White flight is based and redpilled

One thing many people don’t understand about white flight is that vibrant and diverse people need lots of services just to live. Buses, section 8 housing, social workers, all these must be in place before any vibrant diversity can find its way into a community. Only then can a community receive enrichment. White people know this, which is why in most areas, high density housing is banned and buses are only for seniors.The threats made here in particular that “they will just follow you hahahaha” fall flat when you realize an incredible, expensive infrastructure is needed to maintain a diverse community, or to enrich a non-diverse one. Anybody who is dumb enough to post “deyz jus gwon foller yew” is just worried about more white flight. There is literally no way minorities can follow you. That’s just Jewish cope.White flight is based, redpilled, and works amazingly well. There is nothing honorable about staying in a diverse area with all the risks to your and your family’s safety, the higher taxes, and the feeling of oppression one must endure. Anybody who says that you need to “make a stand” is just a kike worried about his section 8.Now cue the kikes who will freak out about this simple and profitable life change which will improve every aspect of your being. And the hordes of Federal glowniggers who will say, no goyim, join my honeypot and put up stickers in the dead of night, that’ll do it! They want you in prison, not breathing clean free non-diverse air.Fidele!

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>>276259450This is so dumb. The only way to be safe from minorities is to be rich, simple as that.Working class towns in bumfuck nowhere are seeing their demographics change rapidly but gentrified neighborhoods and expensive suburbs stay white no matter how close they are to the inner cities

>>276259450No its cucked, whites should be forced to be enriched until they chimp out.


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>>276259777>>276259888Wrong, whites can, will, and are leaving diverse areas and wasted digits can’t stop it. 2020 is, so far, the biggest white flight year on record. Funny Or Die is now making videos to try to stop it. And Obama’s nigger trux are canceled.

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>>276259951it arive

>>276259450Literally closed on a house Friday. Moving from big city to small town to get away from these animals. I know I cannot possibly be the only one.

>>276259450we aren't all rich you absolute faggot. if I had the money to avoid the coming storm I wouldn't even be here right now

>>276260186i grew up just outside of atlanta and my first objective was getting the fuck away from niggers. after i graduated college i took a job in alaska, been here for a decade now, best decision in my life. i see the nigger chimpouts on television and i laugh, i can't believe people willfully choose to live around niggers

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>>276259450Who is THAT?!

Can someone tell me how people know where to go?I'm white and my parents recently moved to AZ. They never talk openly about "not enough white people", but its always "it's a nicer place". I guess I'm asking if normal people literally sit down and research a place's demographics, or is it all word of mouth?

>taxes care what your zip code isThis is retarded. Your tax dollars are what keep ALL of that shit going and they will tax you to death no matter where you live. White flight does fucking nothing cause it doesn't disrupt the system.

>>276261060>I guess I'm asking if normal people literally sit down and research a place's demographicsthis has always been the first thing i do since i was like 16

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>>276260186Wont this just empower all the shitskins though? When whites are on the defensive, they will be on the offensive.

OP, what discord do you have? :)

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(((They))) open section 8 housing in your comfy neighborhood. Over time property value tanks, then (((they))) buy up that property for cheap, move the section 8 housing and turn a fat profit on the cheap property

>>276261114Shhh dont let the cowards realize their effort is pointless.

>>276261370Maybe? How does it affect me and my wife and my children? I live in Alaska where I pay 0 state taxes on my combined income of 125K and the cost of living in my area is similar to many lower 48 locations. The only difference is that my home isn't Africa. I have literally not seen a nigger, other than on television, in over a year.

>>276261246How are the mosquitos in AK? You're fine living in that small of a town?

We can keep running but if we want our grandchildren to live in a safe environment we have to try and take a stand

>>276259450SAUCE NOW

>>276261370They live off gibs, once the taxpayers move away they will be living in new Detroits.How empowered are the Detroit niggers today compared to say, 40 years ago when there were jobs, good schools, etc?>>276261494Why would I use Discord? It’s gay.

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>>276261525Section 8 has not significantly expanded in decades. Counties are no longer signing up for it.

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>>276261695Alaska is mostly white meaning cucked thats how its gonna affect you, there are already chimp shootings in Anchorage you delusional fuck.

There are many jews in this thread. There's no reason a normal person would be virulently opposed to white flight or really really think it won't work. There shouldn't be that kind of passion in opposition, therefore, jews.

I would sell my house and everything I own to live with a small community of whites in the middle of nowhere. Ill go to the closest best town in a few years but would rather it be with like minded wytes if we could possibly build somdthing..

>>276259450>>276261824I came here to approve of this behavior.

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>>276261724If you're out hunting and you're in a bog, the mosquitos can be bad, however, it's nothing like the south. just gotta put on some spray, hell, i use garlic oil and it works well.The small town is 1000x better than any city, i vastly prefer the small towns. I haven't been to Anchorage in 3 years, fuckin shit hole dump anyway, only full of chugs and hippies. They got niggers too, it's disgusting.

