>Birmingham stabbings: Police declare 'major incident' as several>Covid-19 cases rise on both sides of Irish>Protesters opposed to Covid-19 restrictions gathered in>Body found in River Taff in>Dover police clash with immigration protesters at>Extinction Rebellion protesters block newspaper printing>Typhoon Haishen: 200,000 ordered to evacuate as Japan braces for

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Other urls found in this thread:>Bristol>Harvey

>>276260080I honestly want to convert to Judaism just so I can go on a birthright trip to Israel and just have loads of sex with all the IDF Jewesses and yentas there. Apparently in order to make these amerimutt Jews move to Israel they literally have breeding sessions with Israeli women and little orgy parties. Not making this shit up this is literally what they do on birthright trips.

Attached: nintchdbpict000286108563.jpg (880x871, 151.74K)

>>276260080Damn didn't realise how much fun I was missing out on by not being a wagie

Attached: 1599413498869m.jpg (1024x768, 106.68K)


Attached: 575C762B-C850-4E1F-92E2-F6F94F976B03.jpg (1232x1843, 292.09K)

Purely economic stabbings.

Attached: NeverRelax.png (653x714, 306.33K)

>>276260157sounds good but this is brit/pol so out you go

>>276260157interesting, I never knew blonde hair was a typical jewish feature.

nth for its over and ive got no mates


Attached: wagiede.jpg (1670x1160, 467.44K)

>>276260206this is my rifle. there are many like it. but this one is mine.

>>276259004>and you'll find that a lot of the people who wouldn't mind joining MI5/State Security are typically right-wing patriots, which ipso-facto rules you out.Can't even join normal plod if you were ever a member of the EDL or BNP and the like.

>>276260366kek it's my dad

>>276260080start forming subreddit vanguards


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Nargisi Kebab is the origin of the 'scotch egg'. There is no 'indigenous' UK food unless you count turnips and wild garlic. Even the ingredients of the 'Full English' are not English. The native peoples of this country were happy eating boiled peas for thousands and thousands of years.

Attached: Nargisi Kebab.png (400x400, 389.36K)

>>276260281>Blonde>Dark rootsYou've been duped fren.

>>276260455noone here is interested in your call to action

>>276260281And she dyed her roots black, which I imagine is quite difficult.

>>276260215is this going to be the new larp for the next few years? every few months there's a call to "square up" to an incorporeal foe which annoys everyone but no progress is ever made

>>276260544cool, thanks for the history lesson.

>>276260544>muh food

>>276260215Wouldn't mind getting it at this point, it's like trying to stop an injection at school, you're going to get it so stop being a poof.

Attached: 1591484992632.jpg (910x1044, 144.67K)

>>276260625>>276260561i'm bald so have no idea about these modern salon techniques you are discussing

>>276260544>There is no 'indigenous' UK foodliar. this is 100% British

Attached: 161230-fishfingers.jpg (472x310, 25.44K)

>>276260506>Proper bants.

Attached: 1537066117424.jpg (579x739, 177.4K)

>>276260544Actually the windrush generation brought the turnips and wild garlic with them.

this is the map of the nigger's rampage. 8 stabbings in total and one death, all in an hour and a half.what the fuck?

Attached: 3546dfgs.png (934x988, 1.84M)

>>276260544the declaration of Arbroath/Scottish bill of independence proves the scots are scythians settlers from eastern europe and beyond. No such thing as 'indigenous' people when you go far back enough.

>>276260506proper bantsvisit to HRpacking up your deskwondering who you can use as a reference nowcontemplating suicide

>>276260957the police were all off at an emergency kneel at the BLM protests in London.not their fault.

>>276260232Stabbings were largely peaceful

>>276260832Bread was invented in Mesopotamia in modern day Iraq so better let Abdul rape your waifu

>>276260910you can never do proper bants at work, only with close friendsdon't want to get even scandalous and get called up or fired they're looking for the nigger then there are TWO

Attached: fbc24b4c8cb8e77519567ebb1d6ac4b850ba4e90c565f2e18c7c6d0ba2be9a33.jpg (543x674, 96.89K)

>>276260999>wondering who you can use as a reference nowwhen I got dramatically fired from a job for being pissed af one morning (don't ask) I just put my friend's number down as the reference for the next job. He didn't even get a call. Got the job.

