're dreaming and a bad experience in a dream can have a very real impact on your emotional and mental health when you're awake, kinda like accidentally giving yourself PTSD.

>>364836341It is scriptural that the Lord will sometimes allow a demon to afflict a believer.>7 And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.>8 For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me.>9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.2 Corinthians 12:7-9Also see the book of Job.

>>364830949Lmaoo reminds me of that black guy who took DMT and had to endure 10 minutes of a machine elf calling him a nigger

>>364837522>No idea what to do with that knowledgeif you don't mind me shilling a book, this book is the best I found in terms of dreams overall:

>>364837283You can give yourself yous dipshit.Oops there goes my serotonin hit.

>>364836910My vehicle broke down once and I slept the night in the back. Woke up at one point and felt like I was being electrocuted or something. Was reaching for the handle above the window and seemed to be reaching my arm out, but couldn't move otherwise nor reach the handle to sit up. My eyelids felt like they were fluttering and vision was very distorted. My whole body felt like it was being shocked and shaking, but wasn't painful, yet very uncomfortable. I can't tell if I came out of it and woke up immediately, or if I fell back asleep and woke up later. Was very disturbed when I woke up and could still kind of feel the sensation in my limbs. Had not happened before or since.

>>364837180I understand the sentiment. With some people you’ll never be able to reach them. It’s not worth trying with them and it can be demoralizing to try to sow seeds on rocks. The goal is to spread the knowledge that we have by any means necessary. Materialism is wrong, it’s short sighted, and possibly demonic. Traditionalism (or Perennialism, whatever you like to call it) is the key. Just to show people in real life that the material world isn’t everything is a win. To be able to do that to people from different walks of life is the occult meaning of “speaking in tongues.”

>>364831252>For some reason my memory is very odd and I have memories of still being extremely young.I'm the same, as are a lot of people I know who can lucid dream. I think that and not fully immersing yourself in the "real world" is a prerequisite of being able to do this easily.I think fundamentally our brains are open to new and novel and individualistic experiences, whereas normies have shut that out and are far more controlled by external societal pressures instead of internal biological/spiritual factors.

>>364825399>Is this gay hippie shit?Yes.

>>364838091I don't mind. I am notoriously bad at reading books on my shelf, but I'll be sure to look at this one. I found dreams utterly fascinating before all this insight.>>364837535Tell me, when you have encountered them and found them out, what happens?>>364838417I agree with you on spreading knowledge and is my ultimate goal here. I may have but a small repository of worthwhile occultic experience and knowledge. Though this may be the missing piece others need. In that same way I seek knowledge to better understand my experiences. Tonight I learned something from the polish user. Grim insight, but oh well I'm in it for the truth not comfort.

>>364831429Google hypnagogic hallucinations. Basically in that transient phase between being awake and asleep the brain is simultaneously still flooded with dream chemicals but is also preparing to wake up/fall asleep. That's the time at which your mind is most open to lucid dreaming, or the inverse being a morning zombie because your rational mind isn't "on" yet.

no it’s all legit. read this shit - kepple worked on AP for 20+ years. it is epic!!

>>364825399It's unnatural, so you're open to demonic influences and delusions. It's mostly hallucinations and dreaming, just like sleepy paralysis and being conscious inside a dream. But just like sleep paralysis, it opens you to mind attacks from demons. It makes it easier to believe in non-Christian spiritual bullshit and green pills. You are open to demonic subversion.

>>364837342That should teach you that thoughts have power.

>>364825399>>364839032By the way, I used to have a lot of SP with hardcore hallucinations which involved even being beaten and shaken. And sometimes I'd be floating around or moving myself out of my room to an obvious lucid dream. Lucid dreams used to be common too, but I forcefully stopped with them because they were taking me to sleep paralysis in a vicious circle, and, although I had my fun with lucid dreams and some insights about the dream environment and logic, I decided it's better to just enjoy it unaware of it being a dream, letting my subconscience to do all the work. It's more entertaining and natural like this.

>>364825399Better than material earth. Especially the akashic record jew. Remember they not only want to remove everything from you on this material world but the spirit as well. Many beings are eternally being erased.

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I suggest you Use the alarm clock method. Or if you are really scared used the gateway experience. Reminder some places on earth have anti astral projection grids

>>364825399Look up Holonomic Brain Theroy. The brain is an antenna for receiving consciousness.

>>364825399This guy says he dies it all the time and has for many years. Have a gander and if you like what you hear he can tell you how to do it.

