How fucked up is your life

>Be me 24>poorfag in central europe >live with family>find a job after a long search (the virus hysteria didnt help either to find) >found a shitty security guard job >work daily 16/17 or 18 hour through (positive point usually one work day after then 2 day off)How fucked up is your life now fellow anons?

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>>276258932>be me 24 year old >live in Canada>have good job in trades and smoke weed whenever not working or working out>life is decent except for dreams I have>dream that the apocalypse happened and I’m living in ticks wasteland>over the decades while everyone else is rebuilding society, or becoming bandits/raiders, I spent my time wandering solo and becoming stronger and faster; robbing killing cannabalizing and raping over the years>dream that I skunk into a village st night, find a girl in bed, kill her parents quietly and then assault the girl, knock her out, abduct her and then assault her further and cannabalize her>wake up from the dream thoroughly disturbed

>>276259690Fuck mate this was fuckin dark.Btw kek.

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>>276259690The eternal memeflag.

>>276258932>be me 24>live in Ukraine>i could really just stop here>live with family>no job, no post-school education>shit-tier jobs are all shit>probably gonna apply for one of them anyway>no friends>no life>no motivation>no reason>bought a rope that should hold up to 120 kilos>I weight 80 so it's fine

>>276258932>found a shitty security guard jobthis is becoming more and more common in the whole Europe, not only in the East

>>276260461What's the average salary in Ukraine?Are you pro or against Russia?

>30>lost 90kg in last 4 years>active, sport 5 times a week, found the best sport in the world (climbing)>office job with above average income (that I hate)>never had gf>hopelessly addicted to nicotine and KratomI'm thinking about taking some kind of steroid so my muscles regenerate faster and I can go climbing every day since it's the only non drug related real life activity that is fun for me.I'm pretty fucked.

>>276260643In my city it's 200-300$/month. I'm against Russia as much as against Europe, but it's not like this shithole is capable of independency. At least not with all these shitheads who keep falling for this false dichotomy and keep voting kikes or kike puppets into government.

>>276261085How much political/economic power do jews still have in Ukraine?

I’m a nigger. Pls help

>>276259690What trade

>>276258932life's great sucks to be you faggot

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>>276258932Mennyit fizetnek?

>>276260461Almost same mate.

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>>276261476Nettó 200 alatt. Ez függ az óra számtól.

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>>276261085>In my city it's 200-300$/monthwow... how much per month is considered to be poor considering cost of life?

Shameless self bump.

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>>276261317elaborateif you're a nigger nobody can help you

>be jew,master race in my nation state>be 30>married mad + kid>home owner>have great job at an international firm doing software development>earn ~ 9K$ per month not including benefits>work with pajeets, so basically i fuck around for days, still get shit done faster and better.>since working from home can play vidya games for hours while on payrollyou mad boys?

>>276261024Try surfing on the einzbach. Surfing is beat sport and there is a tight knit community which u can get friends

>>276261778Hát rosszabb lehetne kek

>>276258932>be me 26>white guy in the US>have comfy WFH job building websites>live with white GF whos getting a PHD in neuroscience>household income of around 70k a year total>both of us want to homestead once her grad program is done>used to be a lifter, no I just run and rock climb>have a sweet aquarium>getting a dog in 2021>recently befriended a cop and we go fire his dope ass guns at the rangeAll things told life is pretty good. She's more liberal than I like but she's gradually getting more redpilled.

>>276261350But im at least not a nigger or mixed race ape.

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>>276261206Judging by last president elections it's almost 100%. Zelenskiy is literally a puppet for jew olygarchs and he got elected because the entire country of brainlets believed in MEDIOCRE propaganda. I was actually amazed when I started following election campaigns in US, all those jewish tricks they use to get high ground. Here you you can just literally say "I'm the good guy, the previous guy is bad, elect me and I will fix everything" and brainlets will believe. Again. And again. And again. And again. And again. The very same people that got fooled by that previous guy who said SAME GODDAMN LIES. Man is cattle.>>276261850300$ is borderline I would say.

>>276262181Lol ez a zseton ahogy jön úgy megy is majd a sok számlákra.

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>>276258932Bruh work is work. It sucks, especially if it doesn't feel like you are actually productive. But if you get one day work then two days off then you have way more free time than most working people. You should really suck it up for the long day. And if you hate it, don't quit then be unemployed for another long bit. Find a new job first then switch. Dumb fuckin' boy-minded guys just up and quit work before having something lined up, then stay home all day and complain that there's no jobs these days.

