Why aren't you taking curcumin supplements?

Turmeric extract supplement curcumin has been shown to prevent and even reverse the negative effects of fluoride in the brainncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3969660/

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curcuma is a boomer meme and makes you look and smell like a poo

>>276262493>prevent and even reverse the negative effects of fluoride in the brainI just filter my tap water with a reverse osmosis filter. Why the fuck do you take fluoride in the first place?

>>276262748You absorb most fluoride from showering in tap water and from toothpaste.Do you have a fluoride filter for your shower?

>>276262602oh crap I put it in my tea with some ginger in the morning and it's great in eggs too.good with rice or beans or in soup.I don't think I smell pooish but I eat a lot of garlic too and lots of chili peppers so I can't really smell it probably. never have a problem with mosquitoes I can say that.

>>276262493>op consuming "cumin"sounds about right

you should eat raw garlic because it wards off the jew from sucking your blood.I slice a clove up real thin and put it on crackers with a dab of hot sauce.

>>276262493Why would you have fluoride in the brain? Only retards treat water with fluoride.

>>276262493>curcumin supplementsyou know you can just put it on your food, right?

>>276262875well water? I guess you'd have to still filter it for high minerals or other toxins.

>>276263506that shit smells like shit, what can you even cook with that? Only that curry indians make.

>>276262602>what is a shower?>what is deodorant?

>>276263506this. just a dash of it will turn a cup of cooked rice yellow. turmeric can be used as a sunblock topically so I wonder if you sweat it out your pores wouldn't it still work?I believe it's an antiseptic too. could mix it with pure honey and use it as a wound dressing.

>>276262493No need .I eat DEENZ bro DEENZ

>>276263619>>what is a shower?wetting yourself with water>>what is deodorant?useless shit for marketing slaves

1g a day bro. Heart health general goodness.

>>276263606yeah next thing you know you eat too much and then you're riding a Ninja 400 around everywhere and get that singsong accent and an urge to crap on the curb.

>>2762639511g is quite a bit of the stuff. do you insert it rectally?

>>276263860Deenz contain more fluoride than any canned food.

>>276263491Here in America if you buy some food chances are it has both fluoride water and pesticide. And a bunch of fake colors, artifical calcium all kinds of shit forcing your body to piss it out, by drinking more fluoride for constantly pissing out toxins


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>>276262493i don't know about fluoride, but curcumin fights cancerblack pepper multiplies the effectsscholar.google.ca/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0,5&q=curcumin cancer&oq=curcum

whoa dude, I guess black pepper really helps. I love that stuff too.freshly ground on a thin slice of backyard tomato, oh that's nice. >Unfortunately, curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream. It helps to consume black pepper with it, which contains piperine, a natural substance that enhances the absorption of curcumin by 2,000% (

>>276264185thank fuck we were too poor when that trend started, 40 years ago, so they never got to treat waters with fluoride here. Only chloride, as far as I know.

I feel like my T is down lately, no libido and no morning boners for like a month now, I assume it's because the gyms closed and I'm not working out anymore, any supps Holla Forums recommends to get this god tier morning boners back? And high libido

>>276263972now I have this song stuck in my head, thanksyoutu.be/vTIIMJ9tUc8?t=26

>>276262493>Fluoride (F) is probably the first inorganic ion which drew attention of the scientific world for its toxic effects and now the F toxicity through drinking water is well-recognized as a global problem. Health effect reports on F exposure also include various cancers, adverse reproductive activities, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases.Why is this in our water, and why are people called kooks for questioning it.

>>276263390based and vampilled

>>276264185and human bodily fluids, including blood and of course there will be some human flesh in the meat dept too.

>>276264463Many supplement companies sell black pepper combined with curcumin in one capsule.I take two a day. The effects are noticeable.Combined with an NAC tablet you can cure a hangover near instantly

>>276264495Nofap, no porn, zinc, saw palmetto.

>>276264722>supplement>black pepperI wonder if they could get americans to buy a water supplement in capsule form as well.

