Mexican pizza removed for being racist!?!

Taco Bell is getting rid of mexican pizza because of fears of it being labeled “ racist”. Has cancel culture gone too far? I guess they’re trying to avoid a Wendy’s type of situation

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They should get rid of it because it's not actually mexican pizza. It's a pile of shit.

>>276263676Looks like shit that'd give me constipation, do Amerimutts really get upset over this?

>>276263676Bruh what the fuck I love those things.

>>276263676WHAT THE FUCK


>>276263925nigger you eat sprinkles on toastget the fuck out of here and go praise china.

>>276263676WTF just rename it tostada surprise or some shit?

>>276263676The one thing I go to taco bell for.I think pepsi is trying to kill their restaurant brands.Kfc is inedible and pizza hut hasn't been the same since the mid 90s.

They're just pruning their menu further of things that don't sell. Most fast food chains are cutting their menu to the barebones.

no lie, I am lowkey mad about this...Mexican Pizza's were fucking delicious

>"pizza"It's just a tostada with the usual mexican bullshit on top.

>>276263676But I liked the mexican pizza

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>>276264108>he doesnt remember early 90s taco bell before the buyoutThey've been shit for 25 years user

Racist to who, Italians?

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First time i see that garbage and I'm angry

>>276263925you dont understand how delicious this thing is

>>276263676>eating fast food>supporting globohomo corporations that HATE YOUI’m so fucking tired, my friends.

>>276264171One silver lining of saying goodbye to the Mexican Pizza that might help you rest easy is that removing it from our menus helps us work towards our commitment to leave a lighter footprint on our planet,” Taco Bell said in a news release.They claim it's to save the Earth.You can thank them now for their heroics.

>>276263676>be me>be 7 years old>mom sometimes takes us to taco bell>somehow order mexican pizza>love it>whenever i go to taco bell, always get mexican pizza>know that while the universe is dynamic, the mexican pizza is the only constant in the universe>now its going awaywhy bros? why is life pain?

Does this mean I have to stop putting hot sauce on pizza?


First double decker tacos, then potato items, and others, now this, all good items and all. Taco bell literally had to name shit like this because its white suburbias version of mexican food used to feed white americas teenage population. I also concur that pepsi has destroyed their brands since the mid 90s. Before yum brand or pepsi, kfc was good in the 80s, as well as pizza hut. Fuck it man

>>276263676Wut? In Mexico we have a mexican pizza always and we call it like that

>>276264571>ywn be able to enjoy classic taco bell logo>ywn be able to enjoy fire sauce>ywn be able to enjoy mexican pizza>all you get to eat is social justice and mom's old tendies>not even reheatedwhy even live

>>276263676Literally the worst thing on the menu, grilled cheese burrito was better

>>276263676I have been eating these since I was a kid. Not really because I enjoy them but because my grandma used to buy them for me, and it reminds me of her now when I eat them. What the fuck Taco Bell?

No, they're being removed to help Pelosi. They came out informing us what, a day or two after her salon visit? You think that was cohencidence?? She and her people shopped around to fast food places to see who would take thr heat off her by doing a retarded doubt like taking of a delicious item. They knew it would trend and stop the growing outrage bubbling. Why fast food? Because they knew that would be the only thing to get our attention. "Entertainment" is non existent, people realized celebrities are shit finally anyway, and sports "entertainment" shot itself in the foot, can't pull any stupid stunts either. But food, don't mess with our food. Taco bell was the perfect candidate as they already have taken away so many delicious, beloved items for no damn good reason. They sacrificed themselves for the crypt creature.

>>276264048The only worthwhile distinction between "north" and "south" America will disappear within 2 decades, mutt

>>276263833fpbp. It's a good menu idea but they always come out damn near rancid at best.

>>276264532I feel like thats bullshit and some SJW complained about some cultural appropriation shit and thats the real reason why they let it go.

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>>276263676I was kind of bummed when I read that since that's about the only thing I like from Taco Bell but it took 5 minutes to find a recipe for them.I made some last night for a lot less money than they charge for them and I didn't feel like I was going to get a heart attack from eating them.

>>276264850taco bell fucking hates your grandma sorry go to the superior del taco

>>276264249fren its for the bestthat bean paste would've made you into a brap hog

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>>276264108KFC is fire, and I'm not a nigger.

Don’t touch my Full English you bastards!

>being labeled racist Not a single fucking source says that you fucking faggot. They’re removing shit on their menu to reduce the amount of shit they have to make

>>276263676Nice bait fat bitch They’re getting rid of it as part of their environment initiative, as the packing is not too eco friendly (not to mention it’s one of their worst performing items) Holla Forums faggot pls go

>>276265073too late bro but thanks

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fuck that! i still had Del Taco for getting rid of the Deluxe Taco Salad! (and their reg taco salads)

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>>276263958me tooam sad

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>>276263676Time to rise up

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>>276265082Churches is better in every regard.

The first and last time I ever went to a Taco Bell I looked at the packaging and it said Class D meat. Dogfood and potted meat are Class C.This was in the mid-90's so maybe now it's different, but I don't care. Fuck that.

>>276264274In your dreams, no one cares about Whites. Also, who needs couplers? Great improv.


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>Make your own food and say nigger the entire timeThis is always the solution.

If they ever get rid of the fast food GOAT, I will flip shit.

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>>276265361I have never seen a Churches in a white area of town

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>>276263676Yeah the Wendy's Double Nigger Burger didn't sell too well

>>276263925Its late night drunk food for college kids Only Americans who eat fast food constantly are either poor, black or horribly lazy parents.

