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>"The world is secretly ruled by a cabal of five people.">"When the Turks close the straits, World War III will come."Captcha: 42G0D

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>>364817654Based Elder Paisios poster.I'll bump this thread brother.If the jannies delete it, they can tongue my anus.

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>>364817654>orthodox dogs Catholics but black

>>364817654We're closing in the end game


I'm bumping this thread in the name of Christ.

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Quick, someone else bump for Elder Paisios. Don't be a faggot Holla Forums.

>>364817654may the orthobros and the Catholic Church finally reunite for the greater glory of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ

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>>364817816>>364819244>>364819814Thank you for your service, Serbro.

>>364817654Siener also said when a Turk with 'new wagons' (war machinery), the East will converge on Armageddon.

God bless the Orthodox Church. The Bride of Christ.


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>>364817654So when can the US and Russia team up to destroy Turkey? They are brown shitskin mudslimes after all?

>>364818016t. subhuman

I don't believe in jesus much at all but prophecy interests me


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>>364817654>42G0D42? This means ideal women is 42 year old and she will bring me to God. Prophetic

Let Helios burn the filth of this world

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>>364820582>The Bride of Christ.Didnt the bride get raped by turks? Is christ a cuck then?

Who are they? What are the names of these bastards?

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>>364817654>orthodoxtimes.com/metropolitan-of-morphou-for-ukraine-a-war-must-be-waged-to-purge-the-devil-children/>Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou, in his speech, talked about the issue of Ukraine, describing the war as a “necessary operation” to “purge the world”, since in our time there is “a lot of sin, a lot of disrespect and a lot of infidelity.”>He was “talking” to the SaintIn 1990, as Metropolitan Neophytos said, a year before the elder Iakovos Tsalikis “fell asleep in the Lord”, he went for a pilgrimage to the church of Agios Ioannis the Russian in Prokopi. There, he sat and “talked” with the Saint (prayed).>“A lot of sin, a lot of disrespect, and a lot of infidelity in the world,” St. John said to Father Iakovos, “for this, there must be a war.”>Then, as Neophytos narrated, the “sensitive and very compassionate” Iakovos said to him “no, my Saint, since I was a small child I was in wars and sufferings and if there is a sudden war, souls will be lost before they can repent”.>“There must be a war, there must be a war, there must be a war,” Saint Ioannis replied, as reported by tovima.gr.>“If there is no war,” Metropolitan of Morphou added, as Elder Iakovos told him, “the children of your children (that is, the grandchildren of the Neophytos generation) will not be normal children. They will be devil children. That is why God will prefer to do a purging”.>“Everything that is happening now,” said the Metropolitan of Morphou, closing his speech, “is a necessary operation.”

>>364823680there are videos still up on bitchute but most are in Afrikaans, a couple in English. SAfer preacher used to have videos on YT years ago explaining them but they were purged.

>>364817654I brought up a thread about this yesterday but the shills attacked it. His prophecies are legitimate and I have noticed that they do come true. Are there any other prophets within the Orthodox Church that foretold what's going on in these times? I remember a brother told me that Russia will actually defeat the USA. I can not find the source for it though.

>>364817654Who can give me a run down on what he said?

>>364824652Why did they delete it? What was it about?

>>364824652Wow dude, it must be something really sensitive. They are actually censoring this.

>>364825116>AfrikaansI'm guessing SIENER VAN RENSBURG

>>364824686Can you post them?

>>364823526The Bride was raped because Italy sold big cannon to the Turks to demolish the walls of Constantinople

>>364824686Yes!Saint Kosmos of Aetolia. A Greek priest who lived in hiding during the Ottoman occupation of Greece in the 1700s. He's claimed tio have accurately predicted airplanes, the Balkan wars, Greek independence, and tanks.

>>364825288You guys are going to move your armies into Turkey after its been destabilized by Russia. The Greeks were warned to do the cross because the Russians can't distinguish them from Turks (lol). Saint Seraphim of Sarov (or Lawrence of Chernigov) said that after fall of the Beast System (Orthodox doesn't believe in dispensationalism btw) the world will have a Russian Tsar that will bring back the Holy Monarchical system in Russia. Some of us believe that this is actually Putin. >>364822779

>>364825560Sure, whatever, still raped, so it means her hubby is a cuck.


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>>364817654The One true God is always in control. The devil has no power, his evil will on earth is controlled for good or to fulfill God's purpose.John 19:11 “You would have no authority over Me at all,” Jesus answered him, “if it hadn’t been given you from above. This is why the one who handed Me over to you has the greater sin.”