>>364840676>Reminder some places on earth have anti astral projection gridsOh? While I do not find the concept that strange, I've never encountered them myself. Care to share more? Their nature, some locations, anything interesting to note a sleeper or practitioner would sense about them?

>>364825641>I want to know what Holla Forumstards thinkSee>>364825581

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>>364825819It's where our true self originates from. The 'soul'.


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>>364825399>Thoughts? Experiences?I lucid dream a lot, since I was a child. Astral projection is a realish thing. Or it seems to be. At least in my experience. It seems to be dimensional, so I've been to several places but I'm not entirely sure what time or dimension it is. It's either this dimension but past times, or an alt dimension. I know this by small details. It could also be some sort of dream projection, where I can achieve full consciousness and be cognitive to my thought, sounds, smells, images, senses and feelings. I think exactly the same as when waking. Unlike a dream and It's different from a dream, in some ways more reality than waking. It's not something I want to talk about on /pol, and I'm not even sure what I experience is astral projection. I have managed to project to certain places during meditation, places I've never been. Sometimes it happens and I can't move. I see, hear and feel the experience but can't move. So it's just a passive experience. Still with complete comprehension of my thoughts s and ideas. Hope that helps. >>364825641

>>364825399Ask the glowies.

>>364825399check out the old Hemi Sync tapes

>>364833462This is true, it's actually what made me a Christian. I was a staunch enlightened by my own intelligence atheist until I had a run in with a malicious entity in a lucid dream and said Christ's name and the entity flinched back. Dunno why Christ came into my head at that point but I'm glad He did, I felt like I was cornered in a dark alley by thugs and somebody chased them off.

Ive only read about half of the thread, so i dont know if someone already mentioned this, but i have this strange ability in my dreams to wake up when i want to. For example when having a bad dream or sleep paralysis i can consciously "make the area in the lower back of my head tense and vibrate" and just wake up. It has happened multiple times automatically in non lucid nightmares, felt like my dream self thought "alright, this dream sucks, fuck this" and just pop out. Also for multiple years now i just dont feel ANY fear in dreams, not in nightmares, not in lucid dreams etc. just calmness, always. Anyone else have experiences like theese?>t. have paralysis and lucid dreams since childhood

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>>364828072Same I lucid dream occasionally but this week was to a way higher level than usually, I was trying to reconstruct potentially suppressed memories from when I was a kid.

>>364833462Fascinating. This wording would seem to imply people gifted with clairvoyance, precognition, and sensitivity to other worldly things are common enough that we must be warned against their influence. I had always wondered if such abilities were considered anathema to God unless divinely bestowed. And how would you know if you were 'born with it' so to speak.

>>364842599I have done so. In fact, I did it last night. I do not have any such feedback like you. It just a strong willing for the dream to be over. Usually in moments in the dream where I want to escape or am upset with an outcome I will. And notably I can do it even if I'm not fully aware I'm in a dream.

>>364842599Also, if anyone has any experiences about the "third eye", i had a strange experience several times. After waking up in the morning, still being in that half asleep state i thought "lets try to open the third eye, that would be fun", then felt the area on my forehead, i dont know, opening? then immediately felt something like someone hittong me in the middle of my forehead with a hammer and snap out completely. I want to add that the whole thing felt pretty weird as i dont really delve that deep into theese topics.

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>>364842599Seemingly I've lost it but for a time when I was regularly practicing lucid dreaming and had some limited success I gained the ability to avert nightmares for a few years, even if not lucid.

>>364838259It sounds like an entity gave you a rubdown and snacked on your discomforted aura. You may have wandered into its turf or otherwise caught its attention. I imagine you're fine now though.

Ive been trying to astral project for a couple months now and no successfuck the jews for holding me back

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>>364838756>Tell me, when you have encountered them and found them out, what happens?On two occasions the entities backed off and were apologetic. On another it "laughed" at me and made some long rambling threat but I just said "no thanks, I'm leaving now" and woke up. The first time is >>364842310and the most recent time I was hunted by two entities but it was like they weren't actually looking for me, they were just suspicious and were scoping the area out, kinda like bumping into a stranger in a remote place or abandoned building. They saw me and I fled but they didn't pursue, I don't think they were expecting me to be there at all and were just as wary of me as I was of them.>>364837697I think this can be explained by being Christian doesn't make you immune, it just makes you a hard target. Like carrying a gun but no ammo: if you're confronted by muggers 9 times out of 10 they'll back down if you deescalate and show you're armed, but that 10th time they'll call your bluff. Using Christ's name isn't always enough, I think you have to be meek (not cowardly, Google the definition of meek in Strong's Concordance, 4098 I think off the top of my head). For the most comprehensive protection you have to live like Christ as well.

