My sister got vaccinated and two days in is acting like this sister got her 3rd booster a few days ago and she has been acting crazy ever since. She keeps biting and hitting herself, screaming stuff like that. We took her to the doctor but he said she was just having side effects from the vaccine. I don't know what to do, is the vaccine really so fucked it makes people into violent animals? My sister never use to act this way. My dad got fucked from the boosters as well acting crazy for about 2 weeks, it makes no sense. I'm very frightened.

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>>364811563whore-durs are going to act like that

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>>364811563Australian shitposting has fallen off. Schizophrenia is no laughing matter.

>>364811563I got three doses of the vaccine

>>364811563You obviously took a video of a retard and gave it that caption. Fucking kek you little shit. 10/10 troll though not even believable but hilarious

>>364811563make sure you report all these symptoms to the scientists, they want it for

>>364811563Hi Dan

Why didn’t you prevent her don’t you love your family. Op is a fucking piece of shit psychopath just playing for internet points on an online image board

>>364811563I like this but unfortunately its just a retard

fake and

>>364811563StatsJoined Mar 1, 2022

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>>364811563that just means it's working

>>364811563Going by the mess in the house and her state of physical fitness, I can't be sure this is abnormal behavior for her.

>>364811563Clean your room ffs

>>364811563Demons are real.

>>364811563No refunds.

>>364811563you need an old priest and a young priest

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>>364811563aspie gf

>>364811563well she does have the schizo genes in the family so


>>364811563Autism or excorcism or analism. Some kind of ism for sure

>>364812458I can't imagine having to listen to that every day.

>>364811563Crisis actor

>>364811563ASMR is getting pretty fucking weird bros.

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>>364811563Shame on you for exploiting your own family for a thread on Holla ForumsTake your meds and make sure your sister takes hers

>>364811563“Certain women should be struck regularly, like gongs.”

>>364811563Clean your fucking house b4 plastering your tard sister all over Netscape navigator you nigger

>>364811563What shithole. What's wrong with you people.

>>364813025I'm kinda diggin it. Someone make a 10 hour loop for me.

>>364811563Don't worry, it just means it's working.

>>364811563She is no longer you sister.When you get the booster you become someone else.


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>>364811563Tie her up and fuck her , it will calm her down , same with your dad

>>364811563>here's your government assigned aspie gf user

>>364812458Just fucking put these high level autists out of their misery jesus christ. I think keeping them alive is straight up torture.

>>364811563>crazy white bitchThat place IS a mess but where are the cats, bongs, and dildos littered across the floor?Looks fake

Alien mystery juice is running through her vains. She might as well be turning into a zombie.

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>>364811563Your sister is weak and is being picked out by human natural selection



>doxing your own sister>will never have the balls to dox yourselfYou are a pussy cuck and a disgrace to everyone around you. Kys.

>>364811563Atleast use a meme flag if you don't have a VPN. This is very clearly in the US.

>>364811563who the fuck lives in a trash-dump like this?

>>364811563parents were probably 35+ when they reproduced


>>364812074You were already autistic on your own, user, it doesn't' count.


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>>364811563>2:38>"CHIMPOUT CHIMPOUT"

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>>364811563You know what to do, user.

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>>364811563>3rd boosterThat means she's only had 5 shots! She's way behind schedule. Hurry up and get her a single dose of J&J, and either a double vaxx of Moderna or Pfizer, whichever she didn't already get. She should be up to her 9th booster by now. You don't want her to get sick and die, do you?

>>364812458Fuck I do that all the time Did you see the tree in the background …Merry fucking Christmas Rat pack house , mental illness runs in families

>>364811563What's wrong with her, looks and sounds like a standard aussie sheila to me

>>364813670This MF gets it. Lmfao

>>364811563Kill the autistics in their cribs.

If you skip though the video it becomes

>>364811563Your dad suffered and still your sister chose to get the injection?

>>364811563i would also be autisting out if i lived in such a dirty dumpsterthis ain't a place for mental health

>>364811563Hmm, this looks more like low functioning autism than a vaccine side effect

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>>364811563That's how all women who experience feminism act.

>>364811563>keeps biting and hitting herself, screamingSide effects

>>364811563BRAVE ANONS OF THE LIGHT REPORT IN>>364811838 #>>364811838 #>>364811838 #


why dont they kill it. how sad keeping it alive causing pain to itself and everyone else.