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>>364817654I love God.I love Christ.I love you, bros. Simple as.

>>364825876*Cosmas (or Kosmas) of Aetoliahe also predicted online chat «Θαρθῆ καιρὸς ποὺ οἱ ἄνθρωποι θὰ ὁμιλοῦν ἀπὸ ἕνα μακρυνὸ μέρος σὲ ἄλλο, σὰν νἆνε σὲ πλαγιανὰ δωμάτια, π.χ. ἀπὸ τὴν Πόλι στὴ Ρωσία».Translation: A time will come when people will talk to each other from distant places, like they are next to each other e.g. from Constantinople to Russia.

>>364827410Mind you, this says "End of World" prophecy but the person is interpreting it, once again, with a futurist perspective.Seraphim Sarov is referring to the Decemberist Revolution and from that point in time onwards until 1914 with Lenin being born. He calls him "The Antichrist" and talks about his Revolution in Russia and how it will usurp the Slavic lands. Finally talks about how it falls and all the science crap we are seeing now, along with the woke stuff in the Church.

>>364825876>>364828741He also predicted 4chan.

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>>364828741>>364828424>>364828161>>364825876>>364825560God bless you bros

I owe him so much, I love him dearly.

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>>364826313Based, I shall enjoy watching *nglos get slaughtered by Turks.Hopefully huge waves of Turks head for the UK and mass rape/kill the *nglo swine once and for all.

>>364828907Jesus Christ is Lordbump

>>364829323A sad fate will unfortunately befall the Turks... There will be so many bodies that the advancing armies from the West won't be able to deploy in it.



>>364829356Why did he create niggers?

Blessed thread

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Stay strong my Orthodox Brothers

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Is there a place with his all his prophesies written down? I know I've heard of him predicting all sorts of things but I never took the time to look at the prophesies themselves.

>>364829613Most likely for the same reasons he created you.

>>364830074God Bless!

>>364830161Answer the question, christcuck.

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anyone who thinks god does not exist because there are bad things in this world is so clueless and entitled

>>364829490Nah, I highly doubt that part.

Did you know that if you deny the holy spirit, you go straight to hell as it is an unforgivable sin? lmaoI DENY THE HOLY SPIRITI DENY THE HOLY SPIRITI DENY THE HOLY SPIRITI DENY THE HOLY SPIRITI DENY THE HOLY SPIRITI DENY THE HOLY SPIRIT

>>364830146They're taken from interviews and manuscripts. If there is a specific one you want to look into, you can google it and find it. There are even academic sources that verify them but nobody is interested usually.

>>364830259Sounds like cope desu, man up, change shit, dont wait and whine.


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>>364830297Oh I believe in the paranormal, its just that, my none abrahamic god is more powerful than yours.

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>>364830301lol, you sound like the Poles right now hahahaha

Lent time christian bros! Don't forget to fast. Avoid sugar, alcohol, processed food. Pray and meditate while you eat.

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>>364830377Thanks leaf, shame that nobody's collected them into one place yet. Might look at a few of them today regardless since it's an interesting topic.

>>364824652What was it? Doesn't come up in the archives

>>364830494maybe all religions have a fraction of truth? I think Buddhism got a lot of things right

>>364830497Be humble goy, dont do nothing for this bad world goy, god will fix it, trust the plan. Holy shit this is some next level Q cope. 2 more eons, trust the plan, be humble, god will fix it, dont eorry

>>364830414No, what it means is that the will of God results in success, and therefore if the wills of man and God overlap such that man respects God in all his acts, man will succeed. It's not an excuse to do nothing, it's motivation to that which is righteous in spite of that all that which is not.

>>364830684Trust the plan bro


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>>364830368I dont even believe in god, but you're just being a dumb faggot. Go to reddit.

>>364823394the 3 paths of a man

>>364830497god bless

>>364830368I believe you can always ask for forgiveness...

>>364830712You are retarded.

>>364830867Ad hominem, you loose.

>>364830920Not how that works, I can call you whatever I want, faggot. Go cry to reddit about it.

>>364829994I hope one day I meet the person who did this

>>364830854Then you are literally unironically not even bothering to read your Bible, bro.

>>364830146>>364830377>Hieromonk Makarios of Mount Athos collected some of St. Paisios' prophecies and published them in 1990, when the saint was still alive: "Words of Wisdom and Grace of the Elder Paisios the Hagioreite, I"

>>364830854Not the way it works, according to orthodoxcucks at least.