>>276264538holy shit that's poo gagnam style. is there a ninja 400 in there I couldn't watch but a few seconds before the dogs started howling.

If you're worried about muh fluoride, why do you about running at your peak 40 IQ?

>>276262493Fluoride in the water affects the pineal gland.It deposits in it. Pineal gland produces melatonin, which is a hormone that helps you sleep. What other effect does fluoride have on humans besides improving tooth health and mineralizing the pineal gland?

>>276262493Our tap water is drinkable and has no fluoride. Burgers have third world water

>>276262493The only superfood you need is beef liver

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>>276264948the simple answer is a resounding yes. they bought pet rocks in the 70's and I still see a random geek with one of those stiff leashes with no dog on the end of it. every generation is dumber than the last.

>>276264948It's extracted and concentrated, not just ground up and put in a pill.

>>276264967Everyone who's played wow knows that song, kek. You must be a zoomer.>>276265029None other, that I know of. Apparently they thought it'd be nice to use fluoride for water treatment because people are too lazy to brush their teeth.

>>276265146Would not recommend. Even though is has an excellent nutrient density and is cheaper than other meats, the liver is the best organ for stockpiling toxins. It's a shame.

>>276265029It doesn't even improve dental health.Fluoride calcifies on top of the enamel, giving plaque a comfy shelter to dissolve your teeth from within the fluoride shell.The best toothpaste I've found has no fluoride. It is made with pink salt, baking soda, xylitol, and clove bud oil.Clove bud oil has been used for thousands of years to repair cavities, heal receded gums, and more.I fixed a cavity I had years ago using clove bud oil alone. the next time I saw my dentists he was confused why my cavity was healed.

>>276265449Yeah. Still it's pretty suspicious that israel outlawed it.Just like 5G (even though they invented the tech).

>>276265449DOS Castle Wolfenstein and then DOOM.I still play them with dosbox on my big machine.started with an Apple IIe back in the early 80's. I have maintained my youthful good looks though.

>>276265146I eat pork liver. Does beef liver taste much different?Here in Spain we like pork better than beef, so I don't eat it too much.

>>276265657dully noted

>>276262493Guys. Listen. Turmeric especially from Bangladesh (not hating on muzzies here. If I were, I would say Pakistan) is adultrated. They add chemical powdered substances that look yellow but contain arsenic and lead. Buy turmeric from your own nation. Produce it yourselves. That is my best advice.OR take one packet for testing. If ok then continue buying from that shop. Turmeric is the easiest to adultrate.

>>276265733try chicken liver wrapped in bacon then bake.

>>276265688Based af>>276265677Those god damn kikes are always up to something

>>276262493I've read that the indians are adding lead pigment to make tumeric more yellow. That is third world insanity. Be careful when you buy mystery spices from the third world.

>>276265657I'm calling preemptive bullshit but what toothpaste are you shilling?


>>276265146That's not how human body works. Some of those things are formed in body and vitamins don't survive cooking and slicing.

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>>276265029>What other effect does fluoride have on humans besides improving tooth health and mineralizing the pineal gland?Too much flouride and your spinal column will grow into one big log of bone as happend with an indian who was a lifelong worker in a flouride mine.

>>276266160The only thing that gets destroyed by cooking are long peptides.If you cut it and cook properly, it's gonna retain most of its nutrients. That is by stir frying.Or if you trust your meat provider, you could try eating raw.

>>276264783>Saw palmettoToo lazy to read, what does it do and is it notable the effect?

>>276263506Yes, but extracts contain much higher amounts of the active ingredient.


>>276262493If curcumin is that good, why are prajeet fucked up like that? They eat shitload of curcumin everyday.


>>276265999my own tooth powder i make at home

>>276265848Thanks poo

>>276265999gargle and swish twice a day with freshly juiced wheatgrass (I put the flat in the sun for about 20 minutes before cutting). It's like liquid sunshine for your mouth. tastes exactly like the lawnmower smells, but it is really good for you. Ann Wigmore did a whole thing about it if you want to research it. was big in early 20th century before pharma caught on. easy to grow.

>>276267095is it made out of real teeth?