>>276260957>Gay Village What was his motive?

>>276260506Can't wait for the government get back to work as campaignGonna be wagie suicide fuel I can already tell

>>276260957Started at the JEWellery quarter and ended at gay village. suspect is black... definitely a muslim then lol

Attached: 5Ls3YJL-.png (512x512, 143.65K)

>>276261208Tenner says one of the local poofters made a pass at him and that didn't suit his fundamentalist muslim ways.A bit like those two lesbos that got beaten up on a bus.

>>276260080Who will be the Oswald Mosley of the 21st century? Only time will tell.

Attached: Oswald Mosley pepe.jpg (1380x1085, 197.89K)

>>276260957God, Birmingham has such a characterless layout.

>>276261338>A bit like those two lesbos that got beaten up on a bus.that got fucking memory-holed, what ever happened with that?

>>276260957we are at peak anarcho-tyranny

>>276261208Certainly not hate crime related. Police have already declared this, even though the suspect isn’t in custody. Certainly not another Muslim vs gay attack.

>>276261346Me. I've got my mother sewing fancy uniforms right now.


Attached: Israel_meme.jpg (1809x1520, 663.13K)

>>276260983>im a spasticEuropeans are indigenous to Europe

>>276261338he knifed a 'young woman' in the neck repeatedly in the gay village, what can we extrapolate from this?


Attached: 1985.jpg (1192x1192, 132.52K)

>>276261208probably a fag himself and overcome with shame so his brain shorted out

>>276261268>Wash hands>Shop at Pret>Save our commercial landlords

>>276261123You can't do proper bants in the office. But you can in the factory/workshop/trade. When I worked in the shampoo factory we would joke about anything. But when I got a job in the office you would get told off for saying love. Or get told off for making fun of the guy with hair transplant.

>>276261470Give 'em hell lad. If things go hot I'll be on the first flight over.>>276261561Luv Tommy

Attached: Tommy vs nigger.webm (1600x900, 2.9M)

>>276261404easily the worst place in the UK, and yes I'm including utter dumps in that because very often you find small redeeming features in each of them. Birmingham is pure suicfuel

>>276261405The jewess kept trying to play it up a couple of times, but always referring to the group as 'far right whites'Even though the footage showed irrc three nogs and a couple of lads that were either half castes or pale pakis.

>>276260506The person who made this should have to drink Dettol.

>>276261594yeah that's closer to the truth

>>276261713>he doesnt know

>>276261346Most likely Mark Collett since he's the only man going down the electoral route.

Attached: 1597232461208.webm (640x354, 335.01K)

>>276261594Did transplant guy mind or was it other people offended on his behalf?

>>276261346Thomas Rowsell

>>276261713ffs tommeh is a nigger, just look at his heritage

>>276261346chris chan

>>276261405>memory-holedSpeaking of which, anything new on the coon who tried to burn the Cenotaph Union Flag during the BLM chimpouts?

Still think about this man on the reg.

>>276261713That's a paid actor the manlet 'hit' to make him look tough. All camera tricks mate.

>>276261881I've been watching some Survive the Jews recently and he's pretty good.


Attached: B4A1D83E-5B65-402B-A5AF-C7855DB2BFFD.jpg (250x227, 8.19K)

>>276261840He got all upset and went home for the day.Then the boss told us all off.Bald guy left a few months later. He was a Labour voter and would tell the fucking world about it. He was one of those guys addicted to football manager as well.

>>276261916No True Scotsman faggot

>>276261916Whiter than you Ahmed

Armed police outside a house believed to be occupied by the Sudanese stabber

>>276261916>>276261978lmao, just because Tommeh is a paid IDF shill, doesn't mean you can insult him like that, his bodyguard will knock you clean out

>>276260455>start forming subreddit vanguardsYou have to go back.

