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Other urls found in this thread: results show that bismuth,at concentration of 0.5 nM.And>>

>>364813236Yeah I feel my left side fading into nothing, but luckily my right side is still strong.

>>364490360>>364475258>>364491761Yeah...>>They lied, guys

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>>364813236Works in my body

>>364813236Better dead fighting the virus than alive and spreading the virus.There will be memorials built for dead vaccinated people, keep up the fight and vax

>>364813559jesus>>364813779jesus x2

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>a multiple time sentenced criminal organization liedsurprise.jpg

>>364813779The vaccinated still spread the virus, you ultraretard.

But at least grandma is safe...right?

>>364813236>link to some pdf no one will ever read and media won't report so nothing will ever happen

>>364814766So what? The more people that take the vaccine the more die. I've personally convinced 10 people to get Pfizer and booster and have a massive satisfaction knowing that they have been killed by me. If anything I will be severely disappointed if they don't die. If you haven't been using this to end lefties, faggots and niggers then you are the retard



>>364813236This data has been available via vaers if you bothered to filter for it. You'd get tons of instances of nurses saying that they gave a 70 year old the vaccine and they died 2 hours later.

Everyone knew this since day one but our leaders are pure evil and in power because of shitskins and karens who are dumb as rocks

>>364815658I wish this last two years never happened...

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>>364813236my stance is if you get killed by the virus, youre weak, and if you get killed by the vaccine, you're weak...caring about anyone else getting or not getting the shot is retarded

>>364813236says 1,200 deaths but doesn't say out of how many dosesimpossible to actually run the numbershave to assume this is bait and not real

>>364816129they didn't track for doses past the two initial ones ones, if volunteers maxvax'd themselves it didn't make it into the post-marketing study

>>364815062it's a daily process of cope with these people dude, 40 years from now they will be talking about their pure semen they have saved for their unvaxxed russian trad wives that for some reason still won't date them

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>>364816671are ya winning, son?

>>364814183One shot is One life spared. Remember to get vaccinated and boostered. Remember to schedule your booster shots 6 and 12 months after your first dose. Adverse effects are rare so even if you experienced side effects for One shot it doesn't mean you will experience any effects for your next couple doses. We are all in this together.

>>364813779Don't cope, get angry, and then do something about the people who fucked you over. Screw Trudeauism.

>>364816129its real, rake.

>>364813236Roughly 3% fatality rate. It does not provide better immunity than natural immunity. It alters the DNA long after it's gone, something which the experts assured us deceitfully or ignorantly that it would not happen.What was the fatality rate for elders again? Because maybe the vaccine was only beneficial for them to take. Everyone else played Russian roulette with a few more chambers loaded.

I'll be honestI can't wait for a lot of the people I work with to die

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>>364817371Moderna patented covid in 2016

>>364813236This is literally nothing compared to the government blowing up the World Trade Center

>>364817513>This is literally nothing compared to the government blowing up the World Trade Centerwhich is nothing compared to biolabs being operated in ukraine

>>364814766if shedding theory was true and since the vaccine is based of the wuhan strain, then people would get infected by the wuhan strain again and again not the variants.

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>>364813236>went from promising a global extinction event from the vaccine that was totally designed to wipe everyone out to citing 1200 dead total worldwidemajor conspiracy downgrade, bet more than 1200 people died today choking on air.

>>364818088>1200 dead total worldwideWhat was this data from, the first 3 months through to Feb 28th, 2021? Much more data to come and much more to see, this is nothing I bet. More to come.

>>364813236# of reported adverse events is the denominatorSo of 42,086 adverse reactions, 1,223 died.It doesn't say how large the population was from which the 42,086 came.

>>364818436you would not want to know that its out of 50k injections

>>364818436>>364818539I thought it was 45,000

>>364818615if it were a number they could get away without mobbed, they would tell the number, but they dont, so you naturally expect the worst.

>>364818063Shedding involves the spike protein, not the active virus.

>>364813236I told you idiot yesterday that this is almost a year old and that the N number is adverse cases, not vaccinations. The number of vaccinations are not to be found in the report, making the data useless. Why do you keep posting this, or are you a bot?

Most of the "side effects" are just a bit of arm pain for a couple of days. Stop being a pussy.Severe side effects and deaths are self reported, could be the vaccine or any other thing.

>>364817780Which is nothing compared to millions of whites dying to protect Rothschild control of the German central bank

>>364817371Keep in mind this is out of reported adverse events, not out of total recipients.Still fucking abysmal and glad I've just never taken it is all!

>>364813236I like how OP adds another 0 every time he reposts this thread

>>364818362>More to come.Just 2 more weeks!

>>364813236This data is useless if we don't know the sample size of all those vaccinated.

>>364813236This is the second thread I see with almost everyone taking the bait balls deep, is Holla Forums so stupid they can't understand a shitty statistics paper or it's just because it goes along with the narrative that no one bothers to think?

>>364813236Learn how to read you stupid fucking nigger lol

>>364813559Gmo nigger cattle

>>364818756Yeah that is quite damning and makes the data way less useful.>>364818972Same, but I'd really like to know the sample size. If they're not giving it, it must be bad. If not it'd be the feather in their cap.

>>364813236That is 1223 deaths in 1 billion shots administered you stupid fucking nigger. 42086 is the number of people that had an abnormal reaction you stupid motherfucking troll nigger.

>>364815623retards dont think vaers is a reliable source of info. now its from the horse's mouth, it cant be denied

>>364818850vaccines have been recalled in the past for causing 50 deaths,, you piece of shit. its a shitty fucking product and youre a fucking moron kys

>>364817054Maybe the link is real but the post title isn't supported by it or the image 45,000 adverse reactions out of how many doses? 50,000? Or 500,000,000?

