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first for stannis

Second for more maisiefags and bookfags infighting

third for arya getting hit with a stick

What is the point of hitting her with a stick anyways?

Why the fuck does Arthur Dayne not have Dawn, again?

Jaqen is literally reddit: the character.

Don't FUCKING question it!

If they hit her hard enough, they might fix her face!

They're fucking with her, it's not really assassin training at all, they just wanted someone to bully. Next they'll trip her leg.

do you even know what reddit is?

is this a leak
because showing the tower of joy bit
would be so retarded

Nope, the stills are form the episode 3 trailer

I have a webm of the preview here



He basically did everything wrong and was BTFO as a result.

Balon is a idiot. He should have targeted the Westerlands instead of the North. Both lands were unguarded since Robb and Tywin and their respective forces were fighting over in the Riverlands, but the West are more fertile, are have more valuable and its explicitly said they are more vulnerable from attacks in the Sunset Sea. The North is barren, impossible to invade and occupy and its just like trying to take over Russia during the winter.

Where is Ramsey?

IIRC, Theon pitches the idea of allying with the Starks and attacking the Lannisters. This would've been the better move if the goal was to expand their kingdom. The land is much more valuable and they might even have had the chance to pillage some Lannister gold.

Balon rejects this and calls Theon a Stark shill because of how assblasted he is at the Starks for taking his son as a ward. Instead he attempts to take over useless tundra simply to get revenge on the Starks and it ends up being impossible to maintain, and he failed to forge any useful alliances in the mainland.


Damn good thread so far.

So can anyone honestly explain why they recast the Three Eyed Raven? The first guy looked better, and was certainly cheaper. Max Von Shit needs to get hit by a bus.

I agree with you, at least they must compulse Max to wear the prosthetics (long hair, beard).

Maybe they changed it because the first raven looked too similar to gandalf or saruman.

Considering he's a stereotypical wizard, I don't see any problem with him looking like a stereotypical wizard.


And I agree with that. But remember the decisions are took by D&D and the monkeys with suits that owns HBO.

What's the 'bottom of the river' for Arya?

Can she sink lower? She's destined to kill someone important; who do you think it is?

I like the idea that she kills Cersei wearing Tommen's face.

I honestly don't care. The payoff, whatever it may be, isn't worth so much screentime. She just needs to fucking die.

She probably will at the end.

Also, so if Walda and the baby Bolton are now dog poop, they can't be on the flaming crosses in the trailer, can they?

Cersei is destined to be killed by the Valonquar that means Jaime, Tyrion or The Hound after defeating the Mountain in her Trial by Combat. GET HYPE

Arya hardly qualifies as a little sibling. Bran is younger than her and Rickon Stark is the youngest. Rickon will be killed by Ramsay So if there are a Stark little brother who can kill Cersei and fulfill the prophecy, that is Bran.

Maybe the ones on the crosses are Stannis and some of his last loyal soldiers.

But…if Arya wears Tommen's face, is she not the 'little brother'?

That's the kind of shit cunt thing GRRM would do to show prophecy is bull.

Someone already confirmed that the flayed men in the trailer are Stannis and Roose.

That's all very well, but there are 3+ of them.

The others are probably extras of some sort, just there to make it look better visually.

Hey, Mace really did do nothing wrong. Or indeed, at all.

or it could mean Jon Snow or Rickon

Even D & D aren't that stupid.


And Von Sydow's been the only good thing about that plotline thus far. Fucking 'Willis' should have told you that.


No, I'm having him kill Cersei, which is equally as stupid.

Maybe GRRM, but in the series the prophecy already claimed the lives of Joffrey and Myrcella, and if the leaked spoilers are correct Tommen is next. Even Cersei acknowledges that.

Right, which is why it's a decent theory; Arya assassinates Tommen on a contract, then goes rogue. She skins his face off, wears it, and uses it to deceive Cersei and kill her.


First for having the flu


He did nothing wrong? That Mormont guy was a great Lord Commander.
He did anything at all, beside singing on the street?

I think it's pretty obviously going to be the hound.

Why did Euron show up now???

Why couldn't Yara defeat the Hounds???

Does anyone care about the Iron Islands at all???


