Moderation Feedback and Review

This is a thread for giving feedback and complaints about moderation actions.
Because there are so many new Volunteers right now, we are bound to hit a few bumps in the next week or so. If you see a thread deleted or moderated in a way that you think is unfair, please post ITT, preferably with evidence or a detailed description of it. This won't guarantee a reversal, but it will help bring it to my attention. Volunteers who turn out to be repeat offenders and refuse to learn will have their accounts removed. You can also monitor our actions here:

As well, Volunteers who can't decide what to do about something should post ITT to get feedback before acting.

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You realise that this is something that we as a userbase can do something about, though, right?

Start the threads you want to see. Take the time to reply to well thought-out questions or posts. I hate to quote Gandhi but be the change you want to see in the board.

Too many shitty threads about idpol, muh immigration, fucking youtube celebrities.
Actual discussion of theory and news is almost zero.
Mods we need a fucking cleanup.

Make a thread about theory, then. This isn't your personal hugb0x.

Do we need to make current events topics and idpol threads every five seconds? I'm pretty sure we all know what the typical Holla Forums consensus on these things are. At least get some education going on. Education is vital for leftist action.

Oh please, this happens every time a board gets a little bigger. You pick up shitposters and they never go away. People who actually try to make quality contributions are outnumbered to LOL BUT Not SocialisM IS SOCIALISM??!??! I have never seen a board recover from total shitposting. Go to literally any other imageboard if you just want memes and shitposts.

Seriously though haven't you heard of meme magic? It makes the impossible possible

Daily reminder to SAGE AND REPORT shit threads.

Don't even bother responding, even less if it is bait.

I keep seeing this fucking pedophile advertising. Please deal with it darks me out on a daily basis

So I never get a straight answer that all vols are held to.

Are race and genetics threads banned?
Modern science, as much as it needs to tiptoe around race, does not deny varied genes across the world.
Last several threads I've made on this were bump locked I'm short order.
When I asked about it in here and posted within the saged thread, the catalog started shifting older threads on top with short inane bump posts.

Just like Christians and Atheists should hold an open dialogue so should idealists hold dialogue with scientists

I make sane and rational threads and reply to them in kind. I don't mind the occasional banter from genetics denialists, it makes for lively discussion.

When power tripping mods close or lock, sometimes delete, threads it sets a childish and silly precedent.
Right now there are zero finds with the word race or the word gene on the catalog. It was the same when I made my threads so it was hardly a multiple thread issue.

I don't come on forums to talk with 1 or 2 people that might scroll down on a catalog. It is irrational to treat race and genes topics this way.

And like I said I don't care about random posters saging and yelling stormfag. Idiots exist even in academics. However when moderation restricts open discussion and allows the dozens of le meymey threads up it leaves a b/2.0 impression.

* in short order.

Can you do something with the invasion of Holla Forumsyps?

Is this thread correct that a Holla Forums vol is defending rapists and censoring news reporting on rape?

Before you answer, there are are screenshots involved of the ban(s) and a neutral team of anons who investigate political censorship on Holla Forums are currently in the process of collecting any and all evidence of Holla Forums vols engaged in trying to sweep the very important feminist issue of rape culture under the rug.

This is a pretty big issue for Holla Forums. It looks like a Holla Forums vol trying to sweep a rape case under the rug due to the race of the perpetrator. By banning and censoring the issue, this vol is no better than people who act like women are "asking for it", no better than those who seek to silence and shame victims.

Censoring this is rape culture. We're supposed to be better than that on Holla Forums, and I think we all want to hear an explanation as to why the vols are now defending rapists.

Enjoy your ban, Checkers. Just use your Norwegian autism bux to buy another VPN

Why would I be banned for using a thread for it's intended purpose? I'm not the banned user in question and I'm raising a valid inquiry.

Feminists aren't banned here now are they? Women's rights banned at leftypol, really?

Shitposting is banned.

Making shit threads about muh Swedish infidelity fetish meme falls under that category.

Can you translate that into something that isn't doublespeak?

Specifically, are you claiming that the issue of rape culture, and current events and news regarding the tragic treatment of women are banned?

Women's rights isn't "shit", and a post about women's rights isn't a "shitpost". What kind of a true leftist supports rape culture like this? It's disgusting.

Shitposting is making posts that are shit. There is no doublespeak.

It has nothing to do with Leftist politics and reeks of Holla Forums shitposting. We don't care about Sweden or your cuck meme.

It's not a meme, it's news, and you're not an authority on which news is "shit".

The only memes here are yours, which are entirely invalid when it comes to the issue I'm raising. Why is rape culture being defend by a vol here?

fuck off back to tumblr niggerfaggot

/n/ exists for a reason.

Thanks for making it clear where you come from.

god I long for the days when anons didn't take themselves so fucking seriously.

yeah it's clear he's from Holla Forums and dicking around to make a point of the hypocrisy among commie circlejerkers but even so you haven't remotely given a reason why its not relevant to discuss the suppression of an unimaginable number of rapes in sweden surpassing every other country on earth which even the most hardcore tumblrite cant deny is a result of the ridiculous numbers of muslims immigrating from countries where rape is acceptable.

I guess you can disagree with the semantics of that statement even though they're pretty objective with the common statistic floating around Holla Forums is 100% of rapes committed in norway in 2013 were done by immigrants and 9/10 were committed against native women (I'll admit i haven't bothered to verify this since only a norwegian could really tell what websites are legit sources and what are the equivalent of dailystormer,no).

but I rambled on about Holla Forums shit again, what I really want to understand is how the increasing swedish trend of going as far as to punish teenage girls and their families for being raped and refusing to prosecute the rapist in question or giving them insultingly light sentences and suppressing it with the outlandish claim of racism does not relate to the leftist political topics of feminism and racism?

you say you aren't sweeping it under the rug and here you are brushing it off by claiming its SWEDEN YES shit when you clearly know thats a blatant fucking lie.

i think one last important fact is it's not just swedish pol tier tabloids reporting on this problem, even the swedish state funded propaganda papers have reported on multiple cases of this, often victim blaming and showing the mentality of the extreme radical left present in swedish society.

I'm sure it's obvious that I'm a Holla Forums memer myself but I'm not really here to subvert or shitpost, I'd genuinely like to understand why this isn't seen as an issue relevant to lefty politics.

if you really believe the swedish violent crime issue isn't relevant to this board, surely the oppressive behavior like this conducted within northern european leftist parties is relevant and worth discussion.

tldr; absurd number of rapes take place in sweden, the criminals arent fairly prosecuted and the victims are bullied into keeping quiet by authority figures because some stupid bullshit about racism.
while the types of western leftists seen on this board believe rape culture, womens rights, victim shaming etc in america are still huge problems demanding large scale social media campaigns and protests, they seem to show no interest in what i think could much more accurately be called rape culture, a culture where rape is entirely acceptable and its seen the woman's fault.

all too obvious faggot

you don't know what you're talking about and should be banned

get fucked

well you sure showed me wrong

The post was full of Holla Forums memes, especially the cuck maymay. This board gets a fair load of discussion on immigration all the time. But a thread on a rape (with all my respect to the raped girl and the father) has little to do with this board.

Not really true, this not a liberal board, even if some might agree with some of those.

in that case

I take that back. You shouldn't be banned, you should just kill yourself for that "board culture" bullshit alone.

haha take a pill dude

for the love of god do something about the Holla Forums shitposting

what happened to >>429124 ? seems to have been deleted and it doesn't show up in the board log. I'm…confused.

What was the post about? Could be the author deleting it.

It was my post, and I didn't delete it. It was about the Kurds retaking Sinjar.

actually a whole bunch of my posts in >>428916 got deleted. I don't really mind if you want to delete my shitty shitposts, but none of it is in the modlog and it's weirding me out some.

I think those were deleted yesterday by someone else, I visited that thread and many posts were missing. No idea why since it appears you were posting seriously despite the incessant shitposting there.

I think most of the deleted posts were mine. Some were shitposts (I may have posted from two ips, because I changed locations). I almost wonder if it's not a problem with the website

I just checked and none of those mentioned in that thread appear in the log. Very strange, but the site has been acting like shit for months now and I think I've seen similar issues happen before

Yeah, I also had a bunch of posts in other threads from yesterday disappear. Maybe it is the site continuing to disintegrate. Thanks for checking it out.


privilege ebin meme nuffin turd position Useful Idiotism

Has everything just frozen or has everyone just gone quiet?

Board is slow. Site is falling apart.

Offtopic but does anyone know of any sex transformation hentai? Like where a buff dude slowly changes into a voluptous chick and then starts enjoying his new female body?


Deleted or 8chanbug? If the former, why?

It if doesn't appear in the log, it is probably Holla Forums being shit again.

k thx

did the abortion thread get deleted?

Can we ban the ancap though? He's polluting the threads more than Holla Forums and just circlejerking Mises and his own wiki understanding of Marx.

It's annoying and killing threads.

He's an integral part of our board, so no.

…he's been 'integral' for 2 weeks.

ok wait that oc is amazing.

two days at most, we haven't had an ancap in like months

It's the same sperg from this thread.

He's a riot.

This is why we don't raid.

I don't disagree, but it still irks me that we have to deal with raids of shitposts here practically every day, but aren't allowed a single fucking thread elsewhere without triggering some autist.

Unban me, you fucks.

Oh…I forgot I was on a different IP now.
Never mind.
Range bans suck, I got caught in the crossfire before.

"Why are modern commies so emasculate and what can we do about getting those T levels up?"

I disagree with your banning the dirty Holla Forumsack that posted this. It is prime Holla Forums tier horse shit but this is a leftist board and most of us aren't tankies so can we not censor stuff? (apart from those CP things that pop up, gulag that)

I banned that guy days ago. It is nothing but shitposting.

I agree with the decision, it was pure cancer.

Still waiting for an answer to this. The thread had an aborted fetus as OP pic that got spoilered later.

No idea. It shows the record from when I spoilered the OP (three times, heh), but doesn't show as a deletion.

Looks like Holla Forums is at it again.

darn, had some pretty funny replies

Look past your idealogy

I like how Communism vs Not Socialism recreates here.

We had the same problems on Holla Forums, now there is a crew 24/7 monitoring the quality of content without banning too long nor censorship other ideas. If any of them fails you can complain to /polmeta/ and if the punishment was exaggerated or you post a mea culpa they lift you the ban.

Somehow we have a working moderation, free of cost and very tolerant.

Now we have move to bigger things like making red-pills propagandas, operations and campaigns. With a total worth of billions per year on advertising. We don't charge anyone for contributing to the movement. Its a success. Hell Holla Forums influence in the US elections and Hillary investigations is undeniable.

Leaks, news, advertising… you call it. Just like Nazi technology and achievements our actions are changing society. While your board depreciates on the basic stage of settling moderation policies.





Who cares about politics anyway? that's too easy to "influence".
If you guys could do something really amazing like causing the next Star (cuck) Wars movie to flop then I would be genuinely impressed.

Why did you delete my last thread, I was only asking for some good reads, was it because it was off topic or because the image was "Bernie" with a black cock in his mouth?
Thanks mods

BO, can you change the NO BORDERS spam to 'I AM A HUGE FAGGOT PLEASE RAPE MY FACE'. It will make it at least a bit funny to read.

this plz, at least temporarily



I'll just leave this here.

Could you word filter "National-socialism" to "Nationa Capitalism", instead of not socialism? :^)


Hotpockets on fucking point today.

FUCK YOU MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(FUCK YOU TOO)


You really are no better than revleft and all reddit leftist

Whats your point with this exactly? If you use a proxy, you cant be banned, but you'll probably get deleted over and over and over again.

Half of leftypol is crying out for more moderation, if they ban a few shitposters who keep on shitposting then who cares except the fags that get banned for shitposting.

ok, lets see it.

they also perma ban people. You sound like a faggot who uses a proxy and keeps getting banned for shitposting.

then go there and shitpost.

Lol they can ban you, and if you use a VPN you get fucked for a post another person makes.
Leftism defined, just hide and ignore the shitpost if it's that bad.
Admin posted a message during Ferguson saying he would ban people who disagreed with the protesters, there's an image of the post somewhere.
I'm sure admin would do the same if he got the chance, the 90 day limit is the only thing stopping him.
But what if I just want to improve the quality and freedom of this board?

Then they shouldn't ban them. How many times has this actually happened though?

Its relatively small board and kind slow at that, you can constantly bump a shitpost thread, and then make more shitpost threads and constantly bump them.

Im sure their is, and until i see it im assuming that's bullshit.

Their is no 90 day limit. Child porn spammers constantly get permabanned.

I think thats why they ban you.

A bunch of times, I can't use one of my VPN's right now because of a ban another person received
I'm not telling you to accept spam, but if someone wants to post a single brown pill thread they shouldn't be 3 month banned for that
Here you go, friend :")
Except there is because the cripple knew that spammers would just use a different IP once they get banned
Who said all my post were shitpost?

So, while the board was being raided and spammed the BO decided to ban raiders, delete raid threads and sticky other threads? I don't see a huge problem with this.

I think the problem is they post a thread, get banned, come back, post the same thread, get banned, repeat, for the most part.

Just a guess, im gonna guess a good one.


Is there really nothing we can do about this?

Harsher moderation


Faschists and statists must be stamped out without mercy, anyone who disagrees with our agenda should have an IP range permaban.


Even a cursory glance at the ban list shows that that isn't true.

Can Oekaki be enabled on this board so people can make dank leftist memes from the comfort of their browser?

can we not keep banning yui?

Is that actually happening? I'd like to see that.

For that to happen he'd need to stop shitposting for no reason.

Can the guy who keeps spamming "Salvation lies with the jews" in a bunch of threads get a time out?

Much thanks

Yes, there are daily Holla Forums threads and constant low-effort one-line threads and retards taking Holla Forums bait, and you ban Yui.

Good job mod.

I'm not giving him a free pass because of e-fame on this board, and I moderate this board daily, getting rid of shitposts.

So no. He hasn't even appealed the ban.

Well I don't know what you're banning them for specifically, but from what I've seen it's one of two things happening: Either you're letting their e-fame influence your decisions nonetheless by taking more notice of anything they post even when at the worst it is still relatively good compared to most of the other posts this board gets (are you also banning people who are posting one-sentence threads?), or you're just banning everyone who avatarfags.

If its the latter - and I haven't seen azusa or karowu lately so I'm lead to believe that - then it's not really a bannable offense to begin with. A minority of people are actually bothered with the avatarfagging, and even so it's about as bannable as tripfagging. Tripfags are generally tolerated unless they're deliberate shitposters who are singling themselves out by posting with a tripcode. But the tripfags haven't been banned.

If it's the former, then my point speaks for itself. I haven't seen Yui post anything shitposty, especially compared to the majority of posts this board has been getting. And even so Yui is obviously a genuine poster here who has been here awhile and is far less deserving of a ban than most of the people who post here. If you've also been banning everyone else then fair enough.

Also a monthlong ban for avatarfagging in particular seems highly unnecessary.

Wew, what a cunt.

I don't ban for that reason. Did you read my posts? I banned him for shitposting (without his avatar). He doesn't use the avatar as much now, that's why he isn't recognized as often.

If I'm guessing well who Asuza is, he hasn't posted in a while.