>>364819576>1223 deathsvaccines have been recalled for causing 1% of those deaths you fucking moron.

>>364819784You could always filter for actual medical reports and not just personal people texting in or whatever with vaers though.

>>364816823I'm old and got a regular flu shot but glad I didn't get covid jabs. No lab rat, no thanks sir.

>>36481808843000 out of 45000 had an adverse reaction.



>>364816760well im here arguing with you faggots so clearly not

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>>364813779i hope you get raped by russians

>>364813236>4 month old article

What does it do to your DNA? I know it changes it but what specific genome sequencing is it changing? Are the vaccinated not producing human genes anymore?


>>364813236Barricade Pfizer executives and employees inside their headquarters.Airlift it to Wuhan.Drop those fuckers onto those other fuckers.

>>364819576> 42086 is the number of people that had an abnormal reaction you stupid motherfucking troll nigger.LmaoReminder that hospitals do not receive ANY financial compensation for processing patients with vax side effects, however there are a number of other conditions that hospitals will be compensated for. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that hospitals are going to massively underreport vaccine side effects because it's worth nothing to them.


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>>364820391I think it was 98000 total, and I assume the other 46000 was placebo(given to Israel?). That was in first thread yesterday or 2 days ago that was shoad and 4chan went down. Not sure that the sources are the same foia / pfizer redacted archives, but could be just my schizophrenia..

>>364819098sure thing, wait for another pfizer report on themselves


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>>364822317This can't be the same data given the number of adverse reactions in the OP is more than the total number of participants in your screenshot.

>>364823006one person can have more than one adverse reactionfever and chills, for example

>>364821364how would you know? the number is blacked out, it can be 42000 reactions from a single jab

>>364813236>Schizos being retarded again

>>364815106hahah so true..I've noticed that as this fiasco has evolved all my unvaxxed friends have become mroe and more gleeful at this phenomenon and really I was on a forum arguing against taking the vax and vaxxers who were runnign around virtue signalling like crazy with pride at having taken the vax were screeching at me that they hoped I'd wind up in surgery and that the nurses and doctors would spit in my open wounds for not getting the vax.Fuck them.

>>364823475Those jabbies are going to die for Ukraine now, be happy

>>364813236Every day with this post

>>364821982They're producing patented genes and also as you suggested nobody knows specifically which sequences are being changed. There's not just the human genome in your DNA; there's a lot of vestigial genome from our remote know viruses, catfish crawling out of a swamp, shit like that. They've done genome alterations that were very specific in what they did and they were able to do it precisely only the sequences were also altered in 1500 other sites on the DNA the purpose of which they have no clue. These guys are acting like experts when in fact they're way way over their heads.

>>364823657>Those jabbies are going to die for Ukraine now, be happyI don't have to drive 2 hours each way to get my weekly groceries at Costco anymore. I can drive 10 minutes down the road and get them again. And I'll be able to go to the gym again on the 14th. I'm pretty happy, senpai. I'm looking forward to visiting and enjoying Montreal to the max this spring.

>>3648132361000/42000 people, come on guys its only 2%, people die all the time, that is just normal

>>364813236just stop stop stoppppp it! can't you see there are more important things going on right now? NUKULAR WAR BETWEEN USA AND RUSSIA BECAUSE PUTLIN ATTAKING US IN UKRAIN

>>364813548It’s so hard to take anti vaxers seriously when you’re all so stupid.If 1223 people to date have died due to the Pfizer vaccine.While CONSERVATIVELY 1 billion Pfizer vaccines have been Pfizer has a 0.001% chance of killing you.While Covid has a fatality rate of 0.09% for under it’s clear the risk from the vaccine is nothing compared to the risk from Covid.Are you guys really this stupid?

>>364813236>get amazing prizes for FREE>free HIV test>roll 3 times to start from .46%>pop 6 baloons to hit combos>instant win bonus>mild death option>it's working!

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>>364824762Then how come everyone I know who took the vax got heart problems now?

>>364824762The number of dead are vastly under counted from the vax and that is for just one year. What about next year and the year therafter etc etc etc.The vax is going to kill a lot of people. It's shit

>>364825161>its shiti think it does what it was intended to do pretty well.

>>364825334>i think it does what it was intended to do pretty well.Yes indeed, it does.m

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>>364824352only 2% so far

>>364813236GUYS NUKES ARE A DISTRACTION.Don't fall for it.Multiple scientists examinated the vials of the vaccine.Some contained Bismuth.Issue is,> Bismuth-209Is radiactive.It emits alpha radiation. small amounts.From the outside alpha radiation can barely penetrate the skin.From the inside it can cause radiation damage.Not detectable from the outside, since it can't penetrate skin.> picrel electron spectoscropy of vaccine contentsFound "excipeints"> bismuth> isotope not verified.If everybody gets radiation disease, they will say it was because of the "nukes"> nukes are fake btw.Diffent metals in differnt batches.> Bismuth ConfirmedNo its for real (like in all Vaccines) the adjuvants, like Aluminium, Titanium, Iron, Chromium and Bismuth.In literally NO anaylsis did they find any LNP that contained anything.Gene therpy is fake.This is complete bullshit.There is literally nothing in it that """helps""".Its litterally ONLY metal poisoning.The Pfizer Vaccine contains a shitton metals.Especcially Bismuth, which is fucking wierd.> picrel> s. is never, ever ever used in medicine.It has litterally no use at all in anything, because it is condictive and fucks up the biochemisty of your body.> s. results show that bismuth,at concentration of 0.5 nM.And Fucking Vanadium?!I assume it is a compound called:> Bismuth vanadium oxideToxic> s. are highly fucked.In the vax is so much crap.It does not make sense at all.Except they want to make sure your dose is toxic enough.Its likely that the """mRNA""" is not even that much present, and its only metal poisoning.Only 5% of all batchnumbers are associated 95% with reported vaccine

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>>364825867Adittionaly proof here you can see the listed ingredients.none of them contain bismuth. Or other shity metals.Except natrium and kalium which is normal because they are required to cread the saline morbitiy its literal metal crap.