How is Sansa going to kill Ramsay? Through the power of feminism?

Mrs. RRRRRRRM will never let that happen!

He is CIA, not Bane. Someone Get This Hothead Outta Here.

Thanks for derailing the thread, you worthless pedophiles.

Totally offtopic, but the weather is full clajzy. One day, it's bright, sunny with no wind at all. I was at a american football match and my arm got a sunburn. 2 days later, huge wind, rain, cold. Also I work in a really old building (roughly 200 years or older), which is very cold on it's own in every season. And the condition system uses somewhat cool air, I don't know why. Also my colleague was sick, and I was sitting in a shared office with her for a long time. Yesterday had a huge storm,lot of rain coming down and it was cold too.

So that's how…

Thanks for ruining this thread, assholes.

The guy in the first line, third person works for Bane in the TDKR movie. He never evcen interacts with CIA. I know that Baelish is CIA, but that guy didn't worked for him…

How can one post be made by more than one person

Well, Paris can suck it up or no fat pink mast from Gurmy for a week.

It could also be Loras for the show.

Mace is Olenna's son.If you paid attention, Olenna's husband rode his horse off a cliff while hawking.

Having Jamie do it when she orders the wildfire to be blown on Kings Landing would be poetry.

As you command, my Queen

Again wrong, he was a minion of John Daggett. Daggett hired Bane to fuck with Wayne enterprises, but then Daggett learned too late he must not feel in charge.

Loras is also killed according to the leaks. I expect Lancel to be the killed by Robert Strong after Cersei chooses Violence. Which allows the Gravedigger to be summoned after the High Sparrow will not have a proper champion to fight in the name of the Faith in Cersei's trial by combat

Make your bloody mind up already!

That guy didn't work for Bane. You should say that he appeared in TDKR. Also it was my mistake because I thought incorrectly you were talking about CIA.

Happy now child?

Are the Tully's ever going to become relevant again? I think Walder Frey is in this season because his hamplanet daughter was just killed by Ramsey. Has Edmure just been getting tortured in the Frey's dungeon all this time?

We will see that after Jaime is sent to the Riverlands


Yes. Though I think he was working for Bane, because he let Daggett die, and then he joined Bane's forces. Maybe the last part is false, I saw this movie a year ago, so my memories are unclear.

Were they ever relevant at all? I mean, in the show


the fuck happened to Hightower?

supposed to be 3 Kings Guard

Yeah, there's definitely a Reddit vibe there

and with Euron

sorry but the whole house of faces is dumb as fuck

Isn't Jaime going to end the siege of Riverrun or something? Where the fuck is Blackfish anyway? Fished up by Gendry?

Sadly, he died years ago…


how many episodes leaked this year

they thought name dropping a senior actor would give their shitshow more legitimacy

in the show? doubt it. D&D have decided to kill the political intrigue.

I don't get this. Why is this such a great BRAVO GRRM moment?

Now that is an asspull if there ever is one.


None, but someone leaked the whole season's plotline and every death incoming. What if it was someone from the Obama family?

GoT is the american football of tv shows.

A sexy Cocklehead

He killed Roose.

This list seems contradictory.

You should shut your fucking hole. Ugly little cunt. You look like a fucking ball sack. Ugly looking stupid cunt face. I could piss in any gutter and sow five of you. You know how much they pay me to kill a man at King's Landing? Seven silvers. They told me a man's name and that man never saw daylight again. None of them cocksuckers got away from me. I haven't lost a fight since I was nine. MAYBE IT'S TIME? DO YOU THINK? EH? Maybe you're the man. EH? CUNT? You wouldn't stand a chance. None of you would. I was a fucking LEGEND in Gin Alley. The fucking LEGEND. I would take any knight, ANY knight, any time. Fucking cunts in steel plate fucking cowards.

So if they've cast Euron, will he have the same endgame as book Euron?


According to Bryan Singer, X-Men and Game of Thrones are very smiliar, and not just because of Peter Dinklage and Sophie Turner:

Is he right?

He's full of shit

Let's see if I can get quads



GRRM was very influenced by X-Men. And many X-Men issues have the permanency of character deaths ASOIAF is often known for.