How serious was this "shitposting," anyway? A month long ban is excessive especially on one of our (controversial but still) own.

What posts are you referring to, and also this

Unless Yui was just shitposting really badly (which I find hard to believe but I could be wrong), it really seems to me like you're (consciously or not) targeting Yui because they're more visible than your average shitposter of comparable quality. It would be much better for the board as a whole to be banning or at least saging/deleting the threads/posts of the less-active shitposters and general idiots than banning our good posters who have been here for awhile (especially fucking monthlong bans) because of some incidental shitposting.

I don't see how you can blame Yui for shitposting here anyways when the board has as of late been pretty much ignoring the good posts because people can't stop getting rused and taking bait. I've been less-inclined to put effort into my posts as of late because of how shitty the catalog is and because most of the time my good posts will be ignored.

Social conservative leftism and le degeneracy type posts. Not something big, but he had shitposted before. I don't know why, he didn't do that before.

As I said, his posts don't have his easily distiguished avatar as often anymore, but I can see his IP. Seeing the same IP pop up in shitposts will definitely gain attention.

If he appeals it, I'll lower the ban duration.

How about just not banning one of the better comrades on the board for a month for doing what comes naturally in an imageboard?

That's pretty low, especially from him. The highs and lows come with the turf of being an individualist fag for sure.

Isn't that like asking from him to lick your boots, tbqh fam? Just give him 2-3 days and leave it at that. He got the message and he's probably reading/posting ITT already.

Das pretty subjective. The neutral way, I believe, to describe him is controversial.

though making him ask for something sure pushes his individualist limits :^)

Why is this offering of friendship bumplocked?

Why is my thread about Jason Unruhe bumplocked? I agree that it's not a deep theoretical topic, but I don't understand the need for a bumplock.

It shouldn't have been, I messaged the volunteer about it.

message him hard, BO, massage him hard

Why was >>464841 bumplocked?

The poll is blantantly biased, and the thread devolved into shit.

it was a poll of republicans about a republican primary, you are wrong about it being biased, at least to the extent any such things are un/biased

I think we should have harsher moderation for low quality posts. Look at the quality of LainChan in comparison to here. Every form of name calling should be forbidden and people should restrict themselves to only using arguments.


concerned comr8 that needs a quality leftist board, not a shitposting fest

I disagree. Enforcing such a thing in a place like Holla Forums, where many come from 4chan is a bad idea, since many people from inside the board and outside the board call each other faggots, retards or autists everyday. It is not necessary but it has nothing wrong unless things devolve into insulting each other without arguing anything. This board only has the rules of the site, things have to follow the US law, and the obvious no shitposting or spamming.

Lainchan is a completely different board with a different userbase where most users probably are accustomed already to not insulting each other needlessly.

TLDR: Adding such a rule is completely unnecessary and will result in people who either browse the board or are newcomers getting banned for dumb reasons, which will gain the board a reputation as a safe space.

"Quality" is the enemy of discussion. Everytime this provision is introduced to a community it turns into a glacial circlejerk.

You want to be an academic? Post in a journal, not on an anime forum.

This explains the recent drop in quality quite well.

I only come to Holla Forums when I want to cringe.

thank you for sharing that information with us

Don't bumplock my race mxing posts.

Your post is some bad bait, I should sage it again.

Hey man, what the fuck, can I not bitch about work here? Is class consciousness not allowed?

You understand I can easily see your IP and know you were trying to appear like an edgy idiot?

What does my IP have to do with this? I usually post on Holla Forums from my phone at work, so of course the IP is dynamic.

And what do you mean "edgy idiot"? I was upset. I usually get upset about my job, that's why I'm here to begin with. Are you upset because I said "fuck you Holla Forums"? You need to have thicker skin than that to be a volunteer, dude, not everyone is 100% super serious when they say that.

To add to this: everyone in the thread itself was on-topic, cordial, and having no problems whatsoever, and then I got home to find I deleted for basically no reason.

*it was
Fucking autocorrect.

Then that is probably what happened. The same IP was the source of some minor shitposts and your post seemed like it was joking. Will be unbanned.


These threads are getting out of hand. Isn't there a way to automatically block threads that have topbabe or jblover or any of that in the subject or comments?
Or automatically block threads that are under a certain threshold amount of text?

Requesting veganarchist flag.

theres already a primitivist flag, faggot

That isn't exact same as this?

So apparently the server migration further broke the site in at least the following ways:


They delete banter threads way faster than CP. I just made the best post ever, about why having toilets is oppression and against human nature, take a shower and bam! It's gone. Instead there is CP in the catalog. Fuck this place.

Where the fuck did the janitors go? We're overflowing with Holla Forumsyps and shitposters, literally bait in every thread.


they went on strike

I don't care about opposing views, but the level of discussion on Holla Forums's part is shitpost-tier 90% of the time. Instead of actual discourse we get

and the always loved

it's not even entertaining enough to be called banter, it's mindless shitposting and bait. All of it deserves the trashbin

if we start banning/deleting Holla Forums-tier threads then we're just giving those retards what they want. Validating their paranoid delusions that everyone who dislikes their opinions is a shill/commie/Jew/librul/etc. is just gonna make their shitposting worse.


why can't i embed youtube videos when people express shit tier taste in music

Youtube embedding tracks users. Shitwheels doesn't give a shit.

CP on the front page.
this should be #1 priority for mods.

Those threads aren't even CP, just mere scams.

If Next had a hashban or autoban feature, I assure many people would be so happy.

Doesn't matter. Those kind of threads should be removed as soon as they are found.

Good thing that's what already happens, but we can't be here all the time.

what's going on with the front page? Just getting a blank white screen.

calling anything that isn't statist and or anti nationalist a "delusional shitpost" does much more damage to overall board discussion than even if every post mentioning nationalism was a so called shitpost
and most are not
most nationalists don't even post on pol anymore because its a teen mentality board with Ill thought out debates and low brow humour

Can a mod please ban the guy shitposting about the little boy who washed up on Germany? He is bumping multiple threads with his facebook tier posts.

I second this.

Also, why can't we post .mp4 anymore?

We are under a raid. Please sticky our threads, mods.

Mods, please sticky leftypol threads. We are under a raid.

Mods, please sticky leftypol threads. We are under a raid.

hidden again :^)

there's no way to delete pic if you accidentally choose the wrong one, other then leave the site

Can a mod ban Jim Profit again?

Guys, do not respond to Checkers. Ever. You're just fueling his autistic boner for shitposting about liberals to no end.

Use the report function.

What's the story behind Checkers? Also, nice Tommy.

He is a local shitposter who earned his name because he tries to argue against his own delusions of what this board is made of, like someone arguing that checkers players are actually chess players because they use similar boards. Posts shit liberals do, then says something about how leftists are bad because the liberals think they're leftists.


Just ban him. Yes, I know there will be backlash, complaining, and accusations of echo chamber. This board has gone to shit lately because mods are afraid of backlash. There will always be backlash. Police the damn board and remove bait threads, for god's sake.

We always do, don't worry.

Yes please, a social democratic flag would help this board out

notice me, sempai

SocDems have a flag.



wondering why this thread was bumplocked

Was redirected here by an user.

Pic related. Fix your mods. They are irresponsible and act upon feelings instead of letting users discuss things they don't like.


Honestly what did you expect?

You know, more than one thread was made on that topic. It's shitposting either way. I once made a similar thread on Holla Forums and got banned for it.

However, I do agree that moderation has gotten a little agressive.

Reminder that if you tried to pull this sort of shit in real life you'd probably be punched in the face

Consider the fact that you posted that same exact thread multiple times. It was anchored at least twice, the first one because of the baseless nature of the arguments brought in defense of the OP. The second because you insisted on making a new thread before the original was dead. The others that came after were straight up deleted. If you were just interested in actual discussion, you would have just continued in the initial thread despite being bumplocked. Instead, you HAD to have front page with your unsourced shitpost.

I'm obviously cautious about having mods that are too heavy-handed, and that thread COULD have been civil. Instead, you made no attempt to approach the topic with any degree of intellectual integrity and shot for primal emotional response.

How about you stop banning me for something I didn't do?

This isn't even my fucking IP address (although I'm posting through another one through a proxy, obviously).

You want more proof? Look at all my other posts (if you can; I don't know shit about moderation here). Otherwise, how the fuck else am I meant to prove I didn't post something.

That ban was given to some shitposter who posted that crap twice. You might just have a dynamic IP, which is why you saw a ban that wasn't meant for you.

I have literally no idea what that means. Am I going to be able to post normally now?

It means that your IP changes periodically, and yep, you can post now.

Thanks for not being a terminal faggot, mod.

Hibernian flag when?

Request to get "The J.ews" wordfiltered to "The Micks".

Will be 10/10 when any thread about israel comes up.

Word filters are pure gold sometimes

First he was black then he was a white girl then he was a black gay guy

At least stick to one personal attack Holla Forums

Immigrant rape in Sweden isn't discussed much on the board because it's just plain and simple government incompetence by idiot neoliberal pussies that think non-criminal migrants will somehow be offended if the criminal ones are prosecuted. Same with the bongs and krauts.
retarded mod bumplocked this thread

I don't think this thread should have been locked. The opening post is shitposty but the topic is important and could generate good discussion.

flags 4U

Why was this thread bumplocked?

I have a retarded question and don't know where to ask, so here we go.

What does the " I " in the " R: x / I: x / P: x " below thread titles stand for? I know R is for "responses" and that P is for "page" but I have no idea what I is supposed to be for. (Amount of) IP addresses?

It's the number of images.

Oh, I see, should have guessed that. Thanks.

Yea we need a 'middle"Holla Forums.
To much shit filtering needed when it ranges from >> Hitler is a saint V Marx is a saint.

Okay, I'm going to be frank.

Why the fuck is the Christian thread bump locked but not the Islam thread?

cultural marxism.

I get the feeling that you relish any opportunity to spout this meemee like an autist

The thread was not getting any discussion at all, and the last posts were only fun/shitposting.
requesting that this be unlocked. mods are being too overzealous

A thread about class distinctions was recently bump locked aka censored.

I'd like an explanation.

Not knowing what class is. Proletariat-bourgeoisie is a non existent thing, class is not defined by income or social status either.

Keeping bad threads off the frontpage is not censoring, but I'm going to unbumplock it anyway.


Fuck wrong thread. Sorry.

Can some janitor/mod check the "Trotsky's golden straightjacket" thread, to see if it's a samefag who keeps bumping it?

It looks like the same autist is bumping it at regular intervals. There's no real discussion happening. The thread's ~3 months old, but it just keeps popping up on the front page with 'le trots on suicide watch' or some similar message, once per week.

For example

Yep, it's a samefag, and in fact, the OP himself. Saged.

B-but that third post was me, not the OP :(

You have to admit it's pretty funny though

Oh c'mon it's not like porky even tolerates social democracy anymore anyways

everything's falling apart

deal with the raid pls

i want to post a thread

thanks for deleting soap opera thread no. >>559903

/r/equesting word filter `shill` to `being paid`.

/r/equesting word filter "shill" to "someone who disagrees with me"


Why was this thread instantly deleted/purged

The far-left and far-right need to band together and destroy their common enemy. It's hard to name him these days but I think we all know who it is. Right?

Some call him Porky, some call him [censored] but his function is always the same: infect world finance, oppress the masses, undermine healthy human values and replace them with nihilism, anarchy, and confusion. He taints every human relation there is, not just economic, but social, artistic, familial, national, environmental.

it's clear he loves money, he loves ego-centric hedonism and he has no moral compass to speak of.

good kek.

Its still their you dumb fuck

Mods just banned a shillbot feminist.


So yeah, I don't like doing this, but as socialists it is our duty to criticize bureaucracy (especially if it's ours) so, boom… I was wondering about two things concerning my recent and unjustified ban.

1) Does comrade hotpockets not GET the guidelines BO laid down? "Leftist shitposting is OK." (I believe this covers this as well ) NVM, that in my appeal I made it clear that it wasn't an attempt at shitposting (I was trying to find the 566666 get and hit post by accident before I could rewrite the digits), but I don't think that this could be qualified as shitposting in any ways. If there's no clear intent ("jews did 911" ; "leninists are stupid") behind a post then your interpretation of it as hotpockets isn't any more objective than a rock's. Leave the anomalies alone, is what I'm saying.

2) This is my second unjustified ban. The first one was with the "zizek wew" meme, one of the first ban by the freshly set up volunteer team, I got then 1 month, and it's refreshing that now it's only 1 day, although I'd be really pissed of as a one of the most active members to be barred from Super Tuesday. My question: was it the same hotpockets that banned me then who banned me now? If so can it be noted by BO, please? Because if it's the same person, and it happens for a third time, I'm going to put it to you all: it's either s/he gets kicked out of the mod team, or I leave the site.


Are you calling for a strike?

I didn't ban you this time lad.

Ok, it's good to know it's not the same person.

I'm not sure >>574726

Is non constructive

Perhaps shouldn't be bumplocked

Pic semi related

Why was the Press ad thread bumplocked? It honestly seemed okay, I mean, there are worse threads up now that haven't been bumplocked.

Jesus Christ, what was wrong with >>585838? Yes, the OP may have been bait, although it was probably one of our own joking. Either way, it was an okay thread to talk about Trump's supposed IQ.

How does Trump's IQ relate to leftist politics?
I mean, perhaps deleting the thread was a little harsh, but you've gotta admit that it was a little off topic.

could someone more savvy check which mod/vol did this?

race threads should be bumplocked not lockdown completely

seriously don't make leftypol an echo chamber you ideologues

I deleted it. That thread was a useless shitpost.

Was banned for a post I didn't make, thanks to the mod who unbanned me.

"For some reason, the site is telling me that I pretended to be a SJW or something, the grounds of my ban. However, I didn't make (at least, I don't remember making) the post they're claiming I made. Worst still, they're telling me I have already appealed to the ban, so I may not appeal again.

Anyone here have an idea of what to do? I just want to talk to people ;_;

I should note that the reason I'm posting this here is because I have literally no other community of contact that I'm at least remotely familiar with. Being unable to post on leftypol is making me feel crushingly silent and ignored."

Can someone sort this out? Also the idea of banning people for "pretending" I think is wrong. it's a fine line of subjectivity.

and now race threads get locked
guess the echo chamber slide was inevitable

Why don't you create a /science/ board and fuck off?
This is a political board.

There's a CP thread hidden in the catalog right now… and I'm not opening it to press report.

Don't worry, those adverts aren't actually CP, just scam sites spammed in hopes some dumbass might actually fall for it and pay.

Yeah, but Holla Forums showed that some of these boards do have hidden sites to fucked up shit. So, you gotta be careful sometimes navigating and where you click on shit.
Good luck, BO.

There's this user on bunkerchan saying he got banned in a weird way. Could someone reply back? I'm posting on his/her behalf.

Requesting some review of vols by BO and other vols.
Race threads that are well put together should never be locked. Are we trying to create a literal torture/hug chamber/box?

Those bans were made by another vol some time ago during a Checkers style raid. That specific ban has the maximum range, sorry for that. Unbanning him and the other IPs.

What race threads?

K can someone get rid of the child pornography spam that someone posted thanx


Love you hotpockets, you let me post pretty much anything I want. Better than 8/pol/ by far.