>>276261997You just described me and it sucks. Is life really about securing my bag and maximizing free time enjoyment? Feeling compelled to join the military then become a homestead farmer

>>276262287>300$ is borderline I would say.ah ok well it's different to imagine, here you starve if you earn less than 2000$ per month because you need to pay insurances etc. but it's very rare to earn less than 3000$ per month

>>276262287Come to Canada.

>>276262733life is about securing a lot in life, feeding yourself and your family and not being a leech, after this its all about finding a purpose that fulfills you

>>276262287>Zelenskiy is literally a puppet for jew olygarchsThat's very sad to hear how much power kikes still hold in Eastern Europe almost 100 years after what people like Codreanu wrote about the already high power of the (((tribe)))

>>276258932>be med >life boring, studying engineer, fucking roasties but not worth the effort>meet qt slav girl>move to Poland>nice job

>>276258932>Be me, GLOWNIGGERSFUCKOFF years of age>poorfag in central europe >live with family in poverty>got STEM degree in a world-renowned university>so what haha, still can't find a job>forced to juggle 5 illegal odd jobs that kill me inside just to earn my upkeep with 0 savings>nobody wants me, everybody hates me, have to regularly switch jobs>would rather die than keep going>but suicide is immoral>pray to God every day for some kind of reprieve>unfortunately still alivePlease kill me.

>>276258932Do you have a sister who is poor but cute? Can I breed her?

>>276260461If you commit suicide, you will go to hell hohol. Don't do it

>>276263428Wtf,how can't you find STEM job in Poland? This place has plenty you should see Spain...

>>276261085maybe if you didn't deport all your jews you would be living the life like me, enjoy being an anti-Semitic poorfag

>>276258932>bastard, never met father>raised by single mom>grandparents die>mom is forced to live in trailer park near Detroit >constant fighting with niggers and spics in high school>70% of body becomes covered in psoriasis>crippling arthritis, inflammation in the brain, depression: a leper>only friends are homeless kids and goth kids who always wanted a reptilian friend talk to me, we play D&D together>drop out of school because of health and constant fighting>all I can do go on the internet and play WoW>guild of military guys rise me, redpill me and teach me the ways of the internet>given dangerous biologic, costs as much as chemo>doctors think I have cancer because I'm wasting away and suffering nerve damage, have a crooked smile because of it>Able to move again, think again and see my face/dick again; eventually switch to different safer biologics>Work in flea markets, play D&D and go to community college>Now have a successful career and pay for my own biologicsMy life has been shitty but it builds character I suppose. I’ve been through a lot of bullshit that I never asked for but I still played the hand that was dealt. Never give up even when you're covered in bloody scales and your body feels like a giant paper cut.

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>>276258932>be me 28 years old>broke a bunch of bones in high school during the time that opioids were handed out like candy>total heroin junkie by the time I'm 17>had full ride scholarships to 3 different unis and military recruiters on my ass constantly due to my GPA and college entrance test scores (99th percentile) >get kicked out of school because its impossible to be a junkie and a student at the same time>bounce around living in a tent or motels and couch surfing for years>in and out of jail constantly for stupid piddly shit>finally have enough and go to rehab>get cleaned up and get a decent job through a guy I was in rehab with>first week on the job a ladder I was on gets hit by a scissor lift and I fall 16 ft onto concrete>shatter my hip requiring an ambulance ride and multiple surgeries.>have to get back on opioid pain management>relapse hard>back to the same ol shit>clean up again >try to go back to school>doing good in school>mom hates my personality so she gaslights me into getting on antidepressants that I knew I didnt need>antidepressants cause me to crash so hard I dont get out of bed for 3 months>fail all my classes>now I owe thousands of dollars that I dont have for financial aid that was wasted> cant go back to school until its paid off>cant get any good jobs anyway because nobody will give me a chance when they see my background.>now I'm actually depressed >get cancer early this year and have to lose one of my balls>turning 29 in a couple months and know nothing is ever going to get better>all I ever wanted was a normal life and to build a family.>pic related

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>>276258932Not too bad, not to good either.>be me 27 year old>live in UK>worked abroad for 5 years.>returned to the UK to get my teaching license, with the aim of working abroad again.>get a job at an international school. Get my accommodation paid for etc. >lose job a couple of days before flight due to covid>unexpectedly jobless in a country I don't want to be in>forced to live with my dad, now looking for education roles anywhere. Struggling to get anything.