>>276262060Kek so what’s the difference if the whites move away, Rabbi?Love how these threads make you kvetch.

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>>276262060lol, alright bucko, firstly nobody goes to anchorage unless they absolutely have to because it's a fuckin gibsmedat dump full of human garbage. the winter kills a lot of them, it's nice.cucked, yeah lol, this place i live in is full of hunters and fishers that are pretty fuckin self sufficient and they hate outsiders. alaska isn't oregon nigger.

>>276260509everyone with a triple digit IQ is leaving large metro areas.

>>276261525That's such a dirty tactic. The whole section eight crap should be eliminated. What sort of jerk-wad landlord would even subscribe to such a notoriously despised government program?

>>276262438>firstly nobody goes to anchorage unless they absolutely have to because it's a fuckin gibsmedat dump full of human garbageYou sound like every sucker who ditched Detoilet or Apelanta right now yet cant see whats gonna happen in the future.> this place i live in is full of hunters and fishers that are pretty fuckin self sufficient and they hate outsiders. alaska isn't oregon nigger.They are still white meaning cucked in the head and will submit to nigger bullshit once the lunatics in Alaskan cities fuck with the laws.

>>276261525burn it down. break the sewer. etc.

>>276262528section 8 is weird, it prices out most whites, like they literally make too much fucking money to live there. they open up nice neighborhoods and fill them with chimps, take photos and videos before they trash them, let them trash them and then get the state to bulldoze them because of some health hazard and then rebuild with insurance or state money. or the ultimate long game, they keep pushing out and out and out and out and just basically make huge land grabs by pushign whites away and then they reclaim it and sell it all to some big jew corp to build a tower on.


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White flight is all about concentrating true white population. You are much stronger as a group without having foreign nations intermixed. Your task then is to expel your internal traitors.


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>>276262712so your option is willfully living in a nigger dump that is occupied by jews that put in place laws that make it illegal not only to kill niggers, but to not bow to them and your only remedy is making a youtube video that will get shoahed and probably get you a year in a local nigger soup kitchen. yeah that's ok, you stay in atlanta and act like you can do anything about the jewish nigger sprawl game, enjoy it lol

>>276262911the building owners sign up for sec 8. ensure no one outside your community can own that property.

>>276261824For some reason my mind likes the skinny gals, but muh dick likes the chubbies.

>>276262027Do what? It’s expanding where I live.


>>276263070>Your task then is to expel your internal traitors.Hey, what if we make a diversity initiati-

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>>276260186Based retro computer poster


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>>276259450True. Yet, cities are high tier human existence. You should be able to walk to everything you use everyday. You should have enough density to never be in want of company. You should want to live where whatever service you would want is available.Unfortunately, for some (((reason))) we've decided to import niggers into virtually every Western city. Like I have no idea who looked at 1960's Lyon and thought to themselves>We need more niggers nigging about.

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>>276263130If you dont chimp out then you deserve to be slaughtered by the apes you fucking cowards. The same thing is happening in the capitals of european cities as well whites running like sissies from the places where their greatx5 grandparents lived.

>>276259450God I'd kill for a cougar milk truck like that

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>>276263288exactly. it’s not even hard - globohomo types all like the same things and you just have to restrict those things. Ban tattoo parlors. Deny liquor licenses to hipster businesses. Perform important city construction at the entrance of fag coffee shops.

>>276263489build new cities, fag.

>>276263126Please user youre killing me give sauce

>>276263489>You should have enough density to never be in want of companyYou sound like a literal human bug. The Jew reveals itself.

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>>276263489The nigger infestation in the cities is due to white flight cowards in the first place. Had they never left these cities would barely be nigger right now.

>>276263803Ashley Bridges. Found her in reverse image search. Weirdly, she seems to have no social media presence and her pics seem to be completely centralized in this one thread:curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/26272-ashley-bridges/&

>>276263803Ashley Bridges newfag

>>276259450You're saying Mexicans aren't pursuing? Lets check the Demographic map for the 0-4 age group, from 2013.

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>>276259450Truth. Many poos infiltrated my 97% white republican suburb and now almost every single house is for sale. Niggers and spics can't move as freely as whites.


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>>276262528>What sort of jerk-wad landlord would even subscribe to such a notoriously despised government program?Say you own some houses in an older neighborhood that's starting to get run down. It would be time to invest in some improvements in your properties, except that due to the new highway on the other side of town and the new shopping district, your neighborhood is now undesirable, and you wouldn't be able to make back any money spent on improvements. The neighborhood is becoming a slum, and there's nothing you can do about it. As your existing tenants leave, all you can find to replace them are niggers. Do you want to rent to niggers directly, or do you want to rent to niggers with the government cutting the checks?


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