>>364830496Does it matter? Born roman catholic here but I dumped abrahamic cross faggotry the moment my balls dropped andvrealized it's all bullshit.

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>>364830632no worries bro. Here is another oneyoutube.com/watch?v=xLlHGUqtcVA>>364830712Yikes, he hit you hard didn't he?

>>364830955Trust the plan bro, it will all be allright, just wait for saviours, ignore this evil world it is irrelevant, let the ebil jews do whatever, its ok,no need to act, trust the plan. Also your god ordered mutilation of babies, kek, imagine worshiping a baby mutilator inb4 old testament, same one god, trist his plan kek

>>364830991The bible is a flawed text created by humans censored and changed and translated throughout thousands of years. You are the idiot for taking the bible word for word.

>>364831202>>364830955Stop answering shills

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>>364831212Go back to ESL class retard. Read what I said over again, you must align your beliefs and actions with that which is holy according to the faith. It does not ask you to wait for god to solve your problems, but god can guide you through them.

>>364831030Most of us went through that stage. Read Eric Voegelin and you'll snap out of it.

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>>364831323Sure sure, jewish baby mutilating gods plan is gonna work out great. Good luck with that

>>364831476You still cant recover from being btfo so hard? Hahaha, im not even a christian, like I said, you're just a retard.

>>364831396Yeah, no thanks, not even "christs second coming" will get me on that wagon again.Once you see past the holy mountainpile of lies and bullshit it's hard to unsee.

>>364831611>Once you see past the holy mountainpile of lies and bullshit it's hard to unsee.This but for atheistic materialism. Stuck in Plato's cave, unable to appreciate the world of forms.

>>364818758Is it just me or are the infographics in that thread completely illegible? The text is so tiny and blurry. I am phone posting so maybe that's it.

Christus vincit.

>>364831688Shit happens tho.Its called life.

>>364831028Just want to clarify that what this user is doing isn't actually denying the Holy Spirit. To deny it would mean that you would actually see its performance either before you or within you and knowing that it is in fact the Holy Spirit but then claiming it is not. When Jesus Christ healed the lame man before the Pharisees and they claimed that they were summoned by Beelzebub, they knew Christ was healing the lame man through God but they just wanted to deny it because they hated Him.

>>364831688its hard to claim moral superiority as an atheist if you support things like abortion, sex change, drug use, etc

>>364823394Is Putin not looking a little tall here? Righteous cause or not, he's still a manlet.

>>364831566No u, kek, kikebook worshiping will be good for us.

>>364831924I dont support all those thing, I just have a bitter taste for abrahamic psyops.

Read stoic Literature.Early christianity and late "real" judaism were heavily influenced by hellenistic philosophy

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>>364831921exactly there's no real argument, just hatred for religion. just as brainwashed as the religion cucks.

>>364823675So long as we're asking for names...

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>>364831921Did you just assume my denial?

>>364818016>American education

>>364821827a meme from 10 years ago>>364823675an ass from 10 yesrs agowhole thread is stale af. russia and turkey will get their rewards for helping establish the nwo, greece is only here to be sacrificed

>>364830368Matthew 12:31And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.you're making a fool of yourself, commie

>>364817654>Russia will give Greece one of the most geostrategic locations on the planet, just... BECAUSE!!why are Greeks like this bros?

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>>364817654Βλέπεις την σειρά;

>>364832292Lmao poorfag

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>>364832116I'm just tired of reading that we will be saved by Russia, when everyone ALWAYS sells us out to the fucking Mohammedans.FUCK THE JEWNITED STATESFUCK BRITAINFUCK ISRAELFUCK KIKESFUCK THE EUFUCK RUSSIAFUCK KEKSTIANITYAND FUCK NIGGERS


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>yet another scizo christcuck threaddo we need more of these?

>>364821827Based Greek Facebook poster

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>>364832466independence comes with a heavy cost malaka, something you wouldn't know

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>>364832674Go back to redit, muslim

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>>364832752>muslimyou pray to the same god as them, cryptokike

>>364832747Stupid turk, you think you're independent now?You're slaves to the same people who killed your Empire, same as us


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>>364832860That's what they teach you in KNE, huh nigger?