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>>364825867want to know why the mrna is real and why they wanted to make it work?take look at search results when searching for mrna telomere lengthening

>>364826076 shut up and take the blue pill, says the doctorFrom 1700 onward the catholic church made mercury pills accesible to everyone especcilay pregnant and breastfeeding woman.> OH no the Infanfmortality was so high back then> never wondered why ?> bruh because of hygiene and shitLol noThey poisoned people.They gave children Chlorophorm if they couldn't sleep because of coughs.Chlorophorm is toxic.Some children died in their sleep because of that.You should read about the "blue pill" (how ironic) pills where distributed to the bregnant, breastfeeding and sick.The catholic church gave everyone acces to mercury medicine from 1700 onward.Imagine giving a breastfeeding woman mercury pills.Noice. Hello dead infants.You know what Mercury does?It's a neurotoxin.> s. gives you Alzheimers, and makes you wierd.Gives you neurological issues such as MS, Miamata disease, birthdefects of the nervous system (paralysis).Thats where the term "mad like a hatter" came from.Hat makers worked a lot with mercury.Now imagine microdosing your herd with neurotoxins.How many children would have birthdefects which paralizes them, which (((They))) would diagnose as "Pollio".Now dumb would they become?How much would be forgotten?how much can be rewritten?Either by Gaslighting them or by literally chemically lobotomizing them.Psychiatry is to get rid of people, especcially after war.They literally gave soldiers Mercury during wartimes.Its a neurotoxin and a amnestic.Here some> Old trick new Package

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>>364824762>0.001% chance of killing youlots of medicines have been withdrawn for less

>>364820451You fucking lying sack of fucking snow nigger shit. Go fuck yourself you stupid stupid stupid little cunt


>>364822317Troll/ Get COVID and die. nobody fucking cares moron

>>364813548Does anyone has the video where he says everything is just a theater?.

>>364826445you seem scaredgood!

>>364815062It's only true when te media reports on it. If something happens to me and the media did not report it it did not happen. If I went to a party and nobody took a picture it did not happen or at least I won't remember it.

>>364826445I cant wait to see your face when your proven wrong

>>364826118mRNA is literally a distraction. So small that nobody can see it. > so fragile that it dissolves within milliseconds> not sequenciable > we produce mRNA trust us. Its real > just as Dark matter> higgs boson and shit > science You retard, they poison you. Which induces cell death and cytophagy. Cytophage = creation of exosomes with miRNA and Signaling proteins. > picrel > exaple of formation of exosome after lead poisoning> Virus like cell forms> has s-proteins on surfaceNow run your imagination. > what if, there is no mRNA required to induce production of spike proteins > what if its literally a artifact of the poisoning> no free spikes are found after vaccination > 4 months after vaccination S-protein EXOSOMES are found.> Circulating Exosomes with COVID Spike Protein Are Induced by BNT162b2 (Pfizer–BioNTech)" Transmission electron microscopy of exosomes also demonstrated spike protein Ags on their surface. Exosomes with spike protein and Abs decreased in parallel after four months. "> 4 Months> Vaccine spike protein circulates up to 4 monthsIsn't that wierd ?

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The fact that shills are in full force prooves Holla Forums was right again.And for all vaxxies, you would laugh at our graves and want us to die. Fuck you, go to eternal hell along with your reddit awards. t. UnvaxxedUntestedI support Russia

>>364824762>relevant cases: 40k>dead: 1kIt's hard to take you vaxxcattle seriously when your clotbrain can't even interpret data anymore.

>>364826834Nigga everyone I know who took the vaxx experiencd side effects, most of them heart problems. Thats a 100% relevant cases rate. Its impossible that there were a billion doses and only 44k were reported. This report is doctored and misleading

>>364816081Retard take.

>>364826822mrna is indeed real, it just doesnt work, even after experimenting on billions

>>364826834Tell that to the BKK Board Member who got fired because of revealing that the Paul Ehrlich institut hides side effects, because more are found in their own database which only represents 10 Million people of germany.

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>>364825071KekThe people you know must be truly subhuman then, good riddance. So weak, even my 86 yo grandpa hasn't had any negative effects after taking three shots. Still waiting.

>>364827167It's like a fence sitter pretending to be a nihilist lmao

>>364815106Based. Same, only warned off people I like

>>364827324Actually the vax has proven to harm younger and healthier people, rekt oldie


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>>364827242mRNA is real. But mRNA vaccine is literally bullshit. mRNA is unverifiable. It makes you speculate about le "gene therapy" and you midwit fall for that crap. Literally everything is "gene therapy". Everything that modulates your immunesystem changes your genes. Each infection, each poisoning, each mal ad Mc Donalds. Each emotion each stressfull peiod of your life. Thats called epigenetic. Normal occurance. You are litterally afrait of the distraction. WHILE they put literally toxic metals and crap into the vaccine. And you focus on "muh RNA" . You don't need mRNA to induce shit. You can just use Bismuth in the vax. Especcially Bismuth-209.

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>>364825071You guys may love sugar and burgers too much xD

>>364826486are you looking for this, good

>>364813236no money back guarantee


>>364816081you're weak for being afraid to pick a side

>>364827549Two more weeka?I want people dropping dead but so far everyone I know is doing just fine.I guess your family and social circle just have shitty genes.