>>276262099>>276262068>>276262161shamrocked hands typed this

mfw my shit country is even shitter

Attached: 1692632.png (935x500, 306.11K)

>>276262160>the Sudanese stabber

Attached: 1597792687074.jpg (340x275, 45.11K)

Just fucking take the tube back to work already, goys. Ffs. Would it hurt to buy a fucking cup of coffee too?

Attached: FD1439C5-A578-42B8-BF8A-4E2C68C3ECD8.png (900x957, 211.25K)



>>276262043bahahaha, the fuck? never understand why people get so ashamed over that... surely everyone knows hair loss is a roll of the dice these days?Double don't understand being sensitive when you've had it sorted...

>>276262318He's got pikey blood hasn't he?

Is user here who wanted to know what a flid was?

>>276261840I know some bloke that was working an office with these two other lasses.One of them was saying to the other that she was going to get a tit job and the other was saying "You'll have to let me have a feel of them when you have them done"The bloke, who was good work friends with the lasses jokes "Can I have a feel too?"The two lasses burst out laughing, all good bants.But some other cunt goes to HR and complains and he got sacked.

>>276260957So from what I remember of Birmingham from when I used to work there it looks like after the first attack he ambled past Snow Hill police station, then after the second attack he spent an hour strolling directly through and around the centre of one of Britains biggest cities on a Saturday night.

>>276262160link to the headcam livestream?

>>276262393For me, its red sauce.

Attached: download.jpeg.jpg (225x225, 10.16K)

>>276262533Turn your monitor off. There'll be one looking at you.

>>276262160the eritrean eviscerator

>>276261786>Most likely Mark Collet>he actually believes this Kek

Attached: 8FB11C15-7969-4F07-A3CC-D1B00D49CD36.gif (450x236, 54.28K)

>>276262444This I'm 24 and already have to wear a hat>Pic related is my hairline

Attached: 15994204183898917297344002410521.jpg (2880x2160, 1.51M)

>>276262325I love the shit they do where they always take notes, I remember them doing that decades ago with his father too

>because they won't be able to tell immediatelyStill, absolutely Orwellian.The trannies are the second most privileged class in the new hierarchy, after the Jews.

Attached: TrannyDBS.png (672x848, 69.52K)

>>276262619Kek. A British LivePD would be great

>>276262639Ffs made me grin like spazz in public

>>276261916>ffs tommeh is a nigger, just look at his heritageIt’s no coincidence he’s an (((Irishman)))

>>276260544We have the recept. You can now go back achmed.

>>276262773would be too racist cant have that

>>276261780Do you mean >>276261978? I've heard that Tommy's involved with (((them))) but I don't know if that's true or not. >>276261786>he made statements celebrating the death of African Americans and homosexuals from HIV-AIDS, specifically referring to them as "AIDS monkeysBased.>>276261881I'll check him out.>>276261921luv sonichuluv rosechuluv meganluv barbluv autismluv trans'ate homos 'ate jerkops 'ate mary lee walshsimple as

Attached: Chris Chad.jpg (800x601, 101.31K)

Saw a qt ginger today whilst I was out for a stroll.

Attached: ApuStrutting.png (1235x1590, 601.57K)

>>276262746Just shave it slaphead.

>>276262746Is that...... Your knee?

>>276262480he is literally fully irish, no idea about pikey background. i'll say he is for the banter>pikey selling shite driveways>but it's not thin layers of concrete, it's thin layers of liberalism

>>276262876talk to her?


Attached: 95089684-A1CE-4737-9997-0391602B9767.jpg (940x705, 111.63K)


>>276262681>The mau-mau machete master

Attached: Happy Mosley.jpg (600x545, 34.81K)

>>276262746Go bald like Vin Diesel and just be proud and confident

>>276262870Hello, fellow Chad.

Attached: Chad_Elliot.jpg (446x564, 150.92K)

>>276260544Turnips and garlic were brought by the Romans.

>>276262831Hibernian question woke

>>276262870>I'll check him out. Survive The Jive on youtube. Good stuff

>>276262746Scrote aesthetics. Powerful energy.Seriously though surely that's a buzz job now? Unless this is old bait and I'm being an newfag

>>276262746shave that shit off, I started going bald when I hit 30. nothing worse or more pathetic than a man desperately clinging on. Let it go.