>>364832146No, I assume that you saw nothing, were disappointed and then gave up on it. This makes you angry and that is why you are in this thread. You believe Paisos will just make up anything and we will just associate what we see happening to his prophecies because we want the prophecies to be true, just like how we want the miracles to be true, etc, etc. The truth is, you can't prove they are true, you can only assume there is something out there but never actually know. Nothing you can ever come up with will ever make sense of it and that makes you feel insignificant and weak, a feeling you absolutely abhor, that in order to comfort yourself with it, you embrace that hatred as being acceptable and rational. It doesn't, it only proves that you are weak and because you are weak, you will never understand why we congregate and why God is significant to us. You can always join us, if you accept you are weak of course, but I know you well enough to know that you won't; at least not here.


>>364832033that's totally fair man I was turned off to religion so much for so many years.but with all that's going on and after reading some /x/ threads... these ancient religions have a tinge of truth to me. we perceive everything through the last 100 years. relevant history goes back to the enlightenment in the 1700's. these religions have gone back to the dawn of time basically. there's an infinite amount of history that was not recorded, or remember, or that was censored over time.regardless the heathens are the ones supporting destructive behavior towards mankind. it's hard for me to ignore the fact that athiests are the biggest abortion supporters.

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>>364832980>he doesn't even know the deity he is worshippingtopkek

>>364832486You don't know much about Geopolitics to even make a proper speculation on that... Sorry

>>364832872unlike you shabbos goys, we take a neutral approach between east and west, monetizing on our key geostrategic locationwhile you try to suck up to israel for pipelines, we bully you both in to submission by invading libya despite being opposed by west, russia and israel simultaneouslythat's the difference

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>>364832987Wake me up when Putin nukes the Mohammedans.

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>>364822530Turks are probably whiter than americans at this point.

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Did Biden activate the Greek Internet Defense Force? What is with all these swarthy Greek and Turk shills in this thread?

>>364833167>muh geopoliticsI thought it was called the god's plan, leaf.

>>364832747Greece:Friends with the USAFriends with EuropeFriends with RussiaFriends with Israel TurkeyFriends with ermm... Pakistan?

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>>364833489>21 posts by this leaf

>>364833261Ah yes, let someone else handle it for you, very foretelling lol.

>>364833547Cope. The Mohammedans almost always win and we almost always get fucked.

>>364833547>friendsthats a funny word for goyslave>with Russiaqeqa b s o l u t e s t a t e

>>364817654If that were the case WW3 should have happened in 20 july 1936. Your elder is a dumbfuck.

>>364819913death to papists

>>364833094>being this ignorantthis website never fails to depress me

>>364833677Have you read the prophecies of Paisios? Because I have. He literally claims that Russia will hand us out Constantinople. The roache's meme is real: >>364832292

>>364817654who is this nigger? some kind of nostradamus?

>>364833780give them benefit of the doubt, maybe the schizo elder meant it will happen once we discard the montreux convention entirely

>>364833891Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same deity that revealed itself to Abraham.

>>364832292>literally a picture made by a GreekGreek leftists are one of the two main cancers in Greek society for being self-hating cucks. The other being the so called right wingers who only care for their personal profit than their national sovereignty and cuck out to NATO.

>>364834098No. Your people will desert the city like the cowards they are.

>>364834098That would be such a power suicide move by us.

>>364833094Ok stalinboy

>οταν πεσει το αεροπλανο θα γινει πολεμος και τετοιαμαγκες θα γινει οπως και να εχει, με τον ενα τροπο η με τον αλλο, τον γερο περιμενατε να σας το πει;

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Based thread, Christian bros

>>364833971Yes, and most Greek boomers believe in his "prophecies".

>>364817654Meh, i just want it to be over with and let the nuclear bombs fall.

>>364834452>Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same deity that revealed itself to Abraham.They dont even know its a mushroom

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>>364834476I don't really care about the OP of the meme my dude, it is factual criticism also rare flag, where you from?>>3648345272 more weeks habebemeanwhile you are some diaspora cuck who deserted to canada while I am chilling in my own landcope.>>364834547I don't think we would do it 2bh, not until 2030's that is

>>364833717>>364833780Is having good relations with a country an impossible concept to grasp as a turk? Is the resurrection of the ottoman empire™ all you think about?

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>>364834796Don't care I just want to vent outYou can have all Greek leftists, they love you anyways

>>364834796Your emotional induced sentiments mean nothing. Your people are too afraid to die for anything they believe in. They only would wage war when the odds are severely tipped into their favor. These are symptoms of cowardice. You will run away.