If it makes you feel better. I'd rather have you here than Milo's ass.

do people really get banned on Holla Forums? I shitpost both here and there and I've never had a ban. People will cry for it, but it's never happened in my experience.

why was this bumplocked?

It's a What do you think of x thread, even if it doesn't say so in the OP.

Were these deleted by the user xirself?


Thanks. I can't browse the log on mobile for some reason.

What hotpocket bumplocked this thread? There is a legitimately good discussion to be had here.

What do you think about X?

Can something be done about the god damned 404 threads? You know, the threads in the catalog which when opened, lead to a 404 page.

That's a stupid reason though and it was never even made into a rule. We have way worse threads all the time. "What do you think about X" is an okay way to start up a good discussion.

I've had all my race threads locked in the past 6 months on leftypol.
Worst of all no other vol or the BO ever investigates whether the lock was even worthy.

WORST OF ALL is that my latest thead was simply LOCKED with no ability to post in a bumplocked thread. Why would all discussion of race be banned?
Whether you call it a geographical group or ethnicity, genetics is based on race.

ffs most of leftypol gets spammed and my locked threads dont exist anymore - no other vol even considered my complaints for like a week - am I to get autistic and screenshot every post I make on leftypol just to get justice? What a shitposting b 2.0 it has become around here…

I've had all my race threads locked in the past 6 months on leftypol.
Worst of all no other vol or the BO ever investigates whether the lock was even worthy.

WORST OF ALL is that my latest thead was simply LOCKED with no ability to post in a bumplocked thread. Why would all discussion of race be banned?
Whether you call it a geographical group or ethnicity, genetics is based on race.

ffs most of leftypol gets spammed and my locked threads dont exist anymore - no other vol even considered my complaints for like a week - am I to get autistic and screenshot every post I make on leftypol just to get justice? What a shitposting b 2.0 it has become around here…



but you are, already



and hell freezes over

You guys censor words and delete posts with forbidden words, there's no salvation for you. Absolutely Soviet.

You should just learn how to shitpost more creatively.

and this is why leftypol has such low user numbers and such high shitposting right, because you get mods to ban "race" and then shitpost without regard because everyone thinks its funny to be a pro stalin shitposter


Leftypol has the potential to be above pol because we don't have a retarded jew and nazi fetish
yet here we are denying a major science which is introduced to all biology students and recommended to anyone studying history sociology or chemistry
its sad show of a board with potential

If you had any actual biology knowledge, even that of a biology student, you would know that humans don't have race. We're not genetically diverse enough.

What the fuck is wrong with the mods here? So "criticizing gamergate and being pro gun control" is apparently a bannable offence.

"Patriarchy" is a bannable offence.


This post is a bannable offence.

Explain yourself faggot, why am I being banned aside from I hurt your feels and criticized your shitty reactionary movement a few months ago?

To be fair, all of Holla Forums has low user numbers. Probably cause of the subpar shitposting.

What? Europeans are more Genetically Distant from Africans than Africans are from Gorillas.



This guy talked shit, but maybe he didn't express himself right?

The "Gorilla" thing is that:
>The Genetic Distance between an Homo Sapiens (of European descent) and a Neanderthal is's_Fallacy

>The view that while geographic clustering of biological traits does exist this does not lend biological validity to racial groups was proposed by several evolutionary anthropologists and geneticists prior to the publication of Edwards critique of Lewontin.[7][16][17][18][19]

neckbeards cannot into science

Let's not forget also that a difference of 0.24 is by no means irrelevant.
The Genetic Distance between an European to a Chimpanzee is just 1.60.

These are the Skulls for the different Human Races. Neglecting this is to be in denial, to be a delusional and irrational being.

You realise that this guy is a Joke, right? He has also a huge Capitalist Lobby financing him.
Also, Blacks don't have Neanderthal DNA, and have Homo floresiensis DNA in them, an older and less modern human.

Read this book
Erectus Walks Amongst Us

Until today, scientist couldn't deny the finding and are shunning racial research because of

>is a pseudomedicine
We're talking about real science here. The skulls are complete different, the Brain volume is complete different.
Go study Biology, Social Studies can't explain Nature - that's the same thing as the Bible's Dogmas and Stories explaining scientific phenomena.

yo azusaposter is banned for no reason rn. probably because he uses the same proxy that pajeetposting faggot uses (optus?). what can he do to get unbanned?

Literally the only positive remarks about this book are on flagrant white nationalist sites and the Amazon reviews by people who don't think critically…if at all.

How fucking stupid do you think we are? This isn't even stormfaggotry, it's the schizophrenic feelz=realz anti-science garbling that the liberal idiots at RationalWiki rave about.

Alright get this shit out of this thread. If you want to talk about race, make a thread that isn't about 'niggers lmao'.

You are banned for being insufferable, and evading every single ban given from the original post you were banned for.

You don't get banned for your posts about patriarchy, but you do because it is extremely easy to recognize you, especially with the invariable retort to calling everyone a reactionary.

Get out.

He's been unbanned.

These are commonly established scientific facts. You just claimed in that the hard sciences are full of Schlomo's jooish brainwashing.


was about to post this as proof but thanks moddo.

Board Vol is outta control tbh, someone heat him up some hotpockets

Can we get a Luxemburgist flag please? I usually alternate between Trot flag (which makes people think I'm a sectarian newspaper-hawker) and leftcom (which makes people think I'm Paul Mattick), and I'm neither.

Can we have a Marxist Feminist flag so I don't trigger you crybabies so much?

That's a contradiction, Marxism and feminism are mutually exclusive :^)

So how have things been going recently with the Volunteers?

I disagree with the ban of OP and bumplock of the thread. SJWs are generally annoying, but this is just retarded with the amount of shitposting Holla Forumsacks we have.



Only the last one can be construed as Feminism.

"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles."

Women are not a class.


Pick one and only one


Well I try to delete the more obvious shitposts first. If you spot some, report them. The report function is getting dust.

It's not really so much that I want all Holla Forumsacks gone, as I think the thread was at least half decent.
Wasn't really that vibe I got throughout the thread.

Actually a Marxist Feminist flag would probably rile people up even more, so I still think we need one.

All people in the communist state shall be equal. Feminism is not Equalism and therefore heresy of papa Marx's teachings.

There has never been an egalitarian movement in history. The point of feminism is to make women equal with men. If you think that all feminists throughout history have been female supremacists because of 21st century tumblr you are ignorant.

Marx rolls in his grave.

Source on this video?

Can we get rid of the weebshit? It's bad enough everyone thinks Holla Forums is filled with double digit IQ autistic losers without the chinese cartoons.

Agreed. But tbh theres more weeb shit on pol than on here

I don't know where it's from, I got it from a leftypol thread

are you mods going to do anything about the hourly child porn spam links that has a 200% chance of containing a virus?

literally the only place where feminists claim theyre better than men is on tumblr. most feminists ive met are nice af and believe in equality between men and women

we delete it when we see it, but what we really need is hotwheels to add an image hash blocking feature.


Yeah could a mod please explain why the phonebanking thread was deleted? Is Holla Forums just about masturbating to theory and discussions of real world activism are prohibited?

how do i become a volunteer? what can i do to help leftypol and the left in general? do i need any special IT knowledge?

probably cuz no one was interested in wasting time doing something that has very little impact. a guy who did phonebanking for obama back in 2012 said it was boring as fuck and he got nothing but a lady screaming.

Congratulations, you just described 90% of activism. You're lucky to get 1 person in 10 phonebanking who will even talk to you. It sucks but it works. The thread should be posted again and stickied, along with info about how to vote for Bernie.

no, that would be endorsing a dem.
but not banned or deleted either.

You know, I lurk here, but I gotta say, you guys are not that different from Holla Forums.

Once I posted here with genuine curiosity, asking things. And I everybody thought I was shill from Holla Forums.

No they didn't. That's simply not true. There was about 2 people who accused you of being pol.

Oh and the rest of the people on the thread were calling out those couple people for being faggots for blowing up at you for asking a question.

You may be mistaking me for someone else.

The post I made was a while ago. More than a few months.

I looked into the boogeyman of Holla Forums, made my own research and I certainly didn't like the results.

I wanted a few videos addressed, and I made it clear that I know there's a diatribe against the consideration of the possibility that Holla Forums was not completely wrong and I felt gullible thinking that myself but to no avail.

People dismissed it as a shill. And soon my thread was gone. Oh. Well.

Ok :(((
thought you were guy from a few days ago bcs he was being accused of b8ing from pollack.
heys mods do smt about this little faggot

why dont you have a luxemburgism flag, mods?

Your volunteers are terrible. They don't follow the rules and are incredibly sectarian.

I would like an explanation why Marxist Feminism is a bannable offence or why pro-gun control is a bannable offence.

Oh, it's not like fucking ENGELS existed did he.

Fuck the 15 year olds on this board my god.

For all their Chomsky-cocksucking they seem to conveniently ignore his views on moving on from Marxism.

What the FUCK is the issues with the mods on this board? Get them under fucking control.

Honestly the fucking hypocrisy, many of this board fled from /r/socialism because fucking G0vernment being a fucking psycho SJW banning anyone who dared upset his ultra-sensitive feels and then you get banned here if you bring up any fucking sociology or critiques beyond Marx. Seriously the mods on this board are fucking Bizarro-G0vernment.

Most here have never even read Marx or Engels. They cherry pick what they want then ignore the rest because it doesn't match their world view that in reality Feminists are the biggest problem in the universe.

Seriously for all the complaining about "idpol" on this board, theres more threads on the front page crying about feminists than there is about fucking porky and Socialist theory. Oh but idpol is totally fine when it's Redpill Holla Forums shit.

Fuck me dead. Another Socialist board ruined by mods who don't have a fucking clue and ban based entirely on their personal views while leaving people that agree with them too create an echo chamber

Your constant bullshitting won't pass here. Since you hate this board full of "brocialists" so much, why not find some other place?

Go fuck yourself you fucking 15 year old retard.

Firstly, your bans were never legitimate because you banned me because I dared too disagree with you on fucking Gun control and Patriarchy.

Second you ban me because I criticize Gamergate. Show me where in the rules "Criticizing Gamergate" is worthy of a ban retard?

Face it, you've lost in every single debate against me, you're a reactionary piece of shit and instead of actually bothering too read socialist theory, you ban people who disagree with your preheld believes from being a Holla Forumsfaggot.

Also yes, You're a brocialist, because only a fucking brocialist would go as far too BAN people for even mentioning patriarchy you fucking moron. Explain too me how you and many of the 15 year old edgelords on this board AREN'T brocialists?

In numerous threads I've seen people claim that Women have it better than men and in reality women hold social control in society.

You idiots get triggered by any and all social criticism beyond the most fucking deluded self-strawmen of Base-Superstructure.

People get banned for "Patriarchy" and even the word "Patrarchy" gets a dozen posts following it of people fucking triggered out of their minds that people actually bother too read what they talk about.

The fact most you morons support the most porky reactionary internet crusade of a generation Gamergate in of itself is just mindblowing.

How about you stop abusing your mod powers you fucking reactionary loser?

How about you explain why
Was a bannable offence huh retard?

Oh wait, it wasn't, you're just abusing your mod powers.

Either way, I say there should be a set of rules for what are and what shouldn't be bannable offences.

The current FAQ is too vague (and mod interpretation of what is "Shitposting" is too subject too bullshit bias)

hey mods is this true? why tf are you abusing your powers you traitor cunt?

sorry but im gonna say youre being a fucking child here. also why dont you have a luxemburgism flag?

this place is literally called leftist politically incorrect you moron, we are meant to be incorrect here, but banning anyone who doesnt agree with you isnt okay, and the concept of "bullshitting" is questionable, what might be serious for one might be bullshit for another
this board is made to make complaints, we are allowed to do so. you cant say "if you dont like it go somewhere else", where else can we fucking go aside from creating a new board? Holla Forums was after all created as a response to Holla Forums's retarded childish mods who couldnt take leftist ideologies, you cant tell people off because they dont think exactly the same way you do

Except that this moron was originally banned for spreading bullshit about Gamergate, and since then has evaded every single ban. He can say he is banned for his views on other things to pretend innocency, but he is still evading.

Don't ask me for flags. Go to the FAQ thread.

==ROSA LUX FLAG NOW== please I don't know graphic design


but yeah

rosa lux flag now pls

May I suggest

maybe use this

Here's an incentive: Make rosa lux flag real and I'll stop namefagging. Legit. I promise.

mods, what the fuck. why did you bumplock my thread? >>619864
what the fuck happened? are you fuckers so triggered by any discussion about immigrants? mods are complete shit here REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

rosa flux flag plis

dude why the fuck did you have to bump lock my thread? what the fuck man? why are you as equally shit as Holla Forums?
or kys tbqmfh fam

Stop shitting up the thread. Really.

I am not the only mod here. And for the second time, go ask for your flag on the FAQ thread.

hey dude can you tell the other mods to check the FAQ thread? we've already asked for it several times there

Lol, fucking FACTS are "bullshit" also where is calling out you GG faggots for being delusional reactionary hypocrites a bannable offence?

Actually the ban ended moron.

Also faggot why should I respect a ban where it's clearly just you abusing your mod powers?

Sure thing familia, it is even funnier because you imply I am part of GG/MRA/whatever boogeyman of yours.

Your ban never ended. It is permanent.

Why was the transexual thread bumplocked?

Are we not allowed to discuss transsexualism anymore? Is it too much fun?

Absolutely nothing to do with the board, and the thread went to shit anyway

Come on, you've gotta allow us to have some fun once in a while.
The rest of stormiechan spams and cuck-posts these kind of threads to death. I think it is better and more productive to consider Holla Forums a chan within a chan.

I get why you did it, but I think you should reconsider how much fun you want to disallow on the board.

Anyways, it's up to you and I'm not really upset, I'm just giving some friendly advice.

transsexualism (read: idpol) isn't leftism

Transexuality is a dissorder (hormonal and so on).

There is no such thing as "Transexualism" as it is not a theory or Ideology.

/r/ing the CP spam URL be wordfiltered to something like "hide and report", as it is on Holla Forums

At any given time, 50% of the front page is Holla Forums posters disingenuously asking to be educated when all they really want to do is spam their garbage memes.

Can we have a Designated Shitting Thread where all Holla Forums posters can "ask" away to their hearts' content? And threads outside of that can be deleted?

I'm really glad this board isn't run by a paranoiac who is obsessed with "sliding" and "shills," but that doesn't mean we should be required to entertain every tired argument to the detriment of our own circlejerking.

Let's dispel with this notion that the board owner isn't a tankie. BOARD OWNER IS A TANKIE.

We already have that thread, though. It's called the FAQ, and if you're concerned with shitposting Holla Forumsacks you should just direct them there.

What happened to the "Bob is a factory worker in the People's Republic" thread?

Did it get removed to a gulag for its political crimes?!
Cuz I know /lefty/ doesn't move fast enough for it to have disappeared off page 15


I know it was a troll thread, but those kind of threads are actually pretty good opportunities to dispel idiotic notions people have about communism (including the ideas held by some so called marxists). It's not like the standard of discussion was any lower than the rest of the board, which is mostly people sperging about identity politics and other kinds of irrelevant bullshit. I mean, when was the last time this board had any actual discussion concerning marxist theory?