>>364828525Yeah, explain the statistics with meme tier insults very scientific user

>>364818436It does say "within the reporting interval"

>>364828405Bro, do you really believe: > they develop, produce and ship 4 Billion Doses of gene therapy vaccines within 6 Months ? You really believe that. That they "manufacture geeeene" therapy. "help muh genes, I literally don't care about the other crap in the vaccines, but muh geeeenes"You retard. You focus on the wrong crap. There are MULTPLE instances worldwide, where Scientists found nonorganic non soluable substances in the vaccines which should not belong there, and NOBOBODY could verify mRNA not even LNPs. They found "LNP"-like things, but they contained wierd shit like Vanadium and bismuth. How comes nobody could find this, but we all know the nice pics from all those christaline structures in the vax, wich are non soluable in water.

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>>364814766>Despite making up 10% of the population, unvaxxed make up 50% of icu casesUnvaxxed are basically the niggers of society

>>364829072Enjoy AIDS faggot

>>364829072They count the freshly vaxxed and those not having the booster as being unvaxxed....user I....

>>364815106>I've personally convinced 10 people to get Pfizer and booster and have a massive satisfaction knowing that they have been killed by me. If anything I will be severely disappointed if they don't die.Did a similar thing where I larp as a vaxxer to get people to both take it and see who, among my "friends", is a mindless NPC.

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>>364828998another funny thing... you still can't buy the vaccine on your own...We have fucking 13 million doses in stock... yet you are still not allowed to buy the vaccine as private person (there is no such thing with other vaccines)

>>364815106>>364829839You two are going to hell, unless you repent to jesus

>>364818935Which is nothing compared to the number of children biden has sniffed

>>364816081Drink some poison and we'll see if you're weak retard

>>364826800It'll only be a giant nose anyway.

>>364813236Is the patient group exclusively presenting with adverse effect? If so you are reading it wrong and you can't conclude that from this.

>>364813779Viruses aren't real

>>364824762New data on the trials release yesterday.Has nothing to do with the "Grand Experiment"

>>364816671Nice projecting about the cope part, but you'll be dead in less than 40 years. Sorry, no russian tradwife rejection for you

>>364816129>HAVE TOOtherwise... think of the implications!


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>3% out of 0.3%wow we're all gonna fucking die

>>364830873my dad works at Nintendo

>>364815963Wait for the next 2. The show has not begun.

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>>364816671They will not be alive in 40 years. All antivaxxers will be dead in a few years, either from covid or morbid obesity.

>>364831339Shut up take a blue pill.

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>>364816081>and if you get killed by the vaccine, you're weakWould it be a Badge of Honor is someone survies the Jab?

COVID is over

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>>364831494Ayylmao, Apocalypse, or both?

>>364813236if you scroll down to page 29 they state that this is in line with their intended safety profile and they will continue to recommend the gene therapy

>>364813236>Fuck. They lied guys.

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>>364831712nahI like dispensing redpills and pissing off well-poisoning shills like you more

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>>364832131You believe that the "genome sequences are real" ?Did you ever check who owns the "genomic" sector? Alphabet (google) since 2010. They bought every Geneics company and everybody uses the genesequencers of Illumina. > picrel > All variants are calculated by AI by a machine and protocolls developed by Scott Isolation uses the Illumina Gensequencer and the protocoll.You have to remember.Scott Gottlieb created the Geneseuqnecer and the Protocoll.Also Scott Gottlieb was in the FDA while initiating "Operation Warpspeed" that he became a member of the leader board of parallel Francis Arnold became the head of Alphabet Inc. (The google and Youtube company) and she was also at Illumina Inc and still is.Now she also controlls the narrative of Covid. Not only that but they provide everything YOU know about "genetics" they literally controll the narative. And you believe this crap. I can go further into this

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>>364831713The prize for surviving is another jab, the last man alive gets to live.

>>364813236That's not what this says. These are the breakdown among the reported adverse events.

>>364814766Not if they're dead

>>364824762That's all well and all if death was the worst part. I don't care if I die. It's all the other shit that's bad

>>364832131"For whole genome sequencing of the virus isolate (BetaCoV/Korea/SNU01/2020), culture supernatant of Vero cells infected was used for RNA extraction. RNA was extracted by using QIAamp viral RNA mini kit (QIAGEN, Valencia, CA, USA), according to the manufacturer's instructions. RNA libraries were prepared using TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Kit (catalog No. 20020596; Illumina, San Diego, CA, USA) according to the manufacturer protocol. Sequencing was performed on an Illumina Nextseq 500 platform, produced on average a total of 150 million reads, 150 bp per sample, as per the manufacturer's instructions in Macrogen Inc. (Seoul, Korea)">sauce: for example the COV-Isolation from used DMEM a low nutrient medium which ensures cell death due to starvateion.They added 10% fetal bovine serum, 2× penicillin/streptomycin, 2× antibiotics/antimycotics, and 2× amphotericin B.Do you have that in your body ?How does this resemble a real world scenario in which avirus infects something ?Also here is the list of cells used:> Vero E6 = Monkey Kidney> Vero CCL-81 = Monkey Kidney> HUH 7.0 = Human Liver cell> 293T = HEK-Cells. „Human Embryonic Kidney“-Cells> A549-Zellen = Lung cancer cells> EFKB3 = Monkey Kidney cellDr. Lanka did the same experiment just with the toxins and vero cell, produced the same result, no human cell

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>>364824762Yeah, they are. But bear in mind this is self reported data... I doubt it's counting me, who has heart problems following the vaccine. I would assume it's significantly under reported.