>>364843448>I do not have any such feedback like you.I dont know how to properly explain this, it feels like the area where lower back of the skull and upper back of the neck connects is under stress, like you would tighten or strain the muscles there to the point of vibrating. and then you just pop out of any dream or even from sleep paralysis, works 100% of the time.

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>>364842599I've done this. I think it's your body realising it's in danger and your mind uses that somatic connection to escape.

>>364827614This. Do not astral project it’s not worth it. I dabbled a little. You can bring something back from that side and most entities are not good .

>>364842599Yea. Waking up from a dream becomes a habit. The problem, with me, is waking up inside a dream would rise the chances of waking up in sleep paralysis, and that sucked (but then I learnt in a Brazilian IB back in 2007 to move my toes to accelerate waking up, and it got to easy mode, before that, I could get stuck in SP for half a hour, it was hellish, and the only thing I could control was my breathing, I used to try to breath loud enough to wake me up from "outside", but most likely some shadow faggot hallucination would appear before I managed to wake up myself).Anyway, I rarely have any fear in dreams, and I confront every nightmare, usually being victorious and considering it a good entertaining dream. The only ones that suck are when people I love get killed (sometimes by myself) and I realize I can't undo that (in some dreams, I just ctrl+z and cheat it back lol).The problem with sleep paralysis is I'd start ignoring it as just a hallucination, and not fearing what was happening, no matter how demonic it was. But if I'd try to move myself forcefully, move my real body, I'd feel a really intense pain in some points of my body, and it would take a long time for the pain to pass. And then the hallucinations (shadow people, demonic like things or just invisible things) would start moving my "projection" around, pulling me or beating me. When I'd be thrown against a wall, I'd wake up with very intense pain in my head, as if trying to transverse a too solid and thick object would hurt a lot my "spiritual projection" (in my SP, I'd be always be floating few cm above my real body, and even have ghost arms).And the other problem is, before learning about the toes hack, and also before acknowledging I could simply pray to deliver myself from it, I'd be stuck for too long. No one I ever talked about told me they would stay stuck for 30 minutes or even more. It'd be always a single minute experience.

>>364842599Interesting placement in the head. Possibly increasing blood flow to the reticular formation?

>>364844747Yes there is some significance to that area. In Buddhist meditation techniques ensure your neck and head are craned in such a way to really that head-neck connection from the back. In what witch's stuff I've read they believe exposing it will increase your chance projection and I think also for possession. I will keep this trick in mind next time I am sleep paralyzed. It happened twice and it took a lot of willpower to break the hold. Both times it was induced by someone or something else.>>364844678Interesting. The entities I encountered showed far more maliciousness or fear. For example, I spotted one in a dream. It was a village setting and something about them felt off. When I noticed it and focused on him he stared. His eyes told me that I was not supposed to notice him. Then many other dream constructs stopped and stared at me while others did not. I ended the dream there.In a previous invasion I attacked one and saw its true form. It was this black, reflective blobby amorphous thing. It only broke its camo when I became openly hostile and began targeting it. Because, after all, the dream is the best place to fight them. It is our turf and they have far less power than us there.

>>364827851My overall impression is that he was playing around with astral projection or something similar, opened the door to the unknown without having the discipline for it, and ran into certain "nasties" that are native to that realm. Due to the fluid nature of reality there, they were able to confuse him and get him to accept their energy as his own by presenting him with a "loving female," and the initial linkage was established. 4D STS probably uses these "nasties" as liaisons to undertake certain missions of subterfuge and domination.His description of the "Martians" and their agenda for world domination, as well as mentioning their peculiar fascination with sexuality and the fact that humanity is an experiment, would suggest that he penetrated some level of knowledge of the STS hierarchy. However, by this time he was thoroughly under their influence, and while some of the underlying events in the narrative may have happened, they were likely skewed by projections and didn't happen in quite the way he presents them. I did find the identification of certain politicians as "Martians" interesting, because it would seem that the political psychopath has a much more direct line to emanations from STS thought centers. His awareness of all of this remains heavily veiled, however.