The threads where people ask questions or want their misconceptions disproved, that can be simply answered by reading a book get tiring. Especially with all the "Please explain X to me" threads recently. I'm just trying to cleanse the board of topics that get posted all the time, and as you said this also happens with threads about some youtuber/twitterer nobody knows saying retarded shit.

Christ am I tired of Holla Forumss overmoderation. Just because mods don't pretend not to have their finger over the delete button doesn't make it justified.

Do you think that our friendly opponents are going to read books after you delete their threads?

Censoring the board may create an echo chamber, prevent our ideas from spreading, and reduce the amount of posters here.

Also you may want to talk with the board owner about changing the FAQ.

Holla Forums welcomes censors debate from non-leftists. Non-leftists frequently come here to ask questions and raise topics for debate get out. Board moderation here is more focused on maintaining a good board index monoculture, so non-leftists have to be on better behavior as OP than they do as participants in someone else's thread get out. If you aren't b8ing or shitposting a leftist, your thread is likely to stay up.

Can someone explain to me why thread related was bumplocked? A thread like this would be a great opportunity to dispel some myths about Lenin. >>639159 gave good answers to OP's questions.
Keeping this thread bumplocked would just signal to outsiders that we're a hug-box and would be confirmation to Holla Forums that we're J.I.D.F.

Cause it was Holla Forums tier propaganda that never wanted to do anything usefull.

You can't just assume that anyone who posts anything that could be considered Holla Forums would argue in bad faith. The OP of that thread certainly wasn't.

You can't just assume that anyone who posts anything that could be considered Holla Forums would argue in bad faith. The OP of that thread certainly wasn't.

Yeah, but this was not a very common misconception.
You can bump-lock a few of the next threads in which people shitpost about the LTV, but this misconception does not get brough up that often.

Just wanna thank the mods/BO/etc. for the new flags, good shit

It started off bad, but the discussion is getting good

Was it necessary to bumplock it?

why don't my webms show up when I post them?


anime posters and namefags need to FUCK OFF

u mad?

Alpenstock in the skull flag nau!

I'm requesting that >>642362 be unbumplocked. If the userbase of Holla Forums truly is non-liberal then it shouldn't have a problem with a thread about an essay which adresses the idpol liberal mindset.

That thread is utter shit. In fact, I just banned the OP for it.

Was not found? Just a glitch on my end?

I was having an interesting discussion too :(

All links to youtube should be broken by inserting the words please make a webm.

can you mods stop bumplocking everything you dont want to discuss? refugee threads, immigration threads, question threads, you fucker dont even respect free speech anymore
>>>Holla Forums tbh fam

RIP free speech

Here's what you should do: make threads with substance rather than "What is X?", "X is Y" and such things.

I know we have a containment thread, and I'm not saying it definitely should be unbumplocked, but >>649141

Seems like it deserves its own thread to me, maybe

What's with the sudden influx of trip/namefags? I swear to Marx there's been a 500% increase since last month.

Because we are a prety stable group, the need for recongnition rises.
Thus, once people see X is tripfaging without everyone bullying, they say "oh.. I might tripfag as well!"

And thus it increases.

can you delete my thread, titled "Against Trotskyism"? It is bugged to shit, can't even access it.

can I re-create the thread after that?


never mind got it running, don't delete it.

Ron fixing Holla Forums >>>Holla Forums572911
Beware of the honeypot shills


Ron fixing Holla Forums >>>Holla Forums572911
Beware of the honeypot shills

Fix broken images by pasting this to your User JS
function linkfix() { var x = document.querySelectorAll("div.files a"); for (var i = 0; i < x.length; ++i) { x[i].href = x[i].href.replace("media.","media2."); } var y = document.querySelectorAll("div.files a img"); for (var i = 0; i < y.length; ++i) { y[i].src = y[i].src.replace("media.","media2."); }}$(document).ready(linkfix());$(document).on('new_post',linkfix());
Jim's filipino son Ron is currently fixing the media.8ch server >>>Holla Forums572911
this javascript changes media.8ch links to the working media2.8ch instead


Have you mod guys ever noticed that we have the same "discussion" about Venezuela every fucking time? It always has the following structure:
A: Halp! I am shooted + raped in the streets by Venezuela gangster computer god communism
B: Wat?
A: Venezuela was a grate rich country (haha) until evil socialist corrupt
B: Do you have anything to back that up?
A: inflation under Chavez so bad wah
B: Somebody pulls up stats showing inflation had been as shitty in the 90s as in the aughts
A: *changes topic to something else, like power outages*
B: shows power outages have been a common thing in that shithole since forever
A: *spamspamspam vague complaints emotional shit shooted in the streets bla possibly some police violence pic "proofs" from Egypt thrown in for good measure*
A: Wow, leftypol Chavez fans blown the fuck out!
A: spamspamspam bumpbumpbump

Like last time, this started on hispachan:

Can you put them on autosage or something?

This please.

pls add strong wymyn flag

Why removing the "Trump will destroy globalism" thread?

Yeh I as having fun tearing that one apart, typed out this big long response only for the thread to be deleted

Hello, comrade bureaucrats! What happened (if anything) to thread no. >>665454 ?
When I open it it only gives me this short text: "e0001"

Is this hotwheels or hot pockets?

(Thanks for the answer in advance.)

We traditionally do this in the FAQ thread. (Though I don't support this specific flag since it seems superfluous.)


blame hot wheels

Sorry, but is that an official hotpockets answer or just a user answer?

wut i c


I would like to take the opportunity of this thread to do this.

Polite sage for off topic.

it's broke as fuck, fam.

Thread opens with the mod interface but doesn't if opened normally. Welp.

Here it is if you want to post it again

Posting in the thread usually fixes it. You can open any other thread and modify the posting form to post into the broken thread and it will fix it. Or you can ask a mod to post into it from the mod interface.

Is this type of ban for the thread, or the content?

Doesn't seem very ban worthy to me.

It's a fucking thread we see all the time.

The picture presented doesn't even have much to do with Marxism, if you have actually seen the presentation.
It's trying to out-line that one should think of profits first before going crazy with creativity when making the product, which has fucking nothing to do with anything Marx wrote about. They were just trying to be edgy. If anything, that is just liberal shilling disguised as something revolutionary, something the bourgeoisie are quite content with doing.

Jesus guys, there are shit tier threads all over the place. Fucking DO YOUR JOBS

How the corporate media fucked over the election…

I removed a volunteer who was repeatedly overreaching, so he probably can't access any PMs any more. My message to him here is just that I hope he doesn't mind, and hopefully he can relax a bit & smoke a fat blunt not having to worry about shitposters and CP spammers at 3AM.

Alright I guess. Visiting the board every day was becoming tiresome, especially when low effort threads, shitposters and retards who don't know shit about what they talk about have become more common.

This will sound pretentious but I don't care. You will probably see more shitposting now, so I hope you can get the other mods to actually do what they are supposed to do because many times I was the only one moderating.

See you on bunkerchan, because Holla Forums has become absolute garbage in every sense.

Good luck to you, thanks for deleting the child porn threads and raider's
thats kinda 80%of the userbase most of the time, you cant let it get to you, its an inherent nature of chan's, especially if you've gone though the trouble to learn and actually know what your talking about, it can take a toll. Just take a break, maybe you can learn to appreciate the board again if you dont have to deal with the worst it has to offer on a constant basis.

Why are white men even allowed to post? Check your god damn privelige

Fuck off already with your shitposting on threads

Queer anarchism/marxism/liberation flag when? Don't make it the mainstream liberal rainbow flag, it has to evoke radicalism.

Put on poster IDs

This just makes it harder for me to b8 actual discussion regarding leftist policies.

Fuck no. Please don't. If you want id's and hate anonymity feel free to post on reddit instead.

Do you know what chan anonymity is?

Is about not having your name or picture, real or not, and not wanting to be "famous" all over the site.

ID are just a code who you can know who you are talking about on each thread.


Can someone outright delete those faces threads? They're starting to make me uncomfortable…

they're already bumplocked faggot. they're still there so you can go and tell OP how much of an ugly little faggot he is

Did we have to ban car-grill poster?

I mean, it was getting pretty pretentious, but no reason to ban somebody ffs.


This. Mods need to stop being overly-sensitive to leftist posters disagreeing with the typical Holla Forums consensus. Make a post against them, sure, but don't be a jerkoff and ban people because it's convenient.

I agree.
There is a tendecy lately to overbumplock/delet threads that are fun/interesting, while allowing ones that are becoming a pile of shitposts (probably because no mod available to stop it.)

I can understand why mods may want to keep the shit away, but we should be carefull not to go full no fun allowed.

See Yui? Even the inteligentsia can be right on basic stuff!

(Made a thread for this separately here: , but some user suggested I post it here as well.)

I'd like to request a socdem flag.

We have so many non-revolutionary or even outright antithetical ideologies to most of Holla Forums's ideologies as flags, most notably the Nazi and DPRK flags, so why not a social democracy flag? It could even serve as a shitposting flag (like the Nazi and DPRK flags often do).

Social democracy is, like it or not, a very popular and influential ideology, so it deserves some representation IMO.

See pic related for flag suggestion.

Also, some suggested poignant titles for it that might be humorous or ironic:
Eat your heart out.

buddhist socialist flag plz

First and second lines are good

make it yourself and then show it here you lazy fuck



good morning comrades

Soo… is the bunkermag post not sticky… because?

Mods, what the actual fuck. Why do you keep taking down the OC thread? For gods sake if you have a problem just tell us

unless im the only one the thread isnt working for?

It's a bug in Holla Forums, threads sometimes go 404 for no reason. They still work, mods can post in them from the mod panel to fix it, or you can too if you edit the posting form's thread value to the thread's OP number.

A mod actually did delete it, though. For "cleanup" or whatever. I would link you to their post saying so, but I don't know where it is.

Guess its time to make a new one

You know what? I say we start protesting about the deletion of bunker sticky and OC sticky!



That's mildly terrifying….

there is straight porn on the first page of the catalog. please remove it and get your acts together–this stuff has been appearing for months.

It's either CP spam or bad memes. Actual posting of pornography is pretty rare.

MODS please remove the CP spam don't just wait for it to slide.

This board is supposed to be SFW, and this shit isn't just NSFW it's illegal and, worse, it's just fucking gross.

jesus christ get off your useless asses and actually do something about the board.
5 fucking Holla Forums shilling threads a day and you faggots do nothing but replying to dumbass election bait threads.
bumplock Holla Forums threads please

I like this guy already!

A board that keeps moderation in check and not letting them run amok.

I love you guys


I am the one saying we had too much moderation.



Is leninism that doomed?

holy fuck this is a new level of autism.
i honestly feel sorry for you guys now.


BO, please fix Socdem flag and put it between Snibetti Snab and Socialism


Mods can you please clear up the Holla Forumsluters and permaban the IRC faggots?


remove ancom tbh

but it's fun to watch their tardery

Board owner

/* Hide Codemonkey's recommended boards */div.boardlist [data-description="1"] {display:none;}

The board quality has dropped so low that I think moderation should step in. I think that something must be done about the bunkerchan people in particular.



It's picture perfect.

All this boils downs to

The irc faggots forced me to ban them. Watch as board quality skyrockets, and I already resigned so yolo.

The deed is done, but they are still posting with tor. I recommend bo turn off tor posting.

Can we have some Official IRA or INLA flag?

Sorry to leave you guys out of the top bar. It was nothing personal, just didnt fit with /monster/ up there too. I switched /monster/ with /m/ and put you guys there for the time being.

Soon the top bar will be decided algorithmically. No guarantees if you guys will still be up there after it is decided by algorithm.

Also, commie girls are cute.

Can something be done about the daily "IQ is genetic" Holla Forumsposting?

It's been dealt with time and time again but the shitposts continue.

Imo the biggest boards shouldn't be on the top bar at all, I can't see how Holla Forums, Holla Forums, Holla Forums or Holla Forums would be getting more traffic since everybody knows about them already.


TOR posting is off, some comrades in blocked nations or privacy-conscious comrades cannot post right now.

Mods do a favor to this board and ban the triggered redditors: ancom and the anarcha-feminist shitposters. You will be doing a great service to this board.

I've already banned some of them today, along with a bunch of Holla Forums raiders this morning. The great purge is still continuing from yesterday.

Thank you based Mod, keep up the good work.


so why have all the sectarian threads been from irc tankies?


hello there ban evader.

In the other thread you were basically agreeing with the ancom shitposter/false-flagger that there is to be no discussion with Marxist posters here.

Further I don't remember you posting here, and teh first time I saw your posts was a couple of weeks ago.

You should be purged immediately.

But I'm on my phone.
I was banned again?

I talk about Marxist theory all the time. Just because you don't see me doesn't imply my non-existence. That's pure arrogance.

just please cut out the nsfw posting and intentional anime annoyance, please?

I've been trying my best on both accounts. The NSFW just slips out when egged on but it's my fault nonetheless. The avatarfagging is just habit. Haven't been banned in too long though because I've been a good, obedient girl!

ok pls don't be obedient, just do nsfw spoliered if you have to at all. It's not about moralfaggotry, it's just that this is a pro-worker place and it would be nice not to accidentally screw someone over and get them fired from their job.

I do, I do! Promise!

Fuck off, you spam it constantly, out of the blue.

I disagree.

nck yrslf

sage :^)

back to reddit with you.

ur gonna get saged so hard :^)

Can you seriously not even stop shitposting in a thread discussing how you were banned for shitposting?

I haven't really made a shitpost meritting a ban today, though. Sure, I've been banned before, but this is irrelevant to this particular case.
The only argument the "other" side has against me is muh feels, muh "you shouldn't post here because you look like an idpol," ad nauseam. It is so nauseating that it doesn't make sense to post back with a coherent argument. Shitposting is love. Shitposting is life, and so on and so on.

your whole existence merits a ban post, you don't add anything of value to this board. Get out.

Pray tell, what is a ban post?

enjoy your shitepoasting from angry users you sperglord

Just deletiting ircfag spam.

"Freedom is always freedom of the dissenter"
t. Luxemburg

Please do not go down this path prickly.

who the FUCK is prickly you cancerous faggots

The janitor who did the mass bans and thread prunings. He's been acting a little unhinged as of late.

irc faggots pls, you're making this job like a game of whack a mole. Stop ban evading. I can clearly see that you have no post history and are thus a ban evader.

I'm on mobile, the ip changes with location

Get out prickly.

Pls try to avoid confrontation, that will just lead to more needless drama

It's too late, the janishite is in cheka mode

Prickly has systematically been banning people, because the autistic faggot got his feelings hurt in the IRC.

It is simply unacceptable.

like so. These people are not only spammers, they are terribel peopel who use social engineering attempts to try to get their way

he excluded the part where he pretended to be my pal

Let's try to not make this personal, lads

At no point did I 'pretend' anything.
I contacted you after hearing about you 'purging' everyone to hear your side of the story in good faith.
I was more then willing to take your side in matters, if you could present a reasonable response to what I asked.

Instead what I found was an autist with very thin skin that got triggered over some ribbing and decided to abuse his position as moderator to 'purge' everyone that he dislikes.

IRC is, was and will always be a mistake.

Should we rename thid board to highschoolleftipol?

So much for revolutionaries, lol
I knew this board was shit, but bullying? Fucking disgusting.

There was no bullying.