What's so asspully about it?

ninty-second for Renly is the worst of the Five Kings next to Balon

inb4 IDs ruin this board

This. It's time for Euron to Make the Iron Islands Great Again


it sucks seeing her when shes attractive because 90% of the time she looks gross nowadays

thats what happens when youre a degenerate slag

shame she had to waste her youth and beauty on being a degenerate



Bravo ID-fag

But I'm not a Maisiefag.

I don't care if he worships the drowned God or anything, I just want him to build a great great wall around Pyke.

>Have you seen the rope bridges we have? It's an absolute disgrace. Do you think Hillary Yara is going to fix that? She invaded the North and failed. She went to the Dreadfort and was beaten back by dogs. Canyou believe that? Dogs. I tell you, when I'm king, we'll never be driven off by dogs again.

We had enjoyable discussion last year when the 5th season was coming out. It wasn't until summer 2015 that the Maisiefags were kicked out of 4chan and started flaunting their autism here. They add no value to discussion.

I'd rather see 100 non-Maisie posts than 1,000 repetive Maisie spamposts. They actually make looking at GoT threads so unappealing that it drives away other people.

Those dogs are quite funky. S6E1, they suddenly disappear when the killing starts, and in S6E2 they've teleported back into the kennels to eat Ramsay's baby half-brother.

After we get filtered by the reddit posteres, we can continue to Maisie all day long, without any asshole bothering us

Not to mention change races

But they're making Holla Forums popular by inflating its post count! Don't you see how valuable they are?

Breeds, man.

Good, gas the normies.

I always knew you GoT fags would be the end of us.

You'd have Atlas Shrugged on your hands.


Check your privilege, shitlord

So that means he is sort of right?

"Our apteince is limitless…"

1. We haven't come from 4chan. I've stopped posting there in 2014 March. That was a year before we appeared here, right?

2. We didn't got kicked out. Just the previous place was so full of pedophilia and bad taste and haters like you, that we decided to move on.

We had continues threads for a half a year offseason. This guy here: is not a Maisiefag, ask anyone. He can tell you, that we had a lot of ontopic discussions, but if there is offseason and literally NOTHING happens, why can't we circlejerk and post actresses from the series?

Again, you don't give a fuck about what we write down. You just see the picture and that triggers you so much. READ THE FUCKING TEXTS and you will see that we are part of the discussion.

Seriously, you say we are reddit and hugbox, while you and the likes of you see a picture and you go away? You are the one that wants a hugbox, with no pictures at all, no fun and nothing offtopic. I bet a single image of CIA from TDKR triggers you on the same level…

And I could say "we had a great offseason, then onseason these people came from somewhere and started to hate and whine about everything". But I don't say that.

You know why? Because if you want to talk about the television series Game of Thrones, this is where you should come. But you don't want to do that, you want to complain. Complain about GRRM, D&D, the other writers, the actors, and anyone who dares to like something about this series. I don't think these threads should be like that…


Oh no, we have to protect the what does he mean by this and the youtube threads from the evil Maisieposting! It destroys even the threads the Maisieposters never visit, because reasons!


I know you're being sarcastic, but I've seen this argument too many times. Besides, I'm not advocating banning them, just making it easy to avoid having their obnoxious shit pushed in your face.

They can still talk to each other about their pet hobgoblin, and if they're seriously only staying here so long as everyone else is forced to see their faggotry, then good riddance to them.

None of this would have happpened if they had just left on their tripcodes, but they had to shove their Maisieshit in everyone's face.

Yes, and that half year worth of discussion was worthless. There's a reason those threads were empty bar the waifu fags.

You produced little to no OC in this time. You just reposted the same pictures of Maisie again and again, and made the occasional post about casting or spoilers. I would have rather had one good thread every month than three shit threads every day, whether it was Stoneheart edition, Buttslut edition, cockhead edition, Gendry edition, it was altogether 95% crap.



You know why I turned off my trip? To annoy you. Why? Because of this:

Why do you have to state this? Everyone was so triggered, because I had a name… Why? Why are you people so stupid?