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> I know this is a retarded slide thread, but I STARTED A CONVERSATIONThe absolute state of nu-Holla Forums

>>364845808I do want to note something about my sleep paralysis. It was not merely that I felt paralyzed. I also felt "sunken in" to my own body and mind. As if I was not fully in the seat of my normal consciousness, but drifting below it. Quite odd to explain, but a distinct feeling I did not have access to all of my mind/body, not that I just couldn't move them.

>>364825399Not only it's true, but there are entities out there who can induce you to it. I had a doctor strange tier experience that felt like bilocation, saw some lovecraftian shit and thought "Nobody is convincing me ever again to be a skeptic".Want a red pill hard to swallow? A lot of your thoughts are not even your thoughts.

>>364825399>Is this gay hippie shit?Yes/Thread

Every time I've felt like I'm entering some kind of different state while meditating my heart starts to beat fast as fuck and my breathing gets faster breaking my concentration.This has happened like 10 times at this point. I think it's my body's automatic response to forgetting that I'm breathing or something.Anybody else had similar experiences? How do I move past it?

>>364845254By the way, fighting back was useless. My "ghost" limbs would weight nothing. If I slapped myself in the face, I'd feel it as just touching my face. There was speed but no weight, there was no force. And I couldn't hold my aggressors, usually they'd become invisible/"immaterial" and I'd be at their mercy. Ignoring it as just hallucinations would cause them to escalate everything, getting "jump scared" would help to wake up. I truly believe it was a demonic phenomenon, but not exactly believe what I would be seeing to be real demons, just that I would be influenced by them in my hallucinating mind, and that's why calling for Christ and angels and saints would instantly fix it.

>>364845254>get stuck in SP for half a hour, it was hellish, and the only thing I could control was my breathingI got this often in my teenage years, to the point of not giving a fuck about it and just going back to sleep, its pretty funny when i think about those faggot hallucinations in SP that were trying to scare me and just got "fucking hell not you again, im going back to sleep" in the first few seconds.>>364845808>I will keep this trick in mind next time I am sleep paralyzed. It happened twice and it took a lot of willpower to break the hold.When you know how to use this trick, it becomes trivial to get out of SP, nightmares and so on. Once you learn it it feels natural like tightening a muscle on your arm or leg.>>364845808>In Buddhist meditation techniques ensure your neck and head are craned in such a way to really that head-neck connection from the back.Thanks for the info, ill read about it

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>>364834901>bigtime list of the sweetest girl who was a psychic (pushed into it by abuse during childhood) do a reading on me a couple times. Each time it felt like a heavy push went into my body at the start and waas quickly followed by a fast flipbook of images in my mind's eye, closed eyes. I've seen her on youtube and have no doubt that she's the kindest, sweetest, good intentioned person I claim she is. I even told her about some things I read relating to using psychic powers and how they can drain the body which related to a feminine fertility issue she was dealing with for years. Within a year or so she was pregnant and from what I can tell she hasn't tapped into that power since a good number of years later.But during that reading she did, I felt a distinct sideways sway of what comes out to 0.5 Hz, a very slow and natural metronome pace, my body from seated spine up just wanting to sway side to side. Seems it's in the "healing" range of frequencies in the link above.

>>364830829Anon stop sleeping on your back. Only way to stop SP. sleep only on your sides. I get SP when I sleep on my back 99 percent of the time. People like us are more suspectible to activate lucid dreaming with ease but it’s dangerous. I’ve done at my house and when I was finally out of body. I could hear so much commotion outside my bedroom door. And foots steps as if they were at least 20 people in my house. a lot of them were opening and closing other doors and slamming them. Why they didn’t come to my door , well prior to sleeping I place a Bible directly in front of my door and closet and bathroom.

>>364825581Fpbp fucking kek, but I think it gets a pass cause he's trying to get a Holla Forums take on it

>>364846438Based and shadow pilled

>>364846438Just for the record, I searched on the Internet the things I saw and heard. All fucking true and 100% accurate. If you want to find out for yourself get good. Don't make it through other entities or people. And learn to BTFO of anything that looks you the wrong way once. Don't be afraid though. Fear is useless. >>364846763Sometimes spooks try to take advantage of your situation because you are mentally vulnerable. This can also happen in dreams. Either ignore them and transcend them or make sure they learn to be scared look under the bed because you may be there. There are also good entities which will help you, guide you and even heal you.