People on the IRC give each other shit all of the time.
Prickly just had thin skin and decided to turn a minor IRC drama into a board drama.

If what mod said in that quote is true, then there was bullying.
You don't just go around creating fake okupid accounts as a kind of half-assed joke.

Even if you assume that anecdote to be true (and you should not due to Prickly being legitimately unhinged).
Responding to that by banning everyone that he dislikes on the board is beyond the cuff.

Holla Forums was a mistake

Prickley, are some of the IRC people nice? Not all treated you like shit.

Not Sage is a fucken faggot and keeps posting in old threads… ban him !!!!!!!

this is the state of ideology we live in. If you haven't abused before, it's apparently okay now because you've racked up good boy points.

BO: What are you endorsing scapegoating and mod abuse for?

revolution! democracy is needed, so pissy mods cant take out all there angst (about no one liking them) on the masses


One Nat Soc thread at a time. Not fucking four.

Where's jim profit when you need him?

Why are there like four fucking Not Socialism threads, and daily porn, prostitution, and pedophilia threads? What the fuck are you assholes doing?

remove flags and trip codes and bring back IDs

flags are like IDpol they dived the left

Natsoc threads must be redirected to the sticky, it makes us look bad when there are threads on Nazi topics on the front page and people who are new may think we are literal nazies are ourselves. Ban the Holla Forumsshitposters and move on. Also pedo threads have nothing to do with leftism and don't belong in here.

flags are fun they can stay, but I agree to bring back ID's because sometimes it gets confusing when people are arguing in a thread with the same flag. It's also easier to identify shitposting with ID's.

we never had them?




it is

probably because you spend more time sucking cock than reading theory


Hey mods, try checking this board more often than every 4 hours.

Can we get one cyclical thread for Brexit, BO?
I'd rather we not have 15+ threads about this shit by tomorrow.

will it really last that long though?
temporary shitstorms are a feature of imageboards imo.


I'm betting pol has twice that amount?

I wondered, giving that race baiting/derailling kills potentially good threads more often than not, wouldn'it be better to make an unique race containment thread, like Holla Forums is doing with GG?

I am an anarcho-voluntarist who sometimes posts here and I had not a single bad experience.

>>>Holla Forums6471497

BO I've sent you a second email, more angrily than the second due to no reply, but as I sent it it hit me that you may just not check your email anyway, so I figured I should try and hit you up here. If you dont check your email at all then sorry in advance for getting pissed you ignored the first one.

Mods don't forget to ban all Holla Forums raid threads. Shitposting is and spam is not free speech, range ban them so we can be rid of this filth.

Also Mods be sure to check out old revived threads as it is a way for Holla Forums to slide new threads as seen here:

For example there's this faggot:

They obviously don't go to the sticky in order to slide regular threads. It doesn't help that this board doesn't have cohesive moderation on this issue.

Just make a sticky for all Holla Forums shitposters or Holla Forumsyp new comers that genuinely want to learn on this topic and delete all that other shit.

did that ban-happy retarded anarkiddie mod get removed yet?

we're getting spammed atm

you're a gay faggot


I seem to have triggered shillcen again, he's spamming his gay and bestiality porn threads of assmad ALLCAPS just like during the Crabbening. He thinks everything he dislikes is 'from' here, including me. Sorry he's such an idiot and that I he's taking out his raeg at me on y'all, please baleet his threads.

t. dr. piccolo

I made a new flag pls add

Can we ban the discord marketing team?

Shouldn't we ask the mods to check if it's the same IP?

Aren't you the privacy elitist who, ironically, got BTFO in the discord thread for getting into other people's business?

Now you're asking the mods to ban us all, hilarious. I think you're the one who needs to get banned for a while, then you'll have time to calm down a little bit.

Haven't visited in a while, but apparently I'm still banned bc of prickly. Fix this please?

BO dosnt seem interested about prickly. If you're on IRC I can give you a VPN.

prickly is still a little salty cuck bitch hes always been. just use tor, the only downside is its a bit slow and you cant upload images, but its better than begging BO and her beta follower crew of mods.

thanks for reminding me that ircfags and Holla Forumsuters are one and the same

wow, I can't believe they are still at it.

FYI we're being spammed. I think krillcen is huttburt again about getting his Daily Dose. It's irrelevent redtext this time at least, and not animal cocks.

Made a new banner pls add



Forget it, opinionstube can hax your anus with embed vids.

who cares.


dude spamming can someone spank him lmfao

what takes mods so long


lol nerds

Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys?

it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill, who presents and narrates the attached video.

Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future.

Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!

Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin Holla Forums maymays, this one is the readl deal.54345435

Please wordfilter PoC, it looks like our friends from /r/socialism are starting to spread this cancerous term here

Maybe filter it to 'muds' just to fuck with redditors

maybe people are just using it cause its convenient to type and its more accurate than just saying blacks cause often times one means to include other minorities as well but just says blacks


"Anyone who isn't white is a minority and is meant to be poor and oppressed. The world is 'Murica and ain't nobody got time for real problems like the economic system sucking"

I propose something like "word that shows am not racist, while I am".

Nah, it doesn't fit. It must be a replacement that will leave a flow of a post relatively intact and it should be offensive to discourage and confuse any potential redditard wanting to use it. Obviously "shitskins" would be too plebeian and unsophisticated, but it should be something along those lines, like "filthy non-aryans", what suggested or such. Think how to fuck them up, not how to gain a moral high ground.

how about niggers?

I just want to see who got the get

niggers describes only one group, what if a discussion will be about spics? Maybe shitskins would be fine after all

just call'em niggers

But what about spics and chinks?

What about Wops and Micks?

I don't like that some mod deleted the comfy thread about sex that was up.

Nigger would have the advantage of triggering newfags redditor like OMG didn'twanttotypeiswear, but otherwise, we could use something like aliens, or métèque, or wop, or davo?

it's been a while

suggesting POC wf to "rainbow nation"

How about "non-whites"?

Bernie should wordfilter to Martin
Sanders should wordfilter to O'Malley
do it now!

Jesus Christ/ Holla Forums is out in full force.


Should change to colored
Eternal triggering


coloured people puts emphasis on what makes them different from regular people, their colour. (who even thought this shit up anyway? It sounds like something Holla Forums would do, putting all non-whites in the same group)
people of colour puts emphasis on them being people and has their colour as a minor accessory and not an important and distinguishable part of their being.
t. Knower Autist.

This is why in Britain we just refer to people as their race. POC and coloured people are basically on the same level here and regarded as a bit racist, but not anything people will flip their shit over.

Benedict Cumberbatch got called out for it before, hilariously. He has spent a lot of time in America so has picked it up, then when talking about black British actors not getting a fair break he refers to them as either PoC or coloured, I can't remember which. Everyone had a bit of a lol over it including himself and moved on.

Requesting a world filter replacing 'when will Holla Forums realize,' 'when will you commies admit' and such to 'I'm a smugfag here to talk shit. Again.' Especially for thread OPs.


Might I suggest basketball americans?

Any particular reason this got deleted?

I can't find it in the logs.

Replies are pic related.

Maybe someone on that end's got anti-GMO views, or maybe there's some technical issue.

I can just repost and give it another try. I'd like to have a "theory and theory accessories" thread.

shitkins is fine

"filthy shitskins" would be great. it doesn't make us Holla Forums any more than filtering "anti-wh1te" to "deeply triggering and excellent" makes us tumblrites. the point is to trigger the type who uses that term as much as humanly possible.

TBH it'd be funnier if it wordfiltered to "colored people" because it does a better job exposing how retarded "PoC" is.

+1 for coloured people.

I agree

voting for "colored people"

voting for shitskin

voting for untermenschen

How about "coloureds" for extra apartheid points?

requesting a maoist third worldist flag and a jason unruhe flag

Is there a different flag for mtw? That one looks a lot like roo's logo.

it is, i think his logo looks p nice.
how bout this one

Maybe somethibg like these?

I like the second one. MODS PLS ACCEPT

We had, two days ago this thread (first pic)

Now, we have the same thread, filled with the same arguments from every single side - and I bet the same people too. Can't they keep this stuff in r/anarchism?

It's Pol triggering out an-fem poster with pol-tier arguments.

It will pass.


absolutely perfect

tbh I've actually been considering filtering POC to "coloreds" for a long while, but at the end of the day I don't see a big point in it. "PoC" is probably one of the least annoying/idiotic neologisms of the SJW left. arguments for or against?

filter it to "niggers" or "shitskin" would be good

also add a maoism third wordlism flag pls

Can we get an anti-deutsche (Israeli) flag? I feel it would upset the third worldists that it even exists, even if nobody uses it, to make adding it worthwhile.

terrible idea. I have no idea why so many israel shills think Holla Forums is an acceptable place to go.

What about this one?

It doesn't symbolize anything, except an eternal love for the 2D and the wish for all to enjoy it.

As expected from a kurd-supporting imperialist lol

Why was the thread on Civilization deleted. The OP was 'is x a spook' shit but it could be saved

I seem to have triggered Krillcen again, or he's gobe off his meds. He's posting irrelevant news articles here. At least it isn't his horseporn hoard this time.

The convention brought in a swarm of Holla Forumstards making shit threads, god damn.

I wouldn't sweat it, they're scrubs even compared to most polyps.


Is there anyway we can just be done with redundancy? If a Holla Forumslyp post a race thread, fine. But only one, and we should delete Holla Forums threads that are pretending to be leftypol.

i vote "for"

I don't see POC pop up all that often but it would be nice for when it did

Holla Forumslyps keep making shit threads by the dozen, help.


who are you quoting you dumb fuck

Hello Holla Forums.

It isn't authority if our community has rules we all agreed to that you retards keep breaking.
Kinda like how people mob on known pedophiles.

Hope you learned and stop bringing up such a shitty "argument".

Change word filter B████ to Barney and B████ ██████ to Barney Gumble

i'm a newfag on double chan, i can't tell but i'm glad there is a Holla Forums.
its a good place for debate, i'm pleasantly surprised. on half chan you'd have to go to /his/ to talk with people with more than two brain cells.
half chan's Holla Forums is cancer, i assume 8ch Holla Forums isn't much better

kekity doo

almost 30 threads about a pollyp's fetish for cocks in his anus.

Where are the mods?

Was becoming more rule cucked than pol part of your plan?

I like how Holla Forumslyps can't speak without memes.

Why haven't you banned anfem yet? Every thread goes to shit when she starts posting there.

Current state of the board:
Pol keeps raiding. He hold off as usual.
AnFem poster is knowingly or not aiding pol by being a faggot. Bait is too strong. We have started to be able to fend off.
Reddit has started inflitrating. Tankies are taking over as well. We are bleeding heavily.


Make me a volunteer Mods and I'l take-down every single one of these Holla Forums shitposting threads.

You're all faggots and should kill yourself LOL

Now 8/b/ is making shitty threads too. Nice.

Where the fuck is the cleaning team

Half the threads on the first page are Holla Forums threads

Is this a fucking joke? And you retards keep falling for them every single time.

I don't know if this is the right thread for this but is there any way Holla Forums can include a Eco-Socialist flag (Red/Green)? Or for kicks perhaps even a watermelon?

Eco socialist flag please

Why was 837831 deleted?
Or what happened to that thread? And why?
It was just fine 12 hours ago…

Fuck off newfag

who is the newfag here?

Every thread must be saged, no exceptions

No, but the thread featured some interesting leaks that might've been interesting to look at for people here.
I don't see why it had to be deleted, except maybe because the tone was kind of spammy.

I for one would prefer if Holla Forumss owner wasn't a rainbow haired sjw.

hand the board over to real revolutionary you cow.

this, fuck that bitch, she's probably that annoying feminist slut that pisses around the board

it's like your reading my mind, comrade.

dis, BO should be serving real communists not her silly idpolitics abput muh vagina, muh brown oppressed people.

I hear the BO uses capitalist made products

I hear Board owner suppressed the Ferguson threads because she's a coal burner.
everyone knows communists are


communism has never worked once and never will work.

seconding this

Shitposting has become very intense recently

Should mods starts dleting threads even if nobody reports them?

Yeah, just look at the last posts on this very same thread.

Bollocks, shitposting allows people to satirise and criticise others even when they do not have enough substance to their post.

People should be free to do that.

sinner.. heh

That's fucking retarded.

that's new

Fug, meant to

Can we wordfilter SJW to upholders of the concord or peace corps or something like that? It has plenty of potential for indignation from the GamerGays and Holla Forumsyps.

BO is a dude LMAO.

Go away, Reddit.

Why do I keep getting banned?


If only there was a way to move shitty threads to Leftyb instead of deleting/permasaging them.

Maybe if you stopped asking loaded questions.

We need an authoritarian feminist flag to separate us from the anarkiddies.

we need cuban flag

you already have one: flag related

as a matter of fact, the tankie flag should be declared the official flag of liberal roleplayers

Market socialist flag

Mods please

Hey mods, why did you bumplock this thread? are we not allowed to discuss feminism? the OP is explicitly a leftist radical Marxist, not a liberal bourgeoisie feminist, it has it's place on Holla Forums

i assume it's because the OP is written like pure 100% bait, regardless of whether he raises any interesting questions it's pretty clear the intention of the thread is just to make people froth at the mouth and call him a cuck. basically this:

perhaps you could remake the thread if you'd like to discuss those questions, i'm sure you'd be able to make an OP that wouldn't inspire half the replies to be "let the bait die" sages

Could we get Castro hats on each post for the 13th?

this and this for the 13th, Fidel's birthday pls

you deserved the ban imo

why am i banned

/kc/ or krautchan has surpassed Holla Forums, a fucking bunker board is bigger userbase than this board.
So how does it feel being bumped down by a board of migrating nazis.

Why should we care, though?

Can moderation please unban me already? I was permanently banned for activities which did not violate any of 8ch's global rules or Holla Forums's board rules. It was ridiculous and completely untenable, but I waited 90 days in the hopes that it would be removed anyway. It wasn't, and I'm still permabanned after over 130 days.

Please rectify this ridiculous abuse of moderation by one of your moderators because I've tolerated this bullshit unjust ban for long enough and I'd rather not have to use questionable open proxies which almost never work just in order to get the chance to post. Also, in the future, please get your mods under control. I hope that since I was banned, the moderator was either removed or had their power-tripping misconduct rectified.

Can moderation please unban me already? I was permanently banned for activities which did not violate any of 8ch's global rules or Holla Forums's board rules. It was ridiculous and completely untenable, but I waited 90 days in the hopes that it would be removed anyway. It wasn't, and I'm still permabanned after over 130 days.

Please rectify this ridiculous abuse of moderation by one of your moderators because I've tolerated this bullshit unjust ban for long enough and I'd rather not have to use questionable open proxies which almost never work just in order to get the chance to post. Also, in the future, please get your mods under control. I hope that since I was banned, the moderator was either removed or had their power-tripping misconduct rectified.

Here is the image of the ban. It's not on this IP Address; I had to spend an hour finding a working proxy to post this.

why is an SJW so hell-bent on posting on Holla Forums

Why is someone on Holla Forums using alt-right reactionary terms to describe other people? Keep your SJW whining to >>>Holla Forums.

Talking about gender-neutral pronouns is neither "SJW" nor against policy. Get fucked.

Nah, I wouldn't want people like
to post here.

