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>>276258302The entire idea that there are "women for trump" is completely ridiculous, considering the subhuman for a president has gone on record to brag about grabbing pussy. If you're female and voting for Trump, there is something MENTALLY WRONG with you.


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>>276258661>If you're female, there is something MENTALLY WRONG with you.ftfy feygele

>>276258661I know at least as many women who will be voting Trump as men.

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>>276259298If you're female AND voting for Trump, dipshit.

>>276258661poor bait


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>>276259656My mom is an asshole and I don't love her for acting transphobic and racist. Fuck family values. I'm not obligated to stay with her.

>>27626042340%, tranny, kys


>>27626055650% now

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>>276260423>Faggot hates his familyWoah no way guys

>>276258302saw this in another thread, made it all one

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>>276260423>>276260556>>276259656Post funnys or gtfo

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>>276261077distrust anyone who says we should eat bugs instead of meat.

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We are the best in everything (medicine, surgery,coding and business) .That's why we are hated coz success breeds jealousy and Indians blondes


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>>276261687Funniest joke in the thread.

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>>276258302For posterity

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>>276258791the baloons

>>276261306damn look at that's ass


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>>276261306damn look at that ass

>>276260862what's the context on the pic?


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>>276262142Hello, my baby!Hello, my honey!Hello, my ragtime gal!

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>>276262341Boy wants to travel across space, goes on a trip to NASA HQ, then meets the space workers.

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>>276263622is this real?

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>>276258302Answer please I'm listen.

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>>276263881holy shit

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>>276263680>he fucking did it the absolute mad lad


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>>276261306damn, look at that ass

>>276261306A recovering pervert. Take heed, masturbators.

>>276264214now this, this is epic

>>276261990>A fucking leaf

>>276263716Of course not you fucking leaf

>>276264570>>276263716It was a fall of faith he was supposed to catch him, so he thought, then he got choked out if I remember right.


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>>276265028i think you were looking for these

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>>276259572Read my name. This is what you are.

>>276258661I am also who thinks voting for president is like voting for prom queen and that voting for policy is lame..What other stupid thoughts do you have?

>>276258302Är du galen

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>>276262210Did a former leftist make this?

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