>>364845254>>364846763>>364846823>>364847250continued from last post:But you need to close off from it afterwards, something she wasn't aware of. I had a number of progressively increasing bouts of sleep paralysis, usually with some otherworldly feeling dreams where it feels like you're being predated upon, set up in od dark rooms with dim light cast upon certain parts and then BAM some sort of wingobango slapshot of something hitting the wall waking me up to find my body contorted in a highly irregular way, upside down, neck arched across a pillow and facing a wall where I had placed a stickynote on the wall in suck a manner that I could place it while seated, seeing upon opening my eyes that it was moved and I had to stand up to touch it AND it was askew very noticeably which I know I hadn't done. It peaked when I was sleeping, could see from my own eyes that I was seeing the room I was in was where I was, and would sporadically open my eyes and saw the fabled "dark scribbles man" sitting atop a largle ball of black, electric scribbles replacing his legs, and pulling on my left arm down towards the foot-end of the bed, so almost down and back since I was laying on my right side. So laying on your side doesn't seem to stop it.Look up "ghost points" in acupuncture that are actually on your outer-back-shoulders,>The Ghost Points are regular meridian points considered as spirit points . These points are indicated to treat disturbances of the spirit such as mania, nightmares, seizures, etc. Original text also say Ghost Points can be used to transcend time & space.feeling like either during sleep or waking hours that your mind is not properly seated and aligned in your body. Upper, outer shoulders, if that has anything to do with sleeping on your sides keeping you "aligned" and suppressing SP, idk. Oddly enough, my lil spat above was on my right side, and I think that plus liver/gallbladder(rightside) may have allowed that. >Always sleep on your left or back.

>>364825399Gay cope hippie crap

>Holla Forumstards coping by telling themselves that hey can control stuff with their mind>Zoomer and Boomer Women ShitHoly Shit. If this many people are like this, the The Goyim are truly cattle. Kikes will win because you guys concern yourselves with the wonders of women. >>364825399>>364826678>>364827948>>364828480>>364828885>>364829595>>364830058>>364830515>>364830829>>364831252>>364831960>>364833953>>364834901>>364835142>>364841879>>364842599>>364843903>>364844678>>364845254>>

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A shame these threads attract some of the gayest posters. There is an upside that they are often too dumb to not know how to not bump a thread. Thanks dissenters it keeps the thread alive.

>>364847821>searched on internet the things i saw and heardShare?>make sure they lear to be scaredHow?Remembered during a irregular acupuncture session somehow seeing the room I was in as if standing next to myself but there being some unseeable thing attacking me; visions of grotesque blood and guts and flesh and open Spawn-esque mouths and flayed, crushed muscles on my arms, etc. Crazy shit. I also had a really good session with earpoints done that made me feel like my mind increased in intelligence 10-20 points, like some part of my mind was suppressed from poor health and these points unlocked them. I could feel something like my arms were feathered and opening up in a mind's eye and body-sense manner. Felt good, I need to get some apu-needles to do it on myself. Interior cup of the ear and on the lower end, there may have been two in each small region iirc. But it was nearly immediate, like I could suddenly visualize in my mind's eye very vividly but with my eyes open, like you might get in a daydreamy, lazy, sleepy mood but fully energized. Gallbladder seems to be the seat of grotesque visions. Clean your shit out, anons. Take time to do prolonged, multi-day/week water fasting during transition seasons like Lent and Ramadan and muggy, bacteria-enriching August (avoid eating out during this time, it can't be helped that food is more prone to being tainted then).

>>364825399I just project myself over your house

>>364834467>>Also, I've noted a lot of people who talk about sleep paralysis. For nearly a decade of talking about these subjects I have noted not a single one of these sufferers were Christians. That does not surprise. >I've had sleep paralysis all my life. A few years ago it got really awful. Not discussing on /pol, but jesus saved me. Not in some existential way, but instantly and powerfully gave me power to hault and drive back the demons.The rest of your post is absolutely true. It's something I wrestle with constantly, my new found Christian faith and these repeat experiences. However Jesus never fails me, even tho I may fail him.

100% real and kind of simple to achieve although for me personally only had NEGATIVE real life consequences and for lack of better terminology is very draining mentally and physically. I feel like I used it to try and alter my reality or give myself an edge and ended up fucking shit up in the process but thats probably shizo tier. basically all you gotta do is get into a meditative state and you can slip out of your body per se. I could only personally ever visualize not actually interact

>>364842310>This is true, it's actually what made me a Christian. I was a staunch enlightened by my own intelligence atheist until I had a run in with a malicious entity in a lucid dream and said Christ's name and the entity flinched back. Dunno why Christ came into my head at that point but I'm glad He did, I felt like I was cornered in a dark alley by thugs and somebody chased them off.Same user, same. Almost exactly the same. I know fully and completely Jesus is a force in this universe, I don't know if he lived but I am absolutely positive in his existence. See my reply to burger poster for more info, don't want to repeat it and I can't link it, cause I'm phone posting on a app.

