He's right you know

He's right you know

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>>276259415Oh you sound mad.

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>>276259415Nah y’all niggas really be coming up with these imaginary boogie men group of people and then act like that’s what they be doing but really they ain’t

>>276259415>2A supporters get screamed at 24/7 by a bunch of jews>said jews are surprised when open season on the nose is declared>even more surprised when their schizo underachievers and handlers get some lead injectionsGrab a ticket for the next ride on the holocauster, ride starting soon

>>276259415He is right in that guns are needed in both situations. To defend against a tyrannical government and to shoot commies and niggers trying to burn down our cities.

>>276259415>CiviliansCommunists aren't Civilians, they are enemy combatents. You renounce your citizenship when you take the side of terrorists.

Terrorists are not civilians.

>>276259702fucking neck yourself typing like that lmao

>>276259601The kikes fear overt aggression above all else >>276256717>Please goy just smoke some weed and listening to mumbling niggers you don't need to protect yourself from anything

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>>276259415Don't care. Still voting for Trump.

>>276260100Technically speaking, someone who fights a tyrannical government is also a terrorist. Just a good terrorist is all.

>would resist a government that tried to enslave you>would resist a mob that wants to destroy you>this is somehow a contradiction The Jew mind struggles to grasp any motivation that is not subversive identify politics.

>He’s right you know

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great, fuck niggers and fuck antifa

>>276262374>He’s right you know

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If you listen to Holla Forums Facism is ok as long as it’s against their enemies. No one here is smart enough to think past the next 24 hours

>>276259415People with 2A rights/guns aren't being oppressed by anyone beyond unrepresented taxation at this point.I assure you, if they were taxed to the point they couldn't put food on the table the white house would be burning.

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>>276262453>He’s right you know

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>>276259415It's almost like the people rioting are the same people who want to destroy the second amendment

>>276259415Looking forward to laying waste to masked idiots larping as revolutionaries.

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>>276262558No they don't and antifa are armed themselves

>>2762594152A is about me shooting WHOEVER I see fit at the time.Usually it's no one.

>it's surprising how fast communists shift from ACAB and violent revolution to calling the police when armed civilians resist their shenanigans

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>>276262459>Facism is ok as long as it’s against their enemies

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>>276262672Wait until you’re the enemy

>>276259415It's also funny how, with record gun sales, blue staters went from "we love regulations on purchasing guns" to "what the fuck, why do I have to wait ten days, this is such bullshit!"

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>>276259601EVERY. TIME.

>>276259415>counterpoint: fuck these cucks if they think I'm going to let commies loot burn and murder me and my stuff

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>>276259415What do you think all of our guns are for?Wall art? People are going to use them if you fuck with them, simple as.

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>>276262459>Facism is ok as long as it’s against their enemies. That's kind of the whole point. This faggot notion of equal-treatment twitter gotchas needs to stop.

>>276259415Yea its Sooooooo fascinating, how did it eeeeeeever happen

>>276259832Ready when you are. Time to clean up the big nose plague.

>>276259415show flag nigger

>>276259415Tyrannical govt and commies both deserve it desu

>>276259415A tyrannical mob or a tyrannical government, what's the problem? Whoever wants to take away my freedom or my property, whoever wants to infringe on my rights.It's more "noteworthy" how the left was always against guns, claiming you won't need them because the police would provide security, and at the same time claiming that the police is a racist oppressive force that should be abolished.

>>276259415>people's response changed as the situation changedHe's right. That isn't surprising.OP is a huge fag and I am not bumping.

I just hate commies, Jews, niggers, and cops in that order friend. Sucks to suck, but whaddya gonna do?

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>>276262642100%, the Socialist rifle association membership and general commie posting has gone through the roof.Com-bloc rifle posting used to be about good, reliable, affordable rifles with ironic shitposting like "Comrade" and Vodkaposting and now people are posting SKS & AKs and using the word Comrade unironically like the next soviet incursion is about to burst out of fucking Alabama or some shit.That whole video about taking decades of education to invoke Communism in a nation is 100% correct and I suddenly see why people are terrified of Commies in education - because it's actually fucking happening.

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Defending yourself against the state and defending yourself against criminals are not mutually exclusive concepts. If you don't want to get shot, then you should stop trying to assault people.