>>276263676Death to America

>>276264941nigger, you eat sprinkles.On fucking toast.Also>1 penalty unit was removed for this post

>>276265416If you're eating ground meat in tiny bits with spices what does it matter? It's not rotten or otherwise tainted. It's just the lowest leftover cuts and pieces.

>>276263676looks absolutely vile wow

>>276263676they're getting rid of shit tons of menu items, this is just reverse-SJW bitching

>>276265642Niggers know how to fry a chicken.The real nigger chicken joint is williams.

>>276264571Learn to make it yourself fatass. If minimum wage retards can make them in 30 seconds you can too.

>>276265007Post recipe. If it calls for corn tortillas I'm going to kill you.

>>276263676Count yourself lucky, lads, that you at least got to experience that feast. I can almost taste it through the picture. Almost...

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>>276264171I find this trend very odd. Prior to covid, every fast food restarant added new menu items regularly, and the trend was toward larger menus, to eek out every cent of revenue possible. For example, McDonalds offered breakfast all-day. As soon as covid hits, everyone cuts their menus drastically. Now, there were some shortages initially, but this is clearly not the only reason why they are continuing to do this.Taco bell also cut the grilled stuffed burrito here.I actually feel like all of these globohomo public corporations are purposefully trying to slow down the economy, for political reasons. They are literally shooting themselves in the foot to try to hurt political enemies.Another example is walmart being on shortened hours, it makes no sense to pack an entire day's worth of customers into the store in short hours, in terms of stopping a pandemic. They are literally just limiting economic activity.

>>276265968pls no bully :(

>>276265968>just get your own press bro>just get your own franchise'd sauce bro>just get your own taco bell bro>just take it home broyou're insufferable.

>>276265811check out THIS BAD BOI they sell

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> le 56% culture

They're getting rid of it for a reason that is even more stupid that what OP claims... It's because of how much cardboard the packaging contributes to waste and they want to "meet their sustainability goals". That's fucking stupid since they regulars of such a shitty chain don't give a fuck about the environment or even themselves.

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>>276265054Fuck thek since replacing the nacho cheese eith that white shit. I haven't went back since and I used to go often too. Them fries are amazing though.

>>276263676>no creamy jalapeño sauceWho gives a shit

ngl that looks absolutely vile and that's coming from the land of fried blood and brown slop

>>276265791I knew someone that worked there in high school in the late 90s.He told me the ground beef comes in a powder form and they have to mix it with boiling water to turn it into meat.

>>276266061I agree

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>>276266203now rate this

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>>276265791Yeah, I want to eat something classed lower than dog food. You ever been to a dogfood plant? I have. They grind entire cows and pigs at once. Some of those animals are a couple of days old after sitting in a farmers field baking in the summer sun, they don't care. Shit filled guts and all.

>>276263925>Looks like shit that'd give me constipation, do Amerimutts really get upset over this?The only Amerimutts that get upset over this are those on the Left who get paid to do nothing but get upset over things like this. Everybody else couldn't care less.

>>276266125By the time you get that thing home to eat the chips are already soggy shit.

>>276266203m8 it's beef and beans and cheese between taco shells and they're 100% elite

>>276266122Its just beans and cheese on a damn tostada.

>>276266122You can buy the sauces online you fucking faggot

>>276266085On the plus side, I easily lost 10 lbs as a result of these things. But it does irritate the fuck out of me that I have not been able to go grocery shopping at my normal 10 pm to AVOID people, now I'm trapped shopping during the day with masklet retards everywhere who spread their shit (I'm not even talking about viruses, just their dumb attitudes in general) regardless of what's on their face.

>>276265968Fucking retard.

>>276263676Dios mio!

>>276263676Don't eat at fast food restaurants. Especially if they're owned by Pepsi.

>>276266234I worked there in 00's and not true. They come in 5lb bags (already pre-cooked). You put the bag in a Rethermalizer (a giant thing of 190F water) to reheat it. You might be thinking of the beans though, which come in dried bags as a flaky bean powder that you had to mix with Bunn water (boiling water) and let it sit for 45 minutes.

>>276266125Is that a cardboard box?

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>>276265642Whites get their fried chicken at Publix.

>>276266085>added itemsI didn't visit many places, but I think you're think of LTO items.

There's absolutely no evidence they're removing it because it's "racist". I looked at a bunch of articles, and they mention Taco Bell is removing 4 other items as well for streamlining. You fuckers are replying to poisoning the well bait/a slide thread.

>>276264108Pizza Hut is absolutely disgusting.

>>276263676Source? That's actually my favorite thing on the menu. If they're doing that, I hope they're only changing the name.

>>276265229>Del Taco>Get 48% beef product replaced with 0% beef, basedbased product

>>276264253>tfw when you read it as Soimali

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>>276263676>Has cancel culture gone too farKYS


>>276263676then call it a taco pizza and move the fuck on, good lord.

>>276266666CheckedPepsi btfo

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>>276266666them digits!

>>276263676The only thing racist is the kike FDA chemicals that make it not organic all natural, for the sole purpose of eugenocide of goyim through forced dysgenics through deception.

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Fast food menu item discussion is not politics.This is getting fucking rediculous. The board is becoming unusable with the about of off topic slide threads. Why won't jannies and mods do their fucking jobs?

>>276266580>>276266570>bruh just cook from home>bruh they have it just make it yourself>taco fucking bellyou're welcome for my dhubs and my service by the way, nigger, now give me my cheap ass tostadas that some wagie makes for me!

>>276263676Just change the name to taco pizza or something


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>>276266797These are pretty good. And they are the only place to get stuffed crust pizza

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