>>276262639>Turn your monitor off. There'll be one looking at you.

Attached: ApuThinking.png (741x568, 29.42K)

>>276262755If he touches a piece of equipment, or something like a chair, they note the time and day and then rope it off with a special sign saying it was used by the dear leader. North Koreans will hen feel privileged if they get to use it

>>276262977god this is a yikes

>>276262746Damn bro quit masturbating

>>276262746Pure bong genes

>>276261191Lost job on the last day of training because they double checked my refs. At least I got a week in a nice hotel and some sweet grub. Met Tony Robinson as he was staying there, he was alright not too up his own arse.>>276262831Anne Robinsons son innit?

Attached: bigpharma.jpg (700x372, 35.11K)

>>276262870Megan turned out all right.

Attached: 19059736_1259709664141745_8839578104209300441_n.jpg (960x960, 150.77K)

>>276263091Name up a more based party then.

>>276262770I suddenly became a tranny.Can I be a teacher in an all girls catholic school now?

>>276261423>He thinks this is the peakLMAO

>>276261191>when I got dramatically fired from a job for being pissed af one morning (don't ask) go on


Attached: jason_pt1.jpg (408x305, 43.16K)

>>276263154>because they double checked my refsdid you put your mate down as the reference for the job you're embarrased about? you should have. make shit up. fake it until you make it. I once pretended to be the manager of a startup tech company to provide a reference to a mate.

>>276263238nonce bashing party

>>276262941Think she had a boyfriend. She looked very nice though>tfw no ginger gf

>>276261713Tommy has confirmed to be a zionist

>>276262755kek, bet they're just writing nonsense down to pass the time in their meme country, he probably doesn't check what they wrote anyway, he doesn't strike me as being a particularly diligent person. fat cunt.

Attached: Biglad.jpg (880x495, 73.79K)

>>276260080stabin nigger

Attached: Untitletiyiy7ttiyd.png (329x331, 192.19K)

>>276262746Didn’t realise we had old Karl Dilkington on Brit/pol/ tonite lads

Attached: C46782BA-6749-49B7-9CD7-370980038E17.jpg (765x1024, 75.94K)

>>276263006This is a Chad thread.

Attached: Rule britania.jpg (385x579, 41.2K)


>>276260506proper bants. they diss your work ethic. enough. go home. 12 inch steak knife. blind fury. go back to work.

>>276263275late night drinking on a wednesday (I was already on a warning), few lines of charles turned it into all night drinking. stumbled into work, passed out on my keyboard, woke up to see the HR cunt glaring down at me. Shame, was a great job, but I was in my twenties, and having a laugh with my mates was a higher priority.

>>276263244become transracial too and teach in a female muzzie school

>>276263344He tweeted he was jewish.

Attached: ZionistThinkTank.png (961x721, 860.05K)

>>276262746>giving GCHQ your hairlinetheyve done you

>>276260544Why are we called roast beef you dickhead

>>276263414>stabbings not motivated by hate -Chief Super Steve Graham

>>276263244Yeah, but all the girls have only just started their hormone treatments. And you have to teach them about sunflowering.

>>276263344>when your nationalism for others is strong than for "you own" group

Attached: 7895467469-9.jpg (845x925, 89.2K)

>>276263244There are unironically sex offenders becoming trannies so it's harder to go after them. True predators immediately understand the significance of shit like this - and the people behind these laws understand that they will see it.The levels of degeneracy are absolutely Biblical.

>>276262773>You tune it>Just in time for the PCSO to look into the bush>Alright-All units- We have located what appears to be a weapon>Yes I can confirm it's what appears to be a spoon of hefty metal construction.>Lets give it some space and seal off the area until bomb squad arrive>Meanwhile in the background a girl is dragged off into a bush by a gang of'asian youths' while her boyfriend is stabbed

>>276262746>the absolute state of his hair>look at the top of his headWoah, that makes me feel so much better about my hairline.