>>364813358this...i wonder how often that happens

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>>364811563Stomp a tranny to death

>>364814591>>364814616Make no mistake, the parents absolutely would do it if it were legal.Legalize euthanasia and eugenics.

>>364811563You live like a nigger in all that nigger filth. Hope whatever she has spreads to you.

>>364811563>YT account created on day video was uploaded>1-post by this OPYeah that's not suspicious at all.Isn't this just an autistic person having a tard-spasm?If all people who are this retarded die from the clotshot, it would probably be for the best.


>>364811563Did the Russians invade your house and your sisters pussy, because it looks like shit

>>364812778Nice lmao

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>>364812074Disgusting greaseball Guinea monkey. Kys

>>364811563why is the vaccine only affecting white people like this? do white people normally have a weak immune system?

>>364812458That's just the primate brain malfunctioning. Why do they even keep her in clothes. Should have her naked and chained in a closed basement room like the unpredictable wild animal she IS. Have someone replace her food and water bowls and that's that.

>>364814802accidents happen

>>364811563Yeah yall fucking didnt listen to the people saying not to take the shot so here we are. People turning into zombies.

>>364811563I got the shot and now I act like this all the time, nothing wrong with it it's just the new normal.


>>364815436>people turning into zombiesShe’s schizophrenic, or faking mental illness like zoomers do. The vaccine didn’t cause this.

>>364811563call an exorcist

>>364811563surely you realise when you have to actually make shit up to further your agenda, you're betting on the wrong horse

>>364815989>make shit up to further your agendaHis only agenda is shitposting, because he's a proud Australian.

>> was an attempt at humor

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>>364814591>itshe's a person you mutt


>>364815989>being this retarded

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>>364811563Prion disease. If it was mrna vaccine something has gone wrong when the cell was reading the mrna code and producing "the spike protein". It did not create covid spike but instead a prion protein.

>>364815989It's the false flag shills doing this shit to discredit any serious skepticism about the jab. When this is what you arbitrarily decide to take seriously when it's clear it's a nothingburger to attack people who have doubts about the official narrative, you're being dishonest.

>>364811563C+ for efffort

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>>364812074get three more

>>364812495the horder house that is about to fall down. is likely overwhelming her autistic senses.she probably wouldnt be so bad if she wasnt smelling piss and shit. and seeing utter chaos 24/7 while her mentally retarded parents record "bad girl videos" to put on youtube for likes.

>>364811563imagine that's your sister... this is so sad for that dude

>>364813025No kidding. I think I’d have shot her after day 2.

>>364811563I highly doubt your story is true but that bitch has severe autism now. Whatever level 100 autism is.

The sad thing is that despite the obviously retarded child that is how the average Anglo-Saxon lives. In a pile of filth that covers their house from head to toe. I remember going over to a friends house once and was utterly disgusted by the literal garbage that was just openly on the floor of their homes. It's usually because one or multiple members of the family are obese I find. I wonder what it is about that lifestyle that makes people act so disgusting.

>>364812074that's a Big Fail, Luigio

>>364816622With a vaccine or a bullet?

>>364811563>sneed all ovah the flooah

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>>364811563How do you live like this, OP?Your house ... it's got garbage taking up 40% of the floor space. Anyway, don't use your handle capped sister for clout.

>>364811563everyone focusing on the woman's behavior- and not the combination of the environment, the strangeness of both her and the apparent brother filming, her nearly obvious past of mental instability- is a brainletlet's see the "before" video and her medical history; thanks

>>364812074Were they real doses? Or just saline for the control group experiments.

>>364816506i've seen this before, he's 6'2" and 252lbs..imagine trying to stop that raging tard

>>364811563Literally towers of garbage, im surprised she survived being a toddler.

>>364816310not under communism it isn't matey

>>364811563looks like she need the d shoot, wich mean my dick shoot, and by shoot i mean putting my dick in her vagina.

Is it me or the vax side effects are affecting majorly the white people??

>>364811820fp unironically bpfriendly reminder that planned parenthood has a better ROI than BTC

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>>364811563jews killed my friend

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Looks like PANDAS or PANS syndrome. Shit is fucked. Happens to females in adolescence. God speed user

>>364813762>it doesn't' count.