>>276258932This thread has nothing to do with this board mods+fags eternal

>>276258932>be me 19>miserable thirdie>it's been an entire years since I have finished highschool and I haven't gotten into any college yet>been stuck a whole year trying to figure out whether to study AI or just commerce>family hits an all-time financial low, can barely buy a 10$ t-shirt/per 2 months, can only afford food and bills>if I stay until January without college, I will end up in mandatory military conscription for 2 years

>>276264569look on the bright side, no war with Israel in the coming years so you may actually live!

>>276264569Nice blog faggot

>>276263261It is hopeless here I think, mechanisms of eternal cope have been established, people only discuss rotten politicians either as if it's something completely normal or as a joke. They steal everything and do nothing for people, hahahahaha. Roads are shit, oh just like they always were. Thieves and literal criminals in government, ah, nothing new. You might think that Eastern Europe seems based because we still reject faggotry of LGBT (mostly), but in fact we are like tree eaten out by termites so that only facade remains. Also I never heard jewish question brought up IRL, other than, again, as a joke. Jews did it! Hahahahaha! Ahahahaha!>>276263849Jokes on you, I already live in one.>>276263132Well we don't have developed insurance system like most of the world, so these expenses kick in when you actually become sick or get a serious trauma. It's like a gamble. Manage to stay healthy and you won't lose lots of money.>>276264219Here's your (you), kike, now fuck off.>>276263202I think about getting at least some occupation first, like a welder or something of a sort. It's not like I can just hop on a plane and come live in Canada, right?

>>276258932>be me 29>nothing ever achieved>met this girl who loved me for who i am despite smoking weed 247 >takes all my rants about how fucked up this society is>she's the most honest and nicest person i've ever met>still cheating on her>she finds out , giving me another chance if i stop my lowkey leech life (studying but not rly)>still do nothing>my pug dies>she abandons me>begging her to get back for 3 months now , like i never showed her any love but now i can't get past em feels cuz i realize she always listened to me or my stories and even showed understanding>am i simping and should just get over it or is it some serious wife material ive just losthalp

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>>276258932almost 30, neet, didnt work for 10 years. live off from Social Security.No friendsBasically no family(I dislike them)Anxiety from other other people due to Childhoodabuse which makes it almost impossible to find friends, except maybe similar neets who are in most cases drug addicts or practice a very unhealthy lifestyle, which I can't stand.My future won't be bright I guess, but at least i'm not a virgin.

>>276264740just nuke us already, schlomo, a shotgun to the head is still painful while a thermonuclear fireball is instakill.

>>276264569>mandatory military conscriptionthis is not necessarily a bad thing>for 2 yearsa bit long but I understand since you're bordering Israel and Libya lolThe perfect length for military service is 6-9 months.

>>276258932Don't remember anything from my birthMost prominent and youngest memory I have that was bolted and not really impossible but hard to randomly remember or forget details of is I was talking to my dad about something and ask him what happens when people get too old to which he told me they die not even in a blunt or bad way or detail way or anything more like they just "end" to which I felt a piercing sadness and something "behind" or "around me" closing or sealing off because I couldn't believe people end for some reason even if I was so young and knew nothing about the world. He told me they were with God then to make me feel better and because it's what he believes as well. Kindergarten was fine I talked and played with other children with a few incidents here and there but nothing serious or bad more like pooping myself one time or some kid was pissed I sat in his chair and wanted me off without asking. As the time for school approached I had to sat down and learn to read and shit since I didn't want to or cared about that, sometimes my dad will yell at me and it kinda stuck as an anxiety since he probably felt embarrased or can't believe his son wouldn't want to learn to read or write. Mom was always there so both raised me but mainly dad when it comes to education or "motivating" me to study or whatever. They get along fine and whatever even with a few fights here and there and threatening divorce but that was when I was older/teenager and in higher school grades.My grades were decent up until 4th then as shit got complex and me even more unmotivated I barely made it past 12 with a diploma and a place at an uniI've spent most of time and life playing video games the younger I was the less and played outside more and did kid stuff like play with toys, watch cartoons on the tv and gradually as i grew up and got a new pc i focused on gaming mostly for the immersion than something to prove or whatever.Never been in a relationship

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>be me 23>In NYC (kms)>Make 80k a year in finance but a ton goes to taxes and rent because fuck if im gonna ever have a roommate ever again after college.>Absolutely miserable because I can't make friends and, despite being decent looking, I have no clue how to approach women and when I do I'm absolutely uninteresting. I'm never gonna fuckin' make it bros.