>>276263541exactlyor maybe he is playing 4d chess?

>>276263541He said that to piss off the pakis lol

>>276260983It claims they are, doesn't prove it. Scots were LARPing before it was cool

Fucking hell lads, pissing it down out there tonight.

>>276263724manz got da Toys R Us creps jheeeez

>>276261123work in a prison, we have mad bants. have to be careful around HR thotties. Its a meme amongst uniform that we're 'talking to frank' when speaking openly about nogs and poos, because we're talking frankly about our beliefs.

>>276262160fucking love it if he was one of the dingy migrants

Attached: pbi.png (1000x750, 1.05M)

>>276263584I wear a hat so they can't find me

Attached: IMG_20200906_203202805.jpg (2880x2160, 861.02K)

>>276263616No - he fucking loved it

Attached: jewhandsignals.png (1600x900, 1.24M)

>>276262746Congratulations on the birth of your child.


>>276264009Lad what the fuck are you

>>276261346unironically me my friend, you just wait, save this post.

Saw grafitti today a few miles away from me “refugees deserve better, we must be better”What is wrong with these people?

>>276262927Literally every civnat shill leader that comes up and about inevitably has Irish Heritage. Anne Mary, Tommy Robinson, Rikki Doolan from that “British Lives Matter” shite. Seriously, at what point are we gna call a spade a fkcn spade

Attached: AF8722B4-2898-44C8-AED0-59C6197C6FB1.png (501x677, 40.79K)

didn't know harvey price posted here.

>>276264009is that a tube?

>>276264009what the fuck is that shit on your chest?

>>276263414Do you recognise this man?

Attached: do you recoginse.jpg (330x333, 29.99K)

>>276262746I refuse to believe this shape is someone head, and that they would let their hair get to that state

Attached: D7jtla2W0AAN2BZ.jpg (680x510, 87.93K)

>>276263825Maybe>>276263835Yeah haha silly pakis

Attached: notjewish.png (648x703, 523.04K)



>>276264009You look like an Aphex Twin music video

>>276264009Balding tyranny

Attached: 1599271802939.jpg (538x482, 64.47K)


Attached: ApuCryingWithPillow.jpg (720x762, 34.4K)

>>276264163>>276264169NEET getting paid to test Corona virus vaccineCoincidentally started losing hair at the same time

>>276263785>Status 0 declared by officer>all available units rush to attend the scene>PC Shanda Maloka is trying to gain entry to house to check if TV is receiving live broadcasts>Sergeant issues d-notice and confiscates TV crews’ tapes >PC Shanda given commendation

>>276264009wtf is that glued to your nipple?

>>276264009Are the chinks harvesting your organs or something?

>>276264338sue them

>>276262746That's not 'normal male pattern baldness/widow's peak hairline".That's "underlying medical condition".


Attached: groyper_shocked.jpg (419x420, 38.11K)

>>276264338what the fuck dude get off that shit quick

>>276264009>>276264100>>276264312Sides = Gone

>>276264009bro, are you okay?

Attached: 1558218884708.jpg (660x716, 53.11K)

>>276264119deface it. cross out refugees and put "illegal immigrants" or "illegal migrants" or maybe "government sanctioned foreign invaders". OR "colonisers"

>>276262746Weak ass fag. Fucking off yourself u inferior shit ass inbred islander

>>276264338>NEET getting paid to test Corona virus vaccineA-are you ok?

Attached: ApuDoctor.jpg (657x527, 55.82K)

>>276264183Kek. They should’ve pixelated the image

>>276264338why would they need to make an incision on your chest? tell us what's really going on.

>>276264338>Paid a few bob for all your hair to fall outuncomfortable larp desu

>>276264529apologise you cunt.

>>276264338start smoking it's the only thing that cures it afaik

>>276264009Wew lad. grim as desu m8

>>276264338Paid how much?

>>276264526>do that>national manhunt>arrested and put in a Rudd-Patel gulag for 15yrs>accidently fall on a shiv in the gulag showers

>>276264338okay you had me up to that point...could have kept that larp going a bit more if you were a bit more conservative on the larping desu

>>276264583Yeah no Corona yet

>>276264009wtf are all the cars and tubes

Attached: 1599391571727.png (657x450, 42.92K)

What would it take to restore the UK navy?

