what went wrong

people watch this? i didn't even make it past 5 minutes on the pilot.

numbers are decent enough for a season 2. Honestly just have Flash break time and merge the universes, have supergirl as a supporting character.

flash/supergirl porno when?

well, they've stated that all the shows are part of the dceu, but just alternate dimensions and parallel universes

meanwhile, i'm over here hoping that ezra miller either gets dropped or killed or something

i don't want that faggot being the flash

I think the more interesting question is what DIDN'T go wrong, if anything.

That's the biggest copout I've ever heard.

What are you fretting about? Justice League is set to bomb thanks to the clusterfuck that was BvS.

At best he might get to be Flash for one movie.

Meh, he has a very punchable face.

How am I supposed to watch a movie where I want to punch the mc?

Probably the fact that it's based on a comic book.

What the bloody fuck made them think these costumes looked good? Or that this show was a good idea? Even the fight scenes are nothing but mediocre shit with some of the most pathetic choreography in tv and cinema.

Things can get quite hard when you're working on a shitty budget.

no way they put him on the big screen, they'll switch him out in a heartbeat

Isn't this where she's being fucked by a nigger and the submissive beta white male asks her meekly to keep it down from the doorway? Was that some other capeshit?

TV budget and knowing that plebs don't have very high standards

True. So what about that Flash crossover? Did it help to save this pile of crap?

Its already happening.

they should have cast him as green arrow

No that's Supergirl alright

Grant Gustin grown on me as the Flash, dude is a fun guy to watch and he loves the role.

Miller looks like a tranny with a pedostash

You're thinking of Jessica Jones

This is the one with Jimmy Olsen as a buff nigga who neither looks nor acts anything like Jimmy Olsen

The fight scenes are the best part. One character would barely touch another and that person would go flying across the screen. It's too fucking ridiculous to hate.

I can hate Jewish miscegenation shit just fine.

>Yet another tv series with le empowered female as main character
What went right?

But Classic Who had far lower budget and still did way more convincing robots.

he already had the cameo in bvs

he basically is a tranny with a pedostash


They don't even have a set established universe, and they're ALREADY putting out complications like multiverses!?

FUCKING HELL DC! This shit shouldn't be hard but you retards keep fucking it up every damn step of the way!

no dude, it was their damage control kicking in

everyone was flipping shit that arrow and flash weren't being included in the films when they've been running around on tv for years now, and some cuck stated "multiverse" as a defense mechanism

but this will be their excuse to not include any tv characters

Every. Fucking. Episode.



Was this an actual line. At least with flash, wherever iris comes on I know when to skip


So they're giving her the Batgirl treatment.

It's a combination of and the fact that this series can't go an episode without someone having an emotional breakdown or feelsy heart to heart. It hits Days of Our Lives levels of angst and distress, when the premise is supposed to be 'Super Girl does super things'.

You'd think they can't fuck that up, but, here we are. And going back to , it only gets even more depressing because despite the whole 'Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I'm some distressed waif!', she spends the most time of any of them bitching and complaining, especially about herself.

I have two parents that are perfect pictures of normalfags (and by god, one of them even enjoyed Man of Steel), and even they don't make an effort to focus on this. They come from a generation that has some of the cheesiest fucking capeshows ever, and this managed to be even worse, because those shows at least had some motivation for watching that week's episode, while this one has monologue after monologue with a villain occasionally breaking the monotony- only for their appearance to cause even more angst and boring shit to ensue.

It's a constant cycle of minute reward for putting yourself through shit, and the reward is more shit.

wow that vision looks pretty good


man of steel is objectively the best superman film.

and it's also just the best superman film overall.

Do women even give a shit about this show? I know women actually watch Arrow because they masturbate to the main guy's abs, but I don't see why they would watch this shit since women don't give a shit about capeshit.

You're right, but you're wasting your time arguing with these normalfags. All they can do is regurgitate the opinions of their favorite e-celebs.


Actually it was but not like that. They said something like "the president is on the phone for you. Hello Madame President."


link me fam


Probably the racemixing

When are these Hollywood producers going to stop making everything into shitty grrl power vehicles. How much money do they have to lose before they stop pushing abortions like super girl on us? Fuck you Haimiewood.

None of the two I know that were excited for this watch it anymore. There's already the first that I told you about, doesn't even look up from her tablet anymore when its on, and the other just got bored as fuck by the pacing and couldn't stand Supergrill. She actually said the boss was more tolerable as a character, and she's literally just there to either move the plot along or bitch at somebody (and give Supergrill something to bitch about.)

That's only because the previous films set the bar roughly 1-cm off the ground, user.

They won't stop, because the -actual- top dogs there are lazy fucks. Sure, you might have a writer or director that thinks this shit is genuinely for the better of television, but I guarantee you, his paycheck is most likely written by a suit above him that cluelessly tips his ear towards the vocal opinion and makes poorly thought decisions solely off of that.

Unfortunately, though the minority, the people that enjoy this shit are vocal as fuck. So said suit gets the idea one day, 'Hey, girl power is really popular nowadays, right? Get me something on an evening time slot!'

It's hilarious because, like I said above, the women I know can't stand these kinds of 'LOOK I'M A GIRL HOW TRENDY IS THAT?' characters, and wind up just streaming other capeshit or shows. You haven't truly laughed at this show until you're sitting next to two of the intended audience and one of them groans aloud and says 'I wonder what she's going to complain about this episode.', while the other says 'Hell if I know. Hey, isn't M*A*S*H on right now?'

Where did it all go so wrong?

When teens started preferring skinny effeminate men like in their animus more than herculean pinnacles of physical greatness.

I don't think the flash should really look like that though. Runners are skinny rather than muscular, and I doubt there's much of a fitness requirement to be a CSI.