>>276261778€200 a month?Hungary is poorer than I thought

>>276258932At least you live with your people

>>276265055>>dat moment when you serve 3 fucking years

>>276258932>34>own house in the country>2 dogs>gf with massive tits >BMW msport>engineer>plans to buy a house in france and live there in around 10 yearsnot too bad i suppose

>>276265080Am 23 now and but I don't remember when I realized I wasn't real. Maybe it's a retroactive thing and I always knew I wasn't really here. I mean I'm human and everything but inside I don't feel anything. I have emotions and empathy but it's like there's "nothing" not inside but behind my head and these eyes see nothing just imagine they do.

>>276265055>this is not necessarily a bad thingI won't be able to get a higher education after that unless I have a 20000$ budget

>>276258932>Be me, 35 year old>Make 85k/year in low cost of living state>5'7">No GF, can never get first dates but neve r a second>Lonely

>>276264921you dont really deserve her

>>276264921Ultra fuckup user. This was painful to read. You should move on and be better, you’re getting old.

>>276264921You probably burned your bridges with her, maybe she was only there for the pug.Improve yourself and look for a new chance with another person

>>276265268ok maybe not my head I can't really explain it

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>>276264837you should learn to respect your Jewish masters and make kievski tort for us.


>>276265261>BMW msporthello deano

>>276264921also, I hate cheating people. Stop wasting this young lady's life

>>276265352I can help you get girls. Can you help me increase my income?

>>276265352We should create a cult of all those 30 year old neets, Virgins, etc that doesn't allow Political or religious topics, but is meant to hang out, do awesome stuff, eventually work together to earn money etc and fuck up the world for what they have done to us, be it ((them)) your parents, or society or whatever.

>>276265469Nah, fuck kikes.

>>276264148That's what I've been told I my life.It's all a lie. A lie they fed me my entire life.And when it was time for my chance to get my life going, all I got was a slap in the face and mockery.It's too late for me now. I got knocked all the way to rock bottom and I intend to die alone here.I regret having been born.

>>276265584Suck faggot dicks kek

>>276258932>about to turn 28>still live with parents>no license, no car>physically and mentally demanding job, always tired>no friends>never had a gf>my 12 yo cat is dying

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>29>no job>no higher education, dropped out twice drom trade schools because what is the point of getting a trade if there are no jobs for that specific field?>no family except for a dog, everyone else is dead>father died when I was 6, mother died when I was 17>no friends, except for the dogs in the dog parkCould be worse. I get to sleep most of the nights peacefully now, I have apartment to call home, there is food in the fridge and I can afford to buy more food. And I have a computer I use to learn some ICT related stuff, and some coding. Maybe I can get a job some day again.

>>276258932>be me 26 y/o>law degree from bath>recently moved to london>left my work as a council lawyer to join an american law firm>rent is fucking crazy>i move in with my parents and now im living the life>realized i made no friends this whole time >still lonely>at least i dont drink, smoke or do drugs... right?>prayers to God

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reading how fucked up peoples lives are, i kind of understand why you are all racist fucks, but seriously hating on others just makes you miserable.get off 4CHAN and learn to code

>30>unmarried>childless>fat>a solid $20,000 in debt>NEET>can barely walk up the stairs without being short of breath>swing between a "I should really get my life together" and "it's hopeless, it's too late I just wish I'd die already/wish I had a redo" mentalityYou asked. Don't become like me, user; make good choices

>>276258932>Be 29 y.o in september>graduated university, took useless degree>found job at food retail, apprenticeship with minimum wage>live with parents, can't afford a house on my own>only one friend in the whole world>Feel a constant and increasingly sense of unease and dissatisfaction

>>276265469God I really hope that both Israel and the US get nuked by China or similar

>>276265565it was a mid life crisis buy i think. i owned a Saab before this and loved it. i wont be getting another BMW i have been disappointed with this one

>>276265055>a bit long butit's still inhumanely long, what if it's only this life that we have and there's no afterlife? you are telling me that I'm forced to waste a great chunk of my time on this planet to do something I don't want to?, now this is a human right violation if I know any

>>276265774why so mad boi?

>>276264239Damn that's rough, glad you got through it though. Hopefully more good things come your way.

>>276264921Good girl, finally she came to her senses and dumped your loser ass.