>>364825399Don't try shit on your own. The 'lower astral' can be a nasty place if you aren't ready. And most people aren't ready at all. You need plenty of cultivation before you can reap benefits. This shit goes in /x/ anyway. That's a far better place for actually useful stuff than Holla Forums. Very low bar, but eh.


>>364825399It's basically your brains ability to spatial reason is kicking into overdrive while dreaming so everything around you that your brain has a vivid memory of, it will recreate, but your inherent memory of things like physics interactions and gravity aren't being applied. So it's really just fancy dreaming. It is real in that sense.

>>364851032>And most people aren't ready at all. You need plenty of cultivation before you can reap benefits. This shit goes in /x/ anyway. That's a far better place for actually useful stuff than Holla Forums. Very low bar, but eh.How would you recommend people cultivate? Also while it technically belongs on /x/ I find most /x/ posters to be rather insincere and usually not as helpful as /xpol/. Though not surprising since /x/ saw an exodus to Holla Forums. Or so I heard some time ago.

>>364849635>make sure they lear to be scared Some of the entities I found could read your mind. They didn't even need you to formulate a sentence in your mind, they knew. When they communicated directly, they did so in a similar way. BUT certain thoughts can really harm them or scatter them away. That's why they rely on full control. My best advice is to outright ignore them because you don't want to be tangled with that. It's just a waste of time compared to the actual cool stuff. If you ever get into a psychotic state, learn to control, snap out of it and remember that it's just how the ride goes. Don't go crazy.

>>364825399It's real. All of it.Pic related.

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>>364849635Also very useful information, especially the one related to food and gallbladder. Habits can really save you or destroy you. Whether you believe this spiritual stuff or not. Good thoughts, words, actions.

>>364827948Silver cord

>>364844747>>364845808>>364834467>The neck There's a concept in acupuncture called "running pig Qi" which defines exactly what "panic attacks" are. It's energy that is unbounded and rising up, sometimes associated with a concept called "rebellious uprising Liver Qi" which is essentially some blockages and/or excesses of various types of energy "backlogging" the conveyor belt (see Mantak Chia's books on the Cosmic Orbit, they go down the front, under the groin, then up the spine, over the top of the head to the eyes, and repeats downward again. This matches interior/exterior, inward/outward-moving, left/right, etc. The body actually has a natural setpoint based on the time of the year, like not just moving upward from winter solstice then turning downward at summer solstice, but it also has a right/left component, not easily felt, but when you see it manifest with something like "heat eruptions" on your skin like from excesses during transition seasons you can get a good sense of it). Clinching the neck there is probably akin to squeezing the hose to stop the flow of excess energy building up in the mind. SOmething like this happens between 4-6am, the Lung period of the day, when the superfine energy that was at rest during the night starts to rise with the morning energy, sun getting your mind back online = dreaming. >>364837342>SpiralFriend gave me a raccoon pelt he got from a thrift store once. Had it on the wall, next to a rabbit pelt I had bought years prior to that, and coming out of the raccoon pelt only one night, late-ish, dark, no lights on with windows uncurtained and a dim streetlight glow barely coming in, out of that raccoon pelt I saw a corkscrewing, rotating red spiral, just coming out at 90 degrees from the wall, rotating in the dark. I watched it for at least a couple of minutes, and even as I moved to get up out of bed it continued, unchanged. By the time I got closer to it it was gone. Threw that sucker out in the dumpster immediately.