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>>364816506You just know

>>364817429I think most of non-white countries only got the placebo or saline shots. If we got the real shit, there would be lots of it posted online due to being addicted to social media.

>>364817429well.. no one keeps track of the side effects on brown and yellow humans because they don't matter.

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>>364813773She does bro. I guarantee I would have her washing dishes in the morning

>>364817486How many shots?


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>>364817891at your uncle's restaurant?

>>364817793Based from your words. Im happy to know your race is being genocided

>>364817891What if she got pregnant?

A few hundred more views and she gets $2 from Youtube.

>>364811563No refunds.

>>364811563fake and gay

>>364811563Calm her down with your penis

>>364816147>>364816127>>364816352ah the old 'i was merely pretending to be retarded' gambit, a sign of extremely high intellect and advanced humour

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>>364811563I would much rather have Covid again than risk that shit. Covid is NOT bad at all.

>>364811563Also, did you try pushing her face down into a pillow and raping her yet?

>>364819295You should rethink that, I got all my boosters and while I do act like her now it's fine... it's just the new normal dude. Get your boosters brother.

>>364811563no refundsthe genetics have been alteredand according to past litigations with monsanto vs some farmer in Americamonsanto owns the crops its genetically engineered, even if it cross polinates onto your land.sorry user, but anyone who took these MRNA injections now have the pattented genetic sequences replicating inside their bodyand all of that tissue is now owned by Phiser and Globohomo corp.thanks for participating in this voluntary medical experiment, you have signed off on all liabilities by applying to be appart of this proccess.get fucked, and no refunds.

>>364813059I like it, really soothing to my ears. Makes me want to sleep.

>>364812458> has no regard for the autists with audio sensitivity. What a fucking cunt. someone rape her please.

>>364811563women in general are losing it because they think they can guide themselves.They cannot.

>>364812458What do u even do when people have these episodes? Just let it run it's course?Poor souls.

>>364812151THIS!That fucking t-shirt alone belongs on an autistic retard. We're supposed to believe OP went out shopping in 2 days for retard coutre?

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>>364812151you did this?

>>364812392nobody loves their family this is America

>>364820324>We're supposed to believe OP went out shopping in 2 days for retard coutre?My sides

>>364811563Not gonna lie, I totally would

>>364811563Anecdotal evidence is not evidence.+ The kremlin pays you in rubble kek

whats a vaccine never heard of that

>>364811563I bet boomers on facebook are already sharing this very fake and very gay post

>>364820845It's authentic, I became like this after my 3rd booster. I like being like it though, I love the new normal.

>>364811563Imagine recording your sisters autism meltdown and posting it here. Unless shes been doing that for a while those are some pretty quick bruises on her wrists.As someone who used to work with autists it's very obvious this is just a meltdown fucking chud.

>>364821019show flag


>>364812458autism truly is a superpower

>>364821265you know he's aussie, right?

>>364812458Anyone who's against euthanizing or institutionalizing these things deserves to be euthanized or institutionalized.

>>364813528ay they put a raid boss in the game.

>>364812074Holy based VaxxMaxxed brother.

post tits you faggot

>>364811563Clean your house you lazy nigger

>>364821726I've been unvaccinated for 9 months now, moving from place to place, keeping ahead of the vaxmaxers, never staying anywhere too long, never letting my face become known. "It's great being vaxmaxed isn't it" the shopkeep says vacantly, to nobody in particular. In keeping with the act I reply to the Heinz Baked Beans Substitute 6 Pack (No Plastic) in my hand, something unrelated, with what I hope is a slightly bemused tone. It takes a lot longer to do my shopping these days, I can't simply march through the shop in an orderly fashion, taking what I need in a single trip, I have to absent mindedly shuffle back and forward between the aisles, never really displaying any intent. As unpresent as they are, the vaxmaxed would notice if I was too focused, too alert. A loud smashing sound in the distance almost blows my cover, I notice, and focus on the sound. The vaxmaxed around me slowly aim their distant gaze on me, but I'm able to save myself, I continue my neck jerk and turn it in to a series of spasms, I drop to the floor convulsing, the vaxmaxed around me quickly lose interest and continue on with their day. "That means it's working" one elderly lady comments to her milk as she passes. I continue the charade long enough to filter out most of the vaxmaxed sharing the aisle. It takes a while, and no insubstantial amount of sweat on my part, but I make it to the checkout. A morbidly obese woman directs the horde at the tills, seemingly oblivious to the cacophony of aberrant scan noises and blinking red lights above the entirely self service super checkout. I wait dutifully, not wanting to be noticed, not wanting to be set upon by the Asda Security Vax Checker team, it had taken all my best bluffing to get past them at the door, I almost chuckled when they believed my vax card was in the post but it was quickly stifled, a chuckled would have given me away, a chuckle would have seen me held down and injected with science juice. I could no longer chuckle….LOL

>>364821977Didn't read lol.