>>276265746you should fast

>>276265730>be alone>sees flagIsn't that the common thing in skandinavia?

>>276265750you have issues

>>276258932that's a comfy job and you can grow your hobby and live of it in the 2 days off time

>>276265836dont know how it is in Egypt, but if you are lucky you can learn an actually useful trade going to the army here, maybe you can even go for a military career if you really have nothing to lose

>failed college after 5 years>bummed around at my father's house unemployed>get thrown out>work for a year while looking for a flat, kind of sucks and doesnt pay much>find a flat and immediately quit my job>32 now, no skills or goals and just want to be left alone while living at the bare minimum>sexless, but true wizardom is ruined by earlier sexual experiences but i just dont care anymore

>>276258932I'm a wheelchair-bound university dropout with no job, but I live in my own home with my other half who loves me and I'm not black... so it's not all bad I guess.

29, new job, new flat, new city, good relationship with parents and friends, still solo but looking for a cutie in her mid 20s to settle down. Can´t complain, lifes swell if you take your chances and be willing to work on yourself, change what you despise and be friendly to the people around you. People bitching here are often too lazy to do anything and believe something will change with time...wake up, it won´t.

>>276265378agreed, still can't get past and am rly trying to redeem myself

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>>276265305don't they pay you at least a little bit in the army?

>>276265744>but seriously hating on others just makes you miserable.there's psychic vampirism but i stopped with that since i get nosebleeds even if i feel energized and good when i do it

>>276264262Sometimes I feel like you guys are just tryna larp the most tragic sob story you can.

33Manual labourer construction No friendsNo gfNo moneyWhiteSurrounded by foreigners who can’t speak English but make more It’s all so tiresomeBought a ropeApply for tons of jobs but never given a shotWant to die more and more everyday

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>>276265829>i wont be getting another BMWThey are shite, get a Lexus

>>276265849I'm not mad, I just want to see the sources of all modern degeneracy and their political intrigues disappear.

>28>last year of program>field placement/co-op cancelled>graduating with zero experience>only worked 1 job before this and it was seasonal>Smoke weed daily>only have 1 friend who moved to a different country>obeseThe only positives in my life are God, my wife, and my family. Currently trying to stay positive, my grades are in the 90's and I have good friendships with all my professors and classmates. Any advice is appreciated.

>>276263849There' no way this wasn't bait

>>276265627I had fantasies about this, like building a neet commune with a large central building to host lan parties, board games, and rpgs. Also enough land to raise chickens and grow vegetables.

>>276258932If you don't lower your expectations, it is pretty difficult to get disappointed.

>>276266218I'm also 5'6 but as I'm always in a fucking wheelchair I guess it doesn't matter.

>>276266058I will inevitably end up with a military conscription sooner or later because I'm the youngest male among my siblings and my older brother managed to avoid the service because he a had surgery back when he was about to get enrolled>>276266260you don't get a single nickle as far as I'm concerned.

>>276264921You sound legit retarded

>>276264921You're 29 holy shit. I learned/went through this kind of breakup at 20. How are you so behind? You should know by now to appreciate what you have before throwing it away.

>>276265744t.b.h i have no idea why im still on Holla Forums after all these yearsI'm apolitical, i believe in nothing, it's not that i want to harm or insult people but it feels like it's just regular stuff like saying hi on the streetssometimes i even try to help or give advise for something for no reason whatsoever.i have no goals in life or want anything from it

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>>276258932Hungary?You have UN headquarters in Geneva. How are you poor?

>>276266414>obese>worked like 6 months out of 12 years>just getting done with school at almost 30 years of age>marriedHow the fuck? Is she a total dog?

>>276265947Been wanting to, just haven't been able to get my hands on everything to make snakejuice so I could go on a long-term fast without feeling like total shit. No job, no neetbux, and I only have somewhere to live because I've got a friend who is lonely enough he doesn't necessarily mind me freeloading.

>>276259690Past life memories

>>276264921you really fucked up big time. i know, because i'm all about that life.