>>364846823For sleep paralysis, all that trick would do to me is make it hurt really bad. The pain was as if I was forcing, ripping off, myself from my bones at some points. I can remember two of them: the lower back of my head and the roof of my mouth and around it.Moving the toes is the most reliable method I found. "Going back to sleep" was rare, by that time insomnia was normal to me (but it's not anymore), the way I moved to lucid dreaming was by floating around far from my bed and entering a dream. By my room window, most likely. If there was these SP entities, they would "mechanically" manipulate my floating self. And they wouldn't allow me to just relax with no interruptions.Anyway, all the worst things happened between 97 and 2008. I'm deep in my thirties now, so it stopped happening when I was still young. With few exceptions. I barely have SP now, it usually happens before sleeping, which is annoying, there's an annoying sensation which takes me out of the relaxed state necessary to sleep, but there are no hallucinations and I can break out of it by doing what I'm almost sure you say you do, or moving my head quickly. It's just intuitive, so I never cared to take note on what I do. (That intense pain I mentioned before was if I wake up, from already sleeping, to a SP. That would block me in a painful way.)>>364847821Ignoring them would make them escalate everything. It got from silent jump scares and more "entities" appearing to "physical" contact while I couldn't react. It would be at least very annoying.Anyway, I take them as just hallucinations with most likely demonic interference directly on my mind, nothing unusual when talking about demons. I never believed they were real. And I wasn't a serious Christian by then, my confessions (the sacrament) were really bad and generic, and there was no consciousness exam before that. Yet, I, maybe sacrilegiously, took communion.

>>364852848Maybe because my bad behavior as Christian (I didn't even confess masturbation, skipping masses and minor lies) made me more open to demonic interference. Well... Who knows...

>>364852848Ignoring them means not feeling anything with them. They try to cause fear and anxiety. They don't visit where there's nothing to gain.


>>364851832What about the part of making them learn to be scared of you?More acupuncture / chinese medicine / feng shui stuff: don't sleep or live in a NE-corner room. During the sleep paralysis story I mentioned, black-electric-ball-legs-man, I had been in a NE corner room with the bed along the north wall against a window. For months I had been woken up by a kind of silent scream in my mind, probably a dozen or so times. Look it up, plenty on the concept in feng shui sites and books. Also the connection between the Five Elements cycle and the related Diurnal cycle as seen in the two high quality charts big colored graphics showing the cycle and two-hour backets that each element is most active during the day time. The Lung energy period, 4-6am feels like a subtler sensation, say, if you were to take an asthma drug, can't remember the one I took, but during the dream while waking up was lovely little boggy grassy area where I saw miyself floating and rising upward. Same energy, upward, into the mind, increases as you breath more with the body putting more energy into the lungs to facilitate the action.Good stuff to learn here, lots and lots of pages, click around for a bunch of couched menus and concepts (picrel from here)

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>>364825399>be me>start meditating for fun>stay lay at night and meditate before bed>accidentally have an astral projectionIt's pretty much a lucid dream, you can see familiar places in full sensory detail and walk around it, the dream breaks when you try to interact with itnot as useful as the practice of mindfulness

>>364830829This reminds me of something. When I get disruptive thoughts that I don't like, I started treating the whole thought like a picture I can set on fire and destroy. The first time I did that, the "people" in the scenery of this disruptive thought very quickly became something else. Demons or something. They get very angry and act to threaten aggressively, but then become more pitiful as the fire I created burns the scene away. I don't get anywhere near as much disruptive thoughts anymore. And when I do, I just do the same thing and it's pretty much the same result.Christ is King

>>364838259Is there a name for this sensation? The electric shocking starting in your head and working it's way across your body? Trying to wake up but being unable to? Trying to work parts of your body like an arm to get the attention of the person next to you but to no avail?

>>364828072>>364829366>>364831429>>364842910>>364851110>>364854463It's the cycle of the year, we're entering into the Chinese New Year period which starts with Spring. Oddly enough Lent starts around now and is when Christians practice fasting. This is good practice for your health to keep excesses and mucus and blockages caused by winter(downward energy) from rising upward into the upper part of the body, especially the neck, head, and mind where they can manifest as perturbations that cause lasting emotional stress and dis-ease. The muslims practice a similar thing with Ramadan, look at the timin in march/april, which in hotter climates they're usually from would help with anger issues that can come from the stated excessesrising up. It's also why during this time prayers are considered to be multiplied because there is so much more energy in the body and it being directed towards spiritual practices probably has some part in that if you believe that.Overall it's like voodoo and pagan spiritual practices, the freshly sprayed chicken blood or jewish animal sacrifices where blood is offered only to yhwh, the chicken in that example being high-Yang/male-energy animals/meat that when sprayed into the air and directed to spirits as payment-through-chi/energy is what's happening there. And much of "majick" is "intentio-driven" spells, where your thoughts and moods and temperment you choose to inhabit during rituals, can greatly enhance and steer the quality of the outcome, energy-conditioning-and-aiming.

