Stephen King's IT Part 1 Gets a September 2017 Release Date

Thoughts? Personally I'm pissed that Fukunaga's input is being taken out since Dauberman is a hack and Muschietti only has 1 film under his name. Its likely gonna suck.

Only the first movie was good.

I can't even. Idris Elba is going to be Roland Deschain. Who gives a shit about the third iteration of IT

Stephen King is a talentless hack. Any movies based off his "literature" are a waste of time and money.

and i'm not racist, so go fuck yourself. the role requires a white man with blue eyes to deal with the racism that manifests itself in the drawing of the three

no. he's good if you are capable of reading

"Stephen King is a talentless hack"

if you only watch the drivel he has habitually allowed to be made into movies like Sleepwalkers, IT, The Stand - I can begrudgingly agree. He's not a fucking screenwriter he is an author, and a good one.

Fiction is almost always shit tier.

Right now I'm watching absolute garbage, like The 100 with their fag political message. Don't discount classics just because they are classics.


It more like It's Shit XD


th general onsesnsus the last time king came up in a thread is that his endings are usually shit, but can write well otherwise, but his more recent stuff is garbage.

but what do i know, the only book of his i ever read was desperation.

Desparation was good, but it came out at a time when King was "desperate" for new readers so he had this weird arrangement to make Bachman an author again (hence releasing "Regulators" concurrently - I liked both books but I did not like the gimmick





Is it wrong that I actually enjoy those movies?

No, you're allowed to like whatever movies you want to. Stop being a conformist pussy.

I really hope they leave the kid orgy out of this movie like they did for the TV movie.

Reading it in the book was fucking gross and almost made me stop reading the whole fucking thing. King has a penchant for going into monotonous detail on some real degenerate bullshit.

Only the first half was great.

They'll fuck it up horribly.