>>364813358In a humane and sane society they would be put down for everyone good, but this is hell world. Seriously, whats the point of keeping them alive? Theyll never produce anything and only be a drain. Parents will be trapped with this instead of having the chance of trying again. Tards and defects should be put down so that the parents could try again instead of being a drain forever.

>>364822641It'd be mercy killing anyway considering it looks like she's in an eternal, constant state of torture.

>>364815135It's possible that whites and asians have overactive immune systems from their history of densen urban populations and plagues etc. Vaccines then kick this into overdrive cause autoimmune diseases that can destroy any part of the body.

>>364811563Have you tried sucking the vaccine out of her pussy yet?

>>364811563Autistic kids act like this. They are in extreme pain with the feeling of shooting needles in their brains. I feel bad for her. Best thing you can do is get her off any type of refined food like breads, pastas, crackers, chips, milk, oils, sugars, and medication. She needs to fast most of the day with only eating veggies, fruit, and fatty meat once a day. Your parents house is a shithole too. clean that fucking shit up, there's probably mold in there.

>>364817071No they were real, HIV takes awhile to develop.

>>364817429If it makes you feel any better the majority of Africa isn’t vaxxed

>>364823387>>364811563Also looks like she has tinnitus. The fasting will help.

>>364811563Thats clearly autism homie.

>>364821316>IEEAAAHHHHHHHHHAAA IIEAAAAAAHAAHHHHAAA AIIEAAAHAAAAAAHAHA IAAHEHAHEAAAHAHA>We come from the land of the ice and snowfrom the midnight sun where the hot springs blow...

>>364812074you’re triple fucked, bud mwhrn

>>364822641The problem is that if you greenlight something like this, you know damn good and well it's going to turn into an avenue for after-the-fact abortion by feckless mothers even when nothing is really wrong with an infant. I'd also be surprised if it was never used to handwave the removal of an elderly relative or political rival.

>>364811563She'll never be a real titan

>>364824476Give her 9,000 more doses and she'll be super saiyan.

>>364811563This is your "cute aspie gf" in real life, lads. Not that stupid, blue shirted cartoon character. This. Non stop. Relentless. Screaming.

>>364826028No refunds.

>>364823669Kek. Hydroxychloriquine continent of the world because of malaria. And nothing but sheepish MSM articles trying to find an explanation. Fuck this gay earth

>>364826178Kek. I'm dying alone and miserable, user. No retarded lung with some ears and piss flaps attached for me.

>>364811563You need to ask her to get the fourth booster because right now it's not complete. Trust me the 5th booster will make it alright and before you know it your sister and you are back to fucking when mom and pops went out to get the 6th booster and trust me when I tell you everything will be back to normal once you have your 7th booster. Good luck!

Why do kikes hate whites and asians so much? Are they trying to genocide everyone with an IQ over 85?At this point I see no other possible motive. >"You're capable of rational thought? DIE"

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>>364826567Kek, 9,000 boosters in and she'll become super saiyan.

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>>364811563god i hate women every other one is a second away from chimping out like this i cant even watch the video too familiar, my cold black heart just says they want attention

>>364826567Just wait for 9001 boosters

>>364811563Does anyone have that video of that aussie screaming at his flip wife while she is on her phone

>>364827093>blackIt's not our fault you were molested by a man, incel. Have sex.

>>364811563That's not from the vax, that's from 2 tours in Ukraine after getting shelled by Russians and watching your fellow redditors take a kinetic upvote through their chests. That's just how things are now. Shit is real brahs.

>>364827788If we got all the super autists on the frontline of Ukraine do you think they'd be able take them out?