Attached: 2018_03_dragon-1.jpg (1440x810, 134.13K)

>>276260080...Anonymous(ID:OLoBcYzr)Brit/pol/09/06/20(Sun)13:05:37No.276260080963 KB PNG>Birmingham stabbings: Police declare 'major incident' as several injuredCctv all over England but no photos and no description of the attacker.

I feel bad for people that live in the UKJust feels like a nightmare(government wise)Do you guys agree?

>>276264338RIP you got autism bro, it's fatal.

>>276264630Would have made it clearer at least

>>276264119And for added Kek cross the bit after must be better out and make it read "deserve more of our money" or taxes I dunno just subvert that shit asap

>>276264849Why do you care, mutt?

>>276264109>>276261470A challenger approaches

Attached: Mosley pepe.jpg (782x751, 100.05K)

>>276264849Right here mate

Attached: 2482C2A8-EC81-4114-9C16-F2F39E829DEF.jpg (828x453, 65.11K)

>>276260281She isn't blonde or full jew but It is Jews stealing Europe genetics for sure theme

>>276264727>>do that>national manhunt>arrested and put in a Rudd-Patel gulag for 15yrs>accidently fall on a shiv in the gulag showersno. your joking and being hyperbolic but enough of this demoralisation through doomer humour. you can easily get away with this

>>276264849If the Anglo sphere teamed up we could take the world for our own.Then there would be no need to have war ships as we'll be too busy building star ships and off to Mars and beyond.

>>276265189>man who put bacon sandwich outside mosque jailed>man who put bacon sandwich outside mosque killed in prisonhmm

>>276265189>your joking*You're

Attached: WojakSip.jpg (645x773, 48.69K)

>>276264526Weak. 'Native people deserve better'


>>276264963>Do you guys agree?Nah lad, we’re at the tip of the spear and have been for the last 400 years. Only natural we got the worst end of tyranny. I trust in Norf, Sauf, Ayst and Wust

Attached: EFCBD8B0-6753-4FBF-9152-E450DBA30ADB.jpg (750x486, 456.43K)

>>276265120Isn't that a bit uncalled for?

>>276264947And this is how we know it was a cultural enrichment.If it was a white guy, the media cunts would already have heard and be salivating about it in public, openly hinting at what they know and the fun they will have going on about this for weeks.But they're not doing that, so they know that as usual it's another instance of Third World trash. And once again they're going to run defence for when Third World trash acts like people from the Third World are somewhat prone to when they get over all the free shit we give them and they start to reflect on their low level in society, their inability to improve their low level and the resentment towards white people that those media cunts safe in their nice neighbourhoods encourage them to feel.

>>276265341Its not quite the same thing though. all you need is black clothing and a black face mask. seriously are we really gonna be this pacified what about the revolutionaries of the 1960s and the war and shit

Attached: 312.jpg (2050x2024, 427.94K)

Don’t know how I’m going to live in this world and not suffer a massive mental breakdown tbqh

Attached: 4CBE0A25-38CE-44E2-80E0-0C99EC25CD53.jpg (700x699, 503.61K)

>>276265341this is the major problem atm, prisons have too much of a muslim population, and they are radical as fuck. how do you fight that? they literally cook your food while you are in there.tommy didn't eat for months when he went in last

>>276265306CANZUK when?

Attached: 05F96174-221F-49F4-B689-AF981D16C206.png (603x714, 187.48K)

>>276264119Write 'I'll take up the white man's burden' underneath it.