You peope are on the level of those who kicked me from rooms in DotA back in 2004 or even earlier, because "hurr, you have anumber in your nickname, that means you are a noob"

By "you" I don't mean you in particular, of course

There's not a single ellipse in that post.
"Something…" =/= (…)

But why should they get a chat room when they could make threads on Holla Forums all day?

You seem to have some deep insecurity issues


shit on me



I just want to understand it. You know, it really makes me mad, when and inbread community attacks someone who doesn't want to be exactly like them… Seriously. Everyone says for example that Marco Polo was a shitty explorer and I say "hey, I like Marco Polo, because" and then everyone attacks me. Even those who irl like Marco Polo's adventures themselves. Because it's an inbread community and the big, silent mass of people wants you to do something this way.

This is the perfect way to kill innovation, creativity and the ability to see something from a different point of view. And the latter is required for a good discussion or an arguing match.

What's the difference between this and the place where the mods do the same?


Oooh, I thought 3 periods and the brackets. I used them, because that was a quote from a certain video game, and the quote continues, but it's unrelated to the thing I wanted to say.

But hey, thank you! Now I know this

There are people telling them to go to /waifuist/ or /suicide/, but they didn't listen.

There's only 130 replies in this thread you retard

You don't show two of those things, and the last is debatable. As to your question, any group of elitists will have rules to keep idiots out. Discussion is pointless when it's just accommodating stupidity and laziness.

why did he stop fucking her

Nice pasta m8


Not into necrophilia, I suppose.

topkek. go waifufags


Stop talking on third person maisiefag

shut the fuck up already with your accusations that everyone is a maisiefag.

I was betting for the TWD coralfaggots. Apparently they learned their lesson and shitpost on /cuteboys/

If Chum Lee could act for shit and make a good British accent he could be a good young King Robert




You can. In a specialized board for that propose.

How retarded are you?



And there is a special place to cry about people who like what you don't like, it's called Tumblr, but have you seen me telling anyone to go there?

I have never boasted about filtering anyone. I just do it. I'm sorry you've been bullied all your life, but maybe it's you obnoxious personality to blame?

The butthurt poster has always been mocked for its lack of good comebacks

You didn't call me a maisiefag!

Sarcasm is lost on the autistic, I see.

Haven't posted in the new thread yet, but these are just some of my (Maisiefag's) stricly on-topic posts in previous /got/. I'd say I add more to discussion than any other individual poster in the general. Why don't we talk about the real problem? I refuse to participate in >le show is bad and >books are better circlejerk some new arrivals in /got/ are trying to turn the thread into. Because the threads aren't their hivemind subreddit safespace, they get super mad. Notice the butthurt new thread in catalog. We haven't had this problem during off-season, how interesting is that?


I know. That's why I said "you" is not you in particular.
Well, everyone who goes online gets bullied, so that's not an excuse to do anything

Nice dubs, impressive

Hello my other half

Do you talk from your own experience? Can you be able to be a high functioning autist?


No need.

Are you learning that not everyone who disagrees with your pathetic samefagging, moany, SJW-type le edgy replies is the same person? PROGRESS!

Good evening, the Reddit butthurt is reaching critical levels tonight, I see.

What the fuck is this shit?

They want to enforce IDs, not realizing that this way they allow everyone to ignore them and keep up the great threads going. It's hilarious!

No, on the contrary. Your depleting "arsenal" of arguments and lack of understanding about how the SJW replied to something denotes how aligned with the maisiefags you really are.

Evidence that >maisiefags don't participate in le discussion Redditors are making sh*t up and the real reason for this mess is because they can't downvote. No autism.



You get triggered so easily. That's why you're remarkably similar to those salty SJWs.

Just two days ago we were joking that BO will add upvote/downvote feature to accomodate Reddit newfriends in /got/, and look what is happening! They want usernames! Lmao

Sorry to barge in. I'm cool with it it, 2bh. It's clear there's one triggered user that is shitting up so many threads with his bizarre infatuation with you.

Interesting results

I don't care either, haven't even voted in the ID poll. Why does he keep comming here when he only gets angry all the time? What's the point?

Who the fuck voted for the kingfag?

He wants to change the world to accommodate him.

He is like this

dubs, but yeah, he's the sageanon

How about we ignore him and go back to GoT discussion and GoT actresses?