>>364811563Sorry for your

>>364827788>Reddit veterans are comingNope. No way, cleanse this gay earth right the fuck now before I have to witness how some 250lb transgender amerilard POC with Asperger's towed a disabled Ukrainian IFV out of a minefield with their fucking scooty puff while EVERYBODY CLAPPED

>>364811563Go fuck yourself kangaroo rape baby, you are getting sloppy on the job again, making fun of mental illness on Pol lmfao do you not see how far you've fallen? Kys human scum trash bag

>>364811563This also happened to my sister. I suspect that she got the autism but the doctors keep saying that it's a normal side effect and that it'll go away in a week. It's been 4 months.

>>364828245They have a friendly-fire rate of 41%. I'm not worried.

>>364812458Why don't they send her to a mental asylum? I'm scared asf of retards like her. Good thing we don't tolerate their kind around here.

>>364811563Nerve gas


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>>364828571>minefieldthis is actually a brilliant strat

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>>364813025>>364816622How is their marriage still intact is what I'm wondering.

>>364811563I'd say she's just quite stressed about all the junk piled up on the floor.Get a cleaner.

>>364816506Every single video of these autists are white American families. Why? What's in the water in America?


>>364811563>My dad got fucked from the boostersDid they buy him dinner first?

>>364811563Reminds me of the neurolink monkeys chewing on their fingers to distract from the headaches. Wtf bros this is a sadistic larp right, I thought we were fucking joking about brain chips.

>>364829062Shut up, vaxxie. That never happened.

>>364829746White trash or low income households. We had a autism growth a decade ago, it's what happens when you dont put them in a group home. They cant function normally

>>364812074Such a good goy

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OP is mad that he is still a virgin and his sister won't fuck him.

>>364830778>If you think remote control cars are fun, just wait until you hear this: Scientists have developed a way to remote control brain cells using magnets.I love how they present it like some shitty car salesman or a vacation planner. Talk about brave new world. Glad I didn't take that shit.

Attached: 1642986599567.jpg (1080x781, 116.12K)

>>364831280Yeah, it's fucking insane. The magnet schizos were right.

not tryna be juden or anything but account was created on mar 1 and immediately posted that video. be more sus

>>3648115635 doses here never had any issues

>>364832258Wait until you're over 9,000.

>>364811563That's what female autism looks like


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>>364832849You reckon she's on her period?

>>364811563> dad got fucked> let's give it to Sisygwyfd

>>364812458I have high functioning autism and these people are just fucking subhuman burdens. Every single video I see of a low-functioning autist makes me want to strangle them.

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>>364811563Why jews are rightly getting rid of this pestilence.

>>364811563she needs nigger coom.

>>3648115635 mins without bbc challenge

>>364826028Aspergers and low-functioning autism are 2 different things.

>>364811563My father in law got acute and sudden dementia but I just call it that because its the closest I can describe it.Sometimes he thinks he is in 2002, sometimes another year. Sometimes he knows the day. But he is always open to suggestion and believes his fantasies.For example he fell down and had a black eye, and someone hit his car.As a joke I said who he pissed of that they beat his car up and kick his ass.He inmidiatly runs with it and tells a story about how some people were waiting for him and beat him up.So I took it further and made a bunch of suggestions he ran with all of them telling it as if it really happened.So it's not really demention but if he thinks about his long dead brother for example he makes up a story about how the guy visited him earlier that day.As if the vaxx is ment to open people up to any suggestion possible but he got it extra extreme or something.

I would take a big shit all over that house and then walk out

>>364821977checked and keked


>>364811563gotta be 18 to post here user

>>364811563That's just a typical Australian. Why do you think you subhumans were sent there in the first place?

Attached: pfizermodernarunfortheexits.png (1216x6868, 1.83M)

>>364811563I would.

Attached: 1638699825082.jpg (710x473, 125.76K)

>>364817453you can buy stock in Planned Parenthood?

>>364830002>obvious kek post>didn't happenNo shit.

Attached: no_shit_sherlock.gif (400x330, 15.51K)

>>364813025id fuck her

>>364836083Shut up mutt.

Attached: 1645885307223.png (1052x1137, 379.29K)

>>364812458The only humane thing to do is one bullet to the brain.

>>364811563She's autistic isn't she?


>>364812458is this drug paraphernalia ?

Attached: Untitled.png (1920x1080, 3.86M)

>>3648115631 post

>>364811563thats from another video of an autistic girl. ook yea congratulations


Look at her stupid shirt, what is she 4?Shes autist, she didnt get the shot then go out and get autistic and buy that shirt to wear

>>364838053damn that's sad, and why would you even post your own drug paraphernalia on the internet for the world to see.