>>364826169>Psychiatry is to get rid of people, especcially after war.But I have terrible panic attacks without this medication. What do?

>>364823978So no one is ever going to know the specific alterations being made and there's a possible bioweapon developed to coincide with it... Great

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>>364833255then you are basically fucked. How about finding the source of panic attacks rather than supressing the symptoms with medication which fucks up your heart, so you are a new customer for Beta-Blockers sooner or later. Phyrmaceutical intervention has no exit strategy because it is not desired. So find a doc you really looks at the source, weather its psychological, hormonal or due to infections of the pancreas or spleen. Protozoa infections are undetected in europe because we don't treat them. Protozoan infections such as Toxoplasmosis Ghondi or Giardiasis modulate behaviour and fear responses. Approx. 30% of the western world is infected with toxoplasmisis. But nobody cares since its "Mostly" mild symptoms that "affect the psychology and appetite" of people. And nobdy gives a fuck, because it is no immenent threat.

>>364814766So thats why they made sure to convince the vaxxed to completely cut the unvaxxed out of their lives. They wanted to make sure us based purebloods don't catch the "shedding". Do you see how that makes no sense? If shedding were really a threat, they'd have encouraged the vax to meet up with unvaxxed family for holidays imstead of trying to split them. Same with the AIDS theory. If an unvaxxed guy could get vax shit from a vaxed girl by fucking, dating apps wouldn't have added vax status to split them. You have to voluntarily take the mark, there is no second hand.

>>364832898>The prize for surviving is another jab, the last man alive gets to live.What about rejecting the booster?

>>364832817>>364833163> HURRR genetics not real DURRRlolk

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>>364833870Oh yeah. That's true. It could be some sort of parasite that causes it. Might have to look into that theory. There isn't a cure for Toxoplasmosis though, is there?

>>364834756Anyone who got the jab has proven themselves to be compliant. Even if it's not a covid booster, they'll get another jab.

>>364826834Again your stupidity and lack of ability to read past a headline is incredible.From say 5 billion Pfizer doses there have been 40k case reports (see the paragraph above the table you refer to) with 150k adverse affects.Which resulted in 1.2k deaths.I don’t care if you’re anti vax. Just be critical in your thinking and stop being lazy.

>>364825071That's called being American, not vaxxed

>>364835196Use your brain. Everyone is experiencing heart probles from the vax. The report is doctored.

>>364826445You keep losing and digging your heels in. Seething vaxtard your shot did nothing for society you're just another sheep for the slaughter.

>>364813236>>364813548OP is a shill faggotHe's been spamming this shit non-stop for 24 hours. >>364824762>>364826486 We ousted him yesterday in the Pfizer Data Digs thread, but he just keeps spamming his retarded cancer >>364617538

>>364837496you have no power her, isrealian online force

>>364837496Use your fucking brain please. For once, stop shilling for pfizer.

>>364813236What about j&j?

>>364837583you need 2 learn 2 spell before you sprout your benign insults

>>364837695You're such a pitiful low-energy being.

>>364837817>n-n-no ukek. what a fucking loser

>>364834920it's actually easy to treat. And the treatment is non invasive. Wormwood, Red Clover and Black wallnut hulls (can als take whole but they have hydrocyanic acid then you have to be more carefull with the dosage).If taken accordingly the worst side effect is sprayshit.There are multiple ways you can treat "possible" protozoan infections with that. What you can try. 1 week every day > 2g black wallnut hulls> 800-1000mg red clover (alternativly wild oregano)> 1500-1800mg of wormwood Then to a break. for a week. Repeat same after the week of pause. Then observe your behaviour, and if it didn't help, you at least helped your gastrointestinal microbiome. The pause is for the reason, that the "prozoan" cysts don't die with that treatment, they are only slowed. You kill the mature protozoan, so that only some cysts are alive. When the last cysts mature, you hit them again. Then there should be so few protozoan left, that your body can deal with it. (if you hade some in the first place)It's just a minimal invasive thing you could try,

Attached: Typical-protozoan-fecal-oral-life-cycle-Cysts-are-highly-infectious-forms-that-convert.png (850x427, 62.1K)


>>364813487lol nice

>>364830098which is actually a lot

>>364817513It’s far worse actually. That barely affected anyone outside of the patriot act and anyone dumb enough to fight their war.

>>364824762Fucking dumbass this is just from the phase 1 trials. The CDC is hiding the rest of the data and so is everyone else. These things were death in a needle.

>>364837496Take your booster user. It’s safe and effective.

>>364813236With a mean age of ~50, would it be normal for a study to have 2.9% of their participants die?It seems very high, but I'm going to have to look and see if this 2.9% death number is comparable to anything else in research.

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>>364827902You are a scholar and a gentleman, thanks a lot kind sir.

>>364818850>I told you idiot yesterday that this is almost a year old and that the N number is adverse caseI've tried telling them this multiple times, don't bother, this place is dead

The number of covid cases is different in the summary of clinical efficiency and the summary of clinical safety. See pic relClinical safety: >vaccine: 674>placebo: 705 Clinical efficiency: >Vaccine: 4>Placebo: 90

Attached: Screenshot_20220303-111819_Write on PDF.jpg (1080x1640, 710.11K)

>>364842320And here's the efficiency. Sorry for phonefagging.

Attached: Screenshot_20220303-112246_Write on PDF.jpg (1068x1752, 870.72K)

>>36481612942k doses. 460 per million.

>>364819576you fucking retarded chink. you must go back

>>364842320>>364842398Yeah that seems to make sense.Although, this was just showing the symptoms were stopped right? Because I've read that vaccinated people could still spread covid and test positive pretty early on into the vaccine campaign, around July.