How sad for you. I'll rub one out in your memory. Fortunately, your stupid opinion doesn't determine whether I am here. I didn't violate any rules or policies, so there is zero basis whatsoever to maintain a ban, especially when I've already tolerated it for over 4 months.

Okay here's some feedback.

Your board moderation fucking sucks. Not a little bit sucks, not a medium bit sucks.

Massively fucking sucks. I don't know who this autist is that keeps spamming the thread about his vendetta with a mod and I don't care, but one thing he said was right

This is absolutely true.

Seems like one of the things this board was supposed to pride itself on was NOT being a cucked retard safe space like the way 8 Holla Forums became. This has been totally lost and it is becoming just that now.

You wan't improvement re-staff the board from scratch or involve Jim to clean it up.

With the increasingly leftist view, this board is fast becoming a leddit lite on Holla Forums where saying niggers will make people triggered.

Heck c.himpout is already wordfiltered.

Really? All I've seen is the influx of tankies that are basically Nazis pretending to be socialists.
The wordfilters are to trip up retards that rely on spewing buzzwords as arguments.

Make stickies display several posts. It's not too interesting to see one post that is probably a reply to another, therefore lacking context. Stickies also tend to get less activity than regular posts, and this is probably why.

bumping to increase visibility of another stickied thread

ask that on /sudo/ to make it an option

We can make this change after releasing some new features that are almost ready to go.

Gender neutral pronouns are alright with me. Gendered pronouns are a bit outdated. Gender neutral pronouns make more sense in a modern world.

Also, SJWs are either "not leftists" or they are a shame of leftists.

Why did the racist board owner bump-lock the black revolutionary thread ? Is the black community with its cultural and political history in America deemed less important to discuss than some drawn catgirls or strategy computer game? How come you bump-lock a thread about us, but you never bump-lock the Yugoslav or Syrian threads? I guess white people are more important, and our issues are "trivial"?

If this matter doesn't resolved soon, I'm thinking of starting a new leftist board where black people will feel welcome, seeing as how this board is ostracizing us.

Can this thread please be un-cycled? We plan on starting a new one tomorrow before our next meeting. I wouldn't mind having it deleted if you'd prefer that (keep us from having 2 threads in circulation).

I'd like to apply for moderation.

My main motivations behind my request would be:
tired of both

I'd be doing all of this to secure some basic discoursive integrity for all leftist ideologies; the Holla Forumsyps crowd out any interesting topics with their irrelevant shit and the post-leftists ruin whatever anarchist ideology has to offer by appropriating its dead corpse for 'fun' (see: pure, uncut autism).

I have all the time in the world because my job has me reading half the time, and the entire other half behind a computer with no internet restrictions.

Now tell me how I can apply or send BO or whatever an email.

top fucking kek

I've been a mod before. I lost my account's validity for volunteer simply because I was busy and had about a month of vital things to do IRL, after which the volunteer trip expires.

I'm coming, bucko.

I sympathize with you a lot comrade, and I hope for the slight chance you might take the position, but sorry, the Board Owner doesn't give a shit about the status of the board, as do the other moderators.

I was a mod too, kek

I've had some exchanges with BO when I was a volunteer and it's not like they don't give a shit; it's that they've lost any motivation for whateve reasons and what little adminisrative activity left just comes from whichever of like four volunteers happen to be around at any random time to check the report queue.

Hell, I hated being a mod sometimes but this board is the only one I browse in this shithole and I have a lot of free time since I am still a student. I was kicked some months ago, though to this day I don't know the reason, perhaps lashing out at shitposters in their ban reasons.

At this point I wouldn't mind being a mod again. But at the very minimum I hope the moderation here gets their shit together and sets actual board rules.


Mods fucking where

Can I be a volunteer? I spend an incrediblely unhealthy amount of time on this board and I think I could do a pretty decent job.

Purge them all user.

I am low on volunteers and may make a new volunteer signup thread some time in the future. Just so you guys know, I'm not looking for people who want to "purge the cancer" or anything dramatic like that. Just level-headed people with a lot of free time, to delete/autosage Holla Forums shitposts.

I think we need better moderation tools but that can't be solved with this shitty chan.
How do I post as a board volunteer?

I was joking BO. Please don't take that seriously.

And I was just referring to the post leftists that are openly shitposting and trying to ruin( even more) the board.

This, first the post leftists and then the anarchists.

Then the ML's

They were right to ban you. Their only mistake was not making it permanent.

not the anarchists, just the post leftists/nihilists that shit on literally everyone.

the Holla Forumsyps are still lurking around and trying to blend in…

I like how you guys handled our glorious get

can we have a shitpost thread that is cycled? a containment zone for all minor bullshit, ancap-Holla Forums shitposting etc.

this is a pretty good idea

wew lad.

This. There needs to be a thread for topics that do not deserve their own threads.

That could contain Holla Forumsack shit

Gonzalo flag pl0x
The Maoism flags are too broad, I can be taken for MZT or third-worldist, and I don't want that :^(

I just threw this one together, it's hard to see what it's meant to be but it'll work lmao

Why was the thread about anime fanservice deleted?

Probably because it devolved into worthless shitposting

this IRC boogeyman is a shit meme propagated by an autist so assblasted about being disagreed with that he's done nothing but complain about it for months

I thought it was no worse then the majority of threads on this board.

The Maoism flag is not for identification as such, it's rather a warning sign about the mentality of it's user. Same with Tankie.

Mods, why do you dislike me?

ur a faget

Bumping this. The endless bait threads need to end.

;_; it's true,
all too true…

I like u

Think we could get a simple red and green flag to denote eco-socialism?

This is a good idea.
Also, could we get a green star for Esperanto?

I think mods should ban everyone I disagree with and report, since I am incapable of reason and argument.

But Holla Forums already has its own board.

is there some alternative to leftypol where trolls and shills like above are banned?


This is why we blow you the fuck out every time. Your ideology is dead because you cannot handle any kind of aggression.

Don't you have a bull to go pick up? You don't want to keep your mother waiting.

This is getting off hand, too many shitposting.

You need to change moderation and put a minimun amount of words per thread and just ban stormfags that don't want to debate and only scream "KIKE"

Forgot to take off my shitposting flag

Why are all the fuccbois out 2nite

Do individual posts get deleted? What are the usual criteria?

no, NSA decided that moderation on leftist boards hampers their ability to censor opinions and discussions through spam and trolling.

The NSA doesn't care about us because we're not important enough and a lot of them supposedly revealed full Holla Forums powerlevels after Snowden revealed himself to be a neo-liberal idpoler on twatter.

lmfao, get a load of that guy.
ofc you're wrong but if you weren't then instead of the NSA it's the FBI or GCHQ or a privately funded rightwing organization how the fuck does it matter which organization did it?

anyway, here's some info in case you are not a shill but merely retarded and living on an island without internet access:

also it helps to have a look at page two of google search results:

User 08/14/16 (Sun) 12:09:20 No.43102
If you watch some adam curtis you will find out that those neocon guys are completely insane.
Watch The Power of Nightmares, pay attention to the parts about sleeper cells in USA, Project MKUltra and especially the "Team A and Team B" story. Or read about it on wikipedia, but it's not quite as funny there.

User 08/14/16 (Sun) 12:19:44 No.43103
one more, the "backdoor" in LOIC:

no idea how i fucked up adding this highly relevant link, but there you go:

cu on bunkerchan.

you're not seriously talking about that "hey guys i totally work for the nsa ps we all love pol :^)" thread are you

i have no idea what you are talking about. were you responding to my deleted post (see below)?

lmfao, get a load of that guy.
ofc you're wrong but if you weren't then instead of the NSA it's the FBI or GCHQ or a privately funded rightwing organization how the fuck does it matter which organization did it?

anyway, here's some info in case you are not a shill but merely retarded and living on an island without internet access:

also it helps to have a look at page two of google search results:

User 08/14/16 (Sun) 12:09:20 No.43102
If you watch some adam curtis you will find out that those neocon guys are completely insane.
Watch The Power of Nightmares, pay attention to the parts about sleeper cells in USA, Project MKUltra and especially the "Team A and Team B" story. Or read about it on wikipedia, but it's not quite as funny there.

User 08/14/16 (Sun) 12:19:44 No.43103
one more, the "backdoor" in LOIC:

no idea how i fucked up adding this highly relevant link, but there you go:

cu on bunkerchan.

Read through them all. Not A SINGLE thing about us. We're fucking irrelevant, you idiot. Nobody cares about us just look at the fucking board right now and how much reach we have. None. Meanwhile Holla Forums is fucking everywhere in the news, they are. NOT US. The only thing that remotely they deployed against was OWS.

Kill yourself

you accidentally responded to the wrong post.
unless is correct and you have no purpose in life whatsoever and only bring sorrow and suffering to those around you.

I think you should unban rebel. The guy makes good posts a lot some of the time. Even if he was unnecessary mean to muke.

The problem with being a tripfag is that all your posts are much more visible, including the bad ones, which makes guys like him an easy target to report and ban if he starts funposting.

Guy who posted the screenshot of you banning someone for telling people that I was banned, was not me.

Unban both of them, you lightweights.

I can't unban anyone if I don't know what their ban was.

threads r being flooded yo

Yo I propose a new tankie flag, the current one doesn't even look like an actual tank, and so I made a KV-2ish looking one.
pic related, it's me and my flag

Requesting flag for the distributist market-socialist post-keynesian kaleckian kierkegaardian special snowflake minskian movement

Cmon admin, take the new flag. Don't see how beautiful it looks?

Requesting that Brocialism gets filtered to "actual socialism" and brocialist gets filtered to " genuine socialist.


Is it just me or is the catalog not updating?

Nope, having the same problem here.

came here to bitch and moan about make the admin aware of that myself, you're not the only one.

yogapig fix site

the fuck is up with this?

the only CTR I know of is Crash Team Racing

thirded :—DDDD

Admin gib new tankie flag reeeeeeee

looks like it's the same type of thing as calling a Trump supporter racist so you don't have to deal with their arguments. You're not even allowed to think on pol, it's pro-Trump or banned.

(Trump's connection to Rothschild money is well established at not controversial).

That Tank is ultimate cute! We need this!

Ban this filth tho

CTR = Correct The Record = Hillary's propaganda group

Can we filter correct
to "I have no argument?"
because that's what they seem to mean now

Aren't you fast. Also those are used by everybody no matter what their political stance is, so there's really no need for a filter

Mexico has apparently come to the conclusion that illegal immigration is a bad thing. The uncontrolled flow of people across the border has effected Mexico enough that they feel the need to take action.

This is Mexico's southern border by the way.

Apparently people seeking a better life is not a good reason to cross the border as has been claimed in the past.

Donald Trump wants a wall on America’s southern border to keep illegal immigrants out. But for people such as Rosa, whose husband, mother, sister,
brother-in-law and two nephews were murdered in her native Honduras by gangs who then tried to recruit her 14-year-old son, Mexico already acts as a
formidable barrier.

Rosa, who asked for her full name not to be used, fled with her two teenage sons only to find herself trapped in a political controversy that the US
Republican candidate has put at the heart of his campaign.

Zero net immigration of Mexicans into the US and an 82 per cent fall in people caught trying to cross the US-Mexico border in the past 10 years means
that most would-be immigrants detained there are Central Americans. Even without Mr Trump’s fortress frontier, Mexico finds itself under increasing
pressure to stem the migrant tide near its source — its own southern border.

Mexico has become a wall for migrants,” said Sister Magdalena Silva, co-ordinator of Cafemin, a privately run shelter in Mexico City that takes in
refugee families, including Rosa’s. “The current policy is to arrest migrants to stop them from getting to the US border.”

The UN estimates 400,000 Central Americans cross illegally into Mexico each year and as many as half of those are fleeing violence. The majority are
quickly deported back to dangerous homes.

Unlike in the US, Mexico has broadened asylum laws to recognise that fleeing violence of the kind practised by the street gangs of Honduras and El
Salvador can classify someone as a refugee. But the odds are still stacked against asylum seekers: Mexico deported a record 175,000 Central Americans
last year, up 68 per cent from the previous year and nearly two-and-a-half times the number deported by the US.

The US is coy about its role in Mexico’s crackdown but is sending $75m in equipment and training to help stop Central Americans from crossing
illegally into Mexico. Hosting Mr Trump two weeks ago, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that “making Mexico’s border with our friends and
neighbours in Central America more secure is of vital importance for Mexico and the US”.

Rosa left Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital, with her two teenage sons in January 2016 after a gang tried to recruit one of them on his way home from
school. “We know when a gang targets someone, they don’t leave them alone and they follow through on their threats,” she said.,Authorised=false.html

In the run up to the end of the American election, can you add some word filters for Trump and Clinton to piss off the inevitable shit posters?

Why are you all so shit for deleting the shitposts that comes from Holla Forums but not for everyone else? There are still two threads with porn as their OP in the catalog.

Get some new mods, you shitters.

THIS. I've made a QTDDTOT thread and immediate 17 posts are obvious anime shitposts or a raid. DO SOMETHING YOU FUCKING FAGGOTS!

Can we get an Anarcho-Egoism flag?

we have enough meme flags

A beautiful thread (pic related) was pruned/deleted. I don't know who did this and the specific circumstances that led you to delete a comrade's cry for help, but I hope you die.


bestiality board is in suggested boards list at top of page
why is bestiality board is in suggested boards list at top of page?
pls remove bestiality board from suggested boards list at top of page

kill yourself sjw

what a waste of trips


Why did you delete that pol thread about crying about Nazis etc .. ?
We was having a debait ;_; you cunts

reply for you
What exactly are you asking? I'd appreciate it if you'd speak English, punctuate properly, or use weak instead of week - those are two different things, one is a reference for a date, being "week" the other pertaining to the lack of strength in something, that's "weak", like your skills. But I'll address your point, even though it's low effort.

>under what 'BASIS you connected the two ?
All the world banks are controlled by jews, and jews throughout history have used mercantilism and usery to forward their goals: In Spain, the jews would loan out money and collect interest without having to work themselves, carrying from this problem 1200 years later, they developed the international banks established in each country (from the rothschilds and later the bilderberg note: berg is a commonly jewish name group), and with this they would allow marxist jews like themselves a modicum of power because marxism helps the jewish bankers' interests because all communist countries in the history of the world had a state-protected national (thus international) bank, which the jews controlled.

That's right, your precious communism is used to oppress your fellow proletariat.

Because while you may gain a short burst of income from outsourcing your works, eventually your fiscal empire will keep needing to meet demands with lower quality workforces, lower motivational standards, and lower quality materials, than a nationally-motivated one. It's more fiscally conservative and financially safe to hire locally and grow in that manner, besides that: While a merchant empire may have benefit in growing international trade, a stronger workforce outside of international trade benefits from local stimulus and country-wide economics, instead of global economics, because the vast majority of their resources and production come from and are developed in the country they reside in. If you were based in india, would you hire Russians to fly down to india to work, or just indians in the area who could work the same job with the same qualifications?

Oh, and for your reading pleasure, pics related.

And who are you to talk about "natural reasons" when you and your commie fellows decry "human nature" as an impotent reason.

They delete threads where their retarded ideologies are challenged.

Remember, according to Leftists, Jews are a spook but the CIA is not, and white tribal nepotism in their own countries is wayciss but Jewish tribal nepotism all over the world is a-ok.