Why does Sophie's tongue look so weird?



Can't find the post in previous /got/ (catalog not working), but it was something along the lines
In that parcticular ADWD chapter, he stops drinking suddenly after months of being drunk constantly. He just goes to bed and shivers for a day, and is more or less okay after that. What kind of hack writing is that? I get that Gurm drinks a bottle of wine to wash down four courses of greasy meal and his friends are nerds afraid of alcohol, but how about some research of actual alcohol withdrawal syndrome, you know, like a proper author would do? Especially if it's his key character. What should have actually happened:
But no, gotta have that epin pig riding, right?


You know what they say about girls with long tongues…

What? :o

Someone really wants the results to go his way…

I created the poll. It was 7 - 3 in favor of the maisiefags for the last five minutes, then suddenly changed within a minute period to 9-7. Don't know if it's samefaggng or what, but thought you should all know.


implying the butthurt BO didn't ban them

It's cancelled itself out. Maisiefags win!

You need to educate yourself in the media you're attempting to criticitze.

I don't think that mainstream HBO show based on a pulp fantasy novel needs any legitimacy besides ratings, but even so, critics have always loved the show. As a producer, if you have the opportunity to cast Max von Sydow, even for cameo, you just do it. So in a way, it is name dropping, but for a different reason. Average TV watching pleb like → knows von Sydow only from his Hollywood productions anyway.


this shit looks legit


I expect more votes against the Maisiefriends soon :)

Did you just talk shit about Patrick Stewart?

Take it back!

If you don't talk shit about our thread we'll stay out of yours!

Hello again

There's discussion in this thread, the other is nothing but metaposting about Sir Gifmaker and me. So you admit you don't even want discussion, as you claim in your whiny complaints, just a reddit safespace where no one questions GRRM's genius and everybody spams >D&D memes? Because that's obviously what this whole thing is about.

Good evening, Natalie! Can you tells us something about the S6 development of your S6 character?

Smirkfu dies.

*tell us
*of your GoT character

No one circlejerks about that fat fuck holy shit. It's just annoying when D&D apologists start their "GRRM is also shit xDDD fat pink mast LEL". Fuck off back to r/asoiaf you fucking normalfags

Killed by Ramsay?

Point out one post ITT where someone mocks GRRM without any reasonable explanation for the criticism of his work.

GRRM is a retarded fat faggot who spends all day blogging about toy rocket ships and the NFL. I just get sick of 90% of every thread being pictures of Maisie Williams and discussion of her boyfriend and whether she's a buttslut.

My off topic nightmare of a /got/ thread is a satire of how I feel rummaging through Maisiepost after Maisiepost.

My character is rotting in a cell, and the religious fanatics doesn't let her see her borther. Despite all of their best efforts, my makeup stays perfect though!

You want to see me nude again, user?


Everyone with half a fucking brain knows that his "work" is fucking shit and he is a hack. Problem is not people who criticize GRRM, it's fucking redditors like you who try to make D&D look less shitty in comparison, when in reality they are even bigger hacks than Martin

Fuck off. You stick to your cancerous thread.

No one wants to see that, pancake tits.

Killed by Cersei. Hopefully.

And why can't anyone enjoy their works?


That was maybe 20% of off-season /got/, and like 5% of on-season. You will hardly find more than 15 posts dedicated nothing but Maisie in current threads, maybe 25 if there's some breaking Maisienews. If the post is strictly on-topic and has a Maisie attached to it, you just have to deal with it, I'm afraid. You don't have to reply if you hate it so much. Can't you see metaposting is actually ruining /got/, unlike some Maisiefun here and there?

Because it's shit, just like your taste. Go back to /r/got faggot


I hope you, your character and the user who loves you rot in a cell forever.

That's really interesting, looking forward to some more psychologic depth in your character. But you know, you can stay dressed, no offence.

Look at her bellybutton:1

Fucking gross.

That's probably a bit of an exaggeration, but anyway, GRRM's praise and GIDF is very much present in these threads, and that's okay. But when people defend GRRM constantly, why shouldn't there be someone to express different opinions? Maybe looking for reasonable explanations and logic behind some of the show's adaptation decisions, instead of just
Culture is subjective user. You can call me a pleb retard if you prove it arguments, but you shouldn't cesnor opinions you don't agree with.