>>364824762>f 1223 people to date have died due to the Pfizer vaccine.>While CONSERVATIVELY 1 billion Pfizer vaccines have been givenstop posting.

>>364835196Kek, no, we can't confirm (yet) the sample size but according to Pfizer's website it's 46k, so it's 1k deaths from 46k samples. Dumb nigger, don't you know this doc is referencing the phase 1 clinical trials?

>>364815106This, Why would anyone reveal this to these retards? If anything encourage boosters, sneaking in to update their protection.

Attached: Baffling.gif (360x240, 1.78M)

>>36484257742k Adverse Events, fuckers need to learn to read. We'll let you retards know when you need to pay attention to this, they clearly aren't going to tank their stock immediately with the first batch of pages, buy your puts for around October.

>>364844412By the time its october it will be ww3, everyone will forget about the coof. We need to strike now.

>>364827266>BKK Board Member who got firedhis replacement was going to the PEI meeting then instead of him. do you know what the result of this meeting was? i mean i'm 100% his replacement is a shill, but they cannot just swipe this away and saw 'nonesense'.

Attached: 1539948774486.jpg (480x480, 76.98K)

>>364829072you are the nigger of society you braindead plebbit

>>364844636>they cannot just swipe this awaywhy not

>>364813236no, that's not what it says. "Cases" refers to cases of adverse effects referred to them, not doses given out. Right above that table on the pdf it says B4 doses shipped, and I don't know what that means for a quantity, so you can't do:1223/42086X100 to get the percentage.It should be 1223/ your math is wrong, read the pdf and find what B4 is

if this is a surprise to you you’re an idiot

>>364815963Sounds like someone took the clot juice.

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Who can't wait for this knowledge to pour out?

Attached: 1539241824653.png (619x824, 169.5K)

>>364827743>Everything that modulates your immunesystem cause reverse transcription of your genetic codeFuck off.

>>364844636>they cannot just swipe this away and saw 'nonesense'.oh the sweet summerchild i am... of course they can:"jeder Arzt sei verpflichtet, vermutete Nebenwirkungen an das Gesundheitsamt zu melden, sagte Kräusslich. Das Paul-Ehrlich-Institut veröffentliche alle gemeldeten Nebenwirkungen. Der Bericht der BKK Provita könne eigentlich keine zusätzlichen schwerwiegenden Nebenwirkungen umfassen." doctor is obliged to report suspected side effects to the health department, Kräusslich said. The Paul-Ehrlich-Institut publishes all reported side effects. The report of the BKK Provita could not actually include any additional serious side the logical argumentation is as follows:1) every doctor in germany is mandated to report any side effect to the PEI2) The PEi shows the reports they get3) the health insurance numbers must be false thereforeso what are they doing now. posting this folly logic in every news outlet? no they just post the that a ""credentialed"" guy reveals that the claims are false. that's all that's needed. like of course the people who claimed the side effects are evil conspiracy people

Attached: 1581324529519.jpg (715x538, 235.56K)

>>364837496>>364824762Wow there are dudes literally shilling for the pseudovax for pseudopandemic

>>364819229Unfortunately this.This document is not new and we have been knowikg this for months now.Why is that document getting shilled hardcore again?They did not include anything compared to the status of november, or what did change?

>>364845907>literally shillingIt's their job

>>364830479wtf bros, i can't believe that in 50 years i will be gone.. crazy to think that all the vaxxers will die in less than 60 years, except the ones that will survive for 70 more years or longer

>>364815106this you?

Attached: 1645550626806.png (650x542, 217.03K)

>>364814766Not the dead ones.

>>364846254He was bragging about "in 40 years you'll be..." and I just pointed out he will long gone by that time retard, read the whole discussion before posting

>>364818922We will hang you from lamposts, kike.

>>364845858"Es ist nicht das erste Mal, dass Schöfbeck mit bekannten Impfgegnern in Erscheinung tritt. Für das Buch "Corona-Impfstoffe - Rettung oder Risiko" von Clemens Arvay schrieb der damals noch Krankenkassenvorsitzende im Januar 2021 das Vorwort. Darin stellte er in Frage, ob es "ausreichend Studien zur Wirksamkeit und Nebenwirkungen" gäbe und ob es zu verantworten sei, "so viele Menschen, ohne die Erfahrungen von Langzeitstudien zu impfen" - Fragen, die auch immer wieder von "Querdenkern" aufgeworfen werden."ey ich könnte einfach die ganze zeit im strahl kotzen

>>364813236>Fuck. They lied guys.No shit.

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>>364813236if aes are at 30% like they were for the big study, that means the participants are around 130 000. Of that 1223 died. Which gives a kill ratio of just under 1%.

>>364813236And it's probably mostly females too. They're literally destroying the human race.

>>364844636>they cannot just swipe this awaythey very much can. most normalfags I know only heard about this because I told them. and most of them tried to forget it quickly again because they are clotshotted and thus don't want to know.

>>364818922I trust that natural selection will do its work and get rid of retards like you, who can't accept reality.

>>364826834>vaxxcattleyeah, i'm stealing that

>>364821982Some user that claimed fakevid was real and had real insight explained in a Q&A.The ''vax'' works like a trojan horse, infiltrating your cells and telling them to fight an SPECIFIC part of the virus.The user showed a picture of the virus and claimed the ''vax'' was supposed to fight the infectiveness of the virus, not the virus itself.They didn't even try to hide the fact that the ''vax'' was lowkey designed to kill normies.- Post by me, CEO of Monkey Business

>>364813236>42000 cases>1200 DeathsDo we know from the data if the cases refers to # of total patients or # of adverse reactions? What i mean is, If someone has a runny nose and a headache, does that count as 1 case or 2 casesThis could be alot worse that it appears on this sheet

>>364847683>The ''vax'' works like a trojan horse, infiltrating your cells and telling them to PRODUCE a SPECIFIC part of the virus.Ftfy, you become a spike factory and autoimmune disease is assured

>>364813236you guys are not actually this retarded right?