You didn't answer the following core question to the Nazi and alt right philosophy :-
"If the white race controlled the banks will corruption disappear ? "
Do you Accept that race has nothing to do with banks being corrupt and admits that capitalism is the core problem ??

Wiled claim in need of proofs

Under what BASIS you concluded that this goal is collective to that group and has nothing to do with capitalism mode of function and individual interest

So dose white black Asian etc… capitalists how the jews are different ?

Fam you don't know what communism is

explain this inconstancy of logic here

But communism goal is a stateless classless post sacristy society
There is no banks and no state

This is nothing BUT capitalism i asked you how it is DIFFERENT FROM capital and you give me a small run down of capitalism in the 20 and 21 century

You either control capitalists to the point of directorship and in that moment capitalists will simply run from your country and pull out their investments
Or you will have a failed economy with no enough resources and high wage costs that drive prices to a wiled frenzy

When i said natural reasons i meant individuals driven by the system that they are in capitalism

Now prove to me this point
and sorry about my shit English

It was shitposting thread fam with no argument I began the dialog not you

Your logic is so incredibly flawed. The Nazi's nationalized banking and yet this is something you criticize communism for advocating. The Jews were bankers because they were banned from participating in other trades. They weren't even the first to be known for usury, the first laws made against it were in Ancient Greece against a non-Jewish peoples. Thinking of the Jews as a hive mind is fallacious.

I didn't address the following "core question" because it wasn't addressed to me. I answered the question you addressed to me, and nothing more.
like lmao, the first thing it says is "court jew".
"fam you don't know what communism is" Clearly it's never been tried, right? Trotsky was a jew, lenin was a jew, everyone who has ever promoted communism was a jew, except the people that did it "improperly" and when they do it "improperly" when they eventually fuck off and go back to regular capitalism or an even shittier variant their quality of life improves.
if you trace the ownership of the banks in every non-fascist/nsdap country even behind the iron curtain you will find jewish hands in them and they all collude together to gain the upper hand and control the wars and arms trade between countries. It's sort of common business practice.

Capitalism isn't the problem, unlike how you tend to attribute all issues to it, like when your types accuse me and mine of doing that for jews.

Nice pipedream. Why don't you "prove" that, considering all places that went to attempt communism fell into the same shitfest that venezeula now inhabits. Venezeula's government and workers "seized the means of production" didn't they?

And yet you think nationalism is bad for these types of things so instead of people cutting and running they are incentivized to continue to sustain their own people and markets. By the way, people pulling out of countries and cutting their losses only really happens in INTERNATIONAL MARKETS
You know, that thing I've been shitting on this whole time?

Your nationalized bank was owned internationally. Do you not understand what this means? It gave funds to the rothschild syndicate, and extorted the proles.

I've made several notes in my posts that the jews don't act as a hive mind, and the higher-echelon jews only tend to help like minded ones. For instance, there are even jews that deny the holocaust. They still need to get the fuck out but deserve their own homeland nonetheless.

Why is there so much shit on the front page today.

Wrong m8 i said
and to him i said
Don't run from answering buddy or just say the mature but painful word "I was wrong"

But it is also say
They didn't share it with other jews , it is traditional capitalist family .

And white, Arabian, and Asian hands too .
Oh w8 they don't matter because they run counter to your narrative right ?

No capitalism is not behind everything by itself, capitalism is the law that govern this world so any systematic problem can traced to a systematic failure
What is the system that world run on ? Capitalism, if not the cause of the problem it is an acceleration effect on any problem but not all

But the jew in your fantasy is literally the thing behind every bad shit that happen with out being a system in of itself

They all share one thing that marx recognized, they were not a developed capitalists countries all of them, before communism you need capitalism first.

Private ownership of the means of production
State ownership of the means of production
Private property rights
Continuation of the commodity form
Class-based society
Developmentalist economic paradigm
Zero pretense of moving beyond developmentalist paradigm
Was capitalism with a welfare net and an authoritarian leader
Socialists supporting Chavez were dolts
Plenty of socialists opposed Chavez
Is that socialism for u ?

If you follow a policy of isolation i will ask you something
How you will get your tea coffee pineapple rice etc…. ?
Or you don't need these things ?
Or do you have another market model ? go ahead and share it plz

Wrong. His grandfather may have been of Jewish ancestry but he was not "Jewish".
Who was part of the Stalinist opposition and more likely than not, wouldn't of exacerbated the 1931-32 famine with aggressive collectivization.

Furthermore, no Orthodox Marxism has not been tried. Marxism-Leninism has been tried with varying degrees of success in undeveloped nations, but was overall, a faliure. If you want to look into actual critisms of ML from other communist, feel free to read Zizek or Bordiga.

Yes it is. Maybe if you spent your time reading up on what you're critiquing, you'd know about contradictions in capitalism like the TRPF.

Wanna back this up with something well sourced and not conspiracy drivel like Anthony Sutton?

Why do I keep getting banned?

Stop asking loaded questions.

No idea, mr. gorilla, I like your threads

Shut up prickly

fuck gorilla poster

burn in gorilla hell

Since when is Holla Forums Reddit?

that's a one-minute trollban, learn to check the board log.

After all the time I've been here, I know for a fact that almost everyone on Holla Forums is destined to end up like the Red Guard. Almost nobody here is truly proleterian, almost none have worked hard labour in their lives, almost none have not a middle class bourgeois muh privileged upbringing many times in a suburb like that xerox countterrevolutionary, almost none have ever been on a factory floor, almost none drink the cheapest alcohol they can find to drown the sorrows of the life of a true prole away, all none, except, for, me. I am destined to drink to early grave from failed liver. Holla Forums is destined to be the first ones lined up against the wall and shot in revolution. This is fact.

five whole minutes huh

How does one go about volunteering or get in touch with BO to ask about it? I'm interested in helping out.

mods pls remove dost test-failing pic

A former Mexican foreign secretary says that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s plans to deport millions of illegal immigrants and force Mexicans to pay for a wall along the southern are “perfectly feasible.”

Jorge Castañeda, Mexico’s secretary of foreign affairs from 2000 to 2003, told an audience gathered at the Hudson Institute in Washington that there are several ways in which Trump could make good on his immigration-related promises.

President Barack Obama, despite his amnesty rhetoric, has deported 2 million illegal immigrants during his time in the White House, Castañeda noted, adding that Trump should have no trouble doubling that number.

“He certainly could deport twice as many as Obama, why not, why not? Everybody knows where they [are] it’s very easy to find them. It’s expensive, but it’s not outrageously expensive and you could pressure a bunch of people including my country into paying for part of it and taking them back,” he said.

As for Trump’s wall, the former diplomat doesn’t really see it as a big deal.

“Actually today you have somewhere like 40 percent of the 1,700 mile wall that is already there. So why can’t Trump do what he has promised to do if his three predecessors did a lot of it without wanting to?” he said.

Paying for it, Castañeda said, could be as simple as creating new immigration-related taxes.

“If he really wants Mexicans to pay for the wall, he has many ways of getting many Mexicans to pay for the wall, increasing the fee for visas…increasing the toll on the bridges… taxing remittances,” he said.

How do I add a flair for m specific kind of socialism?

this doesn't belong in this thread

Am I alone in thinking that we should start locking the many and insufferable "what would … look like under socialism" threads?

And I mean the ones where "…" is not economics or politics-related, but retarded shit like .

You're not alone. They're all basically "will the material comforts I'm addicted to/desire under capitalism exist under socialism?"

Just one of many types of threads that need to be locked and repeat offenders banned.


requesting mods pls remove Islamig Gommunism's assdamaged Krillcen-tier spam from this thread


Some people are already getting triggered over them.

We are being raided
Mods do yer thing


In fact why not remove/replace that shit entirely?


One of the suggested boards at the top of the page is about animal-fucking, or is where /furry/ tells the animal-fuckers to go when they try to discuss animal-fucking on /furry/.

Could you guize sticky and cycle this thread

remove vore spam

are you even awake?

what the fuck are you talking about? you mean the top bar? that's random.

Holla Forums shitposting is out of control lately

pls address

Is there anything that can be done about the "Is X bourgeois?" or "will Y exist under socialism?" or similar threads? They're a very easy and low-effort way for Holla Forumsyps and other subverters to slide the board. It's advantageous to anybody who doesn't like us (reactionary rightists, idpolers, etc) to make our threads die faster by posting bullshit like that.

Dude if you see that shit, you are supposed to make a global report. It violates site-wide rules (illegal content). Anybody can make a global report.

some threads give 404 Not Found error

Right, I'll just tie the email address I couldn't get without either giving it personal info or turning off proxies to this wonderful website of Neo-Nazis and dogfuckers to specifically report that once again it's fucking brimming with CP! No fucking way in Hell that could bite my ass hard!

you can try going back to 4chan /trash/ where you belong furfag

saging a sticky

Asshurt dataminer is asshurt.

can't wait for the revolution when you'll be sent to the camps

fuck off Holla Forumsyp


The amount of e-celeb drama is becoming ridiculous today. Cann't we have threads ID and forced Anons? What arguments are opposed to this?

I agree 100% about forced user, but IDs would be used to artificially create diversity because people can easily change their address

Why have mods become so draconian?

Nice double-dubs, but what specifically do you object to them doing?

Not letting shitposting run rampant


We're being flooded again by some assmangled aut-right, pls remove

they are Kulaks spam threads and contribute nothing

Where are the new mods, you shits?

Eyo BO, when are you going to assign new moderators? I am still available if you want me.

Forced anonymity would also mean no flags, prickly.

No, it wouldn't. /christian/ has forced anonymity with flags.

Autistic spam in thread

has reached critical mass, pls remove spam

also I'm okay with tripfaggotry because it's a way for idiots to identify themselves as idiots, like that old joke about Macfags or Paultards.

Stay mad faggots

If you're not allowed to charge the "peacemakers" with impotence and fatuity, and must instead submit to some authority figure without warrant, then it is rather your ideology that keeps you cucked and quiet.

Name field and flags are separate.

You really seem to have a compulsion to shoehorn that insult into everything. You seem to think your overusing it hasn't devalued it to the point of worthlessness, like middleschoolers calling everything gay.

yet it still provokes a response.

cuckedy cuck, cuck is besd

somewhat on topic: can we filter 'goy' to 'sassanach'?

And oy vey to faith and begorrah?

Are Embassy threads allowed on leftypol?
>>>/politics/ would like to be on good terms with Holla Forums
We are the neutral alternative to Holla Forums and don't and won't ban for opinions. We try to keep down meme and image threads by sagelocks but otherwise have a forum open to discussion, philosophy, and news.

The idea of Embassy threads is simple:
You open a thread in each forum linking to the other and it is like a meta thread.
Benefits include discussing opinions that may be conflicting with the general board theme while not clogging up the catalog. Also both boards get increased activity and shared discussion about mutually interesting topics.

yeah people do that kind of thing all the time


That also

nuke these threads pls

election shit outside of containment thread

pol autistically playing with themselves again threads



smh tbh fam

Just because certain people throw a tantrum when their theory gets challenged doesn't mean you should erase the post that hurt their feefees

>>>Holla Forums

Saw the "new" Chavez animated banner.
(I made it)
(like a year ago)

I believe I've left the previous BO with a large collection of banners who was unable to implement them due to site errors.

Plz implement them all of them now.

also, the deus ex banner has a shitty typo: "cor corporations"

me too 2bh


remove pol shill

remove brown pill

picture should say Holla ForumsINTELBRO

other than that spot on

Fugging men, amirite? xD

Why is there a north korea flag, natbol flag, nazi flag, but no Useful Idiot-ist flag?
Strasser-ism is just as valid, even ancaps get a flag
what gives?

Nobody has bothered to do it.


and goddamn that worldfilter is annoying

Communists suck dick

No literally are statistically more likely to suck dick.

This is a fact, please rectify by picking a belief thats not broken

They know what they're doing! Deliberate destabilization!

The main reason behind successful immigration should be painfully obvious to even the most dimwitted of observers: Some groups of people are almost always highly successful given only half a chance (Jews*, Hindus/Sikhs and Chinese people, for example), while others (Muslims, blacks and Roma, for instance) fare badly almost irrespective of circumstances. The biggest group of humanity can be found somewhere between those two extremes – the perennial overachievers and the professional never-do-wells. … …

The same Germany that once destroyed Europe’s Jewry (its best & brightest citizens by a yawning margin) is now bringing about the massive Muslimization of Europe (all Muslim communities in Europe are socioeconomic disaster zones, as I’ve shown with cartloads of statistics).

Actually an average Jew in Central-to-Eastern Europe wasn't particularly rich and influental in comparison with the small communities in Western Europe and Clapistan

The burden of proof lies on you, my friend ;>)

can we not?


fix the ideology first kek

Did the threads I made get removed or is it 8ch being dumb?

Anyways no offense taken

Take your meds Shillcen.

Somehow I knew you lurked here.

That was from the Podesta's own email server, read it. They admit amnesty causes serious problems: "all Muslim communities in Europe are socioeconomic disaster zones, as I’ve shown with cartloads of statistics" … that is their own words!

Can't handle the truth, can you? Read can download all the emails here and sift through them if you like:!gwEFkT6D!7mGgKPoSp_xOFcp1WKbkPA

Are all the moderators on this board working for Buzzfeed?

Both Trump shill thread and Hillary shill thread got canned, so kindly fuck off with your bourgeois candidates.

Just accept it. It's mod abuse. Pure and simple.

Apparently some people bother to make "vote Trump" and "vote Hillary" threads, so yeah.
If mods were abusing their powers, then you wouldn't be able to shitpost right now.

On the contrary. Holla Forums's moderators are so desperate to appear as neutral and laid back that they're scared of anyone pointing the finger at them.

I can shitpost because they're frightened little basement dwelling teenagers who haven't seen the sun since the last Warcraft expansion.

Close, they are simply lazy retards. Except for Prickly when he has PMS

Leftypol has a specific brand.
Much of Holla Forums too serious crowd that is less than reasonable in debate is highly censored here. Not because you don't need to see what Holla Forums thinks but because Poe's Law is in play every time hardcore 1488's post.

So Shillcen, how does it feel to know that your waifu Alegs Jons hates your pet retard Doland Chump and endorsed Jill Stein?

I migrated here after you shat up crustacea/n/ so hard that Yogapig made a /newspus/ as a torture chamber for you. Do you still think there's only one of us? Also you don't seem to know what lurking means, what a shocker coming from the originator of the Troll Named Sage meem.

You still need stop posting your tinfoil in unrelated threads, and to take your meds.

t. Dr. Piccolo


It's not just that you posted shit-tier Filterwars tinfoil, it's that you spammed it on unrelated threads whenever people disagreed with you, and necrobumped your shit threads when everybody ignored the fuck out or saged of them, to the point that it drowned out actual news items about actual, verifiable events that actually happened. Pic rel8ed.

Wow, the gold-selling site predicts the dollar will crash and we'll all be back to using gold, fucking amazing and relevant. doesn't like evolved plants, how about that? Oh look, a guide to collecting rainwater to drink in case of something that may or may not happen. How amazing, doomsayers are predicting doom, who'da thunk it? And that old chestnut: Nigger/Muzzie/Beaner/Protester Does X Is Accused Of Doing X By Our Trustworthy Friends The Police, So Hate All Niggers/Muzzies/Beaners/Protesters. Those sure is more immediate, relevant and verifiable than people reporting on things that have already happened that affect large numbers of people.