I wonder what will happen to Smirkfu, though. Tommen has die to this season. It's part of the correlation Joff - S4. Myrcella - S5.


Are we being raided by Holla Forums goons?

Are we excited for when Dany is stripped down this season? I am!


I'm not usually into her, but she looks really cute here.


Would you lick it? :P

Some people don't mind…

Tommen surely dies. That's why they bothered to develop his character a bit finally, so his death could have some impact. But how?

oh so she is a coalburner?

There is a Maisie out there for everyone

Who wouldn't?

Tommen dies in battle proving his masculinity. It's obvious. It's how he tries to atone for cowering against the High Sparrow when he imprisoned Cersei and Smirkfu, but it shall be his downfall.


no gust ur imajunashun

This thread is so calm and comfy now that one triggered bitch has fell asleep. His alternative thread has died, too. WONDER WHY.

RIP in piss

Have you looked at the main page as of late?

That's a spicy meme ball!


It's been bumped twice since that post. Wow?

Oh, fuck off back to your thread.




I want to punch that bitch, I don't know why I hate her so much

He wants to be as cute as Maisie

I bet nobody wants to lick user's bellybutton



That triggered user seems intelligent, but he lacks substance and appears to be emotionally stunted.

It's just art :)

Most people ITT, sadly

That's what it seems to be building up to. What battle though? Against sparrows? That should be hapening soon, because Jaime will be leaving to Riverlands this season, and he wouldn't go before Sparrows are dealt with. You'd think they will save Tommen's death for late season, no?




Coming from you that means very little.


I thought you were staying your containment thread, retard?


Just like off-season /got/ was. We had discussion, we had GoT actresses, discussion Anons ignored actresses and vice versa. But some new arrivals (the traffic is at least three times as high) just DEMAND we behave as they want. Ironically, off-season /got/ was way more on-topic, metaposting truly is cancer.

Yes they are! We have Maisies here!

like yeah for sure totally!

this general has always been as shitty as last week, except for a couple more autists complaining about waifufags

It'll be a glorious battle, the tension palpable and the action fierce. Two might foes facing off against one another. Both with something to prove. The King eager to prove his strength and the High Sparrow keen to show that corruption can be overthrown.

Who am I kidding? It'll be a scuffle between the Sparrows and the King's Guard; Tommen will run in like a retard and die to end the episode.

pic related

This thread is lovely.

Unfortunately, such posts are now as much as half of threads. Before that, we had maybe 30% fun and 70% GoT/ASOIAF.

Let's stop talking of that retard and focus on fun, talkative, comfy /got/.

showfags should be gassed

On season, that's why




Sophie Turner apparently wrote Kit a long letter of goodbye.

I hope she wrote it with that long tongue of hers, if you catch my drift.

Even before the show she was regularly depicted with darker eyebrows. Platinum hair and eyebrows looks weird.

Someone mentioned me, so I decided to respond to them, cuck

They could just have a darker blonde, rather than black.


Okay, you can go now.


Based Kidman poster right as always


Like this?

So you can have your safe space?

who would have thought

Why is #Mophie such a liar, user?


You're cancer. The most disliked poster on here. You have your dead thread where you can samefag.

And you can try and disguise yourself in this thread, but we see you, autist.

Wait a minute…

You obviously mistake me for someone else, and it seems like you are getting rather agitated.

he probably got bored of fixing his poll kek

This is how I pictured Sansa when I first read A Game of Thrones.

I think you're the triggered user because you replied to my post mentioning the triggered user saying I'd mentioned you.


Dude, I have no idea what you are trying to say. That's just big word salad.

What is that from?

You can play dumb all you like. Idc.

Don't you prefer real life Salsa?


Stop posting this in every thread Maisie, it's mean.

why would anyone prefer a prematurely balding butter-faced 20-something instead of a pure 2d maiden?


found the brony


Making a new one

Anti-Maisiefag or Pro-Maisiefag?

If you could repeat what you sad using proper grammar and English, I’d give you a proper response. I don’t it you could expect me to be able to decipher posts written in retardese.