>>364847876it's the number of adverse reactions

>>364813236Just Not taking it. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

>>364837970>>364838089Can you tell me what the total N of participants was in this study?What is the '3000x times more deadly' number based on?Surely, these are answers you can provide.>>364841061>>364845907>>364846205this is a hilarious script change. please continue

>>364847994Thx for the correction, frenNow here is me wishing i could play Minecraft with those faggots

>>364847994Where is the proof that you become a spike factory? Are there any studied to support your claim?


Attached: 1644611645793.jpg (748x1024, 137.36K)

>>364848619It's just how the mrna vax works you retarded faggot, it's stated by its own supporters. Your cells receive a string mrna message and start producing the spike. Then your antibodies should recognise it and stop covid when they see the spike again. Fucking moron shill

>>364848619He was present as i was when the virologist user made a Q&A about the vax. Sadly, i didn't save any of his pics, so the best you can do is go through Pfizer's pages (which amount to thousands of data and some obviously faked numbers) or you can take our word for it, or something else really, it's up to you.

>>364825867bismuth is in pepto bismal. people consume it all the time,

No, vaxx is 10000x more dangerous than the flu to healthy 20-29 yo. Stop lumping me with AIDS patients and boomers. 1000x more deadly to 30-40.

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>>364848208so basically for all we know that could've been 20000 people that had reactions, most had 2 or more adverse reactions and 1200 died.This data is designed to show it in the most favourable light, >red deer might actually be real

How are the npcs arguing against these numbers? I’m guessing they are saying this is fake or biased somehow…

>>364849166Yes, this happens temporarily. This has been proven. However, have these effects been observed months after the vaccination has been received? So far, I haven't heard of that. that.>>364849254>or you can take our word for it, or something else really, it's up to you.The data is here for us to look at now.

>>364813236Yep. Tried to tell everyone from day one. LIES. All of it. The threat, and the fix, are both horrific lies that hsve destroyed sll hope for the future in the hearts of most. We actually need some other ridiculous scare story to take its place. Wait, Ukraine teledrama to the rescue.

>>364813236They were covering up the issue with an experimental vaccine. What has not been reported, but anybody, is that the mRNA vaccine (Pfizer and Moderna) was NEW - this was the largest clinical TRAIL of a drug in the history of the world. All the stupid fucking chimps who got the bandwagon were no better than lab rats.

Both sides are retarded in this thread, because we don't know how many got the vaxx for that trial. This number is unknown!But it's surely not a billion like that faggot says, because it's about the first trials.

>>364813779You really believe that horseshit? Or just trolling. Because this shit was never really funny, and that sentiment destroys what little hope I have. You cannot POSSIBLY be that stupid, and feed yourself etc.

>>364849902Very organic question. We can answer this if we know the total amount of participants and whether the data was collected in an empirically sound way.

>>364850147exactly this, it simply means there was 42000 adverse reactions and of those, 1200 died.nobody has even mentioned the total doses given here, i think it's mentioned in the pdf but i can't be gooked looking it up

>>364849914>Yes, this happens temporarilyIt's enough to make damages apparently. Also the spike is difficult to be disposed by your lymphocytes and prolong their life unnaturally, causing vascular inflammation and other problems. The same happens with covid but in a minor way since the spikes aren't free to move everywhere. The shot was supposes to stay in your arm, but they fucked up and the mrna string can travel in your bloodstream and land everywhere (myocarditis are caused by spikes in heart tissue)

>>364850629>It's enough to make damages apparently. Correct, this has been observed.> Also the spike is difficult to be disposed by your lymphocytes and prolong their life unnaturally, causing vascular inflammation and other problems. We are observing this. The hypothesis now is that this damage is caused by the 'vaccine'. I'm not biologist or biopharmacist, so can't tell you all the variables that need to be researched, but at least bloodwork and samples from the lymph-nodes, liver and ovary/testicle. By now we are full aware that Pfizer's study is a bunch of bullshit and I refuse to believe that this very same line of thinking is occurring in research labs all over the world. >The shot was supposes to stay in your arm, but they fucked up and the mrna string can travel in your bloodstream and land everywhere (myocarditis are caused by spikes in heart tissue)Again, this is a very probable explanation for what is occurring, and this link needs to be proven!>>364850147>>364850491This thread was made by OP, who is fake and gay. He tried disrupting the dig/research thread yesterday with the very same bullshit statistic. Just from first glance, this thread is about 90% bots and glowies. Don't fall for it.

>>364851479So you aren't shilling the vax as safe and effective, but just arguing with OP misinformation?

>>364818833Can making out with a vaxxed girl cause you problems beyond having to deal with a dose of spike proteins? Could the mrna or lipid nanoparticle shit go into your body from her saliva and then start producing spike?

>>364851960Yes, exactly.

>>364852049>Could the mrna or lipid nanoparticle shit go into your body from her salivaThis seems very unlikely, even more if she's got jabbed for a couple weeks

they got another one ladsR

Attached: Katie Meyer soccer goalkeeper found dead after vaccination.png (979x896, 1.33M)

>>364818615>>364818756The number of total trial participants was redacted in the released pdfs.

>>364852190Ok, fair enough, I didn't understand at the beginning, go ahead with your research work user

>>364813236Why is this coming back up now? Shit was released and analyzed here back in November.