Never said that, m8, your reading comprehension is still crap. The tards posting the Daily Swarmer and Shitefart shat up the board too, and you weren't the only one posting Nigger Does X or shilling for Chump. Nice projecting though. Also, how does it feel knowing that 90% of the people who agreed with your Chump-fellating were actual honest-to-God paid shills?
Never said I had a problem with that, m8. If anything it was the opposite, the only time you archived was when you knew nobody would click otherwise because your sauce was Dildowars or Fred's Gold Stockpiling Site.
>muh globalism is real in my mind
Gotta love those self-defining -isms that don't mean anything more than 'Boogeyman' or 'something I dislike.'

What brings you here to the Cathedral of fun anyway? Get kicked out of Holla Forums?


You have to go back,



your kind is not welcome here

we don't care you got cucked by society and have repressed feelings

This is now a Minion meme thread

We either have a board or we don't

They are bringing shitpost, they are sliding threads

We should build a firewall and keep Holla Forumscucks out

first it was everyone that disagrees with you is one person and now you are attempting to say im some Holla Forums kid that posts, from what i can read in your childish diatribe, "breitbart" and "the daily stormer"
ill try to reply to the rest of your post where you arent assuming im some neonazi from the other side

ah so you are in denial of over arching authoritarian goverment
good to know which side you lie for

build a wall of ideology
reformists tend to be capitalistcucks in revolutionary clothing
do not compromise, and never allow yourself to be tricked into believing "democracy" is anything but a trick to have the corporations vote for themselves

enable youtube embed

This is supposed to be a nose but it looks like a smile

hahahaha fuck you

Can we get some more janitors yet? The shitposting has reached new heights these last couple of days.

So recently we have received some people defending Hillary and trashing wikileaks.

Are they CTR shills?
Should we ban pro hillary posters?


CTR has a policy for shilling on chan boards.

Its real sad, but its best to ignore/mock them rather than ban them.

Let them waste their energy pissing into the ocean of piss.

Minions time

You have to go back

You have to go back`

I get pic related when trying to enter this thread: , the thread on the US elections.

It is quite peculiar that this single thread is inaccessible given the electoral circumstances

yeah we do need youtube embed back
why is it disabled?

its been happening on a lot of threads in a lot of boards ive noticed
id recommend you post at /sudo/ but with the history /operate/ had when it was the board sudo is now supposed to be i will actually recommend you not waste your time with that


The American election thread gives just this:

Rest in RIP

Make a new thread already, we don't have time for this shit.




appropriate thread:


Ask codemonkey to implement this redirect hack (or similar) as a workaround to e0001 errors

how do I post as with ##Board Volunteer after my name?

Will the eternally useless mods ban the one autistic 14 year old posting YT comment tier snark and agreeing with himself in every thread?

Find out next week on leftypol, when the BO logs in so the board ownership can't be challenged!

Can we remove the
B e r n i e
S a n d e r s
filter? It's becoming annoying to read.

How so?

For one thing it interrupts the movement of your eyes across the lines of the text because it's like a black splatter. It's annoying when some article that constantly repeats his name is quoted. A strike-through would definitely be much better, although less cool of course. I mean it's a cool gimmick and all, but we're posting his name so much that the gimmick already wore out for me and now it's just impractical.


Not exactly keeping the >>s in a notepad. Just someone being a retard in every thread. For hours at a time.

I checked the reports and they were both dismissed.

The Read a Fucking Book flag doesn't work anymore. Flag related, all I see is text.

It is way past the time that this needed to happen. Forced anonymous would eliminate a significant amount of the shit that we have to wade through here.

Well if you ever get any actual examples we'll know it's not just you getting triggered by people disagreeing with you. Bonus points for the
meme, since that's vague enough it doesn't have to be tied to a specific act or pattern of behavior. Probably why it's used for say-so bullshit so often; think how much shit has gone down over someone allegedly Being a Troll, Being Mysogynist or Being Disorderly in Public.

Oh, shut up you faggot.

still there, its on your end

The moderation here needs to be more aggressive in dealing with Holla Forums shitposting. Delete obvious bait threads immediately, or at least bumplock them. Remember, these people are assholes who are triggered by the very existence of this board. It's fine they we don't just ban anyone with a dissenting opinion , but we shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that reactionaries are willing, or even capable, of arguing in good faith. The mods need to make them aware that they aren't in control, by forcing them to at least try and be civil.

Please make namedropping a bannable offense, it is degrading this board's quality bigly. make it like 15 minutes or an hour of something. there are ways to reference authors without being an absolute unproductive faggot.

i want to be a volunteer to control this bored raids and shitposting threads

I will make INGSOC look like wikileaks in comparison

Prickly pls enable forced user somehow

only BO can do that

nuke or lock this tinfoil shit and tell the dumbshit who keeps posting this kind of shit that this board isn't /x/, /n/ or his personal army. It has nothing to do with lefty shit and everything to do with filters.

You know there is something to be said about the paranoiac. Although in contemporary it's frowned upon due to the various social constructs developed and hijacked by international intelligence agencies such as disinformation, misinformation, and peer conformity, philosophers such as Wittgenstein actually thought it was healthy for individuals to express their natural paranoia. Can you blame some of us for being paranoid when the mutual coercion the state ought to enforce through gainful policing and a guarantee of social solidarity is decaying before our very eyes? Where the offers by our bureaucrats are either to exploit our communities or to exploit a periphery economies' community? Healthy skepticism should be allowed and the type of baseless accusations like this user provides will result in a stagnant board.

I mean, how convenient is it to suppress contrary opinions by shouting 'take your meds', 'it's tinfoil shit', 'it's /x/' with every post that details surveillance. Also, the only critique of that thread would be that it was posted on several other boards already.

remove low-energy b8

remove idpol

remove tinfoil

remove slide

comrades these Four Pests must be eliminated.

too bad it has fuckall to do with leftism, huh?

The guy that keeps posting my face, please stop. I know I can't ban you will just ban evade, but please for fucks sake leave me alone. I want nothing to do with your awful bunkerchan shit.

I'm not >that guy. I'm asking a simple question. Why was this post deleted? Please stop deleting questions in the mod thread made by the community without proper answer.



Actually, most Holla Forums threads get a ban of 5-10 weeks. Cases that look like just a lack of understanding of rules get a ban of a few days. Extreme cases or repeat offenders get permanent bans.

Could you also give one day bans to people who reply to the painfully obvious shitpost threads? At least ban those who bump.
Plebbitor cancer must learn their place

Pretty sure it's down to how butthurt the moderator is tbh, not that we can check which mod is on average the most persistently bootyblasted because some mongoloid has set the modnames in the log to hidden.

It's more like:
Bait thread: 200+ replies
Constant shitposting: Report dismissal
Causing a mod butthurt: 5 week+ ban
Trying to get banned: 2 week ban
Spamming: permaban

I got a long ass ban for 'shitposting', yet rarely see shitposting dealt with so I'm taking the modlog reasons with a pinch of salt. Doesn't help that shadowbans are default on this website, which is a truly retarded decision.
Why doesn't this thread show up in the catalog?

I am to blame for this. Yesterday while deleting a thread in catalog view, the thread in front of it (that one) was deleted. Now it looks like the thread is in a glitched state of existence.
I didn't know this would happen, and it's Holla Forums's coders' fault.

Hope you all are ready for a deluge of crap in the next 30 minutes or so as we approach 1 million.

How will the buckos ever recover?

Hot damn it feels so good to not be a mod anymore. Its like my soul has been set free. I feel like I can lay my head to rest and die peacefully with no regrets.

To the next mods: dont do it, its not worth it.

Why did Freudposter get banned?

(ban lifted)
I kept asking why Prickly deleted a certain post in the am.elections thread and he kept deleting my questions ITT. We played like 5 turns of this. After he had enough (he got "certain" that I was a polyp) he permabanned me.

If you ask me, a mod deleting questions on his modding behavior in the official modding thread is tantamount to a criminal covering his tracks.

The deletions were:
(someone's in the elections thread)

(mine – there were more but I stopped keeping track)

your """"""question""""""" was just repeatedly posting my face, you fucking asshole

First of all, they were pictures of the posts you deleted.

Second, it is not your face, it is an ms-paint representation of a face and nobody except you knows if its a representation of yours or not. This is not Facebook, mind you.

Nobody asked you to willingly identify with it. If you don't understand how trolls work you shouldn't be a mod on an imageboard because you keep feeding them alongside feeding your banning spree with more targets, and eventually your growing paranoia will claim innocents. like that hasn't happened before

Also, if you are answering in the modding thread as a volunteer you should log in.

I'm posting pic related to prove you are lying.

Wew lad. Is the BO going to do something about this autist anytime soon?

we need to go deeper

that right there is a reason for ban

wow i know the mod was trying to be funny but leftypol only has shitposters anymore because everyone else gets banned
you must be a polyp if you support anything genetic or cultural about your own heritage at all
you must be a polyp if you dont support immigration because no state means we're all equal and can just coexist like the swedish utopia of 2016


remove or bumplock b8 threads

first of all a mod banning someone for a shitty mspaint that he think is himself is a clear sign of mental instability
second, having opinions on issues means you think for yourself not that you must be of some bogeyman other ideology

so now that Prickly has been derezzed when am I gonna be made a mod?

I'll clean this place up :^)

here are some other banned images. of "pricklys" """"face""""
all of these have gotten their posters banned.

Prickly basically stepped down / was removed and he's not a Volunteer anymore. I still don't understand the urge people seem to have to follow him around and shitpost at him, but I guess I'd have to spend a lot of time in an IRC or something to get it. Hopefully shitposters will find someone else to stalk, but either way it's not my problem anymore.

So when am I going to be made a mod? Send me an email and we'll discuss it ;^)

hi rebbit

Bunkerfags need to be purged again. These raids are getting out of hand.

what "raids"


Looks ordinary to me.

What makes you assume their bunkerfags?

This. We literally have nothing to do with it.

My only regret is not always screenshots. The fucks constantly plot this kind of thing and then jerk each other off about it suceeding.

experience drawn directly from your asshole


Can we filter 'X btfo' to 'I am a faggot asshurt by X, please fuck my face'? It would probably cut down on spam threads.

It's "please rape my face"

but he's literally asking for it, how is it rape?

belongs in containment thread/10

ah fuck I accidentally posted in wrong ass thread.

That's what I get for having both tabs open.

Under what circumstances is it permissible to ban/delete race "realism"/IQ people? Is this kind of posting allowed?

Their tiresome babbling is unfortunately allowed.

Not , but can we maybe put it to a vote whether or not we still allow that shit, or at least put it in a containment thread like the Burger election garbage? I'm sick of it too, it has fuckall to do with leftism, it's idpol and the people arguing in its favor aren't interested in hearing counterarguments, just throwing spaghetti around and responding to people debunking it with 'lol he responded lol triggered XD lel cant handle teh TRUTH lol loftypool on spermicide wash master trole 2016 cuck maga meme meme meme' and so on and so on.

This. My modest proposal is to ban any US election-related thread that isn't the official containment thread.

It's just a few more days, I assume threads of the sort are going to increase in frequency as the election day proper approaches.

I don't want the face of the winner plastered all over the board in November - that's what a certain other politics board exists for.

I'd really like to hear from the BO on this.

no reason to make "containment" threads
there is always more science coming out and discuss
and 300+ reply threads that turn into personal drama are no good to read for others anyway

What to do about internet drama?

Specifically these threads

I think we should have a pinned literature thread march 90

What a faggot he was.

I have no idea what you mean. The board quality is so bad I cant even stand to look at the board most of the time.

It's still bad and when he was told to fuck off the board became Holla Forums tier for a while, but his autistic banning of everyone for 10 weeks due to reason:shitposting killed the OC. I used to make shitloads of it for here and see plenty posted but because the little butthurt bitch listened to a wave of redditors that were here for 2-3 days (and then left) he banned me for his trademark 10w when I told them to fuck themselves. The guy is a fucking sperg and it's no coincidence that since he became a mod you've only got two drawfags making anything.

he's been a mod for years tho

A spectre is haunting this board — the spectre of the FAQ thread. All the powers of moderation have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Hot and Pocket, Porky and Bourgeios, Volunteers and Thread Reporters.

And look how many shit threads there were despite huge bans all round. Now he's gone neither are as common. Guy was a useless, braindead fuckstick who was too lazy to read user history and a complete kneejerking kiddo. He was shit, his bans were shit and he did nothing to improve the quality. He even turned up ITT and allowed people to think he wasn't the only guy handing out huge bans. BO get rid of hidden mod logs, they're bullshit…

Actually, all the mods gave out huge bans.

Fuck off prickly you useless faggot.

you realize prickly is just a made up boogeyman right?

You realize the mod logs are anonymous yet public, prickly?

doesnt prove anything. Any number of mods could have made 10 week bans.

Unfortunately for you, reddit tier devil's advocate, you've not got any power anymore, you illiterate twink.

I knew it was you when you banned me for disagreeing with your faggotry. I hope the internet shits on you forever.

Get the fuck out you hack.

why are you so mad?

Why do you stink of BO, failure, broken dreams, piss, and curry?

Projection much?

sagelock seems valid
if it isnt important then a 1 second warning ban makes sense to me, right?

like this stuff doesnt belong here for example
the points about making the log public are valid
volunteers should never hand out bans longer than a 2 days, a week at most anyway
like do you realize that people who regularly get banned in various places learn how to use IP changing tactics like VPN and others very quickly?

What can be done to suppress Holla Forumsfags? Can't they keep their racist shit on the other 99% of Holla Forums?

Because triggerable retards like you keep responding.

you have to be pretty triggered in order to spend two weeks sperging about your IQ pseduosicence being valid indeed

Should we really just ignore it? I'm new to chan. It seems like ignoring it gives them the victory. Posting over them, even if its low effort, hides their shit. If they post again, post over them again. We've got to stand up for the integrity of our community.

you sound like you are neither smart nor have much important activity to fill your life with

if all discussion about race and genetics is "pol" bait then what the fuck is science doing studying genetics?

That's the pot calling the kettle below average IQ tbh fam

if you say so bub

If leftypol were capable of ignoring polshit it would be a step in the right direction tbh

IQ, I.Q, I.Q. and all variants + points wordfilter to 'good boy points' WHEN

This please!
I'm so tired of race and iq. shit derailing threads and shitting them up

ignoring reality of other opinions only dumbs you down

theres a future with augmented reality (with vr goggles and earbuds) when you user can just make everyone look like ponies and turn the voices of those you dont like into neighs and yarls
wont that be great?


Can we please update the CSS so that whenever someone doesn't green text 'human nature' their post flashes different colours, gets some balloon and confetti gifs with some text saying WE HAVE A WINNER! at the bottom? Another chan used to do it with whole threads years ago (420 I think).

All CSS can do is change the style of existing elements. It's not a scripting language like JavaScript.


Consider returning.


consider not unironically requesting making this board retard tier

Human nature is retard tier you sassy little faggot.

Get out of Holla Forums

Equality is a spook. Your narrative is asinine.