>>276259415No he's not.Unless you are raising your hand to volunteer to be the first person to knock on doors and confiscate firearms, nothing you, or anyone else, has to say holds any value.

>>276259415>implying the police are taking actual measures to stop the riotingN

>>276259415all enemies, foreign and domestic

Slide thread>sage

>>276259415>2A extremiststhose fucking kikes

>>276259415>government gets uppity>bundy ranch>commies get uppity>kenoshaguns have multiple uses, you can kill commies and government agents with them pretty much same

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>>276259415Have you heard the story about the Jewish man who didn't want to disarm a population and leave them defenseless?

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>>276262459>>276262749Commies breed Fascism, they are creating the very environment that allows Fascism to thrive. We are at the point where traditional law enforcement no longer works, Fascism is the only thing that can put an end to this. >Wait until you’re the enemyI'm not a commie, So i have nothing to worry about. Unless you mean if we allow the commies win, then at that point we will ALL be enemies of the state.

>>276259415The anarchists are being funded and encouraged by the tyranical Obama holdovers. Looks like typical use of 2A to me

>>276259415>why do 2a advocates support police arresting criminals?this is a pretty low iq take my man

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>>276259415Gas the kikes race war now!

>>276259415Everybody hates cops. But wait till you a world with no local police amd only federales.To get a sneak peak go south of the border to travel back to the fuedal era and sample all the classics like: highway robbery, corruption at every level, kangaroo courts, ethnostates, witch hunts, lynch mobs.If youre lucky you might get to see a dragon, cannibal cults, and some real life magic before your state descends into matriarchy and ultimately barbarism.

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>>276259415Blacks and communists aren’t civilians. They aren’t even human. Sage

Most people are aware that it's police who are allowing criminal gangs to run rampant, mass migration, blatant corruption and kikes to destroy the nation.There would be no need for police if they didn't help create such a environment, protect those creating it and prosecute those who stand against it.Cops (jewdicial pogrom)/kikes/niggers(good goys) are one in the same

>>276259415Blow it out your ass


>>276259601FPBP.Fuck off meme flag faggot OP.

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>>276263074>I hate copsYou have to be 18 to post here.

>>276259415Wrong. We would use weapons to defend the 2A but anyone who thinks I’m risking even a hangnail for black lives is retarded. I literally don’t give a shit about them.

>>276259415>Implying tyranny has anything to do with kicking commie ass

>>276259415A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free StateIn some jurisdictions right now we don't have a secure free state under the anarcho-tyranny of Antifa/BLM, and the local governments not enforcing the law properly. Terrorists are not civilians either.

>>276259415Yeah? Protecting yourself from anyone and anything is kind of the point of owning weapons.

>>276260473It's funny. A lot of it is rooted in them having a belief that to be killed by the hands of a goy is one of the few ways a kike can go to hell. It's why when ever they got surrounded in ancient times they always made a suicide pact.

>>276259415The left is a domestic enemy faggot ass nigger

>>276259415"hi, I typically post on reddit but don't anymore because it's all been subverted by censorship. I also don't understand historical context or nuance."Leave faggot

>>276259624Buster Kyle fillin’ ‘em with hot lead, boys. Yee yee yee!!!

>>276259601OP BTFO

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>>276259415The tyranny of the mob comes in many forms.It can come with a Government seal or it can be a riotous, unruly mob blocking highways and destroying private property.Show me the part of the 2A which specifically mentions "government tyranny" as the justification for the right to bear arms.

>>276259415How could anyone see/hear blm and antifa without wanting to kill them? Hell, just living around nigs and libs makes you dream about having an excuse to eliminate them

>>276262749We have been perceived as the enemy by the elites for a long timeWe would never had been a threat to their power, we just wanted simple, happy little lives, but they had to push too far, debt, psyops, child sacrifice, identity politics, political correctness, reverse racism, I hope the history books show the high water mark of the culture war beginning to swing in the other direction was when they were done shitting up movies tv and music and came for the gamers. And instead of smelling what they stepped in, they doubled down and started pushing towards 1984ing the internet. And I hope the great awakening/ shoah 2.0 is snowballed into happening because they couldnt even leave kissless virgin gamers alone and they got quarantined to a forum of perpetually arguing high IQ INTJ libertarians and neo nazis and accidentally awakened a chaos god while living through neoWeimar

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