>>364819576Fucking canadians are retarded. This is trial data from Pfizer not vaers data.

>>3648151062 MORE WEEKS

>>364852335Then know what this is about?>>364822317

>>364852335Some user(s) back calculated the redacted (b)(4) number to be 550,000. The Pfizer jabs killed almost 16,000 in the first 2.5 months.

>>364813236Why is the claim of your thread title completely unreflected in the data you posted? Oh that’s right- more hyperbolic well-poisoning bullshit.

More fake news. I'll believe it when CBC reports it not this fake news channel.

>>364844606> everyone will forget about the coof.They won't be able to memory hole these side effects. I'm with you, I already know the truth but the brainwashed masses won't figure it out until the talking heads tell them. No, their only move is to draw all of this out as long as possible so they can move all their assets, the trials end in October and they need to publish then. WW3 is already here.

>>364813236OP is gay, this data is real but he's misunderstanding it. The "Relevant Cases" number at the top of the table refers to how many people in the trial experienced serious adverse events. This is a subset of the total amount of people in the trial. We don't know what that denominator is, but it's censored.The number of fatalities are again a subset of the number of adverse events. So this calculation is wildly off because the data of the total number of people in the trial isn't public. So all this shows is:42086 people out of ?????? people experienced adverse events. Of those 42k, 1223 died. Which is ABSOLUTELY still concerning as fuck, it's just not true that you can calculate the fatality rate of the vaccine as a whole from this.

>>364824268The Eternal Canadian Cuck

>>364852300>womens soccer

>mass deaths from vaccine even for new generations that are unvaxxed>nuclear war destroys europe, russia, and china>bioweapons on the loose >der ewige jude emerges from their bunkers in south america>they happen to have the only cure for the hereditary gene therapy curse>le super smart jews saves humanity>all surviving goyim become their cattle or diecool

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>>364813236anyone know what the 51,335 AEs refers to? does that represent 2% of the overall sample?

This report is a red herring. It is not the phase 3 trial report data that we want. Its the data of the Emergency Use distributions of doses handed out to nurses and shit, which lies in the billions and they arent obliged to report side effects or deaths directly to pfizer. A doctor could receive a report without reporting it directly to pfizer, so it wont be counted in this data.Pfizer intentionally made us focus on this nothingburger, the reality is they distributed millions of doses all across the world and everyone experienced side effects but nobody reported to pfizer, hence the low numbers.You guys really think Only 1122 people died from the vax? Really? Its WAY MORE THAN THAT. PROOF IS PIC RELATED.>REPORT IS A RED HERRINGREPORT IS A RED HERRING>REPORT IS A RED HERRINGREPORT IS A RED HERRING>REPORT IS A RED HERRINGREPORT IS A RED HERRING

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>>364815106>So what? The more people that take the vaccine the more die. I've personally convinced 10 people to get Pfizer and booster and have a massive satisfaction knowing that they have been killed by me.

Attached: 1646305224166.png (600x906, 591.54K)

>>364813779I know this is bait but a large portion of humanity actually does think like this and it's so fucking dangerous


Ha more fake news. I'll believe it when I see it on the CBC.

>>364819576They literally will not release how many vaccines they released. Read the fucking data before you call someone a stupid fucking nigger, you stupid fucking nigger

Attached: Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 7.19.00 AM.png (534x259, 64.55K)

>>364852959some anons are full of shit

>>364857335This report is a trap. They want us to focus on this, its a nothingburger since they underreported. Not all doctors report back to pfizer. This was Emergency Use distributions. Everyone I know had heart problems with the vax, but none of them reported to pfizer. Same logic.

Attached: 1646219719614.jpg (645x834, 133.14K)

>>364857504that very well may be truedoesn't change the fact that the leaf i was replying to was a fucking idiot

>>364842015>2.9% so far

Attached: 1646236732422.jpg (1024x1017, 126.04K)

>>364813236Likely just suicidesGender:No Data: 2990Aka, trans, non-binary, etc. How you can have 2990 in MEDICAL trail and have no data on their SEX is beyond sane thinking.Anwya1223 is 53.4% of 2990. Pretty inline with Suicide rates for people who can't figure out what sex they are.

>>364842015not to shill for the vaxxies here, but please understand this is 2.9% of ADVERSE CASES, not total vaccinated. It does still seem high, but it still could be


>>364824762That’s out of 42k you fucking swine faggot fuck retard scumbag piece of shit. I think you need more time in your vax camps dumbass.

>>364824762Okay but how many vaccines were distributed specifically between dec 2020 and feb 2021? because thats all this data is showing. The total has to be a lot less than a billion....

>>364858647>>364857504>>364856579It's 100 million. This whole report is a red herring. They are hiding the phase 3 trial, where they actually tested a 46k controlled population. This report is about the Emergency Use distributions and reports they received which is largely underreported as not everyone bothers to report their side effects.

>>364858834do you know what the 51,335 refers to?

>>364818436What the fuck is going on?Did every canadian jump on 5chins this morn?Did the cuck convention get out early?

>>364858834Whered you get 100m? not saying I don't believe you, but its not on the report itself

Attached: Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 7.44.50 AM.png (1272x568, 288.59K)


Attached: Screenshot 2022-03-03 214642.png (1638x1256, 336.68K)

>>364859606>>364857504>>364856579look at images


Attached: Screenshot 2022-03-03 214910.png (1670x1118, 206.67K)

>>364859749because "999,999,999" fits into the whitespace, you're claiming its a total of 100,000,000.take your meds bro are you ok?

>>364860000>>364860006Retard detected. Go shill elsewhere. We are digging here, dont need distractions from little kids like you

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