>>364838434Idk what kind of drug paraphernalia that'd be, but in any case it seems the girl's been prescribed with cbd and thc, as claimed by the dad himself on the comment sections of some vids. So maybe that's it?

>>364838434druggies don't have shame, that part of their brains don't work

>>364838633might be for weed but it looks more like crack paraphernalia desu

>>364838633looks greasy, looks like she smokes meth, i am guessing from the color of it, cbd and thc don't make grease like that

>>364811563Fake and gay

>>364812392We dont do points ya pansy


Attached: Behead All Satans.jpg (3485x4495, 1.04M)

>>364811993This. Feds are using Aussie flags lately for people who haven't noticed. This post has nothing to do with the vaxx and everything to do with the girl's mental health. Their "timeline" is falling apart and they are getting extremely desperate lately with the psychological warfare. NATO is the 4th reich. Hitler won WW2. Neo-liberals of America are the nazis that demand culture appropriation. The media conditioned everyone into this backwards thinking where they have to fight nazis yet ARE the nazis.

>>364841550Wrong think is bad. 15 years to gulag for you comrade.

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>>364811563kek your parents (or you) suffer from senior senile hoarding kekand she's gross

>>364841550>brainwashedits easy when they switched their name

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>>364811563Ughhhhhh she need cock correction. My cock... Mmmmmmmm

>>364812074>I got three doses of the vaccinelol look at this anti vaccer not taking full 4 doses



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I have had 4 doses of the vaccine and am going to get my fifth tomorrow. I caught covid last week, but only found out about it because I got tested. Wouldn't have known otherwise. Vaccines work.


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>>364841550>>364841727I hope you two realise that we're going to take 1,000 social credit points out of both of your UN accounts.

>>364823555Not HIV, AIDS you mongrel. They're not the same.

Holy shit a vaccine just flew over my house

>>364811563A new version of pfizer is now available, a new version of pfizer is now available, a new version of pfizer is now available, a new version of pfizer is now available, a new version of pfizer is now available, a new version of pfizer is now available, a new version of pfizer is now available, a new version of pfizer is now available, a new version of pfizer is now available, a new version of pfizer is now available, a new version of pfizer is now available...



>>364811563post your sister's nudes

>>364811563Saved this video in case Pharma tries to have it taken down for "misinformation"

>>364848860thanks bro. had a good chuckle over that one.

>>364827412Getting triggered by the word black lmao now pay your fucking debts


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>>364811563Who the fuck is still getting vaxxinated?

>>364850460the top of your flag is black. that's pretty sad really. the only flag in the world that is blacked. LOL

>>364811563>This is exactly who the mods of this place are


>>364811563She should lose some weight

>>364811563how many shots did it take before you started making shit threads op

>>364851221That's why she's clapping her hands a lot, this is her exercising routine.

>>364850958this girl apparently.


>>364816534Holy shit.

>>364812074you think vaccine will protect you from the radioactive fallout from the russian nukes yo dumb sheepish fuck?get your fucking priorities straight

>>364811563this is advanced autism>would rather kill myself than listen to this

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>>364830002Sam Hyde is still alive? I need to inform the three letter agencies that their greatest foe still breathes

>>364813002Based on the amount of shit in that room, I'd say consoomerism.

>>364841550I noticed that too. VPN flaggots

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>>364856072Same here, those fuckers stole my IP and got me banned. The ban was related to a 2021 issue. I didn't use 4chan mobile before then. I discovered this when I was on a road trip and had only my phone with me.

>>3648235552 MORE WEEKS

>>364811563> 30 SECONDS IN> 06 MINUTES LEFT

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>>364812458based deboonkerBut do americans really live in shit conditions like that? Cant they just clean up their mess?

Don't worry the vaccine just attacks your frontal lobe. Nothing to be concerned about.

>>364811563If that's true just use the opportunity to fuck her it's not like anyone would believe her if she's acting crazy

>>364811563She seems to be non-verbal autistic to me, this is exactly how my cousin behaves. His arms (primarily wrists) are also constantly covered in bruises, cuts, bite marks - because he 'self harms' by biting chunks out of his wrists.

>>364811563Looking at the hell you live in, shes been acting like this forever and first time you've notice this.