>>276266745>Hungary?>You have UN headquarters in Genevapoojeet education everyone

>>276265627>fuck up the world for what they have done to usWhat have they done to you? Internet bullying? Mate grow a pair. Spying on you? Even better, I like it when they see me shitting and farting. I wish I could shit on their mouths. LOL

>>276259690>be me 35 year old>live in midwest United States>living alone>going to dental school>finished first year with B average>spent a decade sick with autoimmune disease>>ex gets back with me out of the blue>feelgreatman.jpgOh... I guess it's not fucked up anymore

>>276265382sad thing she's blue eyed swede desc cutie

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>>276264921this is an advanced form of being retarded

>>276258932>has a job>lives with his family>thinks his life is fuckedtry being a homeless criminal you pussyass faggot. go fuck your mom. bitch

>>276266472Problem with communes and living togethe ris you are beeing confronted with political views or religious practices by others, thats why I had the idea more something like where you meet eachother once a week or something. and yea Lan parties, board games rpgs, all of that can work out as long as everyone agrees, but its purpose should be also to generate money ofc so everyone can benefit mutually from it. Be it by building up a business where everyone invests either money and/or free labour and paying internet shills to shill for it etc...

>>276265998Fuck if I know. I think this is just the new normal in all of "western" world.

>>276258932My life is fucked up mainly because of my shit mental health. I probably have all the mental disorders you can name but aside from that, I'm pretty superior to most people if you look at my life from objective point of view. Im tall, handsome, financially well off, decent grades, foreign passport, own a house and a car, very intelligent.My only flaw is being a fucking bipolar lunatic. It literally ruins everything. I have no sex drive, get depressive episodes monthly, makes doing something so much harder and longer than it needs to be. Anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, flashbacks, nightmares. Fuck mental illness.

>>276265205200k huf what is around 550€

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>>276265744also i shitpost and LARP alot sometimes I'm being truthful again for absolutely no reason, not even to see what happens just idk no reason

>>276266387Degeneracy was and always will be part of society, get a nice tradwife to bang, live in good neighborhood and you will be ok

>>276258932>late 20s>ridiculed and ostracized my whole life for being crippled, never had friends or socialized with anyone>did poorly in high school because I never showed up, was absent like 70% of the time, but the school excused it because I was crippled>fell for the college meme, figured I'd be a lawyer or some shit, IDK, never had any hopes or aspirations since it was always "you can't do that because you're crippled" when I was a kid>majored in history and political science (lol)>got straight a's, but still a social recluse and didn't interact with anyone, make any friends or get close to any faculty>good law schools all want faculty recommendations, extra-curricular shit, etc., I don't have any of it>law school meme falls through, now I'm left with an undergrad meme degree>sign up on a government job site to get help finding a job since I'm crippled>get offered a job in nearby city, accept it>go to find an apartment in the city, everything that is actually wheelchair accessible is like 2-3 times as expensive since its all new and nice, the only apartments in my price range are old run down shit buildings built like 50+ years ago that I can't even get inside of>no place to live, have to withdraw from job>lose access to government job program since I accepted job, so can't get something else through it>stuck in the burbs in my parents house>no public transportation>no car>literally trapped at home in the middle of nowhere all day everyday>can't even get a job around here since they are all service industry (IE: physical labor), not that I could even get to them anyways>no money>still have student loan debt that I can't get rid of because according to the government I am not 'permanently' disabled despite being crippled from cancerA least my mom refuses to throw me out on the street, so I have that going for me, which is nice.

>>276266887How can it be hell if it's cold?

>>276258932>Be me Just turned 24>Moved around a lot, Last year living in Russia>Came to new york to help akli mom with bills>Live in Basement that we're getting kicked out of soon because covid>Bills are crazy high>Mom is hoarder so we have lots of stuff>Worked minimum wage but left because some blacks tried to beat me up>Spend all day working on scripts for a gameIf I could afford a car and drive, I would fuck off forever, Live in a van.

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>>276266596>you don't get a single nicklewtf? your state doesn't pay you for your service?

>>276259690based dreams, too bad you're gay though

>>276258932Hello, fellow shitty security job user. Do you at least get to drink and phonepost all day?

>>276266887swedish women exclusively like degenerates and the dregs of society so your case is no surprise

>>276266414I recruit and hire for my professional services firm. Put all your motivation into this last year to keep your A's, and do literally any type of club or volunteering that looks good on a resume. Then you can coast once you've landed the job. It doesn't take much to suddenly have a big advantage on lots of other job applicants.

>>276267048my problem is systematic degeneracy created by the judeo-american world, you can't deny the problem.

>>276264239Damn, sounds like you've had a pretty rough life. The fact that you've kept going and made the best of it is very inspiring.You should be proud of yourself! imo the purpose of life is to see it through to the end, no matter how hard it gets.I wish you the best and hope you have a wonderful life.We're all going to make it!(pic related)

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