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I really want to know what the charge is.

>>276260264Rich people in New York That’s why everyone is moving there drunk on there own stupidity And drugs New York is being boycotted because of the rich

>>276260624Me too.

>>276260624Not wearing a face mask.

>>276260264Getting angry at cops for being mindless ZOGbots is like being angry at pitbulls for biting babies. In both cases its their owners that should be punished.

>>276260264Why states banned New Yorkers from coming in even if they owned property The rich New Yorkers are drunk on their own stupidity Boycott New York


>>276260264history repeats

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>>276260264Ignorant couple

>>276260624Critical thinking.

>>276261411>Not wearing a face mask.Which is not a law.Thus my interest in what they're actually charged with.

>>276260624Not obeying, pleb

>>276260624>The officers asked to see proof of the pair’s medical issues that might prevent them from wearing masks, but the couple refused.>“Take them off the boat! We gotta go!’’ a male passenger shouted during the confrontation.>The pair was finally handcuffed and escorted off the boat — to cheers and claps.>“Thank you, NYPD!” several people shouted.>A police rep told The Post that the man and woman each received a summons for disorderly conduct.nypost.com/2020/09/06/brooklyn-couple-hauled-off-ferry-in-cuffs-for-not-wearing-masks/amp/?__twitter_impression=true


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fuck copsfuck joggersfuck commiesfuck jannies

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Are we being groomed for face-huggers?

>>276261843>disorderly conductThat's a charge.How refusing and unlawful order stands up to that will be telling.

haven't there been zero wuhan deaths in jewyork since the riots started?

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>>276261658>mfw this isnt the first time they pulled the corona scam/hoax

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>>276260264Imagine being an urban retard and not killing yourself

>>276261979no we are being groomed for whatever the fuck they want. I'd say at least 80% of normies will do literally anything if they can "get back to normal"

>NOW, THEREFORE, I, Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of the State of New York, by virtue of the authority vested in me by Section 29-a of Article 2-B of the Executive Law to issue any directive during a disaster emergency necessary to cope with the disaster, I hereby issue the following directives for the period from the date of this Executive Order through June 27, 2020Welcome to New York.


>>276261464Niggers. Pit bulls. Cops. Dangerous, unpredictable animals that society would be better off without.

>>276260264Only retards blame the police for a policy they oppose. Even stoners know it's the weed laws, not the cops.

>>276262156you can beat the rap but not the rape.they will be required to run past countless aggressive Nigger bums on sidewalk, submit to body search, scanners etc just to get court, wait 4 hrs, etc, etc. One slip up and its an Arrest Warrant. Normally takes a minimum of two show ups to get to actual "trial". Judge's salary comes out of fines he collects. Do the math.

>>276261843will HIPPA privacy save their asses?

>>276262379Government is always much better at (and usually more interested in) making an appearance of doing something rather than actually doing anything.

>>276261843I really would not be surprised if this couple were Jewish and they did this for a massive lawsuit payoutin a year's time there is no way in hell that disorderly conduct will stand up in court

>>276262379it'll be the last time though

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>>276260264>WEAR THE MASK !

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>>276262854>will HIPPA privacy save their asses?Potentially, very good point actually. They could probably sue the NYPD for this.

>>276262718> t.Boot licker

>>276262548>through June 27, 2020It's September. I don't remember him extending the powers. Maybe he did though.

>>276260624probably some sort of public nuisance charge for being spergs and freaking out in public about masks

>>276263169Go back to plebbit and stay there.

>>276261843do americans really? ?

>>276261805not wearing a facemask

>>276261658Dude, bro, but look, wait, listen, like see, we have better masls, better technology to put in 9ur modern masks. Masks work, they just didn't work back then, cause like, they were basically in the stone age. We have, like, mini computers in out hands, and computer do everything. They didn't even like, fly back then yet.

>>276263364This is NYC where the outbreak was the worst.

>>276263000> The angry couple — claiming they were being discriminated against because they are white — then went back and forth with two responding NYPD officers for another 45 minutes(((Fellow whites)))

>>276260264Good, fuck rich boomer jew yorkers

Have fun mask faggots. You're going to be very very sick..

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>>276261843What's the gothamist? Isn't that an evil city in a fairy tale-ish movie or something?

>>276263877this just means you should wash or regularly change your mask, just like your clothes you dirty boy

>>276260264Bitching about this is just as bad as lefties whining when they get arrested for rioting. Just obey the temporary law that’s there for a reason, it’s not that hard.

>>276261843Amaaaaaaziiiiing graaaaace

COPS ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND!>murder white people on red flag laws, bring swat team 12 members w/ full auto, armor trucks>let niggers burn and loot,no cops to be found.make no mistake, the plan was for you to be disarmed during this commie rise up.

>>276262854no, because 99.9% of the time they actually do not have "medical issues" besides being faggot spergs, its been widely stated that any medical issues someone has where they cant wear a mask, they would be bedridden in a hospital in the first place.

The faggot virus doesn't even exist. But keep wearing your faggy masks.

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>>276261805Most likely public endangerment for not wearing a mask during a pandemic. We know its bullshit because the virus is fake and its always been about control over your minds. But emergency powers enacted allow for this kind of authoritarianism.

>>276264037Keep being a faggot

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>>276263040Its so bad with normies that even my sister now wears a mask despite collecting tree branches in our own backyardand she's about as full natsoc as a girl can get

>>276264512fake as fuck

>>276260264Red NY

>>276260264>Let people riot and murder on the streets >arrest people for not wearing masks We are reaching brit bong levels of police incompetence I didn't think possible!

>>276264675Nice try jew. 20 years of mask research says the same thing. The CDC has done a mask study for the last 5 years in a row.. all saying the same thing. Go fag yourself faggot

>>276260264I've said it before and I say it again: the Right has to stop with the cop worship. Cops will be on the front lines to take away your rights as soon as the seat of power flips to the Left. >inb4 muh refusal to enforceYeah, cops will take the side of whoever is paying their pension, salary, and benefits all day before they take the side of some civilian they don't even know/give a fuck about. We've seen this a million times.


>>276264829>incompetencethe sheer denial cope, you let them fucking forbid carrying a fork and you didn't revolt

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>>276264976He's right though. It's fake as fuck. Definitely not made by the CDC, which you can tell just from the overemphasized capitalized words and ridiculous bullshit like "mildew in 30 minutes". It's something some retarded hysterical boomer made.t. I'm not a fucking retard like youN95 masks work. The exhaled air isn't filtered, but it IS directed downwards away from people.Surgical masks and cloth masks ALSO work, but not as well as an N95 mask. Exhaled air is blasted in every direction outward from the mask. Mostly the mask catches heavier water droplets that the virus is carried on - both ones that you might inhale, as well as ones you exhale.What a lot of retarded fucking boomers don't get is that these masks aren't binary in their effectiveness. You could still breath in virus particles even with an n95 mask. If you REALLY wanted to be sure, you'd need a closed-cycle respirator or actual NBC gear with large filters.By the way coronavirus is real but it's not deadly or anything to worry about. You should still stop being a complete dumbfuck and learn how masks work unless you want to die when a real infectious disease hits.Once this craze is over, I'm going to buy an NBC respirator and a UV Lamp so I'm prepare for the real thing.

>>276265024try to bring them over to the pro-white side, but don't worship them

>>276261805Trespass probably

>>276261464Zogbots are stopping that. Fuck them they get a bullet too.

>>276262718Fuck you pig