>>364835041you don't have good relations with any of those countries, you are their vassalsthere is a big difference >>364835095as they should, I will make them excempt of jizya tax when I'm governor of Athens wilayah>>364835165great way of defining your own army and peoplewe have been fighting for the past 30+ yearswe now invade 5 different countries at once and make our own weaponsmeanwhile your a comfort seeking shabbos goy nation who are incapable of making their own weaponsodds are not in your favor, they never weresorry for fucking your grandma that you ended up in canada mr. cuckotakis

>>364835504Once again, your emotion induced rants mean nothing nor do they negate what I originally said.Your people are cowards and you only wage war when it's tipped in your favor.As for my people, believe me, I have my own disappointments with them.

>>364833939No answer...

>>364835887>your emotionally induced rants>proceeds to post emotionally induced rant which is not backed by anything factualhello? I'm telling you, we have been fighting wars invading multiple countries and making oru own weaponsyou do none of these and are depending on some schizos ramblings thinking Russia will save you despite Greece as an entire country being an american basewhens the last time your soldiers saw actual combat?whens the last time you exported weapons to other countries?is your people used to having casualties in war?here you are chatting utter shit, trying to appeal to other malakas like a highschool girl, calling my posts emotionally induced rants get a grip

>>364834736We were all lied to, sascha, there are no newks, we are all doomed to fight conventional warfare, and not a single newk shall fall on us. :(

>>364835504>I will make them excempt of jizya tax when I'm governor of Athens wilayahGood luck that's one problem out of the way the next one are the boomer yes men right wingers of ND/DHSY who are going to be dealt with so we can finally get our shit together

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>>364836531you're a good egg southern Cyprus administration anonI'm a big fan of this Turkish bodybuilder too

>>364834782dumbassthe mushroom is a gateway

>>364836665Looks like he overbuilt himself

>>364836665I'm sorry Mehmet I don't recognise your language Also please get your dog Tatar to stop pissing on my lawn

>>364837004he's marking his territory is all>>364836944quality Tvrkish cuisine does that to you

>>364825116from what I can remember they claimed it was white nationalist.he claimed that whites would fight a war with blacks in South Africa and whites would win but only after most were slaughtered and SA would be theirs completely. WW3, England totally destroyed, America won't be the dominate power because of internal breaking. somehow Germany will be the dominate world power.can't really remember the rest

>>364836386YouarestillCOWARDLYlol! Keep flexing.>>364836129Gee, I wonder why.

>>364837533>you*CLAP*>are*CLAP*>still*CLAP*COWARDLY*CLAP* *CLAP*qeq

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>>364837323What was his name?

>>364837848Oh man, look at you, you're fuming harder than the nuke that failed to kill you.

>>364837848Turks can't mem-

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>>364837533>Gee, I wonder why.Because you are retarded.


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>>364838063lmao @ the hubris of diaspora niggers>>364838134I kneel

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>>364832134Wouldnt the other arm be the big one though? Because coomers right hand is normally on the mouse... Cool image though.

>>364817654in nomine patris et filii spiritus sancti

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>>364817654When we saw Turkey closing the Straitswe knew it was time to go shopping for rice and pasta.Plus my mother has been telling me about the NWO and reptile plans since 1990. So I had to hear the "I told you so"...

>>364840045Waiting for Istanbul to become Constantinople again and be gifted to us by Putin. lmao

>>364840045Don't stop on rice and pasta. Follow the words of St. Paisios


>>364824063Based. He's the one who started the war. Although I don't see people repenting because of it.

>>364828863He said that "The Antichrist" will come much later, when Russia absorbs all slavic tribes, Turkey and etc. And will be born in Russia, between Moscow and St.Peter.

>>364840976When will the anti-antichrist come?

>>364833840Even Protestants will unite.Jesus prayed that His followers be one. Jesus Word is absolute because He is God. Therefore before the endtimes Christianity will be one again.

>>364841399He said that antichrist will be called out and found out. Idk who is going to kill him.

>>364841399I'm here

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>>364840045>least delusional greek household

>>364842488I'd say it's been called out right now because we see it in our entertainment more easily now than we did back then.

>>364843195He's not even born yet.

>>364825876>the Balkan warswow, a regular nostradamusnobody could have predicted those

>>364843195>>364843443the antichrist will pretend to be Jesus, he will purge the globohomo elites (which is intended by higher globohomo elites themselves) and then the real Jesus will come and BTFO the antichristyoutu.be/65xLByzT1l0?t=307

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>>364843607>wow, a regular nostradamus>nobody could have predicted thoseJudging by the endless stream of hate and grudges flowing between those parts, kek at that. Our differences with the frogs seem like child play compared to your part of the world.