>>364828072>>364829366>>364831429>>364842910>>364851110>>364854463Forgot picrel:There's a period of time in summer/latesummer, mid-to-late August, where Indonesians and SEasians consider the gates of hell to open and spirits visit, this is HIGHENERGY time, kind of like late afternoon is the hottest time of day, where Yin Spirits can harness free floating Yang Summer Energy and move about more freely. It's a time to give more offerings and to avoid insulting the dead and watching your step so as not to stumble on a roadside offering or walk through something hidden from view, lying in wait, who knows.

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>>364854985Sounds like an advanced, savant version of the Roman Room method for memorizing things. Wonder if it could be used that way...>dips into astral projection regularly during the daytime, like blinking

>>364825399It's quite real.Read this if you want to learn how to do fun.

>>364857006>>364828072>>364829366>>364831429>>364842910>>364851110>>364854463THIS is the calendar I meant to link. It has the natural phenomenon that determines the start of each consecutive season, when "energy" has reached a certain developmental stage.

>>364853881Now consider that's what I had been doing. Repeating myself for the third time: they would escalate everything. The final move would be throwing me against the wall, which would make me wake up with my head in pain (at least it was a short, phantom pain, contrary to the pain if I would force myself to move, which would last for minutes while in SP). It didn't matter if there was no fear at all or anxiety, I'm as fleumatic as one man can be, and it didn't matter if usually I'd think just "oh, that shit again", in a bored way. What made it hellish annoying to me was the unusual long duration. In most of my SPs, the "entities" weren't even there. Maybe, just maybe, I'd be better with more jump scares, because that would alterate my breathing and make me wake up. But also you consider what it is if (a real) someone would, in a few consecutive days in a single week, sneak in your room, paralyze you, sit on your chest or get to shake you for a few minutes, while you just want to sleep. Or maybe wear some ugly mask, pull you so you open your eyes and be staring you out from nothing. Then it may happen for tens of minutes while you just want to fucking sleep, you have to wake up early to school or work. Then you have insomnia often and if you wake up for whatever reason in the night there's some chance you won't get back to sleep. That's hellish. That doesn't require fear or imaginative spiritual leeching, it will ruin your nights anyway.Fuck SP, and all glory to God. And thanks to the anons who taught me about moving my toes. I'm trying it like in that Kurosawa manga if I get into coma.

>>364857831>>364857006 (You)>>364828072>>364829366>>364831429>>364842910>>364851110>>364854463FUCK, THIS is the

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>>364857661Schizo identified

>>364825399I used to have it frequently without trying when I was younger it's real. I could only go around my house if I tried to go outside I would wake up

>>364857982Being extends past the limits of your current understanding, user.

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I always bump /xpol/ threads.

>>364857958>March 6 = Waking of insectsThink of the low, settled silt in the analogy of your body, packed deep under heavy snow now melting, their confinement loosens, they start to move, energy builds within you. That insects are non-kosher gives this some prescience, sometimes filth and uncleanness is unearthed and you experience it in your dreams and poor, muddled, distracted, "think about this old shite you did wrong"-thinking during the day. This coincides with the start of Lent, consider fasting as much as possible.Get the full version here, but picrel is it, it shows why minimum 5+ days of continuous water fasting is best, see picrel =

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>>364858796>pic for fucking ants

>>364857958By the way, in the first times I had sleep paralysis, my bed was in the NW corner of the room, parallel and just touching the wall below the window, which faced West. Later it was in the SE corner (just consider I'm in the upside down hemisphere, contrary to China, so you can swap North for South if you wish) and touching the wall below the window, which faced South.Just being informative to you. I don''t believe in any of Feng Shui stuff. To me it's a scam.And in every time I woke up from sleeping to a sleep paralysis, I'd be laying in my back. I also always woke up laying in my back, I simply move to this position while sleeping. And almost always I had a SP before sleeping, I'd be laying over my belly, but laying over my back happened too, not that rare.

>>364825399This is a pure mental illness thread and isn’t political.

>>364857982>>364858408Even if it is "just your mind's eye creating imagery", realize your mind can pick up on things intuitively or symbolically and the results viewed either in dreams, meditation, or other such states, can still be useful for discernment of relations in your waking life. The first step would be to simply listen to music with eyes closed, don't think or track the music or do anything with intention. You'll begin to see visions of extreme detail and fluidity and evolution happen that you maybe never knew of outside of dreams. Don't try to control anything, let all the embarrassing things you see happen and try to ride that narrow line of non-control. You'll get amazing visualizations beyond your expectations and is most likely exactly what Transcendental Meditation is and why it's done first thing in the morning, so you can see a variety and wealth of things that set you up for your day.

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