Attached: WojakBigBrain.jpg (562x527, 61.23K)

>>276265593Not trying to blackpill youI mean your government does nothing about the pedo problemIn Mexico they get death squads

>>276265599>Isn't that a bit uncalled for?Yes

>>276265510>Weak. 'Native people deserve better'no absolutely not. thats signalling that refugees are even more welcome - they are no no its just the worst idea and absolutely the opposite of the message and intended outcome

>>276265641Bruh kek

>>276265641Chek’d. lel

>>276265652start sending out parcels


>>276265697yeah he looked like a holocaust survivor when he got out, and the ptsd from the solitary, oy vey don't even get me started on the ptsd

>>276260232>>276260957The police found him, they are just busy kneeling and sucking his dick

in a country full of more cameras than people, how the fuck did it take the police nearly a whole day to find this terrorist?are they lying about the cameras?

>>>Bristol University BANS fitness instructors from telling students to lose weight because it is 'fatphobic' as woke warriors now attack 'thin privilege' on UK campusesAnyone study at bristol

>>276265828Refugees are not indigenous you spanner. You're the only one walking away with that interpretation.

>>276260544Counterpoint, get stabbed by a Somali monkey faggot.

>>276262574He didn't use a racial slur or swore at a police officer, so he was free to go.

>>276265821>Not trying to blackpill youWay past blackpills at this point m8> I mean your government does nothing about the pedo problemAre Guvment are literally all nonces. Their time wil come, lad > In Mexico they get death squadsFooekn bbased

>>276266177Anyone with some sort of common sense won’t be now

>>276266076Only found him on cctv, he's still on the run

>>276266000Checked and 'Never forget the French ruined the British Empire' pilled

>>276266177which one is the meme one?UWE or Bristol uni?the pupils at one of those unis average like 10x more drugs than the uk combined that place is a fucking hellhole

Why is there a black man on the Antiques Roadshow lads?

i've been listening to some Bowden speeches

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>>276260716Answers no so get fucked. Anyone who tries gets a straight razor to the jugular.

>>276266370blacks invented antiques racist

>>276266076Technology is only as powerful as the people using it. I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing...

>>276266000> nevergay

>>276266320ffs he could be halfway to mogudishu by now

>>276266370Because they're antique farming equipment

>>276265742Wonder what that's like if you only ask the Anglo populations of each country?

>>276266367You should see Southampton Solent, absolutely fucking filthy place with constant drugs and drinking even in some lectures.

>>276266209>Refugees are not indigenous you spanner. You're the only one walking away with that interpretation.yes of course they're not indigenous. normies won't understand that message esp "natives"put together it looks like you love refugees so much that they shouldn't be refugees but natives. And to think of refugees as not "others" but natives

So, what really happened to the Hood? Was it really just a freak hit on a magazine?

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>>276266323Not checked and gay and retarded. Kys, anti-imperialist

>>276260506>putting on a tie>carrying a handbag

>>276266457it's the reality. if couldnt be done prior to '45 then it's not being done now is it.probably for the best

>>276266376>Listening toBecause you can't read?

Went to the shops today and noticed uk mens' health magazine cover. as far as I'm aware, they don't do politics on the front cover (don't know about generally). I thought 'surely not' but went to the editorial and skimmed it and yes it's about BLM and 'equality''The state we're in', indeed but not for the reason he means. Thanks Fentanyl Floyd

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>>276266500I have one laugh a day and I give it to this post.Well done good sir.

>>276266370so younger blacks know what to take when they're doing home invasion burglaries?

>>276266370>Why is there a black man on the Antiques Roadshow lads?Walked by a house today that had a homemade sign in the window saying 'no justice no peace'. Walked by the same house on my way home and there was a black man there.

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>>276266376King of the Sauf

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>>276266304I wish you guys the best There is this jewtuber called bald and bankruptHe went to india and this indian guy came up and asked him where he is fromHe says the UKThe indian replies:"stay here,rule again"

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>>276266901that was the bull

>>276266542I'd argue your interpretation is a little more of a stretch for a 'normie' than mine.Any other anons care to chime in?

>>276266536university should be banned

>>276266376his boozy BNP days were an embarrassment , also motorcycles are bicycles now

>>276266719dunno why they do shit like this, what are the chances niggers are reading men's health?

>>276266719is there a word for the ideological convergence of all publications which were started pre-internet?it's like GQ turning into soi central overnight>Harvey performed in autism’s got talentWas that on TV? How the fuck did I miss that?