>thread's still upLooks like the Elder has caused some considerable seething. God bless you all, Children of Light.

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>>364846539What pains me the most is that all of this animosity between people is manufactured. The one thing they don't want us to realize, is that it's literally all of us versus a few lizard bloodlines. All the troons and activists and agents of subversion and assorted useful idiots are simply people that have been successfully broken by the machine. They weren't born our enemies, they were molded into our enemies. Sure, some of them are too far gone, but there's gotta be something we can do to help the rest of them break the spell.

>>364834476>X leftists are one of the two main cancers in X society for being self-hating cucks.Literally applies everywhere

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>>364818016This. Heretics and kid diddlers

>>364819913Naive child. They'd sooner kill each other and blame someone else.


>>364837323>WW3, England totally destroyedThe world would be a better place.

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>>364831323Actually it says you shouldn't give a shit about anything because youre already saved. One could argue you don't even need to repent otherwise jesus' sacrifice was totally in vain.

>>364822530They are cumskins albino snow niggers

>>364818016catholics beware as you are in danger of damnation: granddesignexposed.com/sun/baal.html

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>>364817654basedalso look into Alois Irlmaier1. First comes prosperity like never before!2. Then follows an apostasy like never before.3. A moral corruption like never before.4. Then a large number of strangers came into the country.5. There is great inflation. Money is losing more and more of its value.6. The revolution soon follows. 7. Then the Russians attack the west overnight.

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>>364817654Bump for all heathens out there

>>364818758>>364774033 interesting threadit compiles most of it

>>364817816It's jewish shit. He who dealt it did it. It's a threat. Not a prophecy.

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Anyone have photos of this guy in the 50s and 60s?

>>364818016People who shit on you dont know the Vatican has its influence in Orthodoxy tooTheyveVatican was a continuation of roman/egyptian priestly castesOrthodox is older then the Vatican so imagine how many centuries the Vatican has had to infiltrate?It'd be childishly naive to assume it hasnt happened already

>>364830368are you KKE? Are you a jew? Go away jew. SHOO!

>>364830368making other people read that phrase doesn't mean anything, demon.

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Get right with God. Repent and ask forgiveness, change your ways. Adhere to God's simple 10 commandments.What is coming will be much worse than WW 1 and 2 combined.

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>>364817654St Malachy of Armagh predicted all the popes from his time to now and Pope Francis is predicted to be the last pope before the end of the world.

>>364828741Cosmos also predicted bulletin boards and degeneracy.>Things will come out of schools which your mind cannot imagine.>A time will come when the place will be girded with a thread

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>>364825560It was a Hungarian called Orban who developed the cannons that smashed the walls of Constantinople and not Italians. Italians were the only ones who sent help too the Byzantines.

>>364826313Not it is not Putin. After the coming cataclysm, monarchy will be re-instated everywhere. The return of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe, a Christian emperor ruling over 10 kings. A Christian tsar for Russia. The reconcilliation of the Church (undoing of the schism) and the conversion of heretics (islam) and pagans (hindus).People can't imagine it now, but it will happen, and then people won't be able to imagine however we could have let us ruin ourselves so far. People will look back at our days with disgust and utter contempt.

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>>364832292kek, your mind on greek orthodoxy

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Meanwhile Ukrainina Orthodoxies are on stright line into repeating Brest. Great victory for Thrid Rome I must say.

>>364817654Pray for me cath and orth bros. Hope you are all well ;) just need love in my dark life. and yh OP, the world is ruled not by flesh and blood but principalities of the heavenly realms. see Ephesians 6:12

>>364817654Is that one of those Mt Athos guys? I presume it is. Welp.To all you obnoxious faggots itt, you know who you are, image related.

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>>364819913Ecumenism is liberal luciferianism. The Orthodox will only reunite when Catholics renounce a thousand years of prideful delusion and a whole host of heresies, which is never going to happen. The Ecumenical Patriarch can say we're reuniting, and if the CIA comps enough bishops maybe they can even pretend to settle it in an Ecumenical Council, but the laity, monastics, and Saints will reject it, the same way they rejected the councils of the Iconoclasm, and it will go nowhere, because the Latins are not Orthodox.

>>364838525its a mirror image

>>364817654hmmm sounds like a some made up shit why you